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Tech CEO Erin Valenti mysteriously died after making erratic phone calls and claiming "we're in the Matrix," leading to conspiracy theories before her cause of death was revealed to be a manic episode related to untreated bipolar disorder, shedding light on mental health challenges in entrepreneurship.
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Erin Valenti, a young CEO, goes missing and is later found dead after expressing cryptic thoughts about being in the Matrix.
Erin Valenti was on a business trip to California for a workshop and tech conference.
She frantically called her parents and exclaimed, "It's all a game, it's a thought experiment, we're in the Matrix."
Valenti missed her flight home and was found dead a few days later.
Her company, Tinker Ventures, endorsed brain-machine interface technology.
Erin made strange phone calls to her husband and mother, speaking fast and erratically, claiming that "we're in the Matrix" before going missing and being found dead in her rental vehicle.
Erin's phone calls were described as "out of character" and her words were fast and erratic.
She told her mother that "we're in the Matrix" and mentioned missing her flight and low gas in her vehicle.
Erin's family contacted the police and provided details about her rental vehicle.
The police traced Erin's phone signal to Menlo Drive before it shut off, but no trace of her was found in the area.
Despite being described as "voluntarily missing" by the police, Erin Valenti's body was found in the backseat of her vehicle parked in a residential street, with no evidence of foul play or drugs/substances in her system.
Erin's family created a Facebook page to help find her after the police didn't actively search for her.
Her body was found by a volunteer from Facebook.
The investigation found no evidence of foul play and no drugs/substances in her system.
The video discusses the last words of a tech CEO, Erin, before her mysterious death, where she exclaimed "It's all a game, it's a thought experiment, we're in the Matrix."
Erin's last words were "It's all a game, it's a thought experiment, we're in the Matrix."
The Matrix is a philosophical idea that the universe is a simulation.
The Matrix concept gained popularity through the 1999 movie of the same name.
The video discusses the possibility of our world being a simulation and the connection to the mysterious death of tech CEO Erin Valenti.
Integrated AI technology and the development of simulation technology suggest that our world being a simulation is not entirely unlikely.
Erin Valenti's company, Tinker Ventures, endorsed brain-machine interface technology, which can read and replicate our movements in a simulation.
Erin's last words and her mysterious death have led some to believe that she may have discovered a grand conspiracy involving our world being a simulation.
Erin's cause of death was identified as "natural causes" following an "acute manic episode," possibly related to her thyroid condition.
Bipolar Disorder is a mental illness characterized by extreme high and low moods, often undiagnosed, leading to depression and suicide attempts; there is a link between mental health disorders and entrepreneurship.
Bipolar Disorder is an illness with periods of extremely high and low moods.
The condition is frequently undiagnosed, leading to depression and suicide attempts.
There is a link between mental health disorders, such as Bipolar Disorder, and entrepreneurship.
Entrepreneurs are more likely to report having mental health conditions compared to the general population.
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01:16In early October of 2019, a young CEO by the name of Erin Valenti was on a business trip to California
01:25The 33-year-old was to participate in a 3-day workshop and tech conference
01:30with other businessmen and women
01:32Her company, Tinker Ventures, had previously endorsed “brain-machine interface” technology
01:38that dealt with machine learning and neuroscience.
01:41After frantically calling her parents exclaiming, “It’s all a game, it’s a thought experiment,
01:45we’re in the Matrix”, Valenti misses her flight home, and is found dead a few days later,
01:51leaving behind a very strange mystery.
01:55What happened to Erin Valenti?
02:07Erin Valenti grew up in Fairpoint, New York, and was described as being smart, energetic,
02:12and full of crazy ideas.
02:14She was a graduate in business administration from Georgetown University and attended classes
02:19in Chinese language, culture, and business practices.
02:23Erin was also an advocate against human trafficking, and a volunteer for “Not For Sale”,
02:28a non-profit organization that fights against human trafficking and modern-day slavery.
02:33Her husband, Harrison Weinstein, is a psychologist who insisted that his wife had no history
02:39of mental illness, hospitalization, substance abuse, or arrests; she was completely normal.
02:48The two eventually moved to Salt Lake City, Utah, where Eran started up Tinker Ventures,
02:53a web-development company that now employs over 120 people.
02:58The business notably recruited a remote staff of engineers from Pakistan, and was very profitable,
03:04according to close friends of Erin.
03:08In 2019, Erin planned a business trip to Orange County for a tech conference, and then to
03:14Silicon Valley to meet with friends.
03:17Her last post on Facebook was on September 25th, and it stated,
03:22"Heading to San Francisco and Los Angeles soon... whose around? DM me!!"
03:27On the week of October 1st, 2019, Erin flew to Orange County, California
03:33for a professional-development workshop.
03:35Her mother, Agnes Valenti, recalled that Erin sounded very excited about her trip during
03:40their phone call; that she couldn’t wait to get home and start something new.
03:45A few days later, she flew to Silicon Valley to visit old friends and former colleagues.
03:51Finally, on October 7th, Erin made a series of strange phone calls to her husband, Harrison, and her mother
03:59They described the way she spoke as being, “out of character”.
04:03Her words were reportedly “fast and erratic”, and that what she was saying wasn't making much sense
04:10Notably, Erin told her mother: “It’s all a game, it’s a thought experiment, we’re in the Matrix.”
04:17Erin also stated that she was going to miss her flight and that the vehicle she was driving was low on gas.
04:24Her husband and mother took turns talking to Erin on the phone until midnight.
04:29After that, their calls went straight to voicemail.
04:33They would not hear from her ever again.
04:37Later that night, Erin missed her flight from the Palo Alto airport to Utah.
04:42She was reportedly last seen at Almaden Expressway and Camden Avenue in San Jose,
04:48wearing a white T-shirt and ripped up blue jeans.
04:52Her case is sent to the San Jose police department, and five days later, she is found dead in
04:58the backseat of her rental vehicle in an Almaden neighborhood.
05:03There were no signs of physical assault and no drugs in her system.
05:13Shortly after their phone call, Valenti’s family went to the police in search of Erin.
05:19The family gave details about her rental vehicle, including the Make, Model, and License Plate.
05:26The police actually managed to speak to her through the phone that night,
05:30but also found her communications to be bizarre.
05:33Weinstein called Verizon Wireless and found out that the last place Erin’s cell phone
05:38had signal in, was on Menlo Drive north of the Almaden Expressway.
05:44Her phone also pinged a few times in the streets further up north, before shutting off.
05:50Officers investigated both areas, as well as nearby hospitals for several hours but found nothing.
05:57Interestingly, her rental vehicle did not have any sort of tracking device on it.
06:02The family also attempted to locate her phone using apps such as “find my” but were unsuccessful.
06:10Despite the fact that Erin was clearly in danger, the police supposedly did not report
06:14an official missing persons case until Thursday, October 10th, 2019.
06:20By the point, the family hadn’t heard from Erin for three days.
06:25This is due to the police believing that her disappearance wasn’t a top priority simply
06:30because she was an adult, and could have simply decided to take a few days off.
06:35Sounds crazy, but people have voluntarily disappeared on their own accord
06:40because of an abusive partner, home life, or such.
06:44As noted by spokeswoman Sgt.
06:46Melody Gray, “If you’re over 18, you have the right.”
06:50However, given that Erin was the CEO of a fairly large web development company that
06:55worked on contract (not subscriptions), and that she was even set to receive an award
07:00for Entrepreneurial Excellence a mere two days later, it's highly unlikely that she
07:05would choose to leave.
07:07Still, when the police eventually did file her disappearance, they described her as being
07:11“voluntarily missing” and didn’t actively search for Erin.
07:17Disappointed with the police department’s lack of effort, Erin’s family created a
07:20Facebook page called, “Help Find Erin Valenti”.
07:24The page garnered the attention of locals from the Bay Area who volunteered in search.
07:28Some families drove around while others incorporated the use of drones.
07:34Despite all their efforts, Erin remained missing.
07:39That is until a few days later, when one of the volunteers from Facebook located Erin’s
07:44gray SUV parked at a residential street in a quiet San Jose neighborhood,
07:48around half a mile away from her last known location.
07:52After looking inside, her body was found in the backseat of the vehicle.
07:57The coroner’s office hadn’t yet officially identified the body, but Valenti’s family
08:01was able to confirm that it was her.
08:04An investigation by the San Jose police department found no evidence of foul play, and blood
08:09tests determined that there were no drugs or substances in her system.
08:13At the time, officials were not able to determine Erin’s exact time of death nor how long
08:19she was in her car before being found.
08:21We now know that her vehicle was parked on that street for five days, following an extensive investigation.
08:28This means that shortly after Erin’s phone call with her family, she missed
08:32her flight home, parked at a nearby neighborhood, jumped in the backseat of her rental vehicle,
08:37died somehow, and remained completely unnoticed for several days.
08:43Residents of the quiet neighborhood struggled to rationalize what could have happened.
08:48“It’s really strange, bizarre, foggy to me.
08:51Because this kind of stuff just doesn’t usually go down in Almaden,”
08:55“What else seems weird is that none of us noticed.
08:58And we’re a pretty tight neighborhood. So I’m pretty tripped out.”
09:02Erin’s father, Joseph Valenti, firmly believes that the San Jose Police Department completely
09:07mishandled her daughter’s case and wished that they had acted more aggressively.
09:11It’s difficult to know exactly what happened the week Erin went missing,
09:16but most sources say that the police did not do as much as they should have.
09:37With such a strange circumstance and so many unanswered questions, it leaves this case
09:42open for conspiracy theories.
09:45Some online sleuths have accused her three-day workshop of being an L. G. A. T.,
09:50or Large Group Awareness Training
09:53The workshop Erin participated in was called Create Powerful, hosted by Ontocore, and was
09:59intended to help entrepreneurs with personal and professional growth for their businesses.
10:05Some have compared this to an LGAT, which is also self-help seminars that incorporate
10:10psychological and somewhat cult-like practices.
10:15Both cost a large amount of money.
10:17Both take place over several days with a group of people involved.
10:20And both promise to help attendees achieve better business success.
10:25Many have expressed fear that the techniques used in LGATs can be very harmful, but there’s
10:32little scientific evidence to back that up.
10:36Others have attempted to tie this to the Overstock scandal that happened a few months prior.
10:42In August of 2019, then CEO of Overstock, Patrick Byrne, resigned, after issuing a statement
10:49where he claimed to be involved in “political espionage”.
10:54And Erin did use to work at Overstock and she did have a meetup with old colleagues.
11:01If there is a connection there, it’s honestly outside the realm of this video and seems
11:06to be a whole other conspiracy on its own.
11:11Finally, an eco-terrorist group known as the “Individualists Tending Towards the Wild”,
11:16or simply ITS, claims to be responsible for the death of Erin, as well as another Tech CEO, Tushar Atre.
11:25In Tushar’s case, he was kidnapped from his home in Santa Cruz on October 1st, 2019,
11:31and was found dead the next day.
11:33However, this claim has not been verified and there’s no evidence to suggest their involvement.
11:46One of the oddest aspects of this case is, of course, her last comments before her disappearance.
11:53She exclaimed to her mother, “It’s all a game, it’s a thought experiment, we’re
11:58in the Matrix.”
12:01Even though it's quite a bizarre thing for someone to say right before their suspicious
12:05death, it might actually be explainable, but more on that in a moment.
12:11I think it’s safe to say that most people watching this video know what the matrix is,
12:16but just in case you don’t; the matrix is this philosophical idea that the universe,
12:23and everything that it’s made up of, is a simulation.
12:27This is most popularly depicted in the 1999 movie of the same name, where our main protagonist
12:32Neo learns that humanity has been enslaved by the Machines, an advanced race of artificial
12:38intelligence, and the “life” that he was experiencing was just information being fed
12:43to his brain.
12:48Neo: This... this isn't real?
12:52Morpheus: What is real?
12:54How do you define real?
12:57If you're talking about what you can feel, what you can smell, taste and see,
13:01then real is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain.
13:07Now I don’t think the people who believe in the idea of the Matrix also believe that
13:12robots and machines will one day overthrow humanity.
13:15But instead, they believe that at some point, humanity became so advanced that human consciousness,
13:19something that we currently don't completely understand, became understood,
13:23to the point of being replicable.
13:27And so, like humans usually do, we went for it and succeeded.
13:32Given how advanced our technology has evolved in the past couple of decades, and how more
13:36integrated AI technology has been in our everyday lives , I wouldn’t say that creating a simulation
13:41of our world in the next couple hundred years isn’t entirely unlikely.
13:46And if that's the case, who’s to say that we’re not already in a simulation?
13:52Elon: If you assume any rate of improvement at all, then the games will become indistinguishable from reality.
14:03It would seem to follow that the odds that we're in "base reality" is one in billions.
14:12Of course, this is all just a theory based on a number of assumptions that make for a
14:17fun philosophical conversation.
14:20But such technology that can read our movements and virtually replicate them in a simulation
14:25is already being developed.
14:27And as previously stated, Erin’s company, Tinker Ventures, did endorse the advent of
14:32brain-machine interface technology, particularly from the company CTRL Lab, founded by Thomas
14:38Reardon of Microsoft fame.
14:41The company sought to create a future...
15:34This, combined with Erin’s last words to her family, and her mysterious death have
15:40led some to believe that she may have stumbled upon some grand conspiracy involving our world
15:45being a simulation.
15:48Unfortunately, this was all we had to work with for the next couple of months, as no
15:52new details about Erin’s death would be discovered, leaving her case a mystery.
15:58That is until February of 2020.
16:05In February 2020, a cause of death was finally identified for Erin Valenti.
16:12According to the autopsy report, her death was due to “natural causes” following
16:17an “acute manic episode”, though it didn’t specify what exactly killed her.
16:23Although Erin’s husband claimed she had no previous mental or drug-related issues,
16:28Erin did have a thyroid condition that was later treated with medication.
16:32According to Business Insider, it's possible that she could have died due to this previous
16:37condition that she thought was already taken care of, but that the blood samples taken
16:41were “not satisfactory for an analysis”.
16:45Furthermore, an investigation into some of Erin’s last electronic communications showed
16:50symptoms of a “manic episode” according to the San Jose medical examiner’s office.
16:57They eventually concluded her death was due to an undiagnosed psychiatric disorder;
17:02Bipolar Disorder.
17:04Bipolar Disorder is defined as an illness in which one experiences periods of extremely
17:09high moods and extremely low moods.
17:12You can think of these two periods as opposite ends of a pole, hence the name:
17:17"Bipolar Disorder.”
17:19According to Dr. Po Wang, a psychiatrist from Stanford University who specializes in Bipolar
17:25Disorder, the condition is frequently undiagnosed and what often follows after is a period of
17:31depression and irritability, where suicide attempts are common.
17:37In Erin’s case, she could have experienced her manic episode sometime after visiting
17:42her friends in Silicon Valley.
17:44This causes her to call her parents and frantically talk about life being a thought experiment
17:49or the matrix.
17:51Her company was interested in that kind of technology after all.
17:55Following this conversation, she rushes to the airport, experiences a wave of depression,
18:00parks her vehicle in a San Jose neighborhood, and dies shortly thereafter.
18:06Even so, if Erin had committed suicide, the method by which she did so is still unclear.
18:12However, it's not entirely impossible.
18:15A 2015 study conducted at the University of California, San Francisco surveyed 242 entrepreneurs
18:22and found that 49% of them reported having at least one mental health condition.
18:27When compared to a small sample of 93 non-entrepreneurs, they were noticeably more likely to report
18:32having some type of mental health condition.
18:36The entrepreneurs were then asked to specify on their condition.
18:4030% reported having Depression, 29% reported having ADHD, 12% reported having substance
18:47abuse, 11% reported having Bipolar Disorder, and 27% reported having Anxiety, 26%
18:55In comparison, 7% of the U.S. population identified themselves as depressed, according to the
19:02National Institute of Mental Health.
19:04All this would seem to suggest a link between having mental health disorders and entrepreneurship.
19:11And this isn’t too surprising.
19:13Take Aaron Swartz for example He was an Entrepreneur and Internet Activist who was mostly known
19:18as the co-founder of Reddit.
19:20He wrote about his own struggles with depression on his online blog, and after being arrested,
19:25he committed suicide.
19:28There are dozens of examples and articles written on the subject, and perhaps Erin could
19:33have also been affected as well.
19:35However, because Erin’s body was found a few days after she had died, the autopsy
19:40report admitted that their findings were “inconclusive”.
19:44Furthermore, her family does not believe she was the type of person to kill herself.
19:54Following her death, Erin’s family started the Erin Valenti Women in Entrepreneurship
19:58scholarship, with the goal of raising $100,000 for aspiring female entrepreneurs at the University of Utah.
20:05She always believed that more women should pursue entrepreneurship, and this scholarship
20:09was created to honor that dream.
20:12Whatever happened to Erin Valenti will remain a mystery, as her mother Agnes remarks:
20:18"We may never find an answer.”
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the mysterious phone calls made by Tech CEO Erin Valenti before her death?

Tech CEO Erin Valenti made erratic phone calls before her death, claiming 'we're in the Matrix,' which led to conspiracy theories and raised questions about her mental state.

2. What was the cause of death for Tech CEO Erin Valenti?

The cause of death for Tech CEO Erin Valenti was revealed to be a manic episode related to untreated bipolar disorder, shedding light on mental health challenges in entrepreneurship.

3. How did Tech CEO Erin Valenti's death shed light on mental health challenges in entrepreneurship?

The tragic death of Tech CEO Erin Valenti shed light on mental health challenges in entrepreneurship by highlighting the impact of untreated bipolar disorder and the importance of mental health care in the entrepreneurial community.

4. What conspiracy theories were sparked by Tech CEO Erin Valenti's erratic phone calls?

Tech CEO Erin Valenti's erratic phone calls, in which she claimed 'we're in the Matrix,' sparked conspiracy theories surrounding her mental state and the circumstances of her death, leading to public speculation and debate.

5. How did Tech CEO Erin Valenti's death raise awareness about the need for mental health support in the business world?

The tragic death of Tech CEO Erin Valenti raised awareness about the need for mental health support in the business world, highlighting the challenges faced by entrepreneurs and the importance of addressing mental health issues in the startup and tech industry.

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