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Dr. Anthony Youn reviews Yolanda Hadid's diet, giving it an A- grade overall, praising her choices like lemon water, oatmeal with organic butter, and salads. However, he is not a fan of her choice of goat milk as a snack.
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Yolanda Hadid's morning routine includes lemon water, matcha with goat milk, and oatmeal with organic butter for energy and health benefits.
Lemon water contains vitamin C, aids digestion, and may help prevent kidney stones.
Matcha has more antioxidants and caffeine than regular tea, making it a good alternative to coffee.
Oatmeal provides quick energy, and Yolanda emphasizes the importance of including healthy fats in the diet, such as organic butter from grass-fed cows.
The doctor analyzes Yolanda Hadid's oatmeal breakfast and suggests using stevia sparingly.
Kerrygold butter is a good brand with better fats.
Almonds add protein to the oatmeal.
Strawberries provide antioxidants.
Honey should be used sparingly as it is still sugar.
Stevia is a better and healthier choice than white sugar, but should also be used sparingly.
Mindful eating can aid digestion.
Yolanda Hadid's diet includes organic chicken, arugula salad, and goat milk.
Organic chicken is recommended for humane treatment and a better quality of life for the chicken.
Arugula salad with Brussels sprouts, cranberries, and olive oil dressing provides antioxidants and good fats.
Goat milk is easier to digest and contains less casein and lactose than cow's milk.
Yolanda Hadid's diet includes nutritional yeast for protein and B12, and she also enjoys spaghetti bolognese, showing a balance between healthy and indulgent foods.
Nutritional yeast is rich in protein, providing 2 grams per tablespoon, making it beneficial for vegans.
It is also a good source of B12, addressing potential deficiencies in a vegan diet.
Yolanda's inclusion of spaghetti bolognese and garlic bread shows a balance between healthy and indulgent eating.
The doctor would give Yolanda Hadid an A- for her daily diet.
00:00so my favorite afternoon little snack
00:02like a little pick-me-up is a goat milk
00:06i use
00:07preferably because it's so much easier
00:09to digest than regular milk
00:28hmm know i like to start my morning with
00:31a glass of lemon water
00:34so it's very simple you take half a
00:37i'm the queen of lemons
00:39just because they have so many health
00:41benefits it alkalizes the the gut it's
00:44cleansing it has a lot of nutrients in
00:47it so it's just a great way to start
00:49your morning
00:50lemon water is a great way to start your
00:52day there are a number of benefits that
00:54you can get from it lemon water contains
00:56vitamin c which is a powerful
00:58antioxidant that helps with your skin
01:01lemon water also can aid with digestion
01:04the acidity or the acid in lemon water
01:06can supplement your stomach acids which
01:09decrease as you get older and that may
01:11help with digestion and lemon water can
01:14also help prevent kidney stones
01:16you know i don't really drink coffee i
01:18love matcha with goat milk so i usually
01:21do that but always maybe like 15 minutes
01:24after i have my lemon water
01:27yummy matcha is basically like green tea
01:30except instead of putting a bag of tea
01:32leaves in to create your tea you
01:35actually use the whole leaves typically
01:37crushed up so you are getting much more
01:40antioxidants than you would technically
01:42get with regular tea and on top of that
01:45you usually get a lot more caffeine so
01:47those people who are trying to switch
01:49from coffee to tea a lot of times they
01:51do better with matcha because you get
01:54more of that caffeine buzz
01:56after my lemon water i do
01:58oatmeal just because it's easy it's
02:01quick really gives you great energy to
02:03get through your morning
02:04and then i really think that we don't
02:07have enough fat anymore in our diet so i
02:10always put a little bit of organic
02:12butter with this cute little
02:14butter dish that gigi made i definitely
02:16recommend butter that is made from
02:18grass-fed cows and that's because that
02:20type of butter actually has better fats
02:23than butter that is more conventionally
02:26kerrygold is a good brand of butter if
02:28you're looking for one i like to put a
02:30little bit of almonds on it
02:32just add a little protein then i'd like
02:34to use different fruits right now i'm
02:36into strawberries just because it's very
02:38low in sugar sometimes i put organic
02:41honey so i love the almonds because now
02:43you're adding protein so you start with
02:45the oatmeal which is kind of plain and
02:46it's carb rich but it's got good fiber
02:49you add the good fat in it in the form
02:51of the pad of butter she's also adding
02:53strawberries because now you've got the
02:54added antioxidants which is great as
02:58but honey uh
03:00honey in my opinion because it's natural
03:02a lot of people think that honey is
03:04great for you so they use a lot of honey
03:06but honey is still sugar so even though
03:08it's better than just putting let's say
03:10table sugar into your oatmeal it's still
03:14something that you should consider using
03:16sparingly but then i also like to use
03:18stevia and if you can get used to the
03:20taste i think it's a much better and
03:23healthier choice than white sugar so in
03:25my opinion stevia is better than some of
03:27the other sugar substitutes but it's
03:30still a sugar substitute it's still
03:32super super sweet and the concern that i
03:35have with using a lot of stevia is that
03:37it can get your taste buds accustomed to
03:39this extra sweet taste and it can make
03:42you need to eat super sweet foods in
03:45order to satisfy that sugar craving and
03:48that can cause you eventually to gain
03:50weight i also think it's important to
03:52take your time
03:54to eat breakfast you know you can do it
03:56in 10 minutes it doesn't need to be an
03:57hour but just this moment where you
04:01check in with yourself before you start
04:03your day uh the benefit of this of
04:06eating slowly of eating mindfully is it
04:09can help with your digestion now our
04:11digestion starts with the saliva in our
04:13mouth and it goes from there and by
04:16eating your food more slowly it allows
04:18your body to digest it
04:20more appropriately
04:23by eating more slowly you may eat a bit
04:25less it gives your body your brain
04:28time for your brain and your stomach to
04:30interact and to signal each other saying
04:32hey i'm actually full and the final
04:34thing is by eating slowly you can reduce
04:36stress there is this idea that if you
04:38eat mindfully and slowly and enjoy your
04:41food it can add that element of
04:43enjoyment throughout your day and reduce
04:45your stress as well
04:47so for lunch i always like to have a
04:48salad and
04:50some sort of protein today i'm going to
04:52do a arugula salad
04:55i'd like to make a curry chicken
04:57with some grapes in it some onions to
05:00just boil the organic chicken and put
05:02the curry and mayo and onions and celery
05:05and all that stuff now just from a
05:07personal note i myself stopped eating
05:09chicken a few years ago now she
05:11mentioned organic chicken and i think
05:13that if you're going to eat chicken no
05:14question i would recommend that you eat
05:16organic chicken
05:17because then you know those chickens are
05:19treated more humanely and they lead more
05:21of a chicken life versus a life in a
05:24tiny cage
05:27short life like a lot of the
05:28conventional chickens are raised
05:30i do like it on top of my arugula salad
05:34this combination of brussels sprouts
05:37cranberries a little bit of that on it
05:39and then just a little bit of dressing
05:41that i made with olive oil honey a
05:43little vinegar
05:45well if you take out the chicken from my
05:47personal standpoint i think that sounds
05:49really good she's got a lot of great
05:51antioxidants that are great for the skin
05:53she's got good fats in the olive oil and
05:56obviously that chicken does add good
05:58protein to the meal as well
06:00so my favorite afternoon little snack
06:02like a little pick-me-up is a goat milk
06:06i use preferably because it's so much
06:09easier to digest than regular milk now
06:12goat's milk is known to be easier to
06:14digest than cow's milk and so because of
06:17that it has been used as a substitute
06:19for cow's milk it does taste very
06:20different though the good thing about
06:22goat's milk is it contains 89
06:25less casein than cow's milk casein is
06:28one of the proteins in cow's milk that
06:30is believed to cause some of the more
06:32allergic inflammatory reactions it also
06:35contains less lactose than cow's milk
06:38and so by having less lactose in it it's
06:40going to help it to be easier to digest
06:42so i like to make my dinner my lightest
06:45meal of the day so i love to do any kind
06:48of soup i make it easy and started with
06:50an organic chicken broth just for the
06:53flavor i love you know putting chopped
06:55garlic i put my chopped carrots onions
06:58of course i mean best thing to flavor
07:01celery and then a little bit of zucchini
07:04which is also great for flavor salt and
07:08little baby kale little baby kale so
07:11this is bragg's natural yeast and i love
07:13the flavor of that
07:16i spent three months living in spain
07:18when i was in college and quite often
07:20our din our lunches would be big and our
07:22dinners would be small quite often a
07:24soup like this and maybe a little bit of
07:25bread so it reminds me of that now at
07:28the end she talked about the nutritional
07:30yeast nutritional yeast is really
07:31interesting because if you're not vegan
07:33you may not have heard a whole lot about
07:35it but nutritional yeast is something
07:37that a lot of vegans use because it is
07:39really filled with protein in fact one
07:42tablespoon of nutritional yeast can give
07:45you two grams of protein and so for
07:47vegans it's a great source of it the
07:49other benefit of nutritional yeast
07:51especially for vegans is b12 a lot of
07:54vegans can be deficient in b12 due to
07:56their type of diet and nutritional yeast
07:59can give you that on a proper night when
08:02everybody's home on time i mean they
08:04love their spaghetti bolognese garlic
08:06bread salad
08:08so just when you think that she is like
08:10uber uber healthy with her diet she
08:12talks about spaghetti bolognese and
08:14garlic bread and things which is more of
08:17a traditional
08:19meal that's got some good stuff and some
08:21not some good stuff for you so it's
08:23actually good to hear because i think
08:24that we can't live all of our lives uh
08:28eating super healthy i mean some of us
08:29can but the vast majority of us we do
08:31have to splurge a little bit i mean you
08:33got to live and enjoy
08:35certain types of foods that just taste
08:37amazing like spaghetti bolognese
08:40so i'm just going to leave this on the
08:42stove for about 30 minutes 30 40 minutes
08:45and then you have the perfect light
08:52looks good i think that if i ate it i
08:54would probably be hungry in about an
08:56hour and a half afterwards uh but
08:58definitely a good light dinner
09:00so what grade would i give yolanda hadid
09:02for her daily diet i would give her an a
09:07minus i didn't give her an a because of
09:10the goat's milk i'm not a big fan of
09:12that as a snack but other than that it
09:14appears that she has a very very healthy
09:16diet but what about kylie jenner does
09:20kylie jenner have as good of a diet as
09:22yolanda hadid take a peek at this video
09:24here where i react to kylie jenner's
09:26diet and what she eats in a day you may
09:29be a bit surprised it's very different
09:30than yolanda's
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What grade did Dr. Anthony Youn give to Yolanda Hadid's diet?

Dr. Anthony Youn gave Yolanda Hadid's diet an A- grade overall.

2. What are the praised choices in Yolanda Hadid's diet?

Dr. Anthony Youn praised Yolanda Hadid's choices like lemon water, oatmeal with organic butter, and salads.

3. What is Dr. Anthony Youn's opinion on Yolanda Hadid's choice of goat milk as a snack?

Dr. Anthony Youn is not a fan of Yolanda Hadid's choice of goat milk as a snack.

4. What are the key highlights of Dr. Anthony Youn's review of Yolanda Hadid's diet?

Dr. Anthony Youn's review of Yolanda Hadid's diet highlights the praised choices including lemon water, oatmeal with organic butter, and salads, and his disapproval of her choice of goat milk as a snack.

5. How did Dr. Anthony Youn critique Yolanda Hadid's diet?

Dr. Anthony Youn provided a detailed critique of Yolanda Hadid's diet, giving it an A- grade overall but also expressing disapproval of her choice of goat milk as a snack.

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