Unlock Your 10X Work Efficiency
Summon Monica Anywhere
Monica is always just a click away, offering multiple convenient access methods to swiftly meet your needs.
One-Click Compare All Model Answers
Easily compare responses from GPT-4, Claude 3, and Gemini 1.5 Pro, and choose the most satisfactory answer.
Real-Time Web Access
AI real-time online search, find and summarize the latest, most relevant, and accurate answers.
AI Immersive Translation
AI translations appear below the original text, transforming your multilingual reading experience. Supports over 30 languages.
Turn Your Ideas into Images
Harness DALL·E 3 and Stable Diffusion to rapidly transform your ideas into exquisite visuals, effortlessly bringing illustrations, designs, and photo creations to life.

AI Summary

AI Summarize & Chat with Anything in Anywhere
AI Summary for Webpage
Quickly summarize key information on the current page, effortlessly trace back to the original text, and ask questions with ease.
AI Summary for YouTube Video
Summarize videos without subtitles, instantly obtaining a timestamped outline and easily jumping to corresponding segments.
AI Summary for Gmail & Outlook
Quickly grasp the key points and intentions of emails, and efficiently obtain reply suggestions.
AI Chat with PDF
Batch upload PDFs, efficiently obtain full-text summaries and comparison tables, and accurately trace the source of information.
AI Chat with Image
AI automatically reads and interprets image information, supporting a wide range of image editing functions.
AI Chat with Screenshot
Select any screenshot area, and AI will automatically explain, translate, and solve math problems, making it easy to understand any screenshot.

AI Search

Powerful Answer Engine with Realtime Web Access
AI Search
AI deeply understands questions and needs, searches for the latest and most relevant information, and customizes comprehensive, accurate, and in-depth reports.
AI News Search
AI automatically retrieves and summarizes high-quality articles and reports from mainstream news media platforms.
AI Academic Search
AI delves into Google Scholar, fetching top-tier literature and generating concise reviews.
AI Developer Search
AI combs through GitHub, StackOverflow, and Reddit for code samples, technical guides, and expert discussions.
Google Search Enhance
ChatGPT answers appear alongside search engine results, providing quick overviews, easy comparisons, and boosting search efficiency.

AI Writer

Write or Improve Any Content 10X Faster
AI Writing Assistant
Effortlessly generate complete, in-depth articles with a single click. The AI analyzes your topic, creates an outline, and gathers relevant information, making it perfect for SEO, blogs, and assignments.
AI Email Reply
AI intelligently understands context, automatically generates comprehensive email replies based on tone and length preferences. Supports Gmail and Outlook.
AI Email Writing
Easily generate a professionally formatted business email according to your needs, including partnership invitations, pitch, and customer follow-ups.


Your Personal AI Assistant Who Truly Understands You
Monica remembers the information you mention across multiple conversations, providing a more personalized and continuous interaction experience.
Customized Prompt
Save your frequently used prompts to reduce repetitive input and enhance your efficiency.
BOT Platform
Efficiently build a personalized AI Bot powered by GPT-4 without any coding. Seamlessly integrate it into your automated workflows.