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The video discusses the concept of water and questions whether the water we consume is truly beneficial for hydration. It emphasizes the importance of obtaining water from fruits and vegetables rather than relying solely on drinking water. The speaker also touches on the topic of HIV and challenges the traditional medical approach to the disease.
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The speaker discusses the concept of water and questions if what is being taught about water is truly accurate.
The Earth is mostly made up of water.
Water is defined as two hydrogens and one oxygen.
We are taught that drinking water is the healthiest choice.
Drinking water alone may not be sufficient for hydration; getting water from fruits can also provide hydration.
Ancient Indians and yogis never drank water, relying on their food for hydration.
Humans do not have the physical characteristics to drink water like other mammals.
Drinking water from cups and glasses is not a natural way for humans to consume water.
Humans are meant to eat and chew water for proper hydration.
Water from fruits, rather than H2O, is the best way to detoxify and purify the body from accumulated pollutants.
Organic cucumber water is considered the best water on Earth.
Juicing can be expensive, but eating fruits can provide the necessary water.
Breast milk is the preferred source of water for babies, indicating that H2O is not suitable for humans.
Water contained in fresh fruits and vegetables is structured water known as H3O2, which is the only type of water the body can utilize.
H3O2 is chemically composed of three hydrogens and two oxygens.
H2O needs to be converted into H3O2 by the body.
H3O2 is found intracellularly in the body and is more of a gel-like substance.
The speaker discusses the benefits of a raw fruit and vegetable diet for achieving superior health and eternal life.
The speaker emphasizes that fruits and vegetables are the true eternal food for supernatural beings.
The diet should consist of 80% fruit and 20% vegetables.
Occasionally consuming cooked food is acceptable, but it alters the molecular structure and positive/negative charge of the food.
The speaker discusses the importance of h3o2 water in the body and how it is necessary for various bodily functions.
The brain, kidneys, heart, lungs, muscles, liver, skin, blood, bones, teeth, and nervous system all require water to function properly.
H3o2 water is the highest form of structured water and can be obtained by eating fruits and vegetables.
Drinking h2o converts it to h3o, but consuming h3o2 water through fruits and vegetables is more beneficial.
The speaker appreciates Crystal, an alkaline doula, for her good intentions and healing testimonies, and mentions that there is enough healing for everyone to prosper.
The speaker had a good time with Crystal, talking about herbs and getting to know each other.
The speaker is not a hater and will post healing testimonies from others as well.
The speaker mentions that there are enough sick people who need healing and that everyone can prosper and find gratification in it.
The speaker confirms that it is okay for the sister to take the adult all-purpose vitamins while being pregnant.
The speaker discusses the connection between chemotherapy treatment and HIV turning into AIDS, and explains that HIV is caused by internal cellular mechanisms, not external factors.
Chemotherapy treatment given to HIV patients is turning the virus into AIDS.
HIV is caused by internal cellular mechanisms, not external factors.
The speaker expresses distrust in doctors and medication, but eventually started taking medication after experiencing health issues.
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01:12it y'all know when we in this room you
01:14know a whole lot of things be discussed
01:16and a whole lot of secrets get revealed
01:18and we be going in so y'all come on in
01:21climb on in family
01:23uh praises so what i wanted to talk
01:25about today
01:26was uh water you know what what is water
01:29what is what is it truly is by
01:32and is
01:34what is being taught and programmed into
01:38our minds is that really really water
01:41you know you you look at the vast
01:42majority of the earth and most of the
01:46form you know by percentage the large
01:48amount of percentage of form of the
01:50earth is actually what they call water
01:53what they call water which is you know
01:57two hydrogens and one oxygen and then
02:00you look you got seeds you got streams
02:02you got lakes you got ponds you got
02:06we have been programming we have been
02:09taught that we are supposed to drink
02:11that we have been programmed and we have
02:14been taught that that is the healthiest
02:17you know liquids uh to man to human
02:20beings so everything i'm gonna tell
02:22y'all today all this scientific research
02:25we're gonna go through all these
02:27pictures and this presentation that i'm
02:29gonna you know show y'all is gonna
02:31contradict that fact and uh i know it's
02:34gonna sound taboo
02:36i know it's gonna sound strange because
02:38you know you've been programmed and
02:40taught since a youth and these things
02:42been programmed into your mind and your
02:44subconscious mind that water is water
02:47but what happened if water is not water
02:49and true water come from another source
02:51and what happened if we can prove that
02:53and which is what i'm going to do
02:54tonight you see what i'm saying we have
02:56to really really peel back all the
02:58layers of programming that have been
03:01done to our people because we have been
03:04raised and we have been reprogrammed and
03:06our personalities have been recreated
03:09and fundacated upon lies after lies
03:12after lies and that's the reason why you
03:14know we so sick
03:16eternally that's the reason why our
03:18bodies are rejecting everything due to
03:20this you know created environment that
03:22we have been placed in this fake
03:25holographic universe stuck on here on
03:27this fake earth because that's all this
03:29stuff is so if we're in a fake hologram
03:32you know everything that they give to us
03:34is going to be fake as well and when we
03:36reveal the truth it will blow your mind
03:39at just how much we've been lied to man
03:41and you know and a lot of people be
03:43asking y'all key why are you cussing why
03:44you so angry it's like because the more
03:46and more you know the scripture tell us
03:48what much knowledge come much grief and
03:50the more and more i start realizing how
03:52this government be lying it will blow
03:58so y'all climb on in climb on in let's
03:59get to it let's get to it if y'all can
04:01hear me good uh let me know if y'all can
04:03see me well let me know if you can hear
04:05me type in some eights and if you can
04:08see me type in some sevens if you can
04:10hear me good type in some eights and if
04:12you can see me type in some seven shalom
04:14shalom to all those who are climbing in
04:15the building and you know what's crazy
04:17is uh i i got on my instagram page two
04:21days ago and i was talking about these
04:23things and what true water is what is
04:25the right amount of water you need a day
04:27and what is the right substance with
04:29water what food source does it truly
04:31come from and you know i'm sitting here
04:33claiming and staking and saying i can
04:35prove this that it's not from h2o it's
04:37not from your your spring water it's not
04:39from your whale water all of that water
04:41is water for other species of animals
04:43but it's not for you the black human
04:45being you know i'm saying uh the just a
04:48humanoid it's not and you know of course
04:50hebrews is always the hebrews
04:54you know which is a part of i identify
04:55as a hebrew but it's always them negroes
04:58they got some to say about
05:00everything that i bring out i can show
05:03proof i can show evidence i can show
05:06everything but if i say something that i
05:08can prove and if it goes against what
05:11they done read in the book all of a
05:12sudden yaki is wrong ya ki is blasphemy
05:16yaki is wicked yaki is a warlock yaki is
05:21totally against this and totally against
05:23it and it's like i'm out here doing the
05:25work we are out here sending off these
05:28things to labs to get them tested we are
05:31testing the biological genetic makeup
05:33code and structures of water of of these
05:36different other fruits and vegetables
05:38that i'm talking about and we're seeing
05:40the data in real time not from other
05:43people's mouths but in real time from
05:45the work that we putting in
05:47about how these things are reacting to
05:49the body how certain fruits is healing
05:51the body and vegetables is not how
05:53vegetables actually slow down the
05:55healing and fruits accelerate the
05:57healing how water really h2o water
06:01that we have been taught is supposed to
06:02be hydrative to the body is actually
06:05dehydrating your body i mean this is
06:07proof proof after proof after proof out
06:10the proof and then the hebrews
06:13boy always got some to say but
06:16never put in no work though at least if
06:19you're gonna have something to say about
06:20the things that i bring out and bring
06:22forth go put forth the same work
06:25pay these tens of thousands of dollars
06:27to the laboratories go to your schooling
06:29get your proper amount of a thousand
06:31hours of studies on each particular
06:33thing that i'm talking about make sure
06:35that you're going inside of the jungles
06:37and you going inside of the forces
06:39inside of the woods and doing plant
06:41identification get you a microscope
06:43break through the cellulose of these
06:45different botanicals and look at the
06:47mechanism study biochemistry put in the
06:50work and then have something to say how
06:53are y'alls having something to say and
06:55going against everything that i present
06:57when you lack the work
07:00you lack the the the motive you lack the
07:04the the intentions you lack everything
07:06that you need to have to even say
07:08anything about what i got to say about
07:10something that i have put my all into
07:12something that i have dedicated my life
07:15it makes no sense whatsoever whatsoever
07:19man and that's crazy me coming from a
07:22hebraic background me identifying as a
07:26african hebrew israelite it is always
07:28the ones that's of your own community
07:31that don't know
07:32don't study
07:34don't know what they talking about only
07:36stick to one book but then go against
07:39everything you say when you present all
07:42of the information and when i mean all
07:44of the information all of the
07:45information but with that being said
07:48let's get it started so what we're
07:49talking about here we're talking about
07:52water what is water you have been taught
07:54that water is of the sea you have been
07:57taught that water is this liquid
07:58substance that comes from the lakes that
08:00come from springs that come from uh uh
08:03fountains of the deep that come from
08:05whales well that is water but is that
08:08water for human consumption or is that
08:10water for you to bathe in is that water
08:12for you to wash and do your rituals and
08:14things like that with but what is the
08:15true water for consumption for you to
08:17take that's going to actually build up
08:19your cellular structure that's going to
08:21vitalize the cells that's going to bring
08:23the phytonutrients and the vital
08:25minerals that you need the bio photons
08:27and the adequate amount of amino acids
08:29see when you look at what we did in the
08:31ancient times y'all indians talk about
08:34this all the time they didn't drink
08:36water and i want to i want to point out
08:37something and bring something out that
08:39is very very very uh very relevant right
08:41now notice an infant baby when an infant
08:44baby come from the womb do that infant
08:47baby drink water do that infant baby
08:49drink h2o no it don't do you know why
08:52because it is very toxic to the baby
08:54because it is very very very acidic to
08:57the baby and the baby can suffer from
08:59water toxicity you see that it will mess
09:02up the baby whole kidney filtration
09:05system it would drown the baby lungs and
09:08it doesn't have the right amount of
09:09phytonutrients and bioflavonoids and
09:12biophotons to sustain the baby and make
09:14the baby thrive that's why when a baby
09:17come from the womb they either offer you
09:19two options make sure that that baby get
09:21on the breast milk which we're going to
09:22talk about a lot or put that baby on
09:25some type of formula some type of milk
09:28formula that's going to have all the
09:30synthetic properties inside of it that's
09:32essential to the baby's growth and
09:34development whether we talking about the
09:36the cognitive
09:38entities whether we talking about their
09:40mobility whether we talk about them just
09:42growing and and strictly metabolizing
09:45these phytonutrients and these vital uh
09:47these these uh biophotons to grow their
09:49body accurately notice they they tell
09:51them do not it's very dangerous to put
09:54your infant baby on water
09:56for at least six to eight months when it
09:58first come from the womb you can't go
10:00towards water if water what we call
10:03water because i'm gonna show y'all what
10:04real water is
10:06if what we call water it if what we call
10:09water it is so so so nutritive it's so
10:13hydrative it comes with all the things
10:16that you need and it is it's good to
10:18make the body just you know be this
10:20ethical spiritual superhuman body then
10:24why when the baby come out of the womb
10:26it don't go on water why does it go on
10:29breast milk and then if you look at the
10:30chemical composition
10:32of breath breast milk it is totally
10:35different from water but you look at the
10:37chemical compositions of certain fruits
10:40and certain vegetables it is an exact
10:42simulation and reputation and vibrate at
10:44the same
10:45harmonious frequency as as
10:48as what we're going to say breast milk
10:51but water don't h2o don't vibrate at the
10:53same resonant frequency as as breast
10:58it don't but you can get certain fruits
11:00and you will test the chemical
11:01composition you would test the uh the
11:03ion leak chains or this is nothing but
11:05electrolytes and electricity when i say
11:07ion leak chains coming from these fruits
11:10the same as breast milk you'll crack
11:12open a coconut you would test that
11:14coconut i mean it's damn near identical
11:17as the black woman's breast milk you
11:18cannot do the same thing with spring
11:20water with tap water with volcanic water
11:23i don't give a damn what h2o you talking
11:25about you cannot do the same thing and
11:27we're going to prove it because the
11:29human body was not meant to actually
11:31consume h2o but they were meant to
11:34consume h3o2 now h2o is good for
11:39topically it's good to wash off the dead
11:41accumulated scale cells on your skin
11:44it's good for that it's good for
11:46rejuvenation you washing your face with
11:48that's what it's good for it's good for
11:50you to soak in a little bit you know
11:52especially if you got salt and stuff
11:54added to it and that's the reason why if
11:55you see in the ancient days you know
11:57they usually use rain water and usually
11:59use clear or in salt lakes to go in and
12:03sit in to bathe they skin but is it good
12:05for literally consuming and going inside
12:07of your digestional tract and absorbing
12:10all these chemical factors that we need
12:11the healing modalities that we need to
12:14actually uh progress us through this uh
12:17evolution time capsule no and i'm gonna
12:20prove it i'm gonna prove it so before
12:22anybody kick against it because it
12:23sounds so taboo because this is not what
12:26you have been taught listen to the
12:28information digest the information apply
12:31the information meditate and reflect on
12:33the information then have some to
12:36say about what yaki is bringing forth
12:38don't don't be like a fool a fool is
12:41somebody who hears something and
12:42immediately reject it because it goes
12:44against what someone else have taught
12:46them maybe they taught your ass wrong
12:49maybe just maybe you've been taught
12:54so let's get to it let's get to it so i
12:56want to start this off by showing this
12:58and i am opening up the phone lines uh
13:00when we done with this particular topic
13:02and conversation i'm recording this too
13:04this will be up on uh my podcast so we
13:07have uh started yahkee tv podcast that
13:09will be available uh for y'all very very
13:11soon just case people want to just pull
13:13up the app and people want to ride
13:15around and listen to you know things
13:17that i'm talking about like which what
13:18i'm talking about right now and don't
13:20have to be seeing me or you don't have a
13:22youtube premium where you can cut off
13:24the app and you can't listen to me no
13:25more when you cut the app off uh we
13:27starting a whole podcast and it's going
13:29to be on apple podcast and all these
13:30other different podcasts that way all
13:32you got to do is down the app and yucky
13:34awaken app is coming out very soon and
13:36you can just play this stuff all
13:38throughout the day all right now check
13:40this out check yes it's just audio y'all
13:42just audio no v uh visuals if you want
13:44the visuals you will go to or
13:47you can just look it up on if if we
13:49choose to keep it on youtube or if we
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13:53platforms you can look it up there other
13:55than that it will be on
13:58the visual and audio and you can get the
14:00audio from like apple podcasts and
14:02different certain uh podcasts
14:05so look let's get this started right
14:07let's get this started because this
14:08stuff is gonna blow your mind look when
14:11i say it's gonna blow your mind it's
14:12gonna blow your socks off straight up
14:15now i want to bring up a certain man who
14:18actually he's not the first one who
14:20discovered this but he is the one who
14:22went public about it uh he mysteriously
14:24died too at the age of 80 mysteriously
14:27but seriously died at the age of 80.
14:29they tried so much i mean they discredit
14:32this man so much that they made him look
14:34like a quack they made him look like i
14:36mean you get you gotta before before we
14:38even get i just want to show y'all do
14:40you realize the water industry is a
14:42trillion dollar industry you know if
14:44water was you know what they claim it is
14:47which is not and i'm approved that
14:49why are they making billions and
14:51billions and billions and billions of
14:53dollars trillions of dollars to bottle
14:55it at the source and then you look at
14:57how they bottle it at the source they
14:58still using piping systems that leak all
15:01types of different mercury and all types
15:03of things that's not supposed to be
15:04inside of your bottled water into the
15:06water and then they have the nerve to
15:08claim that bottled water is better than
15:10tap water when when it's not you know
15:12it's the same water it's the same
15:14recycled feces these water companies are
15:17total they are liars uh it is
15:19so many of these companies being sued
15:22for millions and millions of dollars and
15:24then they're selling you something
15:25that's actually dehydrating you it's
15:28actually dehydrating you uh when when
15:31you're thirsty and you're drinking
15:32something that truly truly quenched your
15:34thirst you don't need that again until
15:36the next day if you are really really
15:38drinking something that's quenching your
15:40thirst and that is hydrating the cells
15:42and making sure the water and the salt
15:44and monopotassium phosphate ratio is
15:47really in hormonal balance with each
15:49other you won't need that again until
15:51the following day notice the more water
15:54you drink the more water you need you
15:56never sit back and ask yourself that
15:58question damn the more h2o i drink the
16:00more that i need is it because of it is
16:03more acidic than alkaline and these
16:05acidic properties which is double
16:06hydrogen atoms if that's equivalent to a
16:09damn uh uh uh uh a tonic bomb it's it's
16:13drying the cells out and it's bringing
16:15up the salt and potassium ratio in the
16:17body which make you quench for more
16:20is it that is that it
16:23huh and then notice when you when you
16:24talk about things that i'm going to talk
16:26about and you eat your fruits and you
16:28get your water from your fruits you
16:29don't have that problem you don't have
16:31that dehydrative
16:33factor going on there because that is
16:34the real water that you need to eat you
16:36know i got a book of indians ancient
16:39indians and ancient yogis talking about
16:41their food and they never ever ever
16:43drunk water just like you are rare i
16:45mean it's very sudden that i will drink
16:47water because i am getting a lot of my
16:49water from my food you do not drink
16:52water dogs drink water
16:55camels drink water
16:56four-legged bees drink water do you know
16:59in order to drink water scientifically
17:01you will have to stand on all fours you
17:03have to elongate your neck and you have
17:04to lap the water with your tongue your
17:06tongue is not even long enough and it
17:08don't have the type of muscles that
17:10other mammals have to even lap that
17:12water in in order for you to drink water
17:15you got to close your hands together and
17:16do this you got to do everything but
17:18what you can do naturally with it to
17:20even drink this water you getting water
17:21in cups and glasses you weren't born
17:24with cups glasses and bowls and none of
17:26that other these are utensils that
17:28you make for you can assimilate other
17:30creatures for you can start drinking
17:31these things just like you make knives
17:33and you make forks because you don't
17:35have claws like a carnivore and you make
17:37these knives and these forks but you can
17:38claw and rip and tear into flesh showing
17:40you that you were not created to eat
17:42flesh same thing when it comes to water
17:44that comes out of whales and in oceans
17:47and lakes you were not made to drink
17:48that if you was then your neck and your
17:50digestive tract would be made a certain
17:52way your tongue would be elongated a
17:54certain way for it can lap and get that
17:56water in guess what you ain't got to do
17:58that when you're eating your water see
18:00you supposed to eat water you're
18:02supposed to chew water you're not
18:03supposed to drink water human beings
18:06it's not a drinking faculty y'all and
18:08i'm i'm finna prove this
18:10look it's gonna blow your mind man i'm
18:11telling you man look this shit's so
18:13crazy it's look it scared me at first
18:15i'm like boy
18:16this like everything we've been taught
18:18is a lot straight is a a straight up lie
18:21y'all a straight up lie hold on y'all
18:25that was my breath work to clock it's
18:26time for me to do uh breath work now
18:28check this out now this is uh one of the
18:30dudes that created this uh who one of
18:33the dudes who refound this ancient
18:35technology re-found these ancient
18:38discoveries on fruits on vegetables and
18:41everything that i've been talking about
18:42for the last 12 years y'all and this is
18:44this is i love yahweh all praises baruch
18:46hashem yahweh blessed be the most high
18:49uh because you know this powerful all
18:52magnificent omnipresent potent sovereign
18:56god of mine always send me witnesses to
18:59back up what he gave me through
19:01downloads by way of the non-ether
19:03through downloads by way of light cold
19:05frequencies and sitting under the sun
19:07through my mundras my mantras through my
19:09meditation and i get these things from
19:11the etheric world that's why they call
19:13it an ethernet card i get it from the
19:15non-ether net connection and get these
19:18downloads and i start speaking on it and
19:20he always send me something i'm speaking
19:22of his masculine side yahweh is not only
19:24a masculine entity but it is masculine
19:27and feminine but i'm speaking of the
19:28masculine side right now so that's why
19:29you hear me say he sometimes i say it
19:32sometimes i say she all depending on
19:34what i'm talking about but look check
19:35this out it amazes me every time i get a
19:38download he send me something that backs
19:40up everything that i've been saying
19:43everything whether it's me ordering a
19:44book off of amazon going to the uh the
19:47library getting a book somebody i'm
19:49speaking on something on instagram
19:50somebody sent me some information proven
19:52what i said and i get these straight
19:54from my downloads these are digital
19:56downloads that come by way of the
19:57akashic records that's expressed through
19:59my deoxyribonucleic acid or what they
20:01call dna and then you know it's here
20:04send me something that somebody else got
20:06that will back up and prove everything
20:09that i said was true showing you that
20:11the ancestors are real yahweh is real
20:13nature is constantly communicating with
20:15us if you cleanse your body balance out
20:17your body and open yourself up for the
20:19information period
20:21yes your water is in the fruit and these
20:23are 99 9.9 percent facts 100 facts 210
20:28percent facts the water is the fruit
20:29nothing to prove it your food is your
20:31fruit your water is your fruit your fuel
20:33is your food your electricity is your
20:35fruit we are frugivores i keep trying to
20:38tell y'all that we're fruitarians and i
20:39mean the information is just coming
20:41faster and faster these downloads are
20:43coming more and more than ever you can't
20:45even i mean there is not even an
20:47argument it's not up for debate no more
20:49we are frugivores we are fruitarians
20:52genesis chapter 1 29 genesis chapter 1
20:55and verse 30 going back to guard the
20:57garden of eden that is what's going to
20:59bring restoration to yahweh's people
21:01point blank period and it's going to be
21:03by way of food because if we go back to
21:06this food it will bring us back into a
21:07hormonal balance with the heavenly
21:09creator with all its creation not only
21:12that it will actually bring in a certain
21:14mind of discipline it will install
21:16characteristics back into you to build
21:18your character and it will make you a
21:20man and a woman again at its essence if
21:22you really really want to change who you
21:24are and have that re-bursting experience
21:27it is going to be through the fruits in
21:29minor vegetables point blank period
21:32everybody want to start with
21:33spirituality everybody want to start
21:35with religion want to start work
21:37we want to start with working out people
21:38want to start with going on walks and
21:40meditating no the number one uno the
21:42first start to really rehabilitating and
21:45rejuvenating and rest
21:47and restoring your mind body spirit and
21:49soul will be through your livet not a
21:51diet but through your liver because that
21:53food is what brings the adequate amount
21:55of right information that you need to
21:57override and rewrite the dna that these
22:00demons or that this government have
22:02hijacked and rewritten over they re they
22:04have reprogrammed your dna we can take
22:07it back but first we have to start with
22:08our living i hate saying diet because
22:10words registered with the eat the world
22:12and then it manifests
22:15point blank period
22:16now check this out his name is gerald h
22:19 i gerald h is a
22:21caucasian man he discovered he
22:24rediscovered because that's all we're
22:26doing is reinventing rebirthing
22:28rediscovering because all these things
22:30already exist in an absolute world of
22:32possibilities you see that
22:36but notice so it says gerald h
22:39uh it says jerry polak is a scientist so
22:42he's a scientist y'all don't ever want
22:44to hear from yaki's mouse so if it's a
22:45white caucasian man y'all usually listen
22:47so that's why i'm pulling him up
22:49it says recognize worldwide as a dynamic
22:53speaker author whose passion lies in
22:55plumbing the depths of natural truth all
22:59right check this out it says he received
23:02the first emoto peace prize uh and
23:06and it is in his reciprocate of the
23:08universe university of washington
23:11highest honor now check out what he did
23:13y'all so this is him this is what he
23:16discovered or what he rediscovered check
23:18this out man it's gonna blow your mind
23:20this is gonna blow your mind let me blow
23:21this up real quick
23:23now what he rediscovered was a water
23:27that was a total different chemical
23:30makeup and structure than your tap water
23:32there was a total different chemical
23:34makeup and structure then your spring
23:36water that was a different total
23:39different chemical makeup structure than
23:41your bottled water
23:42then your rain wore all of this he found
23:45a new water y'all and guess what it
23:47wasn't in water so water is not even
23:50 water
23:51water ain't even water now check this
23:54it says uh
23:56it says hold on
23:57it says the effects of hypobaric oxygen
23:59conditions uh and it says on the
24:03ordering of interfacial water now this
24:05is what he found out beyond solid ice
24:08liquid bulk water and water vapor there
24:11is a fourth phase of water y'all see
24:14that interfacial exclusion zone
24:17exclusion meaning that this water have
24:19the capability of going inside of the
24:21cell and taking all the positive any in
24:24negative electricity and pushing it out
24:26of the cell to actually form a
24:29electrical pyramid y'all i mean i'm not
24:32even i'm not bullish in y'all literally
24:34this water is so etheric and so
24:37electrical that it it no it's so smart
24:40because it's structured water it know
24:42how to go inside the body use all of the
24:44minerals inside the body and form a
24:47pyramidal a pyramid charge they call it
24:50a hexogenocharge that a charge in
24:52rebirth and reconstruct the dna and
24:55guess what it's not tap water it's not
24:57spring water it's not bottled water it's
24:59not lake water it's not thermal water
25:02it's not inner earth water it ain't none
25:04of that because that stuff is not water
25:06it comes from fruits and it's look the
25:09the actual atomical number of it it's
25:11h3o2 which is very more uh
25:14hydrative and more alkaline than h2o
25:17this one have three hydrogens connect to
25:20it and they have two oxygens h2o just
25:22have two uh hydrogens and one oxygen
25:25so you even get more oxygen when it
25:27comes to this water now i want to blow
25:29it up to show you what i'm talking about
25:31real quick now check this out
25:34check this out
25:35we got uh 522 people in the building oh
25:39and this is my youtube and my facebook
25:41connected together so y'all make sure
25:43that y'all liking this and y'all sharing
25:45this because i'm gonna give y'all keys
25:46to the kingdom right now now check this
25:48out y'all this will blow your mind if
25:49you actually look on the left side under
25:52jerry it's gonna show you bulk
25:54water or what they're going to call
25:55water that comes from seeds lakes uh
25:57your tap water and stuff like that
26:00the positives in the bulk water then
26:02look at the easy water notice all the
26:04negative charge true water is supposed
26:06to have a negative charge not positive
26:08remember positive is always going to be
26:11your protons and remember that protons
26:13is always going to be acidic in nature
26:16that's where you get proteins from
26:18negative is always feminine aspect
26:20positive is always masculine you know
26:23men like to tear up men are very
26:25very destructive men die quicker than
26:27women so whenever you see that negative
26:29charge there's always the feminine
26:30aspect that's going to be the naturative
26:32uh nutrients that's going to be alkaline
26:35and that's what easy water is is a
26:38charge now i want to show y'all this
26:40because this is going to start blowing
26:42y'all mind now what i want to get into
26:45is i'm going to go off and say it off
26:47back that fruit is the water that you
26:49need you don't have to go bend over and
26:52lap this water you don't have to go
26:53create glasses and cups and like
26:56that to put this liquid in to drink it
26:58you literally all you have to do being
27:00the upright walking human being you are
27:03is just simply walk to a tree pluck from
27:05that pluck that fruit from that tree and
27:08eat that water you see that you don't
27:10need utensils you don't have to actually
27:12get in positions that you were not
27:13created in we're not created to be
27:15four-legged creatures so you shouldn't
27:17be on all fours lapping water like a dog
27:19because you're not a dog you don't have
27:21a long tongue to lap the water in anyway
27:23and you don't have the pores that these
27:25mammals have that the water goes
27:27strictly straight into the bloodstream
27:29in the digestive tract the moment that
27:31they lap it especially like camels you
27:32don't have different spots inside your
27:34body to store this water none of that
27:36showing you that you were not created to
27:38actually have that water that water for
27:40you is for bathing but the water you
27:42need for actually drinking which is
27:44eating will be your fruits and notice
27:46you can be you and stand up upright walk
27:49in the actual position that yahweh the
27:52creator the automatic creator created
27:54you and you can just pluck from that
27:55tree and you can get your water you can
27:57get your water you see that and then
28:00we're going to go through the fruits
28:02that have the highest amounts of h3o2
28:05now check this out let's keep it going
28:08now i want to show y'all the structure
28:10of this water now this is the structure
28:13of h3o in h3o2 now h3o is basically what
28:18you need for the body to start even
28:20begin to get his hydrative factors the
28:23body cannot even use h2o in order for
28:26the body to use h2o it have to be
28:28converted over into h3o y'all see that
28:32and y'all can google yourself think i'm
28:33lying now notice h2o and h3o is not even
28:37a complete molecular structure but when
28:39you get into fruit water or what we're
28:41going to call h3o2 notice that it's a
28:44complete structure it's a complete
28:46molecular structure and it actually
28:48looks like a symbol y'all that a lot of
28:49y'all can be like oh that sounds like
28:51egyptology but it looked like an unk or
28:53it looked like the tree of life or it
28:55looks like a key that's going to unlock
28:57portals it looks like a key that's going
28:59to unlock the junk dna it looked like a
29:02key that's going to unlock the akashic
29:04records this infinite eternal library
29:07that lies deep within side of the
29:09cellular mechanism look at it y'all see
29:11that look at how beautiful h3o2 looks
29:15like when you look at the atomic
29:16structure and the chemical composition
29:19of this molecular structure oh we
29:22oh we let's keep it going though now
29:25check this out when when when you're
29:27seeing this with with the exclusive zone
29:30water notice how it creates this barrier
29:33that i've been talking about and it
29:34actually erects the protein or erects
29:36the cell now when you drink regular h2o
29:39look at how the cell is just looped how
29:41the cell have no life in it damn it look
29:43like a dying peanut look like a it looks
29:46like a laid over kidney but if you look
29:48on the left side of your screen with the
29:50exclusive zone h3o2 water that come from
29:53your fruit notice that it creates itself
29:56a protective barrier because all of the
29:58negative and positive ions all the
30:01negative and positive electrolytes and
30:03electricities that was with inside of
30:06the cell the the the h3o2 pushes it it's
30:09what's called exclusive zone it is glue
30:12it pushes it out of the zone area and
30:14then you have something called the golgi
30:16apparatus of the cell or what we're
30:18going to call the mucosa membrane of the
30:20cell and all these negative and positive
30:22signals in charge literally wraps around
30:24the cells and resurrect the cell back to
30:28but you don't get that with h2o though
30:30h2o is not even a structured water i'm
30:33going to show y'all that h2o is not even
30:35a structured water now check this out i
30:38know y'all i know y'all like boy this
30:39boy is out his mind but you can't fake
30:41stuff like this see that this is h2o on
30:45the right side
30:46look at all the pollutants in it look at
30:48all the pollutants now i want to show
30:50y'all what h3o2 fruit water does this is
30:54what fruit water does to pollutants
30:56notice that it isolate them look at how
30:58structured and how beautiful it is
30:59notice it looks like a hexagram or it
31:01looks like the star david or it starts
31:03to shape just like your uh your dna your
31:07dna structure look at how beautiful h3o2
31:10water is compared to h2o look at it h2o
31:14water is unstructured it's uncivilized
31:16it's unstable it's just everywhere so
31:19you can't get the right amount of
31:20information that you need from h3o from
31:23h2o but when you eat the water from your
31:25fruits look at the beautiful frequencies
31:28and patterns that it bring to the body
31:30and this this is how you truly truly
31:32know that genesis 129 is the diet made
31:35for us because it makes this it makes a
31:37hexagram a oxagram it makes of the
31:40metatron the the cube
31:42all the things and notice i got my my q
31:45combo water right here cucumber juice
31:47this is that real h3o2 and then i got my
31:49coconut you know what i'm saying
31:54i'm getting my i'm getting my fully
31:56structured water molecules in my body
31:57right now y'all why y'all over there
31:59drinking all y'all
32:01drinking on y'all uh
32:03drinking all y'all tap water y'all
32:04bottled water it's dehydrating y'all
32:06family and that's the reason why we if
32:08you look at our geogenetic therapeutic
32:10package on the website
32:15you will see inside of our protocol we
32:17don't recommend you drink water at all
32:19we recommend that you juice eight ounce
32:21glasses uh eight eight ounce glasses of
32:23juice a day because that is more
32:25hydrative that is that have more amino
32:28acids and have more sugars in it and
32:30have more everything you need to cleanse
32:32your body to rehabilitate your body and
32:34to restore and just to clean out all of
32:36that dna and to get out all of these
32:39different things like vaccinations to
32:41get out all the pollutants from the food
32:43the toxemias the chemtrails all the
32:45 that you've been accumulating
32:47throughout your environment throughout
32:48your life the only thing that's going to
32:50get rid of that and truly truly purge
32:52that out will be the water from your
32:54fruits it would not be h2o i'm just
32:56telling y'all
32:57i mean look at it yes organic cucumber
33:00water is the best water on planet earth
33:02y'all and we gonna get to it y'all just
33:04just take this ride with me just take
33:06this ride with me and if juicing is too
33:08expensive just eat your fruits eat your
33:10water you know i'm saying it's not an
33:12excuse if juicing a lot of your juicing
33:14is too much you got 3 500 juices you
33:17don't need that just buy fruits and eat
33:19let your teeth be the juicer let your
33:22teeth grind up the molecular structure
33:24and grind up the fibers and everything
33:26of that fruit for you can get the uh
33:28uh the right amount of water that you
33:30need of the right amount of h3o2 you
33:32need for the for the molecular structure
33:34so i don't want to hear no that's too
33:36expensive i don't want to hear none of
33:37that y'all i want to hear none of that
33:40all right let's keep it going let's keep
33:42it going let's keep it going
33:46all right
33:47now what i want to show is how breast
33:49milk now notice when a baby is born
33:52all right when a baby is born a baby
33:54don't go straight on h2o they say a wait
33:57at least six to eight months to put that
33:58baby on h2o showing you that h2o is not
34:01the right adequate uh water that a baby
34:04needs showing you that it's not for
34:06mammals i mean well it's not for human
34:08mammals humanoids and even when you see
34:10baby calves and stuff come out you don't
34:12see them going to the lake or going to
34:13the spring to drink they get right on
34:15mama tit because that's everything you
34:17need that's the colostrum that's all the
34:20fatty acids you need that's all the
34:22amino acids you need that's all the
34:24trace minerals you need that's all the
34:25electricity you need and that is all the
34:28galactose you need see you there's three
34:30sugars that is essential for human life
34:32that makes carbon chain or carbon
34:34constituents which makes melanin we're
34:36melanated beans and we need carbon we
34:38need carbon hydrogen and oxygen h2o
34:41don't have all three of those see that
34:43h2o most definitely have hydrogen and
34:45oxygen but where is the carbon at where
34:47is the sugars inside of h2o but h3o2
34:51most definitely got fructose in it y'all
34:54see that astrio2 and certain vegetables
34:56most definitely got glucose in it y'all
34:59or what we're going to call your your uh
35:01a on uh uh lactose which is what
35:04they call sugars good lactose
35:06monosaccharides that mostly that most
35:08definitely got galactose which is sugar
35:10in it so you got breast milk
35:13natural occurring sugar we got
35:15vegetables natural occurring sugar we
35:18got fruits
35:20highly natural occurring sugars show me
35:22the natural occurring sugar in your
35:24water show me now somebody show me
35:26somebody show me natural occurring sugar
35:28that the body need for fuel inside of
35:31tap water inside of your spring water
35:33inside of your volcanic water somebody
35:35show me
35:36since everybody think yaki just be
35:38talking crap and like i'm just coming up
35:40with some
35:44i'll wait
35:46somebody show me
35:48somebody show me
35:53that's what i'm saying
35:54that's what i'm saying man you look look
35:57if you just sit back and you really
35:58really just start looking at this for
36:00what it is and get your ego out of it
36:02and get your indoctrination up out of it
36:04it makes so much sense to a lot of us
36:06but you know we we
36:09you know how it is man you know it is
36:10now check this out so it says uh check
36:13this out let me read this
36:15it says if your baby is under six months
36:17old they only need to drink breast milk
36:19or infant formula don't drink no damn
36:21infant formula infant formula is killing
36:23our babies there are so many different
36:25lawsuits against similac right now
36:27somebody google it and post the uh
36:29somebody google that and actually post
36:30it inside of the chat for me the
36:32lawsuits that's against similac right
36:34now because this infinite formula is
36:37truly truly killing our baby so you know
36:39your baby's supposed to be on the breast
36:40milk if you're not producing breast milk
36:42make sure that you're taking things
36:44that's going to help you produce breast
36:45milk and we can talk about that as well
36:47it says uh if your baby
36:50is under six months old they only need
36:52to drink breast milk or infant formula
36:54from six months of age you can give a
36:57baby small amounts of water see that
37:00even when they get six months you still
37:02can't even give them water it's as a
37:03matter of fact give them small amounts
37:05of water if needed and in addition to
37:08their breast milk or they formula feeds
37:10you see that so this shows you that
37:12you're not even supposed to be drinking
37:15water you can't even give it to an
37:16infant baby
37:18just like you wouldn't give an infant
37:20baby alcohol because it's bad for the
37:22body we just got to make it make sense
37:24family look all we got to do is sit back
37:25and just make this stuff make sense you
37:27wouldn't get alcohol to a baby because
37:30it's it's a toxic
37:32you don't give water to a baby because
37:34it's toxic
37:38how simple is this if we really really
37:40look look we have been bamboozled we
37:42have been lied to
37:44that's why the baby need breast milk
37:45different breast milk put that baby on
37:47actual coconut waters then from the
37:49coconut waters put that baby on
37:51cucumbers then from the cucumber water
37:53put that baby on juices and leave that
37:55baby a raw uh plant-based diet for the
37:58rest of his life they don't need cooked
37:59foods you're starting to mess the baby
38:01up the moment you start cooking all the
38:02bio photons cooking all the
38:04bioflavonoids i know six months i know
38:06six month babies sucking on chicken
38:08bones no bull
38:10i know people that is giving a baby meat
38:13look the water i know people that's
38:14bypassing that and doing dangerous
38:16they giving they baby meat chicken bones
38:19and everything is sick
38:20you are a bad parent doing that
38:22i know you don't know no better but you
38:24should know better now
38:26killing our babies messing up their
38:27lymphatic systems literally slowing down
38:30the interstitial fluids that they cells
38:32building up uric acid carbonic acid
38:34phytic acid shutting down these babies
38:36nervous systems and kidneys and they
38:38ain't even a year old
38:41you see that i mean look we have been
38:45we have been tricked
38:47we have been tricked
38:48i'm just keeping it real we have been
38:52we have now i will say this rain water
38:55rain water when you actually test the
38:57molecular chemical structure of rain
38:59water it is not bad for you you know
39:01osmosis water is not bad for you and it
39:03has some h3o properties it's not h3o2
39:06but it is h3o but h2o
39:09i don't see i really don't see the
39:11benefits of it other than washing skin
39:14if y'all think i'm lying y'all can ask
39:15my wives i do not drink water very i
39:18probably drink a a bottle of water once
39:20a week and that's when the juicing they
39:22get done we had a long day or something
39:24like that other than that like i'm
39:26straight i drink that's what i drink i
39:28drink i juice juice juice i am a i juice
39:30i juice a whole lot y'all i mean like
39:32when i say uh i'm a frugivore in nature
39:35i eat more fruits and i drink more
39:37fruits than anything this is what i be
39:38on i don't be on and i'm completely fine
39:40i'm completely healthy completely
39:42healthy nothing is wrong with my blood
39:44work i'm very hydrative i don't have
39:46high blood pressure i don't have
39:47diabetes my i regenerated my own heart
39:50tissue i used to have kidney failure i
39:51had scar tissue on my heart from
39:53snorting cocaine that was it's all types
39:55of messed up stuff that was wrong to me
39:56my juice fast and my herbs and switching
39:59to this plant-based frugivore diet 80
40:02percent frugivore 20 vegetables and i
40:05did at 100 10 percent i eat cooked foods
40:07here and there like for instance i just
40:08had some cook uh plantains you see what
40:11i'm saying other than that i'm all raw
40:13like y'all should see how in my mind i
40:15didn't gain clarity back i'm connected
40:18to the ether the non-ether i get
40:20downloads all the time my focus is
40:21 impeccable you know i'm saying
40:23like i feel like can't nobody beat me at
40:25this knowledge like like when it comes
40:27to knowledge and downloading and
40:28meditating and balancing
40:31that's because my diet is impeccable
40:34and i'm charged up off the h3o2
40:37straight up
40:38and i'm not bragging y'all i'm just
40:39showing y'all
40:40how amazing cause you can do the same
40:42thing if you get on the same livid if
40:44you get on the same live it not diet but
40:46live it
40:50all right now check this out let's keep
40:51it going let's keep it going
40:53let's keep it going
40:55now i want to talk about this
40:59when you get into fruit classifications
41:01because we're going to have to talk
41:02about fruit classifications because a
41:04lot of people think that coconuts is a
41:05nut uh well nuts or seeds and that's the
41:08part of the reproductive part of the
41:10plant some nuts are actually ovaries a
41:12lot of people don't even know that some
41:13of your nuts are actually ovaries y'all
41:14plant ovaries plants do have ovaries
41:16y'all if y'all didn't know but if it's a
41:18part of the reproductive part of the
41:20plant that is classified as a fruit so
41:23brazilian nuts is a fruit
41:25coconut is a fruit walnut is a fruit you
41:29see that these things are fruits it says
41:30fruit classifications to understand
41:32whether coconuts or fruits or not it is
41:35important to understand the difference
41:36between these two categories
41:39botanically fruits are a reproductive
41:42part of the plant's flower this includes
41:45its ripened ovaries showing you that
41:47plants have sex y'all have been telling
41:48y'all is for 12 years plants move they
41:50migrate plants have sex plants poop
41:53plants to plant they dance especially
41:55when the wind blow you'll see plants
41:57getting they dancing on like plants you
41:59the the closest thing to you will be the
42:01botanical kingdom and that's why yahweh
42:03created the herbs in the potential
42:05kingdom to be the healing for the
42:06nations because in order to heal the
42:08molecular structure you have to replace
42:10it with what was already once there
42:12y'all you can't replace it with
42:14something that don't exist or something
42:15that is foreign in chemistry to the
42:17human body because then you're going to
42:19activate the lymphatic defense system
42:21and all these immunological cells like
42:23the lymphocytes the phagocytes the the
42:25monofilaments the basal fills the
42:27nutrient fields it's going to come and
42:28it's going to attack your own body
42:31you see that now check this out it says
42:33botanically fruits or reproductive parts
42:35of the plants flower including its
42:37ripened ovaries seeds and nearby tissues
42:41this definition includes what ding ding
42:44ding ding we got it right y'all
42:46nuts which or a type of clothes seed
42:50y'all see that so coconuts are in fact a
42:52fruit it's a high level of fruit with a
42:55very very very high water content and i
42:58know a lot of y'all think that coconuts
42:59is going to be the highest in water
43:01content of fruits no it's not you have a
43:04certain h3o2 water from your fruits that
43:07is higher even than watermelon y'all
43:10it's a part of the millen family and if
43:11you drink one glass of this a day it
43:14will completely change your life around
43:16we have had penises that couldn't get
43:18hard and couldn't afford herbs and we
43:20just put them on this specific fruit and
43:22penis got hard as a rock within several
43:24days showing you how you know hydrated
43:27and showing you how electrical this
43:29fruit is and this h3o2 and just the the
43:33hexogenome molecules that comes with it
43:36all right
43:37if y'all getting everything i'm saying
43:38so far typing some nines family if y'all
43:40getting everything i'm saying so far
43:42typing some nines
43:51kathy go get a van don't be telling my
43:53lesson now
43:55don't be giving up all the jews you know
43:57you gotta you gotta let them anticipate
44:01we got 520 people in the room let's see
44:03if we can get up to 700 today
44:10i'ma tell y'all the fruit dang
44:13yes coconut water is the best oh now
44:16drinking it shipped in coconut waters it
44:18kind of ripen too much so right now i'm
44:20sucking on a lot of uh microbiotas right
44:22now which i wish i had more more atrial
44:25water content in it but they have to
44:26freeze these things to actually import
44:28them and ship them into uh you know the
44:30united states for you to drink them so
44:32if you're gonna drink coconut water and
44:33sustain yourself off of coconut water
44:35and coconut water only make sure you're
44:37you know in the jamaica's the bahamas
44:38you're somewhere where you can go or
44:40you're in florida somewhere you can go
44:41straight to the coconuts and you you cut
44:43them right off the tree that'll be more
44:45hydrative for you me
44:47i can't just sustain my body off of them
44:49because it's a lot of bacteria good
44:50bacteria biobid from bacteria lactose
44:53billus bacteria it's good bacteria but
44:55it's too much of it so you know i
44:56probably have like three three four of
44:58these a day but you know these is what
45:00you really need and i'm gonna break down
45:01everything y'all we gonna show y'all
45:03everything i will not leave no stone
45:05unturned tonight okay just stay in with
45:07me stay for the ride stay for the ride
45:09for those that are asking about
45:10questions on how to send questions to me
45:12questions at yacht uh it's
45:15actually down here for those in the
45:17herbs healing herbs for the body we just
45:19got a healing testimony in today again
45:21with hsv too i'm gonna post that
45:22tomorrow for y'all to see that hopefully
45:24she uh will do a healing testimony video
45:26for us for us that'll be beautiful
45:28uh but for those that need herbs go to
45:33which is in the bottom left side of the
45:36screen we're going to open the phone
45:37lines up later as well
45:38we're going to open the phone lines up
45:40later as well all right now check this
45:42out let's get to it let's get to it
45:43let's get to it
45:45all right i want to show y'all how
45:47important h3o2 is now check this out i'm
45:50moving this to the screen did you know
45:52this is important did you know and i
45:54want to show y'all these are real
45:55pictures of blood look at hydrated blood
46:00you see how they just in circles they
46:02look mature they're flowing throughout
46:04the vascular system out the arteries
46:06just looking beautiful delivering all
46:08the phytonutrients all the bioflavonoids
46:10all the biophotons all the hilla
46:12constituents and hillary modalities to
46:14the cells but look at dehydrated blood
46:17cells and this is actually what h2o do
46:20to the cells y'all and we're going to
46:21prove this we're going to prove this
46:22today it's going to blow your
46:24mind i'm telling you
46:26now check out what this says and this is
46:27just stuff people send me for my
46:29instagram i love instagram for those
46:31that are not following me on instagram
46:32make sure you follow me on instagram i
46:34got a very very large presence on there
46:36and they really really mess with me on
46:37instagram and on youtube as well uh
46:39facebook been hiding a lot of my content
46:42uh you know they always got me in
46:43facebook jail and stuff like that so you
46:45know i had a page of 30 000 followers
46:48that they completely shut down so now
46:49i'm just operating for my yaki hickman
46:51page i am trying to build it up but i'm
46:53real particular about what i say on
46:55facebook now because they shut you down
46:56quick now check out let's read this
46:59all right it says the water that is in
47:02the water that is contained within fresh
47:04fruits and vegetables isn't just h2o but
47:07it is actually living in structured
47:09water i just showed y'all what living in
47:11structured water looked like all right
47:13i'm gonna show you all again once we get
47:14done reading this right now check out
47:15what it's gonna say it says but it is
47:17actually living in structured water
47:19known chemically as h3o2 it is known as
47:22the fourth phase of water it's not quite
47:25a solid but not quite a liquid either it
47:28is more of a gel
47:31excuse me y'all
47:32it is more of a gel like substance and
47:34that's where the fruits come in it gives
47:36you that jelly-like substance and the
47:38reason why it's in a gel-like substance
47:40is for a particular reason i'ma show
47:41y'all all right now check this out it
47:43says this is the type of water that is
47:46found intracellularly in the body so
47:49even this water h2o is not even found in
47:51your body do you realize you can't even
47:53find h2o in the body guess what the
47:55water is inside of your body is it's
47:57actually classified as a lipid lipid
48:00just means jelly water like your
48:02lymphatic fluid that is a lipid jelly
48:04water blood plasma that is a lipid jelly
48:08water you see what i'm saying the mucosa
48:10membrane snot that is a lipid that ain't
48:13nothing but jelly water solubles
48:15everything all the water inside your
48:17body is h3o2 the body can not even
48:20metabolize h2o it have to convert it
48:23into h3o in order to even use it but
48:26with the fruits you already getting a
48:27step up from h3o you getting h3o2 so i'm
48:30not even talking about h2o period the
48:32body can't even digest the water unless
48:34it's h3o so we'll have to go through all
48:37this energy to even create to even uh uh
48:40and go through all these enzyme
48:41reactions to even take h2o into and
48:44convert it into h3o
48:47when you just go straight to the fruits
48:48though i mean you going to the
48:49nitty-gritty you going to the source we
48:51going to we going straight to h3o2
48:55h3o2 yo
48:57now check this out
48:58you don't drink water you eat water
49:01all right you don't drink water you eat
49:02water let's read this again
49:04it's and i'm gonna read it all the way
49:06through i know i got a bad problem at
49:07that i like to break these down
49:10it says the water it says uh the water
49:12that is contained within fresh fruits
49:15and vegetables isn't just h2o but it's
49:18actually living in structured water
49:19known chemically as h3o2 that is three
49:22hydrogens and two oxygens whenever you
49:24see the number behind the actual uh uh
49:27atomical uh uh element that is the
49:30number of its weights all right that's
49:32the atomical structure number so we have
49:34three hydrogens and two oxygens not only
49:36two oxygens and i mean two hydrogen and
49:38one oxygen way more oxygens which is
49:40going to convert more what carbon
49:43dioxide or what we're going to call
49:44light because the chemical number of
49:46light is nothing but carbon dioxide that
49:48have been oxidated and that's what you
49:50call h3o2 you see that h3o2
49:56co2 one carbon and two oxygens connected
50:00to it and that is the chemical atomic
50:02structure for light that's carbon that's
50:04melanin that's why melanin is nothing
50:06but a a small reflection of sunlight
50:08it's a percentage of the sun a per
50:12alright this is also known as the four
50:14phase of water it is not quite a solid
50:16but not quite a liquid either it's more
50:18of a gel-like substance this is the type
50:20of water that is found intracellularly
50:22in the body and the only type of water
50:25your body can utilize i said that
50:27somebody sent this to me to prove what
50:29i've been saying thank you for that it
50:31says when you consume just h2o your body
50:34has to convert it into h3o2
50:38now on this one he's kind of wrong the
50:39body have to convert it into h3o not
50:42h3o2 all right that's that goes through
50:44a whole another phase of meditation and
50:46everything where you can just go
50:47straight to the fruits and get it
50:48straight from there it says first before
50:50it's useful showing you that the body
50:52cannot use h2o it says therefore
50:54consuming water from fresh fruits and
50:56vegetables is far more i'm gonna put
50:58more in there superior to drinking water
51:01the only than drinking water and the
51:03only way to truly hydrate the cellular
51:06level i'm not making this up y'all did
51:09y'all just read that or not
51:12did look did we just read that or not
51:16oh we
51:17oh we there's some daggers right there
51:20there was some daggers now let's keep it
51:21going let's keep it going
51:23let's keep it going you know everybody
51:25got something to say now look i want to
51:27show y'all something it is so crazy
51:30you know even when you go to the doctor
51:33and they say you are dehydrated all
51:35right my question is this y'all for
51:38those that are online when you go to the
51:40doctor and you are dehydrated what do
51:43they put inside of that saline what is
51:45inside of that saline and that iv is
51:48they giving you water
51:50we let's talk about it are you getting
51:54what is this actually inside of that
51:56saline that they are tapping into your
51:58iv line to hydrate the body see even
52:00they know yes you're getting salt what
52:03else are you getting yes there you
52:05that's right you getting destroys and
52:07sugar your actual industrials is nothing
52:09but fructose and glucose mixed together
52:11with salt so they giving you sugar water
52:14notice they not giving you h2o they're
52:16giving you sugar water well guess what
52:18natural sugar and synthetic sugar water
52:20but they even know that water can't even
52:22hydrate your ass because if so they
52:24would have just gave you regular salt
52:25and h2o but no you get destroys
52:29which is a mixture of glucose and
52:31fructose in liquids or what you call
52:33h3o2 constituents now it is synthetic
52:36they made it up but notice that they
52:39don't give you regular water because
52:40regular water is known to dehydrate you
52:43they actually put sugar water into your
52:47you cannot make this up man
52:52they actually put sugar water in your
52:54bloodstream well guess what is natural
52:56occurring sugar water i just told y'all
52:58that you don't find sugar in h2o you're
53:00not gonna find sugar inside of the ocean
53:02water you're not gonna find sugar inside
53:04of the lake water you're not gonna find
53:06sugar inside of your tap water because
53:08it don't have carbon in it carbon is
53:09sugar it's called a carbon constituent
53:11chain well guess what you find sugar
53:13water in naturally occurring by the
53:15creator yahweh your fruits and your
53:17vegetables the fruits fructose water
53:21vegetables glucose water if you put
53:23fructose and glucose toes together it
53:25creates something called destroys now if
53:27you cook the destroys this creates
53:29something called sucrose so you're
53:31putting dextrose inside of h2o and
53:34putting salt and potassium in it mixing
53:36it up in a saline and then you're giving
53:38it to people that are dehydrated because
53:40the government know that h2o is not real
53:43 water bad
53:45straight up
53:51oh man look hey i'm just
53:54this stuff is amazing
53:57it'd be right in your face the whole
54:02it'd be right in your face the whole
54:06if water was so hydrative and i'm
54:08pulling up to the hospital in the er
54:10dehydrated then why won't you just give
54:13me water why do you have to give me
54:15carbon water or what you call sugar
54:17water or what you call
54:19fructose water or glucose water or what
54:21we're going to scientifically call h3o2
54:26fruit water or vegetable water
54:29oh we y'all ain't red look y'all ain't
54:32ready and right i wish i wish this is a
54:34500 mic so i can't drop it but if i
54:36could i'd drop this cinema
54:38i'll drop it right now and walk off but
54:41i paid too much for it
54:44boy now check this out so so so look
54:48so when you're dehydrated
54:50you actually go to the doctor
54:53to get an iv
54:55full of sugar water h3o2
54:58you see that you think oh yeah they just
55:00giving me they hydrate me they giving me
55:01my water you don't even know that they
55:03don't created our artificial sugar water
55:05to give you because they know
55:07they know
55:08that you are a frugal frugivore they
55:10know that you are fruitarian they never
55:13tell you that but they know they know
55:15they most definitely know
55:18all right so let's let's talk about this
55:19let's talk about this now now we're
55:21starting to get into you know
55:23where is the most constituents where is
55:24the most hydrative factors in the most
55:26foods it says fruits and vegetables
55:28hydrate more effectively than water
55:30after exercise according to studies
55:32google this it will pop up now the
55:33question you're going to notice what
55:34they're showing you zucchini which is a
55:36melon it's a fruit but it's a melon
55:38cantaloupe which is a melon it's a fruit
55:40it's a melon cucumber which is a melon
55:42it's a fruit but it's a melon watermelon
55:44which is a melon it's a fruit but it's a
55:47all right then you got grapefruit which
55:48is very very high in water uh peaches
55:51the more more i've been studying peaches
55:52i don't know about them peaches man they
55:54starting to look real real real gmo
55:56y'all hybrid it strawberries you know
55:58got ohio and strawberry have the highest
56:01amount of dna and that's the thing too
56:03show me that's another thing show me dna
56:05and water
56:07when you actually look up dna and water
56:08or you look up amino acids in water
56:10these are non-essential amino acids that
56:12don't even come from the actual water it
56:14comes from the fish and things all the
56:16living entities that's what's inside of
56:18the water so if you check water for dna
56:20you're going to start finding fish dna
56:22did you know if you check the dna of
56:24fruit the fruit have its own freaking
56:27it is a own living bioness and
56:30luminescent entity it got its own dna
56:34just like a human have its own dna like
56:36a fish amphibian have his own dna uh h2o
56:40don't have his own dna you check these
56:42waters in these lakes with dna you gonna
56:44find it but it ain't a dna that's from
56:45the water it's a dna from the
56:47inhabitants of it but if you check a
56:49fruit for dna particularly a strawberry
56:52go get this stuff y'alls common sense it
56:54got its own dna meaning it comes with
56:56its own information instructional code
56:58food is for information so the highest
57:01energetic information by way of
57:02deoxyribose nucleic acid that can
57:05actually restructure cleanse and reform
57:08and restorate you will be fruits or your
57:11fruit water
57:13oh we
57:14oh we and fruits and coconuts is it's
57:18the only thing
57:20that come close to a drop of a woman's
57:22titty milk ain't nothing messing with
57:24this y'all
57:25ain't nothing messing with this
57:28look at that so you got h3o2
57:30inside of the breast milk
57:32the composition of breast milk changes
57:34as the body grows here is just some of
57:36the ingredients that may be present it's
57:39over ten thousand different ingredients
57:41inside of the woman's breast milk and
57:43particularly the black the black woman
57:44breast milk she got over twenty thousand
57:46different type of enzyme reaction and
57:48ingredients but we're gonna stick to ten
57:50you know what i'm saying because i don't
57:51wanna i don't want you i want y'all to
57:53get too far out there let's let's stick
57:54to the minimum see i've been noticing
57:56y'all learn better when i keep it
57:57minimal because when i start going way
57:59out there you know y'all want to get all
58:00religious on me
58:02notice you got water h3o2
58:04inside of the woman's breast milk you
58:06have simple amino acids i hate that word
58:08protein because we are not a complex
58:11amino acid structures so you got simple
58:13amino acids inside the woman's breast
58:14milk you have lactose or what you're
58:17going to call galactose because that's
58:18exactly what's inside of there you have
58:20essential fatty acids that's inside of
58:22there that's going to put that meat on
58:23that baby you have lone you have long
58:25chain poly saturated fats fatty acids
58:28look at all these acids inside here you
58:30have breast
58:31specific macrophages you look this
58:34inside the fruits as well y'all that's
58:35why i'm showing you this look and inside
58:38of the fruit and inside of the woman's
58:40breast milk you have your own freaking
58:42lymphatic system
58:44you have your own defense system inside
58:46the damn milk y'all same thing with
58:49you have antibodies same thing with
58:51fruits you have antibodies inside of
58:52fruits you have hormones and you have
58:54growth factors same thing with fruits
58:56you don't have hormones and growth
58:57factors inside the water unless the
58:58government evolutis is putting it in her
59:01like what they've been doing like how
59:03they've been putting atrazine inside the
59:04water these gender vending properties
59:07and turning males and and
59:09into bisexuals turning females into
59:11bisexuals shrinking the black man's
59:13penis by inches every year and it's all
59:16in the water that we drinking they just
59:18drop dumping all types of hormones and
59:19 inside the water that's completely
59:22just messing up our spiritual mechanisms
59:24and i am cursing a lot in this video
59:26segment so anybody on here uh you know
59:28if you got children's if you if you
59:29don't like them listening to this type
59:31of ugh you know language i do suggest
59:33you don't have them listen to it so
59:34please don't flag me
59:36just tell your children to go play the
59:37game or go read a book or something
59:39don't flag me because i'm cussing y'all
59:40like because this is a very passionate
59:43cussing session right now so you might
59:44hear and some more stuff right
59:47now check this out you got hormones and
59:49growth factors you have stem cells and
59:51you have uh epithelial uh lactosites you
59:54see that then you have angliosaccharides
59:57and it says as as many as 800 strands of
01:00:02antibacterial and antiviral enzymes
01:00:06vitamins and minerals water ain't got
01:00:08dead but guess what got everything that
01:00:10i just listed everything that i just
01:00:12listed inside the black woman's breast
01:00:14milk inside of any woman's breast milk
01:00:15cause it's over ten thousand more we get
01:00:17and get into that in another lesson but
01:00:19notice water don't h2o don't have that
01:00:22but your h3o2 yo fruit water show got
01:00:24that show have that everything that you
01:00:27need to sustain the human mechanism
01:00:34oh we
01:00:36oh wait you shall write it ain't cursing
01:00:38a curse word will say will be like
01:00:39 curse the man that lies
01:00:42with his mother you're cursed if you
01:00:43 your mother so mother that's a
01:00:44curse word but yeah what i'm saying is
01:00:46not curse words it most definitely is
01:00:48profanity so uh this is not a pro
01:00:50fantasy inhibit inhibited uh a segment
01:00:53right now so if if you got your children
01:00:55around you know out of if you don't like
01:00:57them listening to stuff like this i
01:00:58advise you you know put their headphones
01:01:00on somewhere and have them go read a
01:01:01book or something
01:01:02all right all right now we going in
01:01:04let's keep going in let's keep going in
01:01:05let's keep going in
01:01:08all right now check this out this is
01:01:10actually talking about the chemical
01:01:12constituents inside of the actual saline
01:01:15that they give you in the hospital
01:01:19intravenous sugar solutions you see that
01:01:23family of medication they come in a
01:01:26number of strengths including five
01:01:27percent 10
01:01:29and 50 what destroys
01:01:32which is a what
01:01:34a mixture of fructose and
01:01:36what glucose
01:01:39h3o2 it says why they may not start out
01:01:42as a hypertonic they become hypertonic
01:01:44solutions as the sugar is metabolized
01:01:48versions are also available mixed with
01:01:50saline so this is what they giving you
01:01:52in the hospital they're giving you fruit
01:01:54water or vegetable water i mean like i
01:01:56said it's synthetically made is
01:01:57chemically made in a laboratory but they
01:01:59got the picture and got the point they
01:02:00know you can do that with regular water
01:02:02and look y'all this is clinic data i i
01:02:05post all the sources y'all ain't making
01:02:06none of this stuff up y'all this name
01:02:09none of this is made up
01:02:11none of this is made up
01:02:14all right y'all see this
01:02:15all right now when you actually start
01:02:17getting into the amino acids that's in
01:02:19actual water protein structures is in
01:02:21water none of it comes from the actual
01:02:24water uh it's called hydro uh
01:02:26hydrophobic or uh hydrophobic polar and
01:02:30change charge amino acids and these are
01:02:33accumulated and it actually comes from
01:02:35the uh
01:02:37the aquatic
01:02:40entities that's inside of the water
01:02:41y'all so when you check dna and water it
01:02:44is not the dna of the actual water
01:02:45because water doesn't have its own dna
01:02:48h3o2 does but not h2o it's actually the
01:02:50dna the deoxyribose nucleic acids that's
01:02:52coming from the fish that's coming from
01:02:54the crabs and all the things that live
01:02:56inside of the actual uh water
01:03:00all right
01:03:01uh what else i want to show y'all now
01:03:02let's let's let's start getting straight
01:03:03to it so yeah if y'all ready to get
01:03:05straight to it y'all ready to get
01:03:07straight into it what fruits hold the
01:03:09whole hold the most amount of water what
01:03:11kind of structures and stuff they make
01:03:13type in some knives and let's get it
01:03:16let's get it
01:03:17that's right antonio perez three biggest
01:03:19three business three bidders my three
01:03:21bidders are changing the entire world
01:03:25all right so if y'all ready to know
01:03:27what's the best fruits what fruits hold
01:03:29though the highest amount of water more
01:03:31than anything and what's the best fruits
01:03:33to take with the best herbs y'all typing
01:03:35them knives we gonna drop it right now
01:03:37y'all we gonna drop it right now and
01:03:39then we're gonna open up the phone lines
01:03:41that's right jamal jackson my brother
01:03:43changing the game you know they they
01:03:44hate me for the information but it's all
01:03:46good i love my hebrew brothers and
01:03:47sisters the bible don't say that the
01:03:49bible say the water of the well jesus
01:03:52was at the well
01:03:53hamashia yahushua was at the whale akh
01:03:58y'all know how the hebrews is
01:04:01they used to love me now they hate me
01:04:03it's all good though i need oil
01:04:08i love you i love aki i love you a coach
01:04:11i love you sisters i love y'all a thumb
01:04:16i love y'all it's all love
01:04:19y'all just me ma y'all y'all mad because
01:04:20i'll be on y'all asses i'll be i'm i'm
01:04:22here to bring discipline everything that
01:04:24you've been taught is a lie you got to
01:04:26get you it's time to it's time to
01:04:27convert to be a nazarite you need to
01:04:29come over on my side that is the true
01:04:31hebrew doctrine becoming a nazarite
01:04:34putting down the flesh all these
01:04:36sacrificial laws and all that other
01:04:38that that ain't supposed to be in there
01:04:39it's time to get away from that all the
01:04:41eating animals flesh
01:04:43drinking your liver to a pope
01:04:45jesus even turned water to ron ock
01:04:48nah he didn't somebody wrote that in
01:04:49there player
01:04:51straight up it's time to get away from
01:04:52that oh you can smoke the weed awk the
01:04:55herbs are for the healing of the nation
01:04:57so god told you to take a plant put a
01:04:59fire to it and inhale the impurities of
01:05:01the plant no
01:05:03god ain't told your ass to do nothing
01:05:05like that you told yourself to do that
01:05:08we gotta hey look it's it's time to
01:05:09really start leveling up it's time to
01:05:12start leveling up family
01:05:13it's time to start leveling up
01:05:16all right time to start leveling up
01:05:20all right now let's get it let's get
01:05:21straight to it let's get straight to it
01:05:25all right show y'all that all right let
01:05:26me start showing y'all this first i want
01:05:27to show y'all this because it's just a
01:05:28beautiful picture look at the fruits and
01:05:30look at the vegetables just just making
01:05:32the deoxy ribonucleic acid double helix
01:05:34backbone pintos backbones just look at
01:05:37the hexagram look at this full 3d
01:05:39constructional dna model y'all look how
01:05:42beautiful it is and notice that it is
01:05:44actually made
01:05:47fruits and vegetables
01:05:49beautiful very very beautiful
01:05:51genesis 1 29 bearish 129 all day
01:05:55all day long
01:05:57book uh book of isaiah chapter 11 all
01:05:59day long
01:06:02revelation chapter 21 and 22
01:06:04all day long the tree of life that was
01:06:07standing in the midst of the garden
01:06:10and every month it yielded seven manners
01:06:13of fruit
01:06:14and guess what this fruit was made for
01:06:16it was the eternal food
01:06:19etheric eternal beings to live forever
01:06:22see the fruit is the man of bread that
01:06:25is the manna that far from the heavens
01:06:28you see what i'm saying that is the true
01:06:30eternal the fruit is made for god y'all
01:06:33if you really want to eat knock your
01:06:35body if you really want to change your
01:06:36molecular structure and be the superior
01:06:39you know supernatural being that you are
01:06:42intended to be
01:06:43get on the diet of the angles of light
01:06:45get on the diet of the nazarenes get on
01:06:47this elevational diet and that is a raw
01:06:50fruit and vegetable diet high in fruits
01:06:5280 fruit
01:06:5420 vegetables
01:06:56and i'm not saying don't even have fun
01:06:57in creation you can play around you know
01:06:59every now and then you can get you some
01:07:00cook food just know if you cook it ain't
01:07:02gonna be alkaline it's gonna be alkaline
01:07:03before you put it in that grease and put
01:07:05it on that skillet but then you're gonna
01:07:06change the molecular structure and the
01:07:07positive and negative charge of the food
01:07:09so it ain't alkaline no more but it
01:07:10ain't gonna kill you because you you
01:07:12living on a 80 20 raw diet anyway every
01:07:15now and then you're just playing in
01:07:16creation having a little fun like i said
01:07:18i had a little fun today i had me some
01:07:19uh fried plantains and they were fired
01:07:21in the mug
01:07:23y'all i'm saying with some uh with some
01:07:24uh forbidden grass some bitter rice fire
01:07:28it was alkaline before before any i
01:07:30cooked it it went alkaline after that
01:07:31but i still ate it i'm not gonna die i'm
01:07:34on herbs i'm on my juices i'm gonna
01:07:36cleanse my system so i'm not saying you
01:07:38gotta be straight frugivore straight
01:07:40fruit terry i'm not even saying it i'm
01:07:42saying start bringing balance back you
01:07:44know what i'm saying make sure that most
01:07:46of the stuff you put in your body is
01:07:47fruits organic fruits with seeds and
01:07:50totally don't ever put no piece of meat
01:07:52in your mouth period if it's flesh stay
01:07:54far away from it if it's milk from
01:07:56another animal or another species or
01:07:58another mammal stay far away from it if
01:08:01it's grains keep your ass far away from
01:08:03them grains they totally loud about the
01:08:04grains and that's my next segment how
01:08:06unhealthy and how deadly grains are
01:08:08they're some of the most deadliest
01:08:09things on planet earth grains is is
01:08:11 worse than protein man i mean
01:08:13they like they are very very very
01:08:15corrosive in chemistry and it forms like
01:08:17a glue inside the body that just clunks
01:08:19the cells together them grains are some
01:08:23some crazy man
01:08:25all right now check it out let's get to
01:08:26it let's get to it so
01:08:28ding ding ding y'all got it right family
01:08:30so the the highest
01:08:32amount of water h3o and fruits the the
01:08:34one will be the melon family and out of
01:08:36the melon family it would be the
01:08:38cucumber i know a lot of y'all thought
01:08:39it was coconut no it's not it's not
01:08:41coconut it's not coconut i know a lot of
01:08:43y'all probably thought it was watermelon
01:08:44no it's not watermelon you get the most
01:08:47of your h3o
01:08:49positive and negative charge exclusion
01:08:51zone water h3o2 i mean
01:08:54from cucumbers cucumbers hold up to 96
01:08:58water out of 100
01:09:00that is mind-blowing
01:09:03make sure you skin them skin the skin
01:09:06the skin have way too much cellulose and
01:09:08you wouldn't eat the skin off a
01:09:09watermelon off a honeydew melon
01:09:11cucumbers is a melon just like zucchini
01:09:13is a melon so you they grow on certain
01:09:16vines bush vines and stuff like that so
01:09:18you cannot eat the skin but you can most
01:09:20definitely crack it open and if even if
01:09:22you see the way like certain animals eat
01:09:24them they grind the skin off with their
01:09:26teeth and then they eat it but you're
01:09:28not supposed to eat the skin but if you
01:09:29want some real good water this is
01:09:30cucumber water right here mixed with
01:09:32like two green apples but it's mainly
01:09:34cute let me move this out the way
01:09:36let me show y'all let me show y'all how
01:09:37amazing this is man
01:09:40you see that
01:09:41that is what you call cucumber water oh
01:09:48all right so let's read this real quick
01:09:51it says cucumbers are made of 90 water
01:09:54that's the highest water content of any
01:09:57food straight up
01:09:59notice it called this water it's the
01:10:00highest of any food
01:10:02a glass of actual tap water a glass of
01:10:05actual spring water glass of sparkly
01:10:07water of mountain uh uh ice mountain
01:10:10water ain't got
01:10:12on some cucumbers
01:10:14let me say that again you can get your
01:10:17yo yo yo yo yo your ice mountain you can
01:10:20get your uh uh your evin water you can
01:10:23get your well water
01:10:25you can get your volcanic water you can
01:10:27get your starkly water
01:10:29you can get your your any alkaline water
01:10:31you bring and we can do a test a
01:10:34electrical test
01:10:36a ph test and we can send samples off
01:10:39all we got to do is boil it down to its
01:10:41ashes and send samples off to my
01:10:42laboratory here in st louis or in
01:10:44belleville missouri i mean illinois and
01:10:46i i'm telling you cucumber gonna come
01:10:48out whooping ass ain't nothing more
01:10:50hydrative i have more electrolytes not
01:10:53even not even coconut water is messing
01:10:55with cucumbers
01:10:57ain't that's beautiful because cucumbers
01:10:58grow everywhere anybody have
01:11:00accessibilities to cucumbers so we don't
01:11:03even have the excuse no more and
01:11:04cucumber is a melon it's a part of the
01:11:07melon family
01:11:09just like a zucchini is part of the
01:11:11melon family just like squashes and
01:11:13pumpkins these are part of the melon
01:11:17they grow on the same melon vine y'all
01:11:20the whole fruit lies a law uh law's a
01:11:23lie it's all a tax law they all lied due
01:11:25to taxes so they started classifying
01:11:27certain fruits as vegetables and certain
01:11:29you know regular fruits as melons and
01:11:31certain melons as regular fruits when
01:11:32they not these things have particular
01:11:34classifications for a particular reason
01:11:36because they do something different when
01:11:37you consume them vegetables build
01:11:41you see that vegetables have a lot of
01:11:42nitric acids in them
01:11:45fruits have a lot of amino acids in them
01:11:46but they also have a high amount of
01:11:48electrolytes which they cleanse the body
01:11:51you see that so vegetables build the
01:11:53body fruits actually cleanse and heal
01:11:55the body
01:11:56and then your melons is just in its own
01:11:58lane of its own because they have so
01:12:00much sugar content i mean they
01:12:02get carbonated like fermentation happen
01:12:04quickly in melons because a lot of them
01:12:06are over 90 or over 90 water
01:12:08constituents in them h3o2 is just
01:12:10seeping from their pores
01:12:16all right so there you go again let's
01:12:17read it one more time we gonna keep it
01:12:20yes whole fruit is the best no doubt
01:12:23done with it
01:12:24shouts out to done with it whole fruits
01:12:26is the best so cucumbers cucumbers
01:12:28cucumbers cucumbers uh i would make sure
01:12:31well aniyal just had the baby so i'll
01:12:33make sure kawaii do a fruit well she
01:12:35could probably still do that too one of
01:12:37them they get together and they figure
01:12:38out who somebody gonna do a fruit juice
01:12:40show you exactly how to juice them how
01:12:41to skin them what to mix them with and
01:12:43how to make your own tonic your own
01:12:45juice healing therapy tonic and we're
01:12:48gonna throw that up for y'all like y'all
01:12:49got my word
01:12:50all right now look let's get to the next
01:12:52on the list because y'all i bet y'all so
01:12:54next is coconuts so first
01:12:56we had the actual cucumbers which was 90
01:13:0096 water next we got coconuts now when
01:13:03you start getting into coconuts coconut
01:13:05h3o2 uh exclusive zone water not h2o h2o
01:13:09is not for human consumption it is for
01:13:10human it's topically you can use it to
01:13:13you know scrape your skin get the dead
01:13:14skin cells get that ring around the tub
01:13:17and stuff like that it's good for that
01:13:18it's good for washing out utensils and
01:13:20bowls and like that you can wash
01:13:22your hair with it and all of that but if
01:13:24you really really really want to get
01:13:26high-end uh water and really hydrate the
01:13:28body and keep this electrical body
01:13:30electric and etheric because you are
01:13:32etheric melanin bean
01:13:35h3o2 first first water you run to is
01:13:38your cucumbers eat your water second
01:13:40water you're going to eat not drink
01:13:41which would be your coconut and most
01:13:43definitely get that skin and if you got
01:13:45herpes stay away from the skin because
01:13:47they have a large amount of something
01:13:49called uh
01:13:50arginine in it and this is an amino acid
01:13:52that actually promotes outbreaks and
01:13:53stuff because it's trying to get the
01:13:55parasites and the protein out of the
01:13:56body arginine is not bad for you it's
01:13:58actually healthy for you but it's bad
01:14:00for you if you have hsv 1 or hsv 2. uh
01:14:03you need things with more of l-lysine in
01:14:05it than l-arginine so if you got
01:14:07actually herpes don't eat the coconut
01:14:09just drink the water out of it but if
01:14:11you don't have it most definitely drink
01:14:12that skin because the skin is more
01:14:14hydrative than actual water inside of
01:14:16the coconut the actual flesh of the
01:14:17coconut i mean and notice this is only
01:14:19two percent down from the cucumbers and
01:14:21it just contains 94 water and very
01:14:25little fat all the fat is actually
01:14:27inside of the milk coconut milk and
01:14:28that's when you start eating and chewing
01:14:30on the flesh coconut milk is very good
01:14:32for you
01:14:33which is made by adding water and grated
01:14:35coconut meat all right y'all got that so
01:14:38far so the first thing we got on there
01:14:40we actually have the uh cucumbers number
01:14:43one in a building cucumbers number two
01:14:46is going to be your coconuts you and and
01:14:48if you are not staying somewhere like
01:14:50florida where coconuts just grow on
01:14:52trees or not in colombia in the tropics
01:14:54because we are truly islanders i'm an
01:14:56island boy
01:14:58i know y'all heard that one of two white
01:14:59boys boy b bug it up but we the real
01:15:02islanders we the real melanated
01:15:03islanders island boys island females
01:15:05island gods and goddesses where the
01:15:07coconuts grow you can live all coconuts
01:15:09alone you know uh
01:15:11it's a brother a breatharian that i'm
01:15:12real cool with and he don't eat no food
01:15:14he just drink water and he breathe the
01:15:17only water he consumed he don't even eat
01:15:20he just breathed
01:15:21he do a lot of diaphragmatic breathing a
01:15:23lot of dmt breathing a lot of reverse uh
01:15:25diaphragmatic breathing and all he drink
01:15:27is coconut waters no more and he look
01:15:29good body tight ripped up he got more
01:15:32energy i mean like dude is crazy he's
01:15:34out he's not an astral projecting
01:15:36everything and he don't even eat he just
01:15:38drink coconut waters other than that he
01:15:39eating the air you know he's a
01:15:41breatharian and that's where i'm going
01:15:42towards i'm going towards the breath
01:15:43area that's why i've been doing breath
01:15:44work we got breath work classes and i
01:15:46just i do a lot of breath work and
01:15:47meditation now so other than that you
01:15:49actually have uh 90 oh y'all peep that
01:15:52y'all didn't heard the island boy song
01:15:54y'all heard the island boy sung that
01:15:56song crazy so uh second on the list will
01:15:59be your coconuts which is 94 percent
01:16:02water alright that's number two can
01:16:04anybody guess what number three is
01:16:08can anybody guess what number three
01:16:09let's see hit that like button make sure
01:16:11y'all liking y'all share this y'all
01:16:22anybody can guess
01:16:24that's right
01:16:26that's right
01:16:29athena epiphina i think that's your name
01:16:31goddess epiphina i think i'm saying it
01:16:34right kendall that's right it will be
01:16:36the melon family it's the melon family
01:16:39it is the melon family y'all the melon
01:16:42family let's pull it up
01:16:45let's pull it up this will be your third
01:16:48on the list any of your melons all right
01:16:51melons such as cantaloupe and watermelon
01:16:53have some of the highest water content
01:16:56more than 90
01:16:58so first
01:16:59we have the the top dog melon that's
01:17:02what i'ma call it i'm gonna call it the
01:17:03top dog melon that's cucumber it's
01:17:04killing anything in the game when it
01:17:06comes to h3o2
01:17:07when it comes to just you know hydrative
01:17:09factors to the body cleansing the body
01:17:11rebuilding the body open up the kidneys
01:17:13for kidney filtration getting the
01:17:15lymphatic system moving because h3o2 is
01:17:17actually what the interstitial fluid of
01:17:19your body is made out of which is what
01:17:21you call lymph
01:17:23lymphocyte fluid that's h3o2 that's
01:17:25lipids that's a wall water oil solvency
01:17:28damner look like a gel snot mucus that's
01:17:30what the cholesterol is too your whole
01:17:32body is not your body is made of h3o2
01:17:34not or h3o and h3o2 not h2o at all your
01:17:37body the water in your body look like a
01:17:39damn gel this is what it is and so the
01:17:41first one was cucumbers
01:17:43the second one we have is coconut and
01:17:45third on the list is any other melon
01:17:47after that any other melon after that
01:17:49have ninety percent ninety percent y'all
01:17:51make sure y'all writing this stuff down
01:17:52or y'all can go back and just reference
01:17:54this video now let's go to the fourth on
01:17:57the list
01:17:58all right the fourth on the list you
01:18:00already know it's apples apples and it
01:18:03comes in as a at a whopping 86
01:18:0686 water
01:18:08h3o2 water not h2o 86 percent water
01:18:14so the fourth on the list is your apples
01:18:18and if y'all know me i love apples
01:18:25nehemiah my brother nakamura how you
01:18:27feeling nazarite
01:18:29how you feeling nazarene
01:18:31i love you indeed in truth brother
01:18:34love you indeed and truth
01:18:35yeah me look they can't knock this
01:18:37information look they can talk all the
01:18:39smack they want but they can't knock
01:18:40this information nehemiah y'all saying
01:18:42the nazi right way is the way man i mean
01:18:45it's just truth man you know you can't
01:18:47knock truth like i was saying on my
01:18:48instagram page truth is absolute you
01:18:50can't you can try to hide it you can try
01:18:52to cover it up you can try to break it
01:18:53burn it bend it all that you can
01:18:55try to do to it but it's so absolute and
01:18:57it's it's his own elemental entity it's
01:19:00going to always reveal itself you know
01:19:02and we in the end times where everything
01:19:03is revealing itself
01:19:06and pumpkin is very very good for y'all
01:19:08uh and they're selling a lot of pumpkins
01:19:10now due to hollow evening uh we don't
01:19:13 with halloween you know that's most
01:19:14definitely uh worshiping of uh low
01:19:16thought form frequencies and of dark
01:19:17beans we light beans we come from the
01:19:19non-ether you know we come we come from
01:19:21the cosmos we don't worship uh lower
01:19:24life forms and lower intelligent forms
01:19:26we we we actually bile and worship the
01:19:28intelligent form you see what i'm saying
01:19:30but you do have an opportunity now to go
01:19:32buy you a lot of pumpkins pumpkins are
01:19:34very very very high in water content
01:19:36y'all pumpkins pumpkins oil i mean
01:19:38they're amazing and pumpkins are highly
01:19:40highly alkaline as well so the and
01:19:42pumpkin seeds are very good for you as
01:19:44well remember it's a fruit any time
01:19:46anytime it's the productive part of the
01:19:49whether it's an ovary because a lot of
01:19:51seed a lot of nuts a lot of nuts that
01:19:52y'all call nuts are actually plant
01:19:54ovaries y'all just keep it real they're
01:19:55hard calcified plant ovaries
01:19:58a lot of them are embryos too
01:20:00the embryos that never grow that's why
01:20:01you when you sprout certain of them they
01:20:03sprout like you know legumes look most
01:20:05of your legumes are embryos they're
01:20:06plant embryos a lot of y'all don't know
01:20:07this stuff but we're literally eating a
01:20:09reproductive part of the plant
01:20:11we are you know what i'm saying
01:20:14all right so here we go we got the melon
01:20:15i mean we got the apples 86 so you know
01:20:18number one came in was 96 that was your
01:20:21cucumbers then uh we had the 94 percent
01:20:25h3o2 water constituents uh that was
01:20:27actually your
01:20:29coconut water then we came in at uh 90
01:20:33that was your melons and then now we got
01:20:3686 percent that is your apples and let's
01:20:39keep it pushing let's keep it pushing
01:20:42now we got 80 to 84 percent and these
01:20:45will be things like your grapes and
01:20:46every other fruit you know they're
01:20:48always between 80 and 84 all right 80
01:20:51and 84 and the reason why groups don't
01:20:53uh grapes don't have that much water
01:20:55content in it is because they so
01:20:57astringent before they can pull and you
01:20:59know suck tumors out of the body and
01:21:01break down the glomulation of
01:21:02coagulation and you know just really
01:21:05really break up the polypeptides and you
01:21:07know disintegrate the proteins from
01:21:08within the body because the body is a
01:21:10procreative cell not a eukaryotic cell
01:21:12and we don't need all these not only pro
01:21:14gnarly proteins within side of the body
01:21:16now we have to start really talking
01:21:18about how much h3o2 is in your body all
01:21:21right sp uh uh
01:21:24subliminal spinal fluid i mean
01:21:25subliminal fluid which is sperm that is
01:21:28actually h3o2
01:21:30you know uh blood plasma you got 50
01:21:33water in your blood that is h3o2 your
01:21:35lymphatic system is made of 90
01:21:38of of water that's h3o2 the brain you
01:21:41know let's just go through it so the
01:21:42brain is 80
01:21:45to 85 h3o2 water not h2o uh the kidneys
01:21:49is 80 to 85
01:21:52h3o2 water not h2o the heart 70 to 80
01:21:56the lung 75 to 80 the muscles 70 to 75
01:21:59the liver 70 to 75 the skin 70 to 75. i
01:22:03told y'all the blood 50. i ain't making
01:22:05this up the bones even your bones you
01:22:07know have a whole lot of water in it 20
01:22:09to 25 in the teeth eight to ten so it
01:22:12you need
01:22:13water you need a stream too because this
01:22:16is what makes up the physical mechanism
01:22:18and you know a lot of your melanin
01:22:20neurotransmitters is actually going on
01:22:22this river of fluids and that's by way
01:22:24of the nervous system to actually
01:22:25communicate with other different parts
01:22:27of the body you know it's called melanin
01:22:29neurotransmitters some of them call it
01:22:30meridian pathways some call it vascular
01:22:33system the vena cava arteries you know
01:22:35just the pathways for for this water can
01:22:37flow all these energetics and
01:22:39electrolytes to different cells of the
01:22:41body to feed them and to communicate
01:22:42with them you cannot do none of that
01:22:44without h3o2
01:22:47see what i'm saying matter of fact if
01:22:49you drink h2o right now and it's going
01:22:51to convert it to h3o and it's going to
01:22:53use that but the highest form of energy
01:22:55of structured water because h2o is not
01:22:58structured of structured water would be
01:23:00h3o2 and that is your fruits and your
01:23:03vegetable you have to eat your water not
01:23:07drink your water eat it
01:23:09all right
01:23:12i wanted to talk about something else
01:23:14too where is it at where is it at let's
01:23:15get to it where is it i got some old
01:23:17daggers and then we gonna open up these
01:23:19phone lines
01:23:21i got some mo daggers hold on let me
01:23:23find this dagger for y'all real quick
01:23:27let me find it
01:23:29you know i also want to play a video for
01:23:31y'all as well
01:23:34now check this out i want y'all to look
01:23:35at this
01:23:36it says i want y'all to see blood cells
01:23:38before and after drinking structured
01:23:40water so if you look on the left side
01:23:41you see all that agglomulation from that
01:23:44h2o but then he introduced his patients
01:23:46to h3o2 just fruits look at what the
01:23:49blood started doing first the blood is
01:23:51all glued together because you know
01:23:54water is actually slightly acidic so it
01:23:56starts gluing the cells together but
01:23:57when you get that structure water the
01:23:59h3o2 look at the blood cells down on the
01:24:01right side they just red
01:24:03they more have a form now you know they
01:24:05look like they have character to it you
01:24:07see what i'm saying all the
01:24:09phytonutrients is inside of it you know
01:24:12things like that
01:24:14you can't knock this y'all you cannot
01:24:15knock this evidence y'all we have 750
01:24:18people in the building uh i'm most
01:24:21definitely i'm honored you know what i'm
01:24:22saying all praises barack hashem y'all
01:24:24wait for that i'll make sure y'all
01:24:25sharing this make sure y'all liking this
01:24:27make sure y'all putting it on instagram
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01:24:31y'all been doing shouts out to all the
01:24:32people that follow me on tik tok they're
01:24:34sharing my videos we have millions and
01:24:36millions of views on on tick tock and
01:24:38ain't even posted one video yet so i
01:24:39appreciate y'all for that uh just shout
01:24:41out to everybody that's been in the
01:24:43building truly listening to this
01:24:44information that i've been spending for
01:24:46years man it just it feel real good now
01:24:48y'all are resonating with it you feel me
01:24:50feel very very good so i appreciate
01:24:52y'all y'all just don't even understand
01:24:55y'all just don't even
01:24:56understand all right let's see
01:24:59where is it at
01:25:03i guess i can't find it but it was just
01:25:04talking about matter of fact let me
01:25:06google it i can google it real quick you
01:25:07know what let me do that with my phone
01:25:11check this out i'm going to send it i'm
01:25:13going to actually send this over y'all i
01:25:14want to show y'all something
01:25:16i want to show y'all something that's
01:25:17just amazing
01:25:19let me grab it and uh
01:25:21let me grab it from my phone and send it
01:25:23over to y'all and this and this just
01:25:25truly show y'all
01:25:27that i don't be tripping
01:25:29let me send this over bang
01:25:32y'all keys macbook now check this out
01:25:34let me show y'all something
01:25:36let me go let me go move this in real
01:25:38quick let me accept that deal
01:25:43all right it said it's in downloads here
01:25:45it go look at this y'all
01:25:48this is how amazing h3o2 is
01:25:51all right now remember sperm is made up
01:25:53of plasma sperm is made up of zinc uh
01:25:55testosterone but it's something that
01:25:57sperm is made of to create life to
01:26:00create life
01:26:01you need fructose check this out it says
01:26:04why do sperm
01:26:05use fructose h3o2 instead of glucose
01:26:10it said it is a major energy source for
01:26:13the sperm cells and all their important
01:26:16race of opium it says dust to avoid
01:26:20other competitive bacteria because sperm
01:26:22is a bacteria your bacteria you are your
01:26:25ancestors that's all bacteria is
01:26:26prokaryotic cells that are millions and
01:26:28millions and billions of years old that
01:26:30come from the cosmos came here to
01:26:31encapsulate themselves inside of this
01:26:33human terrestrial flesh when you're
01:26:35actually a celestial being
01:26:37all right and you're in this university
01:26:39to learn things but we have been locked
01:26:41down by the serpent beings who have been
01:26:43locked down by these different
01:26:44reptilians and they have put us in a
01:26:46false narrative called a holographic
01:26:48earth or a holographic universe that
01:26:51acts as a holographic prison to our
01:26:53seven cincinnati senses and we think
01:26:55that we actually seen earth when you
01:26:57ain't never seen real earth you think
01:26:58that you actually experience real things
01:27:00when these are all things projected
01:27:02through the matrix but if you get on
01:27:03your fruits and you start meditating and
01:27:05you connect back to the etheric
01:27:06non-etheric being that's with inside of
01:27:09you and you truly truly find out who
01:27:11yahweh is it will break through the
01:27:13fabium fathom uh the fabrication of this
01:27:16 fake holographic universe and
01:27:18you can see things for what it really is
01:27:20y'all there's a spiritual war going on
01:27:22right now but you you don't you're not
01:27:24privy to the information because you
01:27:26taking in the wrong information from the
01:27:27 you putting in your body
01:27:29you can't even keep up you can't get the
01:27:31downloads because you yo your blood is
01:27:33saturated with animals fat and dead
01:27:36animals blood carpusels
01:27:38your intestines got all types of mucus
01:27:40and mucoid plaque lodged up in it your
01:27:42cholesterol ldl is as high as hell
01:27:44because you lust after animals flesh and
01:27:46animals blood you drinking sodas and
01:27:49soda pops and all this alcohol and just
01:27:51you drinking everything so you can't
01:27:53open up your meridian pathways you can't
01:27:55align the chakras and truly truly unlock
01:27:57and activate the churches or the circles
01:27:59cersei's goddess of cersei's within
01:28:02which is nothing before texas when you
01:28:03get down to it that's where church come
01:28:05from cersei's
01:28:07you see that or assembly what's the
01:28:09symbol the true assembly is within side
01:28:12of you the seven churches of asia or
01:28:14asia i see i comes from the root word
01:28:17ashay which means to manifest
01:28:21that's why you got a lot of comedic
01:28:22brothers that say ashay a lot of comedic
01:28:23goddesses that say ashay it comes from
01:28:25asia asia means the churches of asia
01:28:30it means to create
01:28:33you see that that's why there's four
01:28:34stages to creation the assoluted realm
01:28:38then you got the realm of formation
01:28:40you know the world uh uh yet sarah then
01:28:43you got the word of creation bara and
01:28:45then you got the world where there is
01:28:46made it's called asea or asia
01:28:50notice if you go into paul writings in
01:28:52the bible you're always talking about
01:28:53the seven churches of asia or if you go
01:28:55into the book of revelations where your
01:28:57dna is revealed to you it talks about
01:29:00these seven churches being judged by the
01:29:02christos the anointed oil the colostrum
01:29:04i mean the classroom that's already
01:29:06within the christ that is within start
01:29:08judging the seven vortexes on how you
01:29:10activate it and how you act into the
01:29:13environment through the glenoid highway
01:29:14or through the chakras and each chakra
01:29:16got judged from the keta chakra to the
01:29:19third eye chakra through the throat
01:29:20chakra to the heart chakra to the solar
01:29:23plexus chakra to the actual sacral
01:29:25chakra down to the root chakra all of
01:29:27them was judged on how you projected
01:29:29thought and how you utilize the vortexes
01:29:32to react with the environment and the
01:29:34reality and if you use these things to
01:29:36manipulate creation or to kill uh or or
01:29:39to kill uh the creation or to just have
01:29:42bad intentions you was judged wrong you
01:29:44had a wrong like you was judged and you
01:29:46were guilty and you have to pay for that
01:29:49you know and that payment is acidic
01:29:51lifestyle or what they call the lake of
01:29:54and that's that's that engulfing of
01:29:55acidosis that a lot of y'all are going
01:29:58through right now but if you were if you
01:30:00did good you were rewarded the keto or
01:30:02the crown of life which is the key to
01:30:03chakra and that illuminate and expand
01:30:05your conscience to the christ conscious
01:30:07now you are literally one and one with
01:30:09the nine eat the world and you can that
01:30:11you can you can visit now inner earth
01:30:13and outer earth and experience different
01:30:15solar system and planetary systems like
01:30:18alcatraz you know i'm saying uh uh
01:30:21orion's belt the milky way the big
01:30:24dipper and what the bible call this is
01:30:26his houses that is made of many mansions
01:30:28you ain't gonna be able to visit that if
01:30:30you're using the churches to for your
01:30:33you know ill intentions which is what a
01:30:35lot of these hebrew teachers and pastors
01:30:37are doing right now
01:30:41just saying
01:30:43just a little info for you
01:30:45just a little info for you now check
01:30:48this out it says this is a major energy
01:30:50source and don't call me i could have
01:30:52been wrong
01:30:53my brother my brother on here said uh
01:30:55that was the john i thought i was right
01:30:57but i could be wrong so don't quote me
01:30:59but what i said was the truth though you
01:31:01know i'm not here to be politically
01:31:02correct i don't want y'all to hear what
01:31:05i'm saying
01:31:06i want y'all to feel what i'm saying
01:31:08you know half of these words i can't
01:31:09even pronounce but y'all feel me though
01:31:12you know i'm saying we are spiritual
01:31:13people we feel things we're very
01:31:15spiritual we feel so you don't have to
01:31:18even understand my language you can see
01:31:20you can see uh two puerto ricans
01:31:23arguing right now in a puerto rican
01:31:25language and you would know like damn i
01:31:26don't know what she's saying but she
01:31:27showed the going off on him i don't
01:31:29know what he's saying but look even the
01:31:31smack ass
01:31:32because you feel you feel the language
01:31:35you know what i'm saying
01:31:36you feel it so i want y'all to feel what
01:31:38i'm saying like really really feel me
01:31:41because words are spiritual they're
01:31:42powerful they vibrations feel the
01:31:43vibrations let it go through the
01:31:45endocrine system let it go through the
01:31:46glenoid highway of what we call the
01:31:47churches of the chakras all right
01:31:50most definitely a water sign baby cancer
01:31:52in the building six nine
01:31:56all right now let's read this again they
01:31:57said this is a major energy source for
01:31:59the sperm cells uh all of their
01:32:02important race in ovum it says uh thus
01:32:05to avoid other competitive bacteria and
01:32:07cells from you uh from utilizing the
01:32:10energy source of sperm fructose is used
01:32:13as the energy source since the bacteria
01:32:17prefer glucose
01:32:18so without fructose h3o2
01:32:21you can even give life and women you
01:32:23couldn't birthday that is how important
01:32:26how powerful
01:32:28how electrical
01:32:31how just how godly
01:32:33your fruits and your fruits are your
01:32:35fruits and your vegetables man if y'all
01:32:37love this lesson you know if y'all
01:32:38really love this lesson and y'all got
01:32:40something from it uh y'all typing some
01:32:42nines y'all typing some nines
01:32:45y'all love this lesson and y'all got
01:32:47something from it type in some nina's
01:32:54type in some ninas
01:33:01ah praises
01:33:04our praises all right let me let me
01:33:05connect to
01:33:08let me connect to my board
01:33:10and uh
01:33:11i'm gonna take some phone calls
01:33:15it's 10 14 we can go to 10 30.
01:33:18i'm gonna take some phone calls
01:33:21let me make sure that i'm on no
01:33:24all right hold on y'all give me a second
01:33:26give me a second
01:33:28bluetooth where you at
01:33:33i just said i'm connected
01:33:35all right so uh the number is seven zero
01:33:38eight eight three one two three three
01:33:40five seven zero eight eight three one
01:33:43two three three five give me a call
01:33:45let's talk about the lesson what i've
01:33:46been going through y'all got any
01:33:47questions y'all can ask
01:33:49give me a call give me a call
01:33:56peace peace can you hear me
01:33:59peace peace peace peace peace love light
01:34:00and healing peace love light and hillary
01:34:01can you hear me
01:34:04hold on y'all let me see what's going on
01:34:08i got you up but i can't hear you
01:34:10go ahead speaking you're gonna hear me i
01:34:12can hear you now and i can hear you now
01:34:13y'all i can hear you now
01:34:18hey how you doing how you doing how you
01:34:22i'm fine how you doing i'm doing good i
01:34:24can't complain where you from tell them
01:34:26where you from
01:34:28i'm from saint louis i'm at home you at
01:34:31the crib saint louis missouri in the
01:34:32building i'm actually at the crib
01:34:35i know congratulations
01:34:37oh thank you thank you thank you oh you
01:34:39talking about the baby you're talking
01:34:40about the baby yes i'm talking about the
01:34:43baby let me let me show you my baby i'm
01:34:44going to put the baby on the screen real
01:34:46quick i know y'all just sent me a
01:34:48hold on let me let me let me oh
01:34:50my beautiful baby y'all y'all got to see
01:34:52this beautiful hair
01:34:54this beautiful handsome god hold on let
01:34:56me let me brag real
01:34:59i know i like to brag a little taste
01:35:03hold on let me pull him up let me pull
01:35:05him up so here he go right here he goes
01:35:06his little beautiful cell
01:35:08man let me cut it back on
01:35:11i cut it off so i can hear you all right
01:35:12so just put it on mute
01:35:14all right y'all this is my little star c
01:35:16right here look at them y'all yakai
01:35:18raphael hickman look at my little man
01:35:23y'all know y'all see that big old nose
01:35:25right y'all see that big old nose don't
01:35:27act like you don't see that big old nose
01:35:28right there
01:35:30look at him he got that hickman nose and
01:35:31everything he was seven pounds seven
01:35:36i literally
01:35:37yes i literally pulled him from the
01:35:39wound i pulled him well i didn't pull
01:35:41him he he came out on his own and i
01:35:43caught him when he was coming out of
01:35:44anaya's wound it was beautiful and uh he
01:35:46was seven five seven
01:35:49he was born he was born at 6 51 p.m full
01:35:53moon full moon birth y'all full moon
01:35:55birth a full moon birth i mean just
01:35:58beautiful stuff but yup that's his name
01:36:00y'all i wish uh
01:36:02i wish you and chris from them could
01:36:04have went live but i understand the
01:36:06and i want to say shouts out to crystal
01:36:08the alkaline doula that is a beautiful
01:36:10sister beautiful herbalist you know when
01:36:13two of the greatest herbalists in
01:36:14existence hook up i mean you know
01:36:16beautiful things happen so shout outs
01:36:17out to crystal alkaline doula uh she
01:36:20most definitely shout me out a lot
01:36:21through her lives i will be dishonoring
01:36:23her if i didn't give her credit her
01:36:25props she came down she assisted us i
01:36:27mean she rubbed her belly she spoke life
01:36:29into ania she was with her every step of
01:36:31the way that is a beautiful good-hearted
01:36:34soul sister right there so i appreciate
01:36:36her uh you know if y'all don't know her
01:36:39make sure y'all look her up that is uh
01:36:41the only herbalist i ever even
01:36:42recommended i've never recommended no
01:36:44other herbalist in my life but her you
01:36:46see what i'm saying so she real cool uh
01:36:49you know we talk about doing a seminar
01:36:51on things together so just be looking
01:36:53for some stuff to come for both of us
01:36:54coming together and really doing
01:36:55something so yeah man i mean the future
01:36:57is very bright you know what i'm saying
01:36:58but man it was a beautiful burst i can't
01:37:01even tell you how elated i was like that
01:37:03was my first time actually delivering my
01:37:05own baby so you know it was one of those
01:37:07i know i know how i feel yeah it was
01:37:10crazy it was it was crazy and then you
01:37:12know what was crazy was we left the uh
01:37:14we did the lotus uh birth we put the
01:37:16lotus flower
01:37:18yeah the bowl
01:37:20but you know and i've been teaching
01:37:22people this for a long time that
01:37:25that you know it don't take that long
01:37:27for all of the phytonutrients in the
01:37:29stem cells to go inside the baby after
01:37:3024 hours yeah it was already dry so i
01:37:33went ahead and just cut it off i just
01:37:34went ahead and cut it off
01:37:36yeah that's what i did the exact same
01:37:38thing with my second one you know i'm
01:37:40pregnant now
01:37:42so i'm gonna have another um home birth
01:37:44congratulations congratulations thank
01:37:46you yes this would be my second one and
01:37:49i hope chris i mean i wish crystal could
01:37:51come back for me but you know she she
01:37:53got her own thing going on yeah
01:37:56she ended up calling because at first
01:37:58you know at first you know we're both
01:37:59busy we traveling we're doing seminars
01:38:01oh yeah you know we we healing thousands
01:38:03of people so we was like okay we just
01:38:05got to get it to line up perfectly but
01:38:06the day before i believe she ended up
01:38:09having a dream with anaya in a dream and
01:38:11you know she's so intuitive she's like i
01:38:13dreamed about you i gotta come it would
01:38:14be wrong if i don't so she popped up you
01:38:16know and uh we had a good time with her
01:38:18we talked about a lot of stuff talked
01:38:19about a lot of herbs and you know got to
01:38:21know one another i mean she real cool so
01:38:23shouts out to crystal uh the alkaline
01:38:25doula shouts out to her y'all i'm saying
01:38:27i take my hats off to anybody that is
01:38:29truly doing the work that got good
01:38:30intentions and she do y'all saying just
01:38:35anybody else that came with good
01:38:36intentions and there was a good
01:38:37herbalist and actually have healing
01:38:39testimonies like i do i'm gonna post
01:38:40them as well because i'm not a hater you
01:38:42know i'm saying this some more it's
01:38:43enough healing it's enough he'll sick
01:38:45people out here we can all you know
01:38:47prosper and heal and and get
01:38:49gratification for it so i'm not never
01:38:51trying to step on nobody's toes that's
01:38:53doing the work of yahweh
01:38:56yup so what's going on with you
01:38:59we very much appreciate you all praising
01:39:01i appreciate y'all i love y'all that's
01:39:03why that's why i'm doing this i love
01:39:05so talk to me sister what's going on
01:39:06with you guys
01:39:09so um well i ordered my cmos and i take
01:39:14every day for a multi-vitamin you know
01:39:17multivitamin minerals okay
01:39:20but um i know you can add more minerals
01:39:22i got these
01:39:24adult all purpose
01:39:25vitamins is that
01:39:27okay to take while i'm pregnant yes you
01:39:29got that from us right that's what it's
01:39:31the bladder right now yeah yeah no
01:39:33that's perfect for you that's actually
01:39:34what it's for uh aniya any nature line
01:39:36just came out and hers is basically
01:39:38called uh the vital wound minerals but
01:39:41it's the same thing it's very very good
01:39:43for the baby they got all the essential
01:39:44amino acids that you and the baby would
01:39:46need that's gonna strengthen up the
01:39:48cervix the placenta everything so yes
01:39:50take it you can you know there's no as
01:39:52long as your adrenal glands is properly
01:39:54functioning right and and doing its job
01:39:56which is utilizing the minerals there's
01:39:58no such thing as taking too many
01:39:59minerals if your adrenal glands is
01:40:01online you got to remember what i keep
01:40:02teaching y'all it's four keys to the
01:40:04kingdom you know you have a digestion
01:40:07you have a you have absorption you have
01:40:09utilization and elimination as long as
01:40:11you're doing all right
01:40:12yeah as long as you're doing all four
01:40:13perfect uh perfectly you completely fine
01:40:16take us take as much vital minerals that
01:40:18you need just make sure you out there in
01:40:19that sun know before you can be
01:40:20converting these things and the vital
01:40:22minerals that's inside of you is
01:40:23reflecting the right amount of uh light
01:40:25and carbon constituent chains that they
01:40:27need to truly build that baby up all
01:40:30yes as much as we can get in st louis
01:40:32because you know it's raining today yeah
01:40:34i know yeah i know so you know you doing
01:40:36good you doing good so take the vital
01:40:38minerals make sure you raw though do not
01:40:39be eating no cooked food with that star
01:40:41seed inside of your room okay all raw do
01:40:43it all raw
01:40:45okay okay and then
01:40:46if you do want to play with creation a
01:40:48little bit just make sure you eat your
01:40:49cooked foods on the weekend but
01:40:52throughout the week just stay raw as
01:40:54possible and you gonna be thanking me
01:40:55when you give birth to that child
01:40:58okay yes
01:41:00okay so uh can we talk about
01:41:04the fruit with um like diabetes
01:41:08yes like um
01:41:09i explain that real quick but saying
01:41:15like you should mix the other food with
01:41:18fruit and that's what makes
01:41:19it bad for diabetes right exactly so
01:41:22what's bad for diabetes is glucose and
01:41:24the reason why diabetes is uh is was
01:41:27glucose the reason why glucose is bad
01:41:28for diabetes is because diabetes it just
01:41:31stands for sweet urine when you look at
01:41:33it from its latino uh standpoint that's
01:41:36what it means sweet urine and how you
01:41:37get sweet urine is because the pancreas
01:41:40inside the pancreas you have something
01:41:41called the islands of langerhans and the
01:41:43i the islands of langerhans is not
01:41:45working properly because you know it's a
01:41:47neurological function and just
01:41:49malfunctioning going on so it's not
01:41:51having the beta cells the beta cells is
01:41:53what produces insulin and the reason why
01:41:55you need insulin inside of the
01:41:56bloodstream insulin actually act as an
01:41:59alcohol and what this alcohol do is it
01:42:01takes glycogen or glucose and it takes
01:42:04it to the cell and it penetrates the
01:42:06cellulose outer membrane of the cells
01:42:08and it drops off glucose mutual phone
01:42:10for me queen
01:42:12and it drops off glucose it actually
01:42:14drops off glucose inside of the cell for
01:42:16the glucose can be changed to carbon
01:42:18then it's carbon change to water and
01:42:20that's where you get something called
01:42:21atp from adenosine triphosphate and
01:42:24that's what you get fuel from glucose
01:42:25for what a beautiful thing about all
01:42:28fruits which is fructose h3o2 which is
01:42:30what we've been talking about this whole
01:42:32entire segment is you do not need the
01:42:34pancreas for fructose fructose go
01:42:37through a metabolic process called
01:42:39cellular infusion where it infuses
01:42:41itself into the cell and then it changes
01:42:44the carbon dioxide and then it changes
01:42:45to water and then this water is used for
01:42:48fuel for the cells can get vitality and
01:42:50you can live your everyday life so
01:42:51whenever you go on all fruits you
01:42:53literally is not using the pancreas now
01:42:55all the energy to that you was using to
01:42:58try to break down the food and create
01:43:00all these 4 000 different enzymatic end
01:43:02reactions to break the food down you can
01:43:05now use that same energy to heal the
01:43:07pancreas so that's why any time and we
01:43:09don't hit with hundreds and hundreds i'm
01:43:11pretty sure we up to like 1200 diabetes
01:43:13uh healing testimony to be honest with
01:43:15you and every last one of them we have
01:43:17healed on an all fruit diet because we
01:43:19bypass the pancreas we don't need
01:43:20glucose no more glucoses was rising in
01:43:22the blood it ain't fructose now you will
01:43:24get a sugar load for a second on the
01:43:26fructose but then once it starts
01:43:28converting once you start converting
01:43:29over and you start metabolizing it you
01:43:31will see that sugar really really start
01:43:33you know leveling itself off and then
01:43:35the diabetes go away because now we can
01:43:38pull this fluke worm out of the pancreas
01:43:40because you're always dealing with a
01:43:41parasite with diabetes we get rid of
01:43:43that fluke worm and now we're healing
01:43:45and getting all that mucus and just all
01:43:46of that stagnated lymphatic fluid from
01:43:49up out of the pancreas because we're not
01:43:50using the pancreas all that energy that
01:43:52you was using to try to break down the
01:43:54food we using it now to heal and restore
01:43:56the pancreas now
01:43:58so all fruits always are fruits always
01:44:03yes okay
01:44:05i just wanted you to get that
01:44:06information out because there's some
01:44:08people that are following
01:44:09no problem um
01:44:14okay uh and
01:44:16what's another thing
01:44:17oh um
01:44:19so i'm dealing with like my
01:44:20nine-year-old son
01:44:23he's kind of dealing with some
01:44:25depression and stuff i'm trying to
01:44:26change his diet
01:44:31and i'm trying to introduce him to more
01:44:35because he's limited to what he likes in
01:44:38okay so besides they're like is there
01:44:40some herbs that can help yeah
01:44:42as far as the depression uh you don't
01:44:44need the sun you know like he just got
01:44:46like behavioral like he's just getting
01:44:49mad and anger
01:44:50yeah so anger that's liver and kidneys
01:44:53all day long uh depression that is
01:44:55thyroid all day long thyroid thyroid
01:44:58thyroid he's not producing enough
01:45:00vitamin d3 and enough uh uh enough
01:45:03calcium uh calcium triphosphate also
01:45:05still uh he's still pain in the tooth uh
01:45:08that's pituitary now pituitary thyroid
01:45:11it goes hand to hand the pituitary gland
01:45:13is actually what's in control of water
01:45:15uh retention not only is the pituitary
01:45:17gland and control the water retention
01:45:19but the pituitary gland is actually in
01:45:20control of a bad wetting is in control
01:45:23of your reproductive organs through
01:45:25males and females reproductive organs
01:45:27the pituitary gland actually produces
01:45:29something called prolactin uh ths
01:45:31hormones i mean phs hormones all types
01:45:34of things so whenever you're dealing
01:45:35with bad weather that is a uh a immature
01:45:38pituitary his mature his his pituitary
01:45:41is not maturing at the at the right pace
01:45:44so you know whenever you go out to the
01:45:45glen you a highway and you want to use
01:45:47herbs and fruits it's going to be the
01:45:49berry kingdom so you need more berries
01:45:51get him more berries more antioxidants
01:45:53you know juniper berries okay uh uh
01:45:56blueberries blackberries strawberries uh
01:45:59salt palmauto berries just berries
01:46:01berries berries chase berries
01:46:03and that is the good that is actually
01:46:05the pituitary herb chase berries chase
01:46:09and vitex varies as a pituitary herb and
01:46:12not only is it good for that it's going
01:46:13to be good for his prostate as well so
01:46:15uh and then get him raw berries and just
01:46:17put him on an all fruit diet berry
01:46:19juices you know and stuff like that and
01:46:21then what you have to do is if he don't
01:46:24like fruits and he's nine you can still
01:46:26trick him so you just gotta start
01:46:28showing him show him you know different
01:46:30types of cartoons of people eating
01:46:32fruits and being strong or you eat the
01:46:34fruit in front of him and tell him how
01:46:36it made you feel you gotta make it happy
01:46:39for him you got to make it you know
01:46:40because they haven't made mcdonald's
01:46:42seem like it's a good thing they have
01:46:43made all these bad forms seem like it's
01:46:45a good thing so he's been programmed to
01:46:47think that fruits is a bad thing so now
01:46:49you have to reprogram him and make these
01:46:51things seem like they the good things
01:46:53you start seeing him eat he eating them
01:46:54all the times and like bite into some
01:46:56grapes and say oh it tastes like
01:46:58skittles it tastes like candy yeah i
01:47:00knew that i do that because he's
01:47:02watching me eat
01:47:04yeah so you you doing it you're doing it
01:47:05you're doing it so that's all you need
01:47:06to do and that's to get them right uh
01:47:08you do need the essential glandular kit
01:47:10from him off the website though that'll
01:47:12go after the whole entertainment system
01:47:13that'll clean up his entire glen you a
01:47:15highway it'll get the pituitary back in
01:47:17shape it'll open up the uh thyroid and
01:47:20the parathyroid for he can produce the
01:47:21amino acid try tryptophan he can start
01:47:24converting his cholesterol to vitamin d
01:47:26and that will bring up his energy and he
01:47:27can start producing something called
01:47:29dopamines because your dopamines and
01:47:30your oxytocin is your happy hormone he's
01:47:33producing too much fight-or-flight
01:47:35adrenaline and and too much neural
01:47:37epinephrine that's the angry hormone
01:47:39that kills the liver in the kidneys so
01:47:41you know if you put them on these things
01:47:42the central glandular kit from off my
01:47:44website put them on all fruit diet high
01:47:46in berries and get them on their h3o2
01:47:49juices you all that he will get rid of
01:47:51that stuff for no time
01:47:53okay i will work on that thank you so
01:47:55much all right all right peace peace
01:47:57queen make sure you say peace love
01:47:58lightning hill into the family
01:48:00okay peace love lightning hill and sound
01:48:02all right peace
01:48:06all right the number is eight seven zero
01:48:09eight eight three one two three three
01:48:11five seven zero eight eight three one
01:48:13two three three five y'all climb on in
01:48:15climb on in y'all can give me a call
01:48:17give me a call 708-831-2335
01:48:23i'm waiting on y'all y'all was blowing
01:48:24me up when i was on the phone
01:48:29708-831-2335 and if y'all got everything
01:48:31from that last particular case y'all
01:48:33type in some nines if y'all got some
01:48:35understanding overstanding and
01:48:36understanding to what she was talking
01:48:46g is real disrespecting grapes to
01:48:48compare it to skittles lol
01:48:52no that's what's going to get the
01:48:53children the yellow dean or your lottium
01:48:55to actually eat them though you got to
01:48:56make you got to be smart man with these
01:48:57children now because they've been
01:48:58programmed to think that fruits is bad
01:49:00for them that fruits is like you know
01:49:02second second to mcdonald's and all that
01:49:05other so you got to make it
01:49:07seem like that is you know these tastes
01:49:08like skittles these taste like
01:49:09strawberries you gotta you gotta psych
01:49:11the children out now man you really
01:49:13gotta psych them out
01:49:14you gotta psych em out
01:49:17all right uh i mean i don't know all
01:49:21peace peace peace love light and healing
01:49:22peace love light and healing speak your
01:49:24name speak your peace
01:49:28hello you there
01:49:30peace peace you there i am here hey
01:49:32what's your name
01:49:34hey i'm brand peace of lover my name is
01:49:36jerry how you doing jerry how you
01:49:38i'm i'm well i'm well
01:49:44know where you from first where you from
01:49:46new york city new york in a building all
01:49:49right new york midtown manhattan
01:49:51like my second home man midtown
01:49:52manhattan what's going on with you jerry
01:49:54yeah man i used to live i used to live
01:49:56on columbus circle for some time i'm in
01:49:58the bronx now are you in the bronx the
01:50:00boogie down bronx
01:50:01yes sir yes sir burnside all right talk
01:50:04to me what's going on with you brother
01:50:05i'm enchanted that you answered the
01:50:07phone and first and foremost i want to
01:50:08say old lessons to the most high and
01:50:11thank you thank you thank you for your
01:50:12divine spirit and what you do for the
01:50:15world i want to give you a small
01:50:17disclaimer please pay no attention to
01:50:20these people who attack you because
01:50:22you are phenomenal you have one
01:50:24one race to run and that is that is the
01:50:27power i love you thank you thank you i
01:50:29love you too brother i thank you for
01:50:30these encouraging words man i really do
01:50:32that that that does something to my
01:50:34spirit thank you brother thank you
01:50:35appreciate it completely disregard those
01:50:37people don't even give them any air time
01:50:39whoever yo i've seen at least right now
01:50:41i've seen at least 20 of your 25 of your
01:50:43videos from youtube from 2018 to now and
01:50:46this is the first time i caught it live
01:50:47and i feel like
01:50:48i feel like
01:50:50um this was divine spirit that just
01:50:52touched me when i encountered you
01:50:54because i've been looking for a healer
01:50:55my entire life first to heal my mom i
01:50:58spent 15 years taking care of my mom and
01:51:01and i was in the limbo between between
01:51:03western medicine and healing my mom was
01:51:05dominican and and we had like you know
01:51:07they had the mentality when i was a kid
01:51:09i grew up in the household my mother had
01:51:10a juicer she used to make us juice every
01:51:12day we drank juices all the time
01:51:15she made compo on her own for us as
01:51:17babies you know she had the knowledge
01:51:19from early on yet she was not a very
01:51:21educated woman because she was an
01:51:22immigrant a slave child and sold by her
01:51:25by her parents by her father um in the
01:51:271950s in her country and then migrated
01:51:30to this country um for some type of
01:51:32freedom after she was taken back by her
01:51:34her mother enough for my history but
01:51:36like i was broken i was broken because
01:51:38of that situation i adored my mother she
01:51:40was an extraordinary person i came from
01:51:41a single parent home so she was somebody
01:51:43that was very important to me i went to
01:51:45college learned these this garbage
01:51:48education after getting two degrees with
01:51:50all these lives and come to this
01:51:51juncture where i've studied so much
01:51:56i studied some dr cb stuff but it was
01:51:58always hard you're the first healer that
01:52:00i'm able to reach this is this is
01:52:02incredible to me anyway so just to give
01:52:05just to give you a heads up i mean uh
01:52:07just a connection i once sent you a
01:52:09question um i was rampaging and i said
01:52:12the same thing greetings
01:52:14man brother hey man just reading through
01:52:17your stuff man uh that was
01:52:20powerful so you was rampage of love
01:52:23oh yeah man
01:52:25i'm gonna tell you just the bravery and
01:52:26you sending us that question you
01:52:28answered so many questions that a lot of
01:52:30people had that that didn't want to ask
01:52:32for themselves it's a lot of people that
01:52:35have so many questions but just reading
01:52:37through that question we answered about
01:52:3930 questions for the the whole entire
01:52:42world so we appreciate you just bringing
01:52:44with that bravery and sending in that
01:52:46stuff man we really really do man we
01:52:48appreciate you for that
01:52:51go ahead i'm sorry i see you
01:52:53now go ahead
01:52:55i gotta say you're the one who inspired
01:52:57me because you decriminalized that you
01:52:59decriminalized by watching your videos i
01:53:02saw something completely different about
01:53:04it like i lived in shame for such an
01:53:06extraordinary period of my life i'm 44
01:53:09and i was diagnosed at 18 and i hadn't
01:53:12even had sex with i only had sex with
01:53:14one girl the entire time i had one
01:53:16girlfriend from the age of 16 to the age
01:53:19of two to the age of 19. i had only had
01:53:22sex with one girl and it was just like
01:53:24what does this mean and the whole time i
01:53:26i thought i thought to myself yo they
01:53:28put that in me this is crazy
01:53:31hiv is a hoax man and that's why when
01:53:33you when you when you wrote us and you
01:53:35was talking about it it just you know
01:53:37it's a whole hoax and that's why we hiv
01:53:39does not turn into aids it's actually
01:53:41the uh the azt that they give you i mean
01:53:44just the whole entire everybody get
01:53:46retroviruses every everybody in one
01:53:49particular time in their life
01:53:51you know if you get tested a whole month
01:53:53straight every single day
01:53:55for hs for hiv one of them is going to
01:53:57test positive because for one
01:54:00the western blot test is completely
01:54:01 anyway and two everybody have
01:54:05lysosomes exo zones in these cells that
01:54:08give you false readings and the reason
01:54:09why i'm calling it false readings
01:54:10because that's a lie within itself
01:54:12everybody get a retrovirus everybody
01:54:15what's hiv is not killing anybody
01:54:17everybody gets it it's a retro virus i
01:54:20mean literally everybody get a
01:54:21retrovirus here and there due to the
01:54:24cells and if y'all don't know what we're
01:54:25talking about just go back to my video
01:54:27where i'm talking about you know the hiv
01:54:29hoax it explains it all
01:54:32it's the actual medicine in the
01:54:34chemotherapy treatment that they're
01:54:36giving hiv patients that's turning
01:54:38turning this so-called virus into aids
01:54:41this stuff comes from within the
01:54:42cellular mechanism you you don't catch
01:54:44this stuff from without side you catch
01:54:46it from within because your body is
01:54:48going through its natural process that
01:54:50it does all the time which is killing
01:54:52cells going through his liposome stage
01:54:54which is getting rid of cells and
01:54:56sometimes these cells hog onto another
01:54:58cell and interject a dead material
01:55:00inside of that cell and that's where you
01:55:02get the positive hiv readings we have
01:55:05proven this time and time and time again
01:55:07and we have so many hiv healing
01:55:09testimonies that showing you man it's
01:55:11all the illusion man they be putting
01:55:12this stuff on us man they really do
01:55:14i've come to learn that new well i won't
01:55:17say newly somehow innately i felt i felt
01:55:20that that just
01:55:21a distrust and a lack of truth with
01:55:24regards to the information that was
01:55:25provided i never trust my doctors when i
01:55:27first got when i first got diagnosed i
01:55:29was like oh this is crap i didn't take
01:55:31any of the medication throughout the
01:55:32time until um from the time of diagnosis
01:55:35and they tried to put me on medication
01:55:36for quite some time and i was just like
01:55:38no no no and then for the most part um
01:55:40until i had this eruption in my mouth of
01:55:44blood and like all this stuff like
01:55:46there's deformities inside my inside the
01:55:48sarcomere mouth which was right yeah um
01:55:51called posterior sarcoma yeah and look
01:55:53and look then this and before we get off
01:55:55i want to prove something too notice
01:55:57that they say hiv cause is uh corposes
01:56:01sarcoma right but then if you look up
01:56:03the actual definition of uh corposes
01:56:06sarcoma it's a cancer so which one is it
01:56:09is hiv cancer is hiv a retrovirus you
01:56:11know which one showing you that the
01:56:13treatment of this small retrovirus that
01:56:16everybody gets in one point of time of
01:56:18their life i don't care i can prove this
01:56:20they give you the medicine the medicine
01:56:23kills the lymphatic system and the
01:56:25immune the so-called immunologic
01:56:26immunological systems so much that it
01:56:29burns the body to where these cells are
01:56:31become so burned and agglomulated that's
01:56:34where you get the cancer from which is
01:56:35these sores that pop up that can't be
01:56:37healed because you have no more
01:56:38macrophages t cells and b cells to heal
01:56:41them and that's what they call uh
01:56:42carpost sarcoma did that come from the
01:56:44hiv or did that come from the medicine
01:56:46and treatment of the hiv it come from
01:56:48the chemotherapy treatment of hiv these
01:56:51anti-retrovirus drugs is chemotherapy
01:56:53that's all it is if you look of them
01:56:54it's it's 100 derivative of mustard gas
01:56:57they use this stuff in world war ii at
01:57:00war in germany like this the stuff that
01:57:02they're giving cancer patients and
01:57:03giving hiv patients is biochemical
01:57:06 warfare man it really is
01:57:08i've come to learn that as well
01:57:10thankfully through instagram and and
01:57:12divine spirit from terms of meditation i
01:57:14mentioned in that email also when i when
01:57:16i put
01:57:17when i posed a question that um
01:57:19that i hadn't taken any medication the
01:57:21first time i took medication or the the
01:57:24first time that um i started was after
01:57:26that eruption when i was diagnosed with
01:57:27the with the chemotherapy with the uh
01:57:29caposis now after um after that like
01:57:32they put me on the other medications
01:57:34first i started with the medications and
01:57:36i don't they had ordered me like 15
01:57:38rounds of chemotherapy i took maybe like
01:57:41five and then after that i
01:57:44i cut it i seized i said i wasn't coming
01:57:46back anymore i stopped and i started
01:57:48doing different meditative things and
01:57:49that's when i saw the secret and i
01:57:50started like doing as much research as i
01:57:52could and so i stood well for like an
01:57:55extraordinary period of time and then
01:57:58as i explained like i meditate daily but
01:58:00like my meditations are strange in the
01:58:02sense that it's just dark so it's just
01:58:04breathing for me sometimes i get vision
01:58:06sometimes i get things and then i
01:58:08learned all this stuff about unlocking
01:58:09the pineal gland decalcifying it and so
01:58:12on and so forth i spent being what what
01:58:14was i started
01:58:16i started the commercial beginning um at
01:58:18some period maybe like four years ago so
01:58:22um that's when i lived in manhattan i
01:58:24explained that i lived by on columbus
01:58:25circle access to food was was very
01:58:27different than it is here in the bronx
01:58:30so i was doing the commercial vegan
01:58:31thing with the with the with the with
01:58:33the wrong stuff the the like the beyond
01:58:35meat yeah i know yeah
01:58:37you talk about the killer the killer
01:58:38vegan they've killed a vegan diet right
01:58:40the killer vegans yeah that's what that
01:58:41is they kill a vegan diet it was a short
01:58:43period it was a short period and then i
01:58:45discovered jackfruit and then i
01:58:46discovered the list of dr sebi's um um
01:58:49stuff because i was reaching and i was
01:58:50trying and i was trying to find someone
01:58:52and it's like every time i found a
01:58:54healer who was knowledgeable or
01:58:55something they were like in peru or
01:58:56somewhere else and i was like but i
01:58:58don't have the money to go any of these
01:59:00places and i'm just like i don't know
01:59:02what to do like and so i just i i did as
01:59:05much as i could with what i could reach
01:59:06it was just meditation and and mind
01:59:08power mind control i was like i'm you
01:59:09know i'm good that's that's all a lie
01:59:12and and and i'm you know i'm well i'm
01:59:14well i mean
01:59:22the same thing that i was telling you
01:59:23about um in that in that message and
01:59:25this is the main reason why i called
01:59:27sorry about the history i know you
01:59:28didn't got much time but um i've been
01:59:30trying to reach for a long time and this
01:59:32is this is phenomenal to me so um
01:59:36what occurred uh
01:59:38i had the same thing the the um the uh
01:59:40fishes and i'm not sure if it is i took
01:59:42some pictures of it and i wanted to send
01:59:44it in the email like at this point i
01:59:46don't i don't care there's no shame in
01:59:48anything i took pictures of me using the
01:59:50bathroom what it looks like what comes
01:59:52out you know the the actual hole the
01:59:54fissure itself i've had some healing but
01:59:57it's it's very slow i've tried my best
01:59:59to do it but there's no organic food i'm
02:00:01not exactly sure you suggested that i
02:00:03get your geo package three three hundred
02:00:05dollars at this point in my life i was
02:00:07like i don't know what to do so i i
02:00:09started posting on facebook marketplace
02:00:11like things i could sell for my house to
02:00:12make the money to sell it because i
02:00:14unfortunately am on on on services here
02:00:17everyone lost their job so this is what
02:00:19we're going to do this is what we're
02:00:20going to do for you tomorrow i'm going
02:00:21to have ania reach out to you to the
02:00:23email and we're going gonna help you out
02:00:26thank you yeah we're gonna help you out
02:00:28so look that's what we're gonna do i'm
02:00:29standing now we ain't gonna even charge
02:00:31you if you pay the shipping fee we'll
02:00:32ship it to you for free if you pay the
02:00:34shipping fee let's do that i got you man
02:00:36all right
02:00:37thank you so much oh man i got you so uh
02:00:39anna y'all on here she listening and
02:00:41yeah uh let's make sure we call uh let's
02:00:44make sure we hit him up through email
02:00:45tomorrow and we gonna ship him what he
02:00:48needs uh uh for free only thing he gonna
02:00:51do is he gonna pay for the shipping man
02:00:52so we got you oh man we got you man we
02:00:55got you we'll take care of you man we
02:00:56got you we got you lucky i just want to
02:00:59say this before we got off the phone uh
02:01:02you inspired me you know you inspired me
02:01:05after reading what you've been through
02:01:08after reading just the bravery into
02:01:11admitting what you had and just you know
02:01:13really putting it out there and just the
02:01:16bravery from your very bravery you know
02:01:18it's things that happened to me when i
02:01:20was a child of that i never told anybody
02:01:22about and it made me come forth just
02:01:24show bravery and the relief that i felt
02:01:26the relief through reading your your
02:01:28testimony man i got the relief and i got
02:01:31to you know talk about something that
02:01:33happened to me uh as a child and i
02:01:35talked about it you know to a very good
02:01:37friend of mine and i got to relieve that
02:01:39same stress so
02:01:40i hope you don't think that i'm the only
02:01:42one inspiring people you are expiring
02:01:44people with your bravery as well and i
02:01:46just want you to know that
02:01:48i appreciate you i appreciate that too
02:01:51so all right so i'm gonna have annie
02:01:53yeah your videos are my page my whole
02:01:55facebook pages your videos all praises
02:01:57all praises all praises so look i'm
02:01:59gonna make sure that honey i reach out
02:02:01to you
02:02:02uh if you can soon as we get off the
02:02:05phone text to this number text me your
02:02:07email because that way i don't got to go
02:02:09back through all of the papers to find
02:02:11your email again so text it to me and
02:02:13i'm gonna send it to her and then she's
02:02:15gonna contact you tomorrow and we gonna
02:02:17get that shipped out to you got my word
02:02:19thank you for answering the phone oh
02:02:21it's all good brother hey make sure you
02:02:23you know sleep good man keep staying
02:02:24courage uh and just keep that mind frame
02:02:27you got keep meditating keep doing your
02:02:29breath work keep eating healthy and look
02:02:31let's get you healed up man you you most
02:02:33definitely deserve it man you deserve it
02:02:34i mean just from your bravery alone you
02:02:36deserve it so i got you man
02:02:39thank you
02:02:41all right be blessed peace i appreciate
02:02:43peace peace peace peace speak your name
02:02:51to accept press one to send a voicemail
02:02:54press two
02:02:57please please can you hear
02:02:58me you hung up y'all you hung up i was
02:03:01trying to accept you so many people
02:03:02calling that one time
02:03:04uh forgive me and you just make sure you
02:03:05stay strong brother stay strong you know
02:03:08keep doing what you've been doing like
02:03:09for real for real it's not a coincidence
02:03:11that you've been kind of contacting me
02:03:13and get through to me and uh you got
02:03:15through the day you know divine timing
02:03:17is everything all is in alignment all is
02:03:20in alignment divine timing is everything
02:03:22everything happened for a reason so the
02:03:24number is seven zero eight eight three
02:03:26one two three three five seven zero
02:03:28eight eight three one two three three
02:03:31seven zero eight eight three one two
02:03:33three three five y'all call on in y'all
02:03:36be calling at the same time so it'd be
02:03:37kind of like tying the lines up y'all
02:03:40and this will be recorded uh the the
02:03:43actual audio will be put out there and
02:03:45the video audio will be put out there as
02:03:46well so you ain't got to look at my my
02:03:48my handsome face all the time you know
02:03:50what i'm saying you can actually just
02:03:51hear my voice and follow me through the
02:03:53ether worlds just by hearing the vocals
02:03:55alright so the podcast is up seven zero
02:03:58eight eight three one two three three
02:03:59five that's right in the comm y'all my
02:04:01big beloved brother my big brother he
02:04:03said we are one body as you write we are
02:04:06one body flat out you have just blessed
02:04:08the house of nekamya always man look
02:04:11you know a lot and it's crazy a lot of
02:04:12people think cause i'm a millionaire
02:04:14that i do this for the money i don't you
02:04:15know we run several businesses i give
02:04:17away a lot of stuff y'all and i'm not
02:04:19even exaggerating i just ain't one of
02:04:20them that's gonna pull out a
02:04:22camera every time i go feed the homeless
02:04:23or give away from free herbs that ain't
02:04:25me because now i'm not doing it for
02:04:27yahweh i'm not doing it for the people
02:04:28i'm doing it for myself and ego is its
02:04:31own level of mental enslavement and i
02:04:33don't want to be in one of those mental
02:04:35enslavements you know just trying to be
02:04:37good doing it for the gram doing it for
02:04:39the facebook to look good but man we
02:04:41help people out all the time you know
02:04:43all the time and i believe that that's
02:04:45why yahweh have blessed me to be a
02:04:46millionaire and bless me in the wives to
02:04:48do what we have to do and accomplish
02:04:50what we accomplished because we don't do
02:04:52it for the ground we don't do it for the
02:04:53likes we do it because it is the right
02:04:55 thing to do
02:04:57it's righteous it's the right thing to
02:05:00straight up
02:05:02that's what it is
02:05:03well look y'all it's a it's it's 10 46 i
02:05:06can do one more call i'ma stop it at 11.
02:05:08i said i was gonna stop it at 10 30. so
02:05:10i'll do one more call i'll do one more
02:05:12call and then i'm up out of here
02:05:19and 708-831-2335-708-831-2335 me for
02:05:20those that i couldn't reach you know
02:05:21y'all be calling at one time and i'll be
02:05:22on the phone already with somebody i
02:05:24said that i was gonna get a whole phone
02:05:26system for y'all can be on hold and all
02:05:28of that i still gotta invest in it i
02:05:29just forgot
02:05:32well look what that man said i'm going
02:05:33to unplug this deal
02:05:35let me turn this bluetooth off
02:05:38i'm pretty deal
02:05:40all right we unpaired uh if you love
02:05:42yourself if you're ready to eat healthy
02:05:45if you ready to be wealthy if you ready
02:05:46to be wise if you're ready to e knock
02:05:48your body which means just expand the
02:05:50avatar and upgrade to the five
02:05:52dimensional space of dentist of density
02:05:55type in some knives and tell me that you
02:05:56love yourself i want to hear it i love
02:05:59and i love y'all if you love your
02:06:00yourselves and you love who you are and
02:06:03you ready to be the god that you were
02:06:04intended to be
02:06:06you know psalms 82 and 6
02:06:08year gods but you would die like men you
02:06:09will fall like the princes john 10 and
02:06:1134. isn't it written that i said that
02:06:14she are gods but you want to kill me
02:06:16because i manifest to be the son of god
02:06:18oh ye hypocrites we are gods that is
02:06:21written down in all the ancient tablets
02:06:23and the ambro tablets of thoth
02:06:25and the hermetic writings of thoth we
02:06:27are gods
02:06:29when you get into the egyptian or
02:06:31comedic hieroglyphs it has said that we
02:06:33are gods
02:06:34when you get inside the torah and read
02:06:36the bible
02:06:37it says that we are god helios biblios
02:06:40the sun book that leads us back to the
02:06:42stars that leads us back to the sun
02:06:43which where we come from we are children
02:06:46of the sun it states that we are gods
02:06:49so if you know that and you want to
02:06:51activate that within you you got to
02:06:52change your living your diet into a
02:06:54living you got to change your lifestyle
02:06:56you got gotta change who you hang around
02:06:58you gotta change how you look at things
02:07:00your perception you gotta change on how
02:07:02you treat people treat people like you
02:07:03wanna be treated the holy manuscript
02:07:06says treat your brothers as you treat
02:07:09love your brother as you love yourself
02:07:10love your sister as you love yourself
02:07:12that's what we need to unify we have to
02:07:14unify our collective consciousness come
02:07:17together as one unit and get our freedom
02:07:21it's time to quit talking about the
02:07:22curses deuteronomy 28 okay let's break
02:07:25them let's break the curses let's
02:07:28let's get up out of the animalistic
02:07:30lower nature
02:07:31let's align the chakras let's activate
02:07:33who we truly are
02:07:35let's quit living out the flesh and
02:07:36start living off the spirit
02:07:38the curses are broke when you put on
02:07:42when you put on the holy anointed oil
02:07:45when you put on the christ consciousness
02:07:47or the christ concept we can go literal
02:07:50with this we can go figuratively with
02:07:51this we can go metaphysical with it i
02:07:53know some don't believe in christ i'm
02:07:55not shy i do but if you don't we can
02:07:57even apply the spiritual metaphysical
02:08:00concept and it still will make as much
02:08:02sense in the world what is wrong with
02:08:04loving your brother as you love yourself
02:08:07what is wrong with those should not kill
02:08:09what is wrong from not stealing from
02:08:10your brother what is wrong from not
02:08:12lying to your brother what's wrong with
02:08:14that nothing these things will grow you
02:08:16economically systematically these things
02:08:19will grow character on you what's wrong
02:08:21with not being envious
02:08:23of what your brother and sister got and
02:08:24working hard like they did to get it
02:08:27what's wrong with that
02:08:29nothing is wrong with that so i know
02:08:30it's a lot of people that knock a lot of
02:08:32stuff that i do believe you know and
02:08:34this i mean i don't believe everything
02:08:35in the bible i don't be honest with you
02:08:37i just don't but it's a lot of good
02:08:40stuff in there and you know when it
02:08:41comes to this nazi right walk i believe
02:08:43that a hundred percent and it's a lot of
02:08:44people that don't believe with that
02:08:45either that don't make you my enemy we
02:08:47still brothers and sisters we bleed the
02:08:49same blood the same dna and we got the
02:08:51same ancestors let's put religion to the
02:08:54side let's come together as a collective
02:08:56whole and let's talk about what we do
02:08:59agree on we agree that we are oppressed
02:09:01we agree that we are suppressed we agree
02:09:04that we are depressed we agree that we
02:09:06lack the right of education we agree
02:09:08that these food systems school systems
02:09:10and prison systems got our babies we
02:09:12agree that they are trying to turn our
02:09:14babies into homosexuals we agree that
02:09:16they are up our lives and trying
02:09:19to depopulate us and mandate control us
02:09:21we agree to that so let's put all the
02:09:23other stuff that we disagree to to aside
02:09:25and come together on what we agree upon
02:09:27and let's let's actually come up with a
02:09:29fundamental plan and do something about
02:09:31it because we are non-ethical beings we
02:09:33can change our reality but we have to it
02:09:35have to be supernatural and we cannot
02:09:37have a supernatural event if we are
02:09:39divided if we are separated we have to
02:09:41come together as a collective whole and
02:09:43all of that cosmic consciousness energy
02:09:46gonna make some pop flat out
02:09:49and that's what it is so look i love
02:09:51y'all man i love y'all peace to the gods
02:09:53peace to the earth i'm gonna get up out
02:09:54of here i'll be live again uh probably
02:09:57if it ain't tomorrow i'll be live again
02:09:58sunday y'all will y'all can catch me on
02:10:00my ig follow me on my ig i go live from
02:10:02there every other day i will be live for
02:10:04my ig tomorrow morning or afternoon so
02:10:06catch me on my ig at yaki uh awaken
02:10:10uh follow me on my tick tock at yaki
02:10:12awaken follow me on my facebook at yaki
02:10:14hickman and subscribe to my youtube yaki
02:10:17awaken again so uh and if you need any
02:10:19healing herbs and if you need to
02:10:24ask any questions uh when we in the
02:10:26anatomy lab and you know i'm going hard
02:10:28in there answering questions send your
02:10:30questions to questions at and we'll get back to
02:10:33y'all all right peace love light and
02:10:35healing i wish y'all nothing but love
02:10:36joy peace and happiness and just divine
02:10:39alignment all right peace to the gods
02:10:41peace to the earth
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