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The video explains 7 reasons why INFJs are considered smarter than other personality types, including their thirst for knowledge, willingness to be corrected, and prioritization of mental health. INFJs are known for their intelligence due to their constant pursuit of knowledge, openness to correction, and prioritization of mental well-being. Their ability to view things from a neutral perspective and honesty with themselves also contribute to their intelligence.
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INFJs are considered one of the smartest personality types due to their hunger for knowledge and continuous quest for learning.
INFJs are always seeking knowledge and understanding.
They constantly engage in reading books and surfing the internet to satisfy their curiosity.
They keep themselves below their teachers to absorb maximum knowledge.
INFJs understand that uncertainty is inevitable and continuously soak up knowledge to tackle unexpected situations and challenges.
INFJ personality type is exceptionally intelligent due to their willingness to ask questions, let others correct them, and question rules and regulations.
INFJs are not hesitant to ask questions and do not fear sounding stupid.
They put their ego aside during the learning process and let others correct them.
INFJs believe in questioning previous rules and regulations before following them.
They prioritize their mental and physical well-being over societal expectations, making them smarter than other personality types.
INFJs are intelligent because they read a lot and prioritize their mental health.
INFJs are introverted and prefer reading over going out with friends.
Reading helps them gain knowledge and improve decision-making abilities.
INFJs prioritize their mental health and believe taking breaks is important for improving performance.
INFJs are smarter than most because they are open-minded, pay attention to details, and are honest with themselves.
INFJs look at things from a neutral point of view and give others a chance to explain themselves.
They pay attention to details and minute aspects of situations before coming to a conclusion.
INFJs are aware of how others feel about a certain topic, allowing them to be non-judgmental and neutral.
They are honest with themselves, judging their performance and taking breaks when needed.
00:00For an outsider, an INFJ might look like a walking contradiction and, the more you try
00:05to understand them, the more you can get confused.
00:08But once you get to know them on a more personal level, and understand their cognitive functions
00:14like their introverted intuition, the extroverted feeling, introverted thinking, and extroverted
00:19sensing, it starts to make a lot more sense.
00:23Were you aware that the Infj personality type is known to be one of the smartest among all
00:27of the personality types?
00:29Well, today I am going to explain the 7 reasons why INFJs are smarter than most others.
00:35Be sure to watch to the end of the video because I bet more than one of these will end up being
00:39a bit of a surprise.
00:41Let's get into it.
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00:53Starting things off and number 7 today is They’re hungry for knowledge all the time.
00:58This is one of the biggest reasons behind the Infj personality type being smarter than
01:03most of the others.
01:04The advocate personality type always makes sure that they are in a mental position to
01:09absorb, understand and take advantage of knowledge as much as they can.
01:14You will often find them reading books, or surfing the Internet at 3:00 AM just because
01:18they had this crazy thought about why the sky is blue.
01:22While learning, they always keep themselves on a level that is just below their teachers
01:27so that they can absorb maximum knowledge, and yet they still remain unsatisfied.
01:33The moment when someone thinks that they have learned enough and there is nothing else that
01:37they need to know in order to succeed in life and make progress is the moment others surpass
01:44The Infj personality type never makes this mistake because they know that uncertainty
01:49is undefeatable.
01:50The only way you can tackle unexpected situations and challenges are by continuously soaking
01:57up all the knowledge that you possibly can.
02:00Due to their cognitive function of introverted intuition, they are extremely focused and
02:05make sure to take a look at every possibility that might end up being a hurdle in their
02:10This allows them To tackle such unexpected problems and hardships in any circumstance.
02:17Next up and number 6 is They aren’t afraid to be corrected.
02:21This is one of the biggest things that creates problems in the learning process.
02:26An INFJ personality type is exceptionally intelligent because they are never hesitant
02:30when it comes to asking about things.
02:33You will never find them sweating or being anxious that their question might sound stupid
02:37or that their suggestion might be wrong.
02:40The Infj personality type fully believes that you cannot succeed in life unless you take
02:45risks and put yourself out there.
02:48This is why, during a learning process, they always put their ego aside and let other people
02:54correct them.
02:55You never know that when someone else corrects you, that it might be the reason behind you
02:59learning a lot of new things.
03:01So for this reason, INFJs prefer to keep their options open and let other people offer their
03:09The Infj personality type believes in giving other people a chance and This is why you
03:14can ask them a question or challenge their opinion without being scared of the fact that
03:18they might feel offended or insulted.
03:21Number 5 on today's list of why INFJs are so Intelligent is they never just obey without
03:27questioning first.
03:30Silently obeying and never challenging or questioning can be the reason behind your
03:35The INFJ personality type might be extremely thoughtful and sensitive, but it does not
03:41mean that anyone can manipulate them into agreeing with their beliefs, opinions, and
03:47This is another reason why this personality type is smarter than the other Myers-Briggs
03:50personality types.
03:52They always question the previous rules and regulations before following them.
03:57They do not believe in silently obeying and having blind faith.
04:01They believe that the past rules and regulations were meant for people who lived in different
04:06circumstances and were accustomed to different societal expectations.
04:11INFJs believe that putting themselves first and prioritizing their mental and physical
04:16well-being before societal expectations to overwork or Limiting themselves to a mere
04:22work machine instead of an actual human.
04:25Is what they need to grow.
04:28Silently accepting orders and never denying or questioning, facing backlash for rebelling,
04:34getting stronger because of the opposition are some of the very important habits that
04:38make this personality type smarter than others.
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04:52Number 4 on our list is INFJs read a lot.
04:56Everyone knows that this personality type is introverted in nature and therefore, you
05:01can typically find them curled up in the corner with their favorite book.
05:05Instead of going out with friends, they prefer reading something that intrigues them and
05:09gives them a little mental workout.
05:12If you think of it, isn’t reading one of the most important things that makes a person
05:16more intelligent?
05:17The more books you read, the more knowledge you obtain, and the more differences you come
05:22across, regarding a certain topic.
05:25This is how their decision-making ability improves as well.
05:29If you read the point of view of two different people regarding the same topic, you can mentally
05:34go through the pros and cons of each point of view and on the basis of that, you can
05:39come to a decision and support a certain mindset.
05:43So this is exactly why the Infj personality type happens to be smarter than a lot of the
05:48other Myers-Briggs personality types.
05:51Instead of watching the Kardashians or going out with friends to get drunk on the weekends,
05:55they prefer spending their time with books That satisfy the artistic, philosophical,
06:00and thoughtful aspects Of their personalities.
06:04Kicking off the top 3 reasons why INFJs are so Intelligent is They prioritize their mental
06:11In this age where people romanticize being workaholics, there are very few people who
06:16actually put effort to improve their mental and physical health.
06:21Instead of waiting for other people to notice them and empathize with them, the Infj personality
06:26type believes in making silent progress.
06:29If they think that they are overworked and exhausted, instead of continuing to work and
06:33getting busy in their previous routine, they prefer taking a break.
06:37I know some people might feel guilty when they treat themselves after having an exhausting
06:43day but, this personality type believes that Taking a break, relaxing, and re-energizing
06:49themselves is in fact a way of improving their performance and therefore, they consider it
06:54extremely important.
06:57In the runner-up spot and number 2, today is INFJs look at stuff from a neutral point
07:02of view.
07:03One of the biggest reasons behind a lot of conflicts in the world is the fact that people
07:07are already biased and don’t give other people a chance to explain their views, beliefs,
07:12and opinions.
07:14When we have already made up our minds regarding a certain topic, we cannot expect to learn
07:19anything new.
07:20In those cases, we have already put a period at the end of it.
07:24On the other hand, INFJs believe in looking at things from a very neutral point of view.
07:29They give other people a chance to explain themselves and they pay attention to the details
07:34and minute aspects of situations before coming to a conclusion.
07:40This allows them to learn a lot more, improves their decision-making ability, and in the
07:45end, makes them comparatively more likable among people.
07:49Due to their cognitive function of extroverted feeling, they are incredibly good at being
07:54aware of how other people feel about a certain topic.
07:58This enables them to look at things from a non-judgmental and neutral point of view so
08:02that the other person gets a fair chance at explaining themselves.
08:08Topping our list and the number 1 reason INFJs are smarter than most is They are honest with
08:15One of the biggest reasons behind the downfall of some of the greatest people is the fact
08:19that they were not honest with themselves.
08:22When people are honest with themselves, they judge their performance, their timetable,
08:27their mental and physical health with more integrity And credibility.
08:31Due to INFJ's honest and credible judgment regarding their performance, if they feel
08:36like they are overworked and exhausted and cannot push themselves beyond a certain limit,
08:41they just sit down and take a break.
08:43Due to their cognitive function of introverted thinking, they always turn towards themselves
08:48for advice, and most importantly they are honest with themselves.
08:53Being honest with yourself and being able to be constantly, silently improving is one
08:58of the greatest strengths of an INFJ and one of their keys to being successful in anything
09:03they choose.
09:05What are your thoughts on these reasons INFJs are smarter than most others?
09:10What would you add to today’s list?
09:12Leave your opinions in the comments section below.
09:15You’ve got this.
09:16Now go get it done.
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Why are INFJs considered smarter than other personality types?

INFJs are considered smarter than other personality types due to their constant pursuit of knowledge, openness to correction, and prioritization of mental well-being.

2. What are some reasons behind the intelligence of INFJs?

Some reasons behind the intelligence of INFJs include their thirst for knowledge, willingness to be corrected, and prioritization of mental health.

3. How do INFJs prioritize mental well-being?

INFJs prioritize mental well-being by placing a high importance on mental health, taking time for self-reflection, and addressing their emotional needs.

4. What qualities contribute to the intelligence of INFJs?

The intelligence of INFJs is contributed to by their ability to view things from a neutral perspective, honesty with themselves, and constant pursuit of knowledge.

5. What sets INFJs apart in terms of intelligence?

INFJs are set apart in terms of intelligence due to their openness to correction, prioritization of mental well-being, and willingness to engage in self-reflection.

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