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The video review of hustle drops concludes that it is a scam, with the product being described as nothing more than a placebo effect using peppermint oil, and it is not worth the money. The reviewer strongly advises against purchasing hustle drops, and emphasizes the importance of sharing the video to spread awareness about the product's ineffectiveness.
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The reviewer tests out the Hustle Drops and concludes that it is just a placebo effect.
The reviewer tested the entire bottle of Hustle Drops.
The drops contain peppermint oil, which gives a feeling of increased breathing but does not actually increase oxygen.
The reviewer believes the price of the drops is too high for what they offer.
The serving size of one dropper contradicts the claim of 60 servings per container.
The reviewer questions the suggested serving size and number of servings in a bottle of Hustle Drops.
The bottle contains 30 milliliters of the product.
The suggested serving size is one dropper, which could vary from 0.25 to 1 milliliter.
The reviewer suspects the wording is intentionally vague and the product is a scam.
The product is heavily promoted on social media as a performance supplement.
The reviewer strongly recommends not wasting money on the product and calls it a placebo effect formula.
The reviewer tried the product in different applications and found it to be a waste of money.
The product is compared to smelling salts, which are used to wake up and provide a temporary energy boost.
The reviewer advises viewers to share the video with friends to prevent them from buying the product.
00:00what's up guys Jake slee's been Blue
00:02Collar outdoors and if you have seen the
00:04first one you know what this little
00:06bottle is right here of hustle drops
00:09this expensive little uh picky up if you
00:13will a raw natural performance drop
00:17well as you can tell
00:22that was all that's left of it
00:24I tested this whole bottle you've if
00:27you've seen the first impression if not
00:29I'll put a link up here or it'll be in
00:31the description but I've tested the
00:33whole bottle to give it a fair Shake
00:35time to finally come to my conclusion is
00:38it a scam
00:39or is it worth it stay tuned
00:47I didn't realize how popular this right
00:49here was this is the hustle drops I also
00:52got the think drops uh I don't remember
00:54where I put it I tried both bottles
00:57um gave him a fair Shake I really tried
01:00in a bunch of different setups to really
01:02give it the best chance to prove me
01:05wrong uh which just to get down to it it
01:10this stuff right here is nothing more
01:12than a placebo effect it's got the
01:14peppermint oil in there it just makes
01:16you feel like you're breathing more
01:18you're not increasing your oxygen all it
01:20is is just peppermint oil it ain't no
01:23different than chewing gum with it or
01:26using peppermint oil by itself or Vicks
01:29VapoRub as I saw in a lot of comments
01:31the price of this is just it's
01:35I didn't really want to buy this I knew
01:38kind of what to expect when I did buy
01:40this and the think drops I think it cost
01:43me like 60 70 bucks I wanted to give it
01:46a fair review and a video on the channel
01:48because I actually had a lot of people
01:49ask about this stuff when we did the
01:51nose slap
01:52and uh my first problem with this right
01:55here is it says
01:58that you have 60 servings per container
02:00right but one dropper is a serving size
02:04which it's broke down I'm probably not
02:07going to be able to see this let me see
02:09if I can find a way where there's a will
02:11there's a way
02:13maybe if I would have took the hustle
02:16you there would been away
02:18I don't know if this is gonna work we're
02:21gonna we're gonna try
02:22there it is okay so you can see kind of
02:25the Top Line there is one milliliter
02:27then 0.75.5 0.25 see well there's a well
02:31there's a way uh so it says all it says
02:35on there is suggested serving size is
02:37one dropper
02:38well that could be 0.25 that could be
02:410.5 that could be 0.75 that could be one
02:45and I did try this in a bunch of
02:47different combinations usually just did
02:49one but
02:52um it doesn't take a rocket scientist to
02:54see that there's 30 milliliters in here
02:56right one ounce
02:58if one dropper is one milliliter
03:03and the suggested servant size
03:07is one dropper
03:09how do you have 60 sermons if you have
03:1230 milliliters without
03:15a serving size being half a dropper you
03:19know what I'm saying it the just the way
03:22they word stuff on this it's just
03:24it's got scam written all over it
03:28and then it does say uh
03:30you know the ingredients it says it's
03:33all natural you got mint monk fruit
03:35coconut oil wintergreen oil
03:41it's just
03:43they use a lot of different oils uh it's
03:46no different than using anything
03:48naturally it'd be a lot cheaper to do
03:53I know I commented to most people
03:56um I didn't think this video would get
03:57over 80 000 views and it did so I didn't
04:00realize it was that highly drawn how
04:04many people but then I should I thought
04:06about it after and I realized how
04:08heavily this is promoted on Instagram
04:11Facebook and guys generally as a rule of
04:15thumb anything performance
04:18not doc male enhancement here so let's
04:21just make that clear
04:22anything performance like supplements or
04:26protein anything like that if it's
04:28really really drove down your throat on
04:32the intraweb if you will on Instagram
04:34social media anything like that
04:3799 of the time it's because they have to
04:42do something to have sales because they
04:44don't have reoccurring sales
04:46like I would never spend my money on
04:48this again
04:49ever the only reason I did
04:53was to review it for you guys for our
04:56subscriber base uh we did the nose slap
04:59now that does work I mean it's just
05:01smelling salt smelling salts work it's
05:03not meant to prolong you it's not meant
05:06to give you energy over time it's just
05:08to wake you up it's most of the time
05:11it's for heavy lifts deadlifts bench
05:13press squats whatever you need a little
05:16bit of a kick in the ass now I'm saying
05:19but this right here
05:22this was a good waste of my money
05:24um if me wasting my money is going to
05:26save you guys then I'm all for it but I
05:29have to strongly
05:31strongly strongly recommend do not waste
05:34your money on this please this right
05:36here is what I would call a placebo
05:39effect uh formula the think drops is no
05:42different this is a waste of your money
05:46that's all there is to say about it
05:48there's nothing more
05:50you can see right here
05:54there ain't nothing more to say about
05:56that that thing right there I used the
05:59whole bottle and different applications
06:01different to everything tried to let it
06:04give it the best chance to really
06:06perform uh and not only that but I tried
06:10to give it
06:11a fair Shake because your body is
06:13different so testing out a pre-workout
06:15for the first time so you just run down
06:18that day long day of work etc I tried
06:20this in every application that is a
06:23natural test like a long day of work or
06:26an easy day at work or not feeling all
06:28there you know not hydrated all things I
06:32gave this a fair Shake
06:37do not buy this it's a waste of your
06:39money is a horrible product and I hope
06:43this video gets out there make sure to
06:44share this video with all your friends
06:46if if you know anyone that is looking at
06:48this right now thinking it's the next
06:51thing it's it's going to be their
06:53version to get off caffeine or their
06:55version to get ready for the gym or
06:58whatever or run send them this video
07:00send them the first video let them watch
07:03this and uh just just don't buy it these
07:07hustle drops are a waste of your money
07:10I Gotta Give the guys credit I guess I
07:12mean I couldn't be that open to stealing
07:15that much money from people which is BS
07:18but I guess drop FX is so you'll have
07:21that I can't believe so many people are
07:23interested in this it's crazy to me
07:25there's a natural alternatives that are
07:28a hell of a lot less money and they do
07:30work so just go that route but guys as
07:33Jake still he's been Blue Collar
07:34Outdoors if you're new to the channel as
07:36you might be with this or you saw the
07:38first impression video there's over 80
07:40000 views on that video hopefully this
07:42one blows up too and uh we can get the
07:45word out about these hustle drops but
07:47Blue Collar Outdoors we don't mess
07:49around here it's no BS honest
07:51performance talks rest walks reviews
07:53okay doesn't matter if it's outdoors
07:56hunting related if it's gym related it
08:00doesn't matter we have one mindset
08:01performance talks the rest walks my eggs
08:04are done
08:08or multitasking eggs are a good thing
08:11hustle drops or not guys subscribe to
08:13the channel if you hunt you're gonna
08:15love the channel if you don't hunt we
08:17have a ton of different content from
08:19anywhere from filming today camera gear
08:22ear Pro film and gear we got an Amazon
08:26uh unboxing we film everything here and
08:29it's no BS honest performance talks to
08:31rest walks ain't no one telling us what
08:33to say we're going to tell you what we
08:36think you may not agree with it and
08:37that's the beautiful thing about it it's
08:40I just want to know your experiences
08:43your feelings your comments down in the
08:45comments below
08:47check out the rest of the channel guys
08:48this is Jake sleeves from Blue coward
08:50Outdoors we got a ton to film we got
08:52Birds to roost
08:53hustle drops ain't gonna be a part of
08:55that equation because it's not anything
08:58worth the Monies
09:01ah chalk that one up under wasted money
09:06got Jake's losing Blue Collar Outdoors
09:07like comment subscribe share this video
09:11with anyone looking for this product
09:13and as always we'll catch you on the
09:15next one take her easy hope you're
09:17having a good day
09:18better than this
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Is Hustle Drops a scam product?

Yes, the video review of Hustle Drops concludes that it is a scam, with the product being described as nothing more than a placebo effect using peppermint oil. It is not worth the money.

2. What are the main reasons for advising against purchasing Hustle Drops?

The main reasons for advising against purchasing Hustle Drops are its ineffectiveness and the use of peppermint oil leading to just a placebo effect. The product does not provide any real benefits.

3. What is the importance of sharing the video about Hustle Drops?

Sharing the video about Hustle Drops is crucial to spread awareness about the product's ineffectiveness. It's essential to warn others and prevent them from wasting money on this scam product.

4. Are there any alternatives to Hustle Drops?

Yes, there are several effective alternatives to Hustle Drops that provide genuine benefits. It's important to explore trusted and proven products instead of falling for scams like Hustle Drops.

5. How can consumers protect themselves from falling for scam products like Hustle Drops?

Consumers can protect themselves from falling for scam products like Hustle Drops by conducting thorough research, reading authentic reviews, and consulting with professionals before making a purchase. It's crucial to be vigilant and skeptical of products that make unrealistic claims.

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