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This video explores the mysterious figure known as Iggy Semmelweis, who is believed to be the mastermind behind Andrew Tate's cult-like organization, the War Room. Iggy, also known as Miles Sunen, has a history of involvement in alleged cults and is accused of instructing members on how to manipulate and exploit women. Despite the attention on Andrew and his brother, Iggy remains unprosecuted and continues to exert his influence.
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Iggy Svice, a mysterious figure operating in the shadows, is accused of being the true mastermind behind the War Room, a secret all-male organization led by Andrew Tate, where he instructs members on how to manipulate and exploit women for webcam performances.
Iggy Svice refers to himself as a wizard, master of spells and shadows, and the greatest hypnotist ever known.
He is accused of instructing War Room members on how to romantically seduce, emotionally manipulate, and socially isolate women.
The War Room is a powerful network that takes most or all of the money made by women performing on webcam.
Iggy Svice's real name is Miles Sunen, but he goes by the name Iggy Semmelweis, which happens to be the same name as a 19th-century Hungarian physician.
Iggy Semmelweis was associated with two alleged cults in the 1980s, had extensive knowledge of hypnosis and neurolinguistic programming techniques, and may have tried to create his own cult around Andrew Tate.
The two alleged cults he was associated with were the Ban cult and the Maharishi cult.
It has been speculated that he acquired knowledge of hypnosis and neurolinguistic programming techniques from books like "Frogs into Princes" and "The Structure of Magic".
He was described as a hypnotist and was very good at it, and his organization, the War Room, did a lot of self-hypnosis.
There are suggestions that he may have tried to create his own cult around Andrew Tate by building a mythology around him.
Iggy Semmelweis had used different identities and sent a document called the survival Scrolls to the new members of the War Room.
In the leaked chat logs, Iggy greeted every new member and sent them a document outlining the war room's agenda.
The document instructed members to read specific books in a particular order, including "predator female" and "the 48 Laws of pimpology."
Iggy's obsession with the fantasy novel "The Scarlet Citadel" by Robert E Howard is also mentioned in the leaked chat logs.
The story features an evil wizard resembling Iggy, associated with a powerful slave trader and holding real power behind the Cobra King's throne.
The evil wizard bears a striking resemblance to Iggy and wears a ring with a snake's head.
He is a powerful slave trader and holds the real power behind the Throne of the Cobra King.
Iggy is seen as an old school manosphere pickup artist who fancies himself as a dark wizard, viewing Andrew Tate as an embodiment of masculinity.
The enigmatic figure, Iggy, remains unprosecuted and seemingly untouchable, exerting his influence in the Cult of Andrew Tate.
00:00while the world's attention has been
00:01focused on the Tate brothers and their
00:03ongoing investigation in Romania The
00:05Matrix has attacked me there is a
00:07mysterious figure operating in the
00:09shadows known as Iggy svice who has been
00:12flying firmly under the radar the
00:15enigmatic character who refers to
00:17himself as a wizard and master of spells
00:19and shadows here I will share with you
00:21my secrets and also claims to be the
00:24greatest hypnotist the world has ever
00:26known as stated on his Twitter account
00:28you will learn the power of hypnosis a
00:31recent BBC investigation suggests that
00:34he is the true Mastermind behind the War
00:36Room who's in charge of the War
00:39Room Iggy is at the top yeah a secret
00:43all male organization led by Andrew Tate
00:45the warro is the most powerful Network
00:46on the face of the planet today and
00:49where gray bearded self-styled hypnotist
00:51is accused of instructing members on how
00:53to romantically seduce emotionally
00:55manipulate and socially isolate women
00:58before luring them to perform on webcam
00:59hams often taking all or most of the
01:01money they make this is the war Brom of
01:06Andrew Tate it turns out his real name
01:08is Miles sunen he was born in Chicago
01:11Illinois in
01:121961 however he goes by the name Iggy
01:15semil Weiss which happens to be the same
01:17name as a 19th century Hungarian
01:19physician interestingly his mother was a
01:22TV psychic he refers to himself as the
01:25master of spells and shadows and appears
01:28to play the role of the spiritual leader
01:30in the war room he was a member of two
01:32alleged Cults in the 1980s the first one
01:35was the ban cult also known as raj Nish
01:38whose leader faced numerous criminal
01:40allegations including the sexual abuse
01:42of its followers this cult was featured
01:44in the Netflix documentary Wild Wild
01:47Country he was also associated with the
01:50Maharishi cult where the leader claimed
01:52to have been directly spoken to by the
01:54gods the war room and the events they
01:56literally describe it as a cult shiang
01:59Iggy he basically said let's not kid
02:01ourselves this is a cult according to
02:04reports it has been speculated that San
02:06had extensive knowledge of hypnosis and
02:09the neurolinguistic programming
02:10technique it is said that he acquired
02:13this knowledge from books like frogs
02:15into princes and the structure of magic
02:18these techniques are founded on the
02:19principle that certain words and tones
02:21of speech can have a profound impact on
02:24an individual's Behavior you have this
02:26Satanic friend yeah so inside of my
02:28organization which is called the War
02:30Room the guy one of the guys who works
02:31for us is a hypnotist so he kind of
02:33looks like a bit of a magician and he's
02:34a hypnotist and he's a hypnotist and
02:36he's a hypnotist cuz he's one who's very
02:37very good at it and two we do a lot of
02:38self- hypnosis we talk about how
02:40everything that comes out of your mouth
02:41is s is self- hypnosis if you say that
02:43you are strong before you go to lift
02:44weights you will do better than if you
02:45say you are weak it's self hypnosis he's
02:47a hypnotist you wouldn't be wrong to
02:48think that he might have tried to create
02:50his own little cult by building a
02:52mythology around Andrew Tate which he
02:54has used to evangelize to young men this
02:56mythology presents Tate as an icon of
02:59masculinity who will save us from an
03:01evil matrix comprising Society media and
03:04government sonin had used different
03:06identities throughout his life during
03:09his time in Japan in the 1990s he
03:11identified as Douglas Hall claiming to
03:13be the world's best pickup artist and
03:16sold courses as a dating coach to
03:18Western men on how to seduce Japanese
03:20women it seems that sometime around 2018
03:23he crossed paths with Tate Brothers
03:25shortly before Andrew Tate began
03:26marketing his courses the War Room which
03:29was a established in 2019 appears to be
03:32part of a larger plan for Iggy one that
03:34extends Beyond wealth or
03:38notoriety in the leaked chat logs of the
03:40war rooms from 2019 Iggy greeted every
03:43new member and sent them a document
03:45called the survival
03:47Scrolls this document appears to be a
03:49Manifesto outlining the war room's
03:51agenda the manifesto instructs the
03:53members to read the following books in
03:55the exact order they are listed as they
03:57build upon each other predator female
04:00how to dump your wife and the 48 Laws of
04:03pimpology by big pimping
04:06Ken your sons will marry their daughters
04:08your daughters will marry their sons you
04:11will create legacies Iggy's obsession
04:14with the fantasy novel The Scarlet
04:16Citadel is even more bizarre the novel
04:19written by Robert E Howard is about the
04:21adventures of Conan the Samaran a
04:24barbarian hero who lives in a world of
04:27magic and
04:30the story also features an evil wizard
04:32who Bears a striking resemblance to Iggy
04:35and wears a ring with a snake's head
04:37similar to those warn by the senior
04:38members of the War Room in the book The
04:41Wizard is a powerful slave trader who
04:43holds the real power behind the Throne
04:45of the Cobra King in coth it's worth
04:48noting that Andrew Tate also had a cobra
04:50tattoo which raises some intriguing
04:53questions the characters in these books
04:55are notorious for their violent nature
04:58engaging in battles waging Wars and
05:04women his obsession with these traits
05:06seems to be rooted in his belief that
05:08they represent the true embodiment of
05:11masculinity Iggy is the old school
05:13manosphere pickup artist nerd who's into
05:15Dungeons and Dragons in fantasy and
05:17fancies himself as a dark wizard he sees
05:21Andrew Tate as an avatar of
05:23masculinity and it seems like his war
05:25room is a carefully crafted tool to
05:27advance his Twisted vision of a society
05:29where women are subjugated and
05:32exploited meanwhile as the world is
05:34focused on the charges against Andrew
05:36and his brother the enigmatic figure who
05:39appears to have created The Cult of
05:40Andrew Tate and instructs its members in
05:42the art of manipulating women remains
05:45unprosecuted seemingly Untouchable and
05:48still exerting his
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Who is Iggy Semmelweis and what is his connection to Andrew Tate's organization, the War Room?

Iggy Semmelweis, also known as Miles Sunen, is a mysterious figure believed to be the mastermind behind Andrew Tate's cult-like organization, the War Room. He has a history of alleged involvement in cults and is accused of instructing members on how to manipulate and exploit women. Despite the attention on Andrew and his brother, Iggy remains unprosecuted and continues to exert his influence.

2. What are the allegations against Iggy Semmelweis in relation to cult involvement and manipulation of women?

Iggy Semmelweis is accused of instructing members on how to manipulate and exploit women, as well as being involved in alleged cults. These allegations have raised concerns about his influence and the impact of his teachings within Andrew Tate's organization, the War Room.

3. Why is Iggy Semmelweis still unprosecuted despite the attention on Andrew and his brother?

Despite the attention on Andrew Tate and his brother, Iggy Semmelweis remains unprosecuted. The reasons for this lack of prosecution and the continued influence exerted by Iggy raise questions about the legal and ethical implications surrounding his activities.

4. What is the history of Iggy Semmelweis's involvement in alleged cults?

Iggy Semmelweis, also known as Miles Sunen, has a history of alleged involvement in cults, which has sparked interest and concern about the impact of his teachings and influence within the context of Andrew Tate's organization, the War Room.

5. How does Iggy Semmelweis exert his influence within Andrew Tate's organization, the War Room?

Iggy Semmelweis, despite remaining unprosecuted, continues to exert his influence within Andrew Tate's organization, the War Room. Understanding the methods and channels through which he exerts this influence is crucial to uncovering the dynamics at play within the organization.

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