💫 Summary
The video is an interrogation of Yeardley Love's ex-boyfriend, George. George initially downplays the severity of the situation but eventually admits to shaking Yardley and her head hitting the wall. The interrogation reveals inconsistencies and lies in George's account of what happened to Yardley.
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Detective Lisa Reeves introduces herself to George and informs him about his rights before discussing the ongoing investigation.
Detective Lisa Reeves introduces herself as a detective at the Charlottesville Police Department.
She confirms George's understanding of his rights.
The date and time of the conversation are mentioned.
George's first name is confirmed as George.
George, oblivious to Yardley's death, is being interrogated by the police.
George seems unaware of the gravity of the situation.
The interrogator downplays the severity of his situation to make him feel safe and secure.
The interrogator reminds George of his rights before questioning.
George has the option to remain silent and consult with expensive attorneys, but he chooses to talk.
The detective interrupts the suspect while he is giving self-incriminating information, but the detective's interruption is seen as reckless.
The suspect was giving away self-incriminating information that could establish a motive.
Detective Ed interrupts the suspect, which is seen as a reckless maneuver at this point in the interrogation.
Detective Reeves needs to let the suspect respond to avoid undermining their position.
The ex-boyfriend denies hitting her, but admits to being angry and having text messages where she said she "[__] somebody".
The ex-boyfriend denies hitting her or striking her.
He admits to being angry at her from a week ago.
He mentions having text messages where she said she "[__] somebody".
Yeardley's ex-boyfriend denies killing her and expresses disbelief at her death.
He denies killing her and claims there's no way he could have done it.
He mentions that she was standing and looking at him the last time he saw her.
He expresses shock and repeatedly denies any involvement in her death.
He requests to speak to a lawyer and is informed that they are working on a search warrant.
Yeardley's ex-boyfriend, George Huguley, is on trial for the murder of Yeardley Love, with the prosecution presenting evidence of blunt force trauma leading to her death.
Huguley exchanged playful text messages with three other women on the night of the alleged attack.
Huguley appeared pale, frail, and gaunt during the trial, but became emotional and cried while listening to his own police interview.
Former UNC lacrosse player, Michael Burns, testified that he heard yelling for help from Huguley's apartment and found Huguley with his arm wrapped around Love's neck.
00:00thank you
00:06all right all right
00:08did you say you did want water didn't
00:10you oh it's okay
00:15that's my card I know I introduced
00:18myself to you at your house but my name
00:21is Lisa Reeves okay and I am a detective
00:23here at the Charlottesville Police
00:24Department okay so before I came I want
00:27to talk to you I want to make sure you
00:28do understand your rights okay and that
00:30way I can explain to you what's going on
00:31and all that good stuff do you
00:32understand you understand that okay
00:34today's date is May the 3rd 2010 the
00:39current time is all right your first
00:42name is George yes g-e
01:17guys come in and say you were searching
01:20for an assault I never said anything
01:22about myself
01:24I never mentioned to you anything just
01:27told you we're investigating something
01:28one another
01:33it's an interesting concept to think of
01:36how you might respond to what would
01:37normally be an easy question especially
01:40during a circumstance where it becomes a
01:42terrifying dilemma we ask that you
01:43contemplate this question while you put
01:45yourself in Georgia's position but not
01:47before you grasp the context of what
01:49brought him to this moment it begins
01:51with 22 year old Sports scholar Yardley
01:53love a star lacrosse player at the
01:55University of Virginia she is captured
01:58in this Photograph playing in the second
01:59to last game of the season clearly aware
02:01of the obstacles that lie in front of
02:03her yet continuing to move forward which
02:05is the circumstantial detail that turned
02:07this picture into a symbol for the
02:09globally recognized organization that
02:11would be founded in her memory this
02:13would be the last photograph taken that
02:14day capturing yardley's last Embrace
02:16with her head coach Julie Myers both
02:19were unaware this exact moment would
02:21soon be on the national front pages on
02:23May 3rd 2010 at roughly 2 15 am
02:26yardley's roommate returned from a night
02:28out to their off-campus apartment upon
02:30entering she saw that yardley's bedroom
02:32had been broken into at which point she
02:34rushed inside to find her unresponsive
02:36on the mattress she had blood coming out
02:38of her nose and severe bruising across
02:40the right side of her face but the most
02:42alarming thing was that she wasn't
02:44waking up her friend called 9-1-1 who
02:46instantly guided her through the steps
02:48of CPR which was then taken over by
02:50paramedics who arrived on the scene four
02:52minutes later but their attempts at
02:54Revival were unsuccessful and Yardley
02:56was pronounced dead at exactly 2 47 am
03:00at 2 53 that same morning criminal
03:03investigator Lisa Reeves woke up to a
03:05phone call from the sheriff's office by
03:072 59 she had arrived at yardley's
03:09apartment leading the investigation and
03:11by 350 confirmed that she had her first
03:13person of interest which was 22 year old
03:16George Hughley V yardley's ex-boyfriend
03:18and the next several hours were spent
03:20gathering information before she knocked
03:22at his front door she found out that
03:24George was a fifth generation heir to a
03:26very wealthy American Family whose Roots
03:28lay in Lumber dating back to the 1900s
03:31he was educated at Landon prep a
03:33prestigious all boys private school in
03:35Bethesda Maryland with annual tuition
03:37fees of up to fifty thousand dollars
03:39George was the star player of the
03:41lacrosse team and became an All-American
03:43athlete this led to a full scholarship
03:45at the University of Virginia where he
03:47remained a key player in the starting
03:48lineup and where he would also meet then
03:50spark a romance with fellow lacrosse
03:52player Yardley love they dated for
03:54almost two years euglian Love's
03:56relationship was an on-again off-again
03:58one where they cheated on each other
04:00through out and that tempers flared both
04:02ways what was going on with these two
04:04young people what may have led someone
04:06to do what happens these are just a
04:08completely unbelievable set of facts
04:10everybody watched
04:12doubled by it they were scared for her
04:14nobody knew what to do Yardley ended the
04:17relationship in 2010 just two weeks
04:19before graduation nine days later she
04:21was found dead in her bedroom and that
04:23same morning George Hughley would hear a
04:25knock at his front door
04:29he opened to detective Lisa Reeves who
04:31was dressed in civilian clothing she
04:33introduced herself as a police officer
04:35but mentioned nothing of the crime she
04:37simply stated that she was conducting an
04:38investigation that could benefit from
04:40his presence at the Sheriff's Office
04:41Georgia's response was to lethargically
04:43put on his flip-flops then walk over to
04:46the passenger side door of her unmarked
04:48police car and let himself in somewhat
04:50bewildered Lisa got in and drove them to
04:52the police station a few minutes away
04:54without talking it was around then when
04:56she noticed bruising on his knuckles and
04:58cuts on his forearm at which point
05:00George was no longer a person of
05:01interest he was the Prime Suspect
05:15I know I introduce myself to you at your
05:17house but my name is Lisa Reeves today's
05:20date is May the 3rd 2010 the current
05:25time is
05:287 52.
05:31what's that
05:33Hydraulics paper still right now all
05:36right your first name is George yes
05:37right away you'll come to notice that
05:40George is oblivious to the gravity of
05:41the situation and it would be very safe
05:43to assume that he at this moment is
05:45unaware that Yardley has died he seems
05:47to believe that he's in as much trouble
05:49as he would be sitting in a principal's
05:51office perhaps for getting in a fight at
05:52class or on the lacrosse field and the
05:54sooner he provides a sanitized version
05:56of the truth the sooner he'll get to go
05:58home this of course ties in perfectly
06:00with the interrogator's opening strategy
06:02which we've labeled warmth for the sake
06:04of this video she will downplay the
06:06severity of his situation to a
06:08considerable degree while maintaining a
06:10friendly temperament with a sympathetic
06:11undertone she needs the suspect to feel
06:13safe and secure for the time being as
06:16the less cautious he is the more
06:17information he's likely to give away
06:19then as soon as he locks himself into
06:21one particular storyline the pressure
06:23can commence which often leads to a
06:25suspect being Laden with panic and
06:26contradictions before we ask you any
06:28questions you must understand your
06:30rights yeah the right to remain solid
06:31anything you say can be used student
06:33Court you have the right to talk to a
06:34lawyer before questioning and have one
06:36present during questioning if you cannot
06:38afford a lawyer one will be provided for
06:39you and if you're willing to talk to us
06:42now you have the right stop talking
06:44George has two options here option one
06:47is to remain silent then allow his
06:49father to get him the most expensive
06:50attorneys in the country he would then
06:52have years to examine the evidence
06:54evaluate the many options available and
06:56then construct the most self-preserving
06:58storyline with world-renowned experts in
07:00criminal defense before they present it
07:01to a jury unfortunately for George he
07:04takes option two but before he does
07:06re-watch the flawlessly reassuring
07:08manner in which he's given the final
07:09piece of the Miranda warning
07:12and if you're willing to talk to us now
07:14you got the right stop talking anytime
07:16got it yup awesome
07:18just need your thing for there that you
07:20understand your rights
07:22and are willing to talk to us and Tom
07:25now is 7 53.
07:31all right let's kind of start I'm going
07:33to kind of ask you some questions and
07:35like I said we'll explain things a
07:36little bit later
07:37um tell me about your day yesterday
07:40played golf with um
07:42parents is a
07:44a father-son
07:48could have been I went to dinner with my
07:51dad my two bodies and then uh went home
07:55went to the bar for like a little while
07:58um then I went over to talk to Yardley
08:03he was Yardley
08:05he's already is by former
08:10let's just holding about which I
08:12understand but George has now initiated
08:15the investigative subject matter himself
08:17it's the perfect opening scenario for
08:19the interrogator because she's given
08:21nothing away making it more likely for
08:23him to reveal details that will
08:24contradict the evidence when I went over
08:28talk to Yardley I I like was a Yardley
08:32and she was like already like totally
08:36freaked out because of what
08:39she did this past like a few days ago
08:43and she we haven't talked since I was
08:44just gonna go talk to her
08:46Yardley slept with another lacrosse
08:48player from North Carolina the week
08:50before which is what he just referred to
08:53she's already like oh like freaking out
08:56like you know you can't get me to kill
08:58him and I was like I'm like just trying
09:01to talk to you the investigation team
09:03obviously had no way of knowing this and
09:05George has now confessed to the crime of
09:07second-degree trespass more importantly
09:09however he's just confessed to
09:11initiating the supposed confrontation he
09:13now can't say that he was somehow
09:15tricked or misled into that situation he
09:17knowingly stepped into it and the
09:18critical fact he can actually recognize
09:20and remember this will be used against
09:22him repeatedly in the future
09:24and like she like started being like
09:28like getting like all like you know like
09:31really like defensive
09:33she was already like on the defensive
09:36Edge and like I was like listen I'm not
09:39here like I'm just here to talk to you
09:41and she like got all like like sat up I
09:46got her beds against the wall like if it
09:48was in this corner she was like up
09:50against the wall and I was like like we
09:52were sitting there talking and like
09:56she started being like like you
09:58getting like all like aggressive
10:02after this and so I was like all right
10:04like chill out like and choke her a
10:06little bit so just to recount what
10:08George said over the last 47 seconds
10:10Yardley was Defensive while being in a
10:13defensive State she backed up against
10:14the wall she then became aggressive
10:16George's response to this supposed
10:18aggression was to initiate physical
10:21started being like like freaking out and
10:24I was like listen I'm not like here do
10:26anything I'm here to talk to you about
10:28everything that's ensued in the past
10:30week and
10:33and she was like and like sort of like
10:35being like no no like a hit in her head
10:38like like stop like like she's in the
10:41courthouse like stop like I was like
10:44normally like what the hell like we were
10:47just gonna talk so let's go back half a
10:49minute and dissect what actually just
10:51happened there
10:52and so I was like all right like chill
10:54out like and choke her a little bit he
10:57will now say the words and she started
10:59being like then simultaneously mimic a
11:01body colliding with the wall he will
11:03then stop himself mid-thought and subtly
11:05modify the detail
11:07she started being like like freaking out
11:09and I was like listen
11:11and she started being like like freaking
11:14out he goes from illustrating Yardley
11:17hitting the wall to as he States
11:18freaking out he seems to realize
11:21mid-sentence this isn't the best way to
11:23explain her injuries so he changes the
11:26detail to buy himself time and she
11:29started being like like freaking out and
11:31I was like listen I'm not like here to
11:33do anything I'm here to talk to you he
11:35carefully shifts the topic from Yardley
11:37to himself and keeps it there for eight
11:39seconds before attempting to re-explain
11:41what occurred in a more self-preserving
11:47no jury on the planet will believe that
11:50Yardley was voluntarily slamming her
11:52head against the wall with enough Force
11:54to cause fatal brain damage all George
11:56has done here is give away the fact that
11:58he knows Yardley has sustained some type
12:00of head injury and now lied on record
12:02about how it was inflicted
12:05we're just gonna talk
12:08it was not at all like a good
12:11conversation because
12:13that's like she was already like
12:15freaking out with just even seeing me
12:18just even seeing me there
12:21okay what happened next
12:25what happened and she just kept hitting
12:27her head against them
12:28the wall when she was sitting on bed and
12:30I was like I grabbed her and I like
12:31shook her I was like stop like we need
12:33to like unload it or I was like we need
12:35to like talk about this like I mean I
12:37was all in her arms and stuff but like I
12:40never struck her I never like hit or hit
12:43her like in the face or anything I was
12:45just like we need talking she was so
12:49so like oh I don't know what's the word
12:53like you know it like
12:56flopping a fish out of the water like
12:58like so like all this and I was like
13:01listen like I'm not here to like fight
13:03with you or like do anything like here
13:06to talk to you and like and she's like
13:09no no like get away from me you have to
13:12leave until you you have to leave you
13:13have to leave you have to leave like all
13:15this stuff and I was like all right like
13:16fine like but like I want to talk to you
13:18after all this and and like I was I was
13:22like a little bit persistent because of
13:24the situation you know my former
13:27girlfriend who
13:29always coming out in last week you know
13:31and I was like all right like well
13:34so we're really talking over there and
13:39I mean I somehow we ended up somehow I
13:42was arresting her own floor and I was
13:44just saying stop I just like and I was
13:46holding her I was holding her I was a
13:49little bit persistent I was wrestling
13:51her on the floor all further evidence
13:53that designates George as the aggressor
13:54he's completely shut down his ability to
13:57argue any sort of self-defense claim and
13:59then the conversation I could tell was
14:01just like it was not going anywhere and
14:03nothing was happening and
14:06uh she would like went back to bed and I
14:09and I laughed
14:11when I went back home
14:15phase one is now complete the suspect
14:17has unknowingly locked himself into a
14:19storyline that will put him away for a
14:21very long time the risk of him shutting
14:23down or requesting a lawyer is no longer
14:25a primary concern so the interrogator
14:28will now increase the pressure she will
14:30confront him on certain elements that
14:31she pretended to overlook before and the
14:33ideal scenario is to cause just enough
14:35Panic so that he backpedals on previous
14:37statements and contradicts himself all
14:39right so you go over there knock on the
14:43her front door is open her room door was
14:46closed I knocked like like
14:48are they like she heard me and opened
14:51the door and and went out all right when
14:54and where entire room all right straight
14:56to our bedroom
14:57yeah I mean how'd you get through the
15:00her door the front door her door
15:07actually it might have been lost
15:09it was
15:12yeah yeah actually yeah yeah it was
15:17actually it was locked together because
15:19I think I put a hole Yeah you punched it
15:22all through the door pretty sure
15:23actually now yeah
15:26why'd you do that
15:29I guess yeah when I once I was in a room
15:35she was like very like you know like
15:37partly no I'm not like I don't want to
15:39talk to you like all the stuff and she
15:41was very like you know very on edge like
15:45I don't want to talk because
15:48you know
15:50I was like listen like you you what you
15:53pulled last week was outrageous like I
15:56just want to talk to you why'd you
15:57pushing to do with that
15:59a very unusual time to interrupt a
16:01suspect in such a contentious manner he
16:03was giving away self-incriminating
16:05information that could be used to
16:06establish a motive he was doing exactly
16:08what the lead investigator wanted but
16:10detective Ed has now stopped him in his
16:12tracks it's a reckless maneuver at this
16:14point in the interrogation which
16:16detective Reeves is no doubt conveying
16:18at this moment through nonverbal
16:19communication she now has to let the
16:21suspect respond as to not undermine
16:23their position
16:27because I won't talk to her
16:31detective Reeves will now bring his
16:33guard back down through a reassuring
16:34tone and gently guide his train of
16:36thought back to his grievances with the
16:38victim she pulls this off in three
16:40questions all right we'll continue on
16:42this one continue on so you're talking
16:44to her she doesn't want to talk to you
16:46not really I mean
16:48in park though like there's Parts where
16:50we were talking and then like you know
16:52what you're talking about
16:54about so many different things okay
16:57like what
17:00like what she did last week
17:03like went to Lake Carolina she went to
17:06Carolina and hooked up with someone
17:07Sunday when we were still trying to
17:09figure out things and I was over there
17:11like to talk like I was like this is
17:14like this is outrageous because I was
17:16trying to make everything better and and
17:19then like you know
17:22she was very defensive because she knew
17:25like how upset I was because I've told
17:27her like through emails like how set I
17:30was like about what she did and so I was
17:33like and I said I imagine but I was like
17:35listen like I want to talk to you like
17:37like what you did was [ __ ] like that
17:39was that's not like okay and I was just
17:41like I like and and she was like oh like
17:45not like like you know she's like uh
17:48you know sort of
17:51pushing everything that she did to the
17:54back burner and like talking about like
17:57like you know like they try to like put
18:00everything that she did like wasn't
18:04it kept going to the point where she
18:06like I was like listen like you're like
18:08we have to figure like out what's going
18:12and she was like I'm not talking I'm
18:14about to talk to you and then she like
18:16pushed me like get out of here like like
18:18go and I was like No And like I was like
18:21be like we have to talk like
18:24it's like get like when you're doing
18:26that what are you holding on Earth on
18:29her arms like maybe up here shoulders
18:31like like come on like you know and see
18:36that's when she was like wiggle and like
18:38get away and then like you know like
18:40hide in the get in the corner like
18:42really like aggressive like defensively
18:47and and then I was and then she ended I
18:50think she was back in bed and I was and
18:52I left I was like this is the not going
18:54anywhere how'd she get back in bed
19:00we were like wrestling and
19:03we stood up and I I tossed her I pushed
19:06her onto the bed I was like go to bed
19:07like I'll talk to you later did you
19:10touch her neck area at all did you choke
19:12her at one point
19:17may have grabbed her a little bit by the
19:19neck when we were like
19:21but I never like strangled her okay
19:25um but I yeah I mean
19:28during the whole like commotion you know
19:31I we may have I may have grabbed her
19:34neck but I never was like strangling her
19:37more detail that was unknown to the
19:39investigation the fact that he grabbed
19:41her neck can now be used as evidence it
19:43paints a more frightening picture of the
19:45incident with relation to the suspect's
19:46aggression toward the victim this was an
19:48extremely damaging Revelation for
19:50George's defense the discussion moves to
19:52the moment he left and George admits
19:54that he took yardley's laptop why'd you
19:56grab your laptop because I was so pissed
19:59that she wouldn't talk to me I was like
20:02I don't know I like took it almost as a
20:05collateral I guess I don't know it's not
20:09reasonable logic but right
20:12okay I don't know did you take anything
20:14else besides your laptop nothing oh
20:19okay so when uh when you left out of
20:21there I mean you saw that she was
20:23bleeding on her nose she's now about to
20:25ask a question with the same implication
20:27for a second time notice what occurred
20:29the first time did you go back and check
20:31on her at any time
20:34any point did you try
20:36cookies already no I did not why
20:42the face of bewilderment if there ever
20:44was one it's very strange that he's so
20:46taken aback by such a question
20:48especially when you take into account
20:50the possible outcome if he had actually
20:52called for help one medical expert
20:54revealed in the courtroom for the very
20:56first time that following Yardley loves
20:58brutal beating had George Hughley or
21:01anyone else called for help she might
21:03have survived
21:05I didn't think it was like
21:08in I didn't think that she was like in
21:12need of like going to the emergency room
21:14I we should just kind of I made it up
21:16what do you think that I don't know I
21:18mean I I think did you say when you were
21:20and correct me if I'm wrong when you
21:22were shaking her her head was hitting
21:23the wall
21:25well that was in the beginning that was
21:27initially when I walked in like she was
21:29like up in the core like just like get
21:31like get out of here like you know like
21:32this but at any time when you were
21:35shaking her did her head bang the wall
21:38put yourself in George's position and
21:41imagine Yardley had in fact
21:42self-inflicted her injuries you would
21:44perhaps say something along the lines of
21:46absolutely not I wasn't hitting her
21:49against the wall but like when she's
21:51like sitting there in the corner of like
21:54if it really early like this and I'm
21:56like orally like you know and I I was
21:58like like what the [ __ ] was that about
22:01like that did such [ __ ] that you
22:03like do that like it's such a like
22:05[ __ ] move like would like you know
22:08like everyone like what are you like
22:10doing like like that like
22:13she has a pretty good knot on her head
22:15that's why I'm asking how that how you
22:18can explain how that would have happened
22:19I mean
22:22I don't even know when that a nod
22:25like on the side of her head she's been
22:27hit pretty good right there so I'm just
22:28trying to figure out did you hit her
22:29with something no I never never touched
22:33her struck her or anything well you
22:36touched her you had your hands you know
22:37yeah no and I said never struck her okay
22:39so you you I'm gonna go through this one
22:42more time make sure we're on the same
22:43page so you're you're pretty pissed at
22:44her from a week ago first then use text
22:47messages do you have those text messages
22:48or she says she
22:50as you put it [ __ ] somebody
22:53I actually might have those you know all
22:55right you got your phone with you yeah
22:57okay let's let's pull it out let's see
22:59if we can see that the next moment is
23:01fascinating because it symbolizes how
23:03drastically George's life is about to
23:04change the interrogator will invade his
23:06personal space to make sure he's not
23:08deleting anything from his phone soon
23:10after that she will take the phone out
23:12of his hand and place it on the table
23:13actions that would be completely
23:15unacceptable in almost any other
23:19all right
23:32like an ongoing conversation ongoing
23:35like it's a message and it's gone
23:41all right let's talk about how you you
23:44answered entered yeah yeah I mean
23:49because to put your to have put your
23:51fist through the door yeah
23:55because that's why I like this
23:59yeah you're right yeah
24:02how did you get all the bruising on your
24:03hand then this is all from the cross
24:05this is all
24:07that's pretty fresh right there looks
24:09this is all from my lacrosse game on
24:13or but you can see where my arm pads are
24:15right here my gloves right here and even
24:18right there I thought you you wore those
24:20padded gloves this is awesome this is
24:23all the difference this is all from the
24:27and that's I got wax here I remember 100
24:30got whacked during the game when I was
24:33trying to end like kill the clock when
24:36when you had her in your Shaker did she
24:37scratch you anywhere
24:39no no no she's a little girl she's tiny
24:43yeah she's not I know she can she can
24:45try to get you or anything like that no
24:49okay so you you kick in the door yeah
24:53that's how I got you yeah okay and then
24:56I stuck my hand through and unlocked and
24:58and went in there and
25:02okay everything else is weird the
25:05detectives leave the room for roughly
25:07three minutes when they return it
25:09appears Ed is given the chance to lead
25:10with a few of his own questions I know
25:12we touched about what uh what happened
25:14last night but set it up for me leave it
25:18up to me a little bit here why did you
25:19guys break up exactly why
25:22wallet yeah well we are not we are not
25:26from the same area right and I'm going
25:30or she wants me to New York and
25:34I'm not exactly sure what I'm doing yet
25:36but I'd like to move to San Francisco
25:37why'd you take her computer
25:40I don't know I have no idea there's
25:42maybe maybe because there's evidence on
25:44the computer emails that you sent no
25:45there's no I mean you you can find you
25:47can read all the emails and everything
25:49back and forth detective Ed now asks
25:52George if he held Yardley down on the
25:53bed he's trying to subtly set the
25:55grounds for an argument of smothering
25:57which isn't a terrible idea but would be
25:59disproven by the autopsy regardless no
26:01no did you fall down on top of her you
26:03know wrestling real wrestling on the
26:05ground for like a little y'all wrestle
26:06in the bed at all no I never really no
26:09no like we had a chauffeur no I mean
26:13like just kind of hold her down until
26:14she calmed down on bed no if anything
26:16though I mean I mean and if anything
26:18that would have been like on the floor
26:20when we were on the floor when her nose
26:23started bleeding like rusting around and
26:26that's what we're gonna do is started
26:27bleeding so pretty noisy when you all
26:28are wrestling around no I mean he's
26:32no no no no
26:34she wasn't asking me actually if I'm
26:38cracking my head in the wall I'm going
26:39to be saying oh yeah yeah
26:41no I mean she was not screaming yes it
26:46should have been probably I mean maybe
26:48yes he should have been probably I mean
26:52maybe I don't know why do you think she
26:53should I don't know I mean well she was
26:55screaming when I first like came into
26:58the room she was like no like I'm not
27:00talking to you I did the full daddy or
27:01all that but like
27:05at any point before you said you and
27:08this was your word you said you tossed
27:10her on the bed and then you left yeah
27:12all right at any point before that did
27:15she lose consciousness
27:19okay what happened after you tell us
27:21around the bed did she move she 'll talk
27:23about say something
27:26I mean I literally it's also like I
27:28didn't turn around and tell us around
27:30the ground
27:31I walked out the door okay so when you
27:34tossed her back on the bed in in your
27:36mind she's
27:37she's bleeding but you said she was
27:39bleeding out her nose and you didn't you
27:41didn't feel like you needed to call
27:42rescue no after that after banging her
27:45head and
27:47shaping her blood coming out her nose on
27:49the floor
27:51you know
27:52there's nothing about like you missed
27:55anything that no one asked him right now
27:56there's nothing about like going going
27:59to get anything or going you know I
28:02don't know I took a computer George
28:04Rambles about why there was no reason
28:06for taking the laptop for another 20
28:08seconds during which time detective
28:10Reeves decides that enough information
28:12has been attained phase two is now
28:14complete and the fate of Yardley is
28:16about to be revealed these moments and
28:18interrogations are considered important
28:20for the purpose of gauging a suspect's
28:22response it's believed that a sharp and
28:24sudden Revelation can make it difficult
28:26to fabricate emotion So in theory this
28:28will cause a suspect to provide either a
28:31genuine response or a relatively obvious
28:33disingenuous response which often comes
28:35in the pretense of shock or remorse I
28:38mean I guess that's where my logic was
28:40out which is
28:43well I have to taste I think I know why
28:45you took the computer
28:46in the midst of what would have been a
28:48flawlessly executed moment detective Ed
28:50jumps back into the laptop mystery the
28:52suspect has essentially confessed to
28:54murder this really wasn't the time for
28:55regurgitated conjecture over a petty
28:57theft misdemeanor which Ed was clearly
28:59being advised of once again through
29:01non-verbal communication
29:07she's dead
29:16the guilder
29:19she's dead
29:21I think you knew that already no I did
29:25in our opinion George is being truthful
29:27here and we believe the interrogator
29:29feels the same way in this moment
29:35she's dead
29:38how the [ __ ] is she dead because you
29:40killed her George how the [ __ ] is she
29:42died because you killed her George
29:44appears to be going through a delayed
29:45response it's so foreign a revelation
29:48that it's yet to sink in once the shock
29:50settles he refuses to accept it and this
29:52denial appears to be a momentary coping
29:54mechanism before the reality of the
29:56situation truly hits him which will
29:58happen at this time in the footage
30:26you went in there to talk with her but I
30:28got out of control right George the
30:30detectives will now add further pressure
30:32to keep him talking suspects will often
30:34divulge information in these moments in
30:36the panicked attempt to save themselves
30:38and in doing so can shut down a more
30:40credible storyline they haven't thought
30:41up yet the alcohol gonna hold you
30:44kicked in her door she started to fight
30:47with you you punched her in the head and
30:48you're crazy you cracked your head you
30:51cracked your head in the window or in
30:52the wall she is she's not I ain't BS and
30:55you right now I'm serious I want to see
30:57I want to see her George Michael George
31:00she is dead you were not here to dance
31:02with us you're here because she's dead
31:06the alcohol I don't believe it I don't
31:08believe that's true dude I didn't I
31:09didn't I didn't I did it I don't believe
31:12that she's dead how did you I don't
31:14believe that she's deaf I don't believe
31:15that did you punch her did you hear her
31:17she said there's no way she's dead she's
31:19not dead I didn't I never did anything I
31:22didn't I didn't I did not I did not all
31:24right let's let's come now I did not
31:26like hurt her like she's she's not dead
31:29just out of protocol but we gotta do
31:31extendo foreign
31:39I wish you thought that tell me she's
31:41not dead though please
31:43tell me she's not dead relax please will
31:46you tell me you know what I wish I could
31:48tell you that George 22 year old 22 and
31:51her life is done
31:53not do anything like that
31:57oh my God
32:00no way there's no way there's no way
32:04I do not believe it and not believe it
32:10there's no way there's no way she could
32:13be done
32:14either the head trauma or asphyxiation
32:17there was no officiation okay
32:21okay oh my God oh my God oh my God oh my
32:25what was she doing the last time you saw
32:27her she was like
32:29like standing up with it you're standing
32:32up with me she was standing up with me
32:35looking at me oh she's standing here
32:37standing up looking at me okay
32:46I did
32:53I'll be dead no I know
32:57it didn't it didn't it didn't it didn't
33:00it did not it didn't it didn't and she's
33:03like no no like get away from here you
33:06have to leave until you you have to
33:07leave I was like a little bit persistent
33:09because you're screaming she should have
33:11been I didn't kill her and bleed I
33:14didn't just oh my God
33:16I didn't kill her I did not kill her I
33:19did not kill her I did not I did not
33:22there's no way I didn't do it no way
33:28no way
33:36oh lawyer I don't believe this
33:42I don't believe this
33:45what you know we're just gonna go why
33:49Snow White there's no [ __ ] life
33:55should I talk to someone what do you
33:58want to talk to me anymore
34:00a lawyer I don't get appointed to you
34:04I've got one right here now go to jail
34:09all right George right now I know you're
34:10you you not no longer talked to us
34:13that's fine just let you know something
34:14we're working on search warrant right
34:16now and what it is is we're going to
34:18have to collect some stuff from you like
34:19what's called a buckle swab okay
34:30why didn't you guys say why did you guys
34:33come in and say you were searching for
34:35an assault I never said anything about
34:39I never mentioned to you anything just
34:42told her we're investigating someone
34:43another investigating so you might be
34:45calling anybody for your door
34:48at the start of this video you were
34:50asked to think of what you would do in
34:52this situation really try and imagine
34:54what would be going through your mind in
34:55this moment as you might just gain a
34:57restorative Outlook from both knowing
34:59the answer while not having to answer
35:00this particular question but there is of
35:03course no possible way you will gain
35:04anything close to the Newfound
35:06perspective George has acquired In This
35:07Moment which unfortunately for him is no
35:10longer of use
35:18to call
35:25I don't know about that
35:28what's your mom's name
35:30oh my God what's her number 301 96. how
35:37did you want me to call your dad or just
35:40her she will talk you can tell
35:43everything okay how
36:24these next few moments are a turning
36:26point the leg iron seem to initiate a
36:28shift in his Constitution and his denial
36:30will completely cease from this point
36:31forward he will continue to ask why and
36:34how but he will no longer reject the
36:36severity of what is happening
36:59heck of a day but
37:01let's have more
37:10I am here the rest of my life I'm sorry
37:13it's been lying here the rest of my life
37:15in this room no in jail
37:17I don't know
37:21not a bad guy man never said you're
37:28out I'm sorry you call my mom
37:33yeah you do want to talk to her that's
37:35when you need your family the most but
38:05George was taken to the Regional Jail
38:08soon after this moment he would go on to
38:10plead not guilty to murder and was held
38:12without bond for almost two years
38:13awaiting trial it began on February 6
38:162012. well testimony is now underway in
38:19the murder trial of the former UVA
38:21lacrosse player accused of killing his
38:23ex-girlfriend for the first time we have
38:25video of hugely as he was led into the
38:27courtroom contrary to his appearance in
38:29the days that followed his arrest for
38:31the murder of 22-year-old Yardley love
38:33he appeared pale frail and gaunt the
38:36prosecution presented a case that
38:37Huguley went to Love's apartment that
38:39night busted through her bedroom door
38:41and in some way struck her causing blunt
38:43force trauma which led to her death
38:45we've also learned that on that night
38:47George Hughley was exchanging what were
38:49described as playful text messages with
38:51three other women those messages
38:53continued late into the night and even
38:55after the alleged attack throughout the
38:58trial hugely has sat expressionless
39:00almost stoic at the defense table all of
39:03that changed today as this police
39:04interview was airing Hughley began
39:07crying was often pinching the bridge of
39:09his nose with his hands and looking down
39:11as he listened to the sound of his own
39:13hysterical voice I did not kill her I
39:16did not kill her I did not I did not in
39:18court Tuesday hughley's defense faced an
39:20uphill climb the most riveting testimony
39:23came from former UNC lacrosse player
39:25Michael Burns who testified that one
39:27time while visiting UVA he heard some
39:29yelling for help from hugley's apartment
39:31when he opened the door he said he found
39:33Huguley with his arm wrapped around
39:35Love's neck choking her hugely then let
39:37her go and she ran out of the room
39:39crying a variety of medical experts took
39:42the stand this Wednesday and they all
39:43seemed to agree that Love's death was
39:45the result of blunt force trauma to the
39:46Head this was followed by highly
39:48distressing witness testimony from
39:50yardley's Neighbors the noise was so
39:52loud this was such a violent death that
39:54they heard it downstairs two separate
39:55Witnesses and it sounded like a stereo
39:57crowd crashing to the ground and it
39:59certainly didn't help that the jury knew
40:01that she was alive for two hours before
40:03she died indicating that if George
40:05Hughley had come to his senses he could
40:07have gone back there called 9-1-1 and
40:09possibly saved her life still the
40:11driving argument for the defense is that
40:13George Hughley never intended to kill
40:16they say this was all a tragic accident
40:18that he does not deserve a life sentence
40:20but instead a lesser charge and a second
40:23chance guilty of second-degree murder
40:25and you will hear the sentence
40:27momentarily a 26-year prison term came
40:30down George Hughley was brought to court
40:32to hear his lawyers plead for the judge
40:34to cut in half the 26-year sentence
40:37recommended by the jury judge Edward
40:39hogshire did trim it back but by just
40:41three years the jury in this case
40:43recommended 26 years the judge changed
40:45it to 23 probably a small difference but
40:48but why would he do that it's surprising
40:50isn't it considering this is a woman who
40:52was beaten to death in her own bed we
40:54think that George was convicted of a
40:57crime inconsistent with the facts and he
40:59received a penalty inconsistent with
41:01what the evidence would require
41:04there are no winners
41:06in this case with credit for the time
41:08that George Hughley has already served
41:10in jail and if he gets time off for good
41:12behavior he could be out in 18 years and
41:15the family for Yardley love has put out
41:17this statement saying we find no joy in
41:20other sorrow we are relieved to put this
41:22chapter behind us
41:25as for George he was incarcerated at the
41:28maximum security Augusta Correctional
41:30Center for 10 years and has since been
41:32transferred to a prison Work Camp in
41:34Richmond where he's expected to serve
41:36out the rest of his sentence the present
41:37consensus in the media is that George
41:39had no intention of killing Yardley but
41:41that his 23-year sentence is still
41:43appropriate if not lenient and that him
41:45being drunk to any degree at the time of
41:47the murder is not an excuse nor does it
41:50lessen the culpability of his actions to
41:52any extent he'll be released at the age
41:54of 45 meaning he will have the second
41:56chance at life Yardley was never
41:58afforded you can decide for yourself
41:59whether he deserves it or not
42:04a comforting Prospect to this tragedy is
42:07the non-profit organization that arose
42:08from it the one love Foundation carries
42:11extremely important messages both on
42:13social psychology and preventative
42:15education their website will be linked
42:17in the description of this video
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the key points revealed in George's interrogation about Yeardley Love?

The video is an interrogation of Yeardley Love's ex-boyfriend, George. George initially downplays the severity of the situation but eventually admits to shaking Yardley and her head hitting the wall. The interrogation reveals inconsistencies and lies in George's account of what happened to Yardley.

2. How does George's account of the incident change during the interrogation?

During the interrogation, George's account of the incident changes as he initially downplays the severity but later admits to shaking Yardley and her head hitting the wall. This change reveals the inconsistencies and lies in his initial story.

3. What are the inconsistencies and lies uncovered in George's account of what happened to Yardley?

The interrogation uncovers inconsistencies and lies in George's account of what happened to Yardley. He initially downplays the severity but later admits to shaking Yardley and her head hitting the wall, revealing the inconsistencies in his story.

4. What is the significance of the interrogation in understanding the events surrounding Yeardley Love's case?

The interrogation of George is significant in understanding the events surrounding Yeardley Love's case as it reveals the truth behind George's initial account, bringing to light the severity of the situation and the inconsistencies in his story.

5. How does the interrogation shed light on the truth about Yeardley Love's case?

The interrogation sheds light on the truth about Yeardley Love's case by unraveling the inconsistencies and lies in George's account, ultimately revealing the severity of the situation and the truth behind what happened to Yardley.

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