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The video compares the power of Voldemort and Grindelwald, two dark wizards who instilled fear in the wizarding world, but while Voldemort was more destructive, Grindelwald possessed more humanity and advanced offensive spells. It remains to be seen how Dumbledore defeats Grindelwald, which could determine who is more powerful.
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Lord Voldemort grew up without any concept or notion of love, as his mother used a love potion on his father to conceive him, and she died shortly after his birth.
Voldemort's mother, Merope Gaunt, used a love potion on his father, Tom Riddle Sr., to make him fall in love with her.
After the effects of the love potion wore off, Tom Riddle Sr. left Merope, leading her to a dark path.
Merope died shortly after giving birth to Voldemort, leaving him without love and care.
Dumbledore sought out Voldemort at an orphanage and brought him to Hogwarts, where he showcased powerful magical abilities.
Grindelwald's offensive spells, especially Protego Diabolica, make him more powerful than Voldemort.
Grindelwald's collection of offensive spells dwarfs Voldemort's.
Protego Diabolica is a spell that creates a ring of protective black fire, incinerating enemies who enter the circle.
Grindelwald can control the spell and extend tendrils of black flames towards his enemies.
Grindelwald's possession of the Elder Wand gives him an additional advantage over Voldemort.
00:05Hey everyone,
00:06Welcome to another installment of Harry Potter Theory. In this video, we’re going to be
00:11discussing and comparing two of the darkest wizards to have ever disgraced the wizarding
00:15world - Voldemort and Grindelwald. Each man truly made his mark on the world of magic-
00:21and during different periods of history were able to instill fear in to the hearts of wizardkind
00:26as a whole. During Grindelwald’s reign of terror, there wasn’t a witch or wizard that
00:30didn’t know his name, and it wasn’t until the year 1945, when Grindelwald was defeated,
00:35that the wizarding world could finally sleep easy. However, it just so happens that in
00:39that same year, 1945, Voldemort was finishing up at Hogwarts- meaning that he had already
00:44begun to walk down the very dark path that he would eventually follow. Though the pair
00:48never simultaneously terrorized the wizarding world, the end of Grindelwald only meant that
00:53there was a brief pause in tyranny- as the first wizarding war began in 1970, when Voldemort
00:58began his own reign of terror. 1970 marked Voldemort’s proclamation that
01:02he was the new ‘Dark Lord’, and it was in this same year that he started to openly
01:07perform acts of evil around Europe. Though Voldemort was eventually defeated by the Potters
01:12in the year 1981, his regime lasted an impressive 11 years- a true testament to the power of
01:18Voldemort and his followers. Dumbledore,who is widely considered to be the greatest and
01:22most powerful wizard of all time, led the primary opposition against both wizards, and
01:27in response to Voldemort’s assumption of power in 1970, Dumbledore formed the Order
01:31of the Phoenix in 1971. Dumbledore, Grindelwald and Voldemort were
01:36all immensely powerful wizards-uncomparable to anyone else, with the exception of perhaps
01:41some of the fabled wizards of history. And while Voldemort and Grindelwald both led impressive
01:45regimes, the light did eventually prevail over each of them. But while both dark wizards
01:50eventually fell, there is much debate surrounding Grindelwald and Voldemort - who was actually
01:55more powerful? Both were immensely talented from an extremely young age, and each of them
01:59had exposure to Dumbledore- who is said to have been able to do things with a wand that
02:03no one else could. To better compare them, let’s take a brief look at each of their
02:07histories, and see if we can pick up any clues along the way.
02:10We’ll start chronologically, and begin with Gellert Grindelwald.
02:13Grindelwald was born in the year 1883, and in his younger years he was a student at Durmstrang
02:19institute. While attending the school, Grindelwald began to demonstrate exceptional magic ability
02:24at an extremely young age. However, his sadistic nature also quickly shone through, as not
02:29far in to his studies he was expelled for experimenting with twisted and dark magic.
02:34Grindelwald was a man that continually pushed the limits of his magical abilities and he
02:38didn’t let ethical considerations of ‘good’ vs ‘bad’ magic stop him in his magical
02:44endeavours. After being expelled, Grindelwald was intent
02:47on achieving higher and higher levels of power, this mission for power eventually landed him
02:51in Godric’s Hollow, England. What drew Grindelwald to Godric’s Hollow in the first place was
02:56its connection to the fable of the Deathly Hallows- a story following three brothers,
03:00Antioch, Cadmus, Ignotus, and their first hand experience with the personification of
03:05death. After ‘cheating’ Death, Death, under the guise of congratulating them, awarded
03:11them with 3 gifts: The elder wand, the resurrection stone, and the invisibility cloak. Long story
03:16short, each brother chose one of the gifts that death had presented them. Ignotus (the
03:20youngest) chose the invisibility cloak, Cadmus (the middle brother) chose the resurrection
03:25stone, and Antioch (the eldest) chose the elder wand. It was expressed that any witch
03:30or wizard that came in to the possession of these three Hallows would become the ‘Master’
03:34of death - an all powerful witch or wizard that could achieve levels of power thought
03:38previously unattainable. I think that you can probably imagine why a young Gellert Grindewald
03:43would be interested in that.
03:45When he first arrived in Godric’s Hollow he met Albus Dumbledore, and the two were
03:49inseparable. As each young man was immensely magically talented, they were able to learn
03:53a lot from one another, reaching new heights with regards to magical ability. They had
03:57a lot in common, each as ambitious as the other. Not only that, but both boys shared
04:02a common goal: to seek out and acquire all 3 of the deathly hallows: the cloak, the wand,
04:07and the stone. Not only that, but their plan was to lead a wizarding revolution that would
04:11effectively put an end to the international statute of secrecy, breaking down the ‘secretive’
04:16divide between muggle and magical world. They didn’t want to hide in the shadows, they
04:21wanted wizardkind, who they felt was superior to humankind, to take charge. However, things
04:26didn’t go exactly according to plan, and Grindelwald and Dumbledore eventually parted
04:30ways. At this point in time Grindelwald left Godric’s Hollow and embarked on his mission,
04:35alone. Shortly after leaving, Grindelwald was actually able to obtain one of the hallows-
04:39stealing the fabled elder wand from wand proprietor Mykew Gregorovitch. This was the beginning
04:45of his regime which operated under the slogan ‘for the greater good’.
04:49Grindelwald grew immensely in power over the years, and the public opinion quickly became
04:53that Dumbledore would be the only man capable of stopping him. However, Dumbledore was reluctant
04:58to pursue Grindelwald, mainly due to their history together. Dumbledore’s unwillingness
05:03to fight Grindelwald stemmed from a blood-pact that the pair had entered in their youth,
05:07in which each young man vowed never to fight the other. However, it has been expressed
05:11that eventually, Grindelwald’s actions became just too terrible for Dumbledore to ignore-
05:16not only that, but his power was reaching new heights. To let him get to a point at
05:20which he could no longer be stopped would have been massively irresponsible.
05:23Voldemort’s youth was not all too different from Grindelwald’s and both boys grew up
05:27without a sense of what having a normal family was like. Voldemort was born in the year 1926,
05:32to a muggle father, Tom Riddle Sr, and witch mother, Merope Gaunt- the daughter of Marvolo
05:37Gaunt. Voldemort’s conception was very unusual, as the only reason that his parents ended
05:42up together was because his mother used a love potion on his father. Merope suppressed
05:47her magical abilities for many years, but when her father was imprisoned, she felt liberated,
05:51and created said love potion.
05:54Shortly after he drank the potion, Tom Riddle Sr became infatuated with Merope,and just
05:58a few months later, the two were married and Merope was pregnant with Tom’s child. This
06:02child would later go on to become Lord Voldemort. Eventually the effects of the love potion
06:07wore off, which we assume Merope let happen naturally in the hopes that he had genuinely
06:12fallen in love with her, he fled, and this led Merope down a very dark path.
06:17She fell in to a deep, dark depression, and on new years eve in the year 1926, she went
06:22to an orphanage and gave birth to her son, Tom Marvolo Riddle, Voldemort. Merope died
06:28shortly after Riddle was born, after suffering from a broken heart, and because she was not
06:32there to give Tom love and care, he grew up without any concept or notion of love. In
06:37the year 1938, Dumbledore sought out a young Tom Riddle at Wool’s Orphanage in London,
06:42and brought the troubled young magical prodigy to Hogwarts. From an extremely young age,
06:47Riddle showcased intensely powerful innate magical abilities, he was a magical prodigy
06:52if you will, and as he grew older,he began to harness his abilities. In fact, he became
06:57unimaginably powerful-performing feats of magic that people thought previously impossible.
07:03And he knew it too, proclaiming to Harry in The Heir of Slytherin that he was ‘The greatest
07:08sorcerer in the world’. But, was he really? Or was he ousted out of that title by Dumbledore
07:14and Grindelwald?
07:15Voldemort went on to achieve some extremely impressive feats of magic, the most notable
07:19of which was probably his creation of horcruxes. Whether creating horcruxes is actually difficult
07:24or just very morally frowned upon,is unclear, but I expect that it probably involves a bit
07:28of both.
07:29So, both Voldemort and Grindelwald were magical prodigies from a young age that led their
07:34own tyrannous regimes - but who would have been harder to stop? Let’s see what they’re
07:38capable of. With his innate magical capabilities, and thirst for knowledge, Voldemort achieved
07:43many impressive feats of magic over the course of his life. Including, but not limited to
07:48things like unsupported flight, legilimency, horcrux creation, and mastery of offensive
07:53spells like fiendfyre and avada kedavra. At least, these are the things that we see on
07:58display coming from Voldemort.
08:01While Voldemort’s skills were impressive, from the outside perspective it really does
08:04seem as though Grindelwald knew more. Grindelwald had an extremely impressive magic arsenal,
08:09and though some of the spells that he cast were also achievable by Voldemort, there were
08:13also plenty of spells that I don’t think Voldemort ever knew. Both mastered the unforgivable
08:18curses- crucio, imperio and avada kedavra, and both men were masters at transfiguration.
08:24However, Grindelwald’s collection of offensive spells really seems to dwarf Voldemort’s.
08:30Similar to Dumbledore, Grindelwald was a master of elemental magic, and in the Fantastic Beasts
08:34films that we’ve seen so far, he has produced all sorts of lightning bolts, white elemental
08:39blasts, tempest jinxes, and even Grindelwald’s piece de resistance- protego diabolica. I
08:44honestly don’t think that I’ve ever seen a spell as overpowered as protego diabolica-
08:49and if you can’t remember what it is, I’ll give you a quick reminder.
08:52We first see Grindelwald use protego diabolica in the Lestrange mausoleum. Protego diabolica
08:58is a dark spell that creates a ring of protective black fire around the target. Anyone who is
09:02an enemy of the caster will be instantly incinerated when they try to enter the circle. The possibilities
09:08of this spell seem endless, as it is not just a static circle of flames. We see Grindelwald
09:12controlling the spell like a weapon, extending tendrils of black flames towards his enemies.
09:17With these tendrils, Grindelwald was able to prevent aurors from escaping the mausoleum
09:22via apparition. The spell eventually escalates in to what can only be described as a fiery
09:26winged-demon, similar to fiendfyre. It’s a completely ridiculous spell that is simultaneously
09:32offensive and defensive, and outclasses any other spell that we’ve seen before in Harry
09:37Potter. That spell alone really gives him some extra points against Voldemort.
09:41However, what should be mentioned is that the Grindelwald we see in the films possessed
09:45the elder wand. Voldemort didn’t have the elder wand until the end of the HP films,
09:49and even then, he wasn’t the true owner, and couldn’t properly master the wand. Grindelwald
09:54was the genuine owner of what is considered to be, historically, the most powerful wand
09:59in history, and so it only makes sense that with it he was able to produce magic previously
10:03unheard of. Is this the sole reason that he could produce such absurd magic? That’s
10:08anyone’s guess, but it’s definitely a consideration that needs to be made when comparing
10:12these two dark wizards.
10:14A counter-argument for this is the fact that Voldemort, who didn’t even possess the elder
10:18wand, was able to effectively duel Dumbledore (supposedly the most powerful wizard of all
10:22time), WHILE he bore the elder wand. And given that an elder-wandless Dumbledore defeated
10:27an elder-wand BEARING Grindelwald, this seems like a point for Voldemort.
10:32In the Harry Potter films, after Harry is finished looking in to the pensieve observing
10:36Dumbledore’s first interaction with a young Tom Riddle, he has the following exchange
10:39with Dumbledore:
10:40"Did you know, sir? Then?..."
10:42"Did I know that I had just met the most dangerous Dark wizard of all-time? No."
10:46Whether or not this is an admittance that Voldemort is the most dangerous wizard of
10:50all time is not 100% clear, but I’m willing to bet that there’s some truth behind Dumbledore’s
10:55statement. ‘Most dangerous’ doesn’t necessarily mean most powerful, as one could
10:59be less powerful and more destructive, but I think that this honestly might be another
11:03point for Voldemort. And this is where the two dark wizards differ quite a lot. Voldemort
11:08was certainly the more ‘destructive’ of the two, but again, this doesn’t mean that
11:12he was more powerful. Grindelwald had a lot more humanity than Voldemort, and, while he
11:16was ‘evil’ to some degree, he did have a concept of things like love and happiness.
11:21Voldemort’s only joy came from doing terrible things. He was never happy or loved, even
11:26in childhood, and so when he got older had no concept of either.
11:30Grindelwald on the other hand, did find love in his life, and his ambitions of establishing
11:34a new world order were not primarily driven by notions of evil or darkness- even if it
11:39looked that way at times. Grindelwald genuinely felt that what he was doing was important
11:44for the world, and that is why his slogan was ‘for the greater good’. He recognized
11:48that a lot of his actions were wrong, but ultimately believed that his mission to establish
11:52the global wizarding hierarchy was important for wizardkind. He felt that he was just helping
11:57his people, even if it did oppress another people. This is perhaps the only reason why
12:02Grindelwald never created horcruxes- he enjoyed life, and wanted to preserve his humanity,
12:07but wasn’t preoccupied with the pursuit of immortality. Producing dark magic like
12:11a horcrux comes at a price, and Voldemort was willing to do whatever it took. Here he
12:16says it himself:
12:17“I have experimented, I have pushed the boundaries of magic further, perhaps, than
12:22they have ever been pushed.”
12:24I think to truly determine which of these two wizards is more powerful, we first need
12:27to see how exactly Dumbledore defeats Grindelwald. We know that there are 3 more Fantastic Beasts
12:32films on the way, and that Dumbledore eventually beats him- but whether he received external
12:37help or not is unclear. If Dumbledore is genuinely able to defeat an elder-wand wielding grindelwald
12:43without possessing the elder wand himself, then I think that it would definitively mean
12:47that Vodlemort is more powerful than Grindelwald. However, I’m far more impressed with the
12:52magic that I’ve seen from Grindelwald- he just seems so in tune with his abilities.
12:56He’s cool, calm and collected, and he seems to always have things under control. Voldemort,
13:01at least later in life, always seems like he’s being bested and outsmarted by other
13:05people, and in that respect, Grindelwald seems like he’s more on top of things. For now,
13:09I’m going to just have to say that I think that Grindelwald and Voldemort are equals,
13:14and I’m going to have to revisit this topic at a later date, when we see just a little
13:17bit more of Grindelwald on screen. I always used to be of the impression that Voldemort
13:22was just the most powerful, period, but I just can’t ignore what Grindelwald was able
13:26to achieve in the latest films.
13:28What do you guys think? Who is more powerful, Voldemort or Grindelwald? Let me know down
13:33in the comment section below. Until next time
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Who is more powerful, Voldemort or Grindelwald?

Voldemort and Grindelwald were both powerful dark wizards who instilled fear in the wizarding world. While Voldemort was more destructive, Grindelwald possessed more humanity and advanced offensive spells.

2. What were the differences in the power of Voldemort and Grindelwald?

While Voldemort was more destructive, Grindelwald possessed more humanity and advanced offensive spells, making their powers unique in different aspects.

3. What is the significance of the battle between Dumbledore and Grindelwald?

The battle between Dumbledore and Grindelwald is significant as it could determine who is more powerful, impacting the outcome of their conflict and its consequences for the wizarding world.

4. How does the battle between Dumbledore and Grindelwald affect the wizarding world?

The outcome of the battle between Dumbledore and Grindelwald will have a profound impact on the wizarding world, potentially shaping the future and the balance of power among dark wizards.

5. What are the potential ways for Dumbledore to defeat Grindelwald?

The potential ways for Dumbledore to defeat Grindelwald are a subject of speculation and intrigue, and they could reveal more about the abilities and strengths of both wizards.

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