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This video discusses the influence of different planets in the seventh house of Vedic astrology and how it can affect one's future spouse, including their appearance, personality, and characteristics. The planets mentioned include Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu.
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This section discusses the significance of the planet in the seventh house in relation to one's spouse in Vedic astrology.
The seventh house represents various aspects such as the spouse, sexual partner, marriage, adultery, lust, passion, and the character of a spouse.
The video provides guidance for both males and females in understanding their future spouse based on the planet in their seventh house.
It is important to consider other factors like the planet in the first house and its aspect on the seventh house when analyzing one's spouse in astrology.
If the Sun is in the seventh house, your future spouse may be egoistic, famous, from a well-respected family, independent, and career-oriented.
Sun in the seventh house may make your spouse egoistic.
Sun in the seventh house can indicate fame and attraction.
Your spouse may come from a well-respected family if Sun is in the seventh house.
Sun in the seventh house suggests an independent and career-oriented partner.
Moon in the seventh house can indicate a good-looking and emotionally sensitive spouse who is family-oriented and may enjoy traveling.
Moon in the seventh house is considered a blessing for finding a good-looking life partner.
The spouse could be emotionally sensitive and may experience highs and lows.
They may have a caring attitude towards family and enjoy traveling.
Other conjunctions and aspects need to be considered for a more accurate analysis.
If Mercury is placed in the seventh house, the spouse could be fair, good-looking, intelligent, talkative, and youthful in appearance.
Communication is important in the marriage, and the spouse may look younger than their actual age.
The spouse may be logical, happy-go-lucky, friendly, and calculative by nature.
They may also be good at managing financial and household activities.
Having Jupiter in the seventh house indicates the possibility of a loyal, dedicated, caring, and wise spouse.
Jupiter in the seventh house is considered a divine blessing.
Spouse with Jupiter in the seventh house may possess spiritual interests.
Having Venus in the seventh house suggests a beautiful, charismatic, and creative spouse.
When Saturn is in the seventh house in astrology, it can indicate an older or more mature spouse, but a beautiful spouse is still possible.
Saturn in the seventh house can make the spouse slim and tall.
Saturn in the seventh house can make the spouse practical, disciplined, and mature.
There may be a delay in marriage when Saturn is in the seventh house, but it's not always the case. Full horoscope analysis is required for accurate predictions.
00:00good morning my dear boys and girls
00:01welcome back again to your favorite
00:04astrology channel
00:05and which is jupiter astrology and today
00:09in this video we're gonna talk about
00:12your spouse okay so
00:15in this video we're going to talk about
00:17your spouse
00:18something about your spouse according to
00:20the planet that is placed in your
00:22seventh house
00:23because you know in astrology in vedic
00:26astrology seventh house
00:28represent your spouse actually seven
00:29thousand represent a lot of things
00:31right like it represents a spouse it
00:34represents seven thousand represent your
00:36sexual partner
00:37seventh house represent your marriage it
00:40represents your adultery it represents
00:41your lust
00:42passion attribution nature or the
00:44character of a spouse
00:45it represents sexual union it represents
00:48sexual love affairs it represents your
00:51it represents it represent partnership
00:53in business
00:54and a lot of things right a lot of
00:56things are represented
00:58by seventh house so one of the uh
01:01things that is represented by seventh
01:03house is spouse
01:04so today we're gonna talk about that
01:06okay so
01:08if you are male you can watch this video
01:10for your wife if you are female you can
01:11watch this video for your husband
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01:36let's move forward so guys first thing i
01:40would like to tell you
01:42is that you know for seeing
01:45spouse marriage and all these things a
01:47lot of thing we have to see
01:49we have to see let's say you know
01:52seventh house
01:53planet in the seventh house uh the uh
01:57rashi or the sign which is there in the
01:58seventh house also we have to see first
02:01why because from first house if it's
02:04let's say some planet is sitting in the
02:05first house then it will
02:07definitely aspect seventh house from its
02:10seventh aspect okay so
02:13uh it's important to see which planet is
02:16there in the first house also
02:17then we're gonna need to see a lot of
02:20things like
02:21one of the most important thing is that
02:22we need to see the seventh house of d9
02:25chart also
02:26because that is the most important chart
02:28d9 chart is like the
02:31most important chart of vedic slogi so
02:33you're gonna need to see that also and a
02:35lot of things like dara karka
02:37and and a lot of concepts so i just from
02:40basics i start creating videos different
02:42and different i
02:43i have a lot of videos on this channel
02:45and in future we will go to advance also
02:48like we will create about navamsha like
02:50the dna and chart also the arudha lagna
02:52lagna everything we will create but step
02:55by step we are just taking little little
02:57steps and
02:58according to demand i'm just trying to
02:59create video now
03:01let's move back to our topic now
03:04let's go ahead so let's say
03:07if you have sun uh
03:10sun is placed in your seventh house then
03:13what will happen
03:15see when sun is placed in your seventh
03:19then uh maybe your spouse could be
03:22of average height although i am
03:25including again and again that you need
03:27to see
03:27all aspect conjunction and where your
03:30seventh lord is placed dharakarak and a
03:32lot of things and also the navancha
03:35but still i'm just telling you just by
03:37saying that sun is placed in your
03:38seventh house you can
03:40maybe it can happen that your spouse may
03:43average height now voice will be very
03:46and very commanding voice you can see
03:48not very charming
03:50but a commanding voice right because sun
03:53is itself an authority and when
03:55authorities in your seventh house it
03:57shows that your spouse is like
03:58authoritative in nature
04:00and he or she will have a commanding
04:03right may be working in government
04:07or maybe entrepreneur the boss of their
04:11uh you have to be subservient uh-huh
04:15in front of them definitely if you have
04:17son in the seventh house
04:18right maybe a little bit egoistic
04:21in some cases not in every cases if it's
04:24working like in negative way in your
04:26chart in the seventh house then it may
04:28possible that little bit egoistic can
04:30also be there uh although the
04:33personality is good
04:34when you have sun in the seventh house
04:36because obviously sun is like the center
04:37of attraction also
04:39sun is you know significator of fame
04:42also so could be famous also
04:44like maybe some social media celebrity
04:46or real celebrity also
04:47also due to sun influence in your
04:50seventh house it may possible that your
04:52husband or wife could come from a
04:54well-respected family also okay
04:58so apart from that when sun is placed in
05:02the seventh house
05:04uh maybe a
05:08high morality kind of partner you can
05:11right also very independent thinking
05:15this is important they are highly
05:16independent because
05:18sun is like itself an authoritative kind
05:20of thing it's a king
05:22so king is independent obviously
05:24obviously he will take advice from the
05:25people but
05:27he will do what he wants to do just take
05:30advice and finally the final decision is
05:32of king so that's why if you have son in
05:34the seventh house then obviously your
05:36spouse can be like
05:38independent highly independent or i can
05:40just say
05:43also can be possible that he or she
05:45could be from
05:46a rich family also okay if you wants to
05:48know that oh
05:49my spouse can be from bridge family or
05:51not so yes
05:52maybe if you have son in the seventh
05:54house maybe the spouse can be from rich
05:58uh also maybe career oriented
06:03there it is also seen that when sun is
06:05in the seventh house then spouse can be
06:07career oriented because obviously that
06:09significant kind of thing right there
06:12because that is important for them also
06:15competitive and authoritative and
06:17leadership skills are there in your
06:20like if son is this is in the seventh
06:21house then your spouse
06:23definitely have competitive
06:25authoritative and leadership skills
06:28right uh
06:31so overall these kind of things are seen
06:34when your sun is placed in your seventh
06:36house now
06:38these things can be molded if you have
06:41different planet expecting it
06:44conjunction of different planet let's
06:45say for example you have sun venus then
06:47it's like
06:48what what it's like sun venus are like
06:51charming personality
06:52charismatic attractive personality
06:55beautiful kind of personalities there
06:57everything has their plus and minus you
07:00know but
07:00the good thing is that personality wise
07:03he or she could be attractive if sun
07:05venus is there
07:06in your seventh house right
07:09so this is all about sun now let's move
07:12on to next planet
07:13which is moon so if you have
07:16moon in your seventh house then your
07:20spouse could be good looking
07:22right charming uh have adorable face
07:27could be uh may be fair
07:31and you know mo is the queen of
07:34planetary kingdom and its placement in
07:37seventh house is considered to be
07:38it's good generally and i or i can say
07:43that it's considered
07:44to be very good actually now if you have
07:46moon in the 7000 it may possible that
07:49your spouse could be
07:51he or she could be childish like
07:54in their look also and also very
07:57motherly and caring kind of attitude
07:59like if you want a spouse who is like
08:01motherly and caring
08:02is really good because in that case the
08:04partner is caring
08:06she may cook for you she may you know
08:09take care of you and all these kind of
08:11things are seen when sun is placed in
08:12your sorry
08:13moon is place in your seventh house now
08:16skin will also be
08:18silky and smooth when moon is there in
08:20your seventh house
08:22now moon is very good planet for uh
08:26good looking life partner to be honest
08:28with you if you want to know like
08:29good looking life partner then moon in
08:31your seventh house is like a blessing
08:33for you obviously
08:34uh moon in seventh house can give you a
08:38beautiful husband or wife obviously
08:40beautiful wife
08:41and some husband as per astrology this
08:43is true
08:47again i am just adding we need to see
08:50other conjunction
08:51and aspect and all those all these
08:53things are important but generally these
08:54things are there
08:56now when moon is there in the seventh
08:59your spouse could also be emotional okay
09:03sensitive sentimental okay kind of
09:07things can also be there
09:09uh emotionally sometime it's like she
09:12may be sometimes emotionally feel low
09:14like sometime high these things are also
09:17be there these things can be seen like
09:19in some cases
09:25now when moon is there in seven
09:26thousands your spouse could be home
09:29like family caring attitude kind of
09:31person is there
09:32so overall generally we can say that
09:36also i would like to add one more thing
09:37that when moon is there in seventh house
09:39your spouse could also like to travel
09:41so generally when moon is placed in your
09:43seventh house then it is considered to
09:45be a good
09:46for you okay now let's move on to our
09:50planet which is mars when you have
09:54mars in your seventh house
09:57then the you know one would get
10:03now when you have mars in your seventh
10:06of your chart then the spouse
10:10appearance can be beautiful can be slim
10:14can be athletic also okay because mars
10:17is like
10:18all these things the placement can give
10:22medium kind of complexion and
10:25mars will give you actually a spouse
10:29a good height now he or she have
10:32temperament problem although right maybe
10:35like sometime
10:36angry kind of things are seen and also
10:40in ayurveda there is pith vat pitka
10:43so may be very heat she has she or he
10:48heat inside body more like pith kind of
10:51thing is there inside their body
10:53now if it is afflicted then obviously
10:56there may be some quarrel some nature
10:57also can be seen
10:59but if it's not afflicted then good side
11:00is also there
11:02they may be smart and talkative also now
11:05uh when mars is in your seventh house
11:09then maybe like the well-built athletic
11:12type of body scene
11:14also when mars is placed in your seventh
11:18then one's husband or wife is like
11:22energetic kind of person they have
11:26influential also right uh
11:30aggressive little bit of aggressive
11:32although it's not
11:33that much like uh commanding like the
11:36sun in the seventh house if you compare
11:38if you compare it's less why because
11:41sun is the leader it's like the king
11:44and uh sun is the king actually and
11:47mars is like the warrior kind of person
11:50he's like the army journal okay so
11:54you see the difference so that's why
11:57it's also actually uh aggressive but not
12:00that much commanding like the sun okay i
12:02hope you get the difference
12:04now now also
12:08it may also possible that they may be
12:11you know sensual also when mars is their
12:13seventh house physical kind of thing
12:16pleasure sexual pleasure they have more
12:17desire for that
12:19uh these things can also be seen when
12:21mars is there because physical kind of
12:23thing is important for them
12:24also physically he or she could be
12:26strong and attractive obviously
12:28they would love to do exercises
12:32and work out and all these things are
12:34important for them
12:36uh now there are a lot of things
12:39that you can see but again you can
12:41you're gonna have to see
12:43aspect conjunction and then d9 chart and
12:46then a lot of things for
12:48you know seeing everything so this is
12:51general prediction when you have mars in
12:53seventh house now let's move on to our
12:56next planet which
12:57is mercury now let's say mercury's place
13:01in your seventh house and what kind of
13:03spouse appearance or spouse will you get
13:06now if
13:07mercury is placed in your seventh house
13:08then a spouse could be fair
13:11right good-looking spouse could be
13:14witty and a jolly kind of individual and
13:16the good thing over here is
13:17is mercury is the significance of
13:18intelligence so spouse could be
13:20intelligent and talkative also
13:22she or he would love to communicate
13:24communication is important for you if
13:26you have mercury in the seventh house
13:28then marriage without communication for
13:30you is like the
13:32abortion for unionship you can consider
13:34that as well
13:36so you have to communicate uh when
13:39mercury is there in seventh house then
13:40communication is like the most important
13:42part so you have to communicate
13:44spouse can be of youthful nature because
13:46mercury is the significator of that
13:48the spouse will
13:52look very young even in their late 40s
13:55if you have mercury in their seventh
13:57house okay so that's really a great
13:59thing because
14:00your spouse will look younger younger
14:02younger their age will be more and their
14:04people like oh your spouse is look look
14:06so young
14:07these kind of things are there you know
14:09when you see some people they
14:11have very younger look according to
14:12their age when you ask their age they're
14:14like hey i am 40 and they look like 32
14:17and you were like how can that be
14:19possible so this is the influence of
14:21mercury the
14:22people who have blessing of mercury look
14:24younger actually when mercury is there
14:25you know seven thousand spouse could be
14:28you know happy going just playful jolly
14:31kind of individual very friendly
14:33also he or she could be very friendly
14:35and very calculative
14:37uh by nature right and
14:41maybe he or she had good calculation
14:44uh she would manage financial and
14:47household activity could
14:48very well right if you are watching for
14:51your wife then it's possible
14:53and also for your husband it is possible
14:55because mercury is the significant of
14:57all these things
14:58so overall you will get a very clever
15:01uh intelligent and a talkative and a
15:03youthful kind of partner if you have
15:05mercury in your seventh house
15:07now let's talk about jupiter what will
15:10gonna happen if you have jupiter's place
15:12in your seventh house
15:15so guys see jupiter
15:18is the blessing of god first thing i
15:20told you
15:21so jupiter is one of the most important
15:23planet and jupiter is actually
15:26the planet which we see first if let's
15:28say you have
15:29any worst placement in your chart so
15:32what an slogan see in your chart
15:34that if that placement has aspect of
15:38then the negative effect will be like go
15:41okay or we can see in some cases it will
15:43nullify also
15:45that much power jupiter has so can you
15:48imagine that's why it's called to be a
15:50blessing of god because it is the
15:51blessing of god
15:52no matter where it sits originally
15:55it's like it's nature is like the
15:57blessing of god
15:58it's good actually so if you're seventh
16:01lord which is like the jupiter which is
16:03the blessing of god sit in your seventh
16:05house so you can obviously imagine it's
16:07really good
16:08so spouse will be well educated uh
16:11have well developed body maybe little
16:16may have well developed body he or she
16:19will be well educated
16:21fair medium height and will have
16:24magnetic personality overall it's good
16:26i'm again telling you now uh
16:30when jupiter is there in your seventh
16:34then your spouse would be loyal okay he
16:37or she could be loyal towards you that
16:39is really a great thing so if you want
16:40loyal spouse i already created a video
16:42on loyal spouse
16:44uh i discuss some combination over there
16:46you can also see that and one of them
16:48the one of the combination is that if
16:50you have jupiter in the seventh house
16:52there are chances that your spouse would
16:53be loyal he or she will be dedicated
16:57caring towards you right
17:00loyal dedicated spouse and a caring
17:03nature is also
17:04there although moon also gave caring
17:05nature but jupiter can also
17:07give you caring nature very honest
17:09spouse this is the great thing because
17:11if you want an honest
17:12and dedicated loyal spouse then jupiter
17:14in the seventh house is like blessing
17:16for you
17:17a very wise knowledgeable kind of person
17:20and he or she could be full of
17:22wisdom right see wisdom
17:25comes from jupiter so if you have
17:27jupiter in the seventh house and
17:28definitely your spouse will have a good
17:30wisdom now again i told you earlier that
17:34jupiter in the seventh house is like
17:35divine blessing is the blessing of the
17:36word for you
17:39so guys overall it may also possible
17:41that when jupiter is placed in your
17:42seventh house
17:43she could have or he could have
17:46interesting spirituality
17:48kind of thing spiritual things okay
17:50these things are also possible so
17:51overall it's really a good when you have
17:53jupiter in the seventh house
17:55now let's talk about my favorite planet
17:58which is
17:58venus what will gonna happen when venus
18:03is placed in the seventh house which is
18:05beauty which is
18:06passion which is fashion which is all
18:09amazing luxurious lifestyle amazing
18:12everything which is amazing in this
18:13world is venus
18:16so what happened when it sit in your
18:18seventh house obviously you can guess it
18:20it's good actually the person who have
18:23venus in their seventh house most
18:26will have beautiful charismatic look
18:29spouse okay so if you are female then
18:32and you have venus in the seventh house
18:34and obviously your husband will be
18:37and very amazing very creative kind of
18:40spouse you will have
18:42and i can say simply that it's it's
18:44actually amazing to have venus in your
18:46seventh house in terms of beauty and
18:48luxury comfort these kind of things also
18:51spouse me interested in creative arts
18:54media any kind of venus related domain
18:56kind of things
18:57he or she could be interested in that
18:59when you have venus's place in your
19:01seventh house
19:02okay um also when venus plays in your
19:06seventh house
19:08of your uh chart then basically
19:12you know bless it basically venus bless
19:16native with
19:16stunning smart spouse right and
19:19especially if you are a man
19:21and you have venus in your seventh house
19:22then you just stand out of the chair and
19:25jump and
19:26just do some celebration because
19:29this is like the you know best thing
19:31because you're gonna have a very very
19:33beautiful spouse
19:34very beautiful wife especially for the
19:36man because for men
19:38venus is placed in your seventh house
19:40and also for
19:41men venus is the significator of their
19:43voice so it is placed in your seventh
19:45so amazing beautiful spouse okay
19:48this is actually a good uh placement for
19:52happiness although venus in seventh
19:54house the person who have
19:56venus in seventh house they will get
19:58amazing spouse
19:59but actually from inside
20:03they themselves are like attracted
20:05towards many
20:06you know females so this is like the
20:10so but they are lucky because they will
20:12have amazing spouse
20:14amazing partner i can say that uh
20:17he or she would be romantically inclined
20:19towards you
20:21fond of obviously physical sexual
20:22pleasure also
20:24uh can be from very rich family
20:27and he or she could also found of
20:29luxurious leisure also like she or she
20:31want all comfort and all these kind of
20:34so overall you will get amazing kind of
20:36a spouse
20:37beautiful creative kind of person if you
20:40venus is placed in your seventh house
20:43now let's talk about
20:45saturn okay so what will gonna happen
20:49if saturn is placed in your seventh
20:52house so see
20:54uh saturn
20:57when place in your seventh house then
21:00your spouse could be like
21:02you know old from you right older from
21:06or if it's not older then he or she
21:08could be mature
21:10more mature than you right so when when
21:13saturn in
21:14seventh house actually i have seen
21:15whether it's actually
21:17practical i have seen in main chart that
21:19when saturn is there in
21:21uh seventh house whether they have an
21:23older spouse
21:25or they have the spouse which is
21:28uh like us
21:31younger than them but very mature
21:34right very mature and practical person
21:38uh you know for
21:41although we need to see a lot of
21:43combination for this also
21:45now if saturn is there in seventh house
21:47some people say that you will not have
21:48beautiful spouse actually this is wrong
21:51because if saturn is zero seventh house
21:53maybe some planet
21:54other is in your first house second
21:56house eighth house we need to see a lot
21:58of things
21:59right so i have to be honest with you i
22:01have seen some chart which in which
22:03the person have planet saturn in the
22:07seventh house
22:08even then he has such a beautiful spouse
22:11like what can i tell you and
22:14she is practical and mature also that is
22:17due to like the planet
22:18venus etc in the second house and a lot
22:21of other placement also
22:23so that's why overall chart analysis is
22:25required so you can just
22:26uh go for personal consultation links
22:29are in description
22:30okay so when saturn is there in seventh
22:34then uh and saturn can make your spouse
22:38slim and tall also
22:40okay and also also when saturn is placed
22:43in your seventh house then it make your
22:44spouse very practical
22:46and disciplined right matured kind of
22:49overall i can say um
22:53also saturn is a significator of delay
22:57so when saturn in your
22:59certain is place in your seventh house
23:01it may possibly
23:02delay now listen it may possible that
23:05you will have
23:06delay in your marriage now just stop
23:08over here
23:09i am saying it may possible not in every
23:12cases because again i have seen person
23:14having certain in the seventh house
23:16and some other planet expecting the
23:18saturn due to which they even get
23:20married at the age of 21
23:22right so it is not like that for
23:24everyone but in some cases it is seen
23:27right so for that again full horoscope
23:29analysis is required
23:32now saturn in the seventh house will
23:34give you very dutiful
23:36accountable sensible hard-working kind
23:38of individual
23:39they are more work oriented toward for
23:41work toward their
23:42oh sorry focus towards their work uh if
23:45you have said in the seventh house then
23:46your spouse is like variable let's say
23:48for example you are you are a male
23:50and you have certain your seventh house
23:52and your spouse your wife is like
23:54housewife then they
23:56work like the housework all the
24:00home kind of work that they do like any
24:02cooking and all these kind of stuff
24:04they do it with their heart they do it
24:06with the very dedication and
24:08in a very good manner actually uh so
24:11that's really great
24:12oh guys it is also seen when saturn is
24:14there in your 7 000
24:16maybe your spouse can be less romantic
24:19but actually very trustworthy kind of
24:22individual when saturn is there in
24:23seventh house
24:25now let's talk about next planet
24:29which is rahu what will happen
24:32when rahu is placed in your seventh
24:37see whenever uh you heard this word
24:40rahu so rahu is a planet which is like
24:44foreign or exotic kind of thing first
24:46thing is foreign if you want to
24:48see foreign kind of thing in horoscope
24:51first see rahu rahu is the planet
24:53which make person attraction towards
24:55foreign thing
24:57so first thing i would like to tell you
24:58that if you have rao in the seventh
25:00placement then it is one of the
25:03right that you may marry someone who is
25:05from different country
25:07foreign land or from different religion
25:10or different caste culture these things
25:12are seen when rahu is there in your
25:14seventh house
25:15now it may also possible that you have
25:17rao in the seventh house till you marry
25:19to someone from your
25:20own country yes it may possible
25:23but still if the other indication is
25:26there and rao is there in your seventh
25:27house then again
25:29you're gonna marry someone who's from
25:30different country overseas
25:33now if rao is there in your seventh
25:36house then your spouse could be like
25:38different maybe they will have some they
25:40will try to
25:42just do hair style differently maybe
25:46try to put some brown or blunt color
25:48here you know they are like exotic they
25:50are different from other people
25:52so simply this thing can be seen also
25:56when rao is there in seven thousand
25:57their life partner will be proved to be
25:59superior in mentality also these things
26:01are also seen
26:02he or she does not wish to follow
26:06a principle of orthodox norms of society
26:09they wants to break the barrier they
26:11does not want to follow these
26:13society principle
26:14uh so if you have rao in the seventh
26:16house maybe your spouse wants to break
26:18the barriers do something which is
26:19different they would not like to follow
26:21your tradition culture these things are
26:22seen obviously
26:24and the person who has the influence of
26:25raoul like me
26:27they do not wants to follow their
26:31norms etc they want to create something
26:33different which is good in some cases
26:36okay so obviously you have to change
26:39old to create something new
26:43although when rahu is in your seventh
26:45house spouse will be
26:48sharp mentally right there there are
26:50possibility that your spouse will be
26:52like mentally sharp
26:54and uh intellectually also she will be
26:58like cunning intellectually and mentally
27:01she will be clever also
27:02okay when rahu is placed in your seventh
27:06finally let's talk about k2 what will
27:08gonna happen when your
27:10k2 is placed in your seventh house of
27:12your horoscope
27:15now guys k2 is that ketu is placed in
27:17your seventh house
27:20then it makes your life partner very
27:24okay uh very religious kind of
27:30you know spirituality religion all these
27:34are seen when ketu is placed in your
27:36seventh house also
27:37if you ketu is in your seventh house
27:38then it may possible that your spouse
27:41may have interest in astrology occurred
27:43tarot card rating all these kind of
27:45occult sciences mystic sciences
27:48something which is like different from
27:49the word lord spirituality the the
27:51interest in these things are seen when
27:53ketu is placed in your seventh house
27:55also ketu give grace kind of color
27:58so maybe spouse would have interest like
28:01their hair
28:02to turn their hair into this kind of
28:04color like the blunt or gray
28:06grays kind of things can be seen now
28:16ketu is there in your seventh house then
28:18your spouse
28:19maybe do not like to be in front of
28:21camera they would like to
28:22like let's say for example they had
28:24given two option one is to
28:26come and work in front of camera one is
28:28to come behind the scene
28:30then if rahu is there in your seventh
28:32house then your spouse will choose to
28:33work in front of the camera they would
28:35like to be in camera they wants to be
28:36famous and also i would like to tell you
28:38that one thing i forget
28:39when rau is there in your seventh house
28:41then spouse can also be famous
28:42okay because rao is the main
28:44significator of that worldly
28:46fame and when ketu in their seven
28:48thousand ketu is like
28:50uh ketu doesn't care about the fame okay
28:53if ketu is in your seventh house then
28:55your spouse is like hey i'm interested
28:57in working behind
28:58the camera okay so these things are also
29:01so overall like spiritual and all these
29:04kind of interests
29:05in cul de sector all these things are
29:07seen when ketu is there in your seventh
29:09so guys this was my analysis according
29:12to the different planet in your seventh
29:15so uh next time we will create more and
29:18more videos we are going
29:20step by step on the upper level so
29:23hope you enjoy this video please hit
29:24that like button and i will catch you in
29:26the next video till then bye
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How can the position of Sun in the seventh house affect one's future spouse?

The position of the Sun in the seventh house of Vedic astrology can influence the appearance and personality of one's future spouse. It can indicate a confident and authoritative partner with strong leadership qualities.

2. What are the characteristics of a spouse influenced by the Moon in the seventh house?

When the Moon is in the seventh house of Vedic astrology, it can indicate a sensitive, nurturing, and emotional spouse. They may be highly intuitive and caring in their approach to relationships.

3. How does the position of Mars in the seventh house impact one's future spouse?

Mars in the seventh house can symbolize a passionate, assertive, and energetic spouse. They may be ambitious and independent, with a strong drive for success.

4. What does Mercury in the seventh house reveal about a future spouse?

Mercury in the seventh house of Vedic astrology can indicate a communicative, witty, and intelligent spouse. They may have a sharp sense of humor and intellectual curiosity.

5. How does the position of Jupiter in the seventh house influence a future spouse?

When Jupiter is in the seventh house, it can signify a wise, generous, and optimistic spouse. They may bring abundance, growth, and positivity into the relationship.

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