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The video discusses the differences between nicotine pouches, Snus, and dip products, highlighting their benefits, harms, and potential risks for harm reduction compared to smoking or vaping. It also emphasizes the negative effects of addiction and the potential risks of using nicotine-free and tobacco-free dip products, while offering alternatives to nicotine's stimulating effects. Additionally, the video mentions the development of a nicotine-mimicking supplement that aims to replicate the benefits of nicotine without containing addictive substances.
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This section discusses the differences between nicotine pouch products like Zyn and Snus, as well as the dangers and potential benefits of these products.
Zyn uses pharmaceutical grade nicotine produced in a lab, while Velo derives nicotine from the tobacco plant.
The section also mentions dip products like Skull Copenhagen, which are put between the lip and gums.
The video aims to explain the benefits, harms, and dangers of these products compared to smoking or vaping, as well as provide information on quitting.
ZYN nicotine pouches can lead to agitation, cravings, and withdrawals due to the rapid absorption and excretion of nicotine salts.
Nicotine salts in ZYN and disposable vapes are absorbed and excreted quickly, leading to faster consumption.
ZYN contains an ingredient called Ace K or aspartame, which has potential side effects such as headaches, dizziness, memory problems, and links to cancer.
There are concerns about the safety of aspartame when absorbed through the mucosal tissue in the gums.
The negative side effects of using ZYN nicotine pouches include addiction, negative impact on dopamine function, and negative effects on endothelial health and blood flow.
Addiction is the worst side effect, causing a deficit of dopamine over time.
ZYN and other nicotine products negatively impact endothelial health and blood flow.
ZYN has applied to become a modified risk tobacco product, claiming lower risks of mouth cancer, heart disease, lung cancer, stroke.
Zyn nicotine pouches have less carcinogens compared to traditional tobacco products like cigarettes, due to their process of steam curating the tobacco and pasteurizing it.
The production process of Zyn involves steam curating and pasteurizing the tobacco, resulting in less tobacco-specific nitrosamines (TSNAs) or carcinogens.
Traditional tobacco products like cigarettes have tons of TSNAs.
Zyn is a better option than smoking cigarettes for harm reduction potential.
Dr. Brad Rodu's book "For Smokers Only" discusses the harm reduction potential of dipping tobacco and snus-related products for people addicted to smoking.
Swedish Match is the only company with a modified tobacco product; dipping tobacco is made through a process of fermentation and fire curating the tobacco, which leads to higher levels of tsnas.
Dipping tobacco is meant to be swallowed, but it is encouraged to spit to avoid health problems.
Long cut is rougher on the gums than a moist pouch, which can lead to repetitive damage to the same spot in the mouth and cause oral cancer.
Swedish Match has a modified tobacco product, while other companies like Altria are still in the process of applying for it.
Nicotine pouches like Zyn are considered safer than traditional tobacco products, but they can still potentially cause irritation to the gum line and increase the risk of gum diseases.
Zyn nicotine pouches do not contain tobacco, but they still have the potential to cause repetitive damage to the gum tissue.
The exact risk of mouth cancer from using nicotine pouches is unknown.
Other ingredients used in these products, such as aspartame and sucralose, should also be taken into consideration.
Nicotine stimulates dopamine production, increases acetylcholine for focus and memory, and has a relaxing effect on skeletal muscle, but there are other ways to achieve these effects without the health risks and addiction of nicotine products.
Nicotine stimulates dopamine production in the short term.
It prevents the breakdown of acetylcholine, which helps with focus and working memory.
Nicotine has a relaxing effect on skeletal muscle.
There are other ways to achieve these effects without the health risks and addiction of nicotine products.
00:00in today's brief video I want to discuss
00:02the very important differences between
00:04nicotine pouch products such as Zen I
00:08want to discuss Snus products such as
00:11general snot made by Swedish match and I
00:14also want to discuss dip products that
00:17are made by U.S smokeless such as skull
00:20Copenhagen things that people would
00:22refer to as dipping tobacco people will
00:25also call this chewing tobacco although
00:27technically chewing tobacco is the stuff
00:29that you put in your cheek and you chew
00:30dipping tobacco is what you put in
00:32between your lip and your gums in either
00:35a pouch or a long cut or a fine cut form
00:37in today's video the goal is going to be
00:41to explain the benefits of these
00:43products the harms of these products the
00:46dangers of these products compared to
00:48smoking or vaping a potential risk for
00:52harm reduction and then provide you with
00:55information on quitting these products
00:58one of the last things in today's video
01:00I'm going to review is a nicotine free
01:03tobacco-free dip product we're going to
01:06talk about the dangers of that and the
01:09potential benefits now if you're new to
01:11my channel my name is Dr Frank I'm the
01:13founder of addiction mindset recovery
01:15coaching programs where we help people
01:17quit nicotine THC energy drinks and
01:20adult media content substances I was
01:22once addicted to if you wind up enjoying
01:25today's video be sure to check out our
01:27free seven step guide on how to quit
01:30nicotine it's free for immediate
01:32download and the pinned comment or the
01:34video description link let's start with
01:37talking about the differences between
01:39Zen nicotine pouches and a product like
01:43Velo nicotine pouches okay we're going
01:46to start with Zen because this is very
01:48popular so Zinn is a nicotine pouch that
01:51uses pharmaceutical grade nicotine okay
01:55so it's produced and made in a lab it's
01:58a very very stable form of nicotine
02:01nicotine salts
02:02now if we look at a product like Velo
02:04which is their Vivo however you
02:06pronounce that people think they're the
02:08same thing but they're not the nicotine
02:11in these pouches are actually derived
02:14from the tobacco plant so although this
02:17product is free of tobacco leaves this
02:21is not a tobacco-free product
02:23technically because the nicotine is
02:26derived from the tobacco plant
02:28pharmaceutical grade nicotine tobacco
02:30plant drives nicotine now the nicotine
02:33that they use is actually quite
02:35important when it comes to these
02:36products a product like Zen whether it's
02:39three milligram or six milligram
02:41portions that nicotine salt is going to
02:45be absorbed very quickly into your
02:47bloodstream and it's going to exit your
02:50bloodstream equally as quick whereas
02:53nicotine derived from the tobacco plant
02:55not pharmaceutical grade nicotine salts
02:58is going to have a slower rate of
03:00absorption and a bit slower rate of a
03:02excretion from the body so it hangs
03:05around in your system a little longer
03:06now there can be benefit to that because
03:10that means that you're not going to go
03:13through as frequent abouts of
03:15withdrawals if you're addicted to a
03:17product like Zen
03:19it's frequent that you're going to find
03:21yourself going into a state of agitation
03:23and craving and withdrawals because
03:26those nicotine salts enter and exit our
03:28bodies so rapidly this is a very similar
03:30discussion when it comes to vaping a lot
03:32of the Disposable Vapes are nicotine
03:34salts a lot of the mod units are free
03:37based nicotine traditionally what you
03:39would find and let's say like the use of
03:41a cigarette or something like that the
03:43nicotine salts and the disposables
03:45people tend to burn through that much
03:47quicker because of the high rate of
03:50absorption and the high rate of
03:52so that's the first thing just to take
03:54note of when it comes to these two
03:56different products because there is a
03:57difference now another difference when
04:00you look at a product like Zen which is
04:02made by Swedish match which is a fairly
04:04in the world of tobacco respectable
04:07Tobacco Company okay
04:10they give you uh their ingredients if
04:12you go on their website you can readily
04:14see what's within this product
04:17now one of the ingredients that I want
04:19to point out which we're also going to
04:21talk about is found in the flavored
04:23General Snus products is something
04:26called Ace K or aspartame now a lot of
04:30people are going to jump down my throat
04:31on this and say there's not human
04:33studies proving that it's bad for you
04:35okay there's also not human studies
04:38proving that the absorption through of
04:41aspartame through the mucosal tissue in
04:44your gums okay which bypasses your liver
04:47and your GI tract is safe in fact I
04:51would argue what we already know about
04:53aspartame as an artificial sweetener
04:55which it's generally accepted now even
04:58with the not mass amounts of human
05:00studies that it can cause headaches
05:02dizziness forgetfulness memory problems
05:05skin problems stomach problems uh even
05:08there's been links to cancer if you just
05:11go on Reddit and read about side effects
05:14from from you know dipping Zen okay or
05:18snoozing or whatever you want to say Zen
05:20products you'll see a whole host of
05:22strange side effects that you'll read on
05:24through the forms that just don't make
05:26sense and we often see this a lot of
05:28people who use this product that were
05:30helping quit they're suffering from just
05:33weird Health stuff very weird Health
05:35stuff and that might be attributed to
05:39the nicotine and they're having a bad
05:40reaction it might be attributed to that
05:43artificial sweetener Ace K which mind
05:45you is bypassing the liver and the
05:48digestive system it's or I'm sorry your
05:50digestive system it's going directly
05:52into your bloodstream to then get
05:54filtered through your liver and your
05:55kidneys so I would imagine if there's
05:57negative side effects they're enhanced
06:00by not by not passing through our
06:03digestive system so just something to
06:04consider about this product as far as
06:07I'm concerned Velo I believe from what I
06:09understand they use sucralose which is
06:11also an artificial sweetener that
06:13doesn't seem to have the harsh side
06:15effect profile then acek or aspartame
06:18does for some people some people as well
06:21too it's worth mentioning have a very
06:23hard time breaking down aspartame and
06:25may truly have some really negative side
06:27effects from it so something to keep in
06:29mind okay before I continue this
06:33discussion and we get into dipping
06:34tobacco and Snus products and the
06:36differences in those I want to point out
06:39that the the worst side effect of this
06:43is addiction uh as Dr Andrew huberman
06:46beautifully put an addiction is the
06:48progressive narrowing of things in life
06:50that bring us joy lots of our joy in
06:53life comes from dopamine production and
06:56our reward and motivation Pathways in
06:59our brain
07:00all of these products once addiction is
07:03present is going to negatively affect
07:06dopamine function in fact with abuse of
07:10any nicotine product it's going to
07:13result in a deficit of dopamine over
07:17so addiction and the consequences of
07:20addiction that it has on our health on
07:22our relationships on our finances on our
07:25drive on our motivation and on our brain
07:27function should be the primary focal
07:30point of concern for anyone who's
07:32considering quitting these products or
07:35for anyone who's considering starting to
07:37use these products although we are going
07:39to talk about benefits of these products
07:42shortly I think that's very important to
07:45emphasize on top of the fact that each
07:48of these products is also going to
07:50negatively impact endothelial health or
07:53vascular tissue and blood flow it can
07:56damage our joints it reduces blood flow
07:58to our brain it reduces blood flow to
08:00our genitalia right penis vagina
08:03whatever it is you have so all of these
08:05things are worth consideration if you're
08:07getting into these products
08:09now I want to talk a little bit about
08:12your general Snus products so this
08:14company is Swedish match which also
08:17makes Zen okay again
08:19a respectable Tobacco Company okay now
08:24Snus is popular snooze is popular
08:26because in Sweden a lot of people use it
08:29and in Sweden they have pretty low rates
08:33of oral cancers and other health
08:36complications that you would typically
08:37see with a tobacco product like a
08:40cigarette now this is important
08:43because sweetness match has applied back
08:48in 2019 to become a modified risk
08:52tobacco product they are allowed to
08:55claim with their their products their
08:57snooze products that that you are that
09:00you are at a lower risk of mouth cancer
09:02heart disease lung cancer stroke
09:05emphysema and chronic bronchitis now I
09:08think some of those lung conditions like
09:10bronchitis and emphysema and lung cancer
09:13no surprise that you're at a lower risk
09:16for those when you're using a dip
09:17product or a Snus product but what some
09:20people may be surprised to find out is
09:23that you're also at a lower risk
09:24compared to smoking for oral cancers and
09:28mouth Cancers and heart disease Okay the
09:32reason for this
09:34has largely to do with the fact at how
09:37this product is produced okay and we're
09:40going to talk about the production of
09:42this also compared to dipping tobacco
09:44like a skull product or a Copenhagen or
09:47something uh this product is made
09:50through the process of steam curating
09:53the tobacco and pasteurizing it whereas
09:57a product like skull or Copenhagen is
10:00made through a process of fire curating
10:03the tobacco and fermentation now the the
10:08that results in in different levels of
10:12something called
10:14tsnas or tobacco-specific nitrosamates
10:18or nitrosamines okay
10:20these are the little carcinogens that
10:23are linked to cancers in tobacco
10:25products all right
10:27these products have less of those these
10:31products have slightly more of those
10:34cigarettes have tons of those okay
10:39so you want less tobacco specific
10:41nitrosamines or tsnas general Snus has
10:45proven that through their production of
10:47tobacco through this pasteurization and
10:49steam curing that they have accomplished
10:52that which is why they're allowed to
10:53make that claim as a modified risk
10:56tobacco product so it is safe to say if
11:00you are smoking cigarettes this is a
11:04better option for you than smoking
11:07cigarettes I'm not saying doing them in
11:09conjunction with one another switching
11:11to a product like this you can make that
11:14claim and I I will make that claim and I
11:17would encourage anyone who's maybe
11:18considering that to look at the work of
11:20Dr Brad rodu r-o-d-u he wrote the book
11:25for smokers only I linked it in the
11:27video description okay you can find it
11:30on Amazon for smokers only and it's an
11:33incredible book about the harm reduction
11:36potential of Dipping tobacco and snooze
11:40related products for people who are
11:42addicted to smoking and I would argue
11:45and I think we're going to see this
11:47eventually that there's harm reduction
11:49potential in a product like this to
11:53vaping I'm gonna I'm gonna guess we're
11:56gonna see that in the future and it
11:57wouldn't surprise me me that if Swedish
11:59match is going to go for that modified
12:02risk application even to vaping or to
12:04smoking with this product in the future
12:05which they have not done yet but I
12:07understand it takes a long time now on
12:09the product of General I do want to
12:11point this out they're flavored products
12:13in the US ironically enough right not so
12:17much in Europe they contain aspartame
12:20okay so if you're having weird symptoms
12:23from this yes it might be from the
12:24nicotine but it might be from the ace K
12:27so you might want to consider utilizing
12:30an original flavor like the white
12:32portions or the original portions okay
12:36just something to keep in mind now
12:39let's move on
12:41now we have a product like this skull
12:43okay and you can get these in pouches
12:46you can get this in long cut you can get
12:47this in rock you can get this in a Snus
12:50product as well too which again is going
12:54to be that pasteurization process
12:55although I do want to emphasize right
12:58now I think Swedish match is the only
13:00one who has that modified uh to risk
13:03tobacco product I know that other
13:06companies like alteria they're in the
13:08process I believe still of applying for
13:10that for their skull Snus products okay
13:13I don't know if they've received that
13:16though and I think it was actually
13:17Copenhagen that they were applying for
13:19but anyways this is dipping tobacco okay
13:22and this is made through a process of
13:25fermentation and fire curating the
13:27tobacco which leads to slightly higher
13:30levels of tsnas now that would in theory
13:33increase the risk of oral cancer and
13:36other health problems now I will point
13:38something out you spit this tobacco or
13:41at least you shed some people some
13:43people gut it or they swallow it
13:46this is meant to be swallowed you put
13:49this in your upper lip and most people
13:51will swallow the byproducts and the
13:53saliva from it I encourage anyone who's
13:56using any of these products to always
13:58spit I I don't know if you increase your
14:01chances of like pancreatic cancer other
14:03cancers if you're swallowing it but to
14:06me it just seems like a bad idea so I
14:08say even with a product like this or
14:11like Zen I encourage people to spit
14:13especially with all the weird stomach
14:15problems we see people presenting with
14:16with products like Zen okay I encourage
14:19people to I encourage people to spit
14:22anyways back to school pouches so
14:26that and and long cut when it comes to
14:30dipping tobacco you have pouches and you
14:32have long cut long cut generally
14:35speaking that's accepted that it's
14:36rougher on the gums than a moist pouch
14:39and this is very important because when
14:42we look at oral cancers or mutation of
14:46the cells in our mucosa what's happening
14:49is repetitive damage to the same place
14:52over and over again so I dip tobacco I
14:54put it in my mouth in the same spot over
14:56and over and over again eventually those
14:59cells are going to undergo mutations and
15:02that may predispose or directly cause an
15:06oral cancer from that repetitive damage
15:08the same goes for a dry pouch maybe even
15:12more so according to some studies dry
15:16Snus dry dipping pouches with the salts
15:20being more irritating than a moist
15:23product to the gum line something to
15:26consider something to look into I'm not
15:27saying that's facts just that's what
15:30some literature is showing right now
15:32so that's ultimately what might cause
15:35the cancer which brings me to my next
15:37discussion and again look at the work of
15:41Dr Brad rodu for smokers only he has
15:44some interesting commentary on that and
15:46the processes of oral pathologies and
15:49how those come about so that's why they
15:51recommend no matter what product you're
15:53using that you switch the placement
15:55around in your mouth so you're not
15:57damaging the same tissue over and over
15:59and over again and that's why all of
16:02these products do have a risk in theory
16:06of cancer none of these things are
16:09Health Foods I understand that they say
16:11and Zen this product contains nicotine
16:13it doesn't contain tobacco so they don't
16:16have to put the mouth cancer it doesn't
16:18have tobacco leaves so they don't have
16:20to put the mouth cancer warning on there
16:22but in theory because of that repetitive
16:25damage you are still increasing the risk
16:28of mouth cancer now how high is that
16:30risk no idea it might be one percent
16:33compared to the general population might
16:35be 20 it might be point five percent no
16:39idea now that brings us to products like
16:41this there's a lot of products on the
16:44like black Buffalo this is one of them
16:47okay and this is nicotine free and
16:50tobacco-free okay and these are what are
16:54these are these pouches yeah these are
16:55pouches here they look like your
16:57traditional dipping pouches a lot of
16:59people are under the assumption okay
17:01it's nicotine free it's tobacco-free
17:03it's 100 safe it's safer because you're
17:06not going to get the negative side
17:07effects of nicotine which is ultimately
17:09going to lead result in a dopamine
17:11deficit and blood vessel constriction
17:13and you know possible stomach irritation
17:16and skin condition problems and
17:18headaches and withdrawals and Cravings
17:20you're not going to get all that but you
17:22are still going to get the irritation to
17:25the gum line and if you repetitively
17:27damage the same area over and over and
17:29over and over again you still
17:31potentially have a risk for a disease
17:35process of mucosal or gum tissue so
17:39these things although safer arguably
17:42arguably not 100 percent safe and we
17:46also want to take into consideration are
17:48these products using ingredients like
17:50aspartame Ace case sucralose how are
17:53these flavored now I will say this
17:56I've used uh I think it was Outlaw dip
18:00the tobacco-free nicotine free product
18:02and I I think he's changed his formula
18:06but when I tried that it tore up my gums
18:09like I was getting jaw pain from it and
18:12I think it had to do with whatever blend
18:14he uses to mimic the tobacco blend so
18:17that's going to be very important for
18:19you to pay attention to yeah I've never
18:21opened this if you get into using these
18:23products okay what are they using and
18:27how rough is that ingredient on your gum
18:31tissue going to be generally speaking
18:34the moist pouches are a lot gentler on
18:38the gum line
18:39now we look at all of these different
18:41products and people will say well what
18:43would you what would you recommend if I
18:45were quitting smoking what would you do
18:48I I guess I'll say this according to
18:51government bodies and the modified risk
18:54tobacco products I would recommend
18:56General Snus original formula or white
18:59portion because those do not contain
19:02aspartame because they don't have the
19:04flavorings in them and that is a form
19:07arguably of harm reduction well it is to
19:11smoking cigarettes so that's an option
19:13for someone looking to quit cigarettes
19:15as is Nicorette Gum as is self-hypnosis
19:18as our nicotine patches as are a million
19:22other things the question becomes why do
19:25people enjoy using products like Zen or
19:29snots or other things like that it has
19:32to do with the effect of nicotine
19:34nicotine stimulates dopamine production
19:37in the short term long-term abuse it
19:40depletes that nicotine stimulates our
19:42adrenaline and norepinephrine and
19:44epinephrine Pathways so there's that
19:46burst of focus and attention nicotine
19:50also prevents the breakdown of
19:52acetylcholine which in turn helps to
19:55increase the amount of acetylcholine
19:57available in the body which can help
19:59with focus and working memory or memory
20:02I shouldn't say working memory memory
20:04nicotine also has a relaxing effect at
20:08the same time on skeletal muscle so
20:11people like nicotine when they need to
20:13focus and get work done there's many
20:15other ways to mimic those same effects
20:19of nicotine through supplementation
20:21through meditation through exercise
20:23through nutrition those positive effects
20:27without the health risks of these things
20:31also without the addiction which is the
20:35worst side effect of each of these
20:39products even with the modified risk and
20:41harm reduction approach which is great
20:44freedom from addiction is even better
20:48that I promise you now if you found this
20:51video educational and you want to learn
20:54more our company is developing a product
20:57a supplement that's a chew okay not a
21:01chewing tobacco or a dip product a
21:03chewable that mimics the effects of
21:06nicotine the benefits but it doesn't
21:10contain nicotine and it doesn't contain
21:11anything addictive okay well I guess
21:14maybe slightly if it boosts dopamine
21:16maybe that
21:17if you want to stay tuned for that
21:20supplement if you want to learn more
21:22about this stuff if you found this video
21:24good download that free seven step guide
21:27on how to quit nicotine today and get on
21:30our email list I don't spam you with
21:32junk all I do is send out educational
21:35content just like you heard in this
21:37video and of course if we have products
21:40if we have recommendations to help
21:41people quit you're also going to be up
21:44to date on those things in the email as
21:46well now we also offer one-on-one
21:48addiction recovery coaching when it
21:51comes to quitting using nicotine so if
21:54you're ready to quit which I would
21:56highly advise you do any of these
21:58products I would highly advise it can be
22:00life-changing quitting I mean that
22:03check out our one-on-one coaching
22:04options as well or just download that
22:06free seven step guide to quitting I hope
22:08this video helped you guys out I tried
22:10to keep this as educational as possible
22:12and please if I misspoke if if you have
22:15commentary on it drop that in the
22:17comments below I would love to hear I'm
22:19certainly no expert when it comes to
22:22different tobacco products but I am an
22:24expert when it comes to addiction okay
22:26so please correct me if I said anything
22:28or I misspoke in the comments I'll be
22:30looking for it bye now
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the differences between nicotine pouches, Snus, and dip products?

Nicotine pouches, Snus, and dip products differ in their form, ingredients, and method of use. Nicotine pouches contain nicotine but no tobacco, while Snus is a moist tobacco product that is placed under the upper lip. Dip products, also known as moist snuff, are finely ground or shredded tobacco products that are placed between the cheek or lip and gums.

2. What are the benefits of using nicotine pouches, Snus, and dip products for harm reduction?

Using nicotine pouches, Snus, and dip products for harm reduction can provide an alternative to smoking or vaping, potentially reducing the health risks associated with tobacco combustion. These products offer a smoke-free and odor-free nicotine delivery method, which may be less harmful than traditional smoking.

3. What are the potential risks of using nicotine-free and tobacco-free dip products?

Using nicotine-free and tobacco-free dip products may pose potential risks related to the ingredients used as substitutes, such as artificial flavorings, sweeteners, and additives. These substances may have their own health implications, and the long-term effects of using such products are not yet fully understood.

4. What are the alternatives to nicotine's stimulating effects?

Alternatives to nicotine's stimulating effects include engaging in physical activities, practicing relaxation techniques, or seeking out non-nicotine based supplements that mimic the cognitive benefits of nicotine without containing addictive substances. It's important to explore healthier and sustainable methods for achieving mental alertness and focus.

5. What is the development of a nicotine-mimicking supplement mentioned in the video?

The video mentions the development of a nicotine-mimicking supplement that aims to replicate the benefits of nicotine without containing addictive substances. This supplement intends to provide users with cognitive enhancements and focus without the addictive properties of traditional nicotine products, offering a potential avenue for harm reduction.

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Jolian Diaz, a 46-year-old Filipino-born woman, looks like she's 20 due to a balanced diet, regular exercise, skincare routine, staying calm, and having pets, according to her.

The video discusses the return of YouTuber Katie Joy Paulson, who is facing child abuse charges while also being known for controversial and questionable behavior online. Viewers express concerns about her credibility and ethics, criticizing her coverage of sensitive topics involving children and her focus on sensationalized content for views and fame.

Chalito Araujo, also known as "The Terror of Culiacan," was a feared hitman and leader during the civil war within the Sinaloa Cartel in 2008. He and his crew, known as Los Charritos, were known for their ruthless attacks and were even feared by other cartel members such as El Chino Anthrax. Chalito's loyalty to Arturo Beltran and his participation in the shootout during Arturo's condo raid ultimately led to his demise.

If your order was returned to Shein, there is no need to contact the post office as there is nothing they can do. You can wait for the product to arrive in China and Shein will automatically send you an email and update about the refund. You can also contact Shein's customer support for further assistance.

Mick Jagger, the iconic rock star at 80 years old, reveals his secrets to health and longevity, including a nutritious diet and a rigorous workout routine. He emphasizes the importance of taking care of oneself, maintaining a balanced lifestyle, and prioritizing both physical and mental well-being. Jagger's commitment to fitness and self-care has helped him defy the limitations of time and maintain his legendary status in the music industry.

The video discusses various theories and speculation about Monkey D. Dragon's powers and connections, as well as the potential rewards for both Luffy and Dragon. It also mentions the power of imagination and freedom in relation to Luffy's abilities.