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The video discusses the downfall of Dante Bowe, highlighting how he shifted from being a part of Maverick City to pursuing an R&B career and promoting questionable beliefs. The speaker urges Christians to be aware of false teachings and to pray for Dante's redemption.
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This section discusses the career trajectory of Dante Bowe and his controversial actions that led to him being dropped by Maverick City.
Dante Bowe started off with Maverick City but later transitioned to making R&B songs and engaging in inappropriate behavior.
Maverick City noticed this change in his actions, such as playing Bad Bunny on the bus and expressing excitement about seeing Lil Nas X's performance.
Due to these actions, Maverick City decided to drop Dante Bowe.
The speaker believes that if a Christian artist like Dante Bowe continues to engage in questionable behavior publicly, it should be addressed publicly.
The speaker suggests that since Christian artists have a large following, especially new believers, they should address any changes in behavior publicly.
The speaker emphasizes the importance of addressing the issue publicly, even if it has been addressed privately before.
A video clip is mentioned where Dante Bowe talks about his experiences and conflicts within a group.
Dante Bowe is transitioning from gospel to R&B music, as mentioned in a post addressing Marcus Rogers.
Dante expressed his willingness to do R&B music if the Lord directs him to.
Marcus Rogers advises Dante to focus on gospel and not indulge in worldly desires.
Dante released a song called "Demons" after taking a step back from music.
The speaker is criticizing someone who is perverting God's word and making false interpretations.
He mentions that Satan tried to pervert God's word when he came to Jesus and Adam.
The speaker disagrees with the idea of not drinking alcohol, citing Jesus making wine at a party.
He argues against the notion of not being judgmental, stating that the Bible says to judge righteously.
The speaker mentions that the person he is criticizing believes that preaching against love, specifically same-sex relationships, is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.
The speaker criticizes the teaching in church and argues against the idea of breaking up relationships based on love.
The speaker quotes Romans 1:27 to argue against the idea of same-sex relationships.
He expresses his frustration with the teaching in church and calls it ridiculous.
The speaker rejects the comparison made between interracial relationships and same-sex relationships.
He emphasizes that relationships between people of different races are not against God's will.
The speaker warns against the dangers of accepting false teachings and heresy.
Dante Bowe's association with True Music Studios and the influence of people feeding his flesh.
Dante Bowe performed at an event where heresy was being taught.
True Music Studios is tied to a man church and is run by them.
Dante Bowe is often seen with the wife of the man associated with True Music Studios.
Dante Bowe has people in his ear feeding his flesh, influencing his beliefs and actions.
False teachers are being called out and warned against, with a plea to wake up and not fall victim to heresy.
The false teachers are compared to thieves who come to steal, kill, and destroy.
The speaker expresses his love for Dante Bowe and his sadness to see him compromising his faith.
The intention behind making this video is to expose the lies and manipulation and to bring truth to light.
The speaker ends by expressing his prayers for Dante Bowe and hopes that the Lord will bring him out of his current situation.
00:00welcome ladies and gentlemen the cancer
00:02Me podcast all right so I'm gonna try to
00:04make this as quick as possible but it's
00:07gonna be a lot packed in here okay it's
00:09been a long weekend a long couple of
00:11days a long week and um one of the main
00:15topics one of the biggest topics have
00:17been Dante Bowie right
00:20uh Lots been going on with this brother
00:23man for a good while now and I just want
00:25to break things down and show you guys
00:28exactly how he is how he got where he's
00:32at now
00:33not talking about from birth but I'm
00:35talking about like within his career on
00:37how he went from being with Maverick
00:39City to being over here making this on
00:42these r b songs and talking about wind
00:45me up with you know these women in there
00:48um inappropriately
00:50right so Dante Bowie was in Maverick
00:57um somewhere down the line he just
00:59started doing all things like I said
01:01before on one of my videos he began to
01:04get different seeds in his mind and when
01:06you don't overcome different things in
01:08your mind that you're getting planted in
01:10your mind when you don't overcome this
01:11temptation You Begin to Fall in it right
01:14you have to cut that mess off by the
01:17root as soon as it comes in there you
01:19have to kill it because if you don't it
01:21begins to grow in you and grow in you
01:24and grow in you and then you start doing
01:25things acting uh in a character that is
01:29not of God and not even realizing it
01:31because now you're in delusion so
01:33that's exactly where what happened with
01:35Dante right but so Maverick City
01:39started seeing this activity
01:42right you've seen him playing Bad Bunny
01:44on the bus you seen him at the Grammys
01:46talking about he can't wait he can't
01:48wait to see little Nas X
01:50when little Naz X's performance prior to
01:52that was him kissing a boy on stage now
01:56you got a Christian artist saying he
01:57can't wait to see that man off character
02:00so you have Maverick City pretty much
02:03saying we're gonna drop Dante boy not
02:04too long ago due to behavior that is
02:06inconsistent with our core values and
02:08beliefs we have decided to put a pause
02:11on a professional relationship with
02:12Dante boy
02:13that uh decisions like these are not
02:17easy because of the level of
02:20Nuance both professionally and
02:23personally but we felt it necessary to
02:25address it goes on talking about how
02:27they gonna drop Dante Bowie right and
02:29then you had Dante Bowie come out and
02:32saying you know um
02:34pretty much you know it's been an honor
02:35to be Maverick City
02:36blah blah blah and talking about how you
02:39know he had he had counsel which
02:41influenced his decision to take a step
02:43back and reflect about his actions
02:46right so we right here it seems like
02:50in a space of he's acknowledging that
02:53he's in a place where it's not matching
02:56up with God so he's going to take a step
02:58back because his group that he was just
03:00in said you know decisions that he's
03:02making things that he's doing is off
03:06so we're gonna let him go publicly said
03:09publicly said that his group said that
03:12you know and I I want to say that
03:15because you know somebody wrote me um
03:18and I was saying you know why not
03:19address Dante privately and I told them
03:22I have addressed Dante privately I've
03:24talked to Dante Dante wrote me in my
03:27messages and we've had a conversation I
03:28told him he needs to
03:30um he needs to be an example of the Lord
03:33the Lord Has Lifted him up and he should
03:35be a reflection of Christ this is
03:37exactly what I told Dante
03:39okay so I've had a conversation with
03:42Dante and Dante continues to want to do
03:44these things publicly on a public stage
03:47with thousands and thousands of
03:49Christian fans a Christian audience that
03:53the Lord Has Lifted this man up in you
03:56know gave him these gifts gave him gave
03:59him these talents put him in you know
04:02um these different levels these
04:04different situations that he just fell
04:06victim to
04:08the listen when you are in the this
04:11man's shoes and the Lord is lifting you
04:13up here you're going to battle
04:14Temptation you're going to battle
04:15spiritual warfare
04:18but with the with the Lord on your side
04:20with the Holy Spirit in you overcome my
04:23brother overcome my brother and that's
04:25not what he did and if he continues to
04:27do these things on a public stage with
04:30um Christian fans then it should be
04:32addressed publicly period
04:35period if you are a Christian artist
04:39and you have thousands and thousands of
04:41Christian followers following your music
04:43and a lot of times you know a lot of a
04:46lot of these people are babies in the
04:47spirit and just coming into the faith
04:49and trying to find good music
04:52like I was a couple years ago trying to
04:54find good music from good artists not
04:56art that are not secular and they don't
04:59know when people like this switch up so
05:01when people like this switch up it needs
05:03to be addressed publicly
05:04especially when you addressed it
05:06privately and they're still doing it
05:11he said
05:13he was taking a step back right I I want
05:16to show you guys a video of him even
05:17talking about what happened with him in
05:19the group
05:20these little feuds I never told anybody
05:21all this but we was having like all
05:22these little feuds at the time and um I
05:25was kind of in and out and this last
05:27tour that they went on I just called in
05:30after I got off my 14 Country tour I
05:32called in I was like man I'm sick like I
05:35don't feel like I can't do it and I and
05:37I did feel bad like I was a little sick
05:39but at the same time I just really was
05:41like tired of like just being a part of
05:43a group man it's really a lot of work
05:45and they was like all right and then
05:47they just hit my managers like just call
05:49him to tell him to come in on the last
05:51seven dates like it was like we was like
05:53being petty towards each other at that
05:54point so yeah like I think what happened
05:57between me and them at the time with
05:59like Bad Bunny me posting that video
06:01there it is posting Bad Bunny and some
06:04Bad Bunny or uh the picture of myself
06:07like oh whatever the case may be I feel
06:09like it was just their leeway to just go
06:11ahead and pause the relationship with me
06:13you're doing a whole lot of all things
06:15Mr DB
06:17that's what was going on
06:19a whole lot of off things
06:21and it ended up being
06:23to this video I want to show you the
06:25video that has been circling around
06:27right that we're talking about
06:30this is Dante's new video I believe the
06:33song is called wind me up
06:35it's talking about being winded up wind
06:38me up wind me up it's not a Christian
06:42definitely not a Christian video as you
06:43can see
06:47this is where he's at now
06:50and you've had different people address
06:54and listen I wanna I wanna make this
06:56very clear
06:58I'm not dress addressing these things
07:00because I don't I dislike Dante you know
07:03we don't fight with flesh and blood
07:04we don't follow flesh and blood
07:06but he's coming into he's coming to a
07:09place of compromise
07:12and he's given over he's he's giving
07:14over to his flesh
07:16with an audience that is of Christ
07:20that's why I speak on it I don't like
07:22speaking on I expose a lot of people
07:26a lot of secular people a lot of people
07:27in Industry I don't like exposing people
07:30who are you know um
07:33supposedly a brother supposedly a sister
07:37you know this is why I spoke with him
07:40um but if you continue to do this
07:42nonsense then it needs to be brought in
07:44it needs to be publicly talked about
07:46because a lot of people are are seeing
07:49this and not seeing nobody say hey
07:51that's not correct that's not right
07:53that's not the character of the Lord
07:56right and even right here
08:00I think he's crossing over into you know
08:04the opportunity to see Dante in a new
08:06life he's crossing over an r b
08:09it's Charleston Urban r b right now we
08:11even got we haven't even got to the
08:13Juice yet but Dante is definitely
08:15crossing over the r b how do I know this
08:17because he wrote my because he made a
08:19post about
08:20um addressing Marcus Rogers
08:23and in the post
08:25you go down to around the middle I am
08:28doing r b
08:29and I also do gospel
08:32NCC and music when and if the Lord
08:35speaks to me and tells me to change this
08:38it will be my joy to say yes
08:47so you think that the Lord
08:49wants you to do r b
08:55you need the Lord to personally come to
08:57you and sit next to you and say hey you
08:59know you know child
09:02let's let's not go that route let's not
09:05go that route you start planting
09:06different seas that are not of me
09:08you know um
09:10people start falling victim to different
09:12things that are being put out there
09:15through your music uh they start falling
09:18into a trap of lust start falling into a
09:20trap of all these different things that
09:22are just not of my character son
09:24that what you want him to do
09:27read your Bible
09:30the Lord wants you to die to your
09:32fleshly desires not fulfill them die to
09:37die to them
09:40die to your carnal nature die to your
09:43soulish nature
09:45and let the Lord live in you and begin
09:47your process into becoming a new
09:49creation who you're really meant to be
09:51in the Lord
09:53not take a step listen because you've
09:57seen where he said he took a step back
10:00so he took a step back and then he came
10:01out with when he came back on the scene
10:03he came with demons
10:10granted you can have a song called
10:12demons and you know it it not be you in
10:15agreement with demons but I'm just it's
10:18very interesting though
10:20this is one of the first songs he came
10:22with true music studios
10:30boy oh boy I don't think y'all
10:32understanding yet
10:33true music studios is tied in with a man
10:38hey man Church
10:40um I believe it's permanently closed now
10:43Hallelujah to that if that's true
10:45but a man church is these two people
10:49this is the pastor
10:52Pastor Freeman church I believe his name
10:54is Dr Fields
10:57that's who Dante has become comfortable
11:03two people that are completely
11:07in compromise and I'm gonna show you the
11:09video of this man speaking in Dallas
11:16boy oh boy imma show you the video of
11:19this man talking heretical trash
11:24in Dallas and I'm surprised no Christian
11:27spoke out when he was saying it's
11:32it's it's time for more Christians to be
11:36brave and speak up
11:40you know how many of our brothers and
11:41sisters were martyred
11:43because they spoke up
11:45against heresy
11:49don't stay silent when people like this
11:50are talking in your presence you speak
11:56the Lord whipped money changers
11:59for disrespecting his father's house
12:02this man is a
12:04complete heretic
12:07now let me show you what he said
12:10you can't drink he says I'm gonna make
12:13wine at this party when we run out
12:16no notice I just want to put out there
12:19know this
12:21he's trying to use God's word to pervert
12:25God's word
12:27now who does that
12:34when Satan came to Jesus he was trying
12:37to pervert the word of God
12:42even when he came to Adam well you know
12:45did he did God really say that did he
12:48did he really
12:49notice who you listening to because you
12:52could be getting a seed from the serpent
12:57they say don't drink he's talking about
12:59like Christians
13:00they say don't drink
13:03Jesus said I'm gonna make wine when they
13:05run out of it
13:09it was ridiculous
13:12let's continue this nonsense
13:15they say
13:16I'm gonna be judgmental I'm supposed to
13:19be judgmental
13:21Jesus says you should not be judgmental
13:25oh my Lord have mercy the word says
13:27judge righteously
13:29what Bible is this man reading
13:38you will be judged
13:41they say
13:44that nobody of the same sex should ever
13:47get married
13:48here it is
13:50here it is ladies and gentlemen
13:57goes mute on this issue
14:01love is sacred there's only one
14:04unforgivable sin
14:06to sin against the Holy Spirit blasphemy
14:09against the Holy Spirit and if you think
14:11oh my Lord here we are here we are Gonna
14:15Get Some Love is it blasphemy against
14:17the Holy Spirit but I don't know what is
14:20there you see
14:22this is what I was talking about
14:25this man just said
14:30the only sins blasphemy against the Holy
14:35then he said if you think
14:39preaching against love he's talking
14:40about two men together by the way
14:43this is what this this is what he's
14:45talking about
14:46if you think preaching against love
14:48isn't blasphemy against the Holy Spirit
14:50I don't know what is so basically he's
14:54if you say that a man who loves another
14:57man shouldn't be with that man that's
14:59blasphemy against the Holy Spirit boy oh
15:02boy what he's doing right now him
15:05talking about the the his description of
15:10blasphemy against the holy spirit is
15:12actually blasphemy against the Holy
15:18he's blaspheming as he talks about
15:25y'all don't want to hear me I'm not
15:27going to be silent on the issue I do not
15:30I don't fear
15:34people who don't agree with it
15:37because I know I'm going by the word of
15:42and people who agree with him
15:44share the same Spirit as him
15:48are dealing with the same demons
15:53need Deliverance
15:55pray for the Lord to change your heart
15:57and your desires pray for the Lord to
15:58take off whatever is on you
16:02that's making you come into the
16:04a compromised state to believe some
16:07Nazis like this and come into agreement
16:08with this
16:10when people love each other to break
16:13that up
16:14that is blasphemy against the Holy
16:16Spirit oh my Lord
16:20when people love each other to break
16:21that up that is blasphemy against the
16:23Holy Spirit
16:25now let me read something real quick you
16:28Romans 1 27
16:31like wise also the men leaving the
16:34natural use of the women
16:36the men leaving the natural use of the
16:40burn in their lust for one another men
16:42with men committing what is shameful
16:47and receiving in themselves the penalty
16:50of their era which was due
16:54As Romans 1 27 you guys and even as they
16:58did not like the retained God in their
17:01knowledge God gave them over to a
17:03debased mind to do those things in which
17:07are not fitting
17:13I'm in church just
17:17just it's ridiculous oh my Lord
17:21oh my Lord is he hearing
17:25it's time for somebody in church to
17:26speak about what we are teaching is
17:29sir what you are teaching is ridiculous
17:33we have to follow Jesus on another level
17:36his words deserve to be the highest he
17:40spoke for the father no one else spoke
17:43for the [ __ ] this man
17:48Embrace how ridiculous that is then he
17:52tried to
17:53put race in the same category saying
17:56remember 50 years ago when people didn't
17:58want different races to be together you
18:00see how ridiculous that was oh my gosh
18:02this is the same thing what in the world
18:04are you talking about sir
18:08a black man and a white woman can still
18:10have a child it does not go out of God's
18:13nature an Asian man and a Mexican woman
18:15can still have a child it does not go
18:18out of God's nature
18:20it is not out of God's will
18:22it does not say it's [ __ ] it shouldn't
18:25happen in the Bible
18:27do y'all see how they try to get in your
18:31with nonsense and heresy
18:33do y'all see it
18:38up with it
18:41it's dangerous when you let this type of
18:44stuff in your mind and you come into
18:46agreement with it because you step into
18:48a place of delusion
18:50by letting too much of it in
18:55cancel it out in the name of Jesus
18:58and this world became more loving than
19:03the world became more loving than
19:06Christians no you've compromised and
19:09you've put yourself in the world and
19:11took yourself out of the space of
19:15because the world hates Christians the
19:19world hated Jesus
19:27and there are people in this city that
19:29preach hate
19:31and we have to come against it as
19:33Christians we gotta be like that is
19:34ridiculous as Christians my friend you
19:37are not a Christian and I'm getting
19:40tired of people just saying they're
19:42Christians Listen ladies and gentlemen
19:44gentlemen brothers and sisters everyone
19:46who calls himself a Christian is not a
19:51they are not
19:55Jesus would never do that to anyone
20:02does he know that the Lord
20:04does he know the Lord with the money
20:07Jesus told his own disciple get backs
20:10get get get behind me Satan
20:16get behind me Satan
20:21the Lord was about his father's will
20:26not emotions
20:31he would love people on the level
20:35he would love people so amazingly openly
20:39because he doesn't want to change your
20:43sexuality he wants to change your
20:45mentality oh my Lord I think I think
20:48we've heard enough
20:49I think we've heard enough
20:55boy oh boy
20:58listen the Lord wants to renew your mind
21:01Hallelujah Transform You by Renewing
21:03Your Mind amen
21:06and if you are in a space where your
21:09sexuality doesn't line up with the
21:11nature of God yes that's going to be
21:13changed when he changes your mind
21:16this man wants to come into full
21:19but that let's get back to the story
21:21that's showing you because Dante Bowie
21:24performed at that same event
21:28at that same event it was and it was
21:30their event if I ever went to an event
21:32and the teacher was teaching that her
21:34heresy you wouldn't see me on stage
21:37unless I didn't know he was teaching it
21:41in fact I'd speak up about it why while
21:44he was on stage
21:46while he's on stage while he's speaking
21:49that heresy I'll speak up about it
21:53so now you see
21:56Dante take a break he came back with
21:59true music studios
22:01with the song Demons true music studios
22:03is tied to a man church now you kind of
22:05gotta Now you kind of got a you know an
22:06idea where where this is going
22:09amen church is by them ran by them so so
22:13is true music studios
22:16these two people right here
22:18and you see Dante
22:21always with the wife
22:28what you have here is
22:30a man who has
22:35people in his ear
22:37feeding his flesh
22:42feeding his flesh and I I feel bad for
22:44the brother you know
22:46I'm praying for Dante
22:48I feel we all should because he has
22:50people in his ear feeding his flesh and
22:52he's coming into agreement with it
22:55if that man was talking like that
22:57publicly on stage Lord knows what he's
23:00saying behind stage
23:02and putting in the ear of Dante and
23:05putting in the ear of different
23:09to feed their flesh to feed their
23:13if he had
23:16the guts to stand on stage
23:20full of Christians and say that heresy
23:23boy oh boy
23:26there's no telling what he's saying
23:28behind stage
23:32no telling
23:34and Dante even made a video on my
23:37right and he responded to the video
23:41responded and then deleted the comment
23:43after probably 30 minutes but he
23:45responded and put the wife's name in the
23:47comments let me show y'all
23:49love you bro thank you for the prayers
23:51oh by the way
23:54bro thank you oh by the way
23:58I pray more with Sabrina
24:00Harrison than I ever did with Maverick
24:03City in Bethel that's the truth
24:06then he deleted it after like 30 minutes
24:09clearly the the woman must have seen it
24:12was like yeah you know take that down
24:15take me off or something
24:16must have happened where he was like ah
24:19cause it's an off comment
24:21I pray more so you're calling out
24:23Maverick City now and you're calling out
24:30you're saying you pray more with these
24:34but they're Heretics
24:39that's exactly what it is they're false
24:43y'all know the verse in the Bible where
24:44it says the thief comes to steal kill
24:47and destroy that's that that word Thief
24:49is the Greek word kleptos
24:51and it means false teachers
24:55the false teachers come to kill steal
24:58and destroy
25:03to wake up brothers and sisters
25:06wake up
25:08and do not fall victim
25:11to heresy do not fall victim
25:14to people like this
25:17when you hear it
25:19and you feel convicted
25:22take a step back
25:27pray for let's let's bring into
25:32pray for this brother
25:34you know like I said I don't
25:38have anything personally against Dante I
25:40love him
25:41I love him
25:44you know it breaks my heart you know I I
25:47listen to I listen to different songs
25:48from Dante I loved I loved Dante's voice
25:52an amazing and amazing talent
25:56you know I listened to voice voice of
25:58God all the time
26:00it breaks my heart to see things like
26:02this it breaks my heart
26:05when you know there's Christian brothers
26:07and sisters who you see on fire and then
26:10sooner you know later on the line they
26:12come into compromise their fire comes
26:13out they're coming to compromise they
26:15start listening to people like this they
26:16start coming into compromise for their
26:18fleshly desires or from money it breaks
26:20my heart you think I'll you think I like
26:22coming on here and making a video about
26:24this nonsense you think I want to do
26:27no it breaks my heart but people need to
26:30hear truth and people need to see truth
26:32when they are being lied to and
26:33manipulated publicly they need to hear
26:35that they are being lied to a
26:37manipulated publicly
26:42but this brings me no joy
26:46this brings me no joy
26:50praying for that brother praying for you
26:52brother Dante
26:53I truly am man
26:57may the Lord bring you out of that
26:59trap that you've
27:01come into
27:03may he separate you away from those
27:08I love you guys
27:10um yeah
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27:47you guys
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27:52they took it down but it is still my
27:54patreon hey man I love you guys
27:56appreciate every single one of you guys
27:58stay grounded in the Lord
28:01stay being a reflection of the Lord
28:03Jesus Christ
28:06overcome Temptation brothers and sisters
28:08because it's out there
28:11and it comes
28:12the more you dive into the word
28:16stay grounded in the Lord amen I love
28:18you guys God bless shalom
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the main points discussed in the video about Dante Bowe's downfall?

The video discusses the downfall of Dante Bowe, highlighting how he shifted from being a part of Maverick City to pursuing an R&B career and promoting questionable beliefs. The speaker urges Christians to be aware of false teachings and to pray for Dante's redemption.

2. Why is it important for Christians to be aware of false teachings?

Being aware of false teachings is crucial for Christians to maintain the integrity of their faith and to prevent being misled. It helps in upholding the true principles of Christianity and protecting the community from harmful ideologies.

3. What impact does Dante Bowe's shift from Maverick City to an R&B career have on his audience?

Dante Bowe's shift from Maverick City to an R&B career raises concerns among his audience about the influence of his music and beliefs. It sparks discussions about the direction of his message and the implications for his listeners.

4. How can Christians support Dante Bowe despite the concerns about his beliefs?

Christians can support Dante Bowe by praying for his redemption and guiding him back to the foundational truths of Christianity. They can engage in constructive dialogue to address the questionable beliefs and offer guidance with love and compassion.

5. What should Christians consider when engaging with artists who promote questionable beliefs?

When engaging with artists who promote questionable beliefs, Christians should uphold discernment, maintaining a balanced approach of love and truth. It is essential to demonstrate grace and understanding while upholding the core values of the Christian faith.

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