5 Top AI Homework Helpers for Students to Learn Better (2024)

Try any of these AI homework helpers to solve tough assignment questions, write essays, and improve your grades.

5 Top AI Homework Helpers for Students to Learn Better (2024)

Getting stuck on difficult homework questions with no one to assist could be frustrating.

But with AI homework helpers, the days of battling anxiety, and disturbing friends for help are finally over. These on-demand AI-powered tools can quickly help you complete your homework questions in a few clicks.

In this guide, we’ll look at 5 top AI homework helpers to solve your homework questions, save time, and improve your grades.

Best AI Homework Helpers To Solve Your Questions

Many students struggle with their homework and could use a helping hand for support and guidance.

Whether it's solving math questions, critiquing essays, or understanding hard concepts, here are the top AI homework helper solutions to learn better.



StudyMonkey is your personal tutor built to answer hard homework questions, teach you various concepts, improve your essays, and critique your work.

The AI-powered tool is available 24/7, offering step-by-step guidance on your homework problems in various subjects and topics.

Plus, it also supports various educational levels, from 1st grade to masters level.

How StudyMonkey Works?

Whether you want to solve a math test or fine-tune your essay, StudyMonkey is up to the task.

To get started using the tool, first pick a subject. Subjects available include Math, Computer Science, History, Language, Accounting, Science, and more.

Also, you can get assistance on specific topics including Algebra, Calculus, C++, Algorithms, Trigonometry, and even the BAR Exam.

After picking a subject/topic, select a class level. You have five level options here: 1st - 5th grade, 6th - 8th grade, 9th - 12th grade, University, Masters and Expert.

Then, input the homework question as a prompt. Better still, you can use an AI prompt generator to refine the question and generate a befitting prompt so the homework helper produces precise answers.

For a test run, I asked StudyMonkey to solve this direct algebra question Solve (x-1)2 = [4√(x-4)]2 meant for a 5th grader.


After waiting a few seconds, the AI homework helper responded with a correct answer.

I loved that it gave an explanation along with a step-by-step working of how the answer was gotten. This option can be turned on in the Advanced Options section.


StudyMonkey has a free forever plan that’s limited in usage. The free Basic Plan only allows 3 questions daily for up to 5 subjects.

For lesser limitations, you need to upgrade to the Homework Helper plan for $8/month which lets you ask 50 questions daily for unlimited subjects.

There’s a Homework Helper + Essay Bundle for $10/month which lets you ask unlimited questions daily on unlimited subjects using an advanced AI model.

If you subscribe annually, you get to save $24. And you can cancel your subscription plan anytime, no questions asked!

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Smodin Omni


Smodin’s Omni is an AI tutor and homework solver built to help students with fast answers to their homework problems.

The Smodin platform has a general Omni homework solver tool along with specific AI homework solvers for Math, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology subjects.

How Smodin Omni Works?

Smodin Omni’s interface has a search box where you can easily type your homework question.

You need to ensure the question is precisely worded so the AI tool will more likely find a helpful answer. Using an AI prompt generator here might be necessary.

Once you’ve typed your question into the search box, hit the Solve button.


Smodin Omni will scour its large database and the internet for an accurate solution to your question.

This search usually takes about 10 seconds and the tool will return the relevant answer, relevant images, and helpful explanations.

Currently, Smodin Omni is limited and can only answer specific question types. But the more questions you ask, the better the database grows and its understanding of topics daily!


Smodin Omni is free to get started but has a tiered pricing structure.

Its Starter Plan, which is free, provides 3 weekly writing credits, a maximum of 1000 input characters, and only 5 limited usage sessions every week.

The Essentials Plan goes for $15/month and you’ll get 200 writing credits, a 4,000-character limit, unlimited usage, and API access.

For $29/month, the Productive Plan gets you 500 monthly writing credits, a 12,000-character limit, unlimited usage, and access to the long-form content generator. And the Ultimate plan costs $79/month for 1,500 writing credits, unlimited usage, and sub-accounts.

Although credit usage could be as high as 10 per task, you can buy additional credits separately if you run out. In addition, Smodin Omni helps you save money with a 20% discount if you pay annually.

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ClassX is a premier technology solution built for advanced learning. The platform comes with a suite of AI tools designed to help learners with their homework and school projects.

Its AI homework helper offers comprehensive assistance for homework, depending on your grade.

How ClassX Works?

To get started, you need to choose a grade.

ClassX provides comprehensive homework and project assistance for students in grades 1 to grade 12.


Once you choose a grade for the homework, select a subject for the homework questions you want to solve.

ClassX covers a wide, impressive range of 282 subjects. You can get solutions to questions in Math, Biology, Chemistry, Geography, French, History, and more.

After selecting a subject, type your question into the search box. For my test, I chose the Maths: Algebra subject for a grade 6 student.

And I used our algebra question from above: Solve (x-1)2 = [4√(x-4)]2


As you can see, the AI homework helper got the question right. And it shows step-by-step workings, explaining the process behind the answer.

ClassX’s homework helper is built on top of the ChatGPT AI model. So it should be a helpful tool to aid learning and not as a substitute for professional guidance or feedback.


ClassX has a free tier for anyone to use the tool, with only 10 AI queries daily. To get more queries, you need to upgrade to a paid membership level.

The Premium membership level cost $9/month and gets you 2,000 daily AI queries. While the Pro membership tier goes for $19/month and offers unlimited queries.

If you want to save money, you can get 4 months free by subscribing to a one-year membership plan.

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College Tools

College Tools is an AI assistant built to help you solve and complete your homework fast.


If you have a homework or quiz with multiple-choice questions on-screen, the one-click Chrome extension will capture the questions and suggest accurate answers.

The AI assistant is universally compatible and integrates seamlessly with various LMS platforms such as Canvas, Top Hat, Moodle, Blackboard, Canvas, Schoology, and more.

How College Tools Works?

To get started with the AI homework assistant, go to the Chrome Web Store, grab their Chrome Extension, and add it to your browser.

After installing the College Tools extension, ensure it is enabled.

Whenever an assignment or quiz with multiple-choice questions is loaded on the screen, the AI assistant will provide the answer to each of the questions.


For example, you can use the tool to explore sites with multiple-choice homework questions such as Khan Academy.

Upon activation, the Chrome Extension will read through the questions and select an answer based on the options available.

To provide answers, College Tools relies heavily on the GPT-4 AI model, its fine-tuned models, and an extensive database.


College Tools has a simple pricing structure; you either remain on the free account with limited usage or upgrade to the paid subscription plan (monthly/annually).

The free account allows 3 free answers with support for analytics and progress tracking. While the paid tier, which costs $9.99/month (or $59.99/year), provides unlimited answers and other advanced features.

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The Homework AI

The Homework AI is a fully automated homework helper for students to solve homework assignments and improve grades.


The platform was built by two young University students - Ilson Joao de Oliveira Neto and Allen Ebulue - to help students figure out their homework or university projects.

The Homework AI can assist with assignments in various subjects such as Math, Science, Art, Literature, Essay Writing, and more. Plus, it is available 24/7 and supports 10+ languages including Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and more.

How The Homework AI Works?

The Homework AI is straightforward and can be accessed easily through the website.

Once you’re on the homepage, hit the Start Writing button and you’ll be taken to the subjects section. This is where you will select the subject you need assistance in for your homework.


Click on any of the subjects available and you’ll be taken to the specific AI homework helper for that subject.

For my test, I chose Math and was directed to the Math helper to solve my algebra question from above. Compared to other AI homework assistants, The Homework AI was quite slow to generate a response to my math question. I had to wait for over 2 minutes to get an answer.


The Homework AI is currently free to use.

You can go to the website right now, take the homework helper for a spin, and get assistance in any of the subjects listed.

Also, they are available in mobile app stores (Google Play Store & App Store) so you can handle those test questions on the go.

>> Try The Homework AI

How To Make the Most of AI Homework Helpers?

Using an AI homework assistant will help you learn better and complete your school projects. But as with other AI tools, they should be used responsibly and only to aid your learning process.

Here are some tips to consider when using AI homework helpers.

Use it for Ideation: If you’re writing an essay, you may want to use an AI homework helper as a starting point to get going. The tool will generate ideas or topic suggestions that you’ll further develop for yourself. And if you have PDFs and web pages too long to read, you can use Monica, our AI-powered assistant to summarize the assignment sources.

Ask for an Explanation: It’s helpful to always ask the AI helper to explain how it arrived at the answer. AI homework helpers like StudyMonkey will explain the logic behind each answer and also show a step-by-step process. Remember, solely getting correct answers isn't the goal but improving your knowledge.

Critique your Work: If you need an extra eye over an essay or project research, you can use an AI assistant to check the grammar and critique your work. The tool will provide useful feedback you can implement to ensure your writing is error-free before submission.

Crosscheck your Answers: AI tools are known to hallucinate and can sometimes generate factually incorrect answers. So it is wise to always cross-check the facts and data presented in the response using credible sources.

FAQs on AI Homework Helper

Can I use AI to do my homework?

Yes, it’s possible to use AI to solve your homework questions and even write essays, no matter your educational level. While this may seem like a quick efficient hack, you should not rely entirely on AI to complete school tasks.

What is the best AI homework helper?

This largely depends on your individual needs and what subject questions you want to solve. From my little experience, StudyMonkey takes the cake and will handle most of your needs.

Final Words

Whether you’re looking to solve algebra questions or write an impeccable essay, these AI assistants can be a great addition to your homework routine.

However, you should use them responsibly, not as a replacement for your learning process and critical thinking skills.

Ready to escape the anxiety and endless hours of frustration in completing difficult school assignments?

Take any of these AI homework helpers for a spin today and start excelling in your studies.

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