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Translate Your Text

With Monica's Translate feature, text you highlight is autodetected—simply hit "Paste Selection," and Monica instantly copies it into the input field, translating it effortlessly into the language of your choice.

Translate Your Text

After receiving your translation, you can click on "Improve with AI" at the bottom right corner to tell the AI how you'd like to tweak the text. Monica will then assist you with the desired adjustments.

Improve with AI

Translating Uploaded PDFs

With your PDF uploaded, simply click the "Translate" button above the file and pick your target language. Monica takes care of the rest, effortlessly aligning the original and translated PDFs side by side for easy comparison.

PDF Translation

Translate Browsed Webpages

With just one click, you can translate the entire content of the web page you're on, whether by clicking the browser sidebar's "Web Translation" button or the same-named feature on the Translate page. Unlike other translation tools, Web Translation doesn't overwrite the original text. Instead, translations appear as inline subtitles, neatly underlined beneath the original wording.

Web Translation