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Have you been applying for dozens of jobs but haven’t gotten a single offer?

From simple spelling mistakes to more hard-to-notice issues like passive language, there’s a lot that could be wrong with your resume.

Moncia resume checker is a great way to avoid subtle mistakes on your resume and make sure each section is optimized to highlight your strengths as a candidate.

Why use AI resume checker?

👍 Look More Professional
AI resume checker can identify errors in your spelling and grammar that you may overlook. Once AI highlights these errors, you can correct them. Submitting a resume free from errors makes you seem more professional and intelligent.
🙋 Help You Promote Yourself
AI resume checker goes beyond highlighting errors. For example, it may suggest you use stronger, actionable language and write more concisely, which can help your resume stand out and appear more unique and appealing.
🔒 Safe and Secure
We guarantee the privacy of your data sent for review. We never store resumes, publish them online or share them with third parties. All your personal information remains strictly confidential.

3 easy steps to use resume checker

Upload your resume in .pdf format.
Analysis of content, structure, and style happens instantly.
Improve your resume content instantly based on the AI tool's recommendations.


Is it free to use the AI Resume Checker?
Yes, you can get free quotas to use this AI Resume Checker tool after signing up.
Is there a size limit for uploading PDFs?
Currently, Monica AI Resume Checker only accepts pdfs with a maximum file size not exceeding 50MB.
Who will benefit from AI Resume Checker?
College students, new professionals, senior professionals, and anyone who needs a resume to show their skills will find this tool particularly useful.
What is a Resume Checker?
A resume checker will scan your resume and read key information, using advanced AI algorithms to assess the format and content of your resume, such as whether the content is free of grammatical errors.

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