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Custom Skills

Creating Custom Skills:

Monica Bot allows you to create custom skills to use external APIs. You can create a custom skill by entering the standard format of OpenAPI

  • On the Bot creation page, click "Add Skill", then click "+ Create".
  • Enter the name and description of the skill. An accurate description will increase the success rate of the Bot calling the skill.
  • If necessary, fill in the Auth (currently only supports API Key; you can customize the Header in Auth Type).
  • Fill in the Schema in OpenAPI Json format. You can use the Skill Schema Generator to help you create the Schema.
  • After filling in the Schema, click "Create" to complete the creation of the skill.
  • Once the skill is created, return to the "My Skill" page and add the skill you just created. addskill
  • After adding the skill, click the "Test" button to test if the skill meets your needs. If it does not, you can return to "Edit" to modify the skill until it meets your requirements. customskill

After creating a custom skill, you can use it not only with the current Bot but also add it to other bots through their edit pages.