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Common Question

Payment Issues

Can invoices be issued?
Yes. You can download invoices by clicking here. If you need to change the invoice information, you can send the content you need to modify or add to our customer service.

How to unsubscribe?
Desktop: You can click unsubscribe to enter the subscription management page, and then click unsubscribe under the Current Plan. After successfully unsubscribing, your current subscription will not be automatically renewed after it expires, and you can continue to use the service before the subscription expires.
Mobile: You can find the subscription management in Google Store (Android) or Apple Settings (iOS) and click unsubscribe.

How to upgrade the subscription?
You can click upgrade subscription to select the subscription you want to upgrade and pay the difference. If you cannot click on the subscription, please feel free to contact our customer service team.

Why can't advanced queries be used during the trial period?
Our trial period encourages users to experience all of Monica's features during this time, so if the number of uses of advanced queries exceeds 100 times during the trial period, it will no longer be possible to continue using advanced queries. After the trial period ends, your used query count will be reset and will no longer be subject to the trial period restrictions.

Is there a team subscription?
Currently, our team subscription has not been officially launched, and we are still collecting user feedback. You can send your thoughts on the team subscription, including features, pricing, usage scenarios, etc., to our customer service, and our customer service will submit your ideas to the relevant departments for evaluation.

Account Issues

Why hasn't my daily free quota been updated?
The free quota will be reset at 0:00 UTC every day, which may have a certain time difference from the user's region.

Is the member's quota reset at the end of the month or 30 days after payment?
Monica's member usage quota is reset according to the natural month, specifically at 0:00 UTC on the 1st of each month. For example, if a user purchases a one-month Pro subscription on January 15th, they would be able to use 200 GPT-4 queries from January 15th to January 31st, and then receive another 200 GPT-4 queries for use from February 1st to February 15th. However, please note that the usage quota will not reset on February 15th; the next reset will occur at 0:00 UTC on March 1st.

Can paid members use Monica on other devices?
Yes. The same account logged into multiple devices can share the usage quota.

How to change email & how to use password login?
You can click Account Settings dto change your email, but before changing your email, you need to set up a password. Currently, only email changes are supported, not Google or Apple accounts.

Why haven't I received my reward quota after referring a friend?
As long as your friend downloads and registers through your invitation link, both parties' quotas will automatically be credited. You can view the details of the invitation in Invitation Records.

Is there an expiration date for the invited quota?
The invited quota is permanently valid. When using it, the system will first deduct from the subscription plan's quota, and only after the plan's quota is exhausted will it deduct from the additional quota.

Feature Issues

Why did my PDF upload fail?
Currently, ChatPDF cannot upload files larger than 50MB, with more than 100,000 tokens, or files that are purely images. If you need any assistance, you can send the PDF file to customer service via email.

What can I do if Monica keeps generating random images?
You can customize your Monica according to your needs by choosing whether to enable Draw Images in the Chat Setting. faqimage1

Why does Monica fabricate facts or give incorrect answers?
As an LLM, because it is trained to mimic language patterns found in training data, GPT sometimes produces hallucinations. GPT-4, compared to GPT-3.5, usually has more parameters, making it more refined and complex in understanding and generating language. Therefore, you can try using GPT-4 or enabling Web Access feature to get higher quality answers.

What is the difference between Search Agent and Search Enhance?
The usage and working principles of these two are quite different. Search Agent analyzes the content of user searches and may ask users related questions for accuracy of search results. After analysis, it searches for a large amount of related information on the web and finally distills the most critical information. However, Search Agent currently only supports using GPT-3.5 or GPT-4. Search Enhance does not analyze the content of user searches but helps users get faster and better answers in search engines by directly dialoguing with GPT-3.5, GPT-4, or Claude2 in search engines. Additionally, it's worth noting that the working principle of Search Enhance's Search Copilot is the same as that of Search Agent.

Why are Art generated images so blurry?
Due to strict review by safety content policies, if some potentially sensitive words appear in the prompt, the output images may be blurry. If this occurs, you can try modifying your input prompt to avoid using potentially sensitive words.

What if Monica refuses to generate some images for me?
Generally, Monica is not allowed to create images that do not conform to ethical standards. Additionally, DALL·E is only activated if AI recognizes your instruction to generate images. If your description is too abstract, AI may refuse to generate images until you provide more detailed descriptions. In this case, you can try modifying your description to clearly indicate the instruction to draw images and describe the desired images in more detail. Also, since GPT-4 has a stronger ability to understand instructions, you can also try using GPT-4 for drawing.

Why can't Monica remember my requests?
Each AI model has a different upper limit on the number of tokens it can remember for context; thus, if the current conversation reaches a cedrtain length, AI may forget initial instructions. Moreover, if a new conversation is started, previous requests made to AI will no longer be effective.

What if Monica responds in a different language?
You can click on Language Settings to select the AI reply language for different functions. faqimage2