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This video discusses 10 subconscious actions that men do to seek validation and reassurance from women, such as initiating handholding, giving compliments to receive them back, and taking women to nice spots before they have earned it. The speaker emphasizes the importance of finding a balance between validation and indifference in order to maintain attraction.
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This section discusses the subconscious ways in which men seek validation and reassurance from women.
Men seek reassurance when they are unsure about where they stand with a woman.
It is important for men to find a balance between not validating a woman too much and acting like they don't care at all.
Acting too cold or emotionally unavailable can also push women away.
Women have better instincts than men and men should let women initiate hand-holding to avoid seeking reassurance.
Women have better instincts than men, which balances out their physical differences.
Men should let women initiate hand-holding to avoid seeking reassurance.
If a woman is not seeking reassurance, it means the man is giving too much of it and is a "beta male provider".
Men seek female validation and reassurance through compliments and wanting to hear one back.
Compliments are often given to hear one back, indicating uncertainty of attraction.
Wanting to hear a compliment back is a way of seeking reassurance.
Men may also initiate compliments to gain validation and reassurance from women.
The speaker advises against initiating "I love you" to hear it back, suggesting to let the woman say it first.
Men subconsciously seek female validation through actions like going down on women, but this can lead to a loss of respect and attraction.
The speaker believes that men subconsciously seek female validation by performing actions like going down on women to make them happy.
He mentions that women may appreciate these actions initially, but subconsciously they may lead to a loss of respect and attraction.
The speaker advises paying close attention to the woman's behavior after such actions, noting a potential pullback or withdrawal.
He emphasizes that seeking validation through these actions can result in a slight loss of attraction.
To avoid seeking validation through a girl's Instagram stories, the speaker suggests not following her or having the discipline to not watch them frequently.
The speaker never follows any girl he is dating on Instagram.
He recommends having the girl follow you, but not following her back.
If you must look at her stories, limit it to once a month.
Having the discipline to not watch the stories is key to avoiding seeking validation.
Men seeking female validation and reassurance by trying to impress them can lead to a loss of attraction.
Men often go out of their way to show off their girlfriends.
The desire to impress a woman can make her feel like a trophy and lead to a loss of attraction.
Taking a woman to nice spots before she has earned it can be seen as validation and can result in a slight pullback in attraction.
The speaker discusses how he used to find women annoying until he learned about holding a masculine frame and making them behave.
He used to dislike female companionship until he learned how to make them behave.
He enjoys female companionship now because he knows how to make them behave.
Holding a masculine frame helps him avoid issues with women.
The speaker discusses the importance of women initiating sex and training them to do so.
Encourages men to have women initiate sex sometimes.
Shares a personal experience of training a woman to initiate contact.
Emphasizes the need to train women according to one's preferences.
Advises that expecting women to initiate some contact can lead to a slight pull back.
00:18what's up fellas so today we're here to
00:20talk about
00:2210 things that men do subconsciously
00:25to validate women or to gain reassurance
00:28from from women now for a lot of you
00:31guys you might not understand what i'm
00:33what i mean gain reassurance
00:35this is when
00:37a woman pretty much is
00:39feeding you scraps
00:41and you don't know where you stand so
00:43you trying to find out where you stand
00:45you trying to find out if she really
00:47like you okay that's what i mean by gain
00:49reassurance okay so
00:51the read and i'm gonna say this guys
00:54i'm gonna say this
00:55this could be one of the most important
00:57videos i've made and i'm gonna tell you
01:00one reason i've been so good
01:03at gaining and maintaining attachments
01:05these days is because i don't make these
01:08mistakes no more
01:09this is critical for your game as in and
01:12it's a fine balance also i want to bring
01:15that into play it's a fine balance it's
01:17a fine balance between
01:19not validating a woman
01:21and acting like you don't give a damn
01:23completely because either one of them is
01:26going to run the woman off if you act
01:28like you don't even like the [ __ ]
01:31and don't even know how to throw the
01:32[ __ ] a bone every now and then throw
01:33the [ __ ] up bone man you know just you
01:36know this your bone just you know wait
01:38around and throw the [ __ ] a bone you
01:41just get on here and i get it it takes
01:44time you know i made this mistake too
01:46when i improve my game going too hard
01:49too cold it's a fine balance it's a fine
01:52balance between not overdoing it
01:55and being uh coming across as though
01:57you're emotionally unavailable either
01:59one of them i promise you i've made this
02:01mistake we'll run a woman off i'm just
02:03telling you that now now understand that
02:05these are subconscious other things you
02:07can do to validate women but they
02:09obviously in my opinion wouldn't be
02:11subconscious these are
02:13uh subconscious things that
02:15we do without even thinking about it
02:17okay obviously there would be more ways
02:19to validate women in this
02:21number one and this would be one to gain
02:23reassurance right
02:25telling a woman you miss her or you love
02:28her and you guys are thinking right now
02:30what the [ __ ] you mean how is that
02:32gaining reassurance
02:34see this is why i say this goes to
02:37what happens when you tell somebody you
02:39miss them or you love them
02:42what you expect them back
02:44you want to hear it back
02:46if i tell you i love you you can't say
02:48oh thank you and walk away
02:51[ __ ] is something you want to say
02:53[ __ ] huh speak up i can't hear you
02:56if i said i love you goddamn but say it
03:00if i say i miss you goddamn you better
03:02oh i miss you too you got that right you
03:04if i say i miss you and i say oh that's
03:05so sweet oh sweet my ass something you
03:07want to say [ __ ]
03:09speak up
03:11when you tell
03:13i have never told i can't remember the
03:14last time i told a woman i love her
03:17because i don't try to gain reassurance
03:20okay or i miss her
03:22now the one would i miss you know i miss
03:26it can be uh feeding straps because i i
03:30do say that from time to time when a
03:32woman is complaining
03:34y'all guys grasp that when a woman is
03:37complaining that you know i don't
03:39communicate enough or i don't see her
03:41enough or i don't make enough time for
03:44her saying i miss you is a good kind of
03:47balance you gotta do you guys listen i'm
03:49gonna tell you this right now you do
03:50what you want to do
03:52you cannot be walking around here just
03:53being cold zombies i'm telling you
03:56either one of them is gonna run a woman
03:57off if she's complaining and that's when
04:00i do it when women are complaining that
04:03they don't hear from me enough or i
04:04don't call enough or they don't see me
04:07i say things like you know you know i
04:10miss you
04:11you know that is just working you know
04:12i'm saying but you know i miss you
04:14but only when they're complaining if
04:16you're saying stuff like that and she
04:17ain't even
04:18saying nothing a complain about you know
04:20you not giving her enough uh attention
04:24communication and you just offering that
04:26up the thing is what you guys got to
04:29understand is women understand why you
04:32say stuff like that
04:34they understand
04:35that oh he's on a [ __ ] he don't know he
04:37don't know if i like him
04:39that's what you guys got to understand
04:42that women they do know
04:44this is where their instincts come in
04:46see we got these big muscles we actually
04:48are very smart but more mechanically
04:52mathematically all these type of things
04:55but one thing that i from what i've
04:56observed about the world that balance it
04:58out women have better instincts than men
05:00that's what i've seen they have
05:02they just have better
05:04instincts than men
05:06we have more strength we're faster we're
05:08stronger we're more smarter but it just
05:12seems to me
05:13when they have more instincts and
05:15sometimes people confuse them those
05:17instincts with them being smarter when
05:19you say women are smarter than men
05:20they're not smarter than men they just
05:22have better instincts
05:24okay god that's that's what i've seen
05:26some of you guys might disagree with
05:28that but that's what i've seen they have
05:29better instincts than men
05:32all right
05:33next and this is a big one too guys
05:36trying to hold her hand all right
05:38the thing with uh holding a woman's hand
05:40guys is she has to always initiate it
05:43now i think most of you guys are pretty
05:46keen on this in uh public displays of
05:48affection and stuff like this if you're
05:49walking out most of you guys know that
05:52the issue it comes in is when y'all like
05:54in a setting home setting
05:57and you're reaching for a hand and stuff
05:59let her initiate all that
06:01what that is
06:03all right what that is is she's not
06:06being affectionate with you at the
06:07moment and now you're reaching out to
06:09gain reassurance that should be her job
06:12and the thing is guys and this is key
06:15if you don't see a woman doing stuff
06:17like that if you don't see a woman
06:19telling you
06:20uh asking you do you miss me that means
06:22that she's not in a state of uncertainty
06:24that's what i've seen so whenever i've
06:27seen that a woman is not seeking that
06:29reassurance from me
06:31i know i'm giving too much of it i'm
06:33giving too much reassurance
06:34that's what i see so if you never see
06:37your girl initiating hand contact and
06:39stuff like that either she views you as
06:41a beta male provider
06:42or you're giving too much certainty
06:45which is going to help her view you as a
06:47beta male provider that's what i've seen
06:48in my life
06:50it's women natural instinct
06:52to get want to gain reassurance from a
06:54man that they're chasing his validation
06:56see the thing is somebody's going to
06:58chase somebody's validation so either
07:00she's going to chase yours which is the
07:02right way to be because that means that
07:04she's in turmoil that means she don't
07:05know where you stand or you're going to
07:07chase her which is going to turn her off
07:10because what you're doing then is saying
07:12you're higher barrier than me and so i'm
07:14in a state of uncertainty
07:16does that sound confident to you
07:18what's the most attractive thing about a
07:20man to a woman
07:24if you trying to gain certainty from her
07:25does that sound confident to you
07:28that sounds like you ain't got no
07:29confidence to me so that's why the
07:31attraction drops when you try to gain
07:35so never initiate
07:37physical contact guys never
07:40i never do it the only time i do it is
07:43if if i just got my ass chewed out that
07:46you know i don't communicate enough so
07:47say we sitting on the couch and this has
07:49happened right and the woman is you know
07:52you don't communicate enough blah blah
07:53blah you know hey
07:55listen you know i'm working
07:57now you know if i had more time i'll
07:59give you more time
08:01now you know i'm trying to build an
08:02empire here
08:04i know i i try to be understanding
08:07and so then in a situation like that i
08:08will but unless a woman is chewing my
08:10ass out and you know i have to throw a
08:13throw a bone or something like that
08:14right then the worst thing you want to
08:16do in a situation like that when y for
08:18all you guys out here that don't really
08:20call your girl don't initiate texts and
08:22all this other type of stuff when she
08:24started chewing your stuff out you gonna
08:25have to say some of this stuff
08:27but that's the only time you should be
08:29doing it you should not be reaching for
08:31physical contact unless she's chewing
08:33you out that you ain't calling or
08:34texting enough because at that point
08:36you're acting to her she's not even sure
08:38if you care about her you just it it's
08:40coming across to her at that point that
08:42she's just a piece of ass and she's just
08:44another girl in your rotation because
08:45she does know you're dating other women
08:46i hope you know that
08:48i hope i hope all you guys know that
08:50when a woman view you as an alpha male
08:52she's kind of anticipating that you have
08:54you're dating other women
08:56okay and when you act cold on top of
08:58that what it comes off is she's just a
09:01plug in your claw
09:02in your rotation that's where she is
09:06that she's just a piece of ass she's
09:07just your thursday or friday piece of
09:09ass that's what that's what it's going
09:10to come across as if you don't
09:13balance that [ __ ] out
09:15so that's the only time you should do
09:16stuff like that is when she's chewing
09:18your ass out she's not doing that then
09:20you're acting in a state of uncertainty
09:25next giving a woman a direct comment
09:29compliment i'm sorry
09:31uh i like your hair why why why would
09:34you do that why would you give a woman a
09:36direct compliment
09:39why would you do that
09:41a lot of time
09:43is to hear one back
09:45so what does that mean when you want to
09:47hear one back that means that i'm
09:48uncertainty of your attraction so if i
09:52i like your hair
09:53and [ __ ] you probably say i like your
09:58you feel say i like something i want to
10:00hear speak up
10:02that's what a compliment comes from
10:03that's the basis of a compliment you
10:05want to hear something back in return
10:09a lot of times also guys
10:11it could be kissing a woman's ass now i
10:14think some of you guys
10:16might have knew this but i don't think a
10:18lot of you guys knew the part about
10:21uh wanting to hear it back
10:23it's it's it's like you're trying to
10:24gain some reassurance i think most of
10:26you guys know about the compliment to
10:29kiss a woman ass so you know she you
10:32think she'll like you i think most of
10:33you guys know i don't talk about that
10:34several videos but one i haven't talked
10:36about is when you tell a woman a
10:38compliment so she can
10:40give you one back the same way you would
10:42tell a woman i miss you i love you
10:45just to hear it back especially i love
10:48that is specifically to hear it back
10:51i love you baby
10:54you want to hear back she knows that
10:57i'm not telling you not to tell a woman
10:59you love her just let her say it first
11:02if she says it first then say it back if
11:05you love her right if you love her if
11:06she said you say it back
11:08but don't you initiate it let her say it
11:11they'll say it first she don't say it
11:12you don't say it all right you just
11:14always say it back if you love them all
11:17right i had one girl who was telling me
11:18she loved me and she was like you don't
11:20love me and i was like i'm very fond of
11:21you but i said it takes time for my
11:22feelings to develop because i didn't
11:24love her if i loved her i would've had
11:25no problem telling them but i didn't
11:27all right that was the infamous sunday
11:29chick guys she she the one
11:31and all that came into play while we
11:34that relationship dissolved right
11:36all right and another thing about that
11:38too was i was too cold with her even
11:40when she was complaining
11:42and this is this is this is the part of
11:44me learning also guys my learning's
11:46still going on me and her only stopped
11:48talking what a year and a half ago no
11:51it's actually been about two years god
11:52damn time flies
11:54i mean i stopped talking two years ago
11:56that two years went by just that fast
11:57and y'all guys know i used to always
11:59talk about her in my earlier videos but
12:01two years now went by
12:02just that fast it's amazing half the
12:04time it's been two years it'll be two
12:07and y'all gotta say damn how you
12:08remember i remember specifically because
12:10the last time i saw it was on my
12:12birthday the week of my birthday
12:14that was the last time i saw and then we
12:16communicated like another week after
12:18that and my birthday is in november and
12:20we communicated a week after that or so
12:22or whatever and then uh she went no
12:25contact i went no contact and that was
12:28all right and and for y'all guys
12:30wondering why she went no contact she
12:31was complaining about me not calling and
12:33texting and and all this other type of
12:35stuff because at that point i was too
12:38well like i tell y'all guys everything i
12:40tell you guys
12:42everything i tell you guys
12:44is from my mistakes
12:46i don't sit down and read books and oh
12:48this is great i'm gonna say this on the
12:50video no i haven't done it and i'm man
12:53enough to admit along with other
12:54mistakes like i tell y'all guys i had
12:56got comfortable and i wasn't bringing
12:57the sexual intensity i told y'all guys
13:00all this type of stuff but
13:02another big aspect was she had been
13:04complaining about lack of communication
13:06and i did nothing about it
13:09too cold
13:10even when she was complaining still too
13:14okay i've learned and i and you know i
13:16already knew to feed women scraps but
13:18what happened was i felt like she was so
13:20attached that i still didn't have to do
13:21it and see even in that even in that
13:24aspect guys even though i'm gonna get
13:26attached if she if you come across too
13:28cold you'll lose the attack
13:32sorry about that fellas
13:34damn google
13:36if i remember to cut it out i cut it out
13:38but uh still too cold
13:40okay guys so that's another one don't
13:43give a woman a direct comment compliment
13:46all right
13:47and this is one i've talked about all a
13:49lot but gotta bring this one in there
13:51because i love the arguments on this one
13:54eating the woman out
13:56now a lot of you guys
13:58are gonna swear for god and i think a
14:00lot of you guys to be fair
14:02i think a lot of you guys do
14:05mean this i think a lot of you guys do
14:07mean this when you say this that you eat
14:09women out
14:11because you enjoy
14:15i don't
14:16you gonna have a hard time convincing me
14:18on that one
14:19to the death of me i'm gonna say you eat
14:22women out
14:23because subconsciously that's why this
14:26is called subconscious i don't think men
14:28hash out a plan that okay this is the
14:30way i'm gonna validate no no i think men
14:32subconsciously do this
14:34you subconsciously know
14:36that that's the best way
14:38to make a woman orgasm which is the best
14:41way to keep her happy ain't nobody gonna
14:44tell me that otherwise you have a hard
14:47time convincing me on that
14:50for you guys that do it i ain't gonna be
14:53able to change your mind on it we
14:55already know that i know that do what
14:57you do
14:58i'ma tell you this
15:01if you watch closely
15:03behind women
15:04that you eat
15:06or you go down on
15:08you're gonna see a loss
15:10of respect
15:11and attraction
15:13she'll appreciate it and that's the same
15:15thing with compliments
15:17you got to pay close close attention
15:20they appreciate it they come compliment
15:23and they'll appreciate you going down on
15:24them but if any you guys ever pay close
15:27attention afterwards
15:29it's like she test a little more pay
15:31attention to it the next time it happen
15:35you'll notice the next couple of days or
15:38the next week or so she'll pull back
15:39just a little bit
15:42subconsciously women know what that's
15:44all about you chasing her validation if
15:47you think i'm lying
15:49just think back in your life to every
15:51woman that you went down on
15:53and and paid and and seeking you
15:55remember a slight pullback
15:58a slight pullback that slight pullback
16:00was a light a slight loss of attraction
16:04it's you trying to gain her validation
16:06at that point
16:09now like i tell you guys everything i
16:11talk about in these videos i'm undone
16:13and seen i didn't read this in a book
16:15i've seen it in my life think i ain't
16:17never done this [ __ ]
16:18every you think a 40-year-old man ain't
16:20never did the [ __ ] i haven't done this
16:22[ __ ] and i'm telling you i noticed a
16:25slight withdrawal
16:27afterwards i'm just gonna put that out
16:31because it's too validating and it's too
16:33submissive it's a little loss of respect
16:36you would think
16:38that it would gain you more and i'm not
16:40saying the girl breaks up with you or
16:41not like that no no no no no because you
16:43probably made her orgasm and all this
16:45and other [ __ ] so she ain't gonna break
16:46up with you crazy
16:48but i guarantee you she became a little
16:50bit more difficult a little less
16:52submissive because i've never had a girl
16:54break up with me after doing it in in my
16:57but i just know it's like damn she a
16:58little bit more testy today a little bit
17:00more feisty where is [ __ ] coming from
17:03because you were thinking like god damn
17:04girl i had you climbing the wall last
17:06night where all this attitude coming
17:07from where all this testing [ __ ] coming
17:11every time so you just pay attention to
17:14it it's too
17:17do what you want to do i don't do it no
17:20all right
17:22number five
17:23liking her social media pics and i think
17:26a lot of you guys know about that one
17:28but a lot of you guys don't know about
17:30this or some of you guys do watching her
17:33stories hey what's the big deal watching
17:35on stories
17:36man do y'all guys ever
17:39i'm gonna say this women go back to see
17:42who watched those stories
17:44now if they got three million followers
17:45then they it probably don't matter but
17:47for the girl you dating who got 800
17:50followers or a thousand followers or
17:51even if she got 2 000 followers you know
17:53the average girl who ain't trying to
17:56build up ain't trying to be a thought on
17:57instagram or instagram model she might
18:00have 1 000 followers in 1500 or
18:02something like that oh she gonna go back
18:04and watch her story and then y'all guys
18:06knows how you know it's just for her
18:08validation white women post on those
18:10stories most of the times
18:11a bottle of water a donkey kicking his
18:14own ass
18:16a picture of martin luther king jr some
18:18[ __ ] but the reason
18:20wasn't for the pitcher she just wanted
18:22to see
18:23who came to watch your story it's not
18:25like they posting ass pics on there even
18:27though that's what we'd be thinking
18:29what's she posting
18:30a picture of goddamn malcolm x
18:32a picture of a bottle of water some
18:34[ __ ]
18:36just think about most of the times what
18:38are women posting i ain't talking about
18:39the instagram models who were trying to
18:41get you to join the only fans so they
18:43give you a little snippet i'm somebody
18:44like the girl that the average girl in
18:47your neighborhood that you they know the
18:48girl you met at the club last week that
18:50got 1500 followers what is she posting
18:53her goddamn story
18:54a waterfall
18:56but the point is she just wanted to see
18:58who gonna come over there and click on
18:59her story to see what it is because she
19:00know what you're looking for
19:03so watching those stories guys a bit the
19:06solution to this is guys any girl that
19:08i'm dating i never follow them on
19:10instagram they don't even ask me
19:12about what my instagram story is i don't
19:15follow them period they don't they don't
19:17even ask me what my instagram username
19:19is now i know i'm 40 and that
19:22might not be what you can do at 18 i get
19:25that what i would recommend for you to
19:28is she can follow you
19:30but you don't follow her
19:33all right that that's that's what i
19:35would do or if you just got the
19:37discipline you could follow her right
19:38because the girl might be like you ain't
19:39following me back or whatever blah blah
19:41blah get that
19:42you just gotta have the discipline not
19:43to watch those goddamn stories me myself
19:45i stay off any girl i date instagram
19:48page don't even ask me but i'm dealing
19:50with older women i get that you guys
19:51dealing with
19:5218 19 20 21 year old women and that that
19:56might not be an option so you might just
19:58have to have the discipline not to look
19:59at her stories
20:01that's what i is too [ __ ] oh if you're
20:03gonna look at it look at them look at
20:05one once a month
20:06don't be over the hairy story
20:09every story every story
20:11every stir now if she got a big
20:13following don't matter i got like a i
20:15got a small i got like um
20:17almost 50 000 followers on ig right
20:21around 50 000 followers on ig right and
20:24you think i can go back over there and
20:25look at everybody who looked at my story
20:28especially since i got mostly a dude
20:29following but could you imagine if i had
20:32like a high female follower and say i
20:34was a female dame coach or something
20:36like that you best believe my ass bill
20:37they're trying to see who the hell watch
20:39my story if i had like if i was one of
20:40these female dating coaches or something
20:42like that
20:43one of these male female dating coaches
20:45i would damn sure be looking trying to
20:46see specifically if it was a girl
20:50on there that was following me that i
20:52liked or something like that yo i would
20:54damn sure want to see if she watching my
20:57so stay off those girls stories very big
20:59guys a lot of women post [ __ ]
21:02a lot of women won't even post pics
21:05in the pic session just because they
21:07want to see who's going to come over
21:08there and look at their stories
21:10so they'll they'll stay loading that
21:12story up they won't even post netting
21:13down no picks down here because you know
21:15what other than likes you have no idea
21:16who looked at the pick but if i post it
21:18in my story i get to see who came and
21:20watched the story so stay off them
21:22goddamn stories guys
21:26number six guys going out of your way to
21:28make sure everybody see y'all together
21:32yeah little
21:33the the issue with this guys and i tell
21:36you guys
21:37if you got a high girl to make sure
21:39people know that you have a hot girl
21:41stuff like that
21:43notice i said going out of your way
21:48there's a difference
21:50so you could have went this way but
21:51since everybody around that way and you
21:54want everybody to see y'all together you
21:56want to go this way
21:59y'all guys see that
22:02at that point what happens is
22:04you're treating a woman like a trophy
22:07which lets her know that she has higher
22:09value than you
22:10you do something like that expect a
22:12woman to lose a little attraction to you
22:15women want you to be the prize not them
22:18okay guys
22:20so do not go out your way
22:22hey if it just so happen
22:25people see y'all together
22:27fine you go to lunch whatever fine do
22:30not go out your way
22:33i've done this before especially when i
22:35was in school i wanted to
22:36show the girl my friend
22:38friends and stuff like that i took a
22:39spot where i knew my friends would be at
22:42me looking back on it now i'm like damn
22:43that was corny you don't think that
22:45woman know that like i tell you guys
22:46women have instincts for [ __ ] like that
22:49they know why you're doing it
22:53i tell you what
22:55day two or six or seven
22:58and watch they do it
23:00watch they want to show everybody
23:02who she talking to watch and see how it
23:05make you feel like damn [ __ ] i thought
23:07you was a little ugly but seeing you
23:09treat me like this and try to poke me
23:11out try to use me for cloud and [ __ ]
23:12just confirms you super ugly
23:15i done dated a seven before and the
23:17[ __ ] wanted the whole world to [ __ ]
23:22she couldn't wait to show me out to the
23:23family to the friends they ever got
23:25their co-workers come up here to work
23:27it was years ago right
23:30and uh and and you don't think i knew
23:33why she was doing all that using me for
23:35clout look at my boyfriend
23:38she ain't say that but that's what our
23:39action said
23:40the same thing go for you guys when you
23:42purposely go out your way to try to show
23:44your girl off
23:48it's gonna be times where it's just
23:50gonna happen you know naturally but
23:51don't all i'm saying is
23:53don't go out your way
23:55trust me she knows what you're trying to
23:56do and it's hard to do especially when
23:59you get a dime
24:00man i'm gonna go to every club we're
24:02gonna hit four clubs tonight guess what
24:04we're going bowling we're going to the
24:06movies we're going to see my family
24:09i remember i had this red bone one time
24:10just years ago like 22 23. man i took
24:13the round shoulder all my aunties all my
24:16cousins every goddamn thing
24:18i was like i'm looking at now i'm
24:19thinking about being that was lame
24:22we as men know we get more respect
24:25when we have a higher woman
24:27no we we just like oh look boy i look at
24:30they don't say that but you kind of you
24:33know now that woman was a seven i
24:34would've took her ass no god damn well
24:38now when you give a woman that type of
24:39validation as though she's a trophy as
24:41though she's bringing that much value to
24:43your life you're giving that she's gonna
24:45lose attraction
24:47you're gonna see a slight pullback
24:50next guys taking her to nice spots
24:52before she's earned it
24:55anytime take a note on this
24:58anytime you try to impress a woman
25:02you'll let her know she's high value
25:04this is validation
25:08this is
25:10you're higher value than me i have to
25:11impress you now i take women in nice
25:13spots after you came by them draws see
25:16at that point
25:17see it's like this
25:19i don't treat you
25:21like i have to earn you like you're the
25:23prize that's what i consider nice spice
25:26i tweeted like you earned me
25:29and so now i get to give you a treat
25:32that's how
25:33you gave me what i wanted and it was
25:35and so now
25:37i get to give you
25:38a good treat
25:40that's how i look at it
25:42that's that's how i look at it and that
25:43goes into my experience
25:46and when i say experience i mean giving
25:48the woman the experience
25:49you can't treat a woman like [ __ ] you
25:51guys can do the [ __ ] you want to do hey
25:54if you think you can just call a girl
25:55over and take her ass to play bingo
25:57every goddamn saturday and that won't be
25:59you do what you want to do guys
26:02you you you do you
26:04i do me and let's see how for all them
26:07dating coaches that tell you guys don't
26:10take women on dates don't take what they
26:13y'all ever noticed that
26:15they got all these theories
26:17they got all this talk whatever he sees
26:20show me one goddamn receipt
26:22see that's the thing about theories
26:25i can tell you from experience
26:27there's no way a hot woman in her right
26:30mind would let you just [ __ ] her and
26:33just invite her over no way they you can
26:35get away with that on some sixes i would
26:37give you that even some sevens
26:40but when you start talking about the
26:41nines and tens even the eights women who
26:43have generally more options
26:46i don't care how good your dick is i can
26:49almost promise you within a month or so
26:53maybe two months she's gonna start
26:55feeling used
26:59so you can do what you want to do but
27:01like i say i do take women in night
27:02spots and i do it for myself they're
27:04just the benefit of my company but to be
27:06honest too
27:08i also deep down know that
27:10if you want a woman to keep coming back
27:12she has to have get something also in
27:16it just doesn't make logical sense
27:19just use your [ __ ] head
27:22so if you listening to these dang codes
27:23you got all these theories on there
27:25don't take women on dates whatever cease
27:28these [ __ ] buying prostitutes
27:29trying to be a dating coach whatever
27:31cease they can't even make a phone call
27:34they got a lot of they got a lot of you
27:36know they got a lot of theories
27:38anybody who's out here dealing with
27:40women any guy in my coming session
27:42that's my age 40 years old ask them
27:45how long does dating a hot woman without
27:47taking home a date last now if you just
27:49want to have fun one two and just
27:52bang constant women you can do that
27:54at the point in my life i'm not about
27:56just sleeping with 56 women i don't even
27:58get no interest out at the moment my
27:59thing is now is the
28:01uh what i told y'all guys to build my
28:02polygamy relationships
28:05that's my goal i i don't even get no man
28:07i'm just banging these constant chicks i
28:09just want to get a constant
28:11four girl polygamous relationship
28:14possible five and it's going to take
28:16some time to do them but that's what i
28:17want i don't even get that out of no
28:18[ __ ] uh sleeping with no 50 60. if
28:21i'm gonna tell you i wouldn't use don't
28:22have to do no days either if i would
28:24just want to do wham bam thank you ma'am
28:26but i have no interest in that
28:29see i like numb monogamous relationships
28:32i don't like
28:33wham bam thank you ma'am i actually
28:36oh yeah i'm for the cr uh commit the
28:38ultimate sin i actually enjoy female
28:40companionship i know that shocks the
28:42[ __ ] out of y'all
28:44and i used to didn't like female
28:46companionship until i learned how to
28:48make their ass behave
28:50women used to be annoying as [ __ ] to me
28:54always testing and [ __ ] until i learned
28:56about masculine frame
28:58until i learned i had to hold a
29:00masculine frame until i learned man you
29:02know what these women start acting
29:03stupid when i'm acting [ __ ] like a
29:05cheese ball
29:06cornball trying to be a comedian when
29:09i'm acting like a [ __ ] man they get
29:11their ass and [ __ ] on point
29:15and once i master masculine frame i
29:17don't have these issues out of one women
29:19no more
29:21so i actually now enjoy female
29:23companionship because they actually are
29:24pretty good if you know how to make them
29:28if you know how to make them behave if
29:29you don't like my hey hell a dog is hard
29:31to be around if you don't know how to
29:33make a dog with hey that [ __ ]
29:34get on you goddamn nervous [ __ ] and
29:35every goddamn well barking every goddamn
29:37two seconds you making behavior like man
29:39you know dogs ain't that bad you got
29:41them right you make them behave
29:44okay guys
29:46but don't take women in nice spots until
29:48they don't earned it from you which
29:50means that you're gonna have to come out
29:52them draws baby
29:54number eight
29:55always making time for her when she
29:57wants to see you
29:58guys you'll have women sometimes say hey
30:02i want to stop by them without setting a
30:04date with you i won't stop by then say
30:07no you got to make an appointment with
30:10no some of you guys
30:11and you might have the time but some of
30:13you guys might not have you might have
30:15had other plans with your friends to go
30:16do this or go surfing your girl called
30:18you and say hey
30:19uh wednesday morning can i stop by and
30:21see you today no no i gotta no i already
30:24have made friends playing with my other
30:25friends that's two if you're willing
30:27whenever she wants to see you out the
30:29blue outside of a date she said and you
30:32make that that's too validating
30:34that means that she's the priority in
30:37your life
30:39did you get that
30:41that's validation
30:43she's a priority that means that i'm
30:44willing to drop friends i'm willing to
30:46drop purpose hell i'm willing to drop my
30:49if it means i spend a little time with
30:51you baby
30:52that's too validating whenever a woman
30:55hits you out the blue if a woman hits
30:57you up thursday morning and say hey can
30:59i stop by and see you tonight no
31:01you got to make an appointment
31:03we had to set a time if you want to see
31:05me thursday you should have told me
31:07you can't hit me up thursday morning
31:09anytime you ever want to see me today no
31:13how about you uh no i got something to
31:15do tonight and uh
31:18maybe i'm i think can you how about
31:20saturday i'll make a little time for you
31:23but you trying to train her that you
31:25need a date to see me anything outside
31:27of that if she gets to feel like she can
31:29just hit you up that morning say hey can
31:31i stop by today that is too validating
31:33you just said you're the priority in my
31:35life and i'm willing to drop anything
31:37because you had something to do right i
31:39mean i hope you want to sit around you
31:41either have something with friends
31:42purpose something
31:45and you're willing to just drop it to
31:46see her no
31:48train her to get on your schedule
31:52next guys and this is going to be like
31:54showing off posting too many pics online
31:56it's more going to be more of a
31:58relationship to posting too many pics of
32:00y'all together online
32:03if this one gonna be my relationship
32:05guys primer primarily purple peel guys
32:09guys ain't nothing wrong with posting a
32:10pic with your girl once a month
32:14if you're doing one once a week that's
32:19i would even once a month might be
32:20monday maybe once every three or four
32:24right once every three or four months
32:26even once a month seem like a lot unless
32:27you just one of these guys who post a
32:29shitload of pictures like you're
32:30somebody who posts a picture every other
32:32day but i'm still thinking like once
32:34every three months and once every four
32:35months is good and this is and i
32:38understand like i tell you guys if you
32:40got a hot chick but god damn you got to
32:42post a picture every every month
32:44once every three months if you do stuff
32:46like that's too validating
32:49and it's gonna be more for my purple
32:51peel guys once every three or four
32:53months i know she's hot and i know
32:54you're you know you're trying to show
32:56other girls that you're pre-selected i
32:58get all that and that's good and then i
32:59even advocate but god damn
33:03once every three or four months is good
33:05if you can go longer than that that's
33:06fine usually one
33:08every blue moon is good they don't
33:11[ __ ] if you post one or two a year
33:13that's good
33:16and this is a the last one guys is a
33:18funny one a lot of you guys don't think
33:20having too much sex in the beginning
33:24guys uh
33:25if you do that
33:28and and watch it see if i'm wrong
33:30think about how many times you guys have
33:33just been ferociously
33:36you know
33:37instigating sex with your woman
33:39initiating sex with your woman
33:41and she pulls back
33:44in the beginning
33:46guys make these women
33:49initiate sex sometimes
33:51do y'all guys get that let them or let
33:54them complain about it or say something
33:55about it i did that with the girl i see
33:57on the weekend now you know we got in
33:59the bed and she was like no cessna i was
34:01like [ __ ] you know it'd be good to feel
34:03like i'm on it sometimes too i was
34:05training her
34:08you gonna do some [ __ ] too
34:10it wasn't that me uh being insecure now
34:12like that i you have to train your women
34:15the way you want them to be
34:17i'm trying i train my women
34:33you goddamn right you gonna initiate
34:34some contact too no hey stranger my ass
34:37you have to train women the way you want
34:39them to be if you want women
34:42if you want to have to be the aggressor
34:43all the time starting sex and stuff like
34:45that which all a woman has to do is just
34:48do a little something right and i can
34:49take it from there but if you think
34:51you're gonna be sitting up here acting
34:53like you're desirable why
34:55what am i chop liver
34:57all my girls
34:59they'll do something if ain't no more
35:01than you know
35:03dress sexy or puts lingerie on or
35:06get in the bed naked or something like
35:07that they do something
35:09i'm not gonna be just this animal and
35:11you sit over here if you guys do that
35:14watch you see a little slight pull back
35:16i promise you i have whenever i've
35:18gotten with super high women
35:20that like i told y'all guys the issue i
35:23the only issue i had with women was
35:26the women i had super high attraction to
35:28right most of you guys know that that
35:29was my issue with women
35:31and then once i learned that i would
35:33what i was doing wrong which was
35:35treating them different
35:37i looked at everything that i was doing
35:39with them compared to the girls that i
35:41saw was at sevens and eights or compared
35:43to the girls i saw at nines and ten and
35:45i looked at what i was doing with them
35:47with the seven and eight sometimes
35:50since the attraction went crazy high i
35:52didn't initiate sex all the time i
35:54didn't call them back as soon
35:56with the nines and tens as soon as they
35:58walked through the door i would jump on
35:59their goddamn back ready to have sex too
36:02you is telling her your your interest is
36:05too high
36:06and for all you guys that are wondering
36:09why is that such a big issue it goes to
36:11women's pre-selection uh [ __ ] that they
36:14go through and what i mean by that is
36:17they want a guy that's higher value than
36:19them and what that means is i want a guy
36:21that's accustomed to banging hot chicks
36:23like me and so when you send off signs
36:26that this might not be the norm for you
36:29it is a turn off
36:31if any of you guys bang nines and tens
36:34on a regular basis when you was with a
36:369-10 you wouldn't act like that
36:39for most of my guys over here that's
36:41used to banging nines and tens they
36:42can't even [ __ ] seven and eights
36:45if you're a guy over here that's
36:46constantly banging dimes dimes nine
36:48thousand whatever dimes to you
36:50when you get with a seven or eight
36:53you you can have a hard time even
36:54getting an erection
36:57so the thing is guys you want to treat
36:59all women the same so the same way you
37:01would treat a seven or eight which was
37:03you wouldn't be that aggressive you
37:04wouldn't want to be that aggressive with
37:05a nine or ten you would want her to have
37:08to show some interest also
37:11but like i say do what you want but if
37:13any of you guys think i'm lying just
37:16notice that when you do [ __ ] like this
37:17with the nines and tens and eat their
37:19[ __ ] and all this other [ __ ] watch they
37:20pull back you ain't gotta listen to me i
37:22don't already been through it
37:24i'm telling you
37:25every now and again it's good to get
37:27into bed without having sex don't overdo
37:30it don't act crazy like you know like
37:31you gay or something like that no no you
37:33don't gotta don't take all that but if
37:36you just acting like a rabid horny dog
37:38and [ __ ] all the [ __ ] time why should
37:40you do a slight little pullback you just
37:42revealed your hand you just showed too
37:43much interest you gave too much
37:46but do what you want to do
37:48all right guys so this is 10 things men
37:50do subconsciously to validate women or
37:53to gain reassurance i'll get back with
37:54you guys later
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are some subconscious actions that men do to seek validation and reassurance from women?

Some subconscious actions that men do to seek validation and reassurance from women include initiating handholding, giving compliments to receive them back, and taking women to nice spots before they have earned it. These actions are often driven by a desire for validation and attention.

2. How can men find a balance between validation and indifference in their interactions with women?

Men can find a balance between validation and indifference by being genuine in their actions and communication. It's important to show appreciation and affection, but also maintain a sense of independence and self-assuredness. This balance is crucial for maintaining attraction and healthy relationships.

3. Why is it important for men to be aware of their subconscious actions related to seeking validation from women?

It is important for men to be aware of their subconscious actions related to seeking validation from women because these actions can impact the dynamics of their relationships. Understanding these behaviors can help men make conscious choices in their interactions and foster healthier and more genuine connections.

4. What role does self-confidence play in men's interactions with women?

Self-confidence plays a crucial role in men's interactions with women as it affects their ability to maintain a healthy balance between validation and indifference. Confidence allows men to express genuine interest without seeking constant validation, which is attractive and builds strong connections.

5. How can men work on developing a stronger sense of self-assuredness in their interactions with women?

Men can work on developing a stronger sense of self-assuredness by focusing on personal growth, cultivating passions and interests, and building a strong support system. By investing in themselves and their well-being, men can naturally exude confidence and reduce the need for external validation.

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