7 FREE Instagram Name Generators to Get Unique Handles (2024)

7 FREE Instagram Name Generators to Get Unique Handles

With the number of users expected to reach 1.4 billion in 2024, finding a unique username to stand out on Instagram is becoming more challenging.

If you need a ton of relevant name ideas that capture your identity in seconds, you should consider using an Instagram name generator.

In this post, we’ll look at 7 Instagram name generators you can use to generate a creative Instagram handle that fits your brand effortlessly.

And the best part is that they are all FREE to use.

FREE Instagram Name Generators To Get Unique Name Ideas

Choosing an Instagram username for your brand can be a lot of work.

But with an AI-powered Instagram name generator, you can easily input keywords related to your brand and get loads of creative name ideas to use as inspiration.

Here are the top Instagram name generators to escape frustration and generate a memorable handle.

Hootsuite’s Instagram Name Generator

Hootsuite is a full-suite social media marketing platform bundled with the tools you need to elevate your social media game.

Hootsuite’s Instagram Name Generator

Part of these tools include an easy-to-use Instagram name generator that helps you generate name ideas for your personal or business Instagram account quickly.

How Hootsuite’s Instagram Name Generator Works?

To generate a username, go to Hootsuite’s Instagram Name Generator and choose whether your Instagram profile will be for Business or Personal use.

Next, select a Category from the drop-down. Some category options include Insurance, Retail, Tech, Health, Real Estate, Clothing, and more.

Finally, add a Short Description of what your brand is all about and what you want your handle to convey. Just think of words or phrases that embody what you do and add them to the description.

For my test, I used “an AI enthusiast who loves to drink coffee” as the description and Tech as the category.

How Hootsuite’s Instagram Name Generator Works?

In about five seconds, here are the suggestions I got after I hit the Generate Username button. Looking through the results, some of the names generated were quite good and catchy as well.

The thing is you don't have to use the name suggestions directly as they appear but they could serve as inspiration. And if you don’t like any of the options, hit the reset button to try again and get more names.

Hoostsuite’s Instagram Name Generator is completely free to use.

No payment or sign-up is required. Plus, you can use their other free social media tools to save time, manage your brand, and grow online.

>> Try Hootsuite’s Instagram Name Generator

Ahrefs’s AI Instagram Name Generator

Ahrefs is an all-in-one SEO platform for marketing professionals who want to rank higher and get more traffic.

Ahrefs’s AI Instagram Name Generator

The platform comes bundled with free AI writing tools, including an Instagram handle generator, to save time and improve your brand online.

If you’re creatively stumped, you can use their AI-powered Instagram Name Generator to come up with unique name ideas effortlessly!

How Ahrefs Instagram Name Generator Work?

Ahrefs’s AI Instagram Name Generator helps you generate unique Instagram handles with no stress.

To get started, enter a description of your profile. This could be the name and type of your business. Or you could write about what you do and your passions.

You also need to select a Writing Tone. Options for this include formal, friendly, casual, confident, academic, bold, and more.

Select the number of ideas you want to generate which could be 3, 5, or 10 variants. And choose whether or not you need the engine to give a meaning to the name. Once you’re done, hit the Generate Usernames button.

I tried generating 10 name variants using “an AI enthusiast who loves to drink coffee” as the description. Here’s what I got.

How Ahrefs Instagram Name Generator Work?

Quite decent options - I must confess. The CaffeinatedAI username sounds catchy and interesting. And it makes a lot of sense that the tool explains the meaning behind each name so you get an understanding.

To round up, you can copy the results, save them to a text file, or export them into a preferred format.

Ahrefs’s Instagram Name Generator is completely free to use. No registration, paid tiers, or usage limitations.

> Try Ahrefs’s Free AI Instagram Name Generator


Namechk is a comprehensive platform built to check the availability of a domain name or username in over 90 social platforms.

Namechk - intagram username generator

In addition to checking for domain and username availability, it also has an Instagram name generator useful to help you get unique username suggestions for the social app.

How Namechk Works?

In one click, Namechk generates many name suggestions when you enter a word into the search box. The word you’ll use has to be related to your niche, personality, or brand.

How Namechk Works?

For instance, when I used “fitness” as a keyword, I got a ton of username suggestions related to fitness.

The name generator will also check and show you if the exact match domain of each username is available.

Namechk is completely free to use.

>> Try Namechk

Instagram Username Generator

Powered by AI, this tool generates up to 100 Instagram name ideas for your brand at a go.

The username suggestions are coined from the keyword you enter into the engine, related words, and the category/style selected.

How Instagram Username Generator Works?

To use the Instagram Username Generator, choose if it’s a business or personal profile first.

Next, enter your brand name or any keyword associated with your brand.

How Instagram Username Generator Works?

In the Category dropdown, select a specific niche for your brand including Art, Design, Luxury, Health, Food Fitness, Travel, and more.

Select a Style for your brand which includes Aesthetic, Funny, Savage, Cute, and more. Optionally, you can add a random number that would be included in the suggestions.

Hit the Generate button and you’ll get loads of username suggestions based on your input parameters.

One thing I like about Instagram Username Generator is that you can easily check availability for any of the username suggestions by clicking on it. And you can hit the Generate button many times to keep creating new sets of random usernames.

The tool is completely free to use. No payment or sign-up is required!

>> Try Instagram Username Generator


Hopper helps small businesses plan social content, schedule posts and manage their social media presence on all platforms.

Hopper-instagram name generator

The platform has an AI-powered Instagram name generator that suggests unique handles for your brand.

How Hopper Works?

Hopper Instagram Name Generator is pretty easy to use. Just plug in a description of your brand and what your Instagram profile will be known for using a few words.

Then, hit the Generate Usernames button.

The tool will get to work and suggest potential Instagram handles based on your description. You can keep on clicking the Generate Username button and the process will regenerate till you find a name option that you like.

I took Hopper for a test using “an AI enthusiast who loves to drink coffee” as my username description.

How Hopper Works?

The tool does a decent job of guessing potential handles for my Instagram account, based on the keywords in my description.

Even though all handles above show the unavailability status, I checked manually and saw that #10 - neuralnetbrew is available on Instagram. The availability feature seems glitchy currently so pay no attention to that. To use any of the names, hit the clipboard icon beside it to copy the handle.

Hopper’s Instagram Username Generator is completely free to use. No sign-up is required!

>> Try Hopper


SpinXO is a name generator that helps you create unique, fun usernames for your gamer tags or social media accounts.

Using its algorithm, its Instagram Name Generator will recommend a bunch of unique username ideas based on your name/nickname, interests, hobbies, and other details about you.

How SpinXO Works?

To use SpinXO’s Instagram name generator, enter your name or nickname and answer a few questions about yourself.

How SpinXO Works?

The generator asks for inputs such as a brief description of Who you are, your Hobbies, and the Things you Like. If you want the name to revolve around a particular word, you can add the word in the Important Words field.

And if you have a favorite number or letter you want strictly added to the suggestions, put it in the Numbers or Letters box.

Once all fields are filled, hit the Spin button. The tool will return about 30 Instagram name options based on the inputs added above.

Here are the results I got when I ran the tool for a test using the details above.

How SpinXO Works in details

To be honest, most of the names were not good. But they could be a starting point and a source of inspiration to create a name I like.

If you don’t like any of the name ideas, you can click Spin again and the generator will fetch more name combinations.

Lastly, SpinXO is completely free to use.

> Try SpinXO

Social Champ

Social Champ is a full-suite ​​social media management solution built for businesses to create content, schedule, organize, and manage their media presence.

Social Champ

The platform has a built-in Instagram Name Generator that suggests unique handles for your personality or brand.

How Social Champ Works?

Just like most of its competitors, Social Champ’s Instagram Name Generator is pretty straightforward to use

Indicate your Account Type (personal or business), pick a Category (such as real estate, retail, banking, fitness, sports, fashion, etc.), and add a Description of your personality or brand.

When you hit the Generate button, the tool will return 10 unique usernames tailored to your inputs!

To test Social Champ’s Instagram name generator, I used  “a gym instructor who loves to drink coffee and watch comedy shows” as a description prompt and chose the fitness category.

How Social Champ Works?

I think the name ideas it generated are pretty decent. The LaughterAndLifts option is a good choice while some of the remaining can be improved upon.

A downside to this name generator is that it doesn't show you the available suggestions. Instead, you’ll have to check on Instagram manually.

You can take Social Champ’s Instagram username generator for a spin right now. It’s completely free to use – no signup or usage limitations.

>> Try Social Champ’s Instagram Username Generator

Best Tips for Choosing an Instagram Name That Stands Out

Now, that you know how to come up with different name ideas, how do you pick the right name to stand out on Instagram?

Here are some best practices to consider when choosing an Instagram Username:

Make It Relevant: Ideally, your username should give a hint about who you are and what type of content you’ll be posting. Consider adding your name to the username, especially if the IG account is for personal use. If it’s for business, you can stick to your company name. To make it unique, you can vary your name, change the order, or use a nickname.

Infuse Your Interest/Hobby: Rather than using your name alone, consider incorporating your interest or hobby. Whether you love to dance, play video games, write books, or drink coffee, infusing any of these interests could make your username unique.

Memorability: Your username needs to be memorable. Your audience would find and engage you on Instagram if they fondly remember your name. Keep in mind that your username can’t exceed 30 characters. It can only contain letters, numbers, and periods. No punctuation marks, emojis, or symbols. So keep it short, simple, and easy to spell. A short and memorable name is easier to remember and share.

Use Hyphens, Periods, or Underscores: What happens if your cool, perfect username is unavailable? Well, add a period, hyphen, or underscore to differentiate it and get an available option.

FAQs on Instagram Name Generators

What is an Instagram username generator?

An Instagram username generator is an AI-powered tool that generates a list of unique username ideas for your brand or personality, based on information provided by you.

Why does a unique Instagram name matter?

Having a unique and memorable handle on Instagram matters because that’s what the audience will identify you with. It’ll make your Instagram page much easier to discover and leave a lasting impression on your followers and profile visitors.

How to stand out on Instagram?

Standing out on the social app begins by choosing a unique username. Your name has to be sweet AND memorable for people to remember you. Also, Instagram is an image-centric app so you have to be thoughtful about posting high-quality, vibrant photos. You can take advantage of our suite of AI image tools to generate art images from text, edit your photos, remove background, or even upscale your image by 2X or 4X. Lastly, don't forget to optimize your profile bio, use hashtags, and engage with others.

How to use Instagram name generators?

This process depends on the name generator you’re using. Typically, you’ll have to choose whether it's a personal or business account, input a description of your personality or brand, add a random word or number to be included, and start generating name ideas.

Final Words

Having a unique Instagram handle is key to memorability on the social network.

Luckily, you don't have to spend extra hours racking your brain to come up with a fitting name. These free-to-use Instagram username generators will suggest name ideas that will inspire you to create one you like.

Ready to elevate your Instagram presence with a username that truly represents your brand or personality?

Take any of these Instagram name generators for a spin today!

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