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March 26, 2024

🚀Faster and Better Search, Grand Launch of BotsPlatform!

Introducing the Monica Bot platform, create your own AI robots to accomplish professional tasks!

Do you want AI to take over some of your daily tasks? Hurry and explore Monica Bots, choose AI experts from any field to automatically complete professional tasks for you.

Don't have a programming background? No barrier! Dozens of professional field Bots are waiting in the square for your dispatch. Image1bots

Whether you're in the field of programming, writing, or learning, there's always a Monica Bot that can assist you.

Of course, if you have your own personalized tasks to complete, that's no problem either. You can customize your own Bots. Simply write a set of work instructions, select the AI skills needed, and you can create your unique robot without any need for programming!

Monica Bots will use the GPT-4 model to automatically schedule and solve the problems you present, following your instructions and the skills configured.

For more details on usage, you can also refer to Introduction.

Want your colleagues or classmates to enjoy your creations as well? No problem, you can also share any Bot, allowing your friends to experience the joy of interacting with your Bot.


Monica Search, a Brand New Way to Open, Faster and Stronger!

Monica Search is a feature beloved by many friends, capable of greatly assisting users in obtaining reliable answers.

Now, we have prepared a brand new way to open Monica Search, a shortcut key Command/Ctrl+J, to activate the question box and begin your search journey.

It's worth mentioning that in the query box, you can use the , arrow keys to switch between several different modes:

  • Ask AI : Simply tell your question to AI, and let AI quickly answer for you.
  • AI Search : Your question will be handed over to Monica Search for in-depth searching.
  • Instant Open : In this mode, for example, when you type "Wikipedia", Monica will directly open Wikipedia page for you, without any need for search steps.

In addition to optimization of the opening method, this update has significantly improved the quality of results from Monica Search.

Now, for any question you have, Monica not only provides a simplified quick answer but also offers a Pro Search mode. In this mode, you can receive super in-depth answers and research on derivative questions. It works like this:

Monica will delve into the content of multiple web pages, attempting to find answers that are helpful to you. Moreover, AI will also try to pose related questions around your research topic and expand on the research and answers, giving you the most comprehensive research report from a single search.

Pro Search mode is so powerful, why not see for yourself? For example, let's try searching for this question: "How to design a low-carbon, high-quality living smart city project?"

As you can see, the results are indeed satisfying.

This is the most important update from Monica this time. We look forward to your use and feedback. If you have better ideas, feel free to contact us!