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The video discusses the sizing of the Yeezy Foam Runners, noting that they do not come in half sizes and recommending going true to size. The presenter compares the sizing to other Adidas and Nike sneakers and provides measurements of the shoe's interior. Potential resale and the possibility of finding the right size after the release are also mentioned.
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The Yeezy Foam Runners have no half sizes and it is tricky to get the sizing right.
The release for the Yeezy Foam Runners is coming soon.
The sizing for the Foam Runners is tricky because there are no half sizes available.
The speaker bought a US10 size, which is their true size, and it fits perfectly.
Some rubbing occurs on the back of the heel due to the design of the Foam Runner.
The Yeezy Foam Runners have more padding than the Yeezy 500, and they fit similar to the Jordan 1 and Dunk sneakers.
The inside size of a UK 9.5 Yeezy Foam Runner measures about 26-26.5 centimeters or 10-10.25 inches.
The outer sole of the Yeezy Foam Runner measures about 30 centimeters.
The top of the Yeezy Foam Runner is roomy due to its design, but it doesn't affect the fit of the shoe.
00:00the release for the easy phone runner is
00:01just around the corner and you've got
00:03no idea what the sizing is like well
00:06let's talk about that
00:07hello youtube welcome back to my channel
00:08kings downroots my name is matt rideout
00:11r-i-d-o-u-t and today
00:13we're going to talk about how the yeezy
00:15phone runner fits
00:16so the splash pages for the easy phone
00:18run have just been released and they are
00:21very very early and the registration on
00:24the confirmed app
00:25starts at 6 30 a.m so you want to get
00:27your entries in
00:28nice and early the draw is actually
00:31starting from 705 which is a really
00:33strange time to start draw but
00:35nonetheless that's when it's starting
00:37now i do have the arrowrap colorway here
00:39which is something i copped
00:40last year from the us i actually just
00:42bought it off stockx and had it imported
00:44in terms of sizing it's really tricky to
00:46get it right for the easy foam runner
00:48there are no half sizes in these
00:50sneakers certainly there were no half
00:52sizes last time they released last year
00:54they may have introduced half sizes this
00:56year for these new two releases but we
00:59don't have that information just yet
01:01as you can see on the box for the arrow
01:03i purchased the us10
01:04which is yeah full size i think by pure
01:07chance i just managed to get my true
01:09size when it came to these phone runners
01:11because i am a uk 9.5
01:13in adidas and this is a uk 9.5 which is
01:16a us-10
01:17i didn't want to have a phone runner
01:19that was going to be too small and
01:20uncomfortable this fits me perfectly and
01:22with a thick pair of socks it's
01:24absolutely fine
01:25there is some rubbing that occurs on the
01:27back of the heel but i think that's
01:28pretty much
01:29just to do with the design of the foam
01:31runner i've definitely seen a few other
01:33people complaining or at least talking
01:34about the fact that it does rub
01:35over time like i was trying to think how
01:37to compare the sizing for these versus
01:39other adidas and other yeezy releases
01:41and the best i could do is say that it
01:45kind of feels like a yeezy 500
01:47so in terms of the shape of the shoe
01:49it's quite similar
01:50physically and if you look at the sole
01:52of the shoe there is kind of a
01:54similar-ish kind of look like there's
01:56definitely more padding
01:57in the easy 500 so it's definitely not
01:59as snug in the foam runner if you want
02:01to quickly compare against some nikes
02:03let's look at the jordan 1
02:05which you can see here this is uk 9 in
02:08terms of sizing
02:10it's pretty much bang on pretty much the
02:14maybe a little bit extra on the foam
02:16runner got a dunk
02:20yeah again pretty much the same uh it's
02:23probably more or less
02:25similar to a dunk than a jordan one if
02:27you're looking at the sizing for nikes
02:28what i also thought would be quite
02:30is if i got my tape measure and actually
02:32measured the inside of the shoe
02:34just so you know how many inches or
02:35centimeters are inside a uk 9.5
02:40it's coming out about 26 26.5
02:44or 10 10 and a quarter inches so
02:47um yeah that's kind of the inside size
02:50the foam runner when it comes to the
02:52outer sole of the sneaker you've got
02:53about 30 centimeters not sure if you can
02:55be able to see that there what you will
02:56notice with the sneaker is that it's
02:58very roomy on the top of the foam runner
03:00that's because of the design you can't
03:01do anything about that
03:03just is what it is but it doesn't really
03:04affect the kind of fit of the shoe at
03:06all whatever happens with this release
03:08whether or not you cop or not
03:10i think people will be selling or
03:11reselling to trying to get the right
03:13size that's just
03:14kind of natural that will happen expect
03:15there to be a little bit more of a
03:17resale price
03:18for the first couple of weeks maybe you
03:19want to hold off a little bit
03:21and get a size after that so to
03:23summarize then if you're able to cop the
03:24phone runner when it releases then i
03:26would definitely try and go for a true
03:28to size if you can
03:29take a bit of a gamble see what happens
03:32and if you're unable to make it work
03:34you might have to resell on and get the
03:35right size another time and on that note
03:37that's it for me today i've been matt
03:38rideout this has been kings down roots
03:40if you've enjoyed my video please drop
03:41me a comment and a like down below it
03:43means the absolute world to me
03:44you can also follow me on instagram up
03:46here i post a lot of content on there
03:48thanks very much for watching take care
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How do Yeezy Foam Runners size compared to other Adidas and Nike sneakers?

Yeezy Foam Runners do not come in half sizes, and it is recommended to go true to size. In comparison, other Adidas and Nike sneakers may have different sizing, so it's important to check the specific sizing for each model.

2. What are the measurements of the interior of Yeezy Foam Runners?

The presenter provides measurements of the shoe's interior, ensuring that viewers have a clear idea of the sizing and comfort of Yeezy Foam Runners.

3. Is there potential resale for Yeezy Foam Runners and how does sizing affect it?

The potential resale of Yeezy Foam Runners is discussed, and the impact of sizing on resale is considered. Viewers get insights into the resale market for this model.

4. What is the recommendation for finding the right size of Yeezy Foam Runners after the release?

The video mentions the possibility of finding the right size of Yeezy Foam Runners after the release, providing guidance for viewers who may have missed the initial release.

5. What are the sizing options available for Yeezy Foam Runners?

Yeezy Foam Runners do not come in half sizes, but the video provides insights into the available sizing options and recommends the best approach for selecting the right size.

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