Supports GPT-4,Claude 3,Gemini

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Difference Between Monica & ChatGPT
Learn more about why Monica is seen as a great ChatGPT Plus Alternative.
All in one Al chatbot
Web Access
Quick Action & Quick Compose
Webpage & PDF & Youtube summary
Image Reading
Search Agent
Search Enhance
Image Art
Art Generator & Gallery
Web Translation
Document Translation
Writing Agent & Email Reply
Frequently Asked Questions
What is Monica?
Monica is a chrome extension powered by ChatGPT API, designed to be your personal Al assistant for effortless chatting and copywriting.
How can I use Monica?
Simply hit Cmd+M or Ctrl+M and start chatting with her. Or let Monica help you compose and insert text into any web page. Choose from over 80 templates to quickly generate marketing copy. Select a text in web page and let Monica explain, translate, rephrase for you.
Is Monica free?
You can start using Monica for free. Free users have a daily usage limit. However, for advanced features, you may need to upgrade to a paid version.
How does Monica work?
Monica uses advanced artificial intelligence powered by ChatGPT API to understand and respond to your chat messages, as well as generate copywriting based on the templates provided. Additionally, Monica can translate, rephrase and explain text on any web page.
Monica's Unlimited Plan is still in the testing phase, and may change in the future based on the rules of other companies like OpenAI and Anthropic. If there are any changes to the Unlimited Plan, we will notify you through in-app messages and update the pricing page and website immediately. Monica accounts are for individual use only, and any non-human/robot usage or multi-user issues may result in account suspension. If you need email support, please send an email to