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Comedian Bobby Lee discusses his past relationship with Khalyla, explaining how she helped him in his career but ultimately why they broke up after 10 years, stating that he takes most of the blame for not meeting her needs and being unfocused on the relationship. He also expresses his acceptance of being alone and not seeking a new relationship.
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Bobby Lee credits Khalyla for reinventing his career and helping him achieve success, but mentions that they have broken up.
Met Khalyla when his career was struggling and she reinvented it
Started Tiger Belly podcast with her, which grew and helped his business
Credits Khalyla's dedication and investment in him for his success
Despite this, Bobby Lee reveals that they have broken up
Bobby Lee explains that he broke up with Khalyla due to his lack of attention and intimacy towards her.
They still live together and are working on a project together.
Bobby admits that he was not giving Khalyla what she needed for the past few years.
They had sex only twice in the last two or three years.
Bobby attributes his lack of attention to his focus on his career and addiction to video games and porn.
Bobby Lee acknowledges his problems and expresses disinterest in relationships.
Bobby Lee attends therapy and self-improvement meetings regularly.
He admits to having a lot of problems but is open to change.
Bobby expresses disinterest in pursuing relationships and does not want to compromise or listen.
Bobby Lee broke up with Khalyla because he had no interest in going to the club where she DJed.
Bobby had no interest in going to the club where Khalyla DJed.
Women don't like it when their partners have no interest in their hobbies.
Bobby would have gone if Khalyla was DJing with Steve Aoki.
Bobby felt the need to lie about Khalyla's DJing skills.
Bobby mentioned that he is supportive of Khalyla's hobbies, using the example of gold panning.
Bobby Lee is okay with being alone because he prioritizes playing video games over relationships.
Bobby Lee is willing to do anything for his partner, including getting a hand job at 2am.
He would go on the road for work, but prioritizes playing video games over relationships.
Bobby Lee has sold TV shows and is creative when it comes to making money.
He feels that video games are his priority over relationships.
Bobby Lee explains that he's okay with being alone because relationships lose their mystery and become more about friendship and compromise over time.
Bobby feels okay with being alone with his "alpha male eyes."
He believes that after a few years, the mystery in a relationship fades and it becomes more about friendship and compromise.
He mentions that life events and aging can contribute to the relationship falling apart.
Bobby expresses his struggle in figuring out why this happens.
00:01so what let's talk about what
00:05you tell me if we're allowed to talk
00:07about it yeah when i saw you said uh
00:09because i had said i've never met kalila
00:11i i love her i want to say this okay
00:15ten years ago when i met her on tinder
00:18my career was
00:21in the [ __ ] like i like i was
00:22literally about to get let go of my
00:25agency and
00:26i wasn't bringing up any income i wasn't
00:28getting any auditions i would
00:29sporadically over the years maybe we'll
00:31book a pilot or something right but it
00:33was like nothing really
00:35intended to work out for me and i you
00:37know i would see other people rise and i
00:39was literally at a point where i was
00:41like you know what i gotta change
00:43something about
00:45how i view my business and and and not
00:48to make it like my number one thing
00:51you know because you know when you make
00:53your business your number one thing it's
00:55just a lot of pain that goes along with
00:57that right and life is not about that
01:00so i you know decided to pour my
01:03attention into a relationship and i met
01:05kalila at the perfect time and um
01:08you know in many ways she's the love of
01:10my life i um she reinvented my career
01:14um we started tiger belly with nothing
01:17we just bought
01:19equipment from guitar center and we just
01:21started doing it this was about eight
01:23nine years ago and um
01:27it grew
01:28you know it grew and it helped other
01:31aspects of my business and now like
01:34you know i'm selling show i have a
01:35couple of shows i sold and you know i'm
01:37i'm in i have a pretty big movie i'm
01:39coming you know i mean just things are
01:40happening and i really equate that to um
01:44you know the dedication
01:46of kalila in me her investment in me and
01:48my investment in her
01:50and um
01:52she is the love of my life and i love
01:53her dearly and um she changed me in so
01:56many different ways
01:58that being said um
02:00we broke up
02:04yeah yeah and this is the first time
02:06you know i don't know if this is we'll
02:08hold this episode until you hold it
02:10right now we'll we'll not swallow it
02:11yeah yeah because i really would like to
02:12meet her i saw her for 10 seconds at
02:15christina's party yeah and you as well
02:18you came in bowed to me and bounced and
02:28and i would love to have her on here too
02:30yeah but uh i did not know you you guys
02:33broke up no one knows this is the first
02:34time i've talked about it well
02:37we'll hold this episode yeah this
02:39literally is the first time i've talked
02:40about it on a podcast
02:43hopefully my other one would have aired
02:45by now that people kind of know but um
02:48it was a long difficult decision between
02:53and um we still live together that's
02:55what you said yeah we still live on the
02:56sleep on the same bed we still laugh and
02:58giggle and um
03:01we're going to the philippines soon
03:02because we're working on a project
03:03together um
03:06yeah i mean nothing's really changed
03:09outside of the fact that we're not you
03:10know um a comm in a committed
03:14relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend
03:17that might change i don't know i mean
03:19but right now
03:21we're we feel
03:23i mean i can only speak for myself
03:26you know i mean i feel pretty good about
03:27it um it's painful
03:30it's hard i mean when you're in a
03:31relationship with someone that you love
03:33that hard for 10 years
03:3510 years yeah but a lot of things that
03:37went on you know um
03:38and you know people follow the internet
03:40you know and follow
03:42my story you know a lot went on in the
03:45last year but it's you know honestly it
03:48was mostly my fault
03:50and i'll tell you why um
03:52a couple years ago
03:54maybe three years ago before the
03:55pandemic um
03:57i could see myself out of the
03:58relationship in terms of like
04:01giving her what she needs you know women
04:02they need cuddles they need attention
04:05they need intimacy they need all the and
04:07i was not giving her anything i was just
04:08playing video games and like
04:10watching porn all day you know what i
04:12mean and she would say
04:15every day she would cry and be like what
04:18about me what's going on and i'd just be
04:19like i'm just not i don't know i'm going
04:21through something i would make some some
04:23sort of excuse you know and um in the
04:25last two or three years we had sex maybe
04:27twice what yeah
04:31she would always want and i just for
04:32some reason i think
04:34getting into a business oh wait you're
04:35so you're saying you're not just
04:36watching porn you're jerking off you're
04:38self-satisfying yours no i want you for
04:40the cinematography what the [ __ ] are you
04:42talking about
04:43oh you said what yeah yeah yeah but
04:45self-satisfying everything the video
04:48games the comedy the porn and she's like
04:50what about me yeah and i would have
04:52three times in two to two years yeah
04:56wow you know you you reflect at your
04:59behavior and what caused all this and um
05:03she's getting a lot of things on the
05:05internet you know i mean
05:07and i have to play i have to take 95
05:10percent of the blame really i think you
05:12know i really believe that i regret so
05:14many things you know i regret a lot of
05:16things i'm not even specifically to her
05:18i've regretted things in my life in my
05:21in other ways you know i mean i've
05:23there's a lot of regret there but at the
05:25end of the day
05:26you know i'm just authentically trying
05:28to be myself and i'm literally doing the
05:30best i can i really am
05:32you know i i do therapy every week i
05:34have a psychiatrist once a month i go to
05:38you mean i do everything i can i've
05:39always been into self-improvement i've
05:41always been into
05:43seeing where my behavior is and where i
05:45can change am i [ __ ] up guy yeah do i
05:48have problems oh yeah a lot of problems
05:50you know i mean but um
05:52you know so i you know it's life and um
05:57from now on i'm just not i'm i'm i think
05:59i'm unfuckable
06:05because you know i i've never gotten an
06:06idea and i've never gotten a dm you said
06:08this to me you've never gotten a dm i
06:11girls that's what i'm saying i i've had
06:12girls that just send uh just titties
06:14like hey here's some titties thought you
06:16could start your day off with them to do
06:18this yeah
06:20yeah i've never gotten a shoulder blade
06:21or a finger or nothing from a woman but
06:24it's fine
06:24but i told you once you say you're
06:27single and you say that you're opening
06:29the floodgates
06:30you're gonna get some titties i don't
06:32think so because i've asked for titties
06:35before that's why you didn't get them
06:36they're gonna yeah
06:38yeah yeah yeah and um
06:40yeah yeah i've gotten dicks
06:43i believe yeah
06:48but you know honestly i don't
06:50it's funny i um
06:54i i have no
06:58i have
06:59i don't want to see anybody that's what
07:00i want so you're in a you're at a point
07:02where you're not or you don't feel you
07:05can make things right in this
07:06relationship right now
07:08yet you also don't want to go meet
07:10someone no it's not about that i don't
07:12literally don't want it i have no
07:15in compromising
07:17in listening
07:20being a government and pretending you
07:22know i mean i have no interest in that i
07:24mean i i i have no interest of like what
07:26about you
07:27you know i don't care you know i mean
07:29like yeah yeah you know i don't care you
07:32know i mean and it's like um
07:34because i i have no interest of like you
07:35know uh
07:37let's go have dinner but you know what i
07:39i you know i'm cutting out meat so let's
07:41go to let's go to veggie grill right i'm
07:44going to morton's
07:46i'm just going to start dating you dude
07:48yeah i'm going to martin's you have fun
07:50at veggie grill i have no compromi i
07:52have no room in my life to go i'll go
07:54there right you know um with me it's
07:57like you get this is what you get with
07:59me all right and this is every ask any
08:01girlfriend i've ever had right
08:03is you'll get
08:05some financial security in the sense of
08:07like you know i i always pay for the
08:11i mean if you want to go to tulum
08:14we'll go to tulum right um if you want
08:17but it's like
08:19you know one time this one girl was a dj
08:21i dated a girl that was a dj like an
08:24amateur and she's like i'm djing in a
08:26club you know i mean downtown or a
08:29little tokyo
08:30i go have fun
08:32like if she wanted me to go i just have
08:35no interest
08:36and that's women don't like that no they
08:38don't like yeah
08:40though you know if they were like djing
08:42with steve aoki
08:44yeah i mean i think i'll go that you
08:46know what i mean
08:47but it's like i'll go one time
08:51i'll go one time yeah i'll go one time
08:52right but then it's like you're there
08:54and then you know i mean you're like and
08:56then you gotta lie like you're good i
08:58don't know what good is a as a dj yeah i
09:00don't know you're lying you're like you
09:02were really good when you did the two
09:06was so good you know me but like i i
09:07don't wanna i i'm lying you know i mean
09:10and it's like
09:11um here's another thing though what
09:14that i want to say is is that like
09:16i'm also very good at supporting what
09:18you do like for instance right
09:20let's say you're a girl all right and
09:22you're like you know i like um
09:25you know i like going into the mountains
09:27and i like going to the rivers and i
09:29like panning for gold okay that's your
09:31hobby like your great grandfather was a
09:33gold panda 49er yeah 49 is that what
09:35they call yeah 49er right and i'd be and
09:38she and if you were my girlfriend you
09:39said i'm going to go to colorado i don't
09:41know where they do it you know do they
09:42do in colorado
09:44i don't know if anyone does it anymore
09:45i'm going to go to the mountains of
09:46columbine i don't know is that a thing
09:48yeah i don't know i'm going with the
09:49mountains of columbine because that's
09:50the only thing i know about
09:52colorado because of the shooting
09:54yeah yeah so i'm going to go to the
09:55mountains of columbine or and i'm going
09:57to go paying for gold for a month i'd be
10:00like do you need money
10:02to go
10:03yeah i'll give you the money
10:05right you go right just don't [ __ ]
10:07anybody else right and i'm completely
10:10for that right but if i play more than
10:12two hours of video games it's a problem
10:16do you understand what i'm saying yeah
10:17so you're independently codependent what
10:20does that mean meaning you like alone
10:22time you like to be by yourself go over
10:25there do whatever you want to do be
10:26loyal have fun yeah enjoy it hell here's
10:29some money i'll support it but i'm going
10:31to stay right the [ __ ] here and do my
10:33thing yeah i you know i like to be
10:35starfield is going to come out in about
10:37eight months i think you know i mean is
10:39this the movie no it's a bethesda video
10:41game right and they did fallout and
10:43skyrim right and i know that when
10:47you know when
10:48starfield comes out
10:50i'm going to be playing that thing 16
10:52hours a day baby are you really oh
10:54that's a thing yeah i don't give a [ __ ]
10:56i'm playing it 16 hours a day and i
10:58don't want to be in a relationship where
11:00they're like you know
11:01we're going to go to the park
11:04you know and i want to do that yeah you
11:06know i mean i think 50 and i was like i
11:07don't want to do it
11:09and i i'm sorry
11:10if you
11:12want to go to the park with your friends
11:13i'm all for it you know i mean and if
11:15you want to go to mace maestros in
11:18between video games and get a steak
11:20let's do it i'm your guy yeah and at two
11:22in the morning you want to come over and
11:23you want to give me a hand job let's do
11:25it a hand job whatever
11:31your vagina you know what i mean
11:33whatever you want you know what i mean
11:34and i'll do it good i'll do the best of
11:36my ability i'll do the best of my
11:37ability right
11:40so this is
11:41so that's why i know from now on right i
11:44feel like i'm just gonna be alone okay
11:46so that's what i was gonna say so you've
11:48accepted that there is no
11:50human woman out there that's going to
11:52say yes to that proposal you just
11:56you're okay with that and you you don't
11:58blame them one bit
12:00yeah you don't blame i mean blame what
12:02well i'm saying if they if someone if
12:04you said look i'm gonna be playing this
12:06game for 16 hours a day and they were
12:07like hey no thanks you're like i get it
12:09yeah no no no no no but here's the thing
12:12though here's my thing okay
12:16if i wasn't making money
12:20that's one thing right but i'd go on the
12:22road if i book a movie or tv show i do
12:26that i show up on time i know my lines i
12:29know the character you know i mean i
12:31sold a couple of shows one with theo
12:33vaughn at fox right
12:34you know we're i'm gonna get the show
12:36runner for that i'm you know i mean and
12:37i'm going to go into the writer's room
12:39and try to figure this out right and me
12:41and theo came up with the idea so i i i
12:44created creatively i do all the things i
12:46need to do to make money and to to be
12:49productive in that way right if i was a
12:51guy that was just smoking weed all day
12:52and doing that that's one thing right
12:54but i'm not i'm not a loser right it's
12:56just that i don't want to go to veggie
12:58grill and you know i mean i don't well
13:00this sounds like video games is your
13:03that's what i'm saying dude yeah how
13:06long do you play golf for i don't golf
13:08but i know those guys are out there like
13:10six seven eight hours and [ __ ] yeah
13:12right and for some reason golf seems
13:14that's okay because if you're outdoors
13:16right you know when you're with your
13:17buddies right but it's like spending
13:19more money than you are on those video
13:20games right right lessons clothes clubs
13:24balls tease all of them yeah so you know
13:28that's where i'm at i'm also 50 and also
13:30can i just be honest with you great
13:32bobby thanks but i'm a
13:34kind of chubbier old korean man now
13:39in the market i don't know here's the
13:40thing here's what it is i have yeah i
13:43mean i have alpha man alpha male eyes
13:47that's the thing right like i think god
13:49intended me for to be with like a four
13:51foot seven vietnamese girl named
13:53ningning right
13:55or whatever
13:56or whatever yuri yeah like you know i
13:58think that's what god intended but i
13:59have alpha man of alpha male eyes like
14:02you know all those dudes you know i mean
14:04the comedy store that you know or in the
14:06comedy right they're machismo i have
14:08their eyes when it comes to like
14:11attractive women right clyde is very
14:13attractive right beautifully so it's
14:15like i just feel like with this new
14:19approach you know i mean and with my
14:21alpha male eyes
14:23i'm just gonna be alone
14:25and i'm okay with that
14:27are you
14:29but i wouldn't have to be because it's
14:31like are you okay with it for a minute
14:34at what point at what point do you think
14:37it's going to be difficult too because
14:38she's in your the same home what point
14:40do you think you'll start longing for
14:42that affection or or
14:44i don't think so no no
14:47do you not enjoy it
14:50let's be honest
14:51can we be honest for a second please
14:54what i've realized because i've analyzed
14:56every relationship i've ever been in
14:58in the first two years you know i mean
15:01you're into it right because you're
15:04you're getting to know the person you
15:05know um
15:08the mystery of it all
15:10like when i first saw kalila naked i
15:13did you oh yeah i whimpered and i i
15:15looked the heavens and i said
15:17thank you lord there is a god you know
15:20what i mean this is like winning a
15:22million dollar lottery i appreciate it
15:24you know
15:25you know so in the beginning it's always
15:26that right and if you can't even know
15:28the person everything's a mystery right
15:30but after about three or four years
15:32right the mystery goes away right and it
15:38more of a friendship and a compromise
15:41and you have to start you know and
15:44life happens right people get sick you
15:46know i mean things happen you get old
15:48you know i mean and it's like
15:50it begins to fall apart
15:52you know and it's like
15:55i just why is that right and i just
15:57think that it might the type of guy that
16:00likes the mystery of it and the chase
16:03and then once i have it you mean does
16:06that all go away and what i found
16:09over the years is it does for me so i
16:11have to figure out
16:13how how
16:14i don't want that to happen again
16:17and so on how do you bobby lee get over
16:20that hump that's what you need to figure
16:22out they break apart and i i want to
16:24meet somebody where it just doesn't
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Why did Bobby Lee and Khalyla break up after 10 years?

Comedian Bobby Lee discusses his past relationship with Khalyla, explaining how she helped him in his career but ultimately why they broke up after 10 years, stating that he takes most of the blame for not meeting her needs and being unfocused on the relationship.

2. What was the impact of Khalyla on Bobby Lee's career?

Bobby Lee discusses how Khalyla helped him in his career, highlighting the positive impact she had on his professional life.

3. How does Bobby Lee feel about being alone after the breakup?

Bobby Lee expresses his acceptance of being alone and not seeking a new relationship after the breakup with Khalyla.

4. What does Bobby Lee take the blame for in the relationship?

Bobby Lee takes most of the blame for not meeting Khalyla's needs and being unfocused on the relationship in his past relationship with her.

5. What does Bobby Lee discuss about his past relationship with Khalyla?

Comedian Bobby Lee discusses his past relationship with Khalyla, explaining how she helped him in his career but ultimately why they broke up after 10 years.

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