Suno AI Review: Is It The Best AI Song Generator? (2024)

With Suno AI, you can create radio-quality, two-minute songs based on a simple text prompt. But is it the best AI music generator out there? Let’s find out!

Suno AI Review: Is It The Best AI Song Generator? (2024)

Recent advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) have redefined the way music is made.

With AI song generators such as Suno AI, you can now create full-length, quality songs that sound really good at the click of a button. This has lowered the barrier to entry for artists, creators, composers, and producers.

In this guide, I’ll do a deep dive into Suno AI, explore alternative options, and see whether it's the best AI song generator for creating high-quality music.

What Is Suno AI?

Suno is a web-based AI song generator that can create songs in seconds from a simple text prompt. Think of it like ChatGPT but for music.


Whether it’s creating vocals, writing lyrics, crafting instrumentals, or generating artwork, the AI-powered music generator can do it all with a simple text prompt. It’s a must-have tool in your arsenal if you’re a music artist, composer, creator, or producer.

Thanks to its newly released V3 model, Suno creates two-minute radio-quality songs for your favorite moments in any major language. You can take it for a trial and generate songs in any genre with vocals, lyrics, titles, beats, and artwork.

How Suno AI Works?

Suno AI works like most generative AI tools, such as ChatGPT and Midjourney.

The tool has been trained on audio training data (such as speech recordings) to create human-like original songs from simple prompts.

Getting started is pretty straightforward—go to the Suno AI website and sign up for a free account to create songs.


After signing up for an account, go to the Create section and you’ll find a small box where you can add the Song Description (base prompt) for your song. Here, you should essentially describe the topic, genre, and style of music.

Lost for prompt ideas for your song? You can simply ask our built-in, all-in-one AI assistant to generate a descriptive prompt that better captures your music idea.

Once you’ve added a prompt, choose an AI model (v2 or v3) and turn on the Instrumental toggle if you want to create a song without lyrics.

There’s a Custom Mode for adding your lyrics while the tool sings it. Finally, hit the Create button.


I tested Suno AI by asking the tool to generate a hip-hop song about AI taking over the planet with v3 as the AI model.

Suno generated two audio tracks based on my prompt, titled “Rise of the Machines”. I was mind-blown by the first output. Particularly, I loved the song title and the hip-hop instrumental, on which the smooth vocals were layered.


And the well-written lyrics didn't disappoint either—with two rhyming verses and a catchy chorus that still plays in my mind now.

Overall, it was a great experience for me and I can see why Suno AI might be the market leader in AI music generators. You can listen to my output and read the lyrics on Suno AI here.

To download the generated song, click the three dots beside the song title in the Library section and then download the file as audio or video.


You can extend the song by clicking the Continue From This Song button to add to the previous recording. I’m on the free version of Suno so I can’t commercially use any of the creations.

One cool addition to see would be asking the tool to generate a song in the style of a particular music artist. But due to potential licensing concerns and legal battles from music labels, Suno is unable to do that at the moment. And that’s understandable.

Suno AI Pricing

Suno AI’s free version offers a max of 50 credits daily. This is limited but considerably enough for 10 songs.

However, you CANNOT use the songs commercially and no credit top-ups are available. The free plan is perfect for getting started with AI music and generating songs leisurely.


Suno AI has a Pro plan which goes for $10/month and gets you 2,500 credits monthly to generate 500 songs. On this plan, you can use the songs commercially by publishing them on Spotify, Apple Music, or YouTube.

For $30/month, the Premier Plan heavily raises your limit to 10,000 monthly credits for producing about 2,000 songs. It costs $24/month and you equally get commercial licensing for songs generated.

To save money, you can pay for a yearly subscription and enjoy their 20% annual discount. My favorite thing about Suno’s pricing is that you get access to all their music creation capabilities, no matter the plan.

Suno AI Alternatives — 5 Top AI Song Generators

Probably not satisfied with Suno AI music output and want to explore other options?

Here are five AI song generators on the market to produce music from text prompts.


Loudly is an innovative platform for creating and discovering high-quality AI-generated music.


The tool takes in a text prompt describing your concept and produces AI music for your creative digital projects in seconds. Any music you create with Loudly is 100% royalty-free, meaning you have full control over your creation.

How Loudly Works?

Creating AI-generated music with Loudly works in three easy steps:

  • Build your unique song formula by choosing a genre, duration, energy, tempo, and instruments to make your song unique.
  • Hit Generate to get three new music tracks fast.
  • Listen, save, or download your favorite creations, or add them to the library of songs.

That’s all it takes. And I love that you can do all that without signing up yet.

Simply go to the AI music generator, choose your customization options, and generate unique music tracks with ease!

Loudly Pricing

Loudly has a free plan to generate 25 high-quality, 30-second songs and download one every month. No sign-up is required.


For more song generation credit and advanced capabilities, upgrade to any of the paid plans. The Personal plan goes for $14.99/month and offers 300 AI song generations, 300 downloads, 5 stem packs, and WAV format every month.

At $39.99/month, the Pro plan gets you unlimited AI song generations, 500 downloads, and 20 stem packs every month.

For commercial usage, there’s an Enterprise plan at custom pricing that also gives you access to their API. To save 60%, you can pay annually instead!

>> Try Loudly is an AI music generator that essentially generates royalty-free background music that you can use in your YouTube videos or podcasts.

The tool is designed for content creators who need mood-based background music that aligns with the tone of their video or audio content.

How Works?

Creating unique background music for your content with is straightforward.

Once you’ve signed up and logged into the platform with your email address and password, you can get started in 2 easy ways:

  • Add a text prompt to describe the background music you need for your podcast or video content.
  • Then, select a genre, emotion, and tempo to convey in the track. The AI music generator will create background music suited for your content. Pricing has a free plan offering access to unlimited tracks, instrument selection, tempo, and all genres. But you can’t download songs on the free account.

To download any music track, you have to buy a subscription plan. And the subscription cost depends on the minutes of music tracks you want to download.

  • For 15 minutes of audio downloads, you’ll pay $6/month.
  • 30 min of audio downloads costs $10/month.
  • And 1hr of audio downloads costs $20/month.

If you don’t want a monthly subscription with download minutes that expire after a month, you can Buy Minutes for $3/minute (lifetime validity).

>> Try


Mubert is a human and AI Music Generator that you can use to create music for your video content, podcasts, and apps.


The platform was designed for creators, streamers, artists, musicians, and producers, to redefine how music is created.

How Mubert Works?

With Mubert’s AI music generator, you can generate unique, royalty-free soundtracks that fit your content’s mood. Or you can choose one from existing soundtracks.


To get started, type in a base prompt. If you don't know how best to articulate your song concept, consider using an AI prompt generator to create descriptive prompts.

Alternatively, you can upload an image to use the image-to-music AI model.

After typing your prompt, select the track available such as Loop, Mix, or Jungle. Next, choose a Genre, Mood, or Activity for the song and set a music duration (which could be from 5 sec to 25 minutes).

Finally, hit the Generate Track button. In about 30 seconds, your soundtrack will be created from scratch and you can give it a listen.

To download or remove the Mubert sound tag, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan.

Mubert Pricing

Mubert’s Ambassador subscription plan is free and lets you generate up to 25 soundtracks monthly.


For additional features, you need to upgrade to any of the paid plans:

  • Creator Plan for $14/month—generate 500 tracks per month for only social and NFT needs (no commercial use).
  • Pro Plan for $39/month—generate 500 tracks per month plus commercial use.
  • Business Plan for $199/month—generate 1000 tracks per month and suited for agencies and apps.

For 2-month cost savings, there’s a tiny annual discount when you pay for Mubert yearly.

>> Try Mubert

Soundraw is an AI music generator you can use to create beautiful songs based on a pre-selected genre,  mood, and length.


It was built essentially for creators and artists with unique music creation needs.

Apart from the music generator, you also get a music editor to change the tempo, shorten the intro, mix different instruments, and adjust the overall music to your needs. Soundraw also gives you a license to publish and monetize the songs to escape any copyright issues.

How Soundraw Works?

Using Soundraw, you can start creating an unlimited number of AI songs without even signing up.

Head over to their music generator page and follow the following steps:

  • Choose the Length of the music track (up to 5:00).
  • Select a Tempo for the track (Slow, Normal, and Fast).
  • Click on a preferred Genre, Mood, or Theme.

After a few seconds, the AI-powered music generator will create a list of AI-generated songs.

These songs are perfectly suited as background music for podcasts, YouTube videos, or games. You can play all the songs to choose any of the results. But to download, you need to sign up and pay for a plan.

One good thing is that you can use the built-in easy-to-use editor to make further tweaks to the song generated!

Soundraw Pricing

To get started, there’s a free plan for everyone which lets you generate unlimited songs.

For content creators, upgrade to Soundraw’s Creator Plan for $19.99/month and get the copyright license to use the music for commercial and personal use.


Artists and music industry professionals have a separate pricing structure. At $39.99, the Artist Starter Plan gives you 10 monthly downloads and a license for commercial or personal use.

Artists Pro Plan goes for $59.99 and gives you 20 monthly downloads along with distribution to music streaming sites (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.). Artist Unlimited Plan offers all in the Pro plan with unlimited downloads.

To save up to 50% off, you can opt for an annual payment instead.


Boomy is an AI-powered music generator that helps you make original music in seconds based on your input.


It comes with a bunch of extra features such as the ability to edit tracks, join a vibrant community of artists, collaborate on songs with other artists, and monetize your creations by submitting them to music streaming platforms.

Whether you’re a musical artist, digital creator, or filmmaker, you’ll find Boomy really useful.

How Boomy Works?

To take Boomy AI for a spin and create AI music, sign up for an account first.

After signing, choose a Genre for your song such as Hip-Hop, Electronic, Jazz, and more. And also select a style for the song.

In a few seconds, the AI song generator will generate a song that’s ready for a listen. You can adjust, delete, and rearrange different parts of the song if you’re not satisfied with the output.

Boomy Pricing

Boomy has a free plan to generate, edit, and save up to 25 songs monthly. No downloads and no commercial use.


To upgrade, they offer two pricing plans. For $9.99/month, the Creator Plan lets you create, edit, and save up to 500 songs. But you can download only 10 songs monthly (MP3 format). Non-commercial use is allowed only on social media and live streaming.

The Pro Plan goes for $39.99/month and allows unlimited song saves, advanced song editing tools, 25 monthly downloads (MP3 and WAV format), and commercial use in social media and podcasts.

FAQs on AI Song Generators

What is the best free AI song generator?

Suno AI is our recommended free AI song generator. With a simple text prompt, the web-based, AI-powered music generator can whip up full, two-minute songs in seconds. I like it because it produces superior, radio-quality music with its v3 model. And you also get extra perks such as lyrics, artwork, or instrumentals in any particular genre. The free account has a maximum of 50 daily credits, considerably enough to create ten songs.

How to make songs with AI?

The process works similarly with most AI song generators. Sign up for a user account, craft a base prompt to describe your music, choose a preferred genre/style/length, and create your AI music. You can download the song if satisfied or edit it to suit your taste using a music editor.

Final Words

Suno AI does a terrific job of generating high-quality, two-minute songs from a simple prompt. Not just songs but it also creates a decent instrumental, song title, lyrics, and artwork for you.

Thanks to its improved v3 model, I honestly think it stands tall among rivals as the best AI song generator in the market. I tested it, loved the output, and think you should give it a try. And if you’re not satisfied, jump on any of the other five AI music generators.

Ready to start making AI music and enhancing your creative ideas?

Sign up and take Suno AI for a spin today!

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