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The video discusses the addictive and harmful nature of consuming gore content on websites like Portal Zacarias, with people defending and normalizing this addiction, leading to negative consequences such as anxiety and depression. The narrator encourages viewers to focus on their own achievements and self-growth rather than being proud of consuming disturbing content. The video highlights the need for seeking help for this pathological addiction.
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The video discusses the addictive nature of gore content on the Zacarias portal and the lack of awareness about its harmful effects.
Zacarias portal is a website that contains shocking and gore content.
Many people are addicted to watching this content, but there is little warning about its harm.
Some people defend the portal, claiming it shows the reality of the world and is an uncensored news site.
The video questions why people are so interested in watching others suffer and die, and suggests that addiction and morbid curiosity may be factors.
The speaker discusses how consuming gore videos does not prepare individuals for real-life situations and can actually diminish their ability to react.
People consume these videos to train themselves for self-defense.
The speaker shares a personal experience of being paralyzed in a situation despite being prepared.
Consuming this content does not train the mind but rather diminishes the individual.
The speaker mentions that there are other sites with even worse content than the one discussed.
The prevalence of this content indicates that it is becoming an addiction and trend.
People's addiction to watching violent and gory videos is becoming a source of pride, leading to anxiety, depression, and isolation.
Watching violent videos has become a source of pride for many people.
The constant consumption of such content leads to wanting more and more, creating an endless hole.
This addiction can lead to fear, distrust, anxiety, and even depression.
People fail to live their lives and become slaves to their own thoughts.
The speaker discusses the addictive nature of gore content and advises against consuming it.
The speaker believes that the purpose of gore content is to feed the addiction of people suffering from a pathology.
They mention that the popularity of gore content has increased, with even young people engaging in it.
The speaker warns against wasting time on content that brings no benefit and advises against falling into this new addiction.
They criticize the romanticization of lack of empathy and sharing of gore videos as entertainment.
00:00well, a while ago I posted a video
00:01here on the channel talking about a website that
00:03has become very famous in recent times
00:05called Zacarias portal and this website
00:07apparently is journalistic but
00:09within it there are several
00:11shock contents or as most people
00:13know gore and It turns out that on various
00:15social networks such as Twitter, YouTube and
00:17especially Tiktok you can find
00:19people creating content on this
00:21site, but there is almost never anyone
00:23warning about the harm of this
00:25content precisely because this has already become
00:27an addiction for many people. So it's much
00:30easier for you to talk about the
00:31brutal deaths that the site shows than you
00:33make someone aware that watching that
00:35is harmful because just when someone
00:37tries, many people appear to
00:39defend this new addiction These are
00:41some comments from my first video
00:43on the portal in which I showed
00:44indignation towards this site exists and because
00:46this content is made available
00:48so easily on the internet, in addition to
00:51insults and many very
00:52dubious comments, I guess that 30% of the
00:54comments are people defending the
00:56portal as something normal or even
00:58positive with the argument that the
01:01site only shows the reality of the world
01:03and that it is also just an
01:04uncensored news site but
01:07regardless of that What kind of person is
01:09so keen to know how people
01:11die is this really just a
01:13morbid curiosity or is it an addiction and
01:15why do people watch this video as
01:17a form of entertainment When
01:19human suffering and death It was something
01:20trivialized people, I really don't
01:22understand I'm sure that the vast
01:24majority of people who commented in
01:26defense of the site Are people who have already
01:27had their minds corrupted by these
01:29videos in a way that nowadays
01:31they try to justify their own addiction as
01:33something normal, although it is not and
01:35should not be. I saw a lot of people talking
01:37about consuming this content as a
01:39form of self-defense, like people who
01:41consume these videos to kind of
01:43train themselves in case they experience some tragedy,
01:45but So guys, I'm sorry to
01:47say that reality is different from what
01:49we see behind cell phone screens, you
01:50know, and I say this because I've already been through
01:53something that I swore that if it happened
01:55to me, I would react
01:56instantly, you know, but I I couldn't do it,
01:58I was paralyzed and it wasn't because of a lack of
02:00preparation, I was very prepared for
02:02it, but man, when you
02:04find yourself in a situation like that, sometimes
02:06you just get stuck, you know, no matter how prepared
02:09you are, and I know that this isn't a
02:11rule for everyone. but I believe
02:12that if it happened it would take a
02:14lot of people by surprise, you know, regardless
02:17of whether the person consumes this content as a
02:19defense or not, you are not training
02:22your mind, you are
02:24belittling yourself, that is what is really
02:26happening, in fact, if you are
02:28enjoying it Like the video,
02:30subscribe and comment below, we are at the
02:32goal of 10k, huh, if you can help me,
02:33unfortunately this site will probably
02:36never go down, there is a term in the
02:38law that ends up allowing it to exist, you
02:41know that in this case it is exclusion of
02:42legality, which in this case gives freedom to
02:44some people to go over the Law,
02:47in this case it still remains a crime, but
02:49some people have this exception, right,
02:51in this case we talk about
02:52journalistic ses, police, anyway And
02:55taking advantage of this opportunity, I would also like to
02:56thank the people who I was told
02:58in the last video that there are several
03:00other sites like the portal, some even
03:02worse. Unfortunately, this
03:04content is easier to find
03:05than I imagined, but that's the subject
03:07of another video so you can have an
03:09idea of ​​how much this content is. becoming an
03:11addiction and fad, I read several
03:13comments that classmates, right in the
03:15case of school, were showing these
03:17videos to people in class, but
03:20not only at school, also in a group of
03:22friends or even in the family. Like this is
03:24coming out of control
03:26apparently Nowadays people
03:27feel proud to see a video of
03:29something like being decapitated and
03:32simply not feeling anything, this
03:34has become a source of pride for many
03:35people, but little do they know the
03:37consequences of this, the issue of you
03:39sinking every time more in this content,
03:41just like in pornography, you
03:44start watching something light in quotation marks and
03:47from the moment you start
03:50consuming it you start wanting more and more,
03:52like man, it's an endless hole, you know the
03:54fear and distrust of all
03:56people around them the
03:58constant fear of death begins to emerge, making many
04:00become reclusive from participating in
04:02anything outside their home, thus
04:04generating a lot of anxiety and even, in the
04:06worst case, even depression, this
04:08content in the long term literally makes you
04:10become a slave to your own
04:12thoughts people in a way
04:14like that You don't even realize that you
04:16are failing to live your life that
04:17should be being lived and I know that
04:20death comes to everyone, including
04:21this is the only certainty that we have
04:23since we breathed the first air
04:25in this world, but death shouldn't
04:26stop you from being happy, it shouldn't
04:28stop you from living your own life,
04:30people, have fun, you have a lot
04:32to achieve before you die, live a
04:34life worth remembering in your
04:35last minutes of life and If you're going to be
04:37proud of something, people, that's
04:39your achievements and not a video of
04:41people dying, that doesn't make sense. There
04:43's a lot of good content on the internet
04:45for you to learn and even if it's not
04:47on the internet, people, focus on yourself,
04:49self-knowledge is a very good thing
04:52Stop beating your chest and think you're
04:55better or like you're proud that you
04:57're watching something that's not harmful, you
04:59know, people are trying to
05:00normalize an addiction that's emerging, that
05:02's coming out of the bubble as something normal,
05:05even though it's not literally understood.
05:07this content doesn't make sense in
05:10my head other than to feed the addiction
05:12of many people who suffer from a
05:14pathology and who should seek some
05:16kind of help, you know, I understand that
05:18this has been going on since the beginning of the internet, you know,
05:20but that used to be just a group, I don't
05:22think it was as famous as it is
05:24today, but man, it's breaking the
05:26bubble, many other people are
05:28commanding, they're starting to enter this field,
05:30you know, very young people, what's most in the
05:32last video are people
05:34commenting that they're 10 11 12 years old
05:36people know like commenting that they saw
05:38these videos and like bro it's not good it's not
05:40cool you can go into the
05:42comments and read each report it's just a
05:44bad negative report people so people
05:47stop wasting your time with something
05:49that won't bring any benefit For
05:51your life, you are no different from
05:53anyone else for not wanting to consume this
05:55type of video. You are not inferior to your
05:57little friend at school who watches this and
05:59thinks it's cool. Fools are the people who
06:01think they are superior for
06:04watching something on the internet. really like I
06:06said, it's something beneficial for
06:08your life and don't fall into this new addiction
06:11because it's not good what's most common
06:13nowadays on social media are people
06:14romanticizing the lack of empathy and
06:16feeling are people sharing
06:18these videos as entertainment and
06:20fun and these are the same people who
06:22in the future at their father's or
06:25mother's wake won't be able to shed a
06:27tear and now I leave you with a small
06:29question Will the person
06:31feel proud when this
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How can consuming gore content on websites like Portal Zacarias have a negative impact on mental health?

Consuming gore content on websites like Portal Zacarias can have a negative impact on mental health by leading to anxiety and depression. The normalization and defense of this addictive behavior can further exacerbate the negative consequences.

2. What are the consequences of being addicted to consuming disturbing content?

Being addicted to consuming disturbing content can lead to negative consequences such as anxiety, depression, and a significant impact on mental well-being. It can also result in desensitization towards violence and disturbing imagery, affecting one's emotional stability.

3. How can individuals focus on self-growth and personal achievements to overcome addiction to disturbing content?

Individuals can overcome addiction to disturbing content by shifting their focus towards self-growth and personal achievements. By engaging in fulfilling activities, setting goals, and celebrating accomplishments, individuals can gradually redirect their attention away from consuming disturbing content.

4. What are the warning signs of pathological addiction to disturbing content?

Warning signs of pathological addiction to disturbing content may include spending excessive amounts of time consuming such content, experiencing withdrawal symptoms when not engaging with it, neglecting other responsibilities, and a strong denial of the negative impact of the addiction.

5. Why is seeking help important for overcoming pathological addiction to disturbing content?

Seeking help is important for overcoming pathological addiction to disturbing content as it allows individuals to receive professional support and guidance. Therapists and counselors can provide effective strategies, psychological support, and personalized treatment plans to address the underlying causes of addiction and its negative effects.

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