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"Winter ARC is a self-improvement challenge designed to transform your life in 90 days by eliminating distractions, following a strict schedule, and staying accountable."
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The Winter Arc is a self-improvement challenge designed to transform your life in 90 days.
The challenge requires dedicating 100% of your time to a single goal of your choice.
It encourages making extraordinary moves and basing decisions on whether they will bring you closer to your goal or not.
The goal is to reach your real potential and achieve the things you've always wanted in life.
Tips to change your life in 90 days:
Reject distractions like parties and clubs.
Limit social media usage.
Avoid junk food.
No video games during the winter Arc.
To change your life in 90 days, quit playing games, follow a strict schedule divided into 15-minute blocks, and stay accountable through daily progress tracking and posting short form videos on social media.
Quit playing all games, movies, and porn.
Divide your week into 15-minute blocks and schedule every activity.
Stay accountable by tracking progress and posting daily short form videos with the tag "winter Arc 90".
Aligning 100% of your life to your biggest life goal for a long period of time is the key to achieving it, even in the difficult winter season.
Winter is the most unfriendly season with cold, rain, and darkness.
The world around you tries to distract you with seasonal depression, Netflix series, winter specials, and gaming events.
Allowing the difficulties of winter to ruin you will leave you further behind and miserable.
In 3 months, you can become a different person and set yourself up for the life you want.
00:02winter Arc it is the ultimate
00:04self-improvement Challenge designed to
00:06make you become unrecognizable in only
00:0890 days let me show you what it looks
00:11like you know this feeling you feel like
00:14the summer holidays have just ended but
00:17three months have already passed it's
00:20cold rainy you can't pursue any of your
00:24favorite activities anymore you get so
00:26little daylight that you can't even tell
00:29the difference between day and night you
00:31spend most of your time inside sitting
00:34on your warm computer chair all the
00:36people you know do so too you play games
00:39together watch YouTube videos but every
00:42night when you lay down in bed you hate
00:45yourself because you know you have just
00:48wasted another day of your life while
00:51there is a guy who definitely hasn't you
00:54haven't heard from him in a while it's
00:56like he disappeared as soon as the
00:58winter started
01:04he spends every day of his life
01:06sharpening his skills working on his
01:09craft and when you look at his Instagram
01:11account you see everything you've ever
01:13wanted in your life the question is what
01:17if you could become that guy too from
01:21the first day of December to the last
01:23day of February you will dedicate 100%
01:25of your life to a single goal of your
01:27choice I know you want to achieve many
01:30different things in life you want a
01:31successful business anesthetic physique
01:34and a loving girl but it's finally time
01:36for you to understand that if you do
01:38what most people do you will get the
01:41same mediocre results as everybody else
01:45but winter is the time for you to do
01:47extraordinary moves base every single
01:50decision on whether it will get you
01:52closer to your goal or not and finally
01:55reach your real potential and this is
01:58how you're going to do that rule number
02:00one get rid of distractions no social
02:03life if you really want what you say you
02:05want for the next three months you're
02:07going to reject all the parties clubs
02:09and late night Hangouts with no purpose
02:12the general rule for social life is to
02:14only meet people to do something
02:16valuable so if both you and your friend
02:18work out then meet at the gym and
02:20socialize there that's how you're going
02:22to make the most out of your time on the
02:24other hand if you don't do anything
02:26valuable with your friends then it's the
02:28perfect time for you to to consider if
02:30they should really be your friends the
02:32only exception for this rule would be in
02:34case you're in a relationship you don't
02:36want to ruin it for the sake of a winter
02:38challenge so you get my permission to
02:40meet your girl two times per week no
02:42social media during the winter Arc
02:44you're not allowed to use Instagram Tik
02:46toac or even YouTube but after only two
02:49weeks you will notice that you don't
02:51miss out on anything when not using
02:53those apps but this also applies to
02:55Discord I often see you hanging out with
02:57your friends on voice chats or even and
02:59texting on random self-improvement
03:01communities which is completely
03:03unimportant you should only contact
03:05other people when it's absolutely
03:07necessary because remember you're only
03:09focused on one Mission No Junk Food the
03:12single reason why you're still not where
03:14you want to be in life is your
03:16productivity and the way you've been
03:18ruining it your whole life is by
03:20overeating junk food this is a very
03:23overlooked topic but more and more
03:25experts are starting to know this diet's
03:27influence on productivity you know that
03:29there are foods which make you feel
03:31tired and unable to work and on the
03:33other hand you know that there are foods
03:35which seem to not affect you at all so
03:37during the winter Ark you will not eat
03:39spaghetti if it makes you feel lazy you
03:41will only eat chicken and rice if it's
03:44near it but you will quickly notice how
03:46important that is for your productivity
03:49no video games the only reason you still
03:51play video games is because you like
03:53competition so why don't you use that
03:55drive and compete in real life you can
03:58even make your life look like a video
04:00game set clear goals reward yourself for
04:03achieving them and choose a metric on
04:05which you will base your rank that way
04:07you will get all the video game benefits
04:09while getting rid of the negatives and
04:12this no games rule also applies to Chess
04:15at the end of the day you spend a lot of
04:17willpower and time every single day
04:19doing something completely irrelevant to
04:21your purpose so if you really want to
04:23succeed this winter then quit playing
04:26all the games you play no movies and no
04:29porn and I'm sure I don't have to
04:31explain those the key is to not get
04:33distracted and to not waste time on
04:35unimportant activities rule number two
04:37follow a strict schedule divided into
04:4015minute blocks your most important
04:42asset right now is your time so to make
04:45the most out of it you're going to
04:47divide your whole week into 15minute
04:49blocks and schedule every single
04:51activity with 15minute accuracy the goal
04:54here is to make your schedule as
04:56universal as possible you want your
04:58first week of winter Arch look exactly
05:00like the last one because you don't want
05:02to waste your willpower on making
05:04unimportant time management decisions
05:06and why would you go to such extremes
05:09because if you want something that
05:10nobody has then you have to do something
05:13that nobody does and I bet that there
05:15are no people who schedule their weeks
05:17into 15minute blocks in your city it is
05:20not easy to create such an accurate
05:22schedule so if you really want to make
05:23it good then I would encourage you to
05:25watch my whole separate video on it rule
05:28number three stay accountable
05:30it is very important for your motivation
05:32and discipline to keep track of your
05:34progress every single day of your
05:35journey so if you're a content creator
05:37and you're actually serious about
05:39growing on social media you're going to
05:41create short form videos every single
05:43day post them on your social media and
05:46tag them winter Arc 90 I will create
05:48such videos you will create such videos
05:51and at the end of The Challenge I will
05:52reward those who make it till the end
05:55and as for the winter act rules there's
05:57nothing more left notice how I don't ask
05:59you to do any successful people habits
06:01like all the other self-improvement
06:03challenges you see online because the
06:05purpose of self-improvement is to
06:07achieve your biggest life goal and while
06:09different habits may help you do that
06:11there is nothing that will get you
06:12better results than aligning 100% of
06:15your life to it for a long period of
06:20time it's not going to be easy though
06:23because winter is the most unfriendly
06:26season of all it's cold rainy
06:30it's dark when you wake up it's dark
06:32when you finish work everyone around you
06:35suffers from seasonal depression Netflix
06:38releases new series for you to watch
06:40McDonald's offers winter specials for
06:43you to eat fortnite releases winter
06:45events for you to play it's not an
06:47accident that all of that happens in the
06:49winter the evil world around you knows
06:52how extremely difficult it is to do
06:55what's hard in such an unfriendly
06:57environment but if you allow winter
06:59there's difficulties to ruin you you
07:01will be further behind than you are
07:03right now because if the world keeps
07:06moving forward but you stay in the same
07:09place what really happens is you fall
07:11behind you become even more miserable
07:15poor and lonely while there is a guy
07:17working his ass off and getting closer
07:20to his and your dream life so why don't
07:24you become that extraordinary guy why
07:27don't you fight for the life you want
07:30in 3 months you can be a different
07:33unrecognizable person it is nothing
07:36compared to a lifetime but enough to set
07:38yourself up for all the years you've got
07:41left to live all it requires from you is
07:44dedication work and focus on a single
07:48Mission and I usually tell you
07:50motivational stories in my videos but
07:52there is no story here because it is
07:55still waiting for you to create it
07:57winter Arc 90 are you willing to do
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How can Winter ARC transform your life in 90 days?

Winter ARC is designed to transform your life by eliminating distractions, following a strict schedule, and staying accountable. It provides a structured framework for self-improvement and growth within a 90-day period.

2. What are the key elements of Winter ARC's self-improvement challenge?

The key elements of Winter ARC's self-improvement challenge include eliminating distractions, following a strict schedule, and staying accountable. These elements form the foundation for personal transformation and growth.

3. How does Winter ARC help in eliminating distractions?

Winter ARC provides specific strategies and techniques to eliminate distractions, such as time-blocking, prioritization, and mindful digital consumption. These methods help individuals create a focused and productive environment.

4. What is the importance of following a strict schedule in Winter ARC?

Following a strict schedule in Winter ARC is crucial for maintaining consistency, discipline, and productivity. It ensures that individuals stay on track with their goals and make the most of their time within the 90-day period.

5. How does Winter ARC promote accountability in the self-improvement journey?

Winter ARC encourages accountability through community support, progress tracking, and regular check-ins. By fostering a sense of responsibility and commitment, individuals are motivated to stay dedicated to their personal development journey.

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