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This video provides a guide on the top 10 weapons to use in Warframe's steel path mode for high-level enemies, including the powerful Fenmore and the versatile Epitaph and Kuba Nucor. It also showcases the Convectrix shotgun, Ignis Wraith, Nukor, and Nataruk bow as effective weapons for steel path missions.
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This section of the video discusses the Fenmore weapon in Warframe.
The Fenmore is considered one of the most powerful weapons in the game.
It has a total base damage of 140, which is significantly higher than previous weapons.
The Fenmore has a fire rate of 13.33 in Inc Conan mode and does not have impact procs.
The recommended weapons in Warframe 2023 are the Bubonico, Kuva Nucor, and Epitaph.
The Bubonico is a powerful shotgun that requires constant switching between its primary and secondary fire modes.
The Epitaph is a secondary weapon that shoots explosive projectiles with various elemental types, making it a great primer.
The Kuva Nucor is a beam weapon with high status chance and AOE capabilities, making it effective for dealing status effects on groups of enemies.
The Convectrix is a strong shotgun in Warframe that deals a lot of bleed damage and has a specialized mod to conserve ammo while hitting enemies.
The Convectrix has a high status chance of 45, making it likely to cause bleed effects.
It comes with a specialized mod that only consumes ammo when hitting an enemy, allowing for continuous fire.
The weapon can be obtained at Mastery Rank 7 from the energy lab in the clan dojo.
The Ignis Wraith is recommended for beginners in the Steel Path due to its popularity and effectiveness.
The Ignis Wraith is a popular weapon that is powerful and can be used in any mission.
It is a status heavy weapon that deals heat damage over time.
The weapon benefits from the double dipping mechanics, although it is not as good as some other weapons.
The Ignis Wraith is a suitable choice for starting out in the Steel Path until a better weapon is obtained.
The Netterock Nataruk is a powerful sentient bow in Warframe that rewards mechanical skill and has high crit damage and chance.
The Netterock Nataruk is a special weapon obtained from the War Quest.
It rewards mechanical skill by allowing players to release the bow at the perfect time for increased damage.
It has a base crit chance of 50 and a crit multiplier of 2.2, making it a strong weapon even with a fully charged shot.
It comes with four V polarity slots, reducing the need for multiple Forma investments.
These weapons can deal amazing damage with mods and multi-shot, spreading status effects throughout the room.
Multi-shot on the weapon allows for shooting multiple projectiles.
Status effects will be spread to all enemies in the room.
The last weapon on the list is not included due to potential changes with self-damage.
The listed weapons may not be the best choice for everyone, as playstyle and Warframe choice may vary.
00:00in this Warframe guide I'm going to give
00:02you the 10 best weapons to start into
00:04steel path with to really deal a crap
00:06ton of damage against those high-level
00:08enemies and to turn the game mode
00:10basically into an absolute joke just
00:13note that this is my personal top 10
00:14list you're free to disagree and if you
00:17would have included something else on
00:18the list then sure go ahead and let us
00:20know in the comments down below so we
00:22can all benefit from your personal
00:25starting with the first weapon on our
00:27list and I'm gonna hit you right out the
00:28gate with one of the most powerful
00:30weapons currently in the game and that
00:33would be of course the one and only
00:35fenmore you know the crazy thing about
00:38the fenmore is that in the past they
00:40were definitely strong weapons in
00:42Warframe but as you can maybe recall
00:44every weapon no matter how strong always
00:46had like at least one drawback that
00:49hurted a little bit but with the fenmore
00:51I kind of have the feeling like some
00:53Warframe player just went to the E and
00:55said okay here's a list of all the
00:57qualities the perfect weapon would have
00:59to have and he was just like all right
01:02mate I'm just gonna slap it into the
01:03game as is and so the fenmore was born I
01:07mean come on this thing comes in at a
01:10140 total base damage all right I can
01:13still recall the times where you had
01:15weapons with like 30 base damage in
01:17total and you were like oh that's very
01:18strong in the base damage Department you
01:21know the fenmore comes in at 140 and if
01:24you switch to the Inc Conan mode you're
01:26going to have a fire rate of 13.33 fully
01:29automatic with those 140 base damage you
01:32don't even have impacts and no nasty
01:34impact procs and it's just overall super
01:37crazy as you probably know since it's an
01:39incarnate weapon you also have the
01:42incarnum evolutions and for the fan more
01:44the first two Evolutions really don't
01:46matter just pick whatever you like but
01:48with the fourth and fifth Evolution
01:50you're gonna make sure that you reduce
01:51the crit chance and then in the fifth
01:53Evolution you go for the one that gives
01:54you 50 chance to get 2 000 damage bonus
01:59on non-critical hits I mean obviously
02:01140 base damage wasn't enough already
02:03slap two thousand percent more on top of
02:06that no problem talking about where to
02:08get it you have to first finish the new
02:10War Quest and then you gain access to
02:12the xeromon 10-0 where you can talk to
02:14cavalero and get the blueprint build it
02:17and you got yourself a fan more going on
02:19we have a shotgun and that's the
02:21bubonico you probably know the bubonico
02:24if you don't have it you can get it from
02:25the bio lab and the clan Dojo the
02:28bubonico is a shotgun and it is a really
02:30nice one at that with a decent crit
02:32chance of 25 crit multiplier 2.3
02:35everything looking nice so far with the
02:37base damage having a decent IPS
02:39distribution and some additive toxin
02:41this already sounds pretty nice but what
02:43makes the bubonico really stand out is
02:46the alternative fire mode which is a
02:48burst viral explosive projectiles as we
02:51all know in steel path you really want
02:54to Prime enemies with viral status
02:55effects to make them more susceptible to
02:58your damage and for that usually you use
03:00a primer like a secondary weapon or
03:02maybe a melee weapon but with the
03:04bubonico you might be in a position
03:06where you don't really need that anymore
03:08because the alternative fire is capable
03:10of doing that itself so you can just do
03:13it with one weapon and that's really all
03:15there is to say about it the only
03:17negative thing I could think of right
03:19now is maybe the ammo economy is a bit
03:21screwed if you just Spam the alternative
03:23fire all the time and also since it's
03:26one of those shoulder mounted full arm
03:28weapons it can be that depending on your
03:30field of view settings the weapon
03:32obstructs your vision a bit but to be
03:34honest if mentioning the looks of a
03:36weapon is one of the major down parts of
03:38that weapon you can be pretty sure that
03:41this is a very well performing weapon
03:43and the bubonico absolutely is one so if
03:46you like shotguns and you don't like
03:47this playstyle of constantly having to
03:49switch back to your primer the bubonica
03:51would be an absolute must pick for you
03:53the next weapon on our list is actually
03:56two weapons but I thought I put them
03:58together in one spot because they serve
03:59the same purpose and those weapons being
04:01the kuva Nucor and the apitas as I just
04:05said with the bubonico priming enemies
04:07with status effects is a really strong
04:09strategy in steel path and two of the
04:12strongest and most frequently used
04:13primer weapons would be the Epitaph and
04:16the Kuba Nucor starting with the Epitaph
04:18this secondary weapon shoots explosive
04:20projectiles that Force Pro cold and you
04:22can slap on additional elements on top
04:24of this meaning you can deal a lot of
04:26different Elemental types with it in a
04:29pretty decent radius so that's a really
04:30naturally great primer and that's why I
04:33absolutely love to use it just one thing
04:35worth mentioning if we really get the
04:37return of self-damage you might want to
04:39be a bit careful as to where you shoot
04:41those projectiles so that you don't
04:42actually hit yourself with it but as
04:44long as we don't have it in the game
04:46this is even more fun to use switching
04:48over to the Kuba new core the concept of
04:50this one is basically the same since
04:52it's a kuva weapon you can pick your
04:54element of choice that it comes equipped
04:56with but also it has a very high status
04:58chance and it is a beam weapon where the
05:00beam jumps over to nearby enemies so it
05:03also sort of has some AOE capabilities
05:05great at dealing status effects on big
05:07groups of enemies like the Epitaph but
05:10with the kubernucor there's another nice
05:12bonus and that is the kuvinukur is not
05:15just usable as a primer it can also be
05:18used as a really deadly damage dealer
05:20and the reason for that is the double
05:22dipping mechanics if you don't know what
05:24double dipping yes you can click the
05:25video in the cards where I explained it
05:27in more detail but what it basically
05:29boils down to is if you deal damage over
05:32time with a status effect and you have a
05:35faction mod like plus damage to grineer
05:37equipped on that weapon the bonus from
05:39the faction mod is applied twice for the
05:41damage over time effects making this
05:43really strong and leading to those
05:45situations which you might have also
05:46seen in videos where Ed people hit an
05:49enemy and it seems like they're not
05:50doing damage at all but once the first
05:52damage over time effect kicks in the
05:54enemy just explodes instantly and you're
05:57wondering what happened you know that's
05:59the magic of double dipping and the
06:00kuvinuker just looks like it was made
06:02for this specific playstyle if you want
06:05to use the kubernucor to primarily deal
06:07damage I would suggest you go with base
06:09heat damage on top of it they slap on
06:11even more heat damage a lot of status
06:13chance and fire raid and then you of
06:15course go with the faction mod you hit
06:17the enemy and you can already see it in
06:19the background from the footage that I
06:20show here it does an absolute amazing
06:24amount of damage image it's crazy you
06:27can go against basically everything with
06:29this maybe just not against acolytes or
06:32kuvaliches or basically anything that is
06:34limited in how many status effects of
06:37one type it can get because this is the
06:39one weakness of the weapon if you cannot
06:42infinitely stack those status effects
06:44those damage over times the weapon
06:46becomes basically useless as you see in
06:49the background right now also you burn a
06:51bit of ammo so you might want to slap on
06:53a ammo mutation mod or bring carrier but
06:56apart from those downsides it's a really
06:58fundamentally great weapon and I
07:00strongly suggest you get it and up next
07:03we have a shotgun that exploits exactly
07:05the same mechanics like the kubernucor
07:07does and that would be the convectrix
07:09the convectrix has been flying under the
07:12radar for quite some time a bit but
07:13right now it's one of the strongest
07:16weapons if not maybe the strongest
07:18shotgun in the game because it is just
07:20crazy how those double dipping mechanics
07:22Elevate this gun to come completely
07:25Stellar levels see the convectrix comes
07:28with most of its base damage being
07:29slashed that means it is prone to doing
07:32a lot of bleed effects with a status
07:34chance of 45 that is really likely and
07:38as we all know slash procs ignore armor
07:41which is very cool so if you get the
07:43convectrix and you shoot enemies and you
07:45have a high fire rate and you boost up
07:47this status chance even more you're
07:49gonna see a ton of bleeds and those
07:51bleeds just slash enemies into pieces in
07:54just the blink of an eye and what's more
07:57there is even a specialized mod for the
07:59convectrix that makes it only consume
08:01ammo while you're hitting an enemy so
08:03you can overcome this very uncomfortable
08:05time that the two beams need to meet
08:07each other in the middle and just shoot
08:08into the air while not consuming any
08:10ammo that's really nice and given the
08:12fact that it's already coming in at
08:14Mastery Rank 7 you can get your hands on
08:17this weapon very early but by the way
08:19you get it from the energy lab in the
08:20clan dojo and it's just amazing bring
08:23that into steel path ones try it out and
08:26if you like it use the slash enemies
08:28into pieces with it it's really that
08:31with the next weapon on our list we sort
08:33of see a bit of a tendency because we
08:36have another beam weapon that abuses
08:38double dipping mechanics to deal crazy
08:39amounts of damage just that this time
08:42it's also a shotgun but the phantasma or
08:45the phantasma prime actually it really
08:46doesn't matter that much which one you
08:48take the phantasma and fantasma Prime
08:50have been go-to weapons for high level
08:52steel path for a long time and that is
08:54exactly because it has the same
08:56qualities that the convectrix and the
08:58kubernucor both share as well and that
09:01is they have a high status chance they
09:03have a high fire rate and you can put a
09:05lot of damage over time effects with
09:07this onto the enemy waiting for the
09:09double dip to kick in and doing crazy
09:12tons of damage so there's not really a
09:15lot I need to say about this basically
09:17all I mentioned about the kubernucor is
09:19the case for the fantasma as well so you
09:21do crazy amounts of damage against
09:23high-level enemies except kuvaliches
09:25acolytes and archons and also you're
09:27gonna burn a crapload of ammo so bring
09:29that carrier or ammo mutation mod also
09:32the phantasmas have a secondary fire
09:34mode where they shoot plasma bombs or
09:36something but to be honest nobody in
09:38steel path cares about it everybody uses
09:40the beam and this is all you want to
09:42know about it and one nice thing about
09:44the fantasma is it's really easy to get
09:46you just have to go over to the market
09:48buy the blueprint and then you can
09:49manufacture it no painful grind or
09:51anything needed up next we have maybe
09:55even the most played weapon in the game
09:57as it stands now because we're gonna
09:59talk about The ignis Wraith so the
10:02eagerness wraith is kind of an
10:03interesting choice on this list because
10:05actually from its damage output and its
10:07really high level capabilities the Ignus
10:09wraith should not be on a top weapons
10:12for steel path list the reason I decided
10:14to put it in anyway is because the
10:16igneous wraith is such a popular weapon
10:19that most people decide to get it as
10:21soon as they can because let's be honest
10:23it's insanely powerful you can use it in
10:25basically every Mission and it's gonna
10:27burn away every enemy in its way so most
10:30people have it and most people will
10:32probably also have a catalyst on it and
10:35some Forma and a decent build just
10:37because it's such a popular weapon and
10:39that's the reason why I put it on the
10:41list because if you're a steel path
10:42beginner you're just starting out and
10:44maybe you don't have the resources or
10:46the time to invest into an entirely new
10:48build like getting the fenmore slapping
10:50Forma on its lapping reactor on and
10:52everything but you might have an already
10:54pre-built Eden's Wraith in your
10:56inventory you can just use that you know
10:58for starting out with steel path for
11:01completing steel path star chart this
11:03one is absolutely enough because and I
11:06think I might sound a little bit
11:08repetitive right here since it is a
11:10status heavy weapon that also happens to
11:12deal heat which is a damage over time
11:14effect it also announciated with me
11:16benefits from the double dipping
11:19mechanics it's by far not as good as the
11:21fenmore or the kuvenu core but it is
11:24good enough to get you through the star
11:26chart if you don't have the resources
11:28needed to get one of those better
11:29weapons right away and you might want to
11:31modify the build a bit for the double
11:33dipping but actually it's a fine weapon
11:36to start your steel path Journey out
11:37with that's all I want to say feel free
11:39to use it until you get something better
11:41oh and while you're down there giving
11:44the video a like thanks for that by the
11:46way let's talk about finally something
11:48different that does not have to do with
11:50beam weapons double dipping okay okay
11:52let's talk about melee weapons as it
11:56stands right now guns might be on
11:58average a bit better than melee weapons
12:00and steel path but that does not mean
12:02melee weapons aren't worth playing if
12:04you enjoy playing melee weapons you can
12:06absolutely and successfully do so in
12:08steel path just that first deal path I
12:12cannot go and tell you the best or the
12:14best three melee weapons because there
12:16are so insanely many of them so instead
12:19at this point I'm gonna tell you what to
12:21look out for which qualities to look out
12:24for in a good steel path viable melee
12:26weapon so you can pick for yourself
12:28basically in steel path every Millie
12:31weapon is somewhat viable if it has
12:33between 20 and 30 percent in both status
12:36chance and crit chance at the same time
12:38bonus points if it has a critical
12:40multiplier of above 2.0 and even more
12:43bonus points if it is heavy into slash
12:45if the biggest portion of its base
12:47damage is slash damage because that
12:50means you could build it into being a
12:52bleed weapon which and I hate to say it
12:54again will then benefit from double
12:57dipping again but you know for Sleep
12:59half star chart you don't even have to
13:01go into double dipping builds so yeah
13:03look out for that some decent
13:05suggestions here would be the Nami and
13:07Skyla Prime the silver and Aegis Prime
13:09the Cronin Prime the arthos prime the
13:11guandal prime there's surely also a
13:14non-prime weapon but right now it
13:16doesn't come to mind so yeah just look
13:20through the weapon list see which one of
13:22the weapons has those qualities I
13:24previously mentioned and try them out
13:26I'm pretty sure you're gonna perform
13:28decently well but now that we're at it
13:30um why don't you tell us what your
13:32favorite melee steel path weapon is I'm
13:34always curious to try out new stuff so
13:36if you want to share with us just put it
13:38down in the comments I'm curious to look
13:40into it but with melee out of the way
13:43let's look at a very special weapon and
13:45that would be the netterock nataruk you
13:48know the bow from the new War Quest this
13:51the sentient bow that you get from hanau
13:53it's really a super nice super insanely
13:56strong weapon and the thing that I love
13:58most about it is it's one of the very
14:01few weapons that rewards mechanical
14:03skill on the side of the player see most
14:06bows work like this if you charge the
14:08bow fully you do the maximum damage if
14:10you don't charge fully you do a portion
14:12of the damage and with another Rook it's
14:15a bit different because while the charge
14:17chart is much stronger than the quick
14:19shot of course there is a short time
14:21frame before it's fully charged where if
14:23you release it on time you get a perfect
14:26shot this one having a bit more crit
14:28damage a bit more crit chance and just
14:30overall being a bit stronger than the
14:32fully charged one so if you learn the
14:35bow and you get proficient with it you
14:37get rewarded for that with more damage
14:39but even if you go just for the normal
14:41fully charged shot the statistics of
14:43this weapon are absolutely insane you
14:46have a base crit chance of 50 at fully
14:48charged shot at perfect shot it would be
14:5060 with a crit multiplier of 2.2 which
14:52is nice above average uh by the way for
14:54perfect chart it would be 2.4 a status
14:57chance of 50 and overall it just deals a
15:01whole lot of damage and you can take
15:03this to go and now say it with me again
15:06use it as a double dipping build because
15:10with Hunter Munitions you do a crit you
15:13can do slash damage it's insane it's
15:16amazing I absolutely love it and also it
15:20comes with four V polarity slots already
15:23on the weapon meaning if you want to
15:25invest Forma you probably only need one
15:28or two and not like six the next weapon
15:31on our list is another shotgun but this
15:34time I promise you it doesn't have to do
15:36anything with double dipping and that
15:38weapon would be the sedo the Sido is one
15:41Montana favorite for a steel path
15:43because it has such amazing mechanics
15:46it's like it was made for a steel path
15:48on the surface level it might look like
15:50a normal shotgun these encrypt values
15:52decent damage but what makes it really
15:55special is the alternate fire which
15:57shoots an explosive glaive the glaive
16:00will explode on impact with either a
16:02wall or an enemy and bounce between
16:04enemies and each of these hits already
16:06comes with a pretty high status Chance
16:08by default but what makes it really
16:10special is how the explosion deals
16:12status effects the explosion always
16:15applies two separate procs the first
16:17proc is based on your modded damage
16:19types that you have on the weapon and
16:21the second proc is randomized between
16:23the base elements toxin cold electricity
16:25and heat and these procs are always
16:27granted and not affected by mods meaning
16:30you don't have to have those elements
16:32modded on the weapon you're still gonna
16:34get it and that's absolutely amazing
16:37because as we know if you use condition
16:39overload for melee builds or you use
16:41galvanized status chance mods for your
16:43guns which also give you more base
16:45damage depending on how many different
16:47Elemental types are on the enemy the
16:50cedar would be absolutely amazing
16:52dealing so many different elements on
16:54the enemies so that you can get a really
16:56amazing damage bump in your base damage
17:00with those mods and the best thing is if
17:03you have multi-shot on the weapon you're
17:05gonna not only shoot one of those Glades
17:07you're gonna shoot multiple Glades
17:08they're gonna bounce all over the place
17:10explode all over the place status is
17:12going to be spread through the entire
17:13room all the enemies are gonna be super
17:16stacked with I don't know how many
17:18different status procs and you're gonna
17:20get that sweet sweet bonus damage from
17:22all those different Elementals on the
17:25enemy and before we come to the last
17:27weapon on our list there's one or two
17:28things I want to mention about today's
17:30video first of all I purposely did not
17:33include any AOE weapons like the kuvazar
17:35the kuva Brahma or whatever was super
17:37popular in the boom and Zoo meta times
17:39reason for that is not that these
17:42weapons are now objectively bad but with
17:45self-damage coming back into the game
17:46soon probably these ones will take
17:49another hit and I'm not sure how this is
17:51going to play out in the long run so I
17:53don't want to make any bold claims that
17:55these are actually still super good and
17:57are actually super viable because they
17:59might not be after the upcoming update
18:01so to be careful I simply did not
18:05include them however depending on which
18:07situation you're in and which type of
18:09mission you're playing with which setup
18:10explosive weapons might still be a great
18:13choice and a lot of fun to play and
18:15while we're at that topic of course I do
18:18not claim that these 10 weapons are
18:20objectively and always the best choices
18:22for steel path and for everybody it
18:25might very well be that if you play a
18:28certain other playstyle if you play
18:29certain Warframe you might want to have
18:31completely different weapons or maybe
18:33you simply have more fun playing other
18:35weapons that are also very good so don't
18:38take these 10 weapons as an absolute
18:41granted must have and everything else as
18:43trash and there is a lot of variety in
18:46Warframe and you can use also so other
18:49weapons that are not on today's list and
18:51they will also probably perform pretty
18:53nicely and with all that being said
18:55let's look at the last weapon on today's
18:57list and that is the number one weapon
18:59if you're a West Coast OG so friends
19:02make yourself ready for a lot of
19:04California Love coming from our last
19:06weapon not the two pack but the kuva
19:09Shakur alright that was either really
19:11funny or really cringy you you guys tell
19:14me but anyway we're gonna look at the
19:16kuva Shakur or the kuva Shakur something
19:20like that would probably be the grineer
19:21type of pronunciation but I'm not gonna
19:23do that for the rest of the video yeah
19:25the basically the kuva Shakur it's a
19:27semi-automatic kuva weapon it's a rifle
19:29type you're gonna do a ton of damage
19:31with it and also the added benefit of it
19:33is it also has a bit of AOE capability
19:36meaning you can absolutely stump big
19:38blobs of enemies into the ground maybe
19:41you even want to pair it with a Warframe
19:43ability that pulls enemies together it
19:45would be super nice and if you like
19:47heavy hitting semi-automatic guns then
19:49this one is also a great suggestion for
19:51Your Arsenal and now if you don't want
19:53to miss out on any future helpful
19:55Warframe guidance content you might want
19:57to think about dropping the channels up
19:59I would definitely greatly appreciate
20:01that and of course welcome you to the
20:03crew and if after picking your favorite
20:05weapon from this video now want to go
20:06and do massive damage and steel path
20:09then you might want to check out this
20:10video showing you all the Nitty Gritty
20:12tricks on how to maximize your damage
20:14output in those high levels that's it
20:16for my side I'll see you next time and
20:18until then of course good loot
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1. What are the top 10 weapons for high-level enemies in Warframe's steel path mode?

The top 10 weapons for high-level enemies in Warframe's steel path mode include the powerful Fenmore, versatile Epitaph, and Kuba Nucor. Additionally, the Convectrix shotgun, Ignis Wraith, Nukor, and Nataruk bow are also showcased as effective weapons for steel path missions.

2. Which weapons are recommended for steel path missions in Warframe?

For steel path missions in Warframe, the powerful Fenmore, versatile Epitaph, and Kuba Nucor are recommended as top weapons for high-level enemies. Additionally, the Convectrix shotgun, Ignis Wraith, Nukor, and Nataruk bow are also proven to be effective choices.

3. What are the features of the Fenmore in Warframe's steel path mode?

In Warframe's steel path mode, the Fenmore is a powerful weapon known for its effectiveness against high-level enemies. It offers unique features and capabilities that make it a top choice for steel path missions.

4. How can players optimize their use of the Epitaph in Warframe's steel path mode?

Players can optimize their use of the Epitaph in Warframe's steel path mode by utilizing its versatility and adapting to different combat situations. With its unique abilities, the Epitaph proves to be a reliable weapon for high-level enemies.

5. What makes the Convectrix shotgun effective for steel path missions in Warframe?

The Convectrix shotgun is effective for steel path missions in Warframe due to its unique attributes and abilities. Its performance against high-level enemies makes it a valuable asset for players aiming to conquer the challenges of steel path mode.

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