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The video discusses the speaker's struggle with ADHD and finding medication that works. They share their self-experiment with taking Wellbutrin and Vyvanse together, which they found to be effective in providing energy and motivation without negative side effects. The speaker intends to continue taking this combination with the approval of their doctor.
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The speaker discusses their struggle with finding the right medication for their ADHD symptoms, including trying different antidepressants and stimulants.
They found that Wellbutrin helped with depression but did not improve focus and motivation.
They tried Vyvanse at different doses but still had difficulty getting up in the morning and staying focused.
They describe symptoms of paralysis, zoning out, and racing thoughts.
The speaker discusses their experience with different medications for focus and attention.
Tried Wellbutrin and Vyvanse together, but did not have good results.
Verbal training medication called Propopion had severe side effects like acne, vivid nightmares, and anxiety.
Ritalin did not have any effect, and Advanced made the speaker feel tired and drained.
Protein was tried to improve fatigue.
The speaker tried different medications for depression, anxiety, and ADHD symptoms, but none of them worked, so they are currently taking a break to figure out their next steps.
The speaker mentioned that Wellbutrin suppresses their appetite, so they have to force themselves to eat protein and drink lots of water.
They felt tired and calm on the medication, which made it difficult for them to stay focused or motivated.
They tried Ritalin and other medications, but none of them helped with their energy and motivation levels.
The person in the video is sharing their experience of taking Wellbutrin and Vyvanse together.
They mention that taking Wellbutrin alone makes them feel flat and without energy.
They recall a positive experience when taking Vyvanse alone, feeling more energetic and motivated.
They decided to try taking both medications together and are hopeful that it will work for them.
The person took 150mg of Wellbutrin and 50mg of Vyvanse together and shares that they are feeling great.
The speaker shares their experience of taking Wellbutrin and Vyvanse together for the first day.
The speaker mentions not feeling a hard beating in their heart.
They describe feeling a sensation, euphoria, and anxiety.
The speaker plans to continue taking both medications and will consult with their doctor.
00:01hey there um i decided to record this video  to keep like update what i'm doing recently to  
00:13kind of treat and to hold all my symptoms with  about adhd because i i am like recently diagnosed  
00:21having attention dysregulation and hyperactivity  disorder i'm feeling like uh over almost one year  
00:31actually more than one year that i'm  struggling to find a proper medication  
00:35and i've been trying like all kinds of education  for first like for a night antidepressants  
00:43and stimulants i have used like elvens  that's vivance this dachshund vitamin  
00:49over a period like five months so far  and it helped a lot for the sensation  
00:58for depression let's say this way because i was  not depressed i was depressed because i couldn't  
01:03like achieve the task do the things in my house  keep house organized or focus your studies so this  
01:09kind of gives me giving me the sensation that  i am depressed so somehow it kind of i kind  
01:14of have it too so i could say that the most  powerful uh medication for the uh depression  
01:23in this case would have been like advanced that  this is like this dexter photo meaning when i  
01:28took it i felt so calm i could rest my mind was  like okay but i never focus i never had this thing  
01:34about to be able to sit down just feel motivated  and concentrated and so on no i never i start with  
01:43like 20 milligrams 30 milligrams i felt a little  bit better with 30 milligrams and then but but it  
01:49was not enough anyway i have like really hard time  for me to get up in the morning like to leave the  
01:55bed to get the day stuck you know i have a lot of  this paralysis and also i i stay for a long time  
02:03zoning out and i'm not able to get really started  the things that i'm supposed to do and if i start  
02:09to do my mind is racing for many many thoughts  at the same time i'm like with a browser for many  
02:16tables opened and i cannot function so even take  like amphetamines that something and vitamin my  
02:21brain could not focus like it was supposed to do  with his stimulants so i took it i then after 20  
02:28milligrams increased to four milligrams and now i  am 50 milligrams and even though i don't have any  
02:34good results about that and sometimes i still feel  that i am speaking too much and with no sense of  
02:41not connection uh in the things that i'm speaking  like it's not apparent oh this dexter and feminine  
02:48was not so powerful like it should be for me  i also have tried before um education called  
02:55verbal training that's propopion it was like  poison for me the worst medication ever i tried  
03:01to take it three times like nah overall three to  four months i have real real bad like side effects  
03:10i have acne i'm still struggling today like you  can see still like scars and things that i got  
03:15from verbal training real like rush oh my my my  ratio my my skin had they real vivid nightmares  
03:25sweating my my heart was like you were bumped out  of my my chest it was crazy and they anxiety that  
03:31decided that i go out with this education was  something like i couldn't handle it all i could  
03:37and i have all the bad side effects that you  could imagine i tried then i couldn't stand  
03:42and then i stopped for some days afterwards when  i was recovered my doctor insisted again to try to  
03:48medication again try it again i feel so bad like  [ __ ] again and i stop it again and then i did  
03:54it for three times summarizing the context for you  to just understand none of those medication worked  
04:02um i tried ritalin it was like taking water  nothing changed with retailing it just had  
04:10insomnia nothing was good if retailing for the  folks so the best would have been like advanced  
04:15that didn't give me any side effects but also  doesn't give me motion doesn't give me like  
04:21energy to do anything i feel so tired so drained  with advanced when they take it it's really hard  
04:28for me because i feel fatigated you know like  this fatigue i try to take protein to better  
04:34uh to improve my my meals because with advance  i can't eat it all because it suppress all the  
04:39appetite but even though are forced to take like  protein uh since in the morning and drink a lot  
04:46lots of water because if they hydrate they  like keep you they like not hydrated enough  
04:53so anyway summarizing uh even though i was  feeling like so tired like so tired my brain  
05:01was so calm that i just wanted to go to sleep and  they couldn't sit down and be here like for 20  
05:06minutes because it was like so much complicated  for me and if i do it i'll do it i would  
05:12get into a hyper focus i would sit in this  chair i would have not leave until like  
05:16eight ten hours afterwards that was sitting here  like i postponed go to the bathroom like to pee to  
05:23to drink to eat anything like sometimes advanced  just give me this um i don't know how to explain  
05:30but that's how i feel so it doesn't give a side  effect but also doesn't help at all for me to have  
05:35energy and motivation to do my my things my stuff  you know so i always feel tired like it doesn't  
05:42feel doesn't look like i'm taking stimulant  even though it's a amphetamine so uh after they  
05:51tried ritalin tried this verb routine nothing was  working at all finally i decided to take like um  
05:58like a self-experiment i'm admitting that i might  have i'm doing this selfie experiment i have my  
06:02doctor i've been like for many doctors i've tried  everything about medication for depression anxiety  
06:08and adhd symptoms but none of them will work like  so right now that i stopped for myself to give a  
06:15time like a no to a figure out what i'm gonna  do about my education with my life because my  
06:20life is falling apart every day a little bit  more i'm not a good person to be around i'm  
06:25stressed and i'm irritated or either i'm flat  i don't do anything i'm just sitting this chair  
06:32having a hyper folks staring the wall we're not  doing anything that shouldn't be doing you know  
06:36so i just waste my time so i decide for this  selfie experiment that i would have tried  
06:41a combo verbal train for popular that i still  have in my house that was prescribed before um  
06:48psychiatrist my doctor my previous one and also  take together uh advance that uh i have here  
06:55that i'm supposed to take advance now but take  them together so i'm recording this video exactly  
07:01for this reason because taking verbal dream  alone is like taking poison for me it's horrible  
07:08i definitely feel i could die at any moment if  i take advance i feel flat no action no motion  
07:14but i remember the time that i took a velvet  chain the good experience experience having  
07:20this education in my body would it be like  uh i could feel like a little bit of energy  
07:25to get up early in the morning so  i felt this with verbal training  
07:30i don't feel this error with vaseline but i  just want to go to body sleep the entire day  
07:35and so some aspects of one education though  them education alone they are not good  
07:40but today the first day that i took the education  i even felt like this necessity to record this  
07:45video to show their people maybe this could work  and i mean really positive and uh hopeful that's  
07:51gonna work for me and also for you if you're  seeing this video because i saw there are not a  
07:56lot a lot lots of information about this combo on  the internet no you're new to at least i just saw  
08:02like one guy that was like posting and recording  his daily with his education so i decided to show  
08:08it this just like to share with other people about  my experience my own experience so i took like  
08:15uh 150 milligrams of reverberating like um after  lunchtime you're supposed to take in the morning  
08:23but i was sleepy because i'm always asleep i just  feel tired so much start tiredness with advanced  
08:28so anyway i took this amount of with a verbal  dream and took um around my my dosage is like  
08:3750 milligrams with advanced that's the vans  unless dexton vitamin so i took them together  
08:44and tried to see how would i perform with  them together so here are there they are  
08:51and also eleven none of them are generic  i don't feel good with genetics somehow so  
08:58they are just not the original formula and um  i can just say that i'm feeling really great  
09:04for the first time in my life i'm feeling really  great i don't know i don't know if it's gonna last  
09:08this is just the first day i don't i hope so  less but i'm not feeling that hard beating  
09:13like my heart beating so much we just advanced  gives me this sensation because i feel and know  
09:19even velvet because also give me a lot of insight  so advanced gives me euphoria valuable training  
09:25giving me anxiety and them together they didn't  give me anything i am not feeling anything i'm  
09:31surprised because i'm supposed to be like  that dire defensive right now but i am not  
09:36and like now it's just like actually it's almost  10 p.m so i am with like eight hours around some  
09:45eight hours that i reframed them education  so far they still in my body it didn't last  
09:49is it still here let's see how long it's gonna  last if i'm gonna have a lot of insomnia or not  
09:54tomorrow i'm gonna continue to record this video  just to show is gonna continue now but so far  
09:59uh i just would like to share this experience with  you and of course i'm gonna communicate my doctor  
10:05and if he works i'm gonna ask them no i would  like to continue both together because i i was  
10:10reading on some forums on the articles and uh real  serious stuff and i couldn't see that you couldn't  
10:16give a good result both together so that's why  i put myself available to do this experiment  
10:22because if it works you'll kind of save my life  kind of not you it will save my life so i'm really  
10:29positive and uh somehow i don't know but i hope it  works because i can already feel myself definitely  
10:36not like feeling like go to bed and sleep and  be there like you know like a zombie effect  
10:42somehow i'm happy and then we have to record  this video and i really hope it helps you too  
10:48and let's see let's see let's how it's going to be  like the first week the first few days because i  
10:52know antidepressant takes a long time to work but  verbal dream for me every time that i took it and  
10:57it has a different sensation every single day  you know like it's the same for a stimulant so  
11:04i'm gonna keep you updated and cross the  fingers that's gonna work because if you  
11:08see if you first seen this video you're working  for me probably it's gonna work for you too  
11:12and it could really help a lot of people with this  information so that's it and talk to you tomorrow
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the speaker's struggle discussed in the video?

The video discusses the speaker's struggle with ADHD and finding medication that works.

2. Which medications did the speaker self-experiment with?

The speaker self-experimented with taking Wellbutrin and Vyvanse together.

3. What benefits did the speaker find from the combination of Wellbutrin and Vyvanse?

The speaker found the combination to be effective in providing energy and motivation without negative side effects.

4. What is the speaker's intention regarding the medication combination?

The speaker intends to continue taking this combination with the approval of their doctor.

5. How did the speaker's self-experiment turn out in managing ADHD symptoms?

The speaker's self-experiment resulted in effective management of ADHD symptoms without negative side effects.

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