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The video discusses why men, particularly Sigma males, are reluctant to approach women nowadays due to reasons such as fake expectations, playing hard to get, shallowness in the dating scene, excessive phone use, lack of self-awareness, and a preference for authenticity and meaningful connections rather than superficiality. These men value their own worth, avoid conflict, and seek partners who can handle difficult situations with composure. Overall, the video explores the reasons behind men's hesitation to approach women in present times.
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Sigma males have their own set of principles and do not seek validation from others, which is why they don't approach women anymore.
Sigma males are not impressed by fake gestures women make to be noticed.
Labeling oneself as Alpha or Sigma is equivalent to astrology.
Sigma males prefer subtle approaches when it comes to women.
Men are reluctant to approach women due to the challenge of playing hard to get and the shallow nature of the dating scene.
Women's confidence and empowerment have created a situation where men have to work hard to court them.
Sigma males are not interested in playing games and find predictable behavior unfulfilling.
The dating scene has become more focused on appearances, which Sigma males reject.
Sigma males prioritize substance over physical attractiveness and are unwilling to compromise on their core values.
Sigma males prefer quality over quantity when it comes to women and find it off-putting when women are constantly glued to their phones.
Sigma males won't settle for anything less than what they deserve.
They see a woman being glued to her phone as a sign of impatience and lack of focus.
Sigma males find it irritating when people prioritize technology over their relationships.
They caution against falling into the trap of identifying oneself as a Sigma male based on videos that prey on loneliness and pain.
Sigma males prefer a more natural way of getting to know someone rather than forced approaches, and they value eye contact as a sign of honesty and integrity.
Sigma males are not interested in adhering to societal standards of being an alpha male.
They prefer a more natural and less forced approach when it comes to getting to know someone.
Eye contact is important to sigmas as it signifies honesty, integrity, confidence, and respect.
Sigma males are not attracted to women who avoid eye contact, as it may indicate discomfort in their own skin or lack of confidence.
Sigma males don't want to approach women anymore due to unrealistic expectations, societal frameworks, and desperation.
Sigma males are aware of women's unrealistic expectations and don't want to be held up to those standards.
They prefer real-life connections over the superficiality of the online world.
Sigma males value authenticity and are driven away by attempts to be someone they're not.
They are confident and don't need to resort to desperate or clingy tactics to prove their worth.
The video section discusses the concept of "Sigma males" and the speaker's skepticism towards those who claim to be one.
The speaker mentions that the dating game can be shallow and insecure.
The speaker expresses annoyance towards those who claim to be "Sigma males" and considers them as wannabes.
The speaker jokes about the appearance of these individuals, comparing them to bug-like characters from Men in Black.
00:00are you not comfortable dude what
00:01happened to stoicism aren't you supposed
00:03to be The Rock Against The Storm
00:05immovable unaltering does it matter what
00:09outside forces do you are there The Rock
00:11Steady in your place not affected
00:14apparently a sigma male feels
00:18when someone shares emotions
00:20Mr mysterious I think you need to fix
00:22that psychological issue
00:24mgtow what is this while most men don't
00:27approach women for fear of being
00:29rejected Sigma males have a completely
00:31different set of reasons they are seen
00:34as the Lone Wolf who does not seek
00:36validation from anyone or anything
00:39they often question the conventional
00:41norms and have their own set of
00:43principles which they live by they are
00:45not loners or anti-socialist people
00:47often perceive them but why don't they
00:50approach women anymore here are 11
00:52reasons why
00:55yeah I'm noticing the so-called Sigma
00:57mindset is just the later latest flavor
01:00of the month it's um what being Alpha
01:02was a few years ago alpha male and then
01:05high value male and now it's the sigma
01:07[ __ ] so let's see
01:09one giving false expectations
01:12Sigma males are not impressed by the
01:15typical fake gestures women make when
01:17trying to be noticed they Ryan Sigma is
01:20the new Alpha just an another label guys
01:23try on themselves yeah I tend to agree
01:26there's nothing cool Sigma or Alpha
01:29about labeling yourself in a category
01:31dude you're just the equivalent of women
01:33who are into astrology it's what it is
01:36really if you call yourself Alpha if you
01:39if you refer to people as beta males
01:41like truly we use that terminology
01:43because it's funny but there's the
01:44people that legit go beta males Alpha
01:48I'm an alpha I'm a sigma Mal you sound
01:51like astrology chicks really that's what
01:53it is you're putting yourself in a box
01:56predetermined for what aren't you
01:58supposed to break the mold aren't you
02:00supposed to be your own man independent
02:01thinker so you're going to be a sigmai
02:03beta I need that
02:06prefer more subtle approaches that don't
02:09involve pretending or playing games
02:11being authentic is highly important to
02:13them and cygnus can see through the
02:16false pretense that women put up this is
02:19why they don't approach women who are
02:20just out to get attention in today's
02:23society we're bombarded with glossy
02:26pictures of airbrushed models on glossy
02:28magazine covers Omega male these images
02:30of perfection have become the standard
02:32for how women should present themselves
02:34however I have a feeling a sigma male is
02:38about to be described as just a man a
02:40man with boundaries in confidence and
02:44self-esteemable for these unrealistic
02:47expectations are completely unattainable
02:50for most women
02:51not only is the goal of physical
02:53Perfection a hoax and unachievable but
02:56it can also be detrimental to women's
02:58mental and physical health when
03:00attempting to reach it this is why Sigma
03:02males are not interested in approaching
03:04women who are trying to live up to these
03:06impossible standards instead they prefer
03:09those who value their individuality and
03:12unique beauty sigmas will approach only
03:14those women who are real
03:17you win the comments action bro
03:22Pagani mail
03:26uh we're Pagani males boys
03:32and down to earth
03:36two playing hard to get
03:40we live in an era where women are more
03:42confident and empowered than ever before
03:45they seem to create a situation where
03:47interested men have to work for it when
03:49courting them they often put up a hard
03:52front making it difficult for men to
04:07you guys are tripping me out dude
04:11aspire to be Pagani males not bug
04:14sandwich males boys while it can be seen
04:17as a challenge for other men Sigma males
04:20are not interested in playing this kind
04:22of game nope it may give you a sense of
04:25accomplishment when you eventually win
04:26her over but it's not something that a
04:29sigma male finds fulfilling perfect in
04:31fact they are turned off by such
04:33Behavior as it is too predictable and
04:36unoriginal everyone knows how the game
04:39works and it doesn't take a genius to
04:41figure out what the other person is
04:43trying to do
04:45force them and they are not interested
04:47in wasting their time and energy on
04:50something that doesn't have any real
04:51value it's like a chess game that has
04:54already been played sickness would
04:56rather find something new and exciting
04:58to explore playing hard to get may work
05:01in some cases but it is not exactly a
05:04strategy that Sigma appreciates
05:073. the dating scene has become too
05:11in today's world dating has become more
05:14about appearances and less about
05:16personality people are judged based on
05:19their looks which is something that
05:21sigmas reject entirely this doesn't mean
05:24they don't appreciate Beauty they just
05:26don't think it's the most important
05:28thing in a relationship
05:30this is just one of the reasons why
05:32Sigma men tend to stay away to put too
05:35much emphasis on physical attractiveness
05:37they care more about substance than
05:40anything else which can be hard to come
05:42by in today's shallow dating scene while
05:45many people perceive Sigma men as
05:47old-fashioned and out of touch they are
05:49actually quite in tune with the modern
05:51world but they will never compromise on
05:54their core values making them stand out
05:56from the rest it's like they have a
05:59sixth sense that enables I would skip
06:01this but where we have to watch this
06:04thoroughly because once it gets edited
06:07and put out people need to see the
06:09ridiculous of these labels there's
06:12the rest of the brothers that can't
06:14watch this live right now they're out
06:16doing [ __ ] they're gonna see this video
06:18Drop once it's uh fully edited and they
06:20gotta see the ridiculous of the sigma
06:23males ask them to spot the genuine gems
06:26hidden amongst all the fluff it's like
06:29they can see through someone's
06:31appearance right down to their true
06:33identity oh dude just look the eyes are
06:35the gateways to the soul I just couldn't
06:37see down to your bones who you really
06:39Sigma males have a sixth sense and
06:43that's why these men always opt for
06:44quality over quantity when it comes to
06:47they won't settle for anything less than
06:50what they deserve oh [ __ ] boundaries
06:54four she's glued to her phone
06:57there is nothing more off-putting to a
06:59sigma than seeing a woman glued to her
07:01phone damn she cannot break away from
07:04the digital world
07:05and engage Mighty sends Sigma mail bruh
07:08if she's glued to her phone you ain't
07:10putting up with that [ __ ] dude whoa oh
07:13damn nope with what's happening around
07:16them while technology is an important
07:18part of life people need to know how to
07:20strike a balance
07:22you'll never this is the part of the
07:24internet you got to be careful with as a
07:25man because when you're in pain this is
07:27this is a serious part here boys
07:30when you're lonely and you're in pain
07:32and you have no real Outlet you'll watch
07:34these horrendous videos dude and start
07:36attaching to the idea of alpha Mal I got
07:39a awful man I got a best Sigma male
07:41you're getting preyed upon that's what's
07:42really happening here they're taking
07:44your pain and they're monetizing it and
07:46they're putting you down a deeper rabbit
07:47hole because they're playing to your
07:48heartstrings they're telling you all the
07:50[ __ ] you want to hear make you feel
07:52better about yourself careful don't fall
07:55down the rabbit hole don't [ __ ] start
07:57labeling yourself Sigma see a sigma man
08:00getting caught up in their phone as they
08:02are able to disconnect from technology
08:04and appreciate the present moment this
08:07is why they find it so irritating when
08:10women are constantly on their phone it's
08:12a Pagani senses for sickness it's a sign
08:14of impatience and lack of focus two
08:16qualities that don't fare well in any
08:19relationship they don't like when people
08:21put technology before their own
08:22relationships or when they are dude this
08:25is just literally describing any man
08:27with a self-esteem self-worth confidence
08:31doesn't put up with any [ __ ] oh my
08:33gosh she's on her phone yeah quit
08:35wasting my time later next check my
08:44the media feeds that it takes away from
08:46their reality
08:51five Sigma you're a bug sandwich male if
08:54you let her play on her phone during
08:56your date
08:57you heard it here first stop like I need
09:00to make that into a shirt playing games
09:03they are too mature for the typical
09:05dating game that is often played between
09:07men and women
09:09they have no interest in mind games or
09:11engaging in any kind of power battle
09:13which puts them in a disadvantageous
09:16position they are honest and
09:18straightforward about their intentions
09:19thus making it easier for them to find
09:22someone who appreciates their true
09:24nature while their directness may come
09:26off as intimidating to some people the
09:28sigma stays loyal and doesn't waste time
09:31trying to impress someone who isn't
09:33interested in the same things they are
09:35they don't chase after women instead
09:38they wait for the woman to come around
09:40to their way of thinking before making a
09:42move this is why they don't usually
09:45approach women but sit back and observe
09:47until the right one comes along
09:49while it might take longer for a sigma
09:52man to find a compatible partner it is
09:54often worth the wait as they will
09:56eventually find someone who shares their
09:58values and out there it is this is where
10:01you get sold of Happily Ever After
10:02[ __ ] Sigma guys that don't do
10:04anything yeah exactly if you wait bro
10:07and you don't grab Life by the horns you
10:10stand up
10:12one day the woman of your dreams will
10:16all pair before you shut up and young
10:19men are watching this and going yeah
10:21totally dude I'm not gonna [ __ ] do
10:23[ __ ] if the right one comes along so bad
10:26let me go play some more Call of Duty
10:28because I don't adhere to societal
10:30standards I don't want to be an alpha
10:35I'm sigma look on life
10:39this isn't to say that sigmas don't
10:41approach women but they often prefer a
10:43more natural and less forced way of
10:45getting to know someone
10:48this is a psyop
10:52right imagine if this Sigma [ __ ] is just
10:54some deep CIA psyop to keep men weak as
10:57[ __ ] and not proactive in life and
10:59grabbing Life by the horns quote-unquote
11:04dude this is like straight out of the
11:07Playbook six no eye contact well someone
11:11avoids eye contact it often gives the
11:14impression that they are being evasive
11:15or hiding something from the other
11:17person it also reflects an inner
11:20insecurity no no no please please tell
11:22me he's not gonna say Sigma males don't
11:25do eye contact immediately puts sigmas
11:29eye contact is an important part of any
11:32conversation as it shows you have
11:34nothing to hide and can be trusted
11:36sigmas hate when people refuse to look
11:39them in the eye because it signifies
11:41honesty and integrity a Confident Woman
11:44will never be afraid to look a man in
11:46the eye as it shows confidence and
11:49respect on the other hand if a woman
11:51avoids eye contact altogether then it's
11:54likely that she doesn't feel comfortable
11:56in her own skin or is too intimidated to
11:59stand up for herself
12:01and this isn't attractive to sigmas at
12:04that's actually a tell that you can use
12:08um for women
12:10for damage too like a woman with uh
12:14strong psychological boundaries and like
12:16a healthy mental state will actually
12:18look you in the eyes and doesn't look
12:20away like there's a difference between
12:22looking away shy because you're looking
12:24at her making her feel uncomfortable
12:26but it's a whole different thing when
12:28she can look at you and engage in
12:30conversation eye to eye confidently
12:33without like constantly like eyes
12:35jetting across the room stuff like this
12:36that can signify some psychological some
12:39deeper stuff that's true that part is
12:42actually true and that you can use on a
12:43date it's a it's like a advanced vetting
12:46technique dude Bugatti eyes
12:56to make an effort to engage in
12:59but I am if she gives off bug eyes
13:02bug eye Vibes drop her ass next She's
13:06Gotta Give You Pagani eyes boys I'm not
13:08talking about it because every man knows
13:14seven social media has changed the
13:17Dynamics of dating and relationships
13:20social media and Hollywood have really
13:23altered the expectations of men when
13:25looking for a partner
13:27marked up psychologically Sigma males
13:30are aware that many women have
13:32unrealistic expectations damn dude
13:34stigma males are the only aware ones of
13:37such a thing are we sigmas boys
13:40perfect we're being described perfectly
13:43here perfect perfect what a perfect
13:46partner should look like or how they
13:48should act
13:49they don't want to be held up to these
13:51standards and feel pressure
13:54sigmas also understand the power of
13:56image and how it can affect
13:57relationships they don't take part in
13:59the online world of superficiality where
14:01people are judged based on how many
14:03likes or followers they have
14:05they prefer real-life connections which
14:07is why sigmas don't take too kindly to
14:09women who prioritize their social media
14:10presence over developing an actual
14:12relationship too many gurus and online
14:14influencers have convinced women that
14:16they must look this is just repackaged
14:18red pill [ __ ] huh really what it is
14:21where's the narrator's Bugatti
14:25and act a certain way he's a sigma male
14:27bro he doesn't take part in such
14:30societal Frameworks such as super cars
14:32that's [ __ ] [ __ ] he's Beyond
14:36Transportation he walks to work
14:40to attract any man but the reality is
14:42that Sigma men prefer authenticity and
14:44any attempts to be someone she's not
14:46will drive them away
14:49eight sigmas are not desperate
14:52there is nothing worse than a desperate
14:54man trying to win a woman's affection
14:56it's like a drowning man grasping for a
14:58Lifeline with no real hope of success
15:00desperation is a sign of immaturity and
15:03it's something that Sigma males never
15:04show they have their own value and worth
15:07so they don't need to act desperate or
15:09clingy to prove it they are confident
15:11enough in themselves and don't need to
15:13resort to such tactics Sigma Stone
15:15approach relationships with the mindset
15:16of needing someone else to feel some
15:18kind of void they know who they are so
15:20they don't go out of their way to chase
15:22after someone else's approval they don't
15:24rush into anything this is why Sigma men
15:26are often seen as mysterious and hard to
15:28get which often piques the interest of
15:30women they're better off taking the back
15:32seat taking their time and waiting until
15:35they feel that chemistry before taking
15:36any further steps
15:39Mr mysterious over there overly
15:41emotional Behavior
15:43for sigmas emotions are something that
15:45should be kept in check while they
15:47understand that feelings are an
15:48important part of life they also know
15:50that it's important not to get too
15:51attached and overreact they don't like
15:53when people wear their heart on their
15:55sleeve and act overly emotional all the
15:57time it makes them feel uncomfortable
15:59and clearly shows what a beta ass it
16:02makes them feel uncomfortable bro
16:04are you not comfortable dude what
16:06happened to stoicism aren't you supposed
16:08to be The Rock Against The Storm
16:10immovable unaltering does it matter what
16:13outside forces do you are there The Rock
16:16Steady in your place not affected
16:18apparently a sigma male feels
16:21uncomfortable when someone shares
16:24emotions damn Mr mysterious I think you
16:27need to fix that psychological issue
16:28that the person lacks control of
16:30emotions Sigma men avoid drama and
16:32unnecessary conflict oh so they run away
16:34so do stigmas just run away and avoid
16:36everything why they tend to stay away
16:38from overly emotional women who are
16:39always making a scene they appreciate
16:42calmness and maturity in women which is
16:44why they don't approach women who are
16:45always ready to start an argument or get
16:47into a heated Exchange
16:49they avoid any kind of situation that
16:51could result in conflict or chaos this
16:53shows their maturity and the fact that
16:55they value peace and calmness signs of
16:57emotional instability are a major red
16:59flag for sigmas as they want a woman
17:01secure in herself and can handle
17:03difficult situations with composure what
17:06the [ __ ]
17:0710. lack of self-awareness
17:10Sigma men are fed up with women who lack
17:12self-awareness bro did a sigma make this
17:19pimple males all right [ __ ] it let's get
17:21to the issue of General interaction
17:23figma men hate conversations that are
17:25surface level and shallow they'd much
17:27rather engage in meaningful and
17:29insightful dialogue exchanging like bro
17:31this is just describing your average
17:32healthy man for the most part wow dude
17:37check out Ecto life see where we're
17:39headed link it in the Discord Taurus
17:41thank you brother wow boys we just got a
17:43rundown of what why Sigma males don't
17:46approach women anymore I'm gonna title
17:48this video the same exact way because it
17:50somehow got a hundred plus thousand
17:53views young men are watching this love
17:55these videos mostly because it's
17:57hilarious to hear the way I am explained
18:00so well
18:01the points in these always trigger
18:03moments in time where all these
18:04scenarios have played out this was a
18:06real Sigma male here bruh
18:08until I found this channel I've always
18:10had a hard time explaining to someone
18:11why I reacted to things the way I do now
18:14I just point them here helps them better
18:16understand me when they hear it here
18:18versus me trying to explain my thought
18:19thought process and confusing them when
18:21they see things differently thanks for
18:23putting these out Sigma mail
18:26power if a woman plays hard to get she's
18:28establishing a hierarchy in a
18:30relationship she's at the top and you're
18:32a supplicant walk away because it leads
18:35to toxic relationship such a sigma Mal
18:39amen exactly ditto the older I get the
18:43more I can relate to these points I'm
18:45very much a sigma and this helps
18:47reinforce who I am
18:49I feel the same exact way I never fit
18:51into the Beta or Alpha categories but
18:54Sigma is a bull's eye so enlightening
18:58[ __ ] dude you see what I mean dude it's
19:00not hard yeah this is like Reddit
19:03neckbeards tombow saw death rat I don't
19:07even approach anymore if women don't
19:10open her mouth and make her interest
19:12known I'm perfectly fine acting like
19:14she's not even there bruh [ __ ] dude damn
19:20perfect [ __ ] pamp over here whoa
19:25thanks Ryan cue the NPC music here dude
19:28we got so they are so out of the Matrix
19:34we don't deal with societal standards
19:36here we don't fit into Alpha Beta
19:40what else
19:47completely stopped it among beautiful
19:49women and women in general I try to
19:51adopt a stoic Zen attitude I'm calm
19:53polite but nothing more then I leave
19:56today's political correctness and what
19:58culture have completely destroyed the
19:59natural relationship between men and
20:01women agree there almost all women
20:02defend it wholeheartedly I am not part
20:04of this I jumped off the train a long
20:06time ago
20:08not bad not bad love that isn't totally
20:11relate to it the dating game was a
20:12laborious exercising of the vein shallow
20:15insecure these are good these are good
20:17we got to find more Sigma males
20:21a sigma hold on a sigma is too modest to
20:26shout out that's me explain so well in
20:28these videos if you did you're a fake
20:35see you see they're already virtue
20:37signaling to one another this is the
20:39sigma males do bro you're not Sigma
20:41enough brah I'm more Sigma than you
20:44I didn't have to say that I relate to
20:46this [ __ ] wannabe Sigma males
20:50taking my God damn
20:54you can't relate to me you're not real
20:57we're gonna sing The Gatekeepers yeah
21:02if I hear Sigma I think Bill Broski
21:05quotes on SNL
21:08oh my God
21:11this is me a hundred percent I've been
21:13like this ever since I was a young boy
21:15damn he's been a sigma male since he was
21:19a boy
21:20imagine that
21:33uh dude no more no more cringe no more
21:41if you could get a picture of what all
21:43these men look like you would yeah
21:46they would all look like
21:48bug what are what are they called what
21:51are the men in black bugs called
21:53God damn it I forgot their names
21:57oh my God what are the men in black bugs
22:00called again worm boys yes
22:04I bet you all these guys
22:07I bet you every one of these dudes look
22:10like worm guys talking about I'm a sigma
22:13I chose my own way look look at this
22:16horse [ __ ] bro
22:17I can't can I make this guy's picture
22:19bigger look at this guy right here this
22:22guy right here chat make this even
22:25bigger just look can't can't it zooms in
22:28too far this fits me to a t i wasn't
22:31always like this though growing up was
22:33more beta then high school did a 180 to
22:36Alpha Male after a marriage divorce
22:3910-year drug addiction is that does a
22:4210-year drug addiction sound Alpha and
22:44was 12 years sobriety now finally in my
22:46late 30s at a Metrology engineer I've
22:49reached a point where these descriptions
22:51are me verbatim girl's always on her
22:54phone loudmouth confused is there more
22:56to this we have to go smaller to read
22:58the rest or is it where is it oh loud
23:01mouth confused why every other guy tried
23:03flirting with her but I was completely
23:05disinterested Sigma mail
23:10I don't feel the need to flirt with
23:11every woman I see if they're not my type
23:14I rather just not waste time perfect
23:17nope come on dude make more videos like
23:21the collapse of masculinity working on
23:22it dude I think I don't know we're just
23:25finding out what all these Sigma males
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Why are Sigma males hesitant to approach women?

Sigma males are reluctant to approach women due to reasons such as fake expectations, playing hard to get, shallowness in the dating scene, excessive phone use, lack of self-awareness, and a preference for authenticity and meaningful connections rather than superficiality.

2. What are the values of Sigma males when it comes to approaching women?

Sigma males value their own worth, avoid conflict, and seek partners who can handle difficult situations with composure.

3. How do fake expectations affect men's hesitation in approaching women?

Fake expectations create a barrier for men as they seek genuine connections and authenticity, making them reluctant to approach women who are driven by superficial standards.

4. What role does self-awareness play in the reluctance of Sigma males to approach women?

Lack of self-awareness in the dating scene leads to Sigma males seeking meaningful connections, resulting in hesitation to approach women who do not prioritize authenticity and deeper connections.

5. How does the dating scene's shallowness contribute to the hesitation of Sigma males?

The shallow nature of the dating scene, characterized by playing hard to get and excessive phone use, deters Sigma males who prioritize authenticity and meaningful connections, leading to their reluctance in approaching women.

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The video explores the question of whether the Greek gods were real, suggesting that while the myths may not be entirely true, they are based on a knowledge of superior beings who had dealings with humans in the past. The speaker also argues against dismissing pagan gods as entirely false, instead suggesting that they are a warped and distorted reflection of the truth.

The video is a webinar presented by David Schmidt, founder and CEO of Lifewave, explaining how their technology and the X39 patch work to activate stem cells in the body using phototherapy, resulting in a wide range of benefits including increased energy, pain relief, improved sleep, anti-aging effects, and faster wound healing. Schmidt also discusses the opportunity to build a business with Lifewave globally.

The video is a review of the Maia Nomisk period pain relief pad, discussing its design flaws, different modes, and the effectiveness of the product in relieving period pain and discomfort. The reviewer recommends purchasing the product for its massage and heat features.

Martin Luther King Jr. delivers his iconic "I Have a Dream" speech, expressing his vision of equality and freedom for all Americans regardless of race, inspiring hope and calling for unity.

The video explains how to play classic Friv games from childhood in 2023 by using an old version of Google Chrome through a direct link provided in the video. It also discusses the alternatives to the original Friv page and recommends a page that offers classic games without ads or viruses.