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The video discusses the difference between a Proverbs 31 woman and an Ephesians 5 man, emphasizing the importance of seeking a partner who is not just good, but godly, in order to have a kingdom marriage. It emphasizes the need for clarity and confirmation in relationships, and the benefits of a Proverbs 31 woman meeting an Ephesians 5 man.
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The Ephesians 5 man is someone who loves God, pursues an intimate relationship with Him, and seeks to fulfill his purpose for God's kingdom and glory.
The Ephesians 5 man respects women and sees them as daughters of the king.
He views his partner as a divine helper and someone to join together with to do the will of God.
He loves and pursues his partner like Christ did.
The speaker discusses the distinction between an Ephesians 5 man and an average man.
Ephesians 5 men are characterized by their sacrificial love, care, and pursuit of righteousness and holiness.
Average men may possess good qualities, but they lack the Kingdom mindset and do not prioritize God in their lives.
A Kingdom man is someone who leads others to God, not just to good.
A Proverbs 31 woman is different from the average woman and is suitable to help a man fulfill his purpose and vision.
Both the Kingdom man and the Proverbs 31 woman are already Kingdom before they meet each other.
When they come together, they rule and walk in Dominion.
The importance of having a Kingdom marriage and a Kingdom outlook.
Seeking a Kingdom marriage and relationship, not just a good one.
Clarity and confirmation are essential in a relationship.
Trials and storms will come, but knowing that God is in the relationship gives strength.
Seeking clarity and confirmation helps navigate through challenging times.
00:00what's up everybody redefine to the TV
00:03and we want to talk about today one
00:05proverbs 31 meet Ephesians 5 and I want
00:10to I want to get a woman's perspective
00:11on this and what better woman to get a
00:14better perspective from than my wife
00:15could you please articulate to the
00:17audience of people who are watching us
00:19what is the difference at any fusions
00:225-man and just a normal man because I
00:24know you had relational context with
00:27your preference then you have relational
00:29context with your Ephesians by so
00:31explain to them first in a seat inside
00:33man first and foremost doesn't just go
00:36to church but love God I mean and has a
00:40look a relationship with the Lord in
00:42pursuing after a love intimate
00:45relationship wanting to please him
00:47wanting to serve him wanting to fulfil
00:49purpose we wanted to go after destiny
00:51from Ephesians 5 men it's all about
00:54perfect and it's all about doing what
00:55God wants him to do and on this earth
00:57for his kingdom and his glory so that's
01:00first and foremost
01:01secondly in Ephesians 5 man is somebody
01:03that respects a woman not just because
01:06you know his mama told him to because he
01:08understands that she is a daughter of
01:10the king okay and he sees her as his
01:14divine helper good thing he sees her as
01:17somebody that can that he can join
01:19together and do the will of God with
01:21come on and so he pursues after her like
01:24Christ does because that's what the word
01:26says that he loved her like Christ so he
01:29pursued her like rice and he covers like
01:31Christ and he and he cares for her as
01:34Christ he sacrifices as Christ okay so
01:37there's a distinct difference between
01:39Ephesians 5 men and just some dude
01:41that's cute or that she like this is
01:44almost like an interview type of
01:45webisode so she went in great depth
01:48about the seasons five men qualities
01:50what's the difference between just an
01:52average man because there is the kingdom
01:54and that's the fetus five man and then
01:56there's the cultural man that's the
01:57average man but I want you to know that
02:00just because he or she is good does not
02:03mean this is God right this is there is
02:05a difference in a good man a good woman
02:08and a god man and it got woman
02:11he talks about the feticide I talk about
02:13the average man this is good this is
02:16good before I met my husband my human
02:18five man of course I mean I had other
02:20relationship and I remember some of them
02:22were you know good decent men they had
02:24good job you know they were respectful
02:27you know they weren't you know verbally
02:29abusive or they weren't you know they
02:32weren't mean they were nice you know
02:34they were gentlemen they took me out on
02:36dates and things like that they weren't
02:37bad people but they weren't Kingdom hmm
02:41okay they weren't pursuing after
02:44righteousness and holiness and they
02:47weren't allowing the King to rule and
02:49reign over their life say that they were
02:51just you know good doom they you know
02:53they had a job they weren't you know low
02:55life you know they weren't just you know
02:57trying to you know just just be a dog
03:00they were you know they were they were
03:02they were decent there's a difference
03:04between just a regular guy and the
03:06kingdom man and a kingdom man is
03:09somebody that's not just a good dude
03:11but he is a god man okay
03:16God is good leader God is everything and
03:19he only makes steps and move only by
03:23consulting a change nobody is being led
03:26by the king now look you want somebody
03:29that will lead you to God
03:31not lead you to good please you want
03:35somebody who will lead you to God
03:37because when they lead you to God they
03:39lead you to favor right when they lead
03:41you to favor they lead you to blessings
03:44to peace right when I lead you to peace
03:46they lead you to joy you can't get
03:49although you cannot get a kingdom
03:50attribute from a good person you can
03:53only get Kingdom when there are Kingdom
03:55Come on and so the same thing for me the
03:57proverbs 31 woman is totally different
03:59than the culture or the average woman
04:00the proverbs 31 woman is my suit this
04:04woman right here is my suit and you have
04:06to understand that some people are
04:08looking for compatibility I'm not just
04:10looking for compatibility I'm looking
04:12for suitability yeah what does that mean
04:14a woman who could suit your purpose and
04:16then who could suit your vision a woman
04:18who can help suit your kingship because
04:20she just doesn't crown me she shines my
04:23crowd she doesn't crown you asking
04:24because the kingdom and is already a
04:26king before he meets the woman and the
04:28king the woman is already clean like
04:30before she ever meets the man they don't
04:31need them to make each other Kingdom
04:33they're already Kingdom and when they
04:35get together they just rule a walk in
04:36Dominion so one of the things that
04:38you're gonna have to understand but
04:39proverbs 31 woman when she meets the
04:41Ephesians 5 man on Ephesians 5 man meets
04:45the proverbs 31 woman the kingdom
04:47advances and this is what we're trying
04:50to articulate this is the relationship
04:52you want you don't want just a good
04:54you want a kingdom marriage you don't
04:56want just a good relationship you want
04:58to key the relationship you don't want
05:00just a good outlook you want to Kingdom
05:02outlook you don't want just some
05:04opportunities you want Kingdom
05:06opportunities if it ain't Kingdom I
05:08don't want it one of the benefits of
05:10Proverbs 31 meeting Ephesians 5 man is
05:13all of heaven back here all of heaven
05:16backs you and this is why you need
05:18clarity - well we go in with this this
05:21is why you need confirmation because it
05:24doesn't matter who God sins
05:26trials of storms are going to come yeah
05:28that's real just because you're a
05:30kingdom that does not mean you are
05:32immune from life yeah but one thing that
05:35you can stand on as I know that I know
05:37when it gets hard I know that I know God
05:40put this together right I know that I
05:42know that God is all in this yeah but
05:45what do you do when you're in a
05:46relational context when you embrace a
05:48storm and you're not sure if God for me
05:50when you do this is why you want clarity
05:56yeah this is what this is why you want
05:58confirmation so that when it gets hard
06:00at least you know that you're in the
06:01right boat if it ain't Kingdom I don't
06:04want it this is redefine TV we're
06:06redefining relationship righteously
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the importance of seeking a partner who is not just good, but godly?

Seeking a partner who is not just good, but godly is important for building a kingdom marriage. A godly partner shares the same values, beliefs, and commitment to a spiritual journey, which forms a strong foundation for a lasting and fulfilling relationship.

2. What are the benefits of a Proverbs 31 woman meeting an Ephesians 5 man?

When a Proverbs 31 woman meets an Ephesians 5 man, it creates a harmonious balance in the relationship. The Proverbs 31 woman embodies virtuous qualities and strength, while the Ephesians 5 man exemplifies sacrificial love and leadership, leading to a mutually supportive and empowering partnership.

3. How does the video emphasize the need for clarity and confirmation in relationships?

The video underscores the importance of clarity and confirmation in relationships to avoid confusion, misunderstanding, and heartache. It encourages open communication, honest intentions, and a clear understanding of each other's roles and responsibilities in a prospective partnership.

4. What is the difference between a Proverbs 31 woman and an Ephesians 5 man?

The Proverbs 31 woman is known for her wisdom, strength, and virtuous character, while the Ephesians 5 man is recognized for his sacrificial love, leadership, and guidance in the relationship. Both individuals complement each other and contribute to a healthy, God-centered marriage.

5. What are the key insights about kingdom marriage discussed in the video?

The video highlights the significance of seeking a partner who aligns with spiritual values and shares a commitment to building a kingdom marriage. It emphasizes that a kingdom marriage is centered on God's principles, mutual respect, and a shared desire to grow spiritually together.

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