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Rolls Royce cars are expensive due to factors such as brand value, exclusive features, high-quality materials, extensive customization options, and a focus on comfort and durability. Rolls Royce shares many parts with BMW, but charges extra for its name. Some Rolls Royce models are built in limited quantities, undergo crash testing and research, which increases their cost.
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Rolls Royce cars are expensive due to the brand value, exclusive features, and meticulous attention to detail in materials and craftsmanship.
Rolls Royce shares many parts with BMW, as BMW owns the Rolls Royce brand.
The cost of Rolls Royce cars includes the brand name, exclusive features, and material selection.
Rolls Royce cars have hand-painted exteriors with a choice of 44,000 colors.
Rolls Royce uses a specially designed Continental tire to reduce noise in the Phantom 8 model.
The Rolls Royce logo remains upright and self-leveling at all times.
The interior of Rolls Royce cars is made with top-notch materials, including bull leather for durability and perfection.
Rolls Royce cars are highly customizable, allowing customers to choose various features and designs.
The car's color, coach line, and key can be customized to match.
Rolls Royce can add missing features based on customer preferences.
The Art Gallery feature allows customers to customize the interior with beautiful artwork.
The materials used in the car, such as leather and metal, are of high quality.
Rolls Royce cars are expensive because they are made with durability and reliability in mind, using high-quality materials and components.
The V12 engine in a Rolls Royce is not very powerful, but it is designed to be reliable and long-lasting.
The audio system in a Rolls Royce is of tremendous quality, with many cables and wires to ensure a seamless audio experience.
Customization options in a Rolls Royce include optical fiber stars that can be personalized according to the buyer's birth date.
Comfort is a top priority for Rolls Royce, with features like noise insulation and air suspension to ensure a smooth and comfortable ride.
Dual-glazed windows and noise insulation are used to minimize sound inside the car.
The car is equipped with air suspension, allowing it to adjust its ride height automatically for a comfortable driving experience.
Cameras on the car sense upcoming pits or speed breakers and react accordingly to ensure a smooth ride.
Rolls Royce cars are known for their top-notch comfort and prioritize it above all else.
00:00Hello friends, my name is Gagan
00:01and welcome to today's video
00:02where we are going to talk why Rolls Royce are so expensive?
00:06This Rolls Royce is worth 11 crores rupees
00:09this is the Phantom 8 series ll
00:12it will cost you 11 crores in India,
00:14but some Rolls Royce has been sold for two and a half hundred crores rupees,
00:19why such?
00:19what made it so special?
00:21let me tell you one thing,
00:22it isn't like that Rolls Royce made the car with some diamonds and jewels, or very expensive material
00:29but there are many things due to which the car gets expensive
00:32Rolls Royce shares the parts of BMW heavily
00:37BMW group owns the Rolls Royce brand
00:40then everything is the same (engine, chassis)
00:43i.e. there isn't anything different,
00:45but these brands charge the money of their name
00:49then exclusive things
00:51then material selection
00:54and the kind of experience that Rolls Royce provides
00:58and their such a big legacy,
01:00the R&D they did in small exclusive things,
01:03I'll give you a small exam- ple of every single thing
01:06what are the things available in the Rolls Royce due to which its cost increases,
01:10first of all, let's talk about the material in the front
01:16So, everything has been hand-painted,
01:19you can select 44,000 colours,
01:24if you don't get colour among 44,000 colours, then you can select your own
01:27on the side, this is Continental tire,
01:30which Rolls Royce wants to make according to keeping the sound low for their Phantom 8
01:34so, they researched a lot of tires from all over the world and finalized this tire
01:38so, they made this special tire for their car,
01:40the logo of Rolls Royce stays always upright
01:43so, that's also a feature that people love
01:46actually, going inside and then telling you
01:50material inside is top-notch,
01:53in fact, this particular lea- ther is used everywhere
02:00so much leather has be- en used for perfection,
02:05because of this, bull leather is used here
02:08not cow
02:09because it can get stretch marks etc.
02:10bull is used and that bull too was taken from the mountains of Europe where there is no mosquito,
02:16and its trace that comes in this leather,
02:18No, a fine soft good even quality leather is maintained everywhere
02:23the colour of your car is the colour coach line or pinstripes,
02:30key also gets the same colour
02:32it's a great thing that everything is matched
02:34then you can customize many things,
02:37let me tell you
02:39now, Rolls Royce is heavily customizable, you can add according to your own,
02:42as some features are mis- sing in this particular car,
02:45but you tell Rolls Royce that you want,
02:47then they will say we'll give you,
02:49what do you want?
02:50as there is no curtain in the rear which is an important feature
02:52but if it is not there right now, then Rolls Royce will give you
02:54Apple CarPlay comes in it,
02:56but it's given later
02:57so, you can do that too
02:59but I will press this 7 no. button
03:02this is Art Gallary
03:05and you can get whatever you want in this Art Gallery,
03:08if it'll sit on the standard of Rolls Royce, then they will give you,
03:11sitting on the standard means it should look beautiful in this way,
03:13it isn't that you'll say to put my 20 years old photo where I'm having icecream,
03:18if it is a beautiful artwork, then it can also be placed,
03:21but still, many things can be custo- mized in this particular Art Gallery
03:26and this screen isn't touched-based
03:28because if you'll touch it,
03:30then you'll reach to this art,
03:31so, for this, a glass is given here,
03:33you can also install this watch of your choice
03:37and many people have spent 10-12 crores rupees on these watches,
03:41after that, coming to the material,
03:43I've already told you about leather,
03:44look this
03:46are you listening?
03:48metal has been used
03:52the quality of this touch-base chrome,
03:56its quality
03:57that is, leather has also been used here,
03:59the material that has been used everywhere is of great quality
04:04in fact, everything that flows inside- out, its action motion is very good,
04:09look this
04:11motion of this particular thing
04:14the quality of everything is amazing
04:17this isn't silk
04:20it has been made with Lamb Skin
04:23and your hands get covered inside it,
04:25it's tremendous and soft,
04:27so, it is the cost of material
04:29right now, I will show you an engine
04:31You will get to see V12 engine in every Rolls Royce
04:34nothing else apart form it
04:37however, It's not that this V12 produces a lot of power,
04:39actually I messed up one thing,
04:41because it is the part of BMW group,
04:43so, its mechanism will actually open only after pulling it twice like this
04:48you can stop the door at the point where you want to stop,
04:53then you can operate electronically
04:56this V12 engine has been made according to reliability n durability,
05:00everything is made according to durability etc. in this vehicle,
05:03it doesn't produce much power
05:04a 6.75-litre V12 engine gives only 563 hp
05:08there are more powerful engines in V6,
05:11but this car is made accord- ing to durability n reliability,
05:14that is, every material lasts for years
05:17and it never gets ruined
05:19doesn't breakdown frequently,
05:20the car is made accordingly,
05:21so, the money will be charged for that,
05:24R&N have to be done for that thing
05:27when I'm talking about customization,
05:28the audio used is of tremendous quality,
05:31in fact, a lot of cables n wires have been given in this car
05:35so that, your audio exper- ience will be seamless
05:37it isn't that they gave wireless,
05:38so, there is lag
05:39no, there shouldn't be any lag
05:40a good crystal clear sound should come
05:42so, due to this these things gets expensive
05:44ass tray is also given
05:47and you have this 12-V socket too
05:51there are many other things which you will find interesting
05:53but come inside,
05:55these stars
05:57optical fibre has been used,
06:00and I am going to talk about customization,
06:02you will see these stars in other vehicles also
06:03now, some people will say we can also get it from the local market,
06:07but the day you are born,
06:09suppose, I was born on 18 December 1993,
06:13I'll say that, I have to buy Rolls Royce
06:15I want these stars like that day,
06:19so, they will do
06:20shooting stars have also been added to the Rolls Royce that is coming since 2018,
06:24the star is going like this,
06:25Although that shooting star isn't based on the day you were born,
06:29but you can customize these stars according to your date,
06:33such a cool thing
06:34tell will someone will offer you this level of customization
06:37after that, there is a fridge here,
06:39this fridge is given for champagne,
06:41now, you can set it on two levels
06:45that my champagne should be at 6 or 11 degrees,
06:47well, I turned off the car, so, it isn't working
06:49so, it maintains the temperature accordingly
06:54tell, what are you talking about!
06:56after that, I started the car and now will talk about the main thing for which all Rolls Royce is known
07:01that the car should be comfortable,
07:03there will be no negligence in any way with the comfort
07:06now, comfort can come form multiple things
07:08like seats, etc. have been taken care of,
07:10noise insulation has been taken care of,
07:12such as
07:13this 6mm thick dual-glazed window is used, so that, sound can not be heard much inside
07:20and after that, I forgot to tell you one more thing,
07:23in terms of comfort,
07:24I will press this button,
07:26so, what will happen now?
07:27this suspension is raising gradually,
07:30it is raising very slowly
07:31actually, it was raised completely, probably
07:36it isn't going up,
07:37you'll know it better if I reduce it
07:39this car is equipped with air suspension
07:43due to this, what happens?
07:45that suspension adjusts its ride height on its own
07:48first, they are comfortable
07:49i.e. they behave in a wonderful way in pits,
07:51now, it is slightly going down,
07:54gradually decreasing
07:55it has gone down a lot,
07:56The space has decreased
07:57and these cameras sense the upcoming pits
08:01and react accordingly
08:01as, a speed breaker is coming
08:03so, the car will glide the speed breaker comfortably
08:06because the car has already seen it
08:08so, the comfort has been kept top-notch,
08:11the most main priority in Rolls Royce cars is given to comfort,
08:14so, these are some things
08:16and legacy,
08:17as well as exclusive things, but
08:20how are cars worth 250 crores being sold?
08:22I have accepted everything, but why you have taken 250 crores rupees,
08:24you tell me that
08:26well, there is another scene of 250 crores, I will explain to you
08:28not all Rolls Royce are the car who can buy anyone,
08:32there are some Rolls Royce that are produced in limited quantities
08:331-3, in such numbers
08:35Rolls Royce built such a car,
08:37coach-built car Boat Tail
08:39coach-built Boat Tail costs about 250 crores
08:42it went around 30 million US dollars,
08:44so, it has become so expensive because Rolls-Royce has to make 2-3 instead of 1,
08:48first, they will crash it,
08:49then they will also do research,
08:50the modifications we've made are safe, isn't it?
08:52first, the person has bought such an expensive car and if something went wrong in accidents
08:57so, they crash 2-3 cars for safety
09:00after that, the final product is given to the customer
09:03now, If a product has been given by making two or three,
09:05so, you'll have to pay the money for all,
09:07it also becomes expensive due to this,
09:08at the moment, that's it in the video
09:09there are many more such intere- sting things about Rolls Royce
09:12subscribe to the channel
09:14after that, you'll get a lot of videos
09:16at the moment, that's it in the video,
09:17friends, till the next video, wear a helmet n seatbelt,
09:18drive safe,
09:19Thank you.
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Why are Rolls Royce cars so expensive?

Rolls Royce cars are expensive due to factors such as brand value, exclusive features, high-quality materials, extensive customization options, and a focus on comfort and durability.

2. What sets Rolls Royce apart from other luxury car brands?

Rolls Royce sets itself apart from other luxury car brands with its brand value, exclusive features, high-quality materials, extensive customization options, and a focus on comfort and durability. It also shares many parts with BMW, but charges extra for its name.

3. Are Rolls Royce cars worth the high price?

Yes, Rolls Royce cars are worth the high price due to their unique brand value, exclusive features, high-quality materials, extensive customization options, and a focus on comfort and durability. Some Rolls Royce models are built in limited quantities, undergo crash testing and research, which increases their cost.

4. What makes Rolls Royce different from other luxury car brands?

Rolls Royce differs from other luxury car brands through its emphasis on brand value, exclusive features, high-quality materials, extensive customization options, and a focus on comfort and durability. It also offers models built in limited quantities and undergoes crash testing and research, which adds to its uniqueness and cost.

5. How does Rolls Royce justify its high prices?

Rolls Royce justifies its high prices through its brand value, exclusive features, high-quality materials, extensive customization options, and a focus on comfort and durability. Additionally, the brand shares some parts with BMW but charges extra for its name. Some Rolls Royce models are built in limited quantities and undergo crash testing and research, further justifying their high cost.

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