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All-in-One AI Assistant
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Monica uses the most advanced AI models (GPT-4o, Claude 3, etc.) to help you Chat, Search, Write, Translate and much more.

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All-in-One AI Assistant

AI Chat
AI Summary
AI Writer
AI Search
AI Translator
AI Art
Bot Platform
Chat with all of the best models in one place.
Save 90% of your time by instantly summarizing web pages and videos.
Write or improve any content 10X faster, from a paragraph to a full article.
Your powerful answer engine with real-time web access.
Translate any web page for an immersive bilingual reading experience.
Turning your imagination into stunning images.
Explore, create and share your favorite bot.

Useful Everywhere

AI Sidebar

Just one-click to access all AI features from any web page.

Available on All Platforms

Chat with your favorite assistant from a browser, desktop, or mobile phone.

Smart Toolbar

Seamlessly Explain, Translate or Summarize any text you select.

Writing Assistant

Draft, rewrite or improve text content on any web page.

Web Enhancement

Display the AI answer alongside search engine results.
Summarize YouTube videos and get highlights and timestamps.
Smartly analyze emails and generate appropriate replies.

Perfect For Professionals

Customer Service

AI Market Intelligence

AI automatically performs in-depth search tasks, intelligently summarizes competitor dynamics, and obtains market trend analysis.

AI Strategy Assistant

An AI assistant deeply analyzes problems and challenges, automatically searches for key information, and generates insightful strategic ideas.

AI Reading Assistant

AI accurately captures key details in documents, effectively addressing the challenges of reading contract documents and lengthy reports.

AI Email Assistant

AI intelligently summarizes important emails and automatically composes an appropriate reply email based on contextual information.

AI Research Assistant

AI thoroughly analyzes complex business issues, automatically searches for authoritative reports and data, and efficiently completes research preparation.

AI Report Writing

AI simulates human critical thinking, intelligently creates insightful analytical reports, and automatically cites authoritative information.

AI Data Analysis

AI automatically analyzes data files, intelligently generates SQL statements, Python scripts, and visualizations.

AI Interview Assistant

AI simulates professional journalist questioning, intelligently generates personalized interview outlines, and automatically summarizes interview minutes.

AI Thesis Writing

Simulates human critical thinking, automatically generates coherent and in-depth academic papers, and intelligently cites authoritative sources.

AI Academic Search

Automatically performs academic search tasks, accurately identifies high-quality literature reports, and generates literature reviews.

AI Citation

Automatically generates bibliographies, intelligently converts links, books, and reports into citations, supporting APA, MLA, Chicago, and Harvard styles.

AI Research Assistant

Deeply analyzes writing topics and requirements, generates logical thesis outlines, and provides writing inspiration.

AI Programming Assistant

AI automatically performs in-depth searches on GitHub or StackOverflow, retrieving code samples, technical guides, and professional discussions.

AI Code Suggestions

AI automatically understands project context and coding style, intelligently providing instant code optimization and code writing suggestions.

AI Code Generation

AI simulates human senior engineers, intelligently generating efficient code snippets and unit tests.

Bot Platform

Efficiently build GPT-4 powered personalized AI bots without code, seamlessly integrating into automated workflows.

AI Market Intelligence

AI automatically performs in-depth search tasks, intelligently summarizes competitor dynamics, and obtains market trend analysis.

AI User Research

AI automatically analyzes user feedback, identifies needs and sentiments, intelligently segments customers, and builds comprehensive user profiles.

AI Solution Assistant

AI automatically searches for ad creatives, automatically generates marketing briefs, and intelligently creates ad copy and image asset examples.

AI Article Assistant

AI simulates human writing experts, creating SEO articles, ad copy, and customer stories at low cost and in bulk.

AI Q&A Assistant

AI intelligently searches for Q&A, quickly answering product detail doubts and common questions encountered by sales and customer service teams.

AI Email Assistant

AI intelligently generates replies to customer emails, easily handling issues such as rejecting customer refunds and product usage operations.

AI Follow-up Assistant

Combining customer interaction history and feedback context, AI intelligently guides next steps and customizes follow-up scripts.

AI Customer Expert

Deeply analyzes customer conversation and behavioral data, accurately identifies customer needs and preferences.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Monica?
Monica is a chrome extension powered by ChatGPT API, designed to be your personal Al assistant for effortless chatting and copywriting.
How can I use Monica?
Simply hit Cmd+M or Ctrl+M and start chatting with her. Or let Monica help you compose and insert text into any web page. Choose from over 80 templates to quickly generate marketing copy. Select a text in the web page and let Monica explain, translate, or rephrase it for you.
Is Monica free?
You can start using Monica for free. Free users have a daily usage limit. However, for advanced features, you may need to upgrade to a paid version.
How does Monica work?
Monica uses advanced artificial intelligence powered by ChatGPT API to understand and respond to your chat messages, as well as generate copywriting based on the templates provided. Additionally, Monica can translate, rephrase and explain text on any web page.

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