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The video compares the paraphrasing capabilities of Wordtune and QuillBot, showing examples of text revisions and their similarity to the original. It also discusses the pricing plans of both tools and concludes that Wordtune performs well and may be a good backup option to QuillBot.
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The video compares the free versions of Wordtune and QuillBot for paraphrasing text.
Wordtune is being tested to see if it is better than QuillBot.
The free version of Wordtune is limited to 280 characters, while QuillBot allows 700 characters.
The video will compare the two free versions to keep it fair.
The text is pasted into Wordtune, resulting in 288 characters.
Wordtune and QuillBot are compared by rewriting a paragraph about the opportunities for artists on the internet.
Wordtune provides multiple good alternatives for rewriting the paragraph.
QuillBot also generates good alternatives, but the further down the list, the more the paragraph changes.
The video discusses how the internet has provided new opportunities for artists to share their work and potentially eliminate the stereotype of the starving artist.
The internet has opened up new doors for artists to share their artistic endeavors with the world.
The video suggests that the stereotype of the starving artist might soon be a thing of the past.
The speaker mentions using Copyscape to check if the generated content passes plagiarism detection.
The speaker is discussing the process of checking if certain texts pass Copyscape.
They copy and paste different texts into a premium search.
They mention that some texts have passed Copyscape, while others have not.
The speaker expresses confidence that the rest of the texts will pass as well.
The video compares the pricing and features of Wordtune and QuillBot.
Wordtune offers different tones, the ability to shorten or expand text, premium support, and team billing.
QuillBot offers premium features like 25,000 summer characters, 10,000 paraphrase characters, and a money-back guarantee.
Wordtune's ultimate plan costs $9.99 per month or $119.88 per year, while QuillBot's premium plan costs $79.95 for 12 months.
QuillBot is substantially cheaper at $6.69 per month or $79.95 for 12 months.
QuillBot and Wordtune both offer unlimited characters for text changes, but QuillBot has a more affordable annual price option.
QuillBot and Wordtune have no character limit for text changes.
QuillBot offers an annual subscription for $79.95, which may be more cost-effective.
The speaker personally prefers QuillBot but is impressed with Wordtune and considers it as a backup option.
The speaker encourages viewers to check out the links in the description for both QuillBot and Wordtune.
00:00hey guys henry here from product
00:01creation formula in this video we're
00:03going to be doing a versus video
00:06it is called word tune versus corebot
00:09but before we go ahead and do that i
00:11just want to let you know here at
00:12product creation formula we love to give
00:14you tips and tricks to be able to help
00:16you create your products quickly and
00:18easily along with that we also do
00:20product reviews as well as tips on how
00:22to make money online so if that's the
00:24sort of thing that interests you how
00:25about you smash that like button as well
00:27as subscribe and hit the bell icon so
00:30you can be notified whenever we upload
00:31more videos
00:33okay guys let's go check it out
00:36okay now here we are over at word tune
00:39now it's a paraphraser as well just like
00:42coolbot and i had one
00:45i had one viewer say that word tune was
00:48a little bit better than queerbot now
00:51i'm actually prepared to put that to the
00:53test and just to find out whether or not
00:56that's true
00:57now i'm not 100 certain as to whether it
01:00is true or not but i'm prepared to give
01:02it a look at and it's free for me to
01:04sign up to start off with
01:06but the free one is very limited it's
01:08only limited to 280 characters
01:11whereas coolbot
01:13is allowed on the free version
01:16700 characters so to keep it fair what
01:18we're going to be doing is we're going
01:20to be doing a comparison between the two
01:22free versions this way it is definitely
01:27the way it's meant to be
01:30i've got some text here i'm just going
01:32to be putting straight into word tune
01:35i'm going to go ctrl v and paste that in
01:37and as you can see it takes it exactly
01:40to 280 characters
01:42and over here i'm going to place that
01:43into here
01:45and place that there now i'm going to
01:47take up
01:48some of these spaces just here just to
01:50avoid any extra
01:52spaces we don't necessarily need take it
01:54up there we go
01:56all right
01:59it appears we have 288 characters for
02:01some strange reason even though it's the
02:03same text
02:04i think it's because there's no i think
02:07it's because of spaces
02:09anyway it doesn't really matter so what
02:12we're going to do is i'm going to go
02:13over here to
02:15this one and it says to rewrite everyone
02:18knows about the stereotype of the
02:19starving artist well guess what for you
02:22it could soon become a thing of the past
02:24the internet has opened up new
02:26opportunities for artists now you have a
02:28platform to share your creative efforts
02:31with the rest of the world check it
02:33and there's this one here it'll be
02:34saying exactly the same thing and i'm
02:37not going to read it twice
02:38so let's rewrite this just to see what
02:40it's like
02:42and down here we'll check out what it
02:43comes up with
02:47to see whether or not it rewrites it
02:50as well or better
02:52everyone knows about the stereotype of
02:55the starving artist
02:59well guess what for you it might soon be
03:02a thing of the past the internet has
03:04opened up the opportunity opened up new
03:05opportunities for artists
03:07now you have a tool to share your work
03:10with the rest of the world check it out
03:13or check it
03:14all right so let's check it out
03:17you've heard people talk about the
03:18starving stereotype
03:20the starving other stereotype well guess
03:22what the stereotype could soon be a
03:24thing of the past the internet has
03:26opened up new opportunities for artists
03:28now you can
03:29share your creative efforts with the
03:31world check it out
03:33these are actually pretty good
03:35everyone knows about the stereotype of
03:36the soviet artist guess what it won't be
03:39a problem for you any longer than it has
03:41opened up a new opportunity
03:43this is actually really good
03:46uh we all know that starving artists
03:48live on the streets but guess what
03:51it may soon be a thing of the past for
03:53you the internet has opened up new
03:55opportunities for artists
03:57you now have a platform to share your
03:59creative works with the rest of the
04:01world wow
04:02this is really changing it quite a bit
04:05and looks like the further you go down
04:06the more it changes we've all heard of
04:09the cliche about the starving artists
04:10about selling us guess what for you the
04:13stereotype could soon become a thing of
04:14the past
04:15thanks to the internet you now have an
04:18here's a place to show off your talent
04:21and check it out okay
04:23this um there's a lot of different
04:25options here
04:27everyone is familiar with the stereotype
04:28of the starving artist guess what that
04:30could be that could soon change then it
04:32has opened opened up on your new
04:35perspectives for artists
04:37now you can share your works with the
04:39rest of the world check it out
04:42this is actually very good i'm quite
04:44impressed with this
04:47and this is on the free version
04:51we all know that's how we know let's
04:52live on the street okay we've all heard
04:54the cliche about someone else
04:57okay yeah look this
04:59what is the stereotype of stuff you know
05:01that's guess what for you
05:03now that one doesn't make a lot of sense
05:05there is a stereotype type of starving
05:07arts that everyone knows about guess
05:08what well guess what
05:11uh you can avoid it soon internet is
05:14opening up new opportunities for artists
05:16to check it out this platform to share
05:19the art cheer you up
05:21that's actually pretty good
05:24i'm getting concerned for quillbot now
05:27let's have a look at what it can do
05:30let's have a quick look
05:38all right just a second
05:42isn't the cliche of the starving artist
05:44well known so
05:46what's this
05:47it might be a thing of the past it might
05:49soon be a thing of the past the internet
05:51has provided artists with new
05:54you now have a place to share your
05:56artistic endeavors with the rest of the
05:59take a look at it
06:01that's changed it quite substantially
06:04saying virtually the same thing
06:08yeah no this is
06:10really good as well
06:12be perfectly honest
06:14isn't the subway not a stereotype well
06:15known well
06:17how about it
06:19uh it might soon be
06:21forgotten about
06:24might be
06:25my it might soon be forgotten about
06:30that's not good let's rephrase that
06:35who hasn't heard the heard of the
06:37hungarian artist stereotype
06:39guess what it could soon be a thing of
06:41the past for you
06:42for artists the internet has offered up
06:44new doors opened up has offered up new
06:49i think i would say opened up new doors
06:54and now you have a platform to share the
06:57fruits of your creative labors with the
06:59rest of the world check it out that's
07:01changed it up quite a bit
07:04now this one here
07:07is really good but it's very very close
07:12to this one
07:14and i'm not 100 certain i mean some of
07:17these will probably pass to copyscape
07:20let's go and check out i'm going to
07:21actually check out
07:23i'm going to pause the video for a
07:24second then i'm going to get copyscape
07:26and we're just going to check some of
07:28these out and just to see whether or not
07:30they pass copyscape
07:34all right so let's go and grab this one
07:36down here
07:38everyone knows about the stereotype of
07:40the starting notice well guess what okay
07:42well better so let's go down to one
07:44that's okay
07:45well let's grab this one here this one
07:47looks like it's fairly well changed a
07:50so let's copy that one
07:52let's place that straight into here
07:55go ctrl v and we'll just do a premium
08:00and it looks like it has passed
08:02copyscape that's good now let's go grab
08:05this one
08:06grab this
08:08oops grab it from the bottom pick it up
08:15and paste place this straight into here
08:19now let's just check it out
08:24it's also copied it's also past
08:27copyscape so that's a good sign now
08:29let's go and have a look at the first
08:30one and see if this one check passes
08:32copyscape at all
08:35copy that
08:36paste it into here
08:39place that in there
08:41and we'll hit premium search and just to
08:43see whether or not it's passed
08:45i know
08:46the first one
08:49had a lot more copy in here
08:51so it didn't pass these ones
08:54as you can see it's got quite a few
08:57now let's go to the next one down
09:01and see if this one passes
09:05so let's go back over copyscape
09:10delete that
09:11place this in here
09:17go down oh that one passed that was good
09:22so let's just scroll down and see if any
09:24of them
09:27fail besides the first one that we put
09:29in there
09:31okay because this is interesting
09:34to see how well this one works
09:40yeah that one passed okay
09:45well i'm pretty certain the rest of
09:46these will pass
09:49i'll grab i'll get in a bit further i'll
09:51grab the last one and see what that's
09:57i would say this is easily on par
10:01and this is on the free version
10:03i would say this is easily on par
10:09i had i was kind of skeptical at first
10:13i'm not so sure anymore
10:16i am not so sure about my skepticism
10:20about this you can also get a chrome
10:22extension as well
10:24now let's have a look at the plans so go
10:29you can get you can get
10:31word tune
10:33for 119.88
10:35a year
10:37you can rewrite you can use casual
10:39formal tones
10:41okay so you don't get these
10:43in word tune now word tune you get the
10:45opportunity to use different you can use
10:48casual or formal tones you can shorten
10:51or expand you can use premium support
10:53and also team billing
10:56but that's only if you go for the
10:57ultimate this one over here the 9.99 a
11:01month or 119.88 a year
11:03save 60 percent
11:06it's a really good deal
11:09and i'll leave a link down below for
11:12this if you want to grab hold of it and
11:14have a look at what it's like
11:18let's have a look at get premium i
11:21can't quite recall how much it is
11:24okay so with the premium
11:28you get
11:29premium 25 000 summers characters 10 000
11:32paraphrase characters
11:34money back guarantee and we'll have a
11:36look at the pricing
11:40there's the pricing
11:46go to premium
11:48there it is
11:50same price
11:52except this one here you can do six
11:54months or you can do 79 actually it's a
11:56bit cheaper
11:57coolbot's a bit cheaper it's 79.95
12:00for 12 months
12:01it's a lot cheaper actually
12:04but i have to say this is really good
12:10but coolbot is substantially cheaper
12:15at 6.69 67 us dollars per month
12:20or 79.95
12:22if you wanted to pay monthly it's 14.95
12:25which means it's a little bit more
12:28but i think this one here is going to be
12:3024.99 monthly so it's a little bit more
12:36however this is really interesting
12:40at 119
12:42a year
12:46it writes really really well
12:48it doesn't seem to have a limit on the
12:52amount of characters
12:55that you get with this one
12:58which is really cool
13:02so you may decide what is more important
13:04to you if you want to have a large
13:06amount a large amount of text changed
13:10and do it all in one go
13:12you can do that or you can go if price
13:15is an issue for you then you might want
13:16to go for something like the annual 1 4
13:18for 79.95 a year
13:21personally i go this one with this one
13:24and i love it i use it all the time as
13:26you know
13:28so that is
13:30surprisingly good
13:33word tune is
13:36i might even get word tune as a backup
13:39to quilbot because
13:44surprisingly good i'm actually really
13:45impressed with that
13:49to be perfectly honest
13:52i like it
13:53almost as much as coolbot
13:55i've been using coolbot for a little
13:57while now and
13:58as you know i'm a big fan
14:02i really really like this so guys
14:05do if you have a chance and have an
14:08check out
14:09the link in the description for both
14:11coolbot as well as word tune
14:13okay guys if you like this video please
14:15consider smashing the like button as
14:17well as subscribing and hitting the bell
14:19icon so you can be notified whenever we
14:21upload more videos hey and while you're
14:23at it why not consider sharing
14:25and also if you know of any other
14:27rewriter that you might want me to have
14:29a look at
14:30that has a free option to it
14:32then leave a comment down below don't
14:35leave a link
14:36because your your comments get put
14:38straight into the spam area
14:40and you i can't get to your videos or
14:44your comments so don't leave a link just
14:46leave a comment down below letting me
14:49of the name of the place that you think
14:52would be a good one for me to check out
14:54alright guys thanks for watching and bye
14:56for now
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the key features compared in the video between Wordtune and QuillBot?

The video compares the paraphrasing capabilities of Wordtune and QuillBot, showing examples of text revisions and their similarity to the original. It discusses the pricing plans of both tools and concludes that Wordtune performs well and may be a good backup option to QuillBot.

2. How does Wordtune perform in comparison to QuillBot according to the video?

According to the video, Wordtune performs well in comparison to QuillBot in terms of paraphrasing capabilities. It shows examples of text revisions and discusses the similarity to the original, highlighting Wordtune's performance.

3. What is the conclusion regarding the performance of Wordtune in the video?

The video concludes that Wordtune performs well and may be a good backup option to QuillBot. It emphasizes the pricing plans of both tools and highlights Wordtune as a strong performer.

4. How does the video discuss the pricing plans of Wordtune and QuillBot?

The video discusses the pricing plans of both Wordtune and QuillBot, providing insights into their cost structures and comparing the value they offer. It highlights the pricing aspect as an important consideration.

5. What examples of text revisions are shown in the video for Wordtune and QuillBot?

The video shows examples of text revisions for both Wordtune and QuillBot, demonstrating their paraphrasing capabilities and how they modify text. It focuses on illustrating the differences and similarities between the two tools.

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