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Now you can use Monica's AI animation maker to turn your images into dynamic videos, adding movement and interest to landscapes, portraits, selfies, and more.

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Animate photo to make it move

Animated pictures grab attention, making them more engaging and interesting, especially in marketing and advertising to enhance brand recognition and customer engagement. Additionally, animations convey emotions and stories better, showing details like subtle movements and expressions, strengthening emotional connections with viewers.
free animation maker onlinefree animation maker online

Turn Still Photos to Dynamic Videos

Convert your still product images into animated images to attract every potential customer, like a dress swaying in the breeze or a watch ticking elegantly. Picture animator transforms cold images into emotional, storytelling showcases.
turn still photos into animationturn still photos into animation

How to Animate a Picture?

Select an image you want to animated.
Click"create" button. AI will automatically convert your image into videos.
Save your newly animated photo as MP4 video.


What restrictions does Monica picture animator have on uploading images?
Monica AI Animation Maker accepts JPG, JPEG, and PNG formats, with a maximum size of 10MB and resolution up to 2048x2048 pixels.
What format can I export to?
Monica supports MP4 export formats. For integration into edited videos, MP4 is the best format to choose. GIF is perfect for social media and instant messaging apps when you want to add some animation. Monica will supports GIF format in the near future.
Why should I animate pictures?
Animated photos offer an ideal blend of simplicity and dynamism. They possess the straightforward appeal of static images while adding an engaging, moving element. Additionally, they deliver more detail but are shorter and less demanding of the viewer's attention.
Is Monica AI Animation Maker free to use?
Yes, you can get free quotas to use this AI Animation Maker after signing up.

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