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This motivational speech encourages viewers to persevere through hardships, believe in their potential, and never give up on their dreams, emphasizing the importance of resilience and determination in achieving success.
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Life will knock you down, but it's up to you to decide whether to get back up or stay down.
When faced with unexpected challenges, many people give up on their dreams and goals.
However, a small group of people know that enduring the process and pushing through will be worth it.
Failure is not falling down, but staying down; you get to decide if you get up or not.
The speaker emphasizes perseverance and determination in the face of adversity, urging to turn hardships into victories and to keep pushing forward.
Every tragedy will be turned into a victory through self-improvement and a resilient mentality.
Emphasizes the importance of experiencing both highs and lows to understand the full reality of life.
Encourages self-talk to reaffirm one's potential and determination to overcome challenges.
Success is attributed to stamina and the declaration of being unbreakable.
The key is to not give up, to believe in yourself, and to shut out the negative voices.
Many people give up on their dreams after facing failure and rejection.
The will to win can be bought, but deciding that your will cannot be bought is crucial.
It's important to tune out the critics and the negative self-talk.
Working on yourself and preparing for challenges is essential.
Building character requires daily effort and perseverance in the face of challenges and failures.
Character is not inherited but must be developed every day.
Greatness is achieved through consistent daily actions.
Believing in yourself and expecting success is key to achieving your goals.
Make the decision to be a winner and take control of your own life.
00:01often times in our lives when we're
00:03going through life and things will be
00:06going real well we'll get hit in the
00:09face life will knock you right between
00:11the eyes it'll come out of nowhere it'll
00:15be stuff you can't anticipate you'll
00:18find yourself feeling stressed out
00:20you'll find yourself feeling like
00:21everything is falling apart around you
00:24and within you and you'll feel like
00:26you're being buried alive buried in pain
00:29and tear years and the uncertainty of
00:32your future that experience will break
00:35so many people most people who go
00:37through that experience will back away
00:39from their dreams and goals they stop
00:42trying they stop stretching and they
00:45start shrinking into living a life below
00:47what was given to them by the universe
00:50but there's a small number of people who
00:53know in their heart of heart that no
00:54matter how much fire I have to endure no
00:57matter how much heat I have to put
00:58myself through no matter the number of
01:00beatings I have to take it will all be
01:04worth it because I know for a fact that
01:07if I can endure this process if I can
01:10claw my way through this if I can keep
01:14pushing onward and upward through all
01:17this sh I will be left standing at the
01:19top of that mountain of success
01:22as a warrior stronger than ever before
01:25because of that battle failure is not
01:28falling down failure is staying down
01:29down cuz it's not in Falling that makes
01:31us failures it's in not getting up that
01:34makes us failures and you get to decide
01:37if you get up or you don't get up every
01:40horrible situation can either be the
01:41greatest moment for change or the worst
01:43moment that ruins everything and the
01:46question is will you let this failure
01:48make you or break you you get to decide
01:51your hardship doesn't and you got to
01:54decide that you're going to be so
01:55relentless that you'll constantly look
01:58for ways to get through it you'll const
01:59constantly keep moving you'll constantly
02:01keep getting better so that you are
02:03never stuck in one place for the rest of
02:04your life you're going to find a way or
02:06make a way and you'll stop at nothing to
02:09get it you've got to declare war against
02:12that trial against that tribulation and
02:15you got to say no matter how many NOS I
02:17have to face no matter how much pain I
02:20got to put myself through no matter how
02:22hard it is or how hard it gets I will
02:24not quit I will turn every single
02:28tragedy in my life
02:30into a victory people won't even
02:33recognize me from all the improvements
02:35I'm about to make to myself and my
02:37mentality because of these hard times
02:39I'm going to come out of this whole
02:41thing as a diamond cuse of all the
02:44pressure I fought my way through the
02:46moments that take your breath away are
02:48the ones that count you need the Downs
02:50to create the UPS you need the UPS to
02:53create the Downs you need to feel the
02:55Opposites to truly understand the full
02:57reality of the life you are living I
03:01don't care if you've been beaten to the
03:02floor if your legs are too tired to lift
03:05that weight break through that barrier
03:07and create new ones for you get back up
03:09and live life because every second spent
03:12not doing so is time wasted time that
03:15you will never get back you got to talk
03:17to yourself day in and day out selling
03:19yourself on you and on your potentials
03:23when you feel that inner negative
03:25conversation saying you can't do it when
03:28life keeps hitting you down to the
03:29ground and you got tears in your eyes
03:31all I want you to do every day is just
03:33say to yourself it is possible if other
03:35people have done it then I can do it too
03:38this pain won't control me I'm going to
03:40harness it and turn it into something
03:42better and when it feels like that thing
03:43is telling you to quit you look at it
03:46directly and say I'm not going nowhere I
03:48will break you before you break me you
03:50will not defeat me you will not destroy
03:53me you've been through so much hell why
03:57would you even consider quitting now you
04:00cannot quit now you cannot quit now
04:03you're so close to Victory you just got
04:05to hold out a little longer go a little
04:08further try a little bit more and when
04:11you're talking about success it's not
04:13about skill when you get to a certain
04:15level of success it is about stamina
04:19it's about you declaring to yourself in
04:21the world I will not be broken you
04:24cannot take me I fought too long I
04:27fought too hard it's too late forgiv up
04:29now you should have broke me a long time
04:31ago because I am unbreakable
04:37now what is it that will make it worth
04:40it for you to face the rejections the
04:43brainstorm and not be intimidated and
04:46say I can do this what is it that will
04:48make it worth it for the you to raise
04:50the bar in yourself and say I got some
04:52more stuff in me what is it that will
04:54make it worth it for you to make know
04:56your vitamin that you become empowered
04:59by it what is it that will make it for
05:01you when you want to give up and things
05:04are working against you what is it that
05:07will help you get back up again most
05:10people's dreams can be bought with
05:13enough failure with enough rejection
05:15they will sell their dreams they can't
05:17still fight they can get a little bit
05:20but when it gets a little too hot they
05:21go boom sold buy the dream you can have
05:23it it's not worth it to me and their
05:25will to win is buyable you can buy it
05:28but if you decide my will cannot be
05:30bought I don't care how long it takes
05:33you can't buy this dude out I'll keep
05:36fighting for my family I'm the one I'm
05:38going to change my family tree forever
05:40that's the decision decide now you going
05:42to keep negotiating the price or can you
05:44not be bought don't give up on yourself
05:48don't throw the towel in so quickly many
05:51people give up on the one yard line you
05:54know the human spirit is powerful
05:56there's nothing is powerful it's hard to
05:58kill the human Spirit there's greatness
06:01in you and you've got to learn how to
06:04tune out the critics outside and the
06:07inside and since I'm going to do this
06:10I'm going to harness my will and I'm not
06:12going to let anything stop me I deserve
06:15this working on yourself talking to
06:17yourself that's so very important
06:19overcoming the negative conversation
06:22that Ino dialogue is going on all the
06:24time you got to stand up inside yourself
06:27sometimes and say shut up I'm in control
06:30here you've got to have an uplifted
06:32expression watch your body posture all
06:35of these things affect you psychically
06:37start working and developing yourself
06:39now and prepare yourself for what it is
06:41that you want because you expect to get
06:43it I don't want to be that person that's
06:45great when everything is going all good
06:47but when something goes wrong they flee
06:49and they want nothing to do with it I
06:51want to be that person that's going to
06:52show up brain sleep or snow and they
06:54going to give you everything they got
06:56you got to take my life before you take
06:57my drive I'm talking concrete commitment
07:00I'm talking a commitment that says I am
07:02going to stay true to what I said I
07:04would do long after the mood that I've
07:05said it in has left because character is
07:07not something we inherit character is
07:10something we got to wake up every single
07:11day we got to fight it we got to build
07:13it in the midst of adversity in the
07:14midst of challenges in the midst of
07:16failures we got to get up every single
07:17day we got to fight for peace we got to
07:20fight for happiness we got to fight for
07:22Joy focus on how your life will be
07:24better and what your life will look like
07:26when you get what you want you do this
07:28and your brain will think that by
07:30helping you get what you want you're
07:31moving away from Pain and towards
07:33pleasure greatness isn't achieved by
07:35that one massive thing you do it's those
07:38tiny little consistent baby steps we
07:40take every single day that add up to
07:42achieving that goal amazing things
07:45happen when you believe you have
07:46something your brain actively goes out
07:49to make it happen believe that you can
07:51do it and work hard to get it and it's
07:53yours all I need you to do is speak up
07:56and say I expect to win declared that
08:00it's over that yesterday was the last
08:03day that you were a loser like yesterday
08:05was the last day you expect it to come
08:08up short when you set out for a goal
08:10expect it to happen expect to be
08:13successful expect it to be positive if
08:16you can expect it if you can wake up
08:18feeling like a winner if you can wake up
08:21talking like a winner if you can expect
08:23that everything you do will come out
08:26winning I guarantee you you never ever
08:29have to come up short again it might be
08:31year 2 3 4 before you get your big win
08:34but you could decide now I'm going to
08:35walk talk and be a different person you
08:38decide that you're the lead character in
08:40the story of your life everything has to
08:42do with you intending to win too many of
08:43you are playing with your business if
08:45you make that shift I'm going to win
08:47we're going to play to win now we're not
08:48playing to play we're not playing to see
08:50how we do we're not playing for fun once
08:53you start getting some winning you start
08:55changing you talk different you walk
08:57different all of a sudden this isn't the
08:59same same damn human being you can
09:01change you you'd be surprised what a
09:02little winen would do you'd be surprised
09:05how good you'd be if you just decide to
09:07win be number one in your office number
09:10one in your region and when you start
09:12stacking them up your life can
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How can I persevere through hardships?

You can persevere through hardships by believing in yourself, focusing on your potential, and never giving up on your dreams. It's important to stay resilient and determined, even when faced with challenges.

2. What is the importance of resilience in achieving success?

Resilience plays a crucial role in achieving success as it enables you to bounce back from setbacks, stay focused on your goals, and continue moving forward despite difficulties. It allows you to maintain motivation and overcome obstacles.

3. How can I believe in my potential?

Believing in your potential involves recognizing your unique abilities, setting goals that align with your strengths, and seeking opportunities for growth and improvement. It's about embracing self-confidence and taking steps to cultivate your talents.

4. Why is determination important for achieving dreams?

Determination is important for achieving dreams because it fuels perseverance, keeps you focused on your aspirations, and empowers you to overcome obstacles. It gives you the strength to push through challenges and stay committed to your goals.

5. How can I stay motivated to never give up on my dreams?

You can stay motivated to never give up on your dreams by surrounding yourself with positive influences, visualizing your success, and setting small milestones to track your progress. Remind yourself of your purpose and celebrate every achievement along the way.

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