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This video discusses the effects of having Jupiter in the eighth house in astrology, including sudden events, secretive relationships, and interest in occult knowledge. It also mentions the impact on joint assets, spouse's assets, and the potential for being a knowledgeable spy. Finally, it touches on health issues and the role of the mother in nourishment and knowledge.
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Jupiter in the Eighth House signifies sudden events, secrets, in-laws, and joint assets after marriage.
The Eighth House represents sudden events such as accidents, surgery, winning the lottery, or unexpected job opportunities.
It is known as one of the malefic houses due to the lack of control over the events it brings.
This house holds secrets and represents relationships with in-laws, joint assets after marriage, and occult sciences.
Additionally, it is associated with taxes and potential tax evasion.
In astrology, if Jupiter is in the 8th house, the relationship may be secretive and there could be hidden assets that are revealed after marriage.
Sudden events, such as divorce or marriage, can occur in this placement.
For females, Jupiter in the 8th house can make them more sexually inclined.
The husband may be overweight and generous, with a tendency to donate and engage in religious activities.
Jupiter in the 8th house grants access to other dimensions and psychic abilities, but the outcome depends on the position of Jupiter.
Jupiter's blessings in a good position allow access to other dimensions and communication with beings from those dimensions.
A strong psychic with Jupiter in the 8th house has gained access to other-dimensional knowledge.
Joint assets with a spouse will be secretive, and the outcome depends on whether Jupiter is debilitated or not.
If Jupiter is debilitated, the spouse may hide assets or divorce suddenly.
The remedy for this placement is to marry the spouse twice, having the same ceremony after a year or two.
Jupiter in the 8th house indicates healing abilities and a tendency towards wasteful spending and charity.
Individuals with this placement may be involved in social work and help others, often at the expense of their own energy.
They may be approached by religious leaders to contribute financially to rituals, which can strain their relationships.
Jupiter in the 8th house can also indicate involvement in foreign trade, espionage, or teaching wisdom in foreign lands.
Jupiter in the eighth house can lead to frequent changes in home, but also provides a good education and ability to retain information.
If Jupiter is debilitated or in an enemy sign, it can make people move frequently in their lifetime.
If Jupiter is exalted, individuals may stick with their family for a long time and have a respectful and religious nature.
Jupiter in the eighth house can result in a weak physique and potential eye problems.
If Jupiter looks at the fourth house, there may be a lack of nourishment, but if Jupiter is exalted, the mother will be involved and provide knowledge.
00:03hey everyone so today we're going to be
00:06rolling on with our planets and houses
00:09series um we're going to be discussing
00:12Jupiter in the eighth
00:14house and what happens when you have
00:17Jupiter in your Eighth House in your
00:20birth chart and this is the same for if
00:22you have retrograde it's still in you
00:25know a certain sign you know it's still
00:28you know when a planet is r retrograde
00:30like if it's 25° retrograde just look at
00:34it as being at 25° and that sign okay uh
00:39the only time it affects is when that
00:41same planet is retrograde in that
00:44particular year or months that's the
00:47only time a retrograde person needs to
00:50worry about the retrograde Planet cuz
00:51then it just makes you go back and learn
00:54the lessons over and over until you
00:55actually um you know uh Master them so
00:58it's kind of good it's a a good thing in
01:00a way so what is Eighth House 8ighth
01:03house is sudden events like sudden
01:07change in life like accidents sudden
01:10surgery winning a lottery suddenly um
01:13you suddenly get the job that you never
01:15thought you were going to get you
01:16suddenly get a call from your long lost
01:18brother or long lost mom and dad you
01:21know you suddenly fall sick out of
01:23nowhere so Eighth House is just sudden
01:26events and this is why it's known as one
01:28of the malefic houses because you not in
01:30control of that house you do not know
01:33what's going to happen this house you
01:34don't know what is what it's going to
01:36reveal to you because it's a House of
01:38Secrets it holds Secrets okay and it's
01:42the house that you hold the your own
01:45in and it's a house of your in-laws like
01:48how your relationship with your in-laws
01:50is going to be will you have in-laws in
01:52in this life it's also represents joint
01:54assets with uh after marriage with your
01:57wife obviously as I said it's secrecy
01:59and also it's a cult science it's a
02:02house of taxes for government so tax
02:05evasion somebody who's scamming the
02:08government through taxes is seen from
02:10this uh placement okay so Jupiter comes
02:13in here Jupiter's wisdom Jupiter's
02:16philosophy Jupiter's religion Jupiter's
02:18knowledge Jupiter is expansion of things
02:21in life wherever he sits whatever it
02:23controls Jupiter's husband in a woman's
02:25chart Jupiter's overall Prosperity your
02:28optimism okay so here when Jupiter comes
02:32first of all for a female since Jupiter
02:35represents her husband you will meet
02:37your husband in a very secretive place
02:40you will have a very private uh
02:42relationship with your husband you guys
02:44might meet behind anybody's back like
02:47you will not even tell your friends that
02:48oh I have a boyfriend I'm dating now you
02:51know you will take a long time before
02:53you finally reveal to people this is my
02:55boyfriend or this is my fiance this is
02:57my hum husband I mean I'm going to marry
02:59this person person so relationship is
03:01very secretive meetings are very
03:03secretive uh relationship in marriage
03:06becomes quite secretive you guys uh your
03:09husband most likely or a wife even wife
03:13in this case uh but more so husband
03:15since it's regarding uh females um you
03:18know chart is that your husband will
03:21have secret assets that you may not know
03:23about and he'll reveal to you maybe
03:25after marriage or you'll suddenly find
03:26out see the word I'm using suddenly like
03:29a bank statement might come you'll
03:31accidentally open it hey it's your
03:32husband and you see oh my God what
03:34$350,000 in the Cayman Islands oh my God
03:37you must be related to Mitt Romney so
03:41things like that happen you know with
03:42the Eighth House sudden events meaning
03:44that suddenly you're getting
03:47divorced suddenly he's just leaving you
03:51can scen from this in a marriage okay or
03:54sudden marriage like one minute you're
03:57single the next week you know you
03:58suddenly like in some weird
04:00circumstances you're ending up getting
04:02married here however Jupiter especially
04:07for a female you know makes her very
04:10sexual because with Jupiter's expansion
04:138,000 represents secret Affairs secret
04:16sexual activities because sexual
04:19activities happen behind the world's
04:22eyes behind the veil where World cannot
04:24see unless you're a porn star okay and
04:28that has its own combination
04:30where the world can see your sexual
04:32activity uh but here a woman is very
04:35sexual with this uh um uh placement the
04:39husband of the Native may be kind of
04:43overweight and also your husband will be
04:46a Spen theft he will love to donate a
04:49lot of things you yourself and if you're
04:51a male or female both you would guys
04:54would be
04:55charitable and you guys will waste away
04:58your wealth in um cultural rituals and
05:02uh religious activities why because from
05:058th House Jupiter looks at the 12th
05:07House of losses of charitable Deeds
05:10however in the eighth house gives you a
05:13lots of interest in occult science gives
05:16you a lot of interest in learning the
05:18secret knowledge again the key word
05:21knowledge the secret knowledge of the
05:23world so when you have your David AES
05:26your Jordan Maxwell your William Coopers
05:37Mystics this is a great place to learn
05:40that knowledge okay this also provides
05:44you a gift from God I guess you can say
05:48uh of an access to a new dimension
05:53access to a portal that now nobody else
05:56see and this is again you know it's just
05:59just something that you guys are able to
06:01do you guys are able to see the you guys
06:03have the sixth sense cuz Jupiter is
06:05again it's blessings from the skies you
06:08know wherever Jupiter sits you may have
06:11some sort of a blessing there in those
06:12houses or a curse either where you want
06:15to look at it so if Jupiter's in a good
06:17position not debilitated you know you
06:19can actually access the other side that
06:22people are people just don't even know
06:24it exists you guys are able to tap into
06:26other dimension you guys are able to not
06:30just tap into it but actually have a
06:34conversation with beings of other
06:36dimensions so this is why a psychic
06:40strong a very strong psychic can seen
06:42from this like a person who claims to be
06:44a psychic and has this position Jupiter
06:47in the eighth house you can bet that
06:50this is a real psychic this person has
06:52gone through stuff in their life where
06:54suddenly they have this access to other
06:56dimensional knowledge okay the joint
07:00assets with your husband or wife will be
07:03secretive but will be very a lot like
07:06people will not really realize how much
07:08assets you guys may have together now if
07:11debilitated then of course your assets
07:16will with you since you have the Jupiter
07:18debilitated your husband or your wife
07:20will hide their assets from you or you
07:23will not be able to get the access to
07:25those assets from husband and wife your
07:28the wife suddenly leave you or your
07:30husband definitely can suddenly leave
07:33you want to get a sudden divorce and the
07:36best remedy for this placement is if you
07:39do not want to get a divorce there's no
07:41gemstones no throwing water things in
07:45the river nothing like that okay the
07:47most realistic practical remedy for this
07:49is marry your husband or wife twice you
07:54get married once legally then after two
07:57years or a year have the ex exact same
08:00ceremony no matter what religion you are
08:02have the exact same ceremony maybe have
08:04your parents or just couple of friends
08:06there but have that thing again so that
08:10and and then this especially it it's
08:12kind of a significator of two marriages
08:15so you can get married twice with the
08:18same person and it cancels that out
08:21because you got married to a new person
08:22have a new document sign another
08:24document if you cannot legally get a new
08:26document write your own document sign it
08:28with your husband usband or wife you
08:30know and have a second marriage so since
08:32Jupiter is looking at the 12th house you
08:35know and also Jupiter in the e8th house
08:37can also give you knowledge of medicine
08:40can give you knowledge of uh healing
08:42people again it could be you could be a
08:45doctor you could be a farm Tech you
08:48could be an ayurvedic um doctor or you
08:51could just be some gifted healer by God
08:53like that uh John of God I I guess in
08:56Columbia or Brazil where he's just
08:58healing people just by touching them you
09:00know so you have the healing ability in
09:02you but from the e8th house Jupiter
09:05looks at the 12th
09:07house and when he looks at the 12th
09:09house again wasteful spending you will
09:11like to give your energy now not just
09:14wasteful spending but 12th house is just
09:16whatever energy you give away in charity
09:19so these guys do a lot of social work
09:21these guys can help people out waste
09:25their own energy by helping someone else
09:28so you need to you should watch out you
09:30know like not spend too much money on
09:33rituals like you will get into
09:34situations where a head of a church or
09:37head of a temple will come to you that
09:39hey can you do this great deed you know
09:41I'm organizing this and you will do that
09:43but the thing is you will keep running
09:45into these situations where you're just
09:47forced to give away your wealth in know
09:50in in you know rituals and your spouse
09:52may not like that that hey we need to
09:54save money and they're not wrong so
09:56control your spending towards
09:57ritualistic Deeds
09:59here on the 8th house you can definitely
10:02go you can be in an export import
10:04business in a foreign with a foreign
10:06land you can to foreign trade you can
10:08definitely become a knowledgeable spy
10:12for um your country Jupiter's knowledge
10:17so you gather secret knowledge and you
10:19retain it so this can show somebody who
10:22can be a spy you know for a government
10:25because 12,000 per foreign lands 8,000
10:27secrecy Jupiter's not knowledge so
10:30you're retaining secet knowledge in
10:31foreign lands so it can mean a lot of
10:33things I'm just giving you one example
10:35is a spy but um you can also travel to
10:39um foreign lands to
10:43to to teach people a knowledge about a
10:48wisdom that is not known in the world so
10:51every spiritual Guru that comes you know
10:53from India from Europe from everywhere
10:56like Wayne Dyer goes other countries and
10:59he gives lectures and give this that's
11:01what it represents Jupiter in the eighth
11:03house then Jupiter looks at the second
11:05house of assets and here actually
11:07Jupiter is very good in helping you save
11:09money your own money okay now if it's
11:14debilitated then your money your own
11:17savings not just your joint asset your
11:18own savings will suddenly be taken away
11:21you can suddenly have to pay the
11:23government in taxes with this kind of a
11:25um alignment okay and sudden if your
11:29Jupiter is not well placed sudden
11:32changes in your uh family life meaning
11:34that you can suddenly get into fight
11:36with your family you can suddenly leave
11:39your home okay and since Jupiter is
11:41looking at the fourth house with its
11:43ninth aspect these people tend to change
11:46their home a lot especially if Jupiter's
11:48debilitated or sitting with an enemy or
11:50sitting in an in criminal sign it makes
11:53people move a lot in their
11:55lifetime but it gives you a good
11:57education you have an ability to retain
12:01information and you retain information
12:04for your own good okay now as Jupiter's
12:07excelled then you will stick with your
12:10parents with your family for a long time
12:13you'll be very respectful you will be
12:16very uh religious you will not have so
12:19if Jupiter's excelled you know here's
12:21the thing you may not be so inclined
12:24towards these um esoteric knowledge you
12:28will be more of a very you know uh um
12:32very disciplined very very
12:35uh what is this word I'm looking for
12:38you'll just be a a very obedient person
12:42regarding following their right rituals
12:44and your culture uh settings okay and
12:48whatever your Guru tells you your
12:50teachers tells you your father tells you
12:52listen to it however when Jupiter's in
12:54the eighth house as the ascendant Lord
12:57can give you a very weak physique you
12:59will always be kind of sick you will
13:01always uh if your ascendant is a
13:04Sagittarius is in the eighth house and
13:06even though it's excelled still it can
13:08give you like eye problems cuz Jupiter
13:10isn't looking at the 12th house and
13:12second house of eyes left and right eye
13:1512th house is the left eye second house
13:17is the right eye so if Jupiter is in the
13:19eighth house you can suddenly you know
13:21at any point in your life can have
13:23glasses you may have glasses all
13:25throughout your life with this placement
13:27and when it looks at the four House of
13:29Mother's nourishment there may be a lack
13:33thereof nourishment now if Jupiter's
13:35excelled mother will be involved with
13:37you you know she will nourish you and
13:40you will gain a lot of knowledge through
13:42your mother okay so this is what Jupiter
13:46does in this Paradigm of the eighth
13:49house so guys if you're new to my
13:50channel subscribe above because you're
13:52going to be finding out about this stuff
13:54and if you want to know what where your
13:55Jupiter's placed on your other planets
13:57check out my link below check out my
13:59book the astrology the speed of light
14:01and you will learn a whole lot more
14:03besides your Jupiter's placement in this
14:05book and once you get the book I will
14:06send you the link to look at your own
14:08chart just make sure you follow the
14:10directions below at the link otherwise I
14:12will see you tomorrow
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the effects of Jupiter in the eighth house in astrology?

The effects of Jupiter in the eighth house in astrology include sudden events, secretive relationships, and interest in occult knowledge. It also impacts joint assets, spouse's assets, and the potential for being a knowledgeable spy.

2. How does Jupiter in the eighth house affect relationships and assets?

Jupiter in the eighth house can impact relationships by causing secretive relationships and can affect assets like joint assets and spouse's assets, leading to potential knowledge in secretive matters.

3. What are some characteristics of having Jupiter in the eighth house in astrology?

Having Jupiter in the eighth house in astrology can result in sudden events, secretive relationships, an interest in occult knowledge, and an impact on joint assets and spouse's assets, potentially leading to a knowledgeable spy.

4. How does Jupiter in the eighth house influence knowledge and health?

Jupiter in the eighth house influences knowledge by sparking an interest in occult knowledge and impacts health issues related to the mother's role in nourishment and knowledge.

5. What role does Jupiter in the eighth house play in astrology?

In astrology, Jupiter in the eighth house plays a significant role in causing sudden events, secretive relationships, an interest in occult knowledge, and impacting joint assets, spouse's assets, and health issues related to the mother's role in nourishment and knowledge.

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