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The video discusses five people who knew accused murderer Bryan Kohberger, including classmates who noted his interest in forensics psychology and criminology. One friend described him as a "nice guy" and former heroin user who was bullied in high school, while another recounted strange behavior and odd requests from Kohberger. The prosecution may use statements from acquaintances as part of their case against Kohberger.
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Five people who knew accused student murderer Bryan Kohberger are speaking out about their interactions with him, as they try to understand why he allegedly murdered four University of Idaho students.
The accused, Bryan Kohberger, has been charged with four counts of first-degree murder and felony burglary for allegedly stabbing to death four University of Idaho students.
People who knew Bryan Kohberger have started speaking out, sharing their interactions with him, as they try to understand what motivated him to commit the murders.
There is no established connection between Kohberger and the victims, making the motive behind the murders even more unclear.
The interactions and descriptions provided by those who knew Kohberger are considered important in trying to understand the motive behind the murders.
The investigation into Bryan Kohberger's case is ongoing, with police urging people with information to come forward.
Statements made by defendants before or after a crime can often have a significant impact on their trial.
Kohberger's status hearing revealed that he will remain in jail without bail until his preliminary hearing on June 26th.
The court discusses Kohberger's right to a speedy preliminary hearing and his decision to waive it.
A person who knew accused murderer Bryan Kohberger describes him as a nice guy who now looks like a cold-blooded killer.
The person studied criminal justice with Kohberger and thought he was a nice guy.
They are devastated and heartbroken to know that they knew him and that he committed the crime.
Kohberger's appearance has changed significantly, with weight loss and a more threatening demeanor.
There are questions about whether there was a change in Kohberger or if something happened to trigger his alleged actions.
These are people who claim to know Bryan Kohberger as a nice kid who had some problems but showed no indication of committing a quadruple homicide.
One person mentioned that Bryan Kohberger was clean in 2017 and had previously been a heavy heroin user in high school.
There are pictures of Bryan Kohberger at a party and a wedding, showing him enjoying a drink and seemingly fine.
Another person mentioned driving Bryan Kohberger around the Poconos for heroin, unaware of his intentions.
These people provide evidence through pictures and text messages to show that they actually knew Bryan Kohberger.
The behavior and actions of Bryan Kohberger towards women are being discussed in relation to the Idaho murders.
Bryan Kohberger was reportedly bullied by girls in high school and exhibited creepy behavior towards women.
Female employees at a brewery he frequented complained about his behavior, including observing, watching, and asking personal questions.
The possible connection between Kohberger's behavior towards women and the murders is being explored, raising questions about his motives and obsession with women.
The neighbor's statement and evidence could be incriminating for Bryan Kohberger in the upcoming trial.
The neighbor's statement could be used as evidence in the trial.
The prosecution is looking for more information about Kohberger to build their case against him.
The neighbor's statement, along with other evidence such as DNA, cell phone, and car, could be bad for Kohberger.
The neighbor's statement suggests that Kohberger was active at night and didn't do much during the day.
Bryan Kohberger's classmates describe him as a vocal and social student with a strong interest in forensic psychology.
His classmates recall that he would actively participate and talk during every class.
Kohberger seemed eager to introduce himself and make connections with others.
He applied for an internship with the police department and posted a Reddit survey about the influence of emotions and psychological traits on decision-making in committing a crime.
Speculation suggests that his interest in crime and psychology may have played a role in the murders, although it is unclear.
00:00I used to be friends with Brian coburger
00:02during my middle and high school years
00:04and then before anyone comes at me and
00:06says that I'm just running for clout I'm
00:09not I have pictures that I will show you
00:11I have screenshots that I will show you
00:12I have fearable pictures than that I
00:14showed you I went to school with the kid
00:16I was friends with him I wouldn't make
00:18something like this up I am just an
00:19absolute Shopper we review the accounts
00:22of people who know accuse killer Brian
00:24coburger could their interactions with
00:26him tell us something about why he
00:28allegedly murdered four University of
00:30Idaho students welcome to sidebar
00:32presented by long crime I'm Jesse Weber
00:37let's talk about Brian coburger this is
00:40the man who's been charged with four
00:41counts of first-degree murder and felony
00:43burglary for allegedly stabbing to death
00:46for University of Idaho students I'm
00:48talking about the killings of 21 year
00:49old Kaylee Gonzalez 21 year old Madison
00:52Logan 20 year old Zana kernodle and 20
00:55year old Ethan Chapin whose bodies were
00:58found in their off-campus home on
01:00November 13th now that there is a face
01:02to this crime or maybe I should say an
01:05alleged face
01:06something has happened and it's
01:08something that happens in almost all of
01:10the cases that we cover people who know
01:12a Suspect come forward and that is what
01:15is happening here people who know Brian
01:17coburger have started speaking out and
01:19that's what we want to talk about right
01:21now we're going to go over five people
01:23or maybe I should say five accounts of
01:25people who know Brian coburger and their
01:27descriptions their interactions with him
01:29are very important why
01:33because we still don't know why he did
01:36this what motivated him what drove a 28
01:40year old PhD grad student studying
01:42criminology at Washington State
01:44University to suddenly murder four
01:46college students who as of right now
01:49seem like complete strangers to him
01:52there's been no established connection
01:54between co-burger and the victims which
01:57just makes this so much more eerie it
02:00doesn't make sense now I say this again
02:02I'll say it I said it before I'll say it
02:04again allegedly did this he is innocent
02:06until proven guilty but putting that to
02:09the side we are still going to review
02:10the accounts of these people and
02:13understand a little bit more now I have
02:14gone on record
02:15and I have said that even though a lot
02:18of information has been disclosed in the
02:20probable cause affidavit the affidavit
02:23from police that lists out the evidence
02:24that led them to a Resco Burger the DNA
02:27the surveillance footage the potential
02:29eyewitness in the house the car the cell
02:32phone records I believe that there is a
02:35lot more that either is known to
02:37investigators that hasn't been disclosed
02:39or that there is more that will be
02:42learned between now and an eventual
02:44trial of Brian coburger and one of those
02:48critical pieces of evidence that usually
02:50comes out later on is the testimony of
02:52people who met or interacted with him
02:55now I'm not saying that anyone can just
02:57testify about Brian Coburg or at a trial
03:00There are rules of course about what
03:02someone can testify to and for what
03:04purpose is it relevant is it overly
03:06prejudicial but at this point we are
03:09still in the investigation stage we are
03:11still in the learning stage police are
03:13asking people who have information on
03:15Brian coburger to come forward as this
03:17investigation continues and I can't tell
03:19you how many times statements that are
03:22made by a defendant either before crime
03:24is committed or especially after a crime
03:27is committed how many times those end up
03:29haunting a defendant at a trial
03:31particularly if they say something while
03:34in jail to fellow inmates many defense
03:36cases have been derailed by loose lips
03:38in jail so of course the question will
03:40be has coburger said anything or will he
03:43say anything to anyone while locked up
03:45and he's seemingly going to be there for
03:47a while because as we reported on Long
03:49crime we covered coburger status hearing
03:51where he we learned he will remain in
03:53the Lata County Jail without bail as he
03:56awaits a preliminary hearing now on June
04:00so you do understand and Ms Taylor has
04:03represented here that she's advised you
04:05of your right to have or fully discussed
04:08with you the right that you have which
04:10is to have your preliminary hearing
04:11within 14 days of the date that you
04:13initially appear before this court
04:15as you recall when I advise you of your
04:18rights that hearing is a probable cause
04:20hearing or the state has to establish it
04:22more likely than not these felony
04:25offenses were committed and you were the
04:26one that committed the felony offenses
04:29if you waive your right to a speedy
04:31preliminary hearing it does not mean
04:33that you're giving up your right to have
04:35a preliminary hearing it simply means
04:37that you would not be able to come back
04:39and challenge that the state did not
04:41present probable cause within 14 days do
04:44you understand yes have you had enough
04:46time to speak with Ms Taylor about your
04:49decision to waive your right to a speedy
04:51preliminary hearing yes do you need any
04:54additional time to do so no
04:59then I will ask at this time as to the
05:03five counts felony counts that were
05:05charged in the criminal complaint that
05:07was filed on December 29th of 2022
05:10are you waiving your right to a speedy
05:12preliminary hearing and agreeing that
05:14that hearing can be held outside the
05:1614-day period yes
05:19okay so let's get into the people that
05:21know Coburg and we're going to start
05:22with Josh Ferraro so Josh Ferraro
05:24actually went to school with Brian
05:27coburger as the news broke about
05:29coburger's arrest Ferraro went on Tick
05:32Tock and explained this guys what's
05:35going on Josh Ferraro here
05:37um I went to college with Brian coburger
05:40I've been looking at his picture all day
05:43I've been saying the name all day in my
05:45head and I was like I know this guy I
05:47know this guy and then he went to the
05:49sales University I'm like I know I had a
05:51class with him I know it I know it the
05:52name sounds so familiar and he looked
05:55very familiar but I just couldn't I
05:57couldn't put a point on it and he lost
05:59so much weight when I knew him he was a
06:03pudgy guy he was really friendly he led
06:06my biology project it at DeSales
06:09University and he was a pretty smart guy
06:11and he was interested in criminal
06:13justice and I remember having classes
06:14with him and
06:16for this guy to do that is beyond me
06:19I mean he was a really nice guy
06:23and he does not look like that nice guy
06:25anymore I mean the guy that I'm seeing
06:27on the news looks like a cold-blooded
06:30the guy that I went to college with
06:34that dude was nice he was a nice guy we
06:37studied criminal justice together he was
06:39a really nice guy
06:40and I'm devastated and heartbroken that
06:44knew this guy and that he did this
06:47I'm devastated for those families I
06:49never thought that it would be someone
06:50close to home
06:53from the Lehigh Valley at sales
06:54University and here is the biology
06:59and from 2018
07:04we are studying daphnia
07:08and how it there he is and he led this
07:1511 16 18.
07:24now I want to make it clear
07:28this was not a close friend
07:30this was a guy I did a project with and
07:32my first impression of him was he's a
07:34little odd but he's a nice guy you know
07:38does not stand out
07:39but you know is it is it he Blended in
07:43like he was a pretty normal guy and
07:46he does not look like a normal guy now
07:48he looks so skinny and so threatening
07:53I'm shocked and this is not uncommon in
07:58these kinds of cases right that shock
08:00you know someone that's accused of
08:03committing a heinous crime it comes out
08:04of left field we see it all the time on
08:07the trials that we cover on Long crime
08:09people cannot believe that the defendant
08:12is accused of doing what he or she is
08:14accused of doing
08:15but what is very interesting is how he
08:18explains that coburger was this nice
08:20normal guy so as we try to understand
08:23what may have led coburger to allegedly
08:26do this you have to wonder was co-berger
08:29always harboring these feelings or did
08:32something happen was there a change was
08:35there a snap
08:36the weight loss is notable too because
08:38there have been reports from people who
08:40went to high school with coburger that
08:41he was overweight and that he was
08:44bullied but then dramatically lost a ton
08:46of weight and he doesn't look the same
08:48as he used to and it's been reported
08:50that coburger was a drug addict back in
08:52the day that he abused heroin in fact a
08:55former friend of co-burgers also took to
08:57tick tock to talk about her experience
08:59with the accused killer
09:01called me and asked me about the the
09:07I didn't know where she was going with
09:08it until she said that it was Brian
09:10coburger and naturally I freaked out and
09:12called about eight of my friends
09:15um my brother was really good friends
09:17with him my other friend Brandon was
09:18really good from friends with him I'm
09:20gonna have a picture of him with him um
09:22on the green screen as well
09:23I'm shaking still
09:25um but anyway
09:27let me let me show you this is back this
09:30is Brandon the one I was talking about
09:31it's his wife Brianna and that's me this
09:33was back in 2017. obviously that's Brian
09:37um still has the Dead
09:39face that it's thighs I don't know
09:42um but when I spoke to him back in 2017
09:44he was clean
09:47um he was a heavy heroin user uh back in
09:50high school
09:53it was just nice to see the kid clean up
09:55and at that time he said he was doing
09:58security detail I believe it was out of
09:59school is what he told me
10:03he was like he was better
10:04obviously that wasn't true here's
10:07another picture from a party that we had
10:09at Brandon's house that's Brian there he
10:11used to be a bigger kid as well
10:14but again
10:15that's him and then at the same wedding
10:17I'm here but he's back there he was out
10:19sitting at the same table as me and my
10:22um but he is back there enjoying a drink
10:25I was sitting right next to him we
10:26talked he seemed fine my mom sent me the
10:30old school yearbook that was him Brian
10:33coburger that's him he went to Pleasant
10:36I graduated with I think my friend Chris
10:38for a year
10:40um older sorry younger than me this is
10:42when he
10:44um nonchalantly decided to make me drive
10:46him around the Poconos for heroin and I
10:48had no idea I thought I was just doing a
10:50nice D because he needed something and
10:53it turns out that he was getting heroin
10:55now like Mr Ferraro it is important in
10:58this case for her to show the receipt
11:00she's showing the evidence that she
11:02actually knows co-burger with pictures
11:04and text messages text messages because
11:06in high profile cases like these there
11:09are those who might claim that they know
11:11him and they really don't
11:13but so far these are people who said
11:15that they only knew him as a nice kid
11:18maybe he had some problems he looked
11:21like he had a normal look maybe he had
11:23these dead eyes but they knew you know
11:25they said that they never said or did
11:27anything to indicate to them that he
11:29would commit a quadruple homicide so
11:31that brings me now to someone else
11:34someone who had a strange encounter with
11:36co-burger before the killings a woman
11:38has come forward and indicated that she
11:41went on a date with Brian coburger now
11:44this is 26 year old Now 26 year old
11:46Haley Willett and she told The Daily
11:48Beast that she went on a date with
11:50coburger in 2015 when she was in college
11:53they met on Tinder they went to the
11:56movies and then after the movies
11:58according to her things got weird
12:02she says he drove her back to her dorm
12:04and she says quote he started being
12:06really pushy about coming up to her room
12:09so she lets him up and said that while
12:12he was quote very polite and nice on the
12:14date he quote completely changed gears
12:18she said quote definitely felt
12:21uncomfortable when he decided he needed
12:22to wait outside of the bathroom for me
12:24so she ends up pretending like she's
12:26throwing up in the bathroom and he
12:28ultimately leaves and then later on in
12:31the night
12:31he messages her that she has good
12:34birthing hips and they never speak again
12:38I was so lucky that I was never
12:42her I was never raped
12:45um by anyone I went on a Tinder date
12:49um however
12:51it could have been me
12:53um I could have been the one heard
12:55um I could have been killed I could have
12:57been raped and
13:00I did not take any precautions to
13:02prevent that from happening to me so I
13:05am very fortunate that none of that
13:08happened to me
13:09obviously her account is eerie and she
13:13describes very odd behavior
13:15and look I don't think that this is
13:17someone who would testify in coburger's
13:19trial I don't think that what she has to
13:20say is particularly relevant that ties
13:22to the killings why this is interesting
13:25is because it goes back to Coburg or
13:27psyche you see according to reporting by
13:29several outlets coburger was bullied in
13:32high school by girls and that he would
13:34act creepy towards women in fact NBC
13:36News reported that according to the
13:38owner of a brewery which coburger had
13:41female employees would complain about it
13:43he would sit by himself and he would
13:45observe and he would watch and he would
13:47ask women who were at the bar who they
13:51were there with and where they lived and
13:53if they refused to engage with him he
13:55would allegedly get visibly upset
13:58now I will tell you I am no criminal
13:59profiler in any sense but in a case
14:02where you have three young women
14:04savagely murdered along with a boyfriend
14:07of one of them and the cell phone
14:09evidence indicating that he was near the
14:12crime scene 12 times prior to the night
14:15of the murder and maybe was stalking
14:17you have to wonder did he have some
14:20particular hatred towards women an
14:22obsession with something a trigger for
14:25if you go back to the probable cause
14:27affidavit it states that DM who is one
14:30of the surviving roommates thought that
14:32she heard crying coming from kernodle's
14:34room and then she said she heard a male
14:36voice saying quote it's okay I'm going
14:40to help you
14:41we don't know if this was what was
14:43actually said we don't know if this was
14:45even co-burger but now that we are
14:48learning more of his backstory and the
14:50way he allegedly behaved towards women
14:52taking this statement is true
14:55that does make you wonder what may have
14:58happened here I am completely shocked
15:02but rotten hell if it was you so okay
15:07now let's get into the people that not
15:09only know Brian coburger but those that
15:11have come forward and said he either
15:13made strange comments to them or acted
15:16differently after the killings
15:18first we have a neighbor of co-burgers
15:20who spoke with CBS News now this
15:23neighbor claims that only a few days
15:25after the killings when all of us had
15:27very limited information about the crime
15:30co-burger allegedly quote asked if this
15:34neighbor had heard about the murders and
15:35then co-burger allegedly said quote yeah
15:38it seems like they have no leads seems
15:41like it was a crime of passion so of
15:44course the question is why would
15:46co-burger say that why would he say that
15:49at that point making conclusions based
15:51on information that maybe only the
15:53killer would know
15:55now you could say well
15:56this story went viral everyone Across
15:59the Nation was following it everyone was
16:01coming up with theories as to what
16:03happened even with a lack of information
16:05especially people online so is it a big
16:08deal that coburger said this I would say
16:11in and of itself probably no but do not
16:14be surprised if this neighbor is
16:16subpoenaed to testify in an upcoming
16:18trial I think you couple that statement
16:20with the other evidence the DNA the cell
16:22phone the car the surviving roommate
16:24account statements like these could add
16:27up to be very bad for Brian coburger
16:30just part of the prosecution's case this
16:32is important because as I mentioned
16:34defendants slip up they say things that
16:36they shouldn't say they do things that
16:38they shouldn't do they make statements
16:40at the time that could be benign but now
16:42looking back could be highly
16:44incriminating and that is what I believe
16:46the prosecution needs next in this case
16:49in fact the prosecution is looking for
16:51more information about co-burger in
16:53building their case against him did he
16:55say something did he do something in
16:57fact here is Lata County prosecutor Bill
16:59Thompson asking for help from the public
17:02after police arrested coburger
17:05this is not the end of this
17:09investigation in fact this is a new
17:12you all now know the name of the person
17:15who has been charged with these offenses
17:18please get that information out there
17:20please ask the public anyone who knows
17:23about this individual to come forward
17:26call the tip line report anything you
17:28know about him to help the investigators
17:30and eventually our office and the court
17:33system understand fully everything there
17:35is to know about not only the individual
17:38but what happened and why and by the way
17:42Anjanette levy my co-host here on cybar
17:44actually spoke with another one of
17:46co-burger's neighbors too did you ever
17:49hear anything up there or anything like
17:51that yeah we we heard you know we heard
17:54loud sound Theory the night yeah a lot
17:57of many times
17:59yeah not just one sentence so it seemed
18:02like he's a night person not do a lot of
18:04things during the day but during 19
18:06years yeah right to like
18:09like clean the floor sometimes
18:12it's vacuum it's very loud sound
18:15yeah yeah it's it's that that's the
18:18thing you know I I keep telling the
18:21journalists and reporters that that is
18:24what you heard from the App Store
18:26upstairs yeah but it was just he was a
18:29night person vacuuming or whatever yeah
18:32yeah and yeah even sometimes like in a
18:35bathroom wash and very late it's a not
18:39that not like what the racket over time
18:42yeah very late night
18:44these kind of
18:46yeah so we can't stop yeah and many
18:49times did you ever ask him to quiet down
18:52or anything I actually wanted but I
18:54didn't try yeah once when I met him we
18:57just see Hello I I just want to see
18:59could you please keep it quiet because
19:01we'll work out during night and have
19:03kids on it but I didn't do that I think
19:06maybe because he doesn't move to moved
19:09in like August to maybe any time to get
19:12used to Sure
19:14in keeping with this theme of people who
19:16know co-burger let's finish it off with
19:19his classmates at Washington State
19:21University so I'll say this is not you
19:23know the fifth person to come out but
19:24this is more a fifth account we'll talk
19:26about so the Idaho Statesman interviewed
19:29two classmates and they indicated that
19:32they had several classes with co-burger
19:34and explained how coburger would talk
19:36during every class he would participate
19:39he was very vocal he was social Ben
19:42Roberts a criminal justice grad student
19:44said quote he seemed gregarious and Alco
19:47that was really the only impression that
19:49I got he was making the rounds he
19:51definitely seemed a little more eager
19:53than some of the others that were
19:55present to go around and introduce
19:57another classmate who chose to remain
20:00anonymous explained quote Brian only
20:03talked about his interest in forensic
20:05psychology he was an incredibly strong
20:07student and talked during class every
20:09time he sat front and center and was not
20:13hiding or tucking back in the back or
20:15tucking back in the back
20:17they go on to say he was right there in
20:19the middle of it
20:21now this is consistent with what we know
20:24about Brian coburger and that he had
20:26this interest in criminology in fact in
20:29the probable cause affidavit it
20:32indicated that coburger applied for an
20:34internship with the police department
20:37and also he curiously posted a Reddit
20:40survey that asked participants to
20:42provide information to quote understand
20:45how emotions and psychological traits
20:48influence decision making when
20:50committing a crime
20:52now there has been speculation and there
20:55have been theories that his interest in
20:57crime and murder and the feeling and
20:59psychology behind it is maybe what drove
21:02him to commit these killings
21:05perhaps he wanted to know what it felt
21:07like to kill
21:09obviously we don't know
21:11but the observations from his classmates
21:14May further that narrative
21:16now here is what is key
21:19according to this classmate of
21:21co-burgers this social talkative
21:24energetic guy
21:26quote became completely silent when it
21:30came to discussing the Idaho murders I
21:33could be wrong but again don't be
21:36surprised if these classmates end up
21:38testifying against Brian coburger in a
21:40larger trial and don't also be surprised
21:43as time goes on if more people come
21:45forward to discuss their interactions
21:48with Brian coburger as well and that's
21:51all we have for you here on sidebar
21:52everybody thank you so much for joining
21:54us please subscribe on Apple podcast
21:56Spotify YouTube wherever you get your
21:58podcast I'm Jesse Weber I'll speak to
22:01you next time
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1. What are the characteristics of accused murderer Bryan Kohberger as described by his classmates?

The video discusses five people who knew accused murderer Bryan Kohberger, including classmates who noted his interest in forensics psychology and criminology. One friend described him as a 'nice guy' and former heroin user who was bullied in high school, while another recounted strange behavior and odd requests from Kohberger.

2. How does the prosecution plan to use statements from acquaintances against Kohberger?

The prosecution may use statements from acquaintances as part of their case against Kohberger. The video discusses the possibility of using information provided by classmates and friends as part of the case against the accused murderer.

3. What was Bryan Kohberger's behavior and requests as recounted by his acquaintances?

One friend recounted strange behavior and odd requests from Kohberger, providing details that may shed light on the accused murderer's actions and character. The video delves into the unusual behavior and requests reported by Kohberger's acquaintances.

4. How was Bryan Kohberger's social life and personal experiences as described by his friends?

The video discusses Bryan Kohberger's social life and personal experiences as described by his friends. It includes details about Kohberger being bullied in high school and being a former heroin user, as well as his interests in forensics psychology and criminology.

5. What is the opinion of one of Bryan Kohberger's friends regarding him?

One friend described Bryan Kohberger as a 'nice guy' and former heroin user, providing a positive opinion of the accused murderer. The video highlights the opinion of one of Kohberger's friends regarding his personality and past experiences.

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This video is a beginner to advanced crafting crash course in Path of Exile, aimed at demystifying the crafting process and providing strategies for improving items. The video covers topics such as currency usage, modifiers, imprinting, and using influence modifiers. It also explores the use of certain orbs and essences to enhance gameplay and create more powerful items.

Dismissive avoidants usually don't come back after a breakup unless they have enough time to start longing for their ex, but they tend to keep their distance and prefer the idea of a "phantom ex" rather than a real relationship. Understanding the phases of separation elation, depressive episode, and longing can help predict when and if a dismissive avoidant might come back. They are more comfortable silently longing for their ex from afar rather than initiating contact.

The video discusses the top 10 best and most beautiful Indian Prnstars in 2022, including their names, career, birthdates, and physical stats such as height and weight.

The video discusses the meaning behind Mace Windu's purple lightsaber in the Star Wars universe, exploring the canon and new additions from the High Republic era, revealing that the purple color represents moral uncertainty and a balance between light and dark.

Avoid these 5 common mewing mistakes to achieve a sharper jawline faster, including incorrect tongue placement, unbalanced distribution of forces, difficulty in swallowing, wide gap between teeth, and mouth breathing.

This video tutorial explains how to make money on the video sharing platform Rumble, including different account types, licensing options, and referral earnings. It also highlights the potential for viral content and the ability to connect your Rumble Channel with your YouTube channel for increased views and earnings. Overall, it encourages viewers to explore Rumble as a potentially profitable platform.