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The video discusses what women really value in men and provides tips and advice on how to offer genuine value to women in order to attract them and maintain their interest. It emphasizes the importance of physical attractiveness, communication skills, self-confidence, and demonstrating positive qualities such as being attentive, supportive, and maintaining a playful and positive attitude in a relationship.
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Tips for interacting with women:
Respond to compliments with a genuine winning smile.
When telling a story, don't continue if interrupted unless she asks you to.
Pause three seconds before speaking after she finishes a thought or story to encourage her to keep talking.
Get her talking and aim for a conversation ratio of 60/40 or 80/20 in her favor.
Encourage her to share more about herself by asking open-ended questions.
Demonstrating internal strength by not reacting to jealousy or external events is a rare and valuable trait that women crave.
Take responsibility for your emotions and don't let external events affect you.
When at a party with her, observe how she handles talking to other men.
If she realizes you didn't get jealous and comes back to you, she will be more attracted to you.
If she kisses another guy in front of you, don't get mad, just move on and create your own emotional states.
To increase attraction and value in a relationship, it is important to not always be readily available and to ask for something in return when doing favors.
Help her with small favors, but always ask for something in return.
Don't do a favor for her unless she says please.
Being less easy and more challenging can make her value you more.
After a great date, don't immediately ask her out again, give her space and let her miss you.
To maintain a happy relationship, invest in her feelings by giving her your full attention when she wants to show or tell you something, and actively compliment her behaviors.
Give her your full attention for a few seconds when she wants to show or tell you something.
Make it a habit to pay her a few seconds of positive attention whenever she asks for it.
If she wants to talk about something serious and you're busy, ask her if you can talk at a specific time.
Actively notice and point out the positives in her actions and behaviors.
Positive humor is important in a relationship, but negative humor can make it worse.
Use humor to playfully tease her, but avoid putting her down.
Cut out self-deprecating humor and jokes that control or put others down.
Maintain a light, playful, and fun environment in the relationship.
00:00hey Jim wolf here so what do women
00:02really want because if men knew what
00:06women wanted they would gladly give it
00:08to them right so what is it that women
00:11actually respond to that's a much better
00:15question and here's the golden question
00:17for you to ask yourself are you offering
00:20women genuine value from their
00:22perspective or are you trying to get
00:26something from them that's the most
00:29important question that you can ask
00:30yourself are you like the crazy aunt who
00:33gives you an ugly sweater for Christmas
00:34that you don't actually want is that the
00:37value that you're offering or are you
00:39giving them something that they actually
00:40value deep in their subconscious mind so
00:44the key for us as men in terms of our
00:46dating success is to know what women
00:49actually value in a man not what you
00:51think they value or think they should
00:54value or wish they valued or that they
00:57themselves think they value but don't
00:59actually respond to and then offer that
01:02genuine value to them and it's different
01:04than what males value in a female and
01:06it's not what society says females value
01:10so what do women actually value deep
01:13down in their subconscious minds
01:14hard-coded by thousands of years of
01:16evolution so that you can give it to
01:19them here's what women really want the
01:22first thing is the most obvious physical
01:26however females don't view physical
01:28attractiveness the same way males do at
01:30all for women the way she evaluates you
01:33when she first sees you includes all
01:35sorts of factors that your mind would
01:37never think of or would value a lot less
01:40than she does for example your style of
01:43dressing and how accurately it
01:44represents who you really are and how
01:46comfortable you feel in it your body
01:49language including your tone of voice
01:50and eye contact your health and fitness
01:53level your perceived level of resources
01:57without you trying to convince her of
01:59them your perceived social status
02:02including how many other women she
02:04thinks already want you which is known
02:06as pre selection and we'll talk about
02:08that in a minute
02:10the context in the environment that
02:11you're in and of course your genetics as
02:14displayed by your face and body
02:17now that along with youth and fertility
02:19is most of the equation for us but it's
02:22not for them and now what's really great
02:24for you is that most of the things that
02:26are involved in initial attraction for
02:29female are in your control and you can
02:33work on all those things starting right
02:34now however that's not even close to the
02:37whole ball game when it comes to a woman
02:39falling deeply in love with you and
02:40staying that way and that's what we're
02:43going to talk about today so initial
02:45attraction is the beginning of a very
02:46long story now a woman just has to find
02:49you somewhat appealing for some reason
02:51when she first meets you for you to have
02:53a chance with her assuming that she's
02:55single or her man's on the way out and
02:57that's when the real love campaign if
02:59you will begins so let's say a woman
03:02finds two versions of you equally
03:04physically attractive in that case what
03:07is it that causes her to fall in love
03:09and stay in love with version a of you
03:12and to be repelled by and leave version
03:16B of you in this talk we're going to
03:18cover the four things that make her fall
03:20deeply in love with you if she likes you
03:22even a little bit in the first place and
03:24then we're going to cover the four
03:25specific things that keep her in love if
03:28you manage to get her there to begin
03:30with so strap on your seat belt and stay
03:32tuned because these concepts will have a
03:34powerful effect on you your life and
03:37every woman you meet from now on I'm
03:39excited about this talk because I love
03:41talking about the subject and I love the
03:43results that come from it even more so
03:45let's start by talking about the first
03:48of the four things that cause a woman to
03:49fall deeply in love with you if she's
03:52initially interested in you and that is
03:55high internal value so what does high
03:58internal value mean exactly it means
04:01that you have high self worth and you
04:03show it through all of your actions and
04:05what's the difference between high
04:07internal value and cockiness because a
04:10lot of guys when they start to learn to
04:11value themselves are very afraid that
04:13they're going to turn into cocky
04:15 or whatever you want to say and
04:16that's an extremely common fear and
04:19here's the difference compare
04:21Christon cockiness is I'm better than
04:24you or you're not as cool as me it's
04:26basically lowering other people's value
04:28to raise yours real genuine self-worth
04:32is I'm not better or worse than anyone
04:35else I am just awesome so in your own
04:38reality you are amazing and it's
04:41comparison free you're not better or
04:43worse than other people your value is
04:46independent of their value and you tend
04:48to value yourself highly now the more
04:51you truly believe that you're not better
04:53or worse than anyone else but you are
04:54awesome and the more you show that
04:56through your dating behaviors the more
04:58attractive you'll be why because women
05:01tend to agree with your true deep
05:03genuine self appraisal she will tend to
05:06think about you what you think about you
05:08as demonstrated by the way you behave
05:10not by what you say your real internal
05:14value automatically increases when you
05:16act like you believe in it and your
05:18behaviors automatically start changing
05:20when you actually have more self-worth
05:22so it's a positive self reinforcing
05:24cycle that's why it doesn't really
05:26matter if you start with changing your
05:28beliefs or your inner game or whatever
05:29you want to call it or you change your
05:31externals your behavior or whatever you
05:33want to call it they self reinforce each
05:35other which is great so what are some
05:37practical ways that you can demonstrate
05:39your high internal value via your
05:41behavior while you also develop your
05:44real mental game and real self worth at
05:46the same time so you can be more
05:48attractive starting today here are seven
05:52practical ways you can apply high
05:53internal value through your dating
05:55behavior starting right now number one
05:58stop trying to convince women to like
06:00you and start encouraging them to
06:02convince you to like them why because if
06:06you truly value yourself you have
06:09specific things that you're looking for
06:10in a woman and you want to see if she
06:12has them and when you demonstrate that
06:15without coming off like you're trying to
06:17be superior to her because you're not
06:19it's wildly attractive you're just
06:21trying to see if she's a good fit for
06:22you and it's attractive because most
06:24guys the one she rejects have no
06:26standards at all they're not really
06:28looking for anything specific
06:29and she feels special if she meets your
06:31specific standards that don't have
06:33anything to do with
06:34way she looks so anytime you catch
06:37yourself saying something or doing
06:38something just to get a woman's approval
06:41notice it and then stop doing it
06:43immediately and with a little awareness
06:46and practice you can eliminate all of
06:48those behaviors one by one number two
06:51take every insult you ever get from a
06:53woman as a huge compliment because your
06:57is so high it doesn't even enter your
06:59reality that someone especially a woman
07:01wouldn't also think that you're amazing
07:04so the next time a woman gives you a
07:06hard time just say oh you're such a
07:09thanks so much and give her a genuine
07:11winning smile
07:12truly take it as a compliment and react
07:15to the context of the situation instead
07:17of her actual words now I want you to
07:21try that and then let me know what
07:22happens when you respond that way if
07:24you're not too busy getting texts from
07:26attractive females number three when
07:30you're telling a woman a story that you
07:31think is awesome and you get interrupted
07:33by the waiter or she starts talking etc
07:36do not continue telling your story
07:39unless she asks you to continue move the
07:42conversation forward and let it go your
07:45ability to do this demonstrates extreme
07:47self confidence because you don't feel
07:49the need to finish your awesome story
07:51just to convince her to like you that
07:54can be very powerful and it's a small
07:56thing so start doing that today number
07:58four when you're talking to a woman and
08:01she finishes a thought or a story try
08:03pausing three seconds before you start
08:05speaking that will usually encourage her
08:08to keep talking and to fill the silence
08:10and when she shares a lot about herself
08:13with you and she senses that you don't
08:15feel any pressure to keep the
08:17conversation going or feel the need to
08:19convince her how awesome you are
08:20she becomes wildly attracted to you and
08:23starts to feel comfortable with you and
08:25attached a deep level to you all at the
08:27same time which brings us nicely to
08:30number five get her talking your job in
08:33dating is mostly to keep the
08:34conversation going and to get her to
08:36talk as much as possible it should be
08:39about 60/40 or 8020 in terms of how much
08:42she talks versus how much you talk this
08:45sharing ratio demonstrates subconscious
08:48who's trying to convince who to like
08:50them more now she can only be attracted
08:53to men that let her convince them to
08:55like her and don't feel the need to
08:58convince her to like them and that's you
09:00now so feel comfortable sharing yourself
09:03with her but keep it to a minimum in the
09:05early stages of dating and encourage her
09:07to share more about herself use the
09:09words is there more about that and
09:12that's interesting tell me more about X
09:15a lot and ask her open-ended questions
09:19that allow her to talk for a long time
09:21instead of those yes/no interview
09:24questions for example instead of saying
09:27do you like peanut butter and jelly
09:28sandwiches an open-ended question would
09:31be like what are some of your favorite
09:33foods and why do you like them so ask
09:35her questions that allow her to talk for
09:38a long time
09:39number six ask her qualifying questions
09:42you basically want to encourage her to
09:44explain why you should choose her versus
09:46every other girl out there without
09:48explicitly saying that and without being
09:50a dick about it
09:51so find out what makes her unique for
09:54example what's your favorite thing about
09:56yourself or what's something you
09:58secretly want to brag about I love that
10:00question or what's something awesome
10:02about you that I wouldn't know just by
10:04looking at you or you could say I value
10:08authenticity would your friends say that
10:10you're an authentic person give me an
10:12example of a time you could have been
10:13fake but you decided to be real instead
10:16even though you were afraid
10:18etc and number seven approve of her now
10:23when she answers one of your qualifying
10:24questions give her approval that makes
10:27her feel good and makes her feel
10:28comfortable and still keeps you in the
10:30attractive position because whoever is
10:32giving the approval is the more
10:34attractive one so when she shares
10:36something personal you never want to put
10:39her down
10:39even if you don't like what she shared
10:41or you disagree with it don't be rude
10:43you can always just say oh that's
10:46interesting and move the conversation to
10:48a new topic now if you disagree with her
10:51about something simple or silly you can
10:53definitely disagree without being
10:54disagreeable but what I'm saying is when
10:56she's sharing something about herself
10:58and her life
10:59you you definitely don't want to react
11:01negatively to that because it could
11:03really hurt her feelings so at the very
11:05least just say oh that's interesting and
11:07moved the conversation for this is not
11:08the time to disagree with her when she's
11:10sharing deeply personal things with you
11:12okay so to recap there are four things
11:15that cause a woman who is initially
11:16attracted to you to like you more or to
11:19fall in love with you and the first one
11:21is high internal value from now on start
11:23acting like you're awesome without being
11:26better because that is the truth
11:28the truth is you are awesome and you're
11:31not better or worse than anyone else
11:33that's the truth and isn't it cool how
11:35all of a sudden for some reason you just
11:38know you're awesome and your value is
11:41never in question how does that feel
11:44it's such a huge relief see you are a
11:49badass and it's time to start acting
11:51like that without diminishing others and
11:54watch how your new level of comparison
11:57free self belief spreads to everyone
12:00around you they can feel it and they get
12:02to feel that way about themselves too
12:04especially the women around you who all
12:06think hmm there's just something about
12:09this guy and hmm something's different
12:12about him today let me know how it goes
12:15now let's talk about the second thing a
12:18woman craves if she's interested in you
12:20initially and that is internal strength
12:23so what does internal strength mean
12:25exactly well the quick dirty simple easy
12:28to understand definition of internal
12:30strength is your ability to say no to
12:33her when necessary stand up to her when
12:36necessary disagree with her when
12:39necessary and leave her when necessary
12:43as unromantic as it sounds if she knows
12:46at a deep subconscious level without you
12:49telling her that you have the ability to
12:52walk away from her and be just fine she
12:55will like you much more in fact when a
12:59situation comes up that allows you to
13:00demonstrate your internal strength and
13:02she feels it that's usually when her
13:06strong interested in you is solidified
13:08not when things are going perfectly with
13:12so what are some practical ways you can
13:14demonstrate your internal strength via
13:16your behavior so you can be more
13:18attractive right now here are five
13:21practical ways you can apply internal
13:22strength through your dating behavior
13:24starting today number one if you
13:27disagree with a woman let her know
13:29especially if you really like her if she
13:32knows that you're able to disagree with
13:34her without being disagreeable in
13:36putting her down so respect her view and
13:38opinion also she will start to realize
13:41that you might actually be the kind of
13:43man who has the internal strength she
13:46can trust number two if you see her
13:49flirting with other guys don't react
13:52from now on all other men in the world
13:55are like her brother to you
13:57good-looking women might even see if
13:59you'll be jealous right away by talking
14:01about other men and gauging your
14:02reaction so for example they might say
14:05oh yeah I used to date the star
14:07quarterback at USC or yeah my ex
14:10boyfriend used to take me around in his
14:11Corvette and make no mistake these
14:14comments are not an accident at least in
14:16her subconscious mind she wants to see
14:19how you're going to react and you
14:21demonstrate your internal strength by
14:23not reacting by being non reactive so
14:28you're not jealous of other men ever or
14:30at least you don't let her know you are
14:32and remember that you are the cause of
14:35your emotions not external events or the
14:38environment and that is the rare
14:40internal strength that females crave you
14:44are responsible for your emotions and
14:46you are the cause of your emotions you
14:49give positive emotions to yourself and
14:51the external world doesn't affect you as
14:53much now if you're at a party with her
14:56and you see her talking to other men
14:57pretend it doesn't affect you and just
14:59see the way she handles it see if she
15:02realizes what she's doing and if she
15:04comes back to you or if she ignores you
15:06the entire night that will give you a
15:08good indication of how she will behave
15:10when you're away later on if you
15:12continue to date her now she should
15:15eventually come back to you and if you
15:17leave with her and she realizes you
15:19didn't get jealous the whole time she
15:21will be more attracted to you and by far
15:24the best thing to do in that situation
15:25if you can
15:26is to talk to other women when she's
15:28talking to other men now she'll probably
15:30ask you hey who are those girls you were
15:32talking to and you just smile and
15:34respond with something like oh just some
15:37quality backup and then move the
15:39conversation forward like it's no big
15:41deal now if you're on a date with her or
15:44she's already your girlfriend or your
15:45wife and she kisses another guy in front
15:48of you obviously don't call her again or
15:50break up with her or divorce her but you
15:53don't have to get mad about it just move
15:55on because the less you react to what
15:58she's doing and the more you create your
16:01own emotional states the more attractive
16:03you'll be and the more options you'll
16:05have it's very rare and very valuable to
16:08women and even if you quote lose her it
16:13will make you more attractive to every
16:15woman you meet after that and it will
16:16build your self-worth number three when
16:20you're in a relationship with a woman
16:21say no to her at least once a month now
16:25you don't have to say no to her all the
16:26time because that's not good either but
16:28she has to know that you're willing and
16:30able to say no to her once in a while
16:32without you verbally saying that so
16:35trade a little bit of short-term
16:37validation from her for long-term
16:39attraction and love because it's worth
16:42it and number four if she's acting silly
16:44let her know in a firm yet gentle way
16:47just stop her look her in the eye and
16:50say hey you're being silly right now let
16:53me know when you're done and smile or
16:55something similar to that now don't do
16:58this all the time but if you're able to
16:59put her in check sometimes without being
17:03a total jerk about it she'll appreciate
17:04it she wants to know that you can be
17:06cool during her emotional storms you are
17:09the flagpole and she's the flag and
17:11number five if she tries to leave you
17:14let her go if she does something you
17:17don't like let her know without getting
17:19upset and don't put up with it if she
17:22does a deal-breaker
17:23leave her even if these strong behaviors
17:27and your relationship with her again
17:29they'll make you much more attractive to
17:31every woman you meet after that and your
17:33self-worth will go up because you're
17:35showing yourself that you are valuable
17:38via your actions
17:40now if something she does isn't a true
17:43deal-breaker situation and you stand up
17:45to her without getting emotional about
17:46it she will fall deeper in love with you
17:49again passing the situational tests is
17:52what makes her fall in love with you not
17:54your resume stats not how good you look
17:56on paper not how awesome your job is so
18:00now you can start to see these
18:01situations as the golden opportunities
18:03that they are to make her like you more
18:05instead of negatives they can be
18:07positives and it's also an opportunity
18:10for your self-worth to go up okay so to
18:13recap there are four things that cause a
18:15woman who is initially interested in you
18:16to like you more or fall in love with
18:18you the first one is high internal value
18:20and the second one is internal strength
18:22now if you find it scary or difficult to
18:25implement any of the behaviors we're
18:27talking about today you're not alone
18:29there's a reason why they're so powerful
18:31and attractive if they were really easy
18:33to do they would lose their value
18:35however the more you do these behaviors
18:38the easier they become so make them part
18:41of who you are because you are a
18:43valuable attractive man so now let's
18:46talk about the third thing she wants if
18:48she's interested in you initially and
18:50that is pre selection so what does pre
18:54selection mean exactly well the simplest
18:56definition of pre selection is that if a
18:59woman thinks other women on her level
19:01are attracted to you she will be
19:03attracted to you also think about that
19:07for a minute
19:07let's say you're sitting in a nice comfy
19:09booth having some dinner at your
19:11favorite restaurant then a stunning
19:13blonde walks in wearing a form-fitting
19:15dress she looks incredible now imagine
19:19that same woman walking in only this
19:22time she has five sharp looking dudes
19:24and gray suits around her when she comes
19:26in now let me ask you a question do you
19:29find the second version of her with the
19:31dudes all around her more attractive
19:33probably not that's why pre selection is
19:36so hard for guys to understand it just
19:39doesn't have the same effect on us at
19:41all so why does pre selection affect her
19:44impression of you why would a woman find
19:46you more attractive if you walked into
19:49the same restaurant with five
19:50good-looking women around you then if
19:53you walked in alone in other words why
19:55does pre-selection work well it's
19:57actually quite simple once you
19:58understand the inner workings of the
20:00female brain see a woman has to know at
20:03a deep subconscious level that you had
20:05the internal quality she's seeking while
20:08we're mostly looking for youth fertility
20:10health and good genes which we can
20:12detect much more quickly and in order to
20:15find out if you have those qualities she
20:18tests you in other words she watches how
20:20you react to various situations and when
20:23you pass those tests she feels attracted
20:26to you and then falls in love with you
20:27because you've shown her that you have
20:30the qualities she responds to however
20:33when she thinks that other women on her
20:35level already want you she doesn't have
20:38to test you because you've already
20:40passed those same exact tests in the
20:42minds of those other equal females see
20:45she knows those other women wouldn't be
20:47with you or be attracted to you unless
20:49you have the quality she's looking for
20:51because female minds all require the
20:54same things from males so it's a
20:56shortcut for her mind she doesn't have
20:58to find out your value because other
21:00women have already done that work for
21:02her also there's always an implied
21:05competition among females and they want
21:07to win so it's a turn-off if she thinks
21:10you're after every woman but it's an
21:13extreme turn-on if she thinks every
21:15woman is after you and again this is
21:18mostly subconscious but it explains all
21:20kinds of behavior that might otherwise
21:22seem strange to you as a man I don't
21:24know about you but a woman surrounded by
21:26guys is not all that appealing to me and
21:28this is why once you have a girlfriend
21:30or a wife it's actually easier to get
21:32women it's easier to get them all than
21:35to get one in fact a recent study found
21:38that men with wedding rings on are
21:40perceived as being more attractive than
21:43men who don't strange I know but only
21:45because you're a man so what are some
21:48practical ways that you can use pre
21:50selection that will make you more
21:51attractive immediately well instead of
21:54giving you a few specific ways to apply
21:55pre selection I'm going to give you a
21:57golden question that you can ask any
21:59time to decide what you should do in any
22:02situation with a woman that will make
22:04sure pre selection is working for
22:05this question is one of the biggest keys
22:08to your dating success so here it is if
22:10you genuinely liked her and you also had
22:15eight other women on her level that you
22:18like just as much as her texting you and
22:20asking you out what would you do again
22:23if you really liked her and you also had
22:28eight other women on her level that you
22:30really liked texting you and asking you
22:32out what would you do would you relax a
22:36little bit more would you take your time
22:38and go a little bit slower would you
22:41wait a little while longer before you
22:43were sure she's a good fit for you would
22:46you have higher standards and truly try
22:49to find out if she meets them would you
22:52be so worried about whether or not she
22:54texts you back or if she likes you etc
22:56would you take more calculated risks
22:59because you know you have more options
23:01the answer to the golden question always
23:04shows you the optimal thing to do when
23:06it comes to dating and when you act like
23:09you have other good options without
23:10being a dick or being direct about it
23:12don't tell her about other women act
23:15like you have other options indirectly
23:17so she feels it deep down without
23:20bringing her conscious attention to it
23:21if you do that she will feel it and it
23:24will work for you now of course the best
23:27possible thing to do is to cultivate a
23:29lifestyle that you love so that not only
23:31do you really have lots of good options
23:33you also truly love your life whether
23:36she wants to be a part of it or not and
23:38that feels like pre-selection to her
23:40subconscious mind also and as a bonus if
23:44you're already in a relationship and you
23:46feel her interested in you starting to
23:47slip one way to get it back up to where
23:49it should be is to subtly reintroduce
23:52some pre-selection back into your
23:54relationship for example you could
23:56casually mention hey by the way Jenny
23:59from the office asked me to have coffee
24:00with her at work today not sure what
24:02that was about
24:03so strange etc and then move on as if it
24:07was a random meaningless comment okay so
24:10to recap there are four things that
24:12cause of women who's initially attracted
24:13to you to like you more or fall in love
24:16with you the first one is high internal
24:19the second one is internal strength and
24:21the third one is pre-selection I want
24:24you to ask yourself the golden question
24:25and the follow-up questions right after
24:27that over and over again as soon as
24:29you're done listening to this talk let
24:31them roll around in your mind and let me
24:33know what cool insights you get into how
24:35they explain your successes and failures
24:36in the past with women then start using
24:40pre selection to your advantage with
24:41every woman you meet from now on and now
24:44let's talk about your secret weapon when
24:46it comes to dating this quality will
24:48allow you to compete with men who are
24:49wealthier than you who are
24:51better-looking than you who have cooler
24:53personalities in you and this is all
24:55real it's not hype which is good because
24:58honestly there will always be guys who
25:00are better than you in some way or
25:02another no matter how amazing you are
25:04and that doesn't really matter when you
25:07demonstrate the four attractive
25:08qualities we're talking about here today
25:10especially this one this one is
25:13extremely powerful its effective and
25:15it's really rare mostly because it goes
25:18against everything you've been taught
25:19about dating and most of your own
25:21instincts and also a lot of guys once
25:24they learn this still apply it
25:26incorrectly and that's why it's such a
25:28great equalizer it's simple and any man
25:31can apply it but actually applying it
25:33correctly is extremely difficult
25:34especially if you really like her so
25:38here is number four of the four things
25:40she craves if she's interested in you
25:42initially challenge so what does
25:47challenge mean exactly well let's start
25:49with what it doesn't mean this time
25:51being a challenge does not mean that
25:53you're acting aloof and pretending you
25:55don't want her it simply means that she
25:58must continue to earn your attention and
26:01that you're not easy see women love to
26:04chase a guy that they're actually
26:06attracted to and being a challenge
26:09allows her to chase you it gives her the
26:12space she needs to chase you and to feel
26:14more attracted to you and if you're
26:16constantly texting her ten thousand
26:18times a day right after you meet her
26:20when does she ever have time to think
26:22about you to wonder about you to wonder
26:25whether you like her or not or to chase
26:27you challenge simply means that you give
26:31her the gift of
26:32turning your attention so that when she
26:34gets it it feels so much better to her
26:36and why would you cheapen your attention
26:39when the truth is that it is valuable
26:41and if you're resisting that maybe there
26:44is an internal belief to work on a
26:46little bit here for some of us so what
26:49are some practical ways that you can
26:50demonstrate challenge via your behavior
26:52so you can be more attractive
26:54immediately well here are three
26:56practical ways you can be more of a
26:58challenge through your dating behavior
27:00starting today number one back off on
27:03the compliments limit yourself to one
27:06genuine compliment each time you meet up
27:08with her and instead of just
27:10complimenting her add a playful
27:12challenge to them to make them even
27:13better now I'm sure you've heard the
27:16term push-pull by now and what that
27:18means basically is that only pulling or
27:21complimenting her giving her approval
27:23etc and only pushing putting her down
27:28pretending you don't want her or
27:29challenging her are both unattractive
27:32behaviors on their own the key is to
27:36compliment her and challenge her at the
27:38same time which is push-pull and to do
27:42it playfully so she can accept her
27:45attraction for you with a smile on her
27:47face so you're so awesome it's really
27:51too bad I'm not attracted to you at all
27:52with a playful smile is a million times
27:56better than either you're so awesome or
27:59I'm not attracted to you at all
28:02again you're so awesome
28:05it's really too bad I'm not attracted to
28:07you at all with the playful smile is so
28:09much better than you're so awesome or
28:12I'm not attracted to you at all do you
28:16see the difference there so limit the
28:19compliments in the early stages of
28:20dating and if you want to give her some
28:22approval just follow it up with a fun
28:24playful teasing comment and then watch
28:27how easy it is for you to feel her
28:29attraction for you now number two don't
28:33do any big favors for her in the
28:35beginning stages of dating if you just
28:37met a woman and you're not her official
28:39boyfriend yet do not wax her car help
28:43move mow her lawn fix things around her
28:46house take soup to her grandma etc now
28:49once you're her official boyfriend and
28:51you've been with her for two to three
28:52months go ahead and help her move across
28:54town if you want for now she has friends
28:57who can help her with that also when she
28:59asks you for little favors you can do
29:02them but always get something first so
29:04if you're at a bar with her and she asks
29:07you to hold her purse while she goes to
29:08the restroom
29:09ask her to grab you a drink on her way
29:11back if she asks you to pass her a
29:15make sure she says please don't do a
29:18small favor for her unless she at least
29:20says please and if she says please when
29:23she first asks you say of course but
29:26only because you said please it sounds
29:29unromantic but when you're not so easy
29:31she values you more and listen I didn't
29:34make up how any of this works it's not
29:35my fault that doing little things for
29:38her that seemed like no big deal to you
29:40might gain some short-term approval from
29:42her but also cause her to lose
29:44attraction for you it's not my fault
29:47that being a little less easy will make
29:50her more attracted to you and make her
29:52value you more so remember attraction is
29:55similar to frustration in the beginning
29:58stages of dating attraction is similar
30:01to frustration in the beginning stages
30:04of dating and you have to ask yourself
30:06do you want to be her handyman while
30:09another guy dates her and sleeps with
30:10her or do you want to be her man and
30:13that's up to you and number three after
30:17you have an amazing date with a woman do
30:20not immediately ask her out again ask
30:22her when you can see her again or start
30:25texting her back and forth all night or
30:27the next day now I know it's hard when
30:29you really connect with an awesome woman
30:31and we don't want to play games but you
30:33have to decide if you want her to be
30:34more attracted to you and or fall in
30:36love with you or not if you want to give
30:39her the gift of increasing attraction
30:41and the feelings of deep love for you
30:42then you must be a little more
30:44mysterious and give her a little more
30:46space in the early stages of dating plus
30:49you really want to get to know her in
30:50person it's much better for both of you
30:53then trying to build your relationship
30:55over techno
30:55oh gee so after your amazing date with
30:58her you can send her one short text if
31:01you want like thanks for the fun time
31:03tonight amber with a smiley face or of
31:06course you can put her funny nickname
31:08that you gave her in there instead of
31:09her name but yeah just a simple one like
31:11thanks for the fun time tonight amber
31:13smiley face and that's it and then if
31:17she texts you back do not respond unless
31:19you have to for example she might say
31:22you - goodnight smiley face and in that
31:25case do not say goodnight back there's
31:27no reason to respond to that text so let
31:30her text to you be the last one in that
31:33conversation and definitely do not ask
31:36her to hang out again the next day
31:38then keep your texting with her to a
31:41minimum over the next several days now
31:43you can text her back and forth a little
31:45bit if she texts you first but keep it
31:47fun keep it light keep it playful and
31:50don't ask her to meet up again yet and
31:52again try to let her text to you be the
31:56last text of each conversation if you
31:58can you don't have to be too hardcore
31:59about this but it's always better if you
32:01can let her be the last one to text you
32:04give her some time and space to wonder
32:07about you to think about you and to let
32:09her feelings for you get stronger then
32:11after a few days have gone by ask her to
32:14meet up again on a specific day at a
32:17specific time and for a specific
32:19activity do not ask her when she's
32:22available when you can see her again
32:24or tell her you want to see her again on
32:26your dates if she likes you and she
32:29can't make or doesn't like the date that
32:31you suggest she'll come up with a
32:33different day or activity that works for
32:34her but don't put the burden of planning
32:37your next meetup on her at all
32:39simply wait a little while and then ask
32:42her out again in a very direct way plan
32:44everything and ask her to join you now
32:48if she comes up with a better idea go
32:50with it but always assume that you're
32:52gonna have to plan everything and if she
32:54asks you to meet up which is exactly
32:57what we want always accept her
33:00invitation unless she's asking you to
33:02meet up today you're busy if she asks
33:04you to meet up later tonight
33:06and if she asks you to hang out in the
33:08same day just ask her to hang out at a
33:10different specific time and date for
33:12example you know what I already have
33:14plans tonight but I'd love to meet up
33:16with you tomorrow night at 7 does that
33:18work for you then just repeat this
33:20process of waiting a little while and
33:22then asking her out specifically again
33:24after each date until she asks you to be
33:27her boyfriend or something like where is
33:30this relationship headed so all you do
33:32is continue to ask her out again until
33:35she brings up the idea of being in a
33:38relationship until she asks hey where is
33:42this relationship headed and if she
33:44likes you at all she's single she has a
33:47good attitude and she's relatively
33:48psychologically healthy this will
33:50definitely make her like you more and
33:52eventually fall in love with you and we
33:55want her to chase you and if she's
33:59texting you first and if she's texting
34:02you and asking you out or hinting at
34:04meeting up with you again she's chasing
34:06you so give her the opportunity to chase
34:09you that's what we want don't take it
34:11away from her by texting her constantly
34:14and asking her out again immediately
34:15like every other guy who thinks he might
34:18lose her if he doesn't bombard her with
34:20his overwhelming interest in her fight
34:23the urge to go super fast with her and
34:25go slowly instead to encourage her to
34:28chase you because when she's chasing you
34:30she becomes more attracted to you and
34:32eventually falls in love with you and if
34:36she's chasing you asking you out etc how
34:38can she reject you or leave you at the
34:40same time she can't right if she's
34:44chasing you she can't be leaving you at
34:46the same time it's impossible and that's
34:48the kind of principle that can truly
34:50change your life so to recap there are
34:53four things that cause a woman who is
34:55initially interested in you to like you
34:57more and fall in love with you the first
34:59one is high internal value the second
35:01one is internal strength the third one
35:03is pre selection and the fourth one is
35:05challenge now if she likes you to begin
35:08with her interest in you will increase
35:10in direct proportion to how often your
35:12behavior demonstrates those four
35:14qualities every time your behavior
35:16demonstrates the four attractive male
35:18qualities her interest
35:19you goes up and every time your behavior
35:22shows her you don't have those qualities
35:23her interest in you goes down it's
35:26really that simple but again it's not
35:28necessarily easy so if your behavior
35:31demonstrates the four attractive male
35:33qualities most of the time her interest
35:35in you is going to rise over time until
35:37she's what we call in love with you
35:39which just means her real genuine
35:41interest in you is as strong as possible
35:44now the better-looking she is the more
35:46options she's going to have and the less
35:48times you can behave incorrectly and
35:50still win her attraction and love that
35:54being said nobody does this perfectly a
35:56hundred percent of the time so start
35:58where you are right now and shoot for 90
36:00percent and you'll get everything you
36:02want when it comes to women and rare is
36:05the man who demonstrates these qualities
36:07at any level much less most of the time
36:10so now you're one of them and women will
36:13love you for it
36:14and once again if you find it scary or
36:16difficult to implement these behaviors
36:18you're not alone if they were easy to do
36:21they would lose their value and again
36:23the more you practice these behaviors
36:25the easier they become so make them part
36:27of who you are because once again you
36:30are a valuable attractive man and
36:33remember this it usually takes about two
36:36to three months or six to nine dates for
36:38her to feel what we call love or very
36:41strong lasting interest for you even if
36:45she likes you a lot to start out with
36:46that's why you have to go slowly to
36:50succeed with women they fall in love
36:52much slower than you the way you feel
36:56about her after your first interaction
36:57with her or your first date with her is
36:59how she might feel about you after maybe
37:01three to six dates and that's assuming
37:04that you're awesome
37:05so you have to let her catch up now if
37:09you're really ambitious exit this talk
37:11right now and grab your copy of
37:13attracting keeper to learn a lot more
37:15about all four of the attractive male
37:17qualities and exactly how to apply them
37:19from the first moment you meet a woman
37:21and tell you're with her forever or you
37:23decide that she's not right for you and
37:25if you follow everything in the book
37:27step-by-step you will never get broken
37:29up with or divorced by a woman ever
37:31again so again if you're really
37:33ambitious just go grab your copy of
37:34attracting keep her right now and take
37:37control of your dating life so now that
37:40she's in love with you what do you do
37:42now to make sure she stays that way so
37:45let's say you did everything right
37:46during the first three months and she's
37:47completely head over heels in love with
37:49you and you're her official boyfriend
37:51and by the way well done it's rare that
37:54a woman gets to feel such feelings
37:55because most guys take a bullet train
37:58straight to rejection land instead of
38:00giving her the amazing gift of falling
38:02truly and love and by the way did you
38:04know that most married women are not in
38:06love with their husbands so how do you
38:09make sure she stays in love with you
38:10whether you want to stay with her for a
38:12year or 99 years there are four things
38:15that keep her interested in you
38:16extremely high if you get it there in
38:18the first place and they are not the
38:20same four things that caused her to fall
38:21in love and that's because at this point
38:24you've already won quote-unquote and so
38:26has she by the way because we're all
38:28about creating win wins here so she
38:30already recognizes your value and she's
38:33earned your attention by treating you
38:34well so now we must reward her for her
38:37high interest to keep it at a high level
38:39instead of continuing to try to raise it
38:41so it's time to shift into relationship
38:44maintenance mode and this is where most
38:47guys fail if they even managed to get
38:49her there in the first place because
38:50they think that once they have a
38:51girlfriend or wife their work is done
38:54for example so many people this is women
38:57to get into great shape for their
38:59wedding night and their honeymoon they
39:01get a tan they whiten their teeth and
39:02they treat each other really well only
39:05to relax and start taking each other for
39:07granted right after that well not you my
39:10friend because you're way too smart for
39:12that you take a long-term view at all
39:15times because you are a winner
39:17you understand the dating a woman and
39:19having a long-term relationship takes a
39:22little bit of work to maintain forever
39:24and that it's worth it if you want to
39:26have a sweet adoring girlfriend or wife
39:28instead of an annoying nagging shrew and
39:31if you want to avoid a nasty breakup or
39:33divorce and maybe even the possibility
39:35of some other guy raising your children
39:39now the great news is that once you
39:41learn exactly what to do it's not
39:44you just have to take action and do it
39:46and now that you know how to make a
39:49woman who likes you a little bit more
39:50attracted to you and how to make her
39:52fall in love let's cover the four things
39:54that make her stay in love with you once
39:57you get her there and if you know all
39:59eight of these things and master them
40:00via your behavior you will gain total
40:03control over your dating life and a
40:05woman will never leave you unless you
40:07decide to end things with her and if
40:10you're a nice guy you'll probably like
40:13this part of the talk even more because
40:15chances are you're better at the next
40:17four things we'll talk about and all you
40:19have to do is use the four attractive
40:21male qualities to get her to this point
40:23first so now let's talk about the four
40:26specific things that keep a woman in
40:28love once you get her there so you never
40:31have to worry about a woman wanting to
40:32leave you so the first thing that keeps
40:36her interest in you sky-high is positive
40:39attention now this is where most men
40:41fail miserably once they get into a
40:44relationship not you in order to keep
40:47her in love you have to keep dating her
40:49and keep giving her positive attention
40:53so what does positive attention mean
40:55exactly well a positive attention means
40:57actively paying attention to your
40:59girlfriend or wife in a positive way and
41:02the word paying is very deliberate
41:05because the cost of her continued high
41:07interest in you is paying her with your
41:09positive attention when it comes to a
41:11long-term relationship with a woman
41:13positive attention means the following
41:16continue to date her now this is the
41:19most important thing you can do once
41:20she's in love with you
41:21most guys stop taking out their
41:24girlfriends or wives at some point and
41:25then wonder why she's eventually unhappy
41:28quote all of a sudden and she's not
41:30unhappy all of a sudden it takes a lot
41:32of time so no matter how busy you are
41:34and how many kids you have
41:36etc continue planning dates with your
41:39girlfriend or wife as long as you're
41:41with her now the goal is to take her out
41:43once a week but never go more than a
41:46month without going on a fun date where
41:49you don't talk about all the negatives
41:51and serious things in your life like
41:54your in-law problems your credit card
41:56at your bills etc now these dates don't
41:59have to be complicated or expensive you
42:01can just take her on a quick hike or
42:03grab some ice cream or some coffee just
42:05make sure that you have fun with her
42:07like you did in the beginning stages of
42:08dating keep asking her out like you did
42:11in the beginning of your relationship
42:12once a week to once a month as long as
42:15you're together plan everything yourself
42:18just like you used to and choose a
42:20specific day time and activity and again
42:24if she has a better idea go with it but
42:26otherwise you are the logistical
42:29coordinator so it's your job to lead
42:31this part of your relationship now a
42:34wise man once told me if you don't date
42:37your girlfriend or your wife some other
42:39guy might take her out and again this is
42:41absolutely the most important thing
42:43after respecting her in a general sense
42:45that keeps her in love with you so just
42:48do it make it the same priority level as
42:51a work meeting a job interview etc
42:53because it is if you want her to stay in
42:55love with you and if you don't want to
42:58go out with her it's probably time to
42:59reflect on whether or not you want to
43:01continue a relationship with someone you
43:03don't even want to date once a week
43:05invest in her feelings for you a little
43:07bit once a week and reap the returns
43:12next when she wants to show you
43:15something or tell you something give her
43:17your full attention for a second you can
43:19go back to watching the game or your
43:21favorite show as soon as you pay her a
43:23few seconds of positive attention oh
43:25those new shoes are amazing honey thanks
43:27for showing me or if she tells you
43:30something oh that's so interesting I had
43:32no idea so whenever she asks for your
43:36attention through her actions give it to
43:38her when you're next to her on a plane
43:40and she points at something out the
43:41window for you to look at just look at
43:43it real quick and once you pay attention
43:46to her for a few seconds she'll usually
43:48leave you in peace and a happier mood
43:50then you can get back to what you're
43:52doing again it's simple but not
43:54necessarily easy but make it a habit to
43:57pay her a few seconds of positive
43:59attention whenever she asks for it if
44:01she wants to talk about something
44:03serious and you're really busy just ask
44:05her if you can talk at a specific time
44:08hey I really want to hear what you have
44:09to say and I also want to finish
44:11watching this Game of Thrones episode
44:13can we sit down and talk about this in
44:1530 minutes now if you chose a woman with
44:18a good attitude she'll be happy to go
44:20along with that most of the time next
44:22when she does something you like
44:24actively let her know it's so easy to
44:27notice negative things especially after
44:29being with someone for a long time so we
44:31have to make it a new habit to notice
44:33and point out the positives the time to
44:36tease her and challenge her is before
44:38she's in love with you and a little bit
44:40forever to keep it spicy now that she's
44:43in love with you
44:44complementing her behaviors is a really
44:46good thing to do as often as you can for
44:48example hey I really appreciate that you
44:51put a hundred dollars into our joint
44:52account today you know thanks so much
44:55for picking up the kids I appreciate it
44:57I love watching you read to the kids at
44:59night you're so sexy when you're all
45:02sweaty from working out etc also
45:05continue saying please thank you good
45:08morning and good night all of these
45:10little behaviors have been shown to have
45:12a huge effect on her feelings for you
45:14over time and remember the presence of
45:17positive behaviors is more important
45:19than the absence of negatives the
45:22presence of positive behaviors is more
45:25important than the absence of negatives
45:28so actively create a positive
45:31relationship with her by doing all these
45:33little things and she won't even think
45:35about ever wanting to leave you assuming
45:37that you chose a good one and got her to
45:39the point where she's in love with you
45:40in the first place the key is to treat
45:43her like you did when you first started
45:44dating her as much and as long as
45:46possible if you wouldn't do it on a
45:48first date don't do it now
45:50don't relax and start to take her for
45:52granted so once she's in love with you
45:54completely make sure you give her
45:56positive attention if you do your 1/4 of
45:59the way home when it comes to
46:00maintaining her high interest in you as
46:02long as you want and now let's talk
46:05about the second thing that keeps her
46:06interested in you sky-high
46:08respect there's a reason respect as the
46:11number-one value of the mafia they
46:13understand how important this principle
46:15is when it comes to human relationships
46:17and group unity what the gangsters don't
46:20know is that respect
46:21applies to a woman staying in love with
46:23you even more than that
46:24again if you manage to get her there in
46:26the first place so what does respect
46:28mean exactly well you know what respect
46:31means already so I won't go too deep
46:33into defining it for you what I will do
46:35is give you several examples of how
46:37respect applies specifically to your
46:39relationship with a woman so when it
46:42comes to a long term relationship with
46:44the woman respect means never scream or
46:47yell at her and I shouldn't have to
46:49mention never being physical or hitting
46:50her here but that's an obvious one also
46:53if you would do that definitely go get
46:55help with your underlying issues and
46:57stay out of a relationship until you get
46:59a handle on them don't check out other
47:02women when you're with her and don't
47:04talk about other women with her either
47:06imagine what it would be like if she
47:08kissed another guy in front of you
47:09that's what it feels like to her if
47:11she's truly in love with you so don't do
47:14it to her she'll notice and appreciate
47:16it because in the back of her mind
47:17she knows you'll always find other women
47:19attractive and that you're showing her
47:21respect and also internal strength by
47:23the way so don't check out other women
47:25when you're out with her when she has
47:28what you think is a silly idea don't
47:30make fun of her or her idea support her
47:33instead hey yeah we can definitely work
47:35on that together she should feel safe
47:38expressing herself with you even if you
47:40don't think her ideas are all that
47:42amazing now you don't have to be fake
47:44just respect her and don't be rude
47:46otherwise date someone else listen to
47:50her without trying to solve her problem
47:52just let her talk it out then say is
47:55there more about that and let her keep
47:57talking now this is a generality but
48:00women generally like to work things out
48:03through the process of talking so let
48:05her solve her own problem while you just
48:08provide a space for her to work it out
48:10by talking about it after she's
48:13completely finished say something like
48:15you know what you're such an intelligent
48:17woman I'm sure you'll figure it out do
48:19not offer her advice unless she asks you
48:22for it specifically then by all means
48:25feel free to give her advice now you can
48:27always say something like I'm confident
48:30you'll figure this out and is there any
48:32way I can help you when she's done
48:35so you can ask her if there's some way
48:37that you can help otherwise treat her
48:40like a capable adult who can handle her
48:42own problems
48:43she doesn't need a savior or a white
48:44knight and if she's not a capable adult
48:47who can handle her own problems consider
48:49dating someone else so if you listen to
48:52her without trying to solve her problem
48:53without judging her and without giving
48:56her advice you have no idea how rare and
48:59attractive you will be to her so give it
49:01a try and if you can't listen to her for
49:03a couple of minutes a day you probably
49:05shouldn't be with her now of course
49:07there are many more things you can do to
49:09show her respect and I'm sure you can
49:10come up with a few more yourself on the
49:13other hand when you disrespect her it
49:15erodes her interested in you over time
49:17so just make sure you show her respect
49:20so once she's in love with you
49:21completely make sure you give her
49:23positive attention and respect her and
49:25if you do that you're halfway home when
49:27it comes to maintaining her high
49:29interest in you as long as you want now
49:32if you implement just 25% of what we've
49:34already covered you'll be one of the
49:36most attractive men in your city but why
49:38stop there let's keep going to make sure
49:40you have total control over your dating
49:42life and so you never have to worry
49:43about a woman breaking up with you or
49:45giving a divorce attorney a huge chunk
49:47of your hard-earned money so here's the
49:50third thing that keeps her interest in
49:52you high positive humor so what does
49:56positive humor mean exactly when it
49:58comes to maintaining a woman's love for
50:00you well hard times are guaranteed in
50:02life and a positive playful attitude
50:04expressed via good humor makes life's
50:07difficulties more tolerable it's a
50:10valuable gift you can give her and it
50:12provides a protective buffer to your
50:14relationship so if you're often playful
50:16and you use humor positively because you
50:19don't take yourself or your life too
50:21seriously humor makes your relationship
50:23better however studies also show that
50:26negative humor use makes relationships
50:28worse if you use humor as a way to avoid
50:32dealing with things or to subtly put
50:34yourself or other people down it's a
50:36negative so when it comes to a long-term
50:38relationship with a woman
50:39positive humor means cut out the
50:42self-deprecating humor don't put
50:44yourself down
50:45don't use humor to avoid important
50:48shoes it's great to playfully tease her
50:51but cut out humor that truly puts her
50:54down or subtly tries to control her
50:56don't make jokes that put other people
50:58down either don't take yourself or your
51:01life too seriously
51:02don't take things personally stay
51:05playful and positive as much as you can
51:08entertain yourself and share it with her
51:11laugh at her silly jokes make her laugh
51:15as often as possible just not at your
51:17expense tease her lightly but never put
51:21her down and maintain a light playful
51:24fun environment with her as much as
51:26possible so once she's in love with you
51:29completely make sure you give her
51:31positive attention respect and positive
51:33humor if you do you're 3/4 of the way
51:36home when it comes to maintaining her
51:38high interest in you as long as you want
51:40and now let's talk about the fourth and
51:42final thing that keeps her interest in
51:45you sky high if you manage to get it
51:47there in the first place and that is
51:50teamwork did you know that the first
51:53antonin on for teamwork
51:55is divorce quite the accurate statement so what does teamwork
52:01mean exactly when it comes to
52:02maintaining a woman's love for you well
52:05essentially teamwork means that you
52:07should date a woman who loves to do
52:09things for you and also not take
52:12advantage of her that's the best
52:14possible situation for you if you want
52:16to stay with a woman long-term now you
52:20can choose to be with a woman who never
52:21thinks about doing anything for you if
52:23you want and we're not trying to be with
52:25someone who takes care of us because we
52:27already have a mom and we take care of
52:29and we're not trying to get a free lunch
52:32here but it's much better for you over
52:34the long term if your woman enjoys doing
52:38things for you
52:39versus never thinking about it so here's
52:42where teamwork comes into play with that
52:43if you manage to choose a woman who has
52:45a naturally giving personality if you
52:48don't reciprocate a little bit and
52:50appreciate her she will eventually
52:51resent you and that will diminish her
52:54feelings for you so find a giving woman
52:57and then appreciate her giving attitude
52:59good and be fair with her according to
53:01your own internal sense of fairness in
53:03other words don't take advantage of her
53:06so when it comes to a long term
53:08relationship with a woman teamwork means
53:10give her encouragement give her moral
53:13support and give her positive
53:15reinforcement make her look good when
53:18you're in public with her show her that
53:20you're on her side
53:22talk to her about your big decisions
53:24before you make them and talk with her
53:27first about your big decisions instead
53:29of your family and friends when they'll
53:31have an impact on her or your
53:33stay with her if she's in the hospital
53:36accept her imperfections and her
53:39different worldview work out your
53:41differences with her calmly now this is
53:44a big one work out how you will share
53:47responsibilities in a way that works for
53:49both of you now if you've been with her
53:52for a long time and you live together
53:53it's a really good idea to sit down with
53:56her and map out really clearly what
53:59responsibilities each of you will take
54:01on around the house and make sure both
54:04of you feel like it's fair I know it
54:06sounds really simple and you probably
54:07don't want to do that but just having
54:09that little sit-down with her and saying
54:10this is exactly what we expect of each
54:12other in our home can have a huge
54:14positive effect on your relationship and
54:17if the arrangement is not working for
54:19you after a month or two definitely sit
54:21down with her again and say hey this
54:23isn't working how can we make it work so
54:25just sit down with her and make it very
54:27clear how you're going to share the
54:29responsibilities around the house do the
54:32dishes take out the trash etc without
54:35her having to ask you be equitable with
54:38for example if she cooks put the dishes
54:41away don't take advantage of her because
54:43if you do she'll end up resenting you
54:46listen to her for a few minutes every
54:48day give her that time again if she has
54:52a problem don't necessarily try to fix
54:54it for her but support her and fixing it
54:58support her ideas offer to help her
55:01implement them even if you think they're
55:03silly give her support encouragement
55:06solidarity and faith be her equal
55:09partner in all things do not be her
55:13her teacher her coach her father or her
55:16son be her lover and teammate your ideal
55:20attitude is I believe in you and I'm
55:23here to support you 100% so treat her as
55:26your equal teammate so once she's in
55:30love with you completely make sure you
55:32give her positive attention respect
55:34positive humor and teamwork and if you
55:37do she'll stay in love with you as long
55:39as you want assuming you got her there
55:41to begin with and she's relatively
55:44psychologically stable now does it take
55:46a little bit of work to maintain her
55:48positive feelings forever
55:49yes can it be done yes is it worth it
55:55well that's up to you and of course
55:58there are many other things you can do
56:00to make your relationship better however
56:03how much she likes or loves you is the
56:05number one factor and how strong your
56:07relationship is so it's extremely
56:10important to start here with the eight
56:12principles that we covered today and if
56:15her interest in you slips below the
56:17she's completely in love with you line
56:20you'll have to go back to demonstrating
56:22the four attractive male qualities and
56:24then when her interest in you is back
56:26where it belongs start the relationship
56:28maintenance program again and remember
56:32that it's far better and easier to just
56:34do the things that will maintain her
56:36interest in you than to try to keep
56:38building it up again and again now I
56:41really hope you enjoyed this talk and
56:43got some useful value out of it let me
56:45know how it goes and again the last
56:47thing I want you to remember in terms of
56:49creating a good relationship after she's
56:51in love with you is that the presence of
56:53positive behaviors is more important
56:56than the absence of negatives so make
56:58sure you're actively creating something
57:00positive with her and you're going to be
57:02just fine and again if you never want to
57:05worry about a woman breaking up with you
57:07or divorcing you and you want to make
57:09absolutely sure that you know exactly
57:10what to do from the first moment you
57:13meet a woman until you've been with her
57:15for ninety nine years or you decide
57:17she's not right for you go grab your
57:19copy of attract and keep her right now
57:22I'm Jim wolf and I'll talk to you later
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What do women really value in men?

Women value physical attractiveness, communication skills, self-confidence, and demonstrating positive qualities such as attentiveness and supportiveness in men.

2. How can men offer genuine value to women?

Men can offer genuine value to women by maintaining a playful and positive attitude, being attentive, and supportive, and by demonstrating positive qualities.

3. What are the tips and advice to attract women?

Tips to attract women include focusing on physical attractiveness, developing strong communication skills, and displaying self-confidence and positive qualities.

4. How important is physical attractiveness in attracting women?

Physical attractiveness is important in attracting women, as it is a part of what women value in men and can make a positive impression.

5. What role does self-confidence play in attracting and maintaining women's interest?

Self-confidence plays a crucial role in attracting and maintaining women's interest as it demonstrates assurance and can be attractive to women.

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