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Scientists have made a discovery in the Grand Canyon that suggests ancient Egyptians once lived there, challenging our understanding of human civilization. Archaeologists found relics and artifacts that hinted at a connection between ancient Egypt and the Grand Canyon, leading to a renewed interest in exploring the canyon and uncovering more evidence of this interaction.
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Scientists have made a surprising discovery in the Grand Canyon that challenges our understanding of human civilization.
The Grand Canyon has been a subject of exploration for archaeologists, uncovering hidden caves, fossils, and plant species.
A recent discovery suggests that ancient Egyptians may have lived in the Grand Canyon area.
This revelation challenges the belief that Europeans were the only explorers in ancient times.
Archaeologists discover an Egyptian-themed chamber in the Grand Canyon, revealing artifacts that suggest a connection between ancient Egypt and North America.
Archaeologists have been searching for answers about the geological structure of the Grand Canyon for decades.
They stumbled upon a hidden chamber that resembled ancient Egypt, with relics that hinted at a connection between the canyon and ancient Egypt.
The discovery of well-preserved pottery pieces decorated with intricate patterns and symbols in the chamber has rewritten what was previously known about the Grand Canyon.
Ancient Egyptian seafarers traveled thousands of miles to arrive at the Grand Canyon, sparking a cultural exchange with the existing inhabitants.
Linguists and Egyptologists were called in to decrypt the messages left behind by the ancient Egyptians.
The exploration story deciphered from the inscription tells of Egyptian seafarers who journeyed across the Nile and the Atlantic Ocean.
The seafarers arrived at the Grand Canyon, befriended the existing inhabitants, and sparked a cultural exchange between the two civilizations.
Former US President Teddy Roosevelt proclaimed the Grand Canyon a National Monument in 1908, increasing its popularity.
The discovery of ancient Egyptian artifacts in the Grand Canyon challenges the belief of isolated early civilizations and sparks renewed interest in exploring the canyon.
The merging of ancient Egyptian culture with the Americas surprises scientists due to the distance between them.
The discovery has led to a renewed interest in exploring the Grand Canyon and searching for artifacts that could change our understanding of ancient history.
Access to the historic Cave of the Domes and other Canyon caves is restricted, and the airspace around the Grand Canyon is also restricted, indicating efforts to keep this discovery a secret.
Interconnected tombs with intricate drawings and patterns have been found buried deep inside the Canyon's rocks, housing the remains of Egyptian nobles and their precious belongings.
Egyptian seafarers migrated to the Grand Canyon, integrating their customs and way of life with the native tribes, leading to new questions about the influence of Egyptian culture on Native Americans and our modern society.
Kincaid's cave, discovered in 1908, dates back over 3000 years and resembles tunnel cities in ancient Egypt.
Relics found in the cave include a gold artifact and a lotus flower, both unique to ancient Egypt.
The design of the cave's cross tunnel mirrors shrines in Egypt's Valley of the Kings, suggesting the replication of Egyptian architecture in the canyon.
00:00the one that's presented to us is not
00:02history it's all lies I was like all of
00:06this some lives lost civilization in
00:09Grand Canyon was weight Egyptian the
00:12Grand Canyon has held the world in awe
00:14for centuries especially archaeologists
00:16who have not gotten tired of exploring
00:18it from hidden caves and fossils of long
00:21forgotten animals to new and rare plant
00:23species scientists have Unearthed many
00:26discoveries from the massive Canyon
00:28recently archaeologists stumbled upon a
00:31discovery that disproves some of our
00:33knowledge about the history of human
00:35civilization in the Grand Canyon area in
00:38a recent episode of The Joe Rogan
00:40Experience Podcast Joe Rogan and a guest
00:42delved into this latest discovery that
00:45has taken scientists by surprise what is
00:47this discovery that just emerged on the
00:49Grand Canyon that terrifies scientists
00:51and how will it impact what we already
00:53know or have learned about the Grand
00:55Canyon let's find out as we journey
00:57through this mind-blowing discovery
01:05comedian and former television presenter
01:08Joe Rogan is famous for The Joe Rogan
01:10Experience JRE show from politics
01:13philosophy and science to pop culture
01:15and current events Rogan discusses
01:17various topics with guests on The Joe
01:19Rogan Experience show so it's no
01:22surprise that we learn of a terrific
01:23scientific discovery on the show this
01:26recent discovery is coming from the
01:28bowels of the Grand Canyon one of the
01:30largest national parks in the United
01:31States the canyon is the pride of
01:34Arizona and the United States it is 277
01:37miles long 18 miles wide and bigger than
01:40the state of Rhode Island spread across
01:431904 square miles the position of the
01:46canyon provides tourists with a wide
01:48view of the Colorado River to the West
01:50while these facts sound exciting they
01:53are almost nothing compared to this
01:55latest unveiled Discovery deep inside
01:57the Mystic caves of the Grand Canyon
01:59would you be amazed if you learned that
02:01Egyptians once lived in Ohio this was
02:04the revelation shared during a JRE
02:06episode in an interview with
02:08African-American media personality hotep
02:10Jesus it became known that Europeans
02:13weren't the only explorers we had in
02:15ancient times ancient Egyptians had a
02:18knack for exploring the world that was
02:20known to them and even that which was
02:22unknown and one of their exploration
02:24Journeys might have led them to modern
02:26day Ohio
02:28an article written by James L Murphy for
02:30the Ohio Historical Society discusses
02:33H.K landis's description of a hollow
02:35brass hemisphere covered with Egyptian
02:37hieroglyph the artifact hints at the
02:40possibility of the migration of some
02:41Egyptian explorers across the Nile River
02:44to North America The Relic has survived
02:47centuries since the ancient Egyptians
02:49adventurous Journey LED them to Ohio
02:52although there have been some
02:53speculations about the authenticity of
02:55this hypothesis it gives Credence to the
02:58theory that ancient Egyptians once
03:00walked along the North American
03:01continent not as enslaved people but as
03:04explorers checking to see what the
03:06continent held the exploring Egyptians
03:08would have likely met with the original
03:10inhabitants of Ohio namely the Erie
03:13Kickapoo and Shawnee peoples like most
03:15parts of human history we don't have
03:17this meeting recorded anywhere
03:19nevertheless we can be almost sure there
03:21was a cultural exchange between the
03:23different civilizations who knows there
03:26might even have been intermarriages
03:27between the North Africans and the
03:29Native Americans the discovery of
03:31Egyptians in Ohio as made known on the
03:34JRE show supports the terrific finding
03:37Unearthed by scientists in the Grand
03:39Canyon the Grand Canyon is shrouded in
03:41many Mysteries and archaeologists have
03:43spent decades seeking to uncover answers
03:45to puzzling questions about the
03:47geological structure working with
03:50high-tech equipment archaeologists have
03:52spent many years digging through the
03:54rocks of the Grand Canyon and searching
03:56through its caves hoping to stumble upon
03:58relics that would tell the history of
04:00those who once lived in the canyon and
04:02how they got there they finally came
04:04across a hidden chamber that bore
04:06witness to a discovery that changes our
04:08understanding of human civilization
04:10something they never expected to find
04:13the interior of the chamber was like an
04:15Egyptian themed Hollywood film The only
04:18difference was that this wasn't a movie
04:19set but real life as the archaeologists
04:22beamed their flashlights across the
04:24walls and floors of the chamber they
04:26were taken back in time to ancient Egypt
04:28with the relics staring back at them
04:30waiting to be interpreted their
04:32excitement knew no bounds as they gazed
04:35at the centuries-old relics that spoke
04:37of an ancient civilization they were
04:39astonished to spot artifacts that hinted
04:42at a connection between the canyon and
04:44ancient Egypt they most likely thought
04:46what does ancient Egypt and Africa have
04:49to do with the Grand Canyon in North
04:50America how did these artifacts that
04:53pointed to ancient Egypt find their way
04:55to this mysterious cave deep inside the
04:57second biggest canyon in the world
04:59seeing the well-preserved pottery pieces
05:02decorated with intricate patterns and
05:04symbols was more than enough to rewrite
05:06all that the Explorers knew about the
05:08Grand Canyon the origin of the pottery
05:10pieces was not in doubt because their
05:12design mirrored those from ancient Egypt
05:14still basking in the excitement of their
05:17Discovery the archaeologists began by
05:19carefully picking up some of the pottery
05:21pieces for further study while they
05:23sought a clear understanding of what
05:25they were seeing inside the chamber they
05:27didn't have to search for long because
05:29they soon stumbled upon hieroglyphs
05:31which made them realize the magnitude of
05:34their Discovery the centuries-old
05:36hieroglyphs were carved into the walls
05:38of the mysterious chamber with their
05:40tapestry and symbols surprisingly
05:42preserved over time who carved the
05:44hieroglyphs why was it made and how long
05:47ago was it carved into the walls of the
05:50these were the three questions hanging
05:52in the air as the archaeological team
05:54walked the length and breadth of the
05:56chamber feasting their eyes on every
05:58Relic in sight it was evident that the
06:00interpretation of the hieroglyphs
06:02messages could only be made by more
06:04experienced Minds the team didn't waste
06:07time in reaching out to another team of
06:08linguists and egyptologists who arrived
06:11at the scene to understand and shed more
06:13light on the historical artifacts in the
06:15cave the new team began working to
06:17decrypt the messages left behind by the
06:20ancient Egypt civilization who once made
06:22the Grand Canyon their home the
06:24egyptologists pieced together the
06:26narrative that the ancient Egyptians
06:28left inside the room which led to the
06:31creation of an adventurous story that
06:33would blow the minds of anyone who heard
06:35it the ancient Egyptians had left the
06:37comfort of their palaces and towns to
06:39begin a new life in present-day Arizona
06:42the exploration story deciphered from
06:44the inscription tells the tale of
06:46Egyptian seafarers who journeyed on
06:48board ships that took them across the
06:50Nile in the Atlantic Ocean to arrive at
06:52the Grand Canyon the Egyptian seafarers
06:55traveled thousands of miles
06:57approximately 12 000 kilometers on water
07:00till they arrived at the shores of a new
07:02land that would lead them to the steps
07:04of the Grand Canyon they would meet the
07:06existing inhabitants of the canyon and
07:08befriend them which would spark a
07:10cultural exchange between the two
07:12civilizations we can say that it was a
07:14passion for adventure and prosperity and
07:17a thirst for knowledge that drove the
07:19seafarers till they got to the
07:20geological wonder of the North American
07:22continent and began a new life different
07:25from what they left behind nevertheless
07:27they still carried their culture and
07:29traditions to the gigantic rocks of the
07:32canyon this is not in doubt because they
07:34left several pieces of evidence that we
07:36continue to explore today
07:38over a century before Joe Rogan took an
07:41interest in the Grand Canyon and decided
07:43to talk about it on the JRE show former
07:46U.S president Teddy Roosevelt had called
07:48the Grand Canyon one of the great
07:49natural wonders that every American
07:52should see Roosevelt an Outdoorsman
07:55regarded as America's conservationist
07:57president first visited the Grand Canyon
07:59in 1903 five years later in 1908
08:03Roosevelt proclaimed the Grand Canyon a
08:06National Monument thus improving the
08:08popularity of Arizona State Roosevelt is
08:11one of the main reasons the Grand Canyon
08:13is considered a National Treasure and it
08:15has been conserved as the Grand Canyon
08:17National Park it is the second most
08:20popular National Park after the Great
08:22Smoky Mountains of North Carolina it is
08:25also one of the most visited national
08:26parks in the United States with an
08:29estimated 5.9 million visitors annually
08:31the insides of the canyon would serve as
08:34a great location to make Thrillers such
08:36as escape room this is because the site
08:38is filled with an estimated one thousand
08:40caves yet only 355 have been recorded
08:43who knows what lies inside those
08:45unexplored caves what do you think
08:47explorers might find do you think they
08:49will find something else that links the
08:51canyon to ancient Egypt while you think
08:53of an answer you should know that only
08:55one cave is currently open to the public
08:57the Cave of the domes it provides
08:59tourists with a safe and interesting
09:01sightseeing experience the cave can be
09:04found on the edge of horseshoe Mesa
09:06about 3.5 miles below the south rim of
09:08the Grand Canyon so you could hike down
09:11into the cave to explore what lies there
09:13and return on the same day before Teddy
09:16Roosevelt established the Grand Canyon
09:18game reserves and tourists started
09:20trooping to see the Canyon's
09:21breathtaking views civilizations existed
09:24within the structure the first set of
09:26humans known to live in the Grand Canyon
09:28area is the ancestral Pueblo and
09:30civilization which belongs to the Native
09:33American people archaeological findings
09:35suggest that the civilization emerged
09:38around 1 20200 BCE and scientists have
09:41seen reasons to believe that the
09:43ancestral puebloans are ancestors of the
09:46modern Pueblo peoples but the ancestral
09:48puebloans aren't the only distinct
09:50culture that once lived in the canyon
09:52the kohanina people resided west of the
09:55Grand Canyon between 500 and 1200 BCE
09:59the kohanina are the ancestors of the
10:01human Havasupai and Hualapai living in
10:04the area today archaeological evidence
10:07suggests that the sinagua people
10:09occupied an area southeast of the Grand
10:11Canyon between the little Colorado River
10:14and the Salt River the sinagua people
10:17inhabited the area between 500 and 1425
10:20CE and they may be the ancestors of many
10:23Hopi Clans in the 16th century the
10:26Europeans began arriving in the Grand
10:28Canyon area in September 1540 Captain
10:31Garcia Lopez de Cardenas visited the
10:34south rim of the canyon on the orders of
10:36Spanish conquistador Francisco Vasquez
10:39de Coronado
10:40Garcia was on a mission to search for
10:43the fabled Seven Cities of chibula with
10:45the help of Hopi guides and a small
10:47group of Spanish soldiers Two Soldiers
10:49Pablo de melgrosa and Juan galeras
10:52descended one third of the way into the
10:54canyon but were forced to return because
10:56of a lack of water the Explorers
10:58reported that some of the rocks in the
11:00canyon were bigger than the great tower
11:01of Seville in geralda Spain some believe
11:04that the Hopi guides knew the routes to
11:06the canyon floor but may have been
11:08reluctant to lead the Spanish soldiers
11:10to the river it would take more than 200
11:12years for the Europeans to visit the
11:14canyon again so far the park has
11:16recorded over 2 700 archaeological
11:19resources which involve only about five
11:21percent of the Park area the grand
11:23Canyon's exploration story has taken an
11:26exciting turn with the discovery shared
11:28on The Joe Rogan Experience show Rogan's
11:30guest on the podcast episode hotep Jesus
11:33brought listeners attention to the
11:35findings of the Smithsonian Institute
11:37the scientific Institute published a
11:39paper in 09 on discovering Egyptian
11:42artifacts in the canyon after various
11:45Explorations by some archaeologists
11:47their exploration Journey came not long
11:49after President Roosevelt proclaimed the
11:51Grand Canyon a national park the
11:53archaeologists Came Upon A mysterious
11:55chamber hidden in one of the numerous
11:57caves in the canyon however this newly
12:00discovered chamber is unlike what they
12:02have seen before and archaeologists are
12:05still shocked at this new historical
12:07find this discovery shatters The
12:09Narrative of isolated early
12:11civilizations that has been widely held
12:13for years and it means that other
12:15possibilities are waiting to be
12:17uncovered no one would have expected the
12:20Egyptians and the Native Americans of
12:22Arizona to have interacted during those
12:24times due to the 12 000 kilometers
12:26distance between them the merging of
12:28ancient Egyptian culture with the
12:30Americas is still a Marvel and the
12:32scientific Community continues to be
12:34amazed by it today the effect of this
12:37discovery is a renewed interest in the
12:39exploration of the canyon and it has led
12:41many archaeologists to Arizona as they
12:44seek artifacts that could change what we
12:46hold to be facts about ancient history
12:48the Grand Canyon has become a pathway
12:51for explorers to return to those early
12:53days and bring shattering discoveries
12:55that will alter our understanding of
12:56human civilizations
12:58if you are wondering why you are just
13:00hearing about the link between ancient
13:02Egypt and the Grand Canyon for the first
13:04time the answer is that the authorities
13:06don't want you to know of its existence
13:08it is why many are just hearing about
13:10the ancient Egyptians Adventure in
13:12modern day Arizona for the first time on
13:15The Joe Rogan Experience show firstly
13:17the authorities have restricted access
13:19to the historic Cave of the domes and
13:21some other Canyon caves so you can't
13:24just go to the canyon and be allowed to
13:26visit the spectacular cave that takes
13:28you back to Egypt furthermore the
13:30airspace around the Grand Canyon is
13:32restricted alongside the land
13:34surrounding the structure which is
13:36difficult to navigate you will agree
13:38that the authorities are sparing no
13:39expense to keep this discovery a secret
13:41for as long as possible they have kept
13:44this secrecy for nearly a century now
13:46after it was confirmed that ancient
13:48Egypt had exported its culture to the
13:50Grand Canyon another notable Discovery
13:52emerged from the consistent excavations
13:55of the canyon the spectacular find is a
13:57series of inter connected tombs buried
14:00deep inside the Canyon's rocks the tombs
14:03beautified with intricate drawings and
14:05patterns housed the remains of some
14:07Egyptian Nobles and their precious
14:09belongings reminiscent of the pyramids
14:11of Egypt where the ancient Egyptian
14:13kings Pharaohs were buried this
14:15discovery transformed the Grand Canyon
14:17into a vassal state of ancient Egypt
14:20archaeologists worked with forensic
14:21experts to study the tomb's contents and
14:24unearth new findings they found that the
14:26ancient Egyptians spared no effort when
14:28preserving their deceased Nobles as they
14:31had a deep reverence for the afterlife
14:33artifacts such as amulets different
14:35kinds of jewelry and even pieces of
14:37Papyrus were discovered in the Tomb
14:39providing us with a picture of the daily
14:41life of the Egyptians their spiritual
14:44beliefs and views on the afterlife
14:46despite living far away from their home
14:48country using high-level technology a
14:51team of dedicated Specialists carefully
14:53restored the Scrolls found in the tombs
14:55giving scientists a peek into that era
14:58the Scrolls can be described as a time
15:00machine because they revealed that
15:02Egyptian seafarers had braved many
15:04difficulties in pursuing adventure and
15:06prosperity before arriving at the canyon
15:09they had overcome the danger and
15:12uncertainty that filled their journey to
15:14start a new life on the canyon and begin
15:16a cultural exchange with the indigenous
15:18people of the Grand Canyon the Egyptian
15:20seafarers migration to the canyon led to
15:23the integration of their Customs
15:25knowledge and way of life into the
15:27culture of the native tribes of the
15:29canyon this latest Discovery has birthed
15:32new questions for the science Community
15:34how much of the Egyptian culture was
15:36passed down to the Native Americans and
15:39how much of that same culture has been
15:41passed down by civilizations and
15:42influences our way of life today
15:44hopefully we find the answers soon while
15:47the world is still trying to solve these
15:49questions archaeologists and
15:51egyptologists have been focused on
15:53Kincaid's cave a spectacular location in
15:56the Grand Canyon GE Kincaid and
15:59ex-marine turned archaeologist first
16:01discovered the underground labyrinth in
16:031908. Kincaid had worked with S.A Jordan
16:06under the sponsorship of the Smithsonian
16:08Institute to invest reports from John
16:11Wesley Powell about the canyon Kincaid
16:13and Jordan embarked on this Expedition
16:15which led them deep into the artificial
16:17cave the discovered cave dates back over
16:203000 years with relics of a historic era
16:23around the location it measures 500 feet
16:26long and is designed into a
16:29cross-network of tunnels these tunnels
16:31lead into several chambers that mirror
16:33the tunnel cities in ancient Egypt
16:35what's more intriguing is that the
16:38ancient cave once stood 400 feet above
16:40the Colorado River however the forces of
16:43nature had weathered it down gradually
16:46eroding its landscape until now 300 feet
16:49lower than when the ancient Egyptians
16:51built it the mind-blowing relics
16:53discovered by archaeologists include an
16:55artifact of pure gold a lotus flower
16:57that could only be found in ancient
16:59Egypt also the design of the first cross
17:02tunnel where these discoveries were made
17:04mirrored the shrines in Egypt's iconic
17:06Valley of the Kings this confirms the
17:09idea that the Egyptian explorers
17:11replicated the architecture of their
17:13Homeland when they moved to the canyon
17:14however the fun didn't stop there as
17:17archaeologists also uncovered a golden
17:19tablet that can also be likened to a
17:21time machine the tablet documented the
17:24arrival of King zaphanoth in the
17:26mythical land of Aslan and his exploits
17:28the exploration hasn't stopped because
17:30archaeologists continue to explore
17:32deeper into the Grand Canyon and further
17:35investigate its depths and we can trust
17:37Joe Rogan to share what they find on The
17:39Joe Rogan Experience show who knows what
17:42these scientists will come up with next
17:44extinct animal species more hidden
17:46chambers that hold well-preserved
17:48ancient Egyptian rooms and their
17:50furniture or a treasure cave filled with
17:52well-preserved gold and rubies from the
17:54Egyptian seafarers only time will tell
17:58thanks for watching this video till the
18:00end for more exciting content like this
18:02click the next video on your screen
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the recent discovery in the Grand Canyon that suggests ancient Egyptians once lived there?

Scientists have made a discovery in the Grand Canyon that suggests ancient Egyptians once lived there, challenging our understanding of human civilization. Archaeologists found relics and artifacts that hinted at a connection between ancient Egypt and the Grand Canyon, leading to a renewed interest in exploring the canyon and uncovering more evidence of this interaction.

2. How did the recent discovery in the Grand Canyon challenge our understanding of human civilization?

The recent discovery in the Grand Canyon challenged our understanding of human civilization by suggesting that ancient Egyptians once lived there. This finding raises questions about the extent of ancient civilizations' interactions and the potential impact on our current knowledge of history.

3. What relics and artifacts were found in the Grand Canyon that hinted at a connection to ancient Egypt?

Archaeologists found relics and artifacts in the Grand Canyon that hinted at a connection to ancient Egypt, sparking renewed interest in exploring the canyon. These discoveries include inscriptions, symbols, and cultural artifacts that suggest a possible link between the ancient Egyptian civilization and the Grand Canyon.

4. How has the recent discovery renewed interest in exploring the Grand Canyon?

The recent discovery of relics and artifacts hinting at a connection between ancient Egypt and the Grand Canyon has renewed interest in exploring the area. This has led to increased archaeological expeditions and the use of advanced technology to uncover more evidence of the ancient interaction between the two civilizations.

5. What does the recent discovery of a possible connection between ancient Egypt and the Grand Canyon mean for archaeological research?

The recent discovery of a possible connection between ancient Egypt and the Grand Canyon has significant implications for archaeological research. It opens up new avenues for understanding ancient civilizations' interactions and migration patterns, leading to an increased focus on exploring the Grand Canyon and uncovering additional evidence of this historic connection.

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