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🚀 New Work Skills And Simplified Chat Interface

Multiple New Work Skills Added

Let Monica handle your complex tasks. With newly added skills like information retrieval, thought organization, data analysis, financial tracking, and academic exploration, she's not just for conversations. Equip your smart partner with these skills for automated workflow!

Click the "Add Skills" button to manage enabled skill, allowing Monica to swiftly cater to your personalized needs. v5.1.0workskill

Simplified Chat Interface

Redesigned chat interface offers a comprehensive yet concise functionality entry. AI search, document processing, intelligent writing, and artistic creation, the multidimensional tools are clear at a glance.

Tell Monica your occupation, and it will automatically recommend relevant prompts, allowing Monica to proactively assist you. v5.1.0simplifiedUI

This is the most important update from Monica this time. We look forward to your use and feedback. If you have better ideas, feel free to contact us!