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Meet Monica - @hey_im_monica
A GPT-4 powered extension.
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Python Space@python_spaces
Another AI tool!
Boost productivity with Monica @hey_im_monica on all websites: Your ChatGPT Copilot in Chrome, Handle selected text on any webpage by translating, explaining, summarizing or using your own prompts
¡¡¡Otra herramienta de IA!!! ¡OBTENGA ChatGPT 2X MÁS RÁPIDO Y GRATIS!
Aumenta la productividad y chatea con Monica @hey_im_monica en todos los sitios web.
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Alejandro Martinez | IA@copyelpadrino
Todo el mundo busca la mejor extensión de Chrome para ChatGPT…
PERO… nadie sabe…
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Ihtesham Haider@ihteshamit
Another AI tool!!
Boost productivity and chat with Monica @hey_im_monica on all websites.
Your ChatGPT Copilot in Chrome, Handle selected text on any webpage by:
Translating, explaining, summarizing, or using your own prompts.
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Why Become a Monica Affiliate?
Join Our Movement in Sharing the Best AI Tools
Join us as an ambassador for automated work styles. Through your perspective and sharing, enable others to learn how to leverage the latest GPT-4 technology for accurate and efficient information retrieval. Experience the intelligent simplification of learning and workflow by quickly summarizing extensive educational content.
High Earning Potential
The best tools deserve the best offerings. Our affiliate program provides outstanding earning potential with competitive commissions, bonuses for top performers, and unlimited earnings. Designed to support your success, it rewards every qualified referral, suitable for both small and large-scale promotions.
Abundant Marketing Assets
We believe in your influence and provide comprehensive marketing support to amplify it, including a diverse set of materials to aid in the promotion of, such as product logos, banners, and demo videos. Discover the simplicity of promoting these marketing assets at your disposal!
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FAQ for Monica Affiliates Program

How and when will I get paid?
We process payouts on the 20th of each month for all commissions you earned during the previous month via PayPal.
What is the minimum payout threshold?
The minimum payout threshold is $100. Once your commissions reach or exceed this amount, you will be eligible for payout during the next payment cycle.
Are there any specific conditions for earning a commission?
You earn commissions from sales made through your unique affiliate links. If for any reason the customer cancels their purchase or gets a refund, your earned commission for that person will be deducted from your account.
Can I use paid advertising to promote my affiliate link?
Yes, you can use paid advertising to promote your affiliate link. However, it is mandatory to avoid using branded keywords or direct linking from ads to our website without prior approval.
Which currency do you pay in?
We will pay you in USD.
Can I earn commission on renewals or upgrades?
Yes, affiliates get paid for both renewals and upgrades of the subscriptions they refer to, rewarding them for keeping customers long-term. But, they can only earn recurring commissions for up to 1 year.
What are the prohibited promotion methods?
Prohibited methods include spamming, any form of unsolicited communications, and misleading marketing. All promotional activities must comply with legal requirements and provide clear, honest information about our services.
How can I track my earnings or referral performance?
You can track your earnings and referral performance through the Tapffiliate dashboard. This platform provides real-time insights into your clicks, conversions, and earnings.
Who can apply for the affiliate program?
Our affiliate program is open to everyone interested in promoting our products, including content creators, bloggers, and digital marketers. We particularly welcome those who have a relevant audience that could benefit from our services.
What is your cookie length?
We offer a generous 45-day cookie duration, providing ample time and increased flexibility to earn commissions.
Are there any charges for joining the affiliate program?
No, there are no charges for joining our affiliate program. It is completely free to sign up, and there are no hidden fees or requirements to maintain your affiliate status.
Will commissions be effective if the user makes a purchase on APP?
Currently, our system does not support tracking of purchases made through mobile apps or APKs; therefore, such purchases are not eligible for commissions. We recommend directing users to our website to ensure that their purchases are properly tracked and eligible for commissions.
What if I have other questions about your affiliate program?
Should you have any further inquiries about our affiliate program, please do not hesitate to contact us at, and we will be happy to assist you.
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