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The video discusses the differences between two Nintendo Switch emulators for PC, Ryujinx and Yuzu. Ryujinx is free to use, stable, and focuses on compatibility, while Yuzu has more popularity, income, and focuses on high performance. The speaker recommends Ryujinx, but warns against piracy.
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The video discusses the differences between the Nintendo Switch emulators Yuzu and Ryujinx.
Ryujinx started development in 2017 and has become stable over the years.
It is capable of running several games from Nintendo.
The emulator is free to use and accepts hardware donations for further development.
The video discusses the differences between the yuzu and ryujinx emulators, highlighting yuzu's controversy with piracy and its strict support in the discord community.
Yuzu is a popular emulator known for its compatibility with Android phones.
Yuzu has a paid version called Airlix Access, but also offers a free version.
Ryujinx emulator has established itself well and has a stable monthly income.
Yuzu is praised for its ability to emulate games at high performance.
The video discusses the differences between Yuzu and Ryujinx emulators, where Yuzu offers high performance but requires payment for access, while Ryujinx is free but lacks compatibility with recent Nintendo games.
Yuzu offers high performance and access to versions with improvements, but requires payment.
Ryujinx is free and available to the public, but lacks compatibility with recent Nintendo games.
Yuzu focuses on performance, while Ryujinx aims for a stable and compatible experience.
00:06Hello, how are you my friends, welcome
00:09back once again to your channel, our
00:11channel emulation storage Gaming Well what we
00:14will do today is that
00:15we will talk more for sure about what
00:17is a small detailed and concise
00:19difference between
00:22Nintendo switch emulators for PC called YouTube
00:24versus Well when we have several
00:27options there comes a time when we don't
00:29know what to choose and that my friends I
00:31'm talking to you about which
00:32Nintendo switch emulator is best for your
00:35benefits and when I say benefit I
00:37mean the one that serves you best but well let
00:39's get into the matter, we will start talking
00:42about the emulator called ryujings which
00:44began its development back in 2017
00:47more precisely at the end of the aforementioned
00:49damage where its developer Gigi decided to
00:52start this great project that little by
00:54little took off at first
00:56only and only served what
00:58puyo puyo Tetris was at frames per
01:01second what madness no one who plays as
01:03simple as puyo chicken Tetris is
01:05took a step towards a great story that is
01:08still being forged in terms of emulators
01:09today after six years We
01:12are already in a point where the emulator is
01:14considered stable in quotes, I say
01:16stable in quotes Because at least
01:18several games from the great
01:20Nintendo that it launches are already useful, well, practically
01:21obvious in terms of economic terms,
01:24this small but powerful emulator manages
01:26to reach the figure of 2,200 dollars
01:29per month, this without Note that
01:31they also accept donations of hardware
01:33such as GPS cpus and everything that
01:36could contribute positively to the
01:38development of the emulator. Let's
01:40also remember that this emulator is 100% free,
01:42you don't have to pay absolutely anything and
01:45they are usually very open with the
01:47community. We as long
01:49as we have something to contribute if you
01:51can't Sometimes they also have their
01:53random moments well on the other side
01:57of the coin we have the very popular
01:58emulator that
02:00the launch of Zelda Tears of the
02:02Kingdom catapulted even more to
02:04international fame That's right friends, I'm
02:07talking to you, I'm talking to you about nothing more and nothing less
02:08than the emulator called yuzu involved
02:12in controversies in relation to
02:13piracy, if they download
02:15pirated games but no one finds out, eh In
02:17short, a fairly decent emulator with
02:19good monthly income which is
02:2085 % more than the ryujins emulator has
02:23established itself quite a bit today
02:24also due to its recently
02:27released compatibility with Android phones, more
02:29precisely with the snapdragon range, that is, I
02:31am telling you that we already have an
02:33emulator for Android, which is the
02:37normal Access and well In this case you
02:39can pay directly by
02:41obtaining what the airlix Access is Or you
02:43only download what is the
02:45normal version there is another emulator called
02:47sinusima xnx But for that you have to
02:49buy directly a control that
02:51they sell as such or also pay
02:54monthly to access access to the
02:57emulator which is quite stable
02:59but well I focused on the focus point
03:01of this video then the counterpart of
03:04this YouTube emulator is that its support
03:06let's say in the discord community is
03:08quite strict unlimited where if you
03:11are not a subscriber In other words, a donor
03:13will not have the attention you require and they
03:15will treat you in a disinterested manner, but
03:16the emulator does pay quite a bit.
03:18And that is its ability to emulate games at
03:22high performance, not so much on Android since they
03:24recently released that
03:26emulator on phones, but oh well. At
03:28least there are some that work
03:29decently and others not so much that at least
03:32they boot and this small but lethal
03:34PC emulator on Access Day and use
03:37that began in 2018 back in
03:40January surprises many with its ability
03:42to run games at high speeds. frames per
03:45second fps but well. Remember that to
03:48have access to the experimental version
03:50that brings improvements you must pay at least 5
03:53dollars a month so that you
03:55can obtain, for example, access to
03:58versions of the emulator with high
04:00compatibility in games among other
04:01things. that benefit
04:03the emulation in a positive way and that take a long time
04:06Well, because they are like they
04:07say test testing process is
04:09to be added to the mainline version which
04:11is like the official version says the
04:13free version of the emulator now so
04:16let's get down to business. which would be
04:19a decision about which emulator would be
04:22best in my case. I will place a
04:24scale so that you can focus on
04:26which one you like the most and in the end
04:28I will tell you what I like in my
04:30case, what I do in videos, what
04:31I enjoy the most. etc. Well, I
04:34'll make it simple for you. I use it to focus on
04:36performance, ignoring
04:38compatibility and stability a bit. It has
04:40almost no compatibility with the games that have
04:42recently come out that the great Nintendo
04:45releases and you have to pay to get access,
04:47as they say, to attention. VIP
04:50which is not so good and also adding
04:52that to have access to the emulator that
04:55brings very very good improvements that take a
04:57long time for free. Remember
04:59that channel you can find everything you
05:02need for free without advertising and it
05:05focuses a little on performance but
05:08quite enter what is a
05:10stable and compatible enjoyable experience
05:12in ryujins when the great
05:14Nintendo releases a new game usually
05:16in that emulator That's how it is in the free one in
05:19which it is public for everyone
05:20they serve the games from the beginning if
05:23you can't in a few hours it will already be
05:25useful. The advantage of this is
05:28that they are free. For example,
05:30yesterday, August 18, they recently released
05:32what was Red Dead Redemption for the switch,
05:34which at first in the
05:36reviews was not useful but after a few hours it was
05:39already useful. It was serving, believe me, at that
05:41time the developers decided to
05:43create a public, or, as they say,
05:44an improvement so that the emulator
05:46could run it in an almost optimal way. Of course,
05:49that is recent, be careful and code well,
05:51program the emulator so that it works
05:54immediately. No. It's so easy to
05:56say the least, but even so, Ryujing focuses
05:58on ensuring that those of us who don't pay but
06:01only donate optionally have,
06:04as they say, a cool experience
06:06with the emulator for free and in a
06:08stable and good way, my friends, in this
06:11case I'll tell you the pros I gave you the
06:13cons and it's up to each person what to
06:15choose to make their afternoon an
06:17emulable afternoon. Personally, I recommend
06:20reviews because it let me play Red Dead
06:22Redemption 1 when it was released
06:24yesterday, August 18, while on
06:27YouTube it hasn't yet It's useful and let's remember the
06:29big difference that a small pause
06:31when you go to their discord or
06:33use ryujings, never in your [ __ ] life
06:36ask for Kiss games or firmware because that
06:39is totally illegal piracy and they
06:40are legally constituted if you want
06:43those things ask me I use it as such
06:45It has a lot of income While the
06:48reviews emulator barely reaches 2,200
06:51dollars versus and I use that it is 36 thousand
06:53dollars per month it is a lot of money but
06:56well in this case I hope that my
06:58clarification or my opinion and my review
07:00has been quite useful to you, don't forget my
07:02name is Abi And this is emulations
07:04Gaming Goodbye friends
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the differences between Ryujinx and Yuzu?

Ryujinx and Yuzu are two popular Nintendo Switch emulators for PC. Ryujinx is known for being free to use, stable, and focuses on compatibility, while Yuzu has more popularity, generates income, and focuses on high performance.

2. Which emulator is recommended in the video and why?

The speaker recommends Ryujinx in the video because it is free to use, stable, and places a high emphasis on compatibility. It provides a smooth and reliable gaming experience for users.

3. What are the key features of Ryujinx and Yuzu mentioned in the video?

In the video, the key features of Ryujinx mentioned are its stability, compatibility, and being free to use. For Yuzu, its popularity, income generation, and focus on high performance are highlighted.

4. How does Ryujinx differ from Yuzu in terms of focus and target audience?

Ryujinx focuses on compatibility, stability, and provides a free experience for users, targeting those who prioritize a reliable gaming experience. On the other hand, Yuzu focuses on high performance, popularity, and income generation, targeting users who seek top-notch performance.

5. What caution is given regarding the use of Ryujinx and Yuzu in the video?

In the video, a caution against piracy is given, emphasizing the importance of using emulators like Ryujinx and Yuzu for legitimate purposes and respecting intellectual property rights.

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