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This video discusses the significance of having a half moon on your palms in palmistry, highlighting four main impacts: balanced mind, creativity, auspicious full moon days, and independence in daily life.
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Having a half moon sign on your palm is rare and signifies something special and magical.
The half moon sign is considered to be very fortunate.
To check if you have the sign, you need to join both palms together and see if a crescent moon shape is formed.
The half moon sign indicates that magical things are going to happen in your life.
Having a half crescent moon on your palms can result in a balanced mind, promoting peace and love.
People with this moon formation tend to have stable relationships and are not defensive.
The half crescent moon is associated with the sign of Cancer and can make a person emotional and romantic.
Keeping the palms straight and at a 45-degree angle helps determine if the moon formation is present.
Having a half moon on your palm indicates creativity, out-of-the-box thinking, and a desire for a different lifestyle or career.
The half moon sign on your palm signifies peace and creativity.
People with this sign are not suited for a conventional 9-to-5 job.
Full moon days are considered auspicious for individuals with this sign, bringing them joy and positive energy.
Meditation on full moon days is recommended for balancing emotions.
If you have a half moon on your palms, it indicates a rare occurrence and can bring positive outcomes in terms of relationships and family.
People with a strong moon tend to have good partners and supportive children.
Those with a moon crescent often have more daughters in their life.
They receive respect and support from their kids and society.
Moon crescent is associated with positive moon energies.
If you have a half moon on your palms, it can indicate conflicts in your career path and the need to check your birth chart for guidance.
Having a strong star is considered amazing.
Moon in Sagittarius signifies a good marriage life.
Four planets in Cancer (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter) can bring abundance in money, but Mars may cause aggression.
Taurus Moon in the tenth house indicates emotional parents and a good career in a creative field.
Moon in Pisces expected by Rahu suggests the need for Moon remedies to clear negative Rahu energy.
Astrology provides accurate guidance on health, relationships, and career paths based on planetary positions at the time of birth.
Astrology helps understand the best path to work towards a goal.
It does not predict what happens after reaching the destination, as that depends on individual karma.
Karma plays an important role in life, as mentioned in various holy books.
The video mentions upcoming content on the mystery cross between heart and lifelines, remedies for Saturn, and the impact of birth charts on twins' lives.
00:01hello everyone
00:04if you have this sign in your palm then
00:07this video is for you because I'm going
00:10to discuss four to five very interesting
00:14about your life about your palm about
00:17your destiny that what this Moon
00:20or this half moon in your palm which has
00:23been uh which has been developed by the
00:26heart line what does this signify what
00:28does this create what are the impacts
00:30what are the vibrations which it create
00:33in your life so let's watch this video
00:35till the end and let's understand what
00:38are the benefits of this half moon
00:40on your palm all you have to do you have
00:43to join both the hands heart line to
00:45heart line and see whether your heart
00:48line both the heart lines of your palm
00:50makes one move as you can see the
00:53picture in my uh thumbnail of this video
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01:23fantastic video on palmistry today
01:29is it very rare or is it very
01:33common to have a crescent moon a half
01:36beautiful moon on the palm
01:39how frequently I see this sign I would
01:43say this is one of the rare sign a very
01:46beautiful form Crescent Moon if you have
01:48then this is there's something special
01:50about here that's that's something very
01:52magical which is going to things uh
01:54magical things which are going to happen
01:56in you you're very fortunate and this
01:58video is for you comment below let me
02:00know if you have this sign because I
02:02think very less people would have this
02:04line and if you have this moon sign all
02:07you have to do is you have to join both
02:09the Palms like this
02:11and you can see if like a very good Moon
02:15uh please pardon my drawing it's not
02:18like very very strong moon but it's like
02:20a very huge shape strong Moon which
02:24happens to have in your in both your
02:27palms then this is going to be very
02:29lucky what are the results what will
02:32happen let me discuss that hit the like
02:35button let me know you're watching and I
02:37will discuss everything with you let
02:39some of our more friends join in this
02:40video their live session from Canada
02:44so moon is in astrology is very
02:48significant moon is related to so many
02:50so many positive things in life the very
02:53first thing which this Crescent Moon
02:56creates is that
02:59such people in life
03:02have a very stable kind of a mindset
03:06you will not get
03:09anger issues or you will not hype get
03:12hyperactive all the time accruition is
03:15something which will be very balanced
03:17very stable in your life you're the one
03:20who really cares for others there is a
03:22sense of strong sense of if emotionality
03:26a very strong strong sense of
03:28sensitivity in terms of handling
03:33around you be it your office be it your
03:35home be it your uh you know your friends
03:39be it anywhere you will maintain a very
03:42stable relationships with everyone you
03:45are not going to believe in defense a
03:47lot of people are like very defensive
03:48specifically Aries zodiac sign Leo
03:51zodiac sign Capricorn these three zodiac
03:54signs are very very utter defensive but
03:58this half Crescent Moon
04:00typically Moon rules the sign of Cancer
04:02so I have typically seen like you know
04:04cancer people people who have D9 as
04:07cancer or people who have some strong
04:10connections with Aquarius or Sagittarius
04:12have this a very strong uh mood
04:17and it creates the number one impact the
04:20very number one impact which it creates
04:21as I said is a very balanced mind okay
04:25you believe in peace you don't believe
04:27in like fighting I wish today in this
04:30life everyone in this world would have
04:33this should have this Moon because
04:37there would have been like no war and no
04:39fights and you know nothing uh terrible
04:43as such this creates a sense of love and
04:46feeling a sense of humanity
04:49a half Crescent Moon exactly forming on
04:53both your palms like this if you join
04:55the pumps all you have to do you have to
04:57join your palms from heart line to heart
05:00line and keep your palms straight don't
05:01bend it because when you bend the it can
05:05create a natural you know shape of the
05:07Moon which will be artificial that might
05:09not be real keep your palm straight like
05:12both the Palms straight and then join
05:15your palm and try to keep it like you
05:17know 45 degree angle like this
05:20typically I have seen a lot of people a
05:22lot of my students they will they will
05:24Analyze This mood but they will like you
05:26know bend the Palm do it like this and
05:28and you know watching this if you do
05:30like this and watching down it might not
05:32give you a clear picture all you have to
05:34do is keep the Palm straight and keep it
05:37at a 45 degree angle to understand
05:39whether you have this Moon Crescent Half
05:43Moon beautiful formation in your palm
05:45something like you know on your heart
05:48if yes the second very important thing
05:51which this line creates this this makes
05:55you very
05:59of course emotional but very romantic
06:01personality overall you believe in you
06:03know stabilizing a lot of relationships
06:06specifically marriage is amazing
06:08marriage or marriage life is good people
06:11who have not yet married or if you are
06:13in search of Love or relationship if you
06:15are in search of marriage and if you
06:17have this sign I can definitely say that
06:20this sign is a sign of your marriage
06:23your life your luck is definitely going
06:26to change after marriage there's going
06:29to be a lot of prosperity a lot of joy
06:32and happiness in your life with this
06:34kind of a moon present moon is
06:36associated with uh creative thoughts and
06:39creativity also Moon has a planet in
06:42Vedic astrology Chandra
06:44what happens when you look at Moon
06:47when you when you look at a moon in the
06:49night time you feel very peaceful right
06:52you feel very happy and joyful no matter
06:54how much ever stressful your day was in
06:58the night time when you are you know
07:00just looking at the sky and if you look
07:02at the Moon
07:03a full moon or like a good beautiful
07:05moon in the sky
07:07you feel something magical about your
07:10life magical about the moment that's why
07:12there has been there are so many
07:16romantic songs in like a lot of movies
07:19which see which we see are based on Moon
07:21chandrama right I have so many so much
07:25of my favorite songs based on moon uh
07:28some of the old songs some of the very
07:30new songs based on Chand
07:32chandrama moon right you might everyone
07:35would love those songs it's so peaceful
07:36when you see moon it's so peaceful so
07:38when you have the sign
07:40this sign is the sign of peace
07:43in your life and since moon is created
07:45moon is significator of creativity you
07:48are the one who would think or you will
07:50get ideas out of the box thinking ideas
07:53all the time
07:55your success is associated with a lot of
07:58people in your life
08:01you are not meant for a nine-to-five job
08:03you might be doing something creative or
08:05might have desire
08:07you might have desire to do something
08:11different from the world
08:13something different from uh you know
08:16typical lifestyle or a typical career
08:18you might be in a very highly creative
08:20or Innovative job or a career or a
08:25if you have this Crescent
08:28comment below and let me know if you
08:30have experienced mind stability uh
08:33peaceful mind behavior a good Humanity
08:37feeling among you romance and like you
08:40know some out of the box thinking which
08:42might come in your mind
08:45now the third very very important thing
08:48which I wanted to discuss today is that
08:51people with this Moon
08:54people who have like a half moon
08:57are the one
08:59who for them
09:01full moon days are very critical days
09:05are very auspicious days in your life
09:07this Moon and on every puranmashi every
09:11purnima every full moon day which
09:13happens only once in a month and we have
09:1612 full moon days in a year so full moon
09:19days are very good time for you to
09:22there's a natural upsurge of energy new
09:25you feel ecstatic very joyful very happy
09:29on that day so meditation on Full Moon
09:33day is very good for you to balance your
09:35joy you'll be like over happy right some
09:38days we are so happy in your life some
09:40days we are depressed or we are low on
09:44but this kind of a people will typically
09:47have good energies very energetic people
09:49but specifically on Full Moon day
09:52there's something
09:53something you know uh something big in
09:57terms of energy in your life you'll feel
10:00very very keep your important things
10:02one of the biggest remedy which I would
10:04like to give to everyone is
10:06this half-shaped Moon if you have in
10:08your palm
10:09you should do your important things
10:12if you want to start something new like
10:15a new model something new do it on a
10:18full moon day start from a purnima from
10:22because Surya
10:24which is Sun is associated with Shiva in
10:29Hindu Vedic astrology
10:30and moon or chandrama is associated with
10:36which is more feminine that's why like
10:38very creative which is more emotional
10:40because of it and which is also a
10:44blessing for many you know many one of
10:47so comment below let me know if you have
10:49this sign because I'm still waiting for
10:51a lot of you to comment and let me know
10:54about this beautiful sign
10:56all right the next very important point
10:59the fourth thing which I wanted to
11:00discuss about this specific sign like if
11:03you have you know half moon Crescent
11:05forming on both of your palm
11:07then what happens is this makes you very
11:10independent in your day-to-day life you
11:13are the one who are very independent you
11:16are not dependent on others for small
11:18beat small domestic shows or any major
11:22things in your office you will create
11:24you will try to be very proactive
11:27without boss telling you what you have
11:29to do you will always already you will
11:31keep all the tasks ready in your
11:34day-to-day job
11:35you will be very independent highly
11:37independent and proactive in in nature
11:39uh in life and that is very good people
11:42you know who are very independent
11:44they tend to have that leadership skills
11:47and when they have leadership skills
11:48they tend to have a good progress and a
11:52good success so starting from like being
11:54a small quality of being independent to
11:56a very large leadership role or in
11:58leadership skills that's something which
12:01is very unique about this side we have
12:03so many signs in Palm we have start we
12:05have Trident we have lines we have color
12:07we have shape we have nails we have so
12:10many things
12:12I personally love this moon sign and I
12:16have seen like a very strong Moon
12:18formation is a very good indication of a
12:22good career
12:23good marriage
12:24good relationships with your family
12:28and also a good overall success in terms
12:32of your health also
12:35but sometimes I have seen some health
12:37issues for you know such uh
12:41such you know formation of crescent moon
12:44uh I'm still doing a lot of research on
12:46in terms of health and medical astrology
12:49overall so but typically people with
12:52like a this half question typically on a
12:55majority I would say I have seen issues
12:58related to cholesterol and blood
13:01blood pressure and cholesterol and
13:03specifically near to Full Moon day there
13:05is and more you know increase in blood
13:08pressure or cholesterol
13:10so try to take care of these things
13:12already if you if you have the sign some
13:15other you know symptoms of some other
13:17health issues are also there which I
13:19would not discuss in this video maybe
13:21I'll do a separate video on on that on
13:24health issues related to Half Moon I
13:27still you know about to get more
13:28research uh in in this topic so but
13:32these are the four very definite things
13:33like you know good career marriage
13:35stability very emotional creative
13:37approach in life very independent and a
13:40good human like this sign can make you a
13:43person with a good karma and a very good
13:45human being in life
13:48there are many modifications to this
13:50like if you have a star above the Moon
13:53that is more better like let me show you
13:57like this is you know how the uh the
13:59shape of the moon is formed somewhere
14:01Above This Moon if you have a star
14:05anyway under anymore doesn't matter like
14:08at least one star
14:09then it is like very good
14:12if you have two stars like you know on
14:14both the Palms one here
14:16and one here
14:18this means
14:20that the reason of your birth
14:22in this life is to do something big
14:25Karma the reason of your birth is to
14:28achieve and accomplish something very
14:31big which none of your family members
14:34and none of your generation none of your
14:37forefathers must have done in your life
14:40so if you have that stars it's very rare
14:43I have seen in couple of uh examples and
14:45cases in which
14:48such people are like you know uh break
14:51in monotony of what
14:53what was going on in their generations
14:55and something new a start of a new you
14:58know thing a start of a new
15:00manifestation which happens in the
15:02further Generations
15:04typically people with like a strong Moon
15:05they have good husband they have very
15:07good wife they have good boyfriends good
15:09girlfriend good life partner good
15:11partner around them and not only this
15:13such people even have like good kids
15:16I have personally analyzed that people
15:18with moon Crescent tend to have
15:21typically have like more uh daughters in
15:24their life but I'm not sure you can
15:26comment below let me know if you have
15:27this and if you have daughters in your
15:29life typically people have like
15:30daughters specifically because moon is
15:32feminine moon is related moon is a you
15:35know feminine in terms of Planet so such
15:38people are blessed with like beautiful
15:39daughters and they get very good respect
15:42in the society and good support from
15:44their kids as well
15:46so this was all about the moon Crescent
15:49and what are the
15:50things you see
15:52let me read all your comments below I
15:54see a lot of comments happening already
15:55if you have any questions
15:58please comment below let me know if you
16:01have any sign like this and if you have
16:02any questions or you need clarification
16:04whether this is good this is not good
16:07comment below I'll reply to all my
16:09comments already so let's start we have
16:12Ellie hi Ali how are you we have you
16:14Vlogs Puja is here uh Tisha is here says
16:17you have Puja also has this wow that's
16:20good uh uh we have
16:23Dimitri I'm sorry fan
16:25uh that's strange
16:27uh Tisha says that I have a lot of moon
16:30energies see I told you people with this
16:32sign have a lot of positive Moon
16:35energies in life our partner says yes
16:37you have uh potato say it's very true
16:41Sabino says
16:42uh hola
16:44Amigo no one uh what if moon is how they
16:48are uh moon in Sagittarius like
16:51typically like Moon science Sagittarius
16:53such people are very
16:54uh knowledgeable
16:57uh very independent also but the
17:00concentration and the LA the focus the
17:02amount of focus in any work is awesome
17:04for Sagittarius
17:06why because if you see the symbol of
17:08Sagittarius as half man
17:10on a horse
17:12with a bow and arrow and you know
17:15focusing and concentrating towards
17:17so that signifies like a great
17:20concentration even the person is on a
17:21horse the person is riding a horse and
17:24still you know that's like typically uh
17:28a strong signification of you know a
17:30strong focus in life
17:35that's very good and Crescent mood is
17:39also here and you have a very stable
17:41life see I told you you have this strong
17:44you know stable Moon Line and you
17:46already have a very strong very balanced
17:49very happy married life that is very
17:51very good for you I wish you all the
17:53very best and may this feeling of love
17:56romance and relationship continue with
17:59your partner throughout the life good
18:01luck so
18:04the next question is coming in from elw
18:06what if the stars are moon
18:09are more like X
18:12uh see X if the stars are more like X
18:16then it is not so great it creates some
18:18conflict typically in in career path
18:22maybe you have to check your birth chart
18:24and just try to see what is the best
18:26career path for you to move forward but
18:28like a very strong star is amazing
18:31to have
18:32moon in Sagittarius marriage life is
18:34very good it's late but it's very very
18:37uh you have four planets in cancer
18:39Mercury Venus Mars Jupiters remedy wow
18:43four Planters in cancer may I know in
18:45what house
18:46I would consider the house very
18:47important in the Sun
18:49sign is good like Mercury is okay in
18:52cancer Venus is very good Mars is
18:54devilated so weak Jupiter is exerted so
18:57very strong
18:5911th house very very good uh see Venus
19:03and Jupiter are going to give abundance
19:06in money for you Mars is going to give
19:09you a bad aggression in your life so
19:13just try to take care about that please
19:17Taurus Moon tenth house will make you a
19:20very like it will create a very
19:22emotional parents specifically from the
19:24dad and Dad side of the family is going
19:26to be very very sensitive very emotional
19:28to energies they might even you know you
19:31might even see that
19:34parents and you know family around you
19:36have believe in like you know taking
19:39care of others uh and very highly
19:41responsible uh in life in terms of
19:44career-wise it is good because Moon
19:46intent and that too in Taurus wherein
19:50Moon gets exalted Moon's energy is super
19:53uh good support from mother and also
19:57a good career in like creative field for
20:02all right so we have protection
20:05uh moon is in Pisces expected by rahu
20:08moon in Pisces
20:09and expected by rahu is not a good sign
20:12you need to do Moon remedies these this
20:16is a specifically very good month for
20:18you shravan month is going on try to do
20:20meditations on every Monday try to do
20:23shivaji or Muhammad which can clear the
20:27rahu energies negative rahu energy is
20:29coming in your life on on the planet
20:32all right wish you all the very best and
20:34and take care we have chanakya TV what
20:37is my career line goes straight from the
20:39Mount of moon to the Mount of Saturn
20:42career line is going straight
20:45from Mount of moon
20:48to the Mount of Saturn something like
20:51this correct from amount of moon to
20:53mount or Saturn towards the middle
20:56your success is associated with
20:58people like you should be getting into
21:00like public relations or any any work in
21:04which you have lot of people around you
21:07so that's that's where I feel like a
21:10strong career path for you and Career
21:12Success overall in terms of you
21:16so in case if you need like a very
21:18detailed analysis about your palmistry
21:20you need a very accurate report about
21:22your birth chart about your kundli you
21:26can connect with me on my website the
21:28link is there pinned on this message
21:30somewhere over here or in the comment
21:32section or you can just click on my
21:34website or you can just WhatsApp me you
21:36can get a complete report about your
21:38Vedic astrology
21:39I have one-on-one consultation with me
21:41on Zoom
21:44what are the next career changes or what
21:46is the next stage in terms of your
21:48career if you are facing health issues
21:50or if you have any questions related to
21:52relationship of marriage
21:54astrology gives very accurate guidance
21:57on these specific things and it really
22:00unleashes your strength and weaknesses
22:02the thing which I really love about
22:04astrology is that the planetary position
22:07at the time of the birth when you were
22:10born on that day that really sets a road
22:13map and
22:15astrology is excellent tool for you to
22:19understand which path would be good for
22:21you to work there would be like multiple
22:22path to reach a destination astrology
22:25can tell you specifically which is the
22:27fastest path or the fastest route to
22:30reach to the destination
22:32but it won't tell you like what's
22:34happening after the destination
22:37totally totally depends upon your karma
22:39right it will tell you like which is the
22:41fastest way to reach the airport but
22:43then after that which flight you will
22:45to your higher Destiny your higher Karma
22:48or you know the future life Karma that
22:52you know that totally depends in your
22:54own karmic life that's where
22:56bhagavad-gita that's where many holy
22:58books uh say that um
23:02which is also associated with karmic
23:06Karma has been given uh very very
23:10uh significance in in life comment below
23:13if you believe in karma
23:15the next question is coming in from uh
23:19Guru please make video on mystery cross
23:22between heart line and mine line on both
23:25of course the next video is coming on
23:28that uh tomorrow or day after tomorrow I
23:31will be doing another live session so
23:33and there's one more person says no one
23:37says then video on remedies for Saturn I
23:39have I've made remedies on
23:42uh uh rahu Sun Moon uh I will be making
23:46remedies for all the planets so stay
23:49tuned check out my playlist I have very
23:52well managed playlist with all the
23:54videos very you know nicely well managed
23:56I did a video
23:58yesterday about twins like what if twins
24:01happen and what uh how their lives are
24:03different and the birth charts are same
24:05and how does that impact I hope you have
24:08watched this video if not please go
24:09watch the video hit the like button and
24:12share with your friends because you're
24:13small uh effort
24:17helps to reach this media video to
24:20millions of other people who are there
24:23on YouTube like you okay
24:28thank you so much for joining in today I
24:31really loved all all of the viewers for
24:35amazing questions you had and you can
24:37even if you have more questions keep
24:39commenting and when I'm offline I will
24:42definitely you know check the comments
24:44and get back to you but but thank you so
24:46much for I really appreciate your time
24:48and your patience and your consultation
24:50for watching this live session as always
24:54I really love you guys for all your
24:56support been given uh towards the small
25:00channel of mine in which I try to uh
25:03share and you know update knowledge
25:06of Pharmacy astrology and many other
25:09things which I have gained from my gurus
25:11uh in the last 13 13 and a half years
25:15so I'm loving loving you know really
25:18loving to do all these things
25:20okay so take care keep smiling and keep
25:23doing the Good Karma take care goodbye
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Why is having a half moon on your palms significant in palmistry?

Having a half moon on your palms is significant in palmistry as it represents balance and harmony in life. It indicates a balanced mind and personality, leading to stability and peace.

2. How does the half moon on the palm impact creativity?

The presence of a half moon on the palm is believed to enhance creativity. It stimulates the creative faculties of an individual, leading to artistic and innovative abilities.

3. What is the significance of the half moon on palms in relation to auspicious full moon days?

The half moon on palms is associated with auspicious full moon days in palmistry. It is believed to bring positive energy, spirituality, and prosperity, especially during full moon phases.

4. How does the half moon on the palm impact independence in daily life?

The presence of a half moon on the palm signifies independence and self-reliance in daily life. It indicates a strong and individualistic personality, capable of making decisions and taking charge of one's life.

5. What are the implications of having a half moon on the palm, according to palmistry?

According to palmistry, having a half moon on the palm implies a person who is adaptable, open-minded, intuitive, and capable of maintaining a balance between various aspects of life.

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