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The video discusses the charging speed of the Redmi Note 9 Pro smartphone, which has 30W fast charging and a 5020mAh battery. It takes approximately 1 hour and 35 minutes to charge the phone to 100%, with charging speed slowing down towards the end.
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The Redmi Note 9 Pro smartphone supports 30W fast charging and comes with a 33W charger, with the charging controller preventing overcharging.
The package includes a 33W charger, ensuring the required energy is provided.
The charging controller prevents overcharging by limiting the charging speed to 30W.
Some initial charging issues were reported, but subsequent charges improved, and the smartphone reached 56 percent in half an hour.
Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro takes an hour and 35 minutes to charge to 100%
After an hour of charging, the phone reaches 90%.
It takes another 35 minutes to charge from 90% to 100%.
The charging speed slows down towards the end of most smartphones.
The 5020 mAh battery can last a whole day with 90% charge.
00:00Hello everyone, welcome to the
00:02TNT channel with you, as always, I’m Vladimir
00:03Cheshirsky, today we’ll talk about the
00:06charging speed of the Redmi Note 9
00:09pro smartphone. In addition to the fact that the
00:11battery is quite large, it also has
00:13fast charging of 30 watts, I’ll even
00:17say more about what’s included in the package 33
00:20watt charger, that is, the charging unit
00:22will provide exactly the required energy, and the
00:25charging controller will not allow charging faster
00:27than the smartphone should be charged, that is, it will not
00:30charge on the 33rd, then if you
00:32connect a 60 watt one, it won’t reach 60 watts,
00:35that is, it only supports 30 watts in
00:38the review, of course I talked about how
00:40fast the smartphone charges, but in this
00:43video I would like to highlight it separately
00:45because this is a very important point because
00:47xiaomi redmi but 9 pro is a very popular
00:50smartphone and at the start of sales there were a lot of
00:53different bugs
00:54in this smartphone, in particular a
00:57bug in charging some devices do not
00:59discharge as quickly as necessary, and
01:03by the way, I also had a situation where
01:05the first charging of the smartphone was
01:07very, very slow for more than two hours,
01:09but subsequent charges were better and
01:12now I will tell you how long it takes to
01:14charge the Redmi Note 9 pro,
01:17I set it to charge smartphones 2340 and the
01:20charge percentage was shown 1.67 percent
01:24after 15 minutes at 23:55 the smartphone showed
01:2832 percent after another 15 minutes in
01:32total half an hour the smartphone showed 56
01:35percent after another 15 minutes the smartphone
01:38showed 77 percent and exactly an hour later
01:42the smartphone showed a
01:45charge level of 90 percent and in order for the
01:48smartphone to charge to the final 100
01:50percent, it took another whole
01:53thirty-five minutes, that is, quite
01:55a lot in fact, but it is true that
01:58towards the end of most smartphones, the charging speed
02:01slows down, taking into account the fact that the
02:04smartphone has a 5020 miliamp battery, I think
02:08that 90 percent the
02:09heels will definitely be enough for a whole day of
02:11use and even more, so in
02:14one hour the smartphone Redmi Note 9 pro can be
02:17charged to almost ninety-one
02:19percent write in the comments at what
02:21speed your smartphone charges
02:23write the model of the smartphone and the smartphone itself
02:26my smartphone is Elgie V 40 for which
02:28I’m currently shooting a video and its
02:31charging speed is about an hour and a half, but
02:34its battery capacity is significantly less
02:37than that of the redmi note, because about
02:39I hope that this video was
02:41interesting and useful for you, if you want to
02:43learn as much as possible about the xiaomi redmi
02:45note 9 pro,
02:46go to link in the description or
02:48on my channel there is a video review where I
02:51talk in more detail about its camera
02:53and its performance. By the way, I
02:56have a separate video about which I
02:59this smartphone for a large number of
03:02quite powerful games such
03:04as Ford Nye, such as the world of
03:07tanks and glory and so on so
03:09go to my channel subscribe and like, see you
03:12in new videos, see you all
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How fast does Redmi Note 9 Pro charge?

The Redmi Note 9 Pro smartphone charges at a fast speed of 30W.

2. What is the battery capacity of Redmi Note 9 Pro?

The Redmi Note 9 Pro has a high-capacity 5020mAh battery.

3. How long does it take to fully charge Redmi Note 9 Pro?

It takes approximately 1 hour and 35 minutes to charge the Redmi Note 9 Pro to 100%.

4. Does the charging speed of Redmi Note 9 Pro slow down?

Yes, the charging speed slows down towards the end.

5. What is the advantage of Redmi Note 9 Pro's fast charging?

The fast charging feature of Redmi Note 9 Pro ensures quick and efficient charging, enhancing user convenience.

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