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This video explores the significance of the numbers 3, 6, and 9 in the universe, as theorized by Nikola Tesla. The numbers are found to represent a higher dimensional world and act as controllers of all other numbers in the universe. Additionally, number 9 is shown to be present everywhere, from the mathematical patterns in nature to the divisions of a circle and polygons.
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Nikola Tesla believed that the numbers 3, 6, and 9 hold the key to understanding the universe.
Tesla believed that these numbers represent a higher dimensional world.
Number 9 is considered the controller of all other numbers.
The universe is highly mathematical and follows symmetrical and geometrical patterns.
The doubling sequence of numbers, starting from 1, can be converted into a single digit called the digital root.
The power of number 9 is demonstrated through the consistent appearance of 9 when dividing and adding angles in circles and polygons.
Doubling and halving numbers from 9 consistently results in 9.
When dividing a circle in half, the digital root of the resulting angles is always 9.
The sum of interior angles in polygons like triangle, rectangle, and pentagon also consistently adds up to 9.
The video discusses the repetition of the process for different polygons and the presence of the number nine in all cases.
The number nine is obtained when dividing the circle in half repeatedly.
As the number of sides of the polygon increases, it resembles a circle, and the number nine is still present.
Number nine is believed to exist from the singularity of space to the infinity of space.
The video hints at the relationship between number nine and time.
Number nine is found everywhere in space and time, including in the Hindu religion and the frequency at which the universe vibrates.
Our universe vibrates at a frequency of 432 hertz, which reduces to 9.
The ohm symbol in Hinduism appears to be a combination of three, six, and nine, with nine at the top.
Number nine represents all other numbers, as adding all numbers except nine results in the sum of nine.
00:00nikola tesla the greatest mind of all
00:02the time
00:03and also a man of mysteries said
00:06that if you knew the magnificence of
00:09three six and nine
00:10you would have a key to the universe so
00:13what did he mean by this
00:15had he found some code of the universe
00:17in this video i will tell you
00:19why did nikola tesla say this after
00:21watching the video
00:23you will understand how our whole
00:25universe is controlled
00:26by numbers 3 6 and 9 and
00:30how they are present everywhere in the
00:33you will also know how the numbers 3 6
00:369 represent a higher dimensional world
00:39while rest of the numbers belong to our
00:42three-dimensional world i will also
00:45how number nine is the controller of all
00:48the other numbers
00:49and how it can control even a space and
00:52here i will provide many mathematical
00:55and physical evidences
00:56and examples to prove how the number
00:59nine is present
01:00everywhere and is the controller of all
01:03the other numbers
01:04and the universe our universe is so
01:08almost everything in nature is highly
01:12and follows geometrical patterns we can
01:15see these patterns
01:16in the form of golden ratio and
01:19fibonacci sequence
01:20present in many things in the nature
01:23everything is made up of particles and
01:26if we go deeper at even more microscopic
01:29we reach into the quantum world which is
01:33pure mathematics all the living things
01:36in this world
01:37are made up of cells multicellular
01:40are formed by the division of a single
01:44a single cell divides into two cells
01:46then after division of both the cells
01:49we get four cells then 8 16
01:5232 64 and 128 cells are produced
01:57in this way the doubling sequence
01:58continues and
02:00finally we have a full multi-cellular
02:04now let's try to understand the sequence
02:06mathematically you can see
02:08here is a sequence of doubling of
02:10numbers starting from number one
02:13like 1 2 4 8
02:16and so on here the next number is double
02:19of the previous number now we will
02:21convert all of these numbers
02:23into a single digit number for this we
02:26will add the digits
02:27of the number until we get a single
02:30digit number
02:31this final single digit is called the
02:33digital root of the number so
02:36here you can see the digital roots of
02:38these numbers
02:39now observe the digital roots shown in
02:42orange color
02:43can you observe a pattern here you will
02:45see a repeated sequence of numbers
02:471 2 4 eight seven five even
02:51if you repeat it up to infinity the same
02:53pattern repeats
02:55now instead of doubling the numbers
02:57let's halve the numbers repeatedly
02:59this time also we will start with number
03:02one add all the digits of the number
03:04and get the digital root as shown here
03:07you will be surprised to see
03:09that this time too we get the same
03:12numbers repeatedly
03:13that we got in case of doubling the
03:15numbers so
03:16in both the cases of doubling and
03:18halfing the numbers
03:20we are getting the same numbers 1
03:232 4 8 7 and 5.
03:27did you notice one amazing thing here in
03:29both the sequences
03:30numbers 3 6 and 9 are missing
03:34every time in the diagram these
03:36repeating numbers
03:371 2 4 8 7 and 5
03:41are shown in a white color and the
03:43numbers that are missing
03:45in the sequence every time that is 3 6
03:48and 9
03:48are shown by yellow color but what does
03:51the absence of numbers 3
03:536 and 9 in the sequence mean
03:56does it point to any secret code of the
03:58god or some
04:00mystery of the universe according to
04:02some researchers
04:03numbers 1 2 4 8 7 and 5
04:06represent our three-dimensional world
04:09where we live in
04:11in absence of numbers 3 6 and 9 in the
04:14means these numbers belong to a higher
04:17dimensional world
04:18but what will happen if we double or
04:20half the numbers starting from number 3
04:22or 6
04:23let's double the numbers starting from
04:25number 3. on doubling the previous
04:28we get the next number now find the
04:30digital roots
04:31of the numbers you will be surprised
04:34after seeing the results
04:36we will get only two numbers three and
04:39every time notice all the numbers that
04:42were present
04:43in the previous sequence are absent this
04:46and numbers 3 and 6 were completely
04:50in the previous sequences okay let's do
04:52some more maths
04:54this time we will have the numbers
04:57starting from number three here are the
04:59numbers now again
05:00get the digital roots of the numbers by
05:03adding the digits of the number
05:05and here is what we get amazing
05:08this time also we get the same numbers
05:10three and six
05:12hence whether be double or half the
05:15if we start with number three we get
05:18numbers three and six only
05:20even if we double or half the numbers
05:22starting from number 6
05:24we will get the same numbers 3 and 6
05:26every time
05:27but surprisingly even this time 9
05:30is absent in the sequence actually
05:33number 9
05:34controls the numbers 3 and 6 and numbers
05:38one two four are controlled by number
05:41while numbers eight seven and five are
05:44by number six in this way number nine
05:48controls all the numbers you will get
05:51incredible results when we start
05:53doubling and halving the numbers
05:55from number nine
06:11we are getting only a single number
06:14number nine
06:15what will happen if we have the numbers
06:19starting from number nine
06:31what do you see we are getting number
06:33nine every time
06:35no other number is present in the
06:36sequence even on adding the digits in
06:39the table of
06:40nine we get number nine only
06:43so we see whether we double or half the
06:47starting from number 9 we always get
06:50the number 9 only it implies that number
06:53represents itself now let me show you
06:56how powerful
06:57the number 9 is and how it is present
07:01everywhere in the universe let's start
07:04dividing a circle and see the sum of
07:07of the resulting angle as we know that a
07:10full circle
07:11makes an angle of 360 degrees at its
07:14if we add the digits of 360 we get
07:17number nine
07:18but what will happen if we keep on
07:20dividing the circle in half
07:22infinitely the results that you will get
07:25will definitely boggle your mind
07:27a semicircle makes an angle of 180
07:30at the center which again adds up to 9.
07:33now again divide the circle in half and
07:36have an angle of 90 degrees find the
07:39digital root of the number
07:41it's 9 again repeat the same process and
07:44we will get
07:459 as the digital root now see what will
07:48happen if we keep on dividing the circle
07:51in half repeatedly unbelievably you will
07:54get number 9 as the digital root
07:56every time even on repeating the same
08:00infinite times but is this true only for
08:03a circle
08:04or does it apply to polygons also here
08:07is a triangle
08:08we know that sum of all the interior
08:10angles of a triangle
08:12is 180 degrees on adding the digits of
08:15the number
08:16we get 9. in case of a rectangle also
08:20if we add the digits of the sum of all
08:22the integer angles of a rectangle
08:24which is 360 degrees we get
08:28number nine now we have a pentagon
08:32sum of all the interior angles of a
08:35is 540 degrees which also adds up to
08:39we get the same digital route 9 on
08:42repeating the same process
08:44for hexagon heptagon and octagon
09:16if we keep on increasing the number of
09:18sides of the polygon
09:19we will get the same number nine every
09:23did you notice an amazing thing here
09:25when we were dividing the circle in half
09:28we were reaching the singularity of his
09:31space as every time we got number nine
09:34it means number nine follows the space
09:37up to its singularity and when we were
09:40increasing the number of sides of the
09:42the polygon was looking like a circle as
09:45the number of sides of the polygon
09:47approaches infinity
09:49it becomes a circle as in all the
09:52we got number nine it means number nine
09:55also follows a space up to infinity so
09:58it is clear
09:59that number nine is present from
10:01singularity of space
10:03to the infinity of space now i will give
10:05you some more examples
10:07that will help you in believing that
10:10number nine exists
10:11at all the places in the universe
10:51does number nine has any relationship
10:53with time also
10:54yes of course
11:37it proves that number nine is present
11:41in space and time this is not all
11:44if we talk about hindu religion we will
11:47number nine at different places it has
11:50been found
11:51by the researchers that our universe
11:54at a frequency of 432 hertz this 432
11:59also reduces to 9. a well-known symbol
12:03ohm on pronouncing correctly produces
12:06a frequency of 432 hertz the frequency
12:09at which
12:10the universe vibrates on observing the
12:13shape of the ohm
12:14symbol it appears to be a combination of
12:18six and nine with number nine at the top
12:21of three
12:22and six a sacred number in hinduism
12:25108 reduces to 9. number of chapters
12:29in srimad bhagavad-gita is 18.
12:32mahabharata war
12:33lasted for 18 days number of warriors
12:36left alive after the mahabharata war
12:39was 18. now i will prove how number nine
12:43represents everything and also
12:47actually number nine is same as number
12:50in some sense but how let's understand
12:53in any number if we replace a zero by
12:57then there is no change in the digital
13:00root of the number
13:22one more thing as we get zero on
13:25multiplying any number
13:26by zero in the same way we get number
13:30as the digital root on multiplying it
13:33number nine since zero is same as nine
13:37let me tell you one more amazing fact
13:39about number nine
13:41if we add all the numbers except number
13:44that is from number zero to number eight
13:48the sum reduces to number nine hence we
13:51can say
13:51that number nine represents all the
13:54other numbers
13:55it represents itself and also
13:58and everything number nine is the king
14:02all the numbers that controls all the
14:04other numbers
14:05and space time so friends this was all
14:08about the mystery
14:09of numbers 3 6 and 9. if you found the
14:12video interesting and
14:14informative then please like and share
14:16the video and to get the notifications
14:18more such videos subscribe to my youtube
14:22engineering made easy thank you for
14:24watching the video completely
14:25see you soon in the next video till then
14:27bye bye and take care
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the significance of the numbers 3, 6, and 9 in the universe according to Nikola Tesla?

Nikola Tesla theorized that the numbers 3, 6, and 9 hold a significant place in the universe, representing a higher dimensional world and acting as controllers of all other numbers.

2. How do the numbers 3, 6, and 9 act as controllers of all other numbers in the universe?

According to Tesla's theory, the numbers 3, 6, and 9 hold a unique significance in the universe and form the key to understanding the fabric of reality, acting as controllers of all other numbers through their higher-dimensional properties.

3. In what ways is the number 9 shown to be present everywhere in nature and mathematical patterns?

The number 9 is demonstrated to be present everywhere, from the mathematical patterns in nature to the divisions of a circle and polygons, indicating a profound connection to the fundamental structure of the universe.

4. What role does Nikola Tesla attribute to the numbers 3, 6, and 9 in understanding the universe?

Nikola Tesla believed that numbers 3, 6, and 9 hold a key to understanding the universe, representing a higher-dimensional world and playing a crucial role in controlling and defining the fundamental nature of all other numbers.

5. How do the numbers 3, 6, and 9 signify a higher-dimensional world according to Nikola Tesla's theory?

According to Tesla's theory, the numbers 3, 6, and 9 represent a higher-dimensional world, pointing towards a deeper understanding of reality and its underlying mathematical structure, influencing and controlling other numbers in the universe.

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