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What is Monica Bot?


Monica Bots is a brand-new one-stop AI Bot development platform. Whether you have programming experience or not, you can easily create various AI-based Q&A bots on Monica Bots. These bots are capable of handling simple questions to executing complex conversational logic. What's more, you can share your own created bots on various social platforms, allowing more people to interact with your Bot.

Features and Advantages

  • Infinite Scalability of Skill Sets: Monica Bots boasts a rich library of skills, allowing for limitless expansion of your Bot's capabilities.

  • Built-in Skills: We have prepared more than 30 types of skills for you, covering areas such as news, images, search, etc. With just a few simple steps, your Bot can transform into a consultant in various professional fields.

  • Custom Skills: Monica Bots also supports the creation of custom skills. You can quickly create a skill by configuring the necessary API capabilities through parameters, enabling your Bot to use it.

  • Diverse Chat Formats: Monica Bots supports the upload of various formats of materials.

  • Multi-format Support: Whether it's documents, images, or online web pages, they can be easily added to the chat, letting Monica assist you.

  • Persistent Memory Capability: Monica Bots enables bots to do more than just converse; they can also remember important information.

  • The content of your Bot chats can be saved to Monica Memo . As your storage repository grows, Monica becomes increasingly skilled at grasping your task intentions and providing precisely tailored responses based on the knowledge you've accumulated.

Quick Start

Experience Explore Bot

Monica Bots has prepared a variety of preset bots for different scenarios to help you quickly master and utilize its powerful features. At the same time, it allows you to refer to the configuration of the preset bots to customize your own Bot.

Introduction to Preset Bot

Visit Monica Bots Plaza, where you can browse all the selected preset bot.

These bots cover multiple areas including tools, academic research, and lifestyle. For example:

  • In the finance category, choose the Financial Report Analysis to help you analyze uploaded financial reports.
  • In the marketing category, select SEO Keyword Master to help you discover the most potential SEO keywords.

Experience Preset Bot

Once you select a Bot, you will be guided to its usage interface. Here, you can directly converse with the Bot, set the Bot's reply language, and even share your conversation with friends.

For instance, using the "Twitter Post Generator" Bot: a. Visit Monica Bots Plaza. b. In the search box on the page, enter "Twitter Post Generator" and then click on the Twitter Post Generator Bot that appears in the search results, and you will be guided to the usage interface. c. Set your desired reply language, send a message, and see the Bot's response. botexperience

BotSharing/Bookmarking Bot

You can bookmark your favorite preset bots or share them with friends.

a. Visit Monica Bots Plaza and click on the target Bot.
b. In the upper right corner of the Bot usage interface, click on bookmark or share. BookmarkingBots

Building Your First AI Bot

Monica Bots provides a simple and intuitive platform for all users, enabling anyone, regardless of their programming background, to quickly create their own AI Bot. Taking the creation of a bot that sends the latest daily news as an example, here are the detailed steps to build a bot on the Monica Bots platform:

Step 1: Create the Bot

a. Visit Monica Bots Plaza and click on "+ Create Bot" on the far right.

b. Enter the Bot creation page.

c. Enter the name and description of the Bot, then click on the Bot avatar to choose an upload or use the DALL·E model to automatically generate an avatar for you.

d. click confirm.


Step 2: Writing Prompts

First, you need to write prompts for your robot, which is a key step in defining the robot's identity and reply logic. A prompt is an instruction to the Large Language Model (LLM), guiding it to produce the corresponding output. For example, "Search for the hottest AI news of the day." For more details, please see Writing Prompts.

Step 3: Add Skills to the Bot

After defining the bot's basic identity and operational logic, the next step is to equip it with specific capabilities to accomplish particular tasks.

Taking the "SEO Keywords Master" Bot as an example, you need to add a skill that enables web searches to acquire relevant SEO keywords. You can follow these steps:

a. In the middle of the Bot editing page, select "Web Access" from the "Built-in skills" module and add it. This is a web search function exclusive to Monica.

b. After adding the skill, modify the prompt to clearly instruct the Bot to use the "Web Access" skill to search for relevant SEO keywords and summarize them. Without specific instructions, the Bot might not know how to use the related tool.

c. If you have local data you'd like to upload, add it to the "Knowledge" module.

d. Add conversation starters: At the bottom of the Bot editing page, add example questions for the Bot, helping users understand its functionality and how to use it. botskill

Step 4: Test Your Bot

After configuration, you can test if the Bot's responses meet your expectations on the Preview page. If necessary, you can click "new chat" in the bottom right corner to clear the chat history for multiple tests.

Step 5: Publish Your Bot

After completing the tests and ensuring the Bot's output meets your expectations, you can publish and share your Bot.

a. Click "Publish" on the Bot editing page.

b. Choose the audience you want to publish to: Just Me, Link Sharing Only, Everyone.

c. Click "Confirm" to successfully publish, and automatically receive a link to share your Bot.

Creating a Bot

Overview of Functions

Monica Bots greatly simplifies the process of creating a Bot, by leveraging the powerful capabilities of large language models, while allowing users to customize the Bot's responses through Knowledge and Skill libraries, ensuring that replies meet expectations.

Basic Capabilities

You can use the following features provided by Monica Bots to customize your AI Bot:

  • Prompt Feature (defines the bot's persona and reply logic) Define the Bot's identity and skills, such as becoming a news broadcaster, financial expert, or translation master. These prompts will determine how the Bot interacts with you. For details, please see Writing Prompts.

  • Built-in Skills You can directly use the rich skills available on the Monica Bots platform to expand the Bot's capabilities.

  • General Skills: Through deep reasoning, it can logically process information and questions; with an image reader and document reader, it can directly extract information from images and documents; it also has the ability to self-adjust, automatically adjusting its settings based on your usage habits and needs.

  • Web Access: When you need it, Monica can search the internet or access specified URLs to obtain the latest information. This feature is designed to provide real-time data support, helping to reduce misunderstandings and misinformation. basic_capability

  • Other Basic Capabilities In addition to prompts and basic built-in skills, Monica also offers other basic capabilities for you to personalize your Bot.

  • Conversation Starters: Set up example questions to quickly guide users on how to use the Bot. For example, "Help me plan my itinerary and look up travel information."

  • Sharing Function: Monica Bots supports sharing the built Bot in the form of a link to various social applications, allowing your Bot to be used by more people.

Advanced Capabilities (Only for Monica equipped with GPT-4)

In addition to the above easy-to-understand capabilities, Monica Bots also offers the following advanced features, allowing you to build your Bot more flexibly.

  • Built-in Skill - Drawing:You can integrate the API capabilities you need into Monica Bots as custom skills, thereby expanding your Bot's capabilities. For details, please see Custom Skills.

  • Knowledge Feature: Monica Bots can remember and understand the details of conversations. You can enrich the model's knowledge by adding external Knowledge, making the Bot's interactions with you more targeted and personalized.

  • Supports uploading local or online content to supplement the Bot's knowledge through semantic matching. For details, please see Knowledge.


A bot's prompt (persona and reply logic) is a natural language instruction used to tell the artificial intelligence what task to perform. The first step in building a Bot is to write prompts to set the Bot's identity. A good prompt can clearly tell AI your needs, allowing AI to provide the information you need or perform tasks more accurately and efficiently.

Therefore, the clearer and more specific the prompt writing, the more the Bot's reply will meet your expectations.

  • Writing Suggestions: Before you start writing prompts, please refer to the following content.

  • Simple Task Scenarios: To get the expected results from the Bot, it's recommended to include the following content when writing prompts:

  • Role Setting: Clearly articulate the Bot's role and responsibilities, as well as its reply style. This helps the Bot more precisely define its service approach.

  • For example: You are a master storyteller capable of generating stories in a very vivid and interesting style.

  • Specific Function + Workflow: Describe the Bot's capabilities and workflow, specifying how to respond to user questions in different scenarios.

  • For example: When a user wants to know about the nutritional information of a specific food, please call the “GoogleSearch” skill to collect data. Although the Bot will choose tools based on the prompt content, we still recommend reinforcing her tool selection in specific scenarios with specific instructions to ensure accuracy.

Although the Bot will choose tools based on the prompt content, we still recommend reinforcing her tool selection in specific scenarios with specific instructions to ensure accuracy.

  • For example: When a user asks about the nutritional value of apples, use “GoogleSearch” to collect data, then summarize and provide the main nutritional components of apples.

Additionally, you can set a reply template for the Bot, which she will use to format her answers.

  • For example:
1. Please reply in the following format:
2. **Name of Food**
3. - Nutritional Components: Briefly list the main nutrients
4. - Health Benefits: Briefly describe the benefits of the food to health
  • Setting Answer Range: If you wish to limit the range of the Bot's answers, please specify which questions should be answered and which should not.

  • For example: "Only answer questions related to nutritional information; if no relevant information is found, inform the user that it cannot be found, instead of making up content."

  • Complex Task Scenarios: For complex task scenarios, it's recommended to use a structured format for writing prompts, which not only improves readability but also more effectively constrains the Bot's behavior. Here is an example of a structured prompt:

# Role
You are a news broadcaster, focused on collecting, processing, and presenting news information. Skilled at using the `newsAnalysis` tool for filtering, verifying, and arranging news content to ensure that the reported news is both accurate and timely. Additionally, you are capable of presenting news stories in an engaging manner, allowing the audience to easily understand complex information.

## Skills
### Skill One: News Material Collection
1. Use the `collectData`function of the `newsAnalysis` tool when needing to obtain information from specific news sources.
2. If the provided news source does not support direct extraction, use Python or R to write scripts for data retrieval.

### If the provided news source does not support direct extraction, use Python or R to write scripts for data retrieval.
1. Cleanse news content using the `contentCleaning` function of the `newsAnalysis` tool, addressing inaccurate or biased information.
2. Process news using content editing and language optimization techniques for further reporting.

### Skill Three: News Arrangement and Presentation
1. Arrange news based on its importance and urgency.
2. Utilize media technology (such as image processing) to help present news stories.

## Constraints
- Topic Limitation: Only report news related to the public interest, avoiding the spread of baseless rumors or false information.
- Output Format: The report content must follow a specified format, maintaining structural consistency.
- Result Interpretation: For reported news, provide background information and analysis, rather than just presenting facts.
- Method Transparency: When collecting news using a specific programming language, the logic and methods adopted should be explained in detail.


Introduction to Skills

  • What are Skills? Skills are like an extension toolbox for Monica Bots, equipped with one or more tools (APIs), which help her become even more powerful. Currently, Monica Bots has integrated over 30 different types of skills, covering multiple areas including web search, consultation reading, and image understanding. With these skills, you can easily expand the capability boundaries of the Bot you create with Monica. If the existing skills do not meet your needs, you can also create custom skills to integrate the specific APIs you require.

  • Use Cases: Skills can be used directly within the Bot to expand its capability boundaries.

Built-in Skills

Built-in Skills for GPT-3.5

Monica Bots offers built-in skills for you to use, allowing you to expand the capabilities of your bot.

  • General Skills

  • Reasoning: Possesses strong reasoning abilities, capable of efficiently utilizing existing knowledge storage to answer or solve questions.

  • Perception: Supports not only the reading of images through an image reader but also the reading of documents with a document reader.

  • Self-Reflection: Capable of automatically optimizing settings based on your usage habits, to better meet your needs.

  • Web Access: When the latest information or in-depth research is needed, it supports browsing the internet or accessing links you provide. This feature aims to provide real-time data and prevent misunderstandings.

Built-in Skills for GPT-4
  • Drawing (DALL·E 3): Supports the use of the DALL·E 3 model to convert your text into images and continuously improve based on your requirements.

Custom Skills

Creating Custom Skills:

Monica Bots allows you to create custom skills to use external APIs. You can create a custom skill by enteringthe standard format of OpenAPI

  • On the Bot creation page, click "Add Skill", then click "+ Create".
  • Enter the name and description of the skill. An accurate description will increase the success rate of the Bot calling the skill.
  • If necessary, fill in the Auth (currently only supports API Key; you can customize the Header in Auth Type).
  • Fill in the Schema in OpenAPI Json format. You can use the Skill Schema Generator to help you create the Schema.
  • After filling in the Schema, click "Create" to complete the creation of the skill.
  • Once the skill is created, return to the "My Skill" page and add the skill you just created. addskill
  • After adding the skill, click the "Test" button to test if the skill meets your needs. If it does not, you can return to "Edit" to modify the skill until it meets your requirements. customskill

After creating a custom skill, you can use it not only with the current Bot but also add it to other bots through their edit pages.

Using Skills

Monica Bots allows you to integrate skills directly within the Bot, thereby expanding its range of functions. Using Skills within the Bot:

a. Visit Monica Bots Plaza, click on "+ Create Bot" on the far right.

b. Enter the Bot creation page.

c. In the middle of the Bot creation page, add skills. You can add Monica's built-in skills or custom skills.

d. In the "Introduction and Tips" area on the far left, clearly define when and which skills to use, then test in the "Preview" area to see if the use of skills meets expectations. usingskill


What is a Knowledge?

A knowledge base refers to a collection of information that you can upload yourself. This information is used to customize and enhance the Bot's ability to answer questions. The knowledge base feature of Monica Bots provides users with a powerful data management and query tool, allowing the upload of various forms of external data. After being processed by Monica, this data can help Monica Bots answer questions more accurately.

Feature Overview

Monica Bots offers an efficient way to store and manage external data, enabling the Bot to interact with specific data. When data is uploaded to the Monica Bots knowledge base, the system automatically divides the document content into multiple segments for storage. These segments are then retrieved through vector search technology to find the content that most closely matches the user's question.

For example:

  • Suppose you have a large amount of medical research data. After importing this data into the Monica Bots knowledge base, your Bot can serve as a medical consultation expert, providing users with advice based on the latest research findings.
Using Scenarios

Monica Bots supports uploading text content and document content to adapt to different scenario needs. For example:

  • Customer Service Scenario: By adding frequently asked questions and their answers to the knowledge base, the Bot can accurately and quickly answer common questions for users.
  • Vertical Application Scenario: For example, create a thesis knowledge base containing multiple documents. When users want to inquire about specific content within these papers, the Bot can quickly locate and provide accurate information.
Usage Restrictions

The table below lists the usage restrictions for using the knowledge base.

  • Customer Service Scenario: By adding frequently asked questions and their answers to the knowledge base, the Bot can accurately and quickly answer common questions for users.
  • Vertical Application Scenario: For example, create a thesis knowledge base containing multiple documents. When users want to inquire about specific content within these papers, the Bot can quickly locate and provide accurate information.
ResourcesRestrictions Description
Supported Knowledge Base TypesPDF, DOCX, TXT, Markdown
Knowledge Base CapacityA single knowledge base can have up to 20 files added
Upload File SizeThe maximum size for a single uploaded file is 50MB
Number of TokensA single file can support up to 1000K Tokens

Create and Use a Knowledge Base

Create a Knowledge Base and Upload Files

You can upload content in formats such as PDF, DOCX, TXT, and Markdown to the knowledge base. Refer to the following steps:

  1. Log in to Monica and go to Monica Bots Plaza.
  2. Click "+ Create Bot" to enter the Bot creation page.
  3. In the "Capabilities" section in the middle of the creation page, click on "GPT-3.5" in the top right corner to switch the model to "GPT-4" (the knowledge base is only applicable to GPT-4).
  4. In the "Knowledge Base" section, click "+ Add Knowledge" to enter the knowledge base page, and then click to create a knowledge base.
  5. In the pop-up page, configure the knowledge base name, description, and click confirm.
  6. Return to the "Add Knowledge Base" interface, click the "Edit" button on the right side of an individual knowledge base, and upload your data.
  7. After a successful upload, return to the "Add Knowledge Base" interface, click the "Add" button on the right side of an individual knowledge base to configure that data into your Bot. myknowledge

Community and Support

Submit Feedback and Suggestions

We highly value user feedback and suggestions, as they are key to continuously improving the Monica Bots platform. Whether you encounter any issues during use or have any ideas and suggestions, we welcome you to share them with us through the following means:


When you are ready to send feedback, please describe the issue you encountered or your suggestions as detailed as possible. If possible, attach relevant screenshots or other supporting materials. This will help us understand and address your feedback more quickly.

Thank you for choosing Monica Bots and for taking the time to help us improve. We look forward to hearing from you and building a stronger Monica Bots community together!