💫 Summary
This video offers a detailed exploration of the AV aspects of Taylor Swift's Eras Tour, including the lighting setup, video panels, and efficient location transitions. The tour utilizes ground-stacked truss structures and a large quantity of moving head lights for dynamic effects, while also incorporating lasers for unique visuals. The team's efficient use of space and cohesive lighting design showcase their attention to detail and budget management.
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This section provides an overview of Taylor Swift's Eras tour setup and the size of the stage.
The tour uses a combination of audio, video, and lighting elements.
The video shows a 3D render of the entire tour setup.
The stage is designed to be the width of a football field, allowing Taylor Swift to get close to her fans.
The setup includes video walls that are synced up.
The show's tech is intentionally over-engineered to maintain a visually appealing look.
The set is designed to keep the show looking nice by using only 75-80% of the equipment's full potential.
The spotlights have dual purposes, holding speakers and lights, with wash lights facing backwards at the audience.
Different movers are dedicated for spotlights and wash lights, creating various effects on stage.
Taylor Swift's setup is efficient with ground-stacked line array speaker hangs and a portable truss structure that is transported from show to show.
Line array boxes are placed on each side, shooting far and curving at the bottom to reach the crowd.
Main sound system on the main truss structure spreads the sound to accommodate the audience from different angles.
There are a total of 14 line array speaker hangs to cover the whole stadium.
Taylor Swift's team brings the tech and truss structure from show to show, making the setup efficient.
Taylor Swift has double the amount of wash lights in her Eras Tour, which includes Bar Wash lights that take up the entire perimeter of the stage.
The Bar Wash lights provide great wash light on her and help light up the stage.
The lights on the ground keep the talent from accidentally reaching the edge of the stage and provide no Shadows under the chin.
The lights on the ground also create a cool effect for the crowd looking down.
This section explains the layout of the stage and how Taylor Swift moves around during the show.
Taylor Swift starts at the top of the stage and then moves down to a platform or cart.
Due to the stage being lowered, she has to go around tight corners to reach the other side.
There is a lifting platform on the stage for her to rise up from.
There is ample space below the stage to store equipment and for choreography.
The video explains the use of spotlights and cameras during Taylor Swift's concert.
Spotlights are strategically placed to reach different areas of the stage.
The spotlights used for backlighting are crossed to ensure proper coverage.
The spotlights have cameras on them, allowing operators to control their movement.
Spotlight operators can control multiple spotlights at once.
The tech setup for Taylor Swift's Eras Tour includes a creative use of space, efficient lighting fixtures, and a talented video team.
The setup allows Taylor to interact with the crowd and includes rising and lowering platforms.
They have a large quantity of a few different types of lights, which allows for cohesive and visually pleasing effects.
The video team uses iMacs to create symmetrical video sections, where Taylor's image is flipped horizontally depending on which side she is looking towards.
The use of lasers in Taylor Swift's show involves pointing them at the screen and drawing images or words, creating a cool effect of a pencil on paper.
Lasers are placed in the audience and pointed back at the screen.
A video file is sent to the laser, which then draws out the image or word.
The laser can draw anything, such as sketches of Taylor Swift or specific tour names.
The effect is similar to a pencil drawing on paper, enhancing the show.
00:00what's up guys today we are going to
00:01take a deep dive into Taylor Swift's
00:03Eris tour it is a big deal right now and
00:06I want to take a look from an AV
00:08perspective audio video and lighting
00:11jump into the tour show you the lighting
00:14that they're using uh all the video
00:15panels kind of how they're setting
00:17everything up and able to go from
00:19location to location efficiently so
00:21let's go ahead and take a deep dive here
00:23what I've done is I've gone ahead and
00:25made a 3D render of the entire tour so
00:28this is everything all the text she's
00:30using uh and by the way I have not
00:33actually been to this show yet my
00:36girlfriend has as well as there's plenty
00:38of pictures and videos online so it's
00:40pretty easy to figure out what is going
00:43on here all right so let's get into it
00:45first thing I'm going to do is bring up
00:48the brightness here so we can really see
00:50everything that's going on and I am
00:52going to go ahead and turn off a bunch
00:54of these lights just a couple
00:56housekeeping things behind me is mad
00:58mapper that is running a bunch of ndi
01:01feeds over to my 3D render software
01:03which is here and that is a picture I
01:05took earlier of just what the setup can
01:07look like because we will probably
01:09program the entire show in a separate
01:11video and walk through all the steps of
01:13doing that with mad mapper so let's get
01:16into the tour here we have all the
01:19lights off the video walls are on and
01:21all of them are synced up for reference
01:23I'm not going to get into specifics
01:25because I eyeballed pretty much
01:26everything but for reference the light
01:28gray here is a football field so that is
01:31the about the size of a football field
01:33so you can see that this stage is about
01:35the width of a football field and she's
01:37taking up a majority of it this is a
01:40really really smart Design coming all
01:43the way out obviously she can get close
01:45to all of her fans by taking up the
01:47whole field which most people are
01:48stadium seating around the area right
01:51everyone's able to see it and the
01:53lighting and the video creates a show
01:56amongst itself and then put her on top
01:59of the show all right so diving into the
02:01video here this video we have the back
02:05wall there that is a section we have the
02:09floor that's a section right over here
02:11then we have I'm calling this the ramp
02:15because it does actually ramp down she
02:18gets lower as she walks down this ramp
02:21so I'm calling this the ramp it doesn't
02:23go the entire way it ramps down and then
02:26straight then I'm calling this section
02:28over here the diamond what's really
02:30interesting about the diamond is it's
02:32not just a perfect square in the middle
02:35of it in the middle of this diamond we
02:37actually have the Riser so the Riser has
02:41to be mapped correctly on top so that
02:43way when you have color or any sort of
02:45video effects going across it shows up
02:47correctly when it's all the way down but
02:49then they also have this display on the
02:51front now the difference between my
02:53render and the way this is actually done
02:56for Taylor Swift is uh there's a bunch
02:58of lines on these panels and I have a
03:01feeling it's they could have easily done
03:03it like this but I have a feeling when
03:05this piece is actually moving up and
03:07down these panels are actually rolling
03:10or bending on their way down they're
03:14kind of getting uh scooped up underneath
03:16the stage here so if I go under the
03:19stage it is not a straight down panel
03:22like this I believe the Riser is
03:24actually too tall for these to be
03:26straight so they're actually rolling
03:27them out whether they're rolling them up
03:29here or rolling them out but this would
03:31be underneath the stage so you're not
03:34seeing a panel like that and these
03:36lifting columns are more like scissors
03:38in the software here I was able to build
03:40lifting columns like this so I didn't
03:42need to make it super exact but that's
03:45what's happening so these are rolling
03:46that's why you see those lines when we
03:48lift the stage up that's why you're
03:50seeing those lines on the front panels
03:51there no video walls on the side and yes
03:55we are able to do all of the different
03:57kind of ups and downs that she's able
03:59able to do so if I go ahead and drop the
04:03these like this I'll drop this one here
04:07and then we can kind of see that we can
04:09build the exact show of Taylor's in the
04:14software which is going to be really
04:15cool when we program the whole thing out
04:17in videos I had seen looks like this
04:19where people are able to come in between
04:21she has band members up here dancers and
04:25she always stands in the middle of two
04:27walls together so that's why her section
04:29in the middle is always thicker we
04:31definitely don't want Taylor to fall off
04:33again I have other videos where I'm able
04:35to make this into a staircase going One
04:38Direction but that's how this is all
04:41working really really cool design and
04:43last thing on the video panels here I
04:46have a feeling these scissor lifts
04:48actually can go a lot higher they just
04:50don't do that in the actual show so they
04:54keep it about 75 80 percent of the
04:58height that these things could actually
04:59go uh and that's how things stay lined
05:02up so they're not using everything to
05:05you know a hundred percent uh and that's
05:07to keep the show looking really nice so
05:10they're they've pretty much over
05:12engineered it on purpose and that's
05:14awesome it's really really good way to
05:16do it I call this the T right so this is
05:19the stem of the tea and then this is the
05:22top of the tea all right so while Taylor
05:24can move throughout the entire space
05:26here let's go ahead and look at some of
05:28the spotlights and how they work so uh
05:31the spotlights I have outlined here
05:34basically uh they have these trees right
05:37and these trees are double purpose they
05:40hold speakers which we can see right
05:43here I'll click on these guys so they
05:45have speakers that hang from the tree
05:47but then they also have all these lights
05:49now on the farthest trees out from the
05:52stage we have two hangs of lighting we
05:56have movers and wash lights on these
05:59trees so moving heads hung and then wash
06:03lights on the front if I get nice and
06:05close you can see that this is what it
06:08looks like so they dedicate different
06:10movers for different things sometimes
06:12they're spotlights sometimes their wash
06:14lights washing the whole stage sometimes
06:16they're just effect light shooting out
06:18into the crowd in the audience I do want
06:21to mention because in building this I
06:23learned a lot about how it is I really
06:25looked into every piece they have wash
06:28lights facing backwards at the audience
06:30so not just at the stage to give you a
06:33cool experience looking at it but
06:34actually backwards at the audience so
06:36that was pretty cool if I turn those
06:38wash lights on you'll be able to see
06:40what I'm talking about here so I'm going
06:42to turn them up just a little bit you
06:44can see the wash lights on the back and
06:46front here so that is really cool now
06:49let's get into the spotlights the way
06:51Taylor spotlights worked is she had two
06:54spots from pretty much every tree one
06:57they can hit her anywhere she is that's
06:59pretty obvious but the they don't always
07:02use all of them at the same time and
07:05they're not tracking her I don't think
07:07she's wearing any sort of RFID tag or
07:10anything like that that's gonna be able
07:12to track her whatever I do however think
07:16let's Zoom these in So yeah so now you
07:18can really see all the different
07:20spotlights working here so there's two
07:23from each tree dedicated just to Taylor
07:25and if I go ahead and take these and
07:28point it right on the person yeah you'll
07:31be able to see that there's a spotlight
07:35on the back side okay so there's two
07:37hitting her from the back side and then
07:39she has two side two front and then if
07:43we move the other side two more on the
07:44front two more on the sides so in this
07:47situation when she is right here she
07:49might not actually be getting spot lit
07:51from these front two trees at all they
07:53might have turned those off and just
07:54light them from the side the reason is
07:57when you spotlight one if you turn these
07:59up to full brightness you blow out the
08:01person like these things could get super
08:03bright so they're probably using these
08:06at let's say 25 brightness maybe even
08:10less to actually spotlighter because if
08:13you turn these all the way up you're
08:14going to wash them out so
08:16for them to actually be lit in a dark
08:19environment like this now you can kind
08:21of see at 14 this is what this could
08:25look like kind of cool
08:27you don't want to wash from the front
08:29because if you wash from the front
08:32straight on you're going to make your
08:35talent look very flat there's not going
08:38to be a lot of depth to them they're
08:39going to fall into the background
08:41there's a lot of depth behind her so
08:42that's not always the case but most
08:45people like to wash on the side it's
08:47more dramatic Dynamic things like that
08:49so when in doubt wash light from the
08:53sides not from the front and that way
08:56you're not getting a bunch of lighting
08:57on the stage as well if we were to wash
09:00from straight on we'd be hitting the
09:03back video floor the back video wall and
09:07notice her spotlights are very high up
09:09all the lighting is is lifted high off
09:12the ground so that way it's less in her
09:16eyes in her eyesight she's looking
09:18straight she's looking at the crowd
09:20around her she's not always looking up
09:21into these beams and that's helpful
09:24because you don't want to Blind your
09:25talent okay that's enough with Spa
09:27spotlights let's get to some of the
09:29other stuff here so I'll just quickly
09:31touch on sound obviously plenty of sound
09:35here they do one hang on the far side
09:39and the back then Midway they do two
09:42hangs again on each side so that's these
09:44line array boxes here they shoot really
09:47far and then they curve them at the
09:48bottom so they can get the crowd down
09:50here as well as up these would be called
09:52delays so basically you have your main
09:55sound system up here on the main truss
09:59structure so lots and lots of sound up
10:02here they do a great job of spreading
10:05out the sound so they're hitting not
10:08quite 360 degree maybe 300 degree uh you
10:13know 270 for sure because they do have
10:16audience members that watch the entire
10:18show from about this angle back here so
10:21they're watching the show up here they
10:22can see Taylor on the screens here
10:25um and uh that's that's how they watch
10:27their show so they are accommodating
10:29everyone which is great so uh let's see
10:32one two three four line array hangs
10:36times two because each side so that's
10:38eight plus another two on each side so
10:41that is twelve that's these mid ones
10:44here and then another set of uh two in
10:48the back so that's fourteen fourteen
10:51line array speaker hangs to cover the
10:54whole stadium what's really really
10:56deficient about Taylor Swift setup here
10:58and I really applaud her team obviously
11:01you know top top notch team is their
11:04setup is so efficient because everything
11:05is ground stacked so basically they have
11:08two sets of truss structures and this
11:11giant trust strusher back here and you
11:13can tell because I think when she was in
11:14New Jersey the news team showed a sneak
11:17peek of Taylor Swift's setup and
11:20basically all that was set up was the
11:23four trees in the back and then this
11:25back part of the stage with this trust
11:27structure everything else had not been
11:29loaded in yet basically all of the tech
11:31she brings that Tech from show to show
11:34and the trust structure basically frog
11:38hops itself so they have two sets of
11:40truss structure one they go and set up
11:42let's say in La the next setup they're
11:45going to do in San Francisco so then
11:48they set the second set of trussing up
11:50to San Francisco while they're setting
11:52up all the tech in La when the show ends
11:55they tear down all the tech really
11:57really fast that's the video floor
11:58that's all the lighting that's all the
11:59line array hangs they tear all that down
12:02that's all the lights down here by the
12:05stage they tear all that down and take
12:07it you know a couple hours let's say one
12:10day of driving to the next location when
12:13it hits that next location the truss
12:15structure is already set up because they
12:17sent the second set of truss ahead of
12:19time so they can immediately start
12:21hanging lights and structure they don't
12:23have to wait for the previous Trust to
12:26be torn down and then moved and reset up
12:28so that means when she gets on site when
12:31her team gets on site they can set up
12:33immediately because they sent a whole
12:35crew ahead of time so that is super
12:37helpful the other thing is they do not
12:39have to change their setup from show to
12:41show because everything is ground
12:43stacked they just need enough space on
12:45the ground to set up they don't need to
12:47worry about how they're going to hang
12:49trusting from the structure in the
12:51building if there is no ceiling because
12:53they're doing an outside stadium tour
12:55then how is that going to change I don't
12:58think they're hanging anything unless
13:00the venue already has some stuff hung
13:02like speakers I don't think they're
13:03hanging anything in any of their venues
13:06this makes life really easy really
13:09consistent for setup and tear Downs so
13:12that that's really really smart I wanted
13:14to touch on that okay so we went over
13:17sound now let's go over some of the
13:21lighting on the ground so on the ground
13:23here she has a wrap ton of moving
13:27headlights moving head means that these
13:29things can pan and tilt so we will turn
13:32them on so you can see some of the
13:35really really cool effects you can do by
13:37just turning them on if we pan or tilt
13:40them so I'm going to go ahead and go to
13:43the pan over here pan means left and
13:46right tilt is forward backwards so I'll
13:48do tilt first we can point them anywhere
13:51we want we can tilt them down they do a
13:53great job of not hitting people in the
13:54eyes even though they could easily do
13:56that they wanted to and then we can move
13:59them left or right now they do not all
14:01have to move together you can get really
14:03cool looks if we fan these out let's
14:07just do like three or four
14:09different directions
14:11and we will fan these guys out like so
14:16we can get some really cool looks now
14:18they're moving these right they're
14:20moving these constantly but just the
14:23sheer amount of lighting options that
14:25they have with all these Movers On The
14:26Ground is crazy now I dropped a ton of
14:30movers these are all spread out at about
14:33three feet apart one meter I believe
14:36based on some pictures I've seen that
14:38Taylor not only has all of these beam
14:40moving headlights but she actually has
14:42wash lights same type of moving head but
14:45it's a wash light fixture in between all
14:47these so she actually has double the
14:49amount of lights that I have dropped in
14:52here and that was just because laziness
14:54I did this all in a day and wanted to
14:56crank it out so
14:58um but yes she has plenty of wash light
15:01here and then on top of all the moving
15:03head wash lights she also has these
15:05other lights just on stage to add effect
15:09so she has all these lights spread
15:12around that can do a wash as well so if
15:15I turn those up and let's say we'll make
15:17those red she has all these lights
15:20spread around her stage and they can do
15:23some cool effects as well again plenty
15:25of videos out there so these are Bar
15:27Wash lights they take up the entire
15:30perimeter of her stage and that is how
15:33she can do a lot of her dazzling effects
15:35they also provide great wash light on
15:38her so they help light up the stage they
15:40keep the talent from accidentally
15:42reaching the edge of the stage too
15:44because it's lit up it's not like neon
15:47Gaff tape or something because it's lit
15:49up there's no question that the talent
15:52knows where the stage ends you're not
15:53seeing any of their talent falling off
15:56stage or getting dangerously close to
15:58the edges like they're very well aware
16:01of where everything is so between the
16:03video floor and these bar washes on the
16:06perimeter of the stage they light the
16:09tailor and talent from below so they can
16:12see no Shadows under the chin or
16:13anything like that which is not a very
16:15flattering look so they accommodate that
16:18by putting all these lights down here
16:20and then it's a safety thing and then
16:22it's a cool effect obviously crowd all
16:24around looking down so you have light uh
16:28to shoot up at them from the ground as
16:30well I'm not getting too much into the
16:32programming I just want to dive into uh
16:34the tech and kind of the sheer number of
16:37lights that are down here I'm going to
16:39clear these out so we can move on to
16:41some of the other items we went over the
16:44lights on the ground they keep things
16:45really simple by having the same lights
16:48used for a lot of different purposes so
16:50they have these Movers On The Ground
16:52they have beams and washes so just two
16:56types of Lights there and then they have
16:58these bar washes as well so three types
17:01of Lights uh down on the ground they are
17:04not using trussing or anything like that
17:06they're simply stacking them on these
17:08cases I think these might even be their
17:10road cases I would it would make a lot
17:12of sense if they are they're just
17:13covering them in Black cloth unless the
17:16cases themselves are actually blacked
17:18out that would be another really smart
17:19way to do it so these are just sitting
17:23on top of what looks to be like their
17:25cases maybe they they are bringing in
17:27these other kind of taller black
17:30stands these for them but they just sit
17:32on the ground so super fast and easy to
17:35set up because of that again they have
17:37double the amount of lights on the
17:39ground that I have here because they're
17:40putting moving head wash lights in
17:42between all of them so again really
17:44really smart and efficient if we jump up
17:47here to the Truss I'm going to call this
17:49Mega truss just to differentiate from
17:52like the hangs or anything like that so
17:55this is their giant truss structure up
17:58here it actually is angled so I didn't
18:00angle the video wall but the truss
18:03itself actually is angled and that's to
18:05accommodate the width of the audience
18:07that she's playing to so she has a main
18:11screen here and then these other screens
18:13are actually separated and angled out uh
18:15again I didn't angle the actual video
18:17wall for this render but I angled the
18:19truss to show you guys that that's how
18:22it works really three separate truss
18:24structures she has this middle one
18:25that's covered that's for rain that's so
18:28she can you know be in private and no
18:30one can see her because there is
18:31audience members that are kind of behind
18:33here so that's where she kind of hides
18:36and stays safe throughout the show
18:38because the whole show revolves around
18:40her she doesn't really need to be back
18:43here or anything like that so she is
18:45safe and hidden when she goes backstage
18:47for anything like that and then on the
18:50sides here this is where other crew
18:53members band members dancers things like
18:56that I have a feeling there is a bunch
18:59of space underneath the stage not not a
19:02ton but underneath this stage there
19:05would be a lot of room to House people
19:09uh when Taylor dives into the stage uh
19:12or gets dropped down into the stage and
19:14has to come all the way through I don't
19:16think she's able to come through here so
19:19she actually has to go around so she'll
19:21dive into the stage all the way up at
19:22the front so if you guys don't know
19:24where we are right now we are let's say
19:26up here at the top of the stage we're
19:28going to dive into the stage we are then
19:30gonna probably hop on a platform I don't
19:33think she's running I think she's
19:34getting carted that's very normal to be
19:37able to make it she might be running
19:38instead of doing a cart but basically
19:40she'll sit in the cart and they're going
19:41to bring her around uh when the when the
19:45video wall is down at its lowest height
19:48you can see that she's not going to be
19:49able to go right through because that
19:51stage is actually down this might be
19:52getting rolled up whatever so she's not
19:55able to go right through so she actually
19:56has to go around so she has to go around
19:58this thing kind of tight Corners to be
20:01able to do that right and then now that
20:04she is around it she can go all the way
20:07here and probably even pop up whether I
20:11think she pops up right around here so
20:13there's a lifting platform right here
20:15and she can come up through the stage
20:18all the way back so that way when she is
20:21rising up you know this is what she is
20:24looking at so there's a lot of room down
20:26there to store stuff store cases uh you
20:30know Madonna from and Tate stage just
20:32did a great video on the Underground and
20:34how all that works and the choreography
20:36that everyone has to play so people
20:38aren't running into each other and they
20:39can do all their changes and things like
20:41that so great video I'll link that as
20:43well but that is how that's how much
20:47space she has to work with she's really
20:49not utilizing anything outside of this
20:51she's on stage for three plus hours
20:53doing her show normally so and even in
20:56the rain and people need to be out of
20:58the rain so I have a feeling this whole
20:59stage deck is waterproof I don't think
21:02too much water is getting below down
21:04there so that's pretty nice there
21:08so uh yeah so this giant trust structure
21:12can hold everything it's sent ahead of
21:14time so the truss is up before the tech
21:17crew and all the talent arrives uh and
21:19that way they can get all their lights
21:20hung getting into the lighting up here
21:22uh again everything is spaced about
21:25three feet apart a ton a ton of movers I
21:28don't think they have moving head wash
21:31lights up here I think they kept this
21:33one all movers and then they have bar
21:35washes as well so if I do some of our
21:39flown moving head beams here and I turn
21:42those guys on you can see there is a lot
21:45of them okay so that's all the beam
21:47moving heads you can point them wherever
21:50you want they could do a lot of really
21:52cool effects and they could Point them
21:54all at one thing uh pointing at Taylor
21:58at the front of the stage and that way
22:00everyone knows where they're looking and
22:03and whatnot so a really cool way to do
22:06that way let's Point them up yeah
22:09something something cool so tons and
22:12tons of movers up here I think I placed
22:14about 40 wide times three rows of them
22:18so that's a hundred and twenty moving
22:21heads just on the back truss here and
22:23that doesn't even count all the wash
22:25lights that are there so she has more of
22:28those bar washes uh up here again they
22:31can do crazy effects these things are
22:33super bright can brighten up the entire
22:36Stadium I think I haven't pointed a
22:38little bit down uh but you guys get the
22:41idea this would wash the entire Stadium
22:43super bright when they want to do
22:44strobes Sparkles things like that
22:47so again 40 of them as well I think
22:51these bar washes are about three feet
22:53wide so three feet wide 40 of them 120
22:57bar washes up here as well this was a
23:00super well funded show one thing that a
23:02lot of people won't notice but I did
23:04which is up here they have these two
23:06platforms on trussing uh I don't think
23:09anyone's actually up here they might
23:11actually have Spotlight guys up here you
23:14know lighting operators to physically
23:18point and move but these are moving
23:19heads so I don't think they have anyone
23:20up here and they have three spotlights
23:24per side the reason they have these
23:27spotlights if I can dive in to them in
23:30particular there's a crap ton of
23:32lighting on this show uh let's see here
23:35follow spots okay so if I dive into a
23:39particular one here so this one on the
23:41side because Taylor walks around this
23:43stage they might need to point at her
23:46from here and they still want to have
23:48back lighting they don't just want to
23:50wash her from the front so they have
23:52these for the drummer for dancers for
23:55everything like that so they can
23:56Spotlight them uh and her piano and
23:59whatnot so if we go to this one light
24:03here let's go ahead and we will
24:06get it on uh let's Zoom this guy there
24:10we go so we can see it is on uh and so
24:13if we need to point this light at Taylor
24:16from here that is not the right light to
24:19do it right it can't really reach her it
24:21wouldn't make sense but the inside ones
24:24might be able to reach her these ones
24:25might be able to reach your lights from
24:26maybe down here on the sides could reach
24:28her but if we need to reach this guy
24:30over here that is where that light can
24:32come in and it might be able to to angle
24:34even lower than where I have it but this
24:37is uh these are the spotlights that are
24:40used for
24:41everyone's backlighting so trying to hit
24:44that guy over here or maybe this guy
24:47over here right I bet that's how they do
24:50it they probably cross them so uh see
24:52I'm even learning things just uh in this
24:55demo alone they're Crossing these lights
24:57here so that things actually reach so
25:00really good way of using this platform
25:02up here putting three of these giant
25:05spotlights again everything is moving
25:07heads a lot of times these spotlights
25:09see if I can zoom into them these
25:11spotlights actually have cameras on them
25:14yeah right here and this would
25:15technically be a camera and that is so
25:18uh somewhere off stage probably under
25:21the stage behind the stage maybe even
25:23all the way in the green room area in
25:26the hallways sometimes they have
25:28Spotlight operators this is literally
25:30someone who has whether it's a joystick
25:33whether it's a mock Spotlight operator
25:36system and they can see through a
25:39monitor what that camera sees and be it
25:42has night vision and a bunch of other
25:44really cool Tools in it and that way
25:46when they pan or tilt move the camera or
25:49move their system left and right this
25:51spotlight's actually moving so it's not
25:54necessarily object tracking like some
25:56other rigs I've built it's literally a
25:58person with it and a lot of times these
26:01Spotlight operators are not just
26:03operating one of these but they're
26:04operating two or three of them at a time
26:06that I could easily see one operator
26:09operating all three of these
26:11so that way they can just switch from
26:14one of the other and they're on comms
26:17with the you know L1 or lighting guys so
26:20that way they're not necessarily turning
26:22their Spotlight on and off they can but
26:24someone else is also controlling whether
26:26their Spotlight is on and off and cueing
26:27them and things so that is how all of
26:30that is working behind the scenes so
26:33that's her spotlights a really good way
26:36of doing the trussing over here and
26:39supporting everything and making sure
26:40nothing Falls uh and and doing all that
26:44so everything here is hung by you know
26:46one ton two ton uh chain Motors
26:50everything's hung by Chain right so
26:51basically there's a motor uh attached
26:54here they run a chain all the way up
26:57here and then they click a button and
26:59that motor uh moves along that chain
27:01going up and there's usually a bag that
27:04catches all the excess chain uh so as
27:07it's all the way at the top it's
27:09basically just hanging with all the
27:10chain uh the hook up here and then
27:13hanging this giant liner in then this is
27:14being pulled back these are so big that
27:17there's actually multiple chain Motors
27:19just to hang this one line array stack
27:21and they're working together to lift all
27:23this weight because that's a lot of
27:24weight so there's they're pulling it
27:26from back here they're pulling it from
27:27the top maybe even the middle so that's
27:30again how this stuff is being hung if
27:33you're getting into like really big
27:34production you're seeing a lot of behind
27:36the scenes okay interesting thing here
27:38when I was building this and I was
27:40really looking into it there there are
27:42two hangs right here for lights in these
27:44trees but in the middle section there's
27:46three that's because they're using this
27:49for multiple things you're using this to
27:51wash the diamond and areas up here
27:54they're using it as spotlights and
27:55they're shooting you know these off into
27:57the crowd when they do big effects so
28:00that's why they needed more of these
28:02moving heads here in the middle system
28:05so these might be washing the stage
28:07these two are specifically pointing at
28:10Taylor and then you know you have backup
28:12lights if they need to make one of these
28:14other lights point at Taylor they could
28:15do that if one of them is malfunctioning
28:18so uh and they run these shows for two
28:21three nights straight maybe even four so
28:24uh they get really good use into putting
28:26a lot of effort into each show having
28:29all their backups there ready to go uh
28:31so that that's the whole tour not it's
28:35not super complicated it's really really
28:39um I want to go through my notes here
28:40and and see if there's anything I missed
28:43all right so uh things I wanted to touch
28:46on about this particular setup it's
28:49super efficient we talked about how they
28:51send trusting ahead of time their setup
28:53time and their teardown time are really
28:55fast because they're not hanging
28:56anything it's the same show every time
28:59they're doing 60 plus
29:01tractor-trailer trucks to move this show
29:04between each Stadium okay so that that's
29:07like some of the behind the scenes of
29:08how this is working
29:10um this is a really really good use of
29:12space obviously Taylor's able to get out
29:13into the crowd uh it's a very
29:15interesting setup there's a lot of depth
29:17to it the the rising and lowering
29:20platforms are really a fun way and they
29:24they use them really efficiently for you
29:27know creating a staircase having bikes
29:30move in between them uh just doing the
29:34middle section for Taylor to stand on
29:36and not all of them so really good use
29:38of space just a ton of lighting fixtures
29:41so lots of options you can see the
29:43effort that's been put in and there was
29:46obviously no expense spared but they
29:49used their budget probably a extremely
29:52large budget but they used it very well
29:54and just said we don't need 50 different
29:56types of Lights let's stick with like
29:59six different types of light for the
30:01entire show and just have a large number
30:05a large large quantity of each of those
30:08lights and then we can make some really
30:09cool effects that way whereas other
30:12people other shows especially smaller
30:13shows try to do like okay I want 10 of
30:16these and 10 of these and they end up
30:18having like 12 12 different types of
30:20fixtures and they only have 10 of each
30:21of them and it would have looked better
30:22if they just had like 50 of one type
30:25right it would have been it would have
30:27looked more cohesive looked more put
30:30and it would have been easier too to
30:32program oh one thing I'm not going to do
30:35in this render but mention is their
30:37video team is amazing like their use of
30:41iMac where they have these screens
30:44basically they split this into three
30:46sections and the section on the left and
30:48the right is doing symmetrical video
30:51which means if this is one side Taylor
30:53they flip it horizontally and and put
30:56Taylor over here so if she's looking to
30:58the left she's actually looking inwards
31:00on both sides and if she's looking to
31:02the right she's actually looking
31:03outwards and I'm sure they can click a
31:05button and flip that so she's always
31:07looking in or out but really good use of
31:10video I'm actually going to steal that
31:12little trick of keeping everything
31:13symmetrical and making the left and the
31:16right mirror each other not just be the
31:18exact vaccine but mirror each other on
31:21some of my other shows so that'll be
31:23really cool one thing that some people
31:26might disagree with but it's just a true
31:29fact there's not a ton of innovation
31:32happening on here nothing in this setup
31:35uh besides like the sheer Mass quantity
31:38like amaze me there wasn't anything I
31:40hadn't seen before there wasn't anything
31:43that was like oh that's a brand new like
31:46that's a new style I don't like there
31:48wasn't anything I didn't understand how
31:50it was being done so there's no tricking
31:52there's no you know uh super cool
31:56interesting technology that hasn't been
31:58seen before it's just a really good use
32:01of everything I was impressed I think
32:03just by the design and the efficiency
32:07and it just worked so well together
32:10everything was used and really thought
32:12through of uh let's look this is not a
32:14one-off use case we're going to have
32:16dancers up here and in the middle and in
32:18the back and there's going to be this
32:20ramp we're not going to bring anything
32:21down from the ceiling and then have her
32:23go between it's like it's all there it's
32:26all part of it and they're using the
32:28even if she's all the way back here
32:29they're using this they're blacking it
32:31out either disappears or it makes a
32:33statement when it's there so again just
32:36props to their Tech Team on this whole
32:39setup it looks really good and when we
32:42dive into the programming of the whole
32:43setup we can dive into like really cool
32:46tricks and stuff like that they're able
32:48to do with it
32:49one thing I wanted to add at the end of
32:51this video uh with everything she's
32:53doing there's not much more you can add
32:56or ask for right like she's doing so so
32:58much but I wanted to come up with a
33:00couple options just to be able to give
33:03other ideas so one thing she's not doing
33:05in her show at least that I've seen is
33:07any sort of lasers so I'm going to hop
33:10over to my laser software here and I'm
33:13going to turn on a laser so if they were
33:16to put a laser somewhere in the back of
33:19the room they would probably need to
33:20center it they could do this from the
33:21sides one cool effect that she's not
33:24currently doing and I'm going to turn
33:26off my other system here is she could
33:30have a laser incorporate it not pointing
33:33out at the audience it's more of an EDM
33:36thing so many crews are having a laser
33:38you know sitting in the corners of their
33:41stage and it's pointing out and it's
33:43shooting above people's heads that's the
33:45wrong Vibe for a Taylor Swift concert
33:48it's not a laser show it's definitely a
33:50light show but it's not a laser show so
33:52my suggestion if she wanted to
33:55incorporate lasers and just do something
33:56that not a lot of people are doing is
33:59take a laser or a couple lasers and
34:01don't Point them at the audience
34:02actually put them in the audience and
34:04point them back at the screen so what
34:07I'm doing here is I have a video file
34:10it's just something I had on my computer
34:11and it basically is just drawing out
34:16this uh this word burden purpose right
34:20that's all it's doing it's just a
34:21drawing of it and I send that to the
34:24laser and so the laser is able to draw
34:26that out as well what would be really
34:28cool if this was spelling out Taylor
34:30Swift or the era's tour or anything that
34:34you know an artist can mock up and
34:36record this this could be drawing
34:38anything it could be drawing sketches of
34:40Taylor uh it could be drawing anything
34:42you would want but basically treat this
34:44laser like a giant pencil so it's just a
34:47cool effect it's nothing crazy it does
34:50take a little bit of work to line it up
34:52but it's not it's nothing that all these
34:54guys couldn't do in their sleep so you
34:56take the laser which is out here at the
34:59audience you shoot it across the the the
35:01stadium and lasers can shoot very far
35:03and you draw and you write on this giant
35:06canvas and then on the canvas itself as
35:09you're drawing and writing you are
35:11actually drawing the exact same thing on
35:14the wall so as this pencil is moving
35:17it's able to roll out this and you
35:20really get the cool effect of like a
35:21pencil on paper I've seen this done in a
35:24lot of different ways there's really
35:26cool effects and whatnot you can do when
35:29you take this up a notch but this is
35:30just a simple example that I could mock
35:32up for you guys so that is a really
35:34interesting cool way to be able to
35:36elevate the show just a little bit more
35:39again there's not a lot you could really
35:40ask to be done you know the gags are fun
35:44and cool she dives into Stage and like
35:46pretends to swim across the whole thing
35:48and comes out over here right cool like
35:51you need your gags you need your like
35:52little show stopper things
35:56other things that she could do yeah she
35:58could take lasers Point them out uh
36:00probably that's it with tech if she
36:03wanted to change her setup and like do
36:06something more overcompassing uh again
36:09that's just going to add more to your
36:10setup and your teardown she has the best
36:13bang for the buck show I think of any
36:16artist and that's why she's getting a
36:18lot of hype for that too is great way of
36:22using all of these lights and Tech and
36:25being able to set up quickly tear down
36:27quickly get in and out and get to more
36:30and more locations with as little
36:32expense as they can do for a show of
36:35this size so Props to tailor props to
36:38the tech team and I can't wait to play
36:41with this a little bit more when I have
36:43some more time and really dive in to the
36:47programming of everything
36:49and seeing if there's anything that this
36:53stage could be doing that it's not
36:55that's is what we're going to figure out
36:58so let me know if you guys have any
37:01questions about this particular stage
37:03I'll drop links uh to some of the actual
37:06lights here I believe these movers are
37:09Elation they're using a lot of elation
37:11products from what I found online and
37:14looking at pictures and zooming in and
37:16and and seeing the brand name these
37:18lights I used in this particular setups
37:21uh I'll also throw in the description
37:24below so I'll put a lot of the the
37:25nitty-gritty detail there but hopefully
37:27you guys enjoyed just seeing what this
37:30thing looks like in the daylight diving
37:31into all the tech and then for crew I
37:36believe what they're doing is they have
37:38most of their crew in a tent over here
37:41and a tent over here they might have
37:43some tents back here I can't remember
37:45off the top of my head exactly but
37:47basically they have their front of house
37:49Engineers their lighting guys their
37:51audio guys over here then backstage they
37:54probably have some pyrotechnics people
37:56oh pyrotechnics it's one thing didn't
37:59dive in I didn't put it in here but she
38:01has a lot of pyro so she has flames that
38:03come out at the tops here she has CO2
38:07cannons that shoot straight up here
38:09she's not shooting out into the audience
38:11and then fireworks as well so tons of
38:14fireworks and pyrotechnics again nothing
38:16people haven't seen before but
38:19definitely really cool way of doing it
38:21and spreading it out and keeping it safe
38:22by putting it all the way up here away
38:24from people they get away and they get
38:27their approvals to like put fire out
38:29into the crowd so super smart way of
38:32doing everything that is the Taylor
38:34Swift era's breakdown for you guys hope
38:38you enjoyed it and if you have any
38:40questions go ahead and let me know in
38:41the comments and definitely subscribe if
38:43you're not already with that thanks for
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the key aspects explored in the AV aspects of Taylor Swift's Eras Tour?

The video offers a detailed exploration of the AV aspects of Taylor Swift's Eras Tour, including the lighting setup, video panels, and efficient location transitions.

2. How does the tour utilize lighting for dynamic effects?

The tour utilizes ground-stacked truss structures and a large quantity of moving head lights for dynamic effects. It also incorporates lasers for unique visuals.

3. What showcases the attention to detail and budget management in the team's lighting design?

The team's efficient use of space and cohesive lighting design showcase their attention to detail and budget management.

4. What are the unique visual elements incorporated into Taylor Swift's Eras Tour?

The tour incorporates lasers for unique visuals, which add a distinctive visual appeal to the overall experience.

5. What structural elements contribute to the dynamic visual effects in the tour?

The ground-stacked truss structures and a large quantity of moving head lights contribute to the dynamic visual effects in Taylor Swift's Eras Tour.

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