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Valhil Capital CEO predicts that the value of XRP could reach $10,000 to $35,000, while the SEC's rejection of Ripple's appeal could set a precedent for crypto firms, and mysterious XRP transactions raise questions about unknown wallets and trading volume increases.
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The SEC cannot file an appeal immediately after dropping charges against Ripple officials, as the punishment stage must be completed first.
The LB lawsuit took 8 months for the court to enter the final verdict.
The SEC first wanted a $23 million penalty from LB, but during the remedies hearing, the commission requested a $130,000 fine.
Ripple might face a $770 million fine for breaking Securities Law through its institutional sales of XRP.
XRP's trading volume increased by 11.6% with traders transacting about $1 billion in XRP in the last 24 hours.
Approximately half a billion XRP tokens were transferred from an undisclosed wallet to an unidentified address, with speculation that the wallets may belong to the Bitvavo crypto exchange.
412 million XRP tokens were transferred from an undisclosed wallet to an unidentified address.
Speculation suggests that the wallets may belong to the Bitvavo crypto exchange.
Significant amounts of XRP tokens have been observed going in and out of exchanges and unknown addresses throughout the month.
XRP has been confirmed to still be in the bullish zone.
XRP could reach $14 but must overcome resistance levels at $0.57, $0.64, $0.74, and $0.93, with the latter being the ultimate resistance level, according to EG's chart.
XRP has spent most of its time in the ranging zone since September.
XRP needs a full-bodied weekly closure in the bullish zone to reach $14.
XRP needs to overcome several resistance levels, including $0.93, to reach $14.
EG's prediction is speculative and should not be taken as investment advice.
00:00will the sec's rejection of Ripple's
00:02appeal set a precedent for crypto firms
00:04by the way 412 Million xrp worth $213
00:09million inexplicably migrated between
00:12unknown wallets increasing xrp's trading
00:15volume by 11% in 24 hours furthermore
00:19the xrp price has returned to the
00:21bullish Zone putting it on track to
00:23reach the much anticipated
00:25$14 level eg a a notable analyst has set
00:30an objective finally what role might
00:33Fox's Charles gasparino play in
00:35concealing the identity of corrupt
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01:1931st the recent developments in the SEC
01:22versus Ripple lawsuit have sparked a
01:24flurry of speculation notably following
01:27with sec's decision to dismiss charg
01:30against Brad garlinghouse and Chris
01:32Larson the crypto Community has been
01:34speculating about this sec's next move
01:36in the Ripple lawsuit many
01:39cryptocurrency fans feel the move paves
01:41the stage for a possible settlement or a
01:43speedy appeal most pundits believe the
01:46SEC withdrew the charges to file an
01:48urgent appeal against Ripple's Victory
01:51as a result notable xrp holder Andrew
01:54spazza asked crypto law founder Attorney
01:57John deedon whether the sec's loss of
01:59appeal would set a precedent for the
02:01entire crypto business responding
02:04attorney Deon stated that if the SEC
02:06loses on appeal it will weaken the
02:09agency while emboldening crypto related
02:11Enterprises to fight the commission's
02:13adverse enforcement actions even harder
02:16according to Deon judge Analisa toris
02:19has previously said that her decision in
02:21the case is based on applying the hoe
02:23test to the pertinent facts as a result
02:26Deon stated that if the SEC fails on a
02:29appeal it is readily claimed that the
02:31ruling solely pertains to Ripple and xrp
02:35as no other cryptocurrency is involved
02:38similar facts apply to the
02:39cryptocurrency initiative meanwhile
02:42attorney Deton noted that the SEC cannot
02:44file an appeal right away he did however
02:47mention that the sec's decision to
02:49withdraw charges against Ripple
02:51Executives may result in an appeal
02:53occurring sooner than
02:55expected Devon remarked in response to
02:58ran nuner suggestion that the SEC can
03:01now file an appeal immediately after
03:03dropping charges against Ripple
03:05officials in response Deon stated that
03:08the punishment stage must be completed
03:10before the SEC can file an appeal by
03:13recalling the events in the SEC versus
03:16lb lawsuit the pro xrp lawyer supplied
03:19additional Insight he stated that the
03:22summary decision was issued by the lb
03:24judge on November 7 2022 and that it
03:28took 8 months for the court to enter the
03:30final verdict on July 11
03:332023 there was additional Discovery
03:35during those 8 months including
03:37interrogatories and requests for the
03:39production of documents bank statements
03:41Etc and deposition testimony this is
03:45followed by the filing of written briefs
03:47and the conduct of oral arguments he
03:49explained even though the final verdict
03:52was issued by the court lb waited nearly
03:55two months before launching an appeal on
03:57September 7 2023
04:00according to attorney Deon the SEC first
04:02wanted a $23 million penalty from
04:06LB however during the remedies hearing
04:09the commission requested a
04:11$130,000 fine it is worth noting that
04:14Ripple might face a $770 million fine
04:18for breaking Securities Law through its
04:20institutional sales of
04:22xrp Deon suggested that Ripple would try
04:25to decrease the fee by exempting
04:27OnDemand liquidity sales and reasonable
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04:37learn about the most recent developments
04:40concerning over the last day xrp trading
04:43volume increased by
04:4511.6% with Traders transacting about $1
04:48billion in
04:52xrp over the last day xrp's trading
04:55volume increased by
04:5711.6% with Traders transacting about $1
05:00billion in
05:01xrp in the last 24 hours Market
05:05participants traded $818 Milli
05:10xrp this considerable increase in
05:13trading activity coincides with
05:14significant xrp movements coordinated by
05:17influential cryptocurrency investors
05:19known as Wales whale alert a well-known
05:22tool for tracking large crypto
05:24transactions recently documented the
05:26transfer of 412 million 300,000 xrp the
05:32deal was worth $213 million
05:35$300,000 at the time of the transfer
05:38this transaction took place in the last
05:4024 hours the source and destination of
05:44412 million xrp tokens however peaked
05:48our interest according to whale alert
05:51approximately half a billion xrp was
05:53transferred from an undisclosed wallet
05:55to another unidentified address
05:58furthermore onchain data does not give a
06:01clear indication of the entities
06:02underlying the
06:04transactions the originating address was
06:06created 5 days ago with six big xrp
06:10transactions according to xrp Explorer
06:13bamp meanwhile the destination wallet
06:15went live yesterday with the 412. 33
06:19million in xrp being its only
06:22transaction some cryptocurrency Market
06:24participants believe the two wallets
06:26belong to the bitvavo crypto Exchange
06:29notably this supposition may be based on
06:31the fact that the source wallet sent
06:34510,000 xrp to a bitvavo controlled
06:37address the day before every few days
06:41this person creates a new wallet
06:43transfers everything to it and then a
06:45good bit out to bitvavo and repeats an
06:48xuser set of the current transaction
06:51adding little by little along the road
06:53furthermore bavo is well known for
06:55transferring xrp to unknown wallets the
06:59exchange sent 49 million xrp worth more
07:04$21.6 million to an untagged account
07:07last week notably whale alert has
07:10captured significant amounts of xrp
07:12tokens going in and out of exchanges as
07:15well as unknown addresses throughout the
07:17month xrp whales have 1.6 billion xrp
07:21coins worth 880 million in total
07:25furthermore Ripple upet bitvavo bitstamp and bitso have led
07:32significant xrp fluctuations so far this
07:34month furthermore egru verified in a
07:38recent post that xrp EGR confirmed in a
07:42recent post that xrp is still in the
07:44bullish Zone 3 days after re-entering it
07:473 days after re-entering the bullish
07:50zone xrp is still in it to fully
07:53comprehend the analyst's current words
07:56it is necessary to recall his previous
07:58research in which he described these xrp
08:00pricing zones according to EG A's color
08:04code road map xrp's price movements
08:07historically fall into one of four zones
08:12$0.58 these are the red flag $0 and
08:173538 wicking
08:23047 ranging
08:28051 cents and bullish
08:330510 57 zones the xrp price fluctuates
08:38in and out of these zones in response to
08:40Market movements xrp has spent most of
08:43its time since September within the
08:45ranging Zone and below the bullish Stone
08:48on October 9 xrp traded in the ranging
08:51zone until it produced a rally on
08:53October 19 this surge saw it return to
08:57the bullish Zone following this event EG
09:00stated two days ago that xrp can reach
09:04$14 although this is dependent on the
09:06assets price moves he explained that xrp
09:10would require a full-bodied weekly
09:12closure in the bullish Stone the
09:14analyst's most recent update informs his
09:17audience that xrp remains in the bullish
09:19stone with a current price of $0 and
09:24228 this indicates that xrp is on Pace
09:28to maintain its B bullish weekly close
09:30and increase its chances of reaching the
09:33$14 price goal however the journey to
09:36this price includes several resistance
09:39points as shown in egg's chart first xrp
09:43must overcome the formidable resistance
09:45level of
09:47$0.57 culminating in a price above the
09:50bullish Stone such a breakthrough would
09:53bolster confidence in the assets
09:55potential once above the bullish Zone
09:57xrp needs to break break through
09:59important resistance levels at $0 and 64
10:05$0.74 the ultimate resistance level for
10:08xrp is
10:10$0.93 which corresponds to the Fibonacci
10:13level of zero this hurdle previously
10:16stood in the way of xrp's July 13 rise
10:19which tried to recapture the $1 price
10:22point EG feels that after xrp breaks
10:25through the $0 and 93 resistance Lev
10:29level it will be a simple ride to the
10:31$14 price Mark however this is purely
10:35speculative and should not be construed
10:37as investment advice xrp has gained
10:417.24% in the last week now for our big
10:45question of the day what role might
10:47Fox's Charles gasparino play in
10:50protecting the identity of corrupt
10:52officials what role might Fox's Charles
10:55gasparino play in protecting the
10:57identity of corrupt officials please
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11:06latest occurrences of
11:08xrp Steven nof an early ethereum adviser
11:12has been in the news over the weekend
11:14following his recent charges of SEC
11:16corruption interestingly he called
11:19attention to Fox Business journalist
11:21Charles gasparino possible participation
11:24in concealing the identity of corrupt
11:26SEC officials last week billionaire
11:29investors Mark cubin and Alon mus filed
11:32a combined Amicus brief with the United
11:34States Supreme Court in the SEC versus
11:37Jackie case notably the pair expressed
11:40reservations about the commission's
11:42approach to conducting internal
11:43processes with in-house judges these
11:46Administrative Hearings according to
11:48Cuban and musk generally result in
11:50disperate outcomes for persons facing
11:53complaints against the regulator
11:55following the filing of a combined
11:57Amicus brief by wealthy inv fers in the
11:59lawsuit former ethereum adviser Steven
12:02nof emphasized the necessity of an Army
12:05in the fight against the SEC nof added
12:08that while Cuban and musk are creating a
12:11case of corruption at the SEC he has the
12:13necessary evidence to back up their
12:15claims he did however ask top crypto
12:18fans particularly xrp community members
12:22to assist him in getting musk and Cubans
12:24attention during the debate nof
12:27addressed Fox Business writer Charles
12:29gasparino asking if he had shut down his
12:32colleague Elanor terret to protect
12:34people accused of SEC
12:36misconduct this allowed me to call out
12:38gasparino to ask him if he shut down
12:40Eleanor teret to protect people involved
12:43in this corruption and rof inquired
12:46furthermore he claims that any media
12:48source that is silenced to protect
12:50corrupt officials who wrongfully
12:52prosecuted him and ripple will be
12:55exposed it will be disgraceful for Fox
12:57Business according to to nof if it
13:00chooses to protect former SEC Chief Jay
13:02Clayton n off's words drew the attention
13:05of gasperino who described the charges
13:08as lying furthermore the Fox Business
13:11reporter threatened to sue nof for his
13:13idiotic conspiracy theory notably Bill
13:16Morgan an australia-based lawyer who has
13:19been closely following the SEC versus
13:21Ripple case responded to gasperino
13:24remark attorney Morgan questioned that
13:27sec's conduct in investigation against
13:30Ripple Executives Brad garlinghouse and
13:32Chris Larsson in response to gas
13:34Perino's tweet it's worth noting that
13:37the SEC unexpectedly withdrew its
13:39accusations against garlinghouse and
13:41lson last week the development sparked a
13:44new debate among xrp supporters with
13:47many legal Specialists speculating that
13:49a settlement was on the horizon make
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Why does Valhil Capital CEO predict that the value of XRP could reach $10,000 to $35,000?

The Valhil Capital CEO's prediction is based on several factors, including the potential for XRP to see increased adoption, its utility in cross-border payments, and the overall growth of the cryptocurrency market. He also considers the scarcity of XRP and the potential impact of large institutional investors entering the market.

2. How could the SEC's rejection of Ripple's appeal set a precedent for crypto firms?

The SEC's rejection of Ripple's appeal could set a precedent for crypto firms by establishing legal interpretations and regulatory boundaries for the entire cryptocurrency industry. This decision could impact how other crypto firms approach compliance, fundraising, and the trading of digital assets. It creates a significant legal precedent for future regulatory actions against similar crypto projects.

3. What are the implications of mysterious XRP transactions raising questions about unknown wallets?

The mysterious XRP transactions and unknown wallets raise questions about the transparency and security of the XRP network. This uncertainty may lead to concerns among investors and traders regarding the legitimacy of XRP transactions. It also highlights the need for increased transparency and oversight in the cryptocurrency space to address potential security and fraud risks.

4. How does the increase in XRP trading volume impact the cryptocurrency market?

The increase in XRP trading volume reflects growing interest and participation in the cryptocurrency market. This surge in trading volume can lead to increased liquidity, price volatility, and market sentiment for XRP. It may also attract new investors and traders who see the potential for profit in XRP's price movements, contributing to the overall dynamism and innovation in the cryptocurrency space.

5. What factors contribute to Valhil Capital CEO's optimistic prediction for the value of XRP?

Valhil Capital CEO's optimistic prediction for the value of XRP is influenced by factors such as the expanding use cases for XRP in the financial industry, the anticipated growth of decentralized finance (DeFi), and the potential for XRP to serve as a bridge currency for cross-border transactions. Additionally, the increasing adoption of blockchain technology and digital assets in mainstream finance supports the CEO's positive outlook on XRP's value.

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