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There are rumors that both Rachel Zegler and Amber Heard may be blacklisted from Hollywood due to backlash and controversies surrounding them. However, the reliability of these rumors is questionable, and it remains to be seen if their careers will be significantly affected.
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Amber Heard and Rachel Zegler's careers in Hollywood are facing backlash and doubts due to their highly publicized legal battles and controversies.
Amber Heard's reputation has been negatively affected by her legal battle with Johnny Depp, leading to rumors of her potential blacklisting in Hollywood.
Rachel Zegler has faced backlash and criticism for her behavior and comments surrounding the upcoming Disney project, which has led to doubts about her future roles.
There are doubts about the reliability of the sources reporting these rumors and controversies.
There are rumors about Rachel Zegler's behavior causing trouble on the set of the Snow White adaptation, but the source of these rumors is not clear.
Fans have pleaded with Disney not to pursue the project further.
The studio may release the film, lose money, and not work with Zegler again.
The reputation of the YouTuber reporting the rumors, Mike Zero, is questionable.
Rachel Zegler, known for her role in "Westside Story," is facing backlash and potential low box office numbers for her upcoming films, including a prequel to "The Hunger Games" and a Snow White remake.
Rachel Zegler's breakthrough role in "Westside Story" garnered critical acclaim.
There is skepticism about the success of "The Hunger Games" prequel and the Snow White remake.
These films will be released during a competitive time at the box office, going up against Disney's other highly anticipated movies.
There is speculation about Rachel Zegler and Amber Heard being blacklisted by Disney, but it is uncertain if they have enough influence to draw audiences to their movies.
Chris Pratt is mentioned as an example of an actor who can attract viewers to movies.
It is unclear if Amber Heard has actually quit acting or if it is a way to save face.
Rachel Zegler is speculated to have a potential career in OnlyFans.
Disney is facing a potential hostile takeover and the new management may not hesitate to cut ties with certain individuals.
The commentator suggests that Disney is looking for actresses with "eyes really far apart" who don't hate the fans.
00:07way that's great we've covered at length
00:12on this channel um the downfall of the
00:16Disney Princess actress essentially
00:19people hate Rachel zler I mean with a
00:23white hot passion they hate her because
00:27of her various interactions with fans
00:30her interviews where she uh is just
00:33sounds like an entitled brat uh and a
00:36whole variety of other reasons to be
00:37honest but uh lost in all of this is
00:41also the fact that people uh really
00:44still hate Amber herd and there was
00:47nobody who benefited more from the
00:50Rachel zler is a terrible person
00:53campaign or you know factual update then
00:56Amber herd who uh was hilariously uh
01:01basically laughed out of Hollywood now
01:03there's a new rumor going on out there
01:07according to sports
01:09Kia after Rachel zler and Amber herd
01:14reportedly oh after Rachel zegler Amber
01:16herd is also reportedly blacklisted from
01:23what I find that extremely difficult to
01:27believe um I don't say that like as a
01:30you know I mean I think that their
01:32behavior would perhaps warrant some sort
01:34of you know removal from Hollywood um
01:39but in my
01:42experience these people are not kicked
01:45out of Hollywood they are
01:48celebrated they are you know the more
01:51they hate the fans the more they hate uh
01:53the viewers of their movies the more
01:56popular they are in Hollywood so the
01:57whole thing is weird to me that they
02:00would be blacklisted in any any
02:04way in the glitzy world of Hollywood an
02:06actor's reputation is like a Golden
02:08Ticket To Success they write but
02:10recently Amber herd has found herself in
02:12a particularly tough spot her reputation
02:14has taken a big hit because of the
02:16highly publicized legal battle with
02:18another famous actor Johnny Depp this
02:20battle caused a massive uproar in
02:22Hollywood now there are rumors that she
02:24may not may not be getting any more of
02:26those blockbuster movies that we all
02:27love to watch herd's career is facing a
02:30storm because of the PO publicized spat
02:32with Johnny Depp many in Hollywood are
02:35talking about her getting blacklisted
02:37which means she might not be chosen to
02:39play the big important roles in major
02:42Hollywood Pro projects much like Rachel
02:45zler Amber herd has also found herself
02:47in hot water in the Hollywood sphere due
02:48to her high-profile legal battle with
02:50Depp I mean I
02:53think this just seems too difficult to
02:56too odd to
02:58believe they come thread here is how
03:01controversies on Public Image can impact
03:02an actor's career both zler and herd
03:04have faced severe backlash in the media
03:07which has led to doubts about their
03:09future roles in
03:13Hollywood I don't really know I
03:16mean Amber herd renowned for roles as
03:19Mir and Aquaman where's the source even
03:21coming from you know like I I I don't
03:25know uh is if it's a reliable
03:30source um I think like you end
03:34up people just make stuff up for clicks
03:38sometimes and it's like there's a reason
03:39that some it's you know these things are
03:41on some of these sites if we go back
03:45to uh you know October 3D Rachel Ziggler
03:49seems to be the actress Disney fans love
03:52hate no Disney project has United fans
03:55and hatred better than the upcoming
03:57retelling of Walt Disney's Enchanted
03:58fairy tale and many believe Ziggler's
04:01behavior and comments surrounding the
04:02production are to blame based on her
04:04previous quotes they're not
04:07wrong while rumors persist that the
04:10actress has been let go or replaced
04:12Disney is going through a with a much
04:16adaptation although fans have pleaded
04:18with Disney not to pursue this project
04:20any further the truth is the studio will
04:22likely release the film lose Millions at
04:23the box office take the hit and never
04:25work with zler again broad is the path
04:28and wide is the gate that leads to
04:30destruction but zaggler is practically
04:32sprinting she insulted her mail Kar
04:35trash the original Disney classic has
04:37reportedly been a nightmare to work with
04:39ultimately torching her career in the
04:43process but where who who's reporting it
04:48this would be the very first time that
04:51Hollywood got rid of uh someone who
04:56viewers Z's reported Behavior might
04:59Lantern in a world of trouble however
05:00she isn't the first to take this path I
05:04mean I I don't know exactly where these
05:08rumors are coming from but I would be
05:13shocked I think it's I think it's odd
05:15that they don't say who's saying it you
05:18know this video links a a video from
05:22Mike zero now I don't I don't uh
05:27discount I don't like to you know this
05:30is a YouTuber in our space okay but what
05:34I can tell you is uh the reputation for
05:37this YouTuber is that they in they make
05:40up things out of thin
05:42air I don't want to like you know
05:45disparage another YouTuber but uh I
05:49don't think anyone thinks Mike zero is
05:51actually a has any actual Insider tips
05:55there have been other YouTubers in this
05:57space too that seem seem to have inside
06:00information on everything and it never
06:03comes to fruition I mean I think I saw
06:06like two dozen um proof that Kathleen
06:11Kennedy has fired
06:14videos and you know that that's never
06:19happened I mean this seems like a
06:22complete I mean it's fantasy
06:26perhaps you you see Rachel zegler
06:28involved in major B battle against
06:30Disney this published yesterday actress
06:32Rachel zler has quickly taken the world
06:34of Hollywood by storm Ziggler's career
06:37began a sore after a breakthrough role
06:39as Maria and stepen Spielberg's highly
06:41anticipated remake of Westside Story
06:43which by the way if I remember
06:46correct lost $200 million or so at the
06:51office the RO catapulted her into the
06:53spotlight and garnered critical Acclaim
06:55for a performance showcasing a
06:56remarkable singing and acting abilities
07:00okay that movie made no
07:03money that movie made none why would
07:06people want to run to you know and flock
07:11her I mean I think that like the idea
07:14that you know fans don't like her what's
07:18going to be interesting to see is the
07:19Hunger Game stuff I don't think people
07:22are going to show up to see The Hunger
07:25Games because who cares about The Hunger
07:27Games anymore but I could be wrong I
07:29don't know if the if this is a new book
07:31and people uh people are like big into
07:34the Hunger Games again but you see zler
07:37will stting The Hunger Games before her
07:38Snow White release I think that it'll be
07:41interesting to see if you know uh how
07:45this all works out now we battle against
07:47Disney way down in the article they
07:50finally say it's interesting to see the
07:51two stars working together in the midst
07:53of the backlash it'll be intriguing to
07:55see what numbers The Hunger Game prequel
07:58draws with the box office office I
07:59suspect not not a lot dlish and
08:02Ziggler's film will be released during a
08:04popular time of the year and it's worth
08:06noting that the movie will battle
08:07head-to-head against two of Disney's
08:11most hopeful films the film will be
08:12released just a week after the Marvels
08:15and a few days before Disney's wish
08:18never even heard of that other movie
08:20Disney is hoping for a big November at
08:22the box office with these two films I
08:24don't think that I don't think that
08:25that's going to happen people don't like
08:28Rachel zler
08:30I mean that's just I mean that's just a
08:32fact I don't think that they're going to
08:35flock to the movie theater to support
08:37her there are people out there like
08:39Chris Pratt where people just like Chris
08:42Pratt and so they'll you know whatever
08:45movie he's in people will go see but I
08:48don't think that Rachel zler has that
08:50kind of pull I don't think that Amber
08:52herd has that kind of pull so if they
08:54truly are
08:55blacklisted um you know it would be very
08:58Amber herd to say cuz she basically said
09:03um she basically said I quit acting but
09:07that could also be a you know like a you
09:10can't fire me I quit that could be
09:14um I I assume that zler is destined for
09:17you know an only fans career at some
09:20point I don't really understand you know
09:22they had no problem firing Gina corano
09:25but she liked the fans you know she
09:28liked Interac with the
09:30fans Rachel zler hates them she hates
09:33the history of Disney she hates
09:35everything about it so I'm not exactly
09:38sure I see her being blacklisted but it
09:41would be
09:42great we know that Disney is undergoing
09:45kind of this um hostile takeover attempt
09:48with the that angel or the whatever they
09:51call him
09:51a a activist investor where now he wants
09:57a stake of Disney he wants seats on the
09:59board he wants to get rid of them being
10:02woke he wants to uh you know push
10:05forward profit instead of
10:08politics zler could be somebody that you
10:11know should this guy get control or
10:13power that he's just not going to have a
10:15problem you know he's not going to have
10:16a problem cutting bait that would be
10:19interesting I think Disney's you know
10:21there Disney's really kind of looking
10:23for these girls whose eyes are really
10:24far apart I assume there's lots of them
10:27out there who don't hate the fans so
10:29it'll be interesting to see I'll be
10:31interesting to watch I
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Are Rachel Zegler and Amber Heard really being blacklisted from Hollywood?

There are rumors that both Rachel Zegler and Amber Heard may be blacklisted from Hollywood due to backlash and controversies surrounding them. However, the reliability of these rumors is questionable, and it remains to be seen if their careers will be significantly affected.

2. What controversies are surrounding Rachel Zegler and Amber Heard?

The controversies surrounding Rachel Zegler and Amber Heard revolve around various issues, including backlash and rumors of being blacklisted from Hollywood. These controversies have sparked discussions and speculations about the future of their careers.

3. How are the rumors affecting Rachel Zegler and Amber Heard's public image?

The rumors of Rachel Zegler and Amber Heard being blacklisted from Hollywood have raised questions about their public image. These rumors have led to concerns and discussions among the public and the entertainment industry regarding the impact on their reputation.

4. What is the future outlook for Rachel Zegler and Amber Heard in Hollywood?

Given the rumors and controversies, the future outlook for Rachel Zegler and Amber Heard in Hollywood remains uncertain. The outcome of these rumors and their impact on their careers is yet to be determined, leaving many to speculate about what lies ahead for them.

5. How reliable are the rumors about Rachel Zegler and Amber Heard's blacklist from Hollywood?

The reliability of the rumors about Rachel Zegler and Amber Heard being blacklisted from Hollywood is questionable. It's important to consider multiple sources and validate the information before drawing conclusions about the impact of these rumors on their careers.

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