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Robert Kiyosaki explains that he and his wife made a conscious decision not to have kids, and instead plan to set up a foundation for their accumulated wealth to go to after they pass away. They have a long-term plan in place to ensure their money is preserved and not subjected to high taxes.
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Robert Kiyosaki explains why he doesn't have kids and how the ultra-wealthy plan for the future.
Robert Kiyosaki and his wife decided not to have kids.
He measures cash flow instead of net worth.
The ultra-wealthy plan for the future beyond their lifetime.
Robert Kiyosaki plans to set up a foundation to ensure his accumulated money is used wisely after his death, avoiding taxes.
He has established CRTs (Childbiranger Trusts) to stash his money.
Upon his wife's passing, the money will go to the Rich Dad Foundation.
Robert Kiyosaki chose not to have kids because he believes he would be a terrible father, considering his tough upbringing.
00:05you have a very high net worth and you
00:08have four kids
00:09I have two kids I don't have a high net
00:12I don't measure net worth
00:15no okay well I just have a lot of assets
00:21I measure cash flow
00:23okay well
00:24ultimately you have a lot of money and
00:28you have four kids is that right no I
00:30have no kids you have no kids I still
00:32don't have sex that's why I'm trying to
00:34figure that one out no money now my wife
00:37and I decided not to have kids
00:41okay all right so so you have no kids
00:45and the the one thing that that I
00:47learned when it comes to money is that
00:49the higher the net worth the the longer
00:53the timeline in terms of their planning
00:56when you look at someone who is barely
00:59scraping by they're trying to get to
01:01their next paycheck when you look at a
01:03middle class person
01:04they they probably plan six months to a
01:06year ahead of time but when you look at
01:08the the ultra wealthy they're planning
01:10past their lifetime
01:14what is do you have a plan past your
01:17lifetime in terms of what to do with the
01:19money that you've accumulated yeah I
01:20already said that I already said that to
01:22you because we're going to set up a
01:25via some of the some of the there's all
01:28these vehicles for what with what you
01:30give your money to
01:31so we won't pay any taxes at death
01:33either so it's death taxes middle class
01:36pays taxes I don't pay taxes so right
01:40right now our money is stash and it's
01:41called a CRTs childbiranger trusts
01:45and when you know I'm 10 years older
01:47than my wife and when she passes all of
01:50that will go to probably What's called
01:52the Rich Dad Foundation or something so
01:54it'll go on for perpetuity like I said
01:56that earlier
01:58we have a plan for our money all the way
02:00through and our job is not make sure
02:03the Internal Revenue Service doesn't get
02:07was there a reason why you decide not to
02:09have kids was that was that a conscious
02:10decision or it just happened I'd be a
02:13terrible father
02:14that was that was the main reason you
02:16know I'm I'm a U.S marine
02:18I wouldn't want to have
02:20as SLB like me as a dad
02:23so I mean that's the honest God truth
02:26Vlad I am
02:27you know both my dads were tough guys
02:30and most kids can't take it in a bunch
02:33of snowflakes today
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Why did Robert Kiyosaki and his wife decide not to have kids?

Robert Kiyosaki and his wife made a conscious decision not to have kids in order to focus on setting up a foundation for their accumulated wealth to go to after they pass away. They have a long-term plan in place to ensure their money is preserved and not subjected to high taxes.

2. What is the long-term plan of Robert Kiyosaki and his wife for their wealth?

The long-term plan of Robert Kiyosaki and his wife for their wealth involves setting up a foundation to preserve their accumulated wealth and ensure that it goes to charitable causes after they pass away, without being subjected to high taxes.

3. How does Robert Kiyosaki intend to preserve his money for the future?

Robert Kiyosaki intends to preserve his money for the future by setting up a foundation to allocate his wealth to charitable causes after his passing. This ensures that the money is not subjected to high taxes and that it benefits others in need.

4. What are the reasons behind Robert Kiyosaki's decision to set up a foundation for his wealth?

Robert Kiyosaki's decision to set up a foundation for his wealth is driven by his desire to ensure that his accumulated wealth benefits charitable causes and is not heavily taxed after his passing. This allows him to leave a lasting impact through his wealth.

5. How does Robert Kiyosaki plan to leave a legacy with his wealth?

Robert Kiyosaki plans to leave a legacy with his wealth by setting up a foundation to allocate his accumulated wealth to charitable causes. This ensures that his wealth is preserved and utilized for the greater good even after his passing.

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